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Finding Ginger

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I recently retired at the early age of fifty-five and one thing I started to do, in order to occupy my time, was to walk in the park that was just down the road from my place. The park itself wasn’t that nice, but it was a pleasant place, just to walk.

The paved area was used by joggers, sprint-walkers, mothers with baby carriages and so on. Most of the time it was all women during the weekdays. I watched them go by me and I mean to tell you, it was invigorating to watch some of those well-rounded asses.

As this was my first day in the park, I didn’t speak to hardly anyone, unless someone excused themselves as they went by me. Mostly I just watched all around me.

Just as I was leaving the park, I saw a woman coming down the street. She had blond hair, about shoulder length and as she neared me, I figured her to be in her mid-thirties. She word dungaree pants that seemed to hug her like a second skin. Her halter-top bounced with each step she took. Her sneakers were a light pink and matched her top.

As she neared the park, she began to pull her hair back into a ponytail, using a band that was wrapped around her arm to keep it all up. When she passed by me, her face seemed to be all-aglow. Her smile was captivating and I looked into her eyes as she came close to me.

She said “Hello” as she passed by me and I turned my head slightly to look at her. What an ass she had, by far the nicest I’ve seen all day, and I saw a lot of them.

Checking my watch, I had made up my mind to come to the park at this time tomorrow, to see if she would be here. I continued my walk home and soon was sitting in my living room. I had obtained a beer from the fridge and sat here and enjoyed the refreshing taste.

The following morning, at eleven, I headed out the door and walked to the park. As I reached the park, I didn’t notice the woman I was looking for, so I just kept strolling. Ten minutes later, I saw her. She must of came earlier because, as she trotted towards me, I watched her form. Her breasts were held close to her by some sort of sports bra under her small halter-top. They still bounced with each stride she made.

Today she wore shorts and her legs were taunt and looked nicely shaped. As she neared me, she must of recognized me, because she said, “Hello again,” as she went by.

A smile crossed my face when she spoke. I wanted to say something, but didn’t know what to say. The days turned into weeks and each time she smiled and said Hi, or Hello, Morning or something to acknowledge my presence.

I took to waving at her as she approached me, smiled and said something to her. The walks were doing me good too, as I was losing the chubbiness in my belly and my legs were shaping up too. I started wearing shorts, which I never done in all my fifty-five years.

After four weeks of this, on a Monday, as she approached me, she slowed down and ran “in place” when she got next to me.

“You should start running,” she said.

I laughed slightly and said, “What! At my age?”

“Nothing long, just short runs at first. Then you can work yourself up to longer runs as you go along.”

I liked that she took this interest in me and said, “Well I won’t promise how long I’d do it, but I would try.”

“Good, Good, she said, if you’d like, I’ll be here at eleven to start my run and you can run with me for company.”

“Okay, you’re on, but like I said, I may not run very far.”

“Not a problem, see you tomorrow then,” and she ran off to finish her run.

That night, I went out and bought some jogging pants and some nice t-shirts and some running shoes. There was a lift in me that I hadn’t felt in a long time.

At home I was sitting in my chair and said to myself, She only offered to run with me, nothing else, so don’t go off and think anything else. I finished watching the movie and then went to bed.

After a small breakfast, I showered and changed into my new “running” clothes and just before eleven, headed out the door to meet my “running partner”.

When I reached the park, I saw her standing there; her running shorts were so tight on her I almost got an erection, just looking at her. She wore a white halter-top with a sports bra on under it, but her nipples were prominent.

“Well, here I am,” I said.

She held out her hand and said, “Good, and by the way, my name is Ginger.”

I smiled when she introduced herself and said, “I’m Roger.”

“We can start off slow and work to a quicker stride as we go along. Is that okay with you?” “Yes, but like I said yesterday, I may not last very long.”

“We’ll see, we’ll see, she said, let’s get started.”

She showed me some stretching techniques and then we took off.

I took my place by her side and we commenced our run. I have been a smoker for a long time and recently quit, so it wasn’t long before I started to feel tightness in my lungs.

What kept me going was my occasional peek over to her and watching her breasts as they bounced with each step she took. She caught me looking several times and she just smiled at me.

On the third lap of the park, I was doing well just to keep my legs moving, and I was hurting. I knew I would have to stop soon.

As we approached our starting point for the fourth lap, I had to stop.

“Don’t stop moving your legs, she said, as she ran in place next to me. You could cramp up if you just stop.”

I did as she said, after all she knew more about this then I did.

“Why did you stop running?”

“My side has a sharp pain in it.”

