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Fantasy Come True

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She was led into a small room by the raven-haired beauty. Silently she was handed a negligee that could only be described as a scrap of fabric. She assumed she was meant to put this on. The raven-haired woman pointed silently to the pair of high heels that were lined up perfectly next to the velvet-padded bench. The woman met her eyes for a second, smiled, and then left the room.

“Ok girl, you can do this,” Kelly told herself as she took a deep breath. Slowly she took off her clothes revealing her perfectly toned and tanned body. The three-way mirror in front of her allowed her to inspect her appearance as she did so. Due to nervousness and excitement, her nipples were standing erect on her perfectly shaped size C breasts. Her firm round melons rose and fell with each shaky breath she took. She ran her manicured nails down her curvy sides and joined them together over her flat trembling stomach. After a moment’s hesitation, she ventured down to her shaved pussy lips. The moisture there surprised and excited her. She looked down at the negligee. “It’s now or never.”

As Kelly dressed in the barely there scrap of fabric she reflected on what brought her here. Her boyfriend John and she had been going out for three years. They loved each other and the sex was amazing. However, Kelly had a fantasy that had always been in the back of her mind. Not being the type to keep secrets from John, Kelly had told him all about it on their first date. Last week John told her that it was finally going to come true. For her birthday, John was giving her what she desired most.

“WOW” Kelly exclaimed. If she could say so herself, she looked hot! Her breasts were spilling out of the tiny bit of royal blue velvet that was designed to support them. Her nipples were completely exposed and trembling with excitement. There was a thin strip of velvet connecting her breasts and the tiny triangle of blue fabric covering her pussy. A strip just as thin circled around her hips, curved, and disappeared between her firm, shapely ass. Another thin piece of velvet ran up her back and circled around connecting to her breasts. The scrap of fabric covering her cunt was beginning to dampen and Kelly was sure she could see the fabric change color as it darkened with her juices. Kelly reminded herself that she could trust John, being as there was a little fear mixed in with her arousal. She slipped the matching heels on and took another look at herself. Her wavy red-blonde hair curled softly around her face and fell down her back. She locked her blue eyes with those in the mirror and smiled.

Turning, Kelly left by the door that was opposite the one she entered through. Immediately she stopped and gasped. She had never seen a contraption quite like the one she was looking at. The table was at least 15 feet wide and 20 feet long. It was covered in white satin. In the middle of the table were two poles with fur-lined cuffs. The part that made her wonder the most though, was the two chains hanging from the ceiling. They had one bar running between them and then lower was a padded board that connected the two chains. She wondered what they could be for. The same raven-haired woman walked up to Kelly.

“Hello,” she said in a melodious tone “I know you will enjoy your time with us.” The woman was naked except for high heels and Kelly eyed her appreciatively. She had fair skin, small pert breasts and a well-trimmed pussy. She was very fair skinned and petite. Everything was packed into a firm little package. “You can call me Jasmine,” the woman said. Jasmine turned around and pressed a button that Kelly had not noticed before. A door opened and another woman walked through. She had short blonde hair and large breasts. Her nipples were huge and stood out at least an inch. She was much taller than Jasmine and very slender. “This is Monique,” Jasmine said, “we’re going to get you started.

Jasmine walked behind Kelly and ran her smooth hand over Kelly’s ass cheek. Kelly closed her eyes and murmured in pleasure. Jasmine laughed and nodded to Monique. Monique took Kelly’s hand and led her over to the table, her large breast jiggling as she walked. Her breasts fascinated Kelly. They were so large that you would think they’d sag but they didn’t. They stood erect and proud with those enormous nipples standing straight out.

“Climb onto the table.” Monique spoke for the first time. Kelly loved her soft and girlish voice. Kelly had to lift her leg up high to crawl up onto the table and when she managed to get on it she found herself awkwardly on all fours. Kelly felt Jasmine grab her ass and then felt her fingers push away the fabric that covered her juice soaked pussy. Kelly arched her back in pleasure as Jasmine flicked her swollen clit and finger fucked her slowly. Jasmine withdrew her fingers and Kelly heard her suck her fingers.

