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Fast Food

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There are limitations and opportunities connected to being an attractive older woman. The attractive men my age are generally interested in women half my age. Men half my age are attracted to me, but they’re so immature and inexperienced. Sure, a youngster who gets off quickly and gets up again very quickly is great. But an older man who takes his time is usually far more exciting. What’s a woman to do?

Well, when the Moen multi-directional six nozzle shower head fails to satisfy, it’s time to cruise for fast food.

I’ve always been interested in current music trends. Sure, it’s probably not dignified of me, but I confess to loving Korn, Staind, and Nickelback. Can’t help it. This interest, however, has gotten me laid by some pretty amazing looking young men. The upcoming weekend would find me in the city’s most popular live band venue unless something better presented itself before tomorrow night.

You’d think that as a university professor I’d have plenty of chances to diddle the best looking students. However, that’s the easiest way for a female professor to get fired. Male professors got by with it everyday, but the only female at my institution who’d been caught had been strung up, run out of town, and effectively blocked from ever teaching anywhere in the United States again. Sucks, eh? Last time I heard, she was at some third rate college in Formosa, for Chrissakes. Not that there’s anything wrong with Formosa; it’s just that she shouldn’t be there for fuckin’ a willing man. He WAS a man. I think at twenty years old he should be able to choose partners. He certainly didn’t complain. He even showed up at the university hearing to plead her case. She got Formosa anyway. I asked her if he was worth it. She said it was good, but not good enough to lose your job over. Oh, well. Lesson learned for me, though. I don’t do students.

Former students, however, are a different story. Or, at least that’s how the weekend turned out. I remember the first time I ever saw Joseph. I walked into the classroom, placed my briefcase on the lectern, and looked up to survey this latest Tuesday-Thursday morning crop. There he was. Gorgeous. Blond. Blue eyes. Relaxed but powerful body. It was not long before I learned from a personal essay that he was a wrestler. No, not one of those television wrestlers. A real one. He’d been into wrestling since he was eleven. He and his mom were the only family-father left when he was seven. Nice, clean-cut Catholic altar boy type. He had no idea how attractive he was. He’d spent years, it turned out, feeling insecure and guilty because of his father’s desertion. Of course, it had nothing to do with Joseph, but he didn’t yet understand this. He was eighteen years old and fresh out of high school. He was at university on an athletic scholarship. He had no trouble keeping up his grades to retain the scholarship status. He was very bright, and he told me that he didn’t know what he wanted to do, but that he knew he wanted to be happy in life. Good start. So many eighteen year olds want to be rich, not happy. Stupid cows.

Well, it was two years later than the first time I saw Joseph when I saw him again. I was surprised to see him that Friday evening when I made my way from the middle of the crowd at Ships, one of the local live band clubs, towards the bar. He apparently had seen me first because when I first caught a glimpse of him, he was headed straight for me and his eyes were locked on my face. There he was. Within arms’ length. Lookin’ good. He was in white-a white t-shirt, white carpenter pants. He was tanned and toned. The blond hair was long, down to his shoulders, and he had a neatly trimmed beard and mustache. In a word, he was gorgeous.

“Hi, Doc,” Joseph screamed over the crowd noise.

The band was between sets, and the speakers blasted out techno fare.

“Joseph. How wonderful to see you. You look wonderful. How are you? Home from school for the summer?”

I knew he had transferred to an out of state university with a better wrestling program.

“Yeah,” he replied. “You look incredible. What are you doin’ HERE?”

His accent on the word ‘here’ told me that he was surprised that the old prof would be enjoying a concert by the local hot band.

“I love the Tricks. I think their music and lyrics are great. Their lead singer was one of my students several years ago. He hated poetry at the beginning of the semester, but he loved it after a few weeks. He always had a flair with metaphor. You can tell by the lyrics of Tricks’ songs, can’t you?”

“Sure. Whatever you say, Doc. I really never thought about it.”

Joseph was a math major. He did what was expected of him in English classes, but math spoke to him much more eloquently than Shakespeare.

He continued. “It’s so loud. And so good to see you. Can we get out of here for a minute so I can talk to you?”

“Sure,” I said. I grabbed his hand and we headed to the door.

When we emerged onto the well lit street outside, I looked him over again. Yep. Gorgeous. My juices were already flowing. Sticky panties.

“Hey,” Joseph said. “I always thought you were the hottest prof I ever had. You’re still hot. I suppose you get that line all the time, huh?”

“No. Not all the time. Not from anyone who really matters. I always thought you were very attractive and very sexy, Joseph.”

“God. You’re kidding me, right? I mean, you don’t really mean that, do you?”

“Well. Yeah. I mean it. My car’s in the parking lot next door. You wanna get out of here for awhile? Or, are you with someone?”

Joseph shuffled. I knew this meant he had a date. He tried to cover, but it failed.