“”Ok, follow me for one more lap and work that pain out. It will stop, but you have to run past it.”

She turned and was off down the path, so I followed her as she said. I was about three feet behind her and what kept me going was watching her ass, to be honest and I think she knew it too.

Her leg muscles were beautiful and the cheeks of her ass were just amazing to look at. That was my “reward” for doing that extra lap. She was right about running “through the pain”. My side quit hurting and we were just a quarter of the way in this lap.

At the end of the lap, she slowed down and as she ran in place, she said, “That was a good start, each lap is just about three-quarters of a mile, and so you did three miles on your first run, which is very good.”

I smiled at her and said, “I have a very nice running partner that made it all worthwhile.”

“Well thank you, that is nice of you to say.”

“I know we didn’t talk very much during the run, but may I ask if you’re married? I don’t see any rings.”

“I’m single, well divorced anyway.”

“Would it be brash of me to invite you to have supper with me at my home?”

Laughing, she said, “No Roger, it wouldn’t, and yes I’d like that.”

“I live on Billings, number 2294. Would Seven PM be to early?”

“That would be perfect, can I bring anything?”

“Just an appetite for good home cooking.”

“That I have, so I’ll have to do a few extra laps today and tomorrow.”

“I’m going to head to the house, so you enjoy the rest of your run and I’ll see you tonight.”

She waved as she took off down the path; her gait seemed to have a little extra “spring” to it. But then again, it may have just been something I wanted to see.

At the house, I stripped and threw the clothes in the washer for use tomorrow. Then I showered and put on some shorts and a t-shirt. In the kitchen, I took out what I wanted to fix for supper and then sat in the living room for a little while.

When Ginger arrived, I was cutting the veggies for a salad. I went to the door in my apron and let her in. Tonight it wasn’t a halter-top and shorts; she wore a pair of dungaree pants and a sweatshirt with sneakers.

The pants were just tight enough to accentuate the cheeks of her ass and the firmness of her legs. The sweatshirt hid her breasts, as it was large on her.

“Hope you don’t mind the casual look?”

I said, “That’s fine, nothing to get all fancy about tonight. Just putting the finishing touches on the salad, have a seat in the living room and I’ll be right with you.”

When I went to the kitchen, she followed and said, “I like to watch a man when he prepares a meal.”

“Okay by me, would you like a drink while you watch?”

“Got any Southern Comfort?”

“Sure,” I said as I went to the cupboard and retrieved a glass and then to my small bar and poured her a drink, “Straight up, or on the rocks?”

“Straight please.”

I gave her the glass and then cut up some tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, apples and then tossed them all on the lettuce I had placed in a bowl. My timer went off and I took out some rolls and then I threw a couple of T-Bone steaks on the stove grill. I checked on the baked potatoes and they would be ready soon.

“How do you like your steak?”


“Good, just like I like it.”

I had set the table previously and when the steaks were done, I removed the potatoes and set it all on the table. Placing the salad in the center, I then fixed me a drink and held a chair for her to sit.

During the meal, she cornered me about watching her during our run today and I admitted that she was a very beautiful lady and I liked how she looked.

“At least the running is paying off, I don’t have my pudgy belly anymore.”

I said, “You pudgy? Not even close and I can’t imagine you like that.”

I took her glass and fixed us both a second drink and sat back down.

“I got pretty down after my divorce, she said, I was eating everything while watching movies and not doing much of anything else.”

“So you decided to change that and I’m here to tell you, that the outcome is certainly nice to look at.”

She blushed a little and said, “Do you like to watch movies?”

“I have a pretty good selection in the living room, if you’d care to watch one.”

She helped me clear the table and put the dishes in the dishwasher, then we retired to the living room and she selected a movie. She chose “Secret Window” with Johnny Depp, Maria Bello and Timothy Hutton.

I put it in the DVD player and sat on the couch. She was sitting in the center of the couch and when I sat, she moved close to me and we watched the movie.

About two-thirds through the movie, I noticed that she had her eyes closed and had fallen asleep. Her head rested on my shoulder, and my arm was around her. I liked the fact that she was so comfortable, she could sleep like this. Maybe it was just that she was plain tired and couldn’t stay awake.

She looked so beautiful lying there. I felt good, holding her. I just continued to watch the movie until it ended and noticed that it was nearing eleven PM. I figured she’d want to go home, so I nudged her a little.

“Ginger! Ginger! The movie is over.”

She stirred and brought a hand to her face to wipe away the sleepiness. “My God Roger, I didn’t mean to fall asleep. I was so comfortable I just zonked out.”