“Mmm you taste good,” Jasmine purred. She slapped Kelly’s ass lightly and told her to move to the middle of the table on her back. Kelly obeyed and looked up at the two beautiful women hovering over her. Jasmine was on her left and Monique on her right. They each took a wrist and handcuffed her to the poles. The poles spread her arms a bit and made her breasts stick straight up. Kelly glanced up again and noticed the ceiling mirror for the first time. Jasmine followed her gaze and smiled.

“We wanted to make sure you didn’t miss any of the action,” she said playfully. Jasmine leaned over and kissed Kelly lightly on the mouth. Kelly closed her eyes and lost herself in the kiss. Jasmine began to thrust her tongue into Kelly’s mouth and Kelly responded with fervor, jamming her tongue into Jasmine’s sweet mouth as far as it would go. Kelly opened her eyes and looked up into the mirror.

She could see Jasmine’s well shaped ass move back and forth as she passionately tongued Kelly’s mouth. Kelly watched as Monique moved her hand down to Kelly’s stomach and began to playfully stroke it. Kelly closed her eyes again and enjoyed her kiss with Jasmine.

Jasmine pulled away and Kelly opened her eyes. Both women lowered their heads to Kelly’s ribs and began to kiss just under her breasts. Kelly arched her back with pleasure as she watched them in the mirror. She loved the mirror. It was like being a voyeur and being a part of it all at once.

As Jasmine moved lower and began to kiss Kelly’s stomach, Monique ran her tongue around the edge of the fabric that was covering the bottom of Kelly’s breasts.

Kelly could feel her hot breath through the fabric and writhed with pleasure. Jasmine began to bite and suck Kelly’s stomach: moving closer and closer to her belly button. Kelly cried out in pleasure as she felt Jasmine’s hot wet tongue dive into her unusually deep belly hole.

John must have told these women about how much Kelly loved to be tongue fucked in her belly button. Sometimes Kelly could cum just by having her belly hole tongue fucked. Kelly watched as Jasmine’s head moved up and down. She was so engrossed in Jasmine that she didn’t notice Monique until she felt Monique’s hot mouth close over her nipple.

“Oh yes!” Kelly exclaimed. She pulled on her chains as she arched her back.

Monique sucked and bit Kelly’s breast and then circled her nipple with her tongue. She grabbed Kelly’s breast with her hands and stuffed as much as she could in her mouth, sucking and biting as she did so.

Monique reached over and yanked roughly on Kelly’s other nipple causing Kelly to cry out in pleasure. Kelly could feel warmth spreading through her legs as she watched these two gorgeous women devouring her body.

She began to raise her hips excitedly; meeting each thrust of Jasmine’s hard wet tongue. The feeling of Monique’s mouth on her breast and Jasmine’s tongue fucking her stomach pushed her over the edge.

“OH GOD!” Kelly screamed as her body tightened up.

She pulled on her chains as waves of euphoria wracked her body. For the first time Kelly was able to watch herself have an orgasm. Her face was flushed and she watched as her stomach muscles contracted. She saw how she lifted her hips off the white satin with her legs. Kelly closed her eyes as her orgasm quieted to small shudders.

“Just think, Kelly, this is only the beginning.” Monique took Kelly’s breast out of her mouth long enough to speak and then went back to worshiping it with her tongue.

Jasmine placed a small kiss over Kelly’s belly button and then reached over the side of the table. Kelly watched her pull a small pair of scissors out of a drawer. While Monique sucked and licked Kelly’s breast, Jasmine got on the other side of her and rotated Kelly’s hips a little toward her.

She quickly snipped the thin velvet strap running down Kelly’s back. She bent down and ran her hot wet tongue over Kelly’s ass cheek; coming agonizingly close to Kelly’s puckered hole. Kelly groaned in frustration as she was rolled onto her back again.

Jasmine positioned herself between Kelly’s thighs and supporting herself with her knees she snipped the fabric that ran up Kelly’s stomach.

Monique moved a little so that Jasmine could do the same with the fabric connecting the right side of Kelly’s breasts with her back. Once she snipped the fabric from Kelly’s left side she tossed the scissors off the table and sat back between Kelly’s legs. She looked up at the padded board and smiled.

