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Father Christmas-in-Law

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It was a Christmas for the record books. Twenty-four inches of snow, travel down to a crawl, and flights down to a minimum because of terrorism fears. This was the first year I’d been away from my large extended family. This year, it was just dinner at the house with my husband and his father, who lived in town. It was nice, though. Controllable. And my house was cozy, well-decorated, and warm. A fine dinner, a bottle (or three) of fine wine, a twinkling tree, and a blazing fire had all worked together to make a textbook Christmas night.

The phone call from James’s office barely made an impression on my good will toward men. I needed more sugar for the coffee drinks, and that was all I thought about. My husband’s quick kiss and squeeze were gratefully accepted, but just as quickly forgotten in my holiday rush.

I stood on the step stool and reached high over my head to retrieve the box of emergency sugar from the top shelf of the pantry. My fingers barely brushed the edge of my target, pushing it just out of my grasp. With an irritated grump, I leaned against the shelving, pressing to get a grip on the box. My grunt turned immediately to a gasp as an unseen finger with no warning or preamble slid into my pussy.

“James!” I hissed, unable to hide my pleasure at my importunate husband’s characteristic mauling of my private parts. I loved that about him – he was always hungry for me, as I was for him. One reason I’d dressed provocatively for this cozy family dinner in short skirt and no panties. But wait! James had just left for an emergency network failure of a major client…

“Partially right,” came a hoarse response which made my cunt clench around the invading digit. “James the elder, my dearest daughter-in-law.” A deep, gravelly chuckle accompanied a deeper thrust of the finger in my pussy. I froze – my treacherous sex responding completely inappropriately to my father-in-law’s advances. I felt a gush of warmth around his hand as his thumb found my clit. “Oh, my delicious cunt… I’ve had my eye on that bare pussy all night. You think my rutting stag of a son is the only one who responds to your teasing? Well, I’ve got a little Christmas surprise for you, my lovely.”

I looked over my shoulder to lock eyes with the elder James – his great white head looming just below me. His bright blue eyes danced and his white teeth gleamed as he gauged my response. Would I tell? Would I scream? But who would hear, I thought? We’re alone in this big old house, James the younger gone for hours. I tried hard to ignore for a moment the pleasure pulsing in my sex and take stock of my situation. Not that this arrangement hadn’t occurred to me… and not infrequently. My husband was the spitting image of his father – both handsome, both exuded a sexual energy that natural sluts like me found irresistible. I had few hints, however, that my dear father-in-law felt the same attraction toward me. Hmm… What to do?

My internal dialogue was cut short as his deft manipulation of my soft, sensitive parts caused a wave of tingling pleasure to wash over me, turning my knees to water. I groaned as my legs bent, driving his hard, thick finger deeper into me. My left arm fell across his shoulder – my right hand still bracing against the shelf edge. I closed my eyes, desperately trying to organize my thoughts, the feel of his hand on me making that task nearly impossible.

“Oh, my girl… look here” he twinkled up at me as his gaze then flicked to my breast which my position had placed bare inches from his mouth. My half-turn toward him had made my jacket gape open, revealing the black lace bra which cradled my flesh, pushing my hardening nipples nearly through the fabric. I followed his gaze and realized that even I wouldn’t be able to resist the round swell of white smooth flesh presented for his pleasure. My back arched, seemingly of its own accord, and that nipple pressed against his eager mouth. His white teeth grasped the edge of the black lace and tugged gently, the dark engorged point escaping neatly against his waiting lips. His finely chiseled lips closed firmly around the aureole and he sucked my flesh hungrily into his hot mouth. His left hand came up to gather my breast to his face, while his right hand quickened its pace, thrusting deep into my now burning pussy. I turned into him, snaking my arms around his neck, holding onto his fine head to keep myself upright and pressing him hard into my chest.

“Oh, my god, Dad…” my breath was coming in gasps now as my body’s needs completely drove all thoughts of the inappropriateness, not to say immorality, of the situation far from my conscious brain.