“That’s ok, I got to watch a good movie and a beautiful lady at the same time.”

“Yeah, me and my fancy clothes are quite a sight.”

“Well, Yes, Yes you are to be honest.”

She unfolded her legs from under her and she tried to stand, but fell back on the couch from her legs falling asleep on her. My arms went around her waist and she came back, half on me and half on the couch.

Her face was inches from mine, I looked into her eyes and they were looking at me, so I kissed her lips. She turned her body into me and wrapped her arms around my neck and I heard her moan slightly. The kiss went from just wanting to feel her lips against mine, to passionate quickly.

She opened her lips to my probing tongue and there was so much electricity passing between us. I held her head close to mine, not wanting to release her, but it wasn’t necessary, she wasn’t about to get up either.

Our kiss seem to last for hours and I was reacting to her passion. I hadn’t held a woman for so long and she was so beautiful. Only in my wildest dreams did I ever think of being with a woman like her.

When we broke the kiss, she moved her head back a little and we searched out each other’s eyes. There was fire in her eyes, something I had not seen before. A need that had not been expressed, a touch that had not been felt.

She said, “Now what?”



“I want to take you upstairs, and keep you there with me.”

“I was hoping you’d say that. You’ve been such a gentleman all night.”

“I didn’t want to appear as if I wanted you here, just to make love to you. But I have thought about it, often!”

Ginger stood and took my hand and said, “Lead the way.”

Together we walked up the stairs to my room. Not bothering to close the door, I turned into her and took her in my arms and kissed her again. We held onto each other, but this time our hands were not still.

I wanted to see her, naked, in all her beauty. Exposing to me the totality of her beauty that I so often dreamt about. My fingers found the bottom of her sweatshirt and I reached in under it. The feel of her smooth naked skin on my hands thrilled me to no end, and I wanted more.

Ginger was pulling my shirt out of my pants, to the point of almost tearing it. I lifted her sweatshirt and brought it up over her head. As soon as it was off, she unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off of me.

I was staring at her bra covered breast. After all these weeks of wondering, they were right here in front of me, covered by a lacy bra.

She reached behind her and unclasped her bra. Letting the shoulder straps fall, she released the bra and it fell to the floor. Her hands came around and cupped her breasts and she said, “I know you’ve been wanting to see them.”

God! I plunged my face to her breasts and sucked in her right nipple while she still held it for me. Her hand held me close to her, no pressure, just a light touch to know she wanted this too.

Her other hand was working its way to my belt, loosening it, then unsnapping my pants. She felt for my erection and found it. Her fingertips played over it. Then she unzipped me and let my pants drop to the floor.

My cock was sticking out of the boxer opening and she reached for it. Her fingers wrapped around the shaft as her hand moved up and down.

“MMMMM, that feels nice,” she said as she continued holding my erection. Fingers splaying over the thick purple head.

I unsnapped her pants and let the zipper down. I had to move the dungarees down past her butt cheeks, as they were tight on her. She stepped back from me and brought them down her legs.

I kicked off my shoes and socks as she did and then she pushed me back and I landed on the bed, with my legs spread. She dropped to her knees in front of me. Her hands on my knees, moving up my thighs.

My cock still pushed out past my underwear. As she neared my erection with her hands, she looked into my face and said, ” I want to do this.”

I watched as her head dropped and her mouth opened to take my cock into her mouth. Licking the head and rolling her tongue around the head. She took in my shaft, little by little until she had all of me in her mouth.

Her fingers held my scrotum as she brought her head up and down my shaft. I held her head and watched her as she sucked my cock, coating it with her saliva.

It had been to long since a woman has done this for me, it excites me to see a woman like this and I nearly climaxed when she went down on me.

I was doing all I could to not cum to quickly. Would she swallow my sperm? Let me shoot in her mouth? Would she pull off and watch my cum fly through the air? That would be her decision and I knew what I wanted her to do.

Her expertise at sucking my cock was something to behold. I know she felt my cock expand and that I was about to cum. She looked up at me, looking at her, and she watched my face as I shot stream after stream of cum in her mouth and down her throat.

She held me in her mouth while she sucked it all down, not losing a drop. When I was soft, she let me out of her mouth and then reached up and drew my underwear down my legs.

I moved to the center of the bed and she came beside me. Her body pressing to mine. I kissed her, tasting myself on her lips while my hand found her breast. I teased the nipple with my fingers.

It was hard and perky and felt nice in my hand. I have often seen her nipples poking at the material of her running shirts. Now there was nothing to hide them from my view.