“Don’t get weird, Joseph. It’s ok. It’s certainly no surprise that you’re with someone. You’re too good looking not to be!”

“I’d rather be with you.” He suddenly, awkwardly, grabbed me around the waist. He pulled me close and gave me a surprisingly nice kiss, despite the fact that it tasted very much like stale beer.

“Do you want to come to my home?” He couldn’t form a response. “Get your date home, and then come to my place. I’m going to give you a card that has my home address on it. Do you know where the Jack-in-the-Box is on State and First?”


“I’m very near there. Do you know Caribou Street?”

“Yes. It’s right behind the Box.”

“Yeah. I’ll be waiting.” I handed him the card and proceeded to my car. When I looked over my shoulder, he was staring dumbly at me. I waved my hand to him to get moving. He turned and entered the club again.

All the way home I fantasized about how Joseph would look without his clothes. It never occurred to me that he wouldn’t show up. His kiss had told me that he would. He arrived about forty-five minutes after I pulled into my drive. I was already ready. His knock on my door sent shivers down me, but not down my spine. My twat was quivering. I couldn’t wait to feel him inside me.

“Come in.” I ushered him into my home, taking his left arm and leading him to the den. I wasn’t uncomfortable, and I wanted him to be at ease, too.

“Joseph. I think you know why I invited you over. I really want to feel you inside of me. But I don’t want to guide you to do something you don’t want to do. You’re a big boy now. You can make your own decisions.”

Joseph drew me nearer. He kissed me deeply, tongue, hot, darting around inside of my hot mouth. He then began to kiss my face and neck. When he reached my collarbone, exposed by my sweetheart collar blouse, I almost exploded. His arms, his back, his thighs, everything I touched was hard. I still wanted to see him naked. Soon. I reluctantly disengaged from his hot embrace, but I knew we wouldn’t get to my bed if I didn’t move us there. I was anxious, but too old to do it on the floor if there was a comfortable bed nearby.

I headed to my bedroom, went through the door, and, with my back facing Joseph, began to take off my clothes. First, I removed my shoes, then my slacks. I made a point of bending over to fully expose my still tight ass as I removed the slacks. I heard Joseph make a guttural sound behind me. As I pulled my blouse over my head, I turned to give Joseph a better view. I stood there before him in my bra and panties. He’d been busy, too. He was down to the underwear. I gasped. Oh, god. A real six pack. Jeeezus.

I headed towards him. When we reached one another, he quickly went to the fastener on my bra. He swiftly removed it and released my breasts. He immediately went for my left nipple with his hot mouth. He began to suck lightly. I asked him to suck harder. He obliged and I got hotter by the second. He moved to my right nipple and it was all I could stand. I had been holding his head with both my hands, but I pulled him up and buried my face in his chest. I reached down to feel an incredibly hard penis. I pulled his underwear down and it fell to his ankles. He bent over and managed to step out of them. As he was returning to the upright position, he took the sides of my panties into his hands and pulled them slowly down my thighs. He stopped his downward pull at my knees and dropped to his own.

Joseph buried his face in my crotch. His cool forehead tingled my lower abdomen. My panties continued their downward slide and ended down around my ankles. I stepped out of them, hesitating to move away from Joseph’s touch. I moved to the bed, pulled down the covers, and lowered myself into the comfortable king-sized bed. I motioned for Joseph to come to me. He entered the bed by crawling over me. His left hand began to explore my abdomen then found its way between my wet and expectant vaginal lips. When Joseph’s fingers began to stimulate my clitoris, I arched my back seemingly to the ceiling and began to moan with anticipation. I was so hot it took only seconds for me to get off. I was moaning and grinding in response to the orgasm. My motions and noises affected Joseph. He, too, began to moan. The moment I got off I took his hard cock in my right hand and began to pump it. But I wanted him in my mouth and pussy even more. Which to do?

I decided to do both. I would moisten him with my mouth and then take him into my hot pussy. I moved down to Joseph’s hard penis. I took him into my mouth, moving up and down on his hard on and making a circle as I did so. Finally, I began to furiously lick his phrenum. He went crazy. Joseph took my head between his hands, moved me up and on to my back. He grabbed the pillow on the opposite side of the bed, raised my lower body with his left hand and arm, and shoved the pillow under my buttocks. Soon, he straddled me, upright on his knees. He looked down at my pussy, took his cock in his right hand, and guided it between my hot and dripping lips. His cock, smooth and hard, was uncircumcised and about seven inches fully erect. He felt incredibly large and fulfilling when he entered.