Someone else must have been in the room because the board slowly lowered and then stopped. Jasmine lifted Kelly’s legs and placed them over the board. Jasmine spread Kelly’s legs a bit and then fastened her calves with two leather straps. Kelly’s hips were raised off the floor and her pussy was completely visible to her in the mirror.

“Oh this is so hot,” Kelly murmured. Jasmine smiled and then began to kiss Kelly’s stomach just above the scrap of blue velvet that was covering her pussy.

Monique rose up a little to let her enormous and sexy breasts hang just inches from Kelly’s face. Without letting up on the wonderful suction she was providing for Kelly’s hot slippery breast Monique shifted her body and positioned her eraser nipple just above Kelly’s eager mouth.

Needing no more encouragement, Kelly raised her head and applied immediate suction on Monique’s huge nipple. Monique sank down and crushed her breast against Kelly’s face. As they ravished one another’s breasts, moving from one to the other, Kelly felt Jasmine moving closer to her wet pulsating snatch.

Kelly raised her hips in anticipation as she felt Jasmine grab the fabric and begin to pull. Abruptly she stopped and Kelly groaned. With Monique’s massive breast shoved deep in her mouth she couldn’t see what Jasmine was doing.

All of a sudden she felt hot breath on her ass cheeks and then felt Jasmine nipping her ass. Jasmine licked in lazy circles moving closer and closer to Kelly’s brown hole. Kelly shivered with delight as she felt the strip of fabric being lifted from between her quivering ass cheeks.

Jasmine slowly circled Kelly’s dirty little hole and without warning shoved her tongue in and pulled it out very quickly. Kelly felt a jolt of electricity move through her body. Jasmine began to circle her ass hole again and then repeated the tongue action.

Over and over Jasmine did this, seeming to be in no hurry. It was agony and ecstasy.

All of a sudden Monique pulled her breast out of Kelley’s mouth with a pop and moved her body so that Kelly could see her surrounding’s again.

Kelly gasped. Standing by the table behind Monique were the two most gorgeous men she had ever seen.

They were tall and muscular. One had blond wavy hair and blue eyes. Kelly could see his dick from above, it had to at least 10 inches long, and it was fully erect. Kelly could see the top of his perfectly shaped ass.

The second man was the one that excited Kelly the most though. He was positively the hottest, sexiest black man she had ever seen. From above she could tell that his cock was at least two inched longer than his companion and it was so wide. Kelly shivered in anticipation. She couldn’t wait to get those cocks in her.

“This is Mark,” Monique said gesturing toward the blonde man,” and this other one is Damien” Mark climbed up behind Monique and Kelly finally understood why the table was so wide and long. As Monique sucked and bit Kelly’s nipple, Monique arched her back and stuck her ass in the air.

Kelly inhaled sharply as Mark grabbed Monique’s hips roughly and buried all 10 inches of rock hard cock into Monique’s pussy. Monique moaned through Kelly’s breast that she still had stuffed in her mouth.

Kelly watched in fascination as his cock moved in and out of Monique’s pussy. Kelly could hear his balls slapping Monique’s cunt lips. Every time they did, Monique would groan in rapture, suck, and bite Kelly’s breast with more gusto.

Kelly tore her eyes away from Monique being fucked to watch Damien climb behind Jasmine. Like his companion he wasted no time in burying his huge hard cock into Jasmine’s pussy. In her excitement Jasmine jammed her tongue into Kelly’s ass hole and began to tongue fuck her with total abandonment.

Kelly couldn’t believe it as she stared into the mirror. It was so erotic watching these huge cocks disappearing into the women’s hot little cunts. Jasmine moved up to Kelly’s pussy and sent electric shocks though Kelly’s body as she sucked her clit hard into her mouth.

Kelly screamed in gratification as Jasmine lapped up her sweet juices and then thrust her tongue into her pussy. As Damien fucked Jasmine he reached up and brought his hand down hard on Kelly’s suspended thigh.

“OH GOD YES! Slap your whore some more!” Kelly screamed. Over and over his black hand made contact with Kelly’s smooth tender thigh.