I kissed her neck and planted little kisses down to her breasts where I brought her nipple to my lips. I suckled her breast like a newborn hunting its meal. I let my other hand work down her stomach, to her panties.

Feeling the silky material, I moved over her panties and felt the crotch of them. She was wet, very wet and she had soaked her panties. My middle finger slid over her lips and I felt her raise her hip. I then went to the waist of her panties and put my inside.

Her pubic hair was trimmed and felt nice, but I went further and felt her mound. My fingers felt her wetness and slid back up between her love lips and found the little nub at the top. Her clit was not large at all, bit it was stiff and needy.

My finger moved back to her love tunnel and I entered her body. She was warm and tight to my fingers, and I started to slide my body down her’s.

When my head was between her leg, I could inhale the scent of her love. I kissed her and tasted her through her panties as I removed her panties and drew them down her legs.

Now she was here in front of me, completely naked, her body mine to love. I returned to her pussy and my tongue licked from her wet tunnel to her clit, spreading her outer lips as I went by.

The second I touched her clit, she took my head into her hands again and her hips pushed her pussy to me. She was on fire, wanting so much to have a sexual release that the mere touch of my tongue almost got her off.

I wanted the same thing for her and I suckled her clit and licked around the nub and then into her soaking tunnel. Her hips were moving quickly and she was rubbing herself against me roughly and then I felt her nail dig into my scalp.

“Cuming, Oh yes, I’m cuming”

I never felt such intensity in a female’s climax as with Ginger. Her whole body and soul went into this orgasmic release, as she thrashed to and fro in front of me.

When she released my head, I inched up her body and in one swift movement, buried my cock to the hilt and just stayed there.

She screamed, “Yes!’

I felt her secretions covering my shaft and then started to move in and out of her. The edge of my cockhead felt the ripples in her tunnel as my shaft moved inside of her.

I kissed her and she shoved her tongue into my mouth, as she brought her hip movement to match mine. Our bodies were sweating profusely in the heat of the summer night. We continued slamming our hips into each other, this time not wanting to stop.

As one, our bodies met and separated. Both lost in the sheer joy of the moment as we held each other close. Racing to feel the thrill of mutual orgasm.

With a grunt, I felt myself release inside of her. At the same moment she wrapped her legs around my waist and her nails scraped my back.

My cum filled her wet pussy and mixed with hers. It flowed over my cock and out of her pussy to the sheets. He nails drew blood from my back and I grimaced in the slight pain with thrill of my orgasmic shudders.

Our hearts racing, beating as hard as they could without exploding. I fell to her side, my cock slipping from her pussy. She rolled with me and we were face to face. Our eyes looking into one another’s, the glint, shining in our afterglow.

“That was beautiful Ginger!” I said.

“Yes, it was, wasn’t it.”

We must have fallen asleep, because when I next opened my eyes, the clock read 6AM. Ginger was still asleep, she looked like she belonged there, but I thought that this was not going to be a regular thing.

I rolled out of bed, careful not to wake her. Heading to the bathroom, I showered and was shaving by the time she woke.

Standing by the bathroom door, she was watching me shave, with a smile on her face. She was still naked from last night, and still beautiful.

“Better be careful there, I may end up cutting my face to pieces while looking at you.”

Giggling, she walked in, stood behind me and said, “Is that better?”

Her arms wrapped around my stomach and she kissed the back of my neck. I had to stop shaving or I’d have mush for skin.

She said, “I’m going to take a shower, and then dress to go, I have to get ready for our run. You are running today, aren’t you?”

“Oh Yes, I’ll be there, wouldn’t miss it.”

She kissed my neck again, then turned on the shower. When the water was right, she stepped in and disappeared behind the door. I finished shaving, slapped on some after shave and went to dress.

I was in the kitchen, making coffee when she came down. Even though she had those clothes on last night, she was still beautiful.

“Coffee? Or do you have to leave?”

“Coffee please!”

“Cream or sugar?”

“Just cream, thank you.”

We sat at the table, both drinking our coffee, when she said, “I bought a new jogging outfit, think I’ll wear it today.”

“Well, I’ll be in the only one I have so you’ll recognize me.”

She finished her coffee, kissed me and said, “I’ll see you in a little while.”

I stood on the porch, watching her walking away. She still has the finest ass I’ve ever seen.

By the time 9AM arrived, I was standing at the park, looking for her to come walking down the street. In the near distance, I saw a woman, she was wearing a white top and white jogging pants and it looked like Ginger. As she got closer, I saw it was her. When she came next to me, she kissed me and said, “You like the new outfit?”