The pillow had raised my pelvis to a position where Joseph’s thrusts were excruciatingly delicious. He was still on his knees. His hands were behind him and cupped under the back of my knees. His head was back and all I could see was that glorious six pack, some wonderful pecs, and his throat. Joseph’s thrusts were hard, deep, and slow. I was surprised that he was able to keep his movements so controlled. My tummy seemed to be arched to the heavens, and soon Joseph leaned his body down on to mine, his hands and forearms supporting him on either side of my body. I wanted him as deep in me as possible. I met him thrust for thrust, our bodies grinding in circular motions. Joseph’s left cheek was plastered against my right one. He turned his face to me and placed his lips over my bottom one. He sucked softly and then moved to my upper lip. His hard cock burned inside me, pumping more quickly now-in and out, in and out. I was unable to focus clearly on anything in the room. Every pore was on fire. I was ready for Joseph to fill me with his hot cum. I wouldn’t wait long. Joseph’s breathing became more labored. I took his face between my hands and asked him to look at me.

“Please, baby. Look at me when you get off. I want to see your face, your eyes.”


I took this as a yes. Joseph continued to look at me.

“You feel so good in me, baby. Keep shovin’ it in me hard ’til you cum. Deeper. Ahhhh. Faster, baby. Faster.”

Joseph’s face began to contort. His body stiffened, then began to shudder. His breathing turned into panting and his thrusts were shallow and quick. I maneuvered my right hand between his left and my right thigh and lightly cupped his balls, gently squeezing them as he pumped his hot juice into me. This movement made Joseph moan uncontrollably. His pumping slowed, but got deeper, as if he were attempting to transfer all liquid in his body to mine. Finally, his thrusting became a slow circular motion as he began to recover his breath. Joseph’s head went down on the pillow to the left of my head. His hot breath filled my ear. I turned my face to his and kissed his hot forehead. I smiled at him. He weakly returned a smile. I pushed him over onto his side.

A few minutes passed, and I disentangled myself from Joseph’s clasp. I lightly hopped out of the bed and headed to the bathroom. I looked over my shoulder and Joseph remained in the same position on his side. I reached the bathroom, took a pee, and turned on the hot water faucet in the sink. As the water heated up, I stepped into the shower, turned on both faucets, and lowered the shower head to waist height. The water was the right temperature and I quickly washed the hot, sticky cum and vaginal fluid from between my legs. I emerged from the shower, grabbed a towel, and dried off quickly. I wet a washcloth with the now hot water coming from the basin faucet, squeezed it out, and made my way back to the bed with the wet washcloth and the towel.

Joseph was in between sleep and consciousness. I turned him onto his back and began to gently wash his pubic area and penis. The warm cloth must have felt good because he made some satisfied noises. I dried him carefully and threw the cloth and towel on the floor. Joseph rolled back onto his side, and I turned my body to face his. He drew me to him, his chin resting on the top of my head. I moved my right hand slowly up and down Joseph’s muscled back. Eventually, my hand ended up exploring his taut buttocks. I cupped first his left cheek, then the right. Then I began to lightly massage each one.

My left hand moved to Joseph’s crotch. I didn’t expect him to get hard. I simply wanted to investigate. My investigation soon led to unexpected dividends. Joseph’s cock began to stiffen. I maneuvered my left thigh between Joseph’s legs then wrapped my other leg around his thigh and began to thrust my pussy against it. My breathing quickened. My body arched backwards in a reverse “c” position and by abdomen pushed towards Joseph. His left hand went between by legs. He moaned when he felt the wetness. His fingers swept up my pussy lips then he lifted his hand to his mouth and licked my juice from his fingers. I moved my right hand index finger to my clitoris and began to masturbate. Joseph watched silently. Soon, I slipped my finger into my pussy, got it wet, and then removed it. I slowly, deliberately moved the finger to my face. I ran it around my lips, opened my mouth, and then began to suck the juice from my finger. Joseph quickly moved his face down between my legs. His strong hands separated my bent legs and he lowered his tongue to my eager vaginal lips. He moved his right hand from my leg and used his fingers to separate my pussy lips and then sink his tongue deeply between them. I moaned with pleasure. His hot breath and tongue drove me crazy.

In minutes I was panting and making loud noises of pleasure.

“Faster, baby. Yeeessss. I’m cuming-cuming.”

My lower body was grinding into Joseph’s wet face. He didn’t resist. He was breathing heavily, too.

“Fuck me, Joseph. Please fuck me.”

Joseph again rose to his knees. The equipment was ready. Joseph reached down, took me by the waist, and rolled me over. I quickly assumed a doggie position in anticipation of feeling that hard cock inside me. I soon felt Joseph’s steel dick in me, thrusting wildly. He fucked me like a madman and I responded like a madwoman. We were loud, primal, whirling dervishes. We fucked like animals. My brain was reeling with the lyrics, “I wanna fuck you like an animal. I wanna feel you from the inside.” I don’t know how long it lasted. Probably not long. It didn’t matter. It had been indescribably good. I didn’t even have the strength to get to the bathroom this time. Joseph and I wrapped our arms around one another and he instantly fell asleep. I knew it wouldn’t be long until my satisfied body would follow suit. Ummmmm. Joseph. Ummmmm. Fast food.

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