“Yes, my little girl?” he mumbled against my hot flesh. His right hand slid out of my pussy, leaving me aching for more. He leaned away from me, his eyes never leaving my face. He brought his fingers up – covered as they were in my juices – and inspected them closely, sampling a taste of the glistening moisture and apparently liking the result. “Just as I thought, my sweet daughter” he rumbled “… like honey.” He stood taking me in for a moment – my feet placed as wide as possible on the top step of the stool. His eyes started at my high heels and coursed up my stockinged legs. His hand reached out to follow his gaze, his fingers sliding softly over the nylon and up under the short hem of my black skirt. He found the lace top of my stockings and dwelt for a moment on the area where the bare skin of my legs emerged from their encasement.

“Oh, Karey, you are a sweet little thing. My son is one lucky son of a bitch. And I use that term accurately. If his mother had had one ounce of your heat, we’d still be married, I guarantee.” He grinned as he lifted the hem of my skirt to expose the naked flesh of my pubic triangle. He pushed the tight skirt higher, fully up around my waist, leaving me effectively nude between stockings and jacket. “And no panties. And no hair.” He stroked my soft flesh, and my eyes closed, focussing on his touch and warm tone. The warm tone was quickly accompanied by equally warm breath against the puffy smooth flesh of my pubic mound. “I have to taste this. I’ve thought about this since the first time that boy of mine brought you home to meet me. And that’s too long to wait for a meal like you.” He closed in on my pussy and I could smell my own arousal as his tongue snaked out to dip into my honey. His strong hands around my waist and my hands on his head were the only things keeping me from falling to the floor.

As if he’d done this a hundred times before, James the elder neatly lifted me from my precarious perch, turned and set me down on my bare ass on top of the deep freeze to my right. Handy place for a deep freeze, I thought. I leaned back against the wall and gave over to the heat the white-haired satyr engendered in me. I hooked my high heels on the edge of the freezer, spreading my aching pussy wide for him. I gave him a smoldering look through narrowed eyes, encouraging him to do what he pleased with his willing Christmas package. He required no further permission and with a grin and deep rumbling “Mmmmm” dove right into the task at hand — or rather, at tongue. My husband was a fabulous lover, but he could take some serious lessons from his old man on eating pussy. Tongue, lips, fingers, all brought me quickly to the edge of reason. His strong, big hands guided my hips to the very edge of the appliance. My eyes opened only briefly when his mouth left my cunt. I could feel wetness dripping down my ass and was maddeningly close to orgasm as I curled up from my position on my elbows to see where my ticket to sexual release had gone.

He hadn’t gone far, luckily. He stood before me, looking down on me with glistening mouth and snaking tongue which cleaned the residual honey from his fabulous lips. What a handsome man, I thought. Something to look forward to after 20 years of marriage. With a grin bordering on evil, he loosened his belt, unzipped his trousers and let loose his engorged cock. No underwear, either! Must be some kind of genetic predisposition. I watched, fascinated, as he unfurled that member – very different from his son’s. James the younger’s cock was a fine specimen, I must say – long and thick and smooth and straight. But his father’s was another matter entirely. It curved like a scimitar up to his navel. It was a dangerous-looking weapon! But I am a fearless slut and felt my pussy grip and gush at the very sight of that pointed curve with it’s bright purple head looming. He placed it at the entrance of my pussy and with his hand moved it up my slit to my clit, covering his cock and my cunt with the slick stuff that poured out of me. As the head hit my clit I arched and gasped, wanting nothing more than to feel that sword inside me.

“What do you think, my little package,” he purred. “Do you have any special requests for Santa this Christmas?” He worked the incredibly hard tip of that monster all over my dripping pussy, making me squirm with delight that bordered on torture.

“Oh, Father Christmas,” I smiled in the spirit, “I want everything you have tied up in your big sack.” I grinned and reached down between my legs to take his huge balls in my hand. I squeezed gently, making him close his eyes and groan deliciously. “I’m a greedy slut, Santa. I want it all. And I want it now!”

He looked down at me like a hungry man sitting down to a fine Christmas feast. I moved my hands up to unbutton my jacket, exposing my breasts which had escaped completely from the wispy cups of black lace.