It was made of some light, soft material, the top hugged her breasts, and she was braless. Her nipples were really poking through too. Her pants, they hugged her ass and legs like a second skin.

“I love it, you look beautiful in it.”

“I thought you may need a little “incentive” to run a little further today.”

“Oh, we’re doing more laps today?”

“Yes!, Have to make up for that nice meal you made last night.”

“Well, we may as well get started.”

We did our stretches and then I fell in side by side to start our run. I wasn’t watching to see who was on the track, but the bouncing of her braless breasts. I nearly ran in to a few people and she just laughed at me, knowing what I was doing.

Around the fifth lap, I was beginning to breath hard, but kept going. Still beside her, I also noticed that there was fewer people here today. Looking up, I saw that the clouds had moved in and there was some rain clouds in the distance.

People started to leave the park and soon, it was just Ginger and me, running. About mid way through the seventh lap, there was a light rain, sprinkles really.

“Seems everyone is leaving,” I said.

“Not us, I saw the forecast, shouldn’t last long, plus it’s fun to run in the rain.”

By the time we finished that lap, I was running a little slower. I was a few paces behind Ginger and the rain was starting to get harder.

I noticed that the rain was soaking our jogging outfits. As it fell harder, her outfit became almost transparent. The more it rained, the more she looked like she was running nude.

When we reached the back portion of the track, she turned herself and was running backwards.

“Now you see why I wore this?”

The cloth was gone from her body, her breasts clearly visible, her pants plastered to her pussy.

“Now if you can catch me, you can fuck me.”

That was her incentive! I knew she had something planned for today. She was always able to get me to run more laps, and now this was the best incentive I could ever have.

As I sped up and got nearly alongside of her, she began to run faster. I was now watching those lovely ass cheeks as they jiggled in front of me.

She was teasing me. She’d slow down, then speed up, then slow down again. I’d catch up a little, then fade back. I could hear her snickering when I got close, so the next time I got close, I cheated; I tackled her and we rolled onto the wet grassy edge of the track.

We were both laughing so hard, our ribs were hurting. Even while I laughed, I was pulling her top off, over her head and shoving my face to her breasts.

She was ticklish as I found out as my fingers ran down her side. With her nipple in my mouth, I continued tickling her until she said, “Stop, I’ll pee my pants!”

That would have been my payback for all the teasing she had done, but instead, I reached down further and slid my hand inside of her pants and found her opening.

I stuck my finger inside of her and her hands grabbed my head. She was so wet, the teasing excited her as much as it did me. I ran my finger up between her labia, spreading her wetness to her clit.

My cock was as hard as it has ever been and I wanted her. Without bothering to see if any one was around us, in the rain, I slid her pants down her leg. The wet clothes made it harder to get them off of her, but I did.

I shoved my running pants down to my knees, and moved between her legs. My cock found her entrance and I shoved in to her, all the way.

“OH SHIT! Yes, fuck me!” she screamed at me.

Like some unknown animal, my cock plowed in and out of her pussy. It was pure lust, the need to release my cum inside this female. Her hips were slamming into mine with the same vigor.

“Fuck me, fuck me hard,” Ginger said.

Savagely we fucked, like neither of us had fucked before. The rain pelting us, as we were in a world of our own. Our lips pressed together, tongues flaying back and forth, both moaning and using our bodies to urge the other on further.

I felt the build up in my scrotum, then as it rode the vein under my shaft and splashed inside of her pussy. The release was pure ecstasy as my cock expanded and shot load after load of cum inside of her.

Feeling my cum shooting in her, set Ginger off to her orgasm. My mouth covered hers, so she couldn’t scream, but her fingernails dug into my back as she pounded her pussy on my cock. Her cum flowed, like a warm spring over my cock, drenching the already rain-soaked ground with our releases.

As we laid there, the rain fell harder, but it didn’t bother either of us. I moved her hair from her face with my hand and looked into her face.

“Dam Roger, no man has ever fuck me like that, ever.”

Smiling at her compliment, I said, “I never fucked a woman with so much animalistic tendencies, you seem to bring out my basic urges, as no other woman has done.”

We both realized at the same time, where we were. We quickly looked around and there wasn’t anyone close by at all, at least none that we could see.

As she dressed, she laughed at how hard it was to put those wet clothes back on.

“Maybe I should just walk home naked,” she said.

With her outfit on, it was completely see through and I took off my jogging jacket and handed it to her for at least a little cover for her.

I walked her home in the pouring rain. When we reached her porch, she turned to me and kissed me and said, “Would you like to come in? I can dry your clothes for you.”

The End

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