“Well,” he said, putting the tip of his cock again at my velvet door, “looks like I’ll just have to open this package myself.” And with that, he thrust slowly and deliberately to his full length inside me. I was breathless with the feeling of his cock curving up, filling me and stretching me so incredibly. I could almost see the tip of his cock move against my abdominal wall. When he was fully in, he grasped my hips and pulled me toward him – forcing that pointed head against the roof of my cunt. I screamed in delight. He bent over me then and took my left breast into his mouth, suctioning my tender nipple while he moved inside me. He didn’t thrust, amazingly, but rolled his hips to make that monster cock mix it up inside my stunned pussy. It was like being fucked by a Cuisinart. I’d never felt every square inch of my vaginal walls like this before. It felt like he was making a map of the inside of me. And, in a way, he was.

He straightened up and slid his hands under my hips once more, watching my face with an avid expression, reading my reactions. “Does that feel good, my baby girl?” he rumbled as he ground his cock inside me. I gasped some incoherent answer and screamed as he hit a spot that had seldom been touched in all my days. “Ah! There you are, you nasty girl. That’s what I want – ” and with that, he levered the length of his considerable manhood against that singular spot again and again. I felt an orgasm building up in me that promised to be a record setter. I’d never felt that team of nerves acting in such concert. My orgasm was starting at my very center and radiating outward to the tips of my fingers and toes. I could feel it coming and there was nothing I could do to stop it. This man was a master! I screamed for real as the tidal wave overtook me finally. I felt my pussy twist and squeeze and a great rush of juice flowed out of me, over my father-in-law’s remarkable cock and down the crack of my exposed ass.

“Oh, yes, my sweet girl,” he growled as he began to thrust in and out of me in earnest, driving for his own release. “You are just as hot and sweet and tight as I knew you would be. God! You were worth the wait, my girl” and he shoved deep inside me and shot what felt to be a huge load of hot semen deep into my stunned cunt. And without effort, I felt my pussy grasp and milk that cock as it throbbed and bucked and lashed inside me. Oh my god, I thought. I’m going to need this every day! It was as if my pussy was thirsty for him and his seed, and above all else, my pussy must be satisfied. I thought that James the younger and I were made for each other, but it seems that there’s another cock I was born to fuck, as well! Well… at least it was all in the family.

With a few, long strong strokes James the elder finished with relish. Amazingly, the man was hardly winded and I was a trembling wreck! My pussy pulsed with a fervor that bordered on frenzy. God! Could it be that I was ready for more from this machine? The big man didn’t even pull out of my dripping tunnel – he simply nestled his member inside me, again watching my face as he did so. “Did you like your present, my baby girl?” he smiled and I smiled back, as best I could.

“That was the best present I can ever remember getting, Father Christmas” I gasped, glad he was still inside me. My pussy continued to contract rhythmically but gently around its guest.

“And you’re a fine package, yourself,” he grinned and reached out to roll my still-hard nipples between his fingers. I again had to close my eyes and gasp as his touch set me off again. My eyes flew open in amazement and I saw his gleeful grin as his cock swelled inside me and he began a slow stroking in my sloppy slit. I could feel the mingled juices flow out of me as he pulled out and the liquid that filled my cunt was noisy and fragrant. What was this man made of? And why had it taken me five years to find out?

“Dad… ” I groaned as the rhythm he set up began to drive me again. “You are… amazing!” My head fell back as he pushed inside me, working his cock again to its hard, curved state.

“And you are full of cum, my pretty package. There’s lots of cream to whip in that tight, hot pussy of yours, isn’t there! Mmmm… what a nice gift, my darling daughter. You are too good for that son of mine.” I looked up at him, managing to raise one eyebrow in reaction to his statement. He laughed. “For that matter you’re too damn good for me!” and with that he began his circuit of my cunt, again finding the spot which he poked with the hard tip of his penis. “Oooohh I love that spot, I can feel you grab when I hit it.” And he was right. I felt my pussy clench around the full length of his amazing dick. He drove hard into me. I felt my pubic floor open to accommodate him, to welcome that cock and those sensations that again built up so rapidly. I was cumming again, and this time another orgasm followed on the heels of the first, and another after that. And he shot inside me again, crying out as he did and grinding that pole deep inside me. I felt him release again and this time he paused afterward. He lay his big, white head between my breasts and breathed heavily, still buried inside me . “Girl, you’ve worn me out,” he breathed, laughing. “And I can’t say that’s ever happened to me before. That’s one athletic pussy you’ve got there!” He raised up over my body which was devoid of any ability to move at this point. What was this man’s story? Is this what I had to look forward to with James the younger? I was all set, then, I must say! Definitely something to look forward to! But this man was remarkable, no doubt about it. I smiled up at him blearily. He stood up and slowly, reluctantly, pulled his nearly flaccid but still sizeable cock from my pussy. Amazingly, even after that workout, it took a little effort to get that purple head from my entrance. The quiet “pop” was followed by a stream of cum that leaked out and down my ass and thighs. My father-in-law stepped back and took in the sight of my wide open, pouring cunt with a delight that amazed me.

“Oh yes, my toy,” he narrowed his eyes and grinned, dragging a finger through the river of cum. “You’re better than a train set!” He put his finger in his mouth. God! He was insatiable and nasty! I loved it! With no preamble, he pushed my knees back until I was folded nearly in half and my ass rolled up from the top of the freezer. He bent and licked from the top of the crack of my ass to my clit, scooping the copious juices with his tongue. I was limp with desire and satiation. He pulled me up and kissed me, siphoning the mixture he had collected with his tongue directly into my mouth. I drank it in greedily, sucking his tongue into my mouth like it was his amazing cock. Which gave me an idea! But before I could act, he moved me again, his eyes burning now. He rolled me back again, and put his mouth to my pussy, sucking hard, swallowing, cleaning every bit of our juices from my pussy lips, my ass and my thighs. I squirmed and came and came again.

I pulled his head up, unable to stand another set of orgasms like the ones he’d given me so far. Reluctantly, he followed my lead and I kissed the juices again from his lips, his tongue and face. Then I slid off the freezer, sliding down his length, my knees spread on either side of his legs and I took his cock into my mouth to return the favor. Luckily it was still only half hard and I was able to take most of it into my greedy mouth. I tasted the sweet mixture of juices in the folds of skin as I rolled his cock around with my tongue. My lipstick and starchy leavings mingled in his salt-and-pepper pubic hair. What’s black and white and red all over?

The member began to rise again. This man was a case study, for sure. I “mmmm’d” around the hardening shaft, delighted to feel the curve assert itself. This was a cock to write home about. This was a cock made for a woman’s pleasure. And it was again achieving it’s purpose. My right hand followed my lips, my left made a circuit through his thatch of graying hair — nails lightly separating the tangle — and around the heavy testicles. His hands guided my head, combing my terminally mussed hair, tracing the seal of my lips around his cock. “God, girl. My son has taught you well,” he groaned, thrusting forward slightly as his cock reached full mast again. I trilled the spot just below the tip of his meaty head in response. I pulled the skin taut with my hand as I gently drew my bottom teeth along his length and suctioned my saliva from the tip.

“What makes you so sure he taught me? ” I twinkled up at him. Then I lowered my throat upon him, my tongue tracing zigzags along the underside. He groaned again. I felt the twitching begin. I pulled back to get a look at the mighty weapon that had so pleasured me. “I play by ear,” I whispered, just a bit in awe of his stamina. I kissed the smooth skin and licked the tip that leaked a drop of liquid. I looked up to lock gazes with the man. His teeth gleamed again at me and his hand cupped my chin. I took him into my mouth once more, this time for the duration. My eyes never left his face as I worked diligently on the fleshy scimitar. His head rolled back and he released another load of sweet cream into my thirsty mouth. I swallowed every drop and licked up the remaining mixture like an apéritif. Which reminded me…

“Sugar!” I hooted, with a last kiss on the paternal member.

“Honey!” my in-law rumbled in response. I was pleased to see his knees buckle… finally. I stood, tucking my breasts again inside their black lace encasement and smoothing the short skirt over my quivering thighs. “I need the sugar,” I murmured, planting a fragrant kiss on his shapely, slack lips, “for the coffee.” Each with a hand on the other’s cheek, we stood for a moment before I once again climbed the step stool. I reached the box on the first try with an amazingly relaxed arm. I held the box in front of me, displaying its front like a mussed Carol Merrill. “Sugar.”

“Sweet,” he grinned, extending a hand to help me down from my perch.

“Sweet indeed,” I breathed as I passed his great head.

“And a merry Christmas, daughter,” he chuckled.

“And to you, Father Christmas,” I grinned, brushing my breasts against him as I descended. “God bless us…”

“Everyone…” he finished, placing a hand on my ass as we exited the pantry.


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