Monique moved down to Kelly’s stomach and began to tongue fuck her belly hole. Kelly screamed without knowing what she was saying. With the way Monique was positioned she couldn’t see the mirror but she could see the ass of the man fucking Monique. She watched his tight muscles contract as they pushed.

Jasmine began to suck and bite on Kelly’s clit and Kelly felt her orgasm building again. Kelly pulled on her chains and bucked her hips as Jasmine grabbed her and ground Kelly’s dripping wet clit and pussy into her mouth, Monique put her hands under Kelly’s hips and jammed her tongue deeper and deeper into Kelly’s stomach hole; pulling Kelly’s hips up to meet each thrust.

“OH SHIT YES!” Kelly screamed as another orgasm, more violent than the first ripped through her body. She fought uselessly against her chains and bonds as she convulsed with elation.

Kelly felt Monique move away and opened her eyes to see what was happening. Her vision focused on the 10-inch cock that was glistening with Monique’s juices and positioned directly in front of her face. She realized that Mark hadn’t cum yet as he thrust his huge pulsating cock in her mouth.

Kelly met it with gusto…creating a vacuum as he fucked her mouth with his beautiful cock. Kelly could taste Monique’s sexy juices on his huge dick. She felt hands on her breasts, although she couldn’t whose they were, they felt like a woman’s.

They were pulling and pinching and it felt so good. She could hear a sound that appeared to be balls slapping against pussy and knew that one of these beautiful women was still getting her brains fucked out with a huge black cock.

Kelly felt a mouth on her clit but it felt different and she realized that the slapping sound had stopped. As she felt her clit being flicked by a long tongue she realized with excitement that Damien had his sexy black face between her legs.

Just the thought of his dark skin against hers was arousing her more. Mark stopped fucking her mouth. Kelly realized that Jasmine was no longer on the table and that it was Monique that was doing such wonderful things to her breasts.

All of a sudden the bar that was holding Kelly’s legs moved lower and then closer to her head. Her pussy and her ass were now clearly visible in the mirror and glistened with hot juices. Her legs were pushed so far down that they were almost at her sides.

They pushed her breasts together provocatively and Monique reached down and finally removed the scrap of cloth that was not longer doing its job. Then Damien rotated his muscular black body, his mouth never stopping the pleasure he was giving her pussy and straddled her face with his Herculean cock.

Kelly opened her mouth eagerly and as he shoved his cock into her mouth he jammed his tongue into her pussy. Kelly felt her walls contract around his wonderful tongue as she sucked and licked his impressive shaft.

Kelly felt her ass cheeks being separated by feminine hands and then shuddered as a tongue drove roughly into her gasping slut hole. She could just see the mirror over the gorgeous black ass in her face and saw that it was Jasmine between her ass cheeks.

She looked over and saw Mark fucking Monique from behind. Monique’s eyes were closed and she was yanking and pinching one of her breast. Kelly felt another orgasm building. Every orifice she had was being fucked. She felt the stinging slap of the same hand she felt before on her thigh and it pushed her over the edge.

Her body arching and writhing she screamed and whimpered round the huge black cock in her mouth. Her hips were bucking as Jasmine and the black man continued to fuck her holes. The wonderful black cock was pulled out of her mouth and Damien rotated his body so his beautiful cock was poised in front of her pussy and ass.

“Where do you want it baby?” Damien growled. “Where do you want me to fuck you with my big black cock you slut?” He took his cock in his hand as Kelly watched in the mirror and began to rub its huge head up and down between her clit and her ass.

Kelly watched in amazement as it grew even larger. Her pussy was dripping juices and they were running down her ass crack. She knew there would be plenty of lube.

“Where do you want me to pour my load, whore?” The gorgeous black man asked, punctuating his question with a slap on her ass

“I want your big black cock in my ass. Fuck your whore in her slut ass!” Kelly screamed. “FUCK ME IN THE ASS NOW!”

He slowly circled his huge black cock around her puckered hole. He pressed in and feeling no resistance, shoved his entire cock deep into her ass.

“OH YES!” Kelly screamed. As the tremendous black cock was thrust over and over into her tight, dirty slut hole Kelly was vaguely aware of the other people in the room moving around. Mainly, though, she was focused on the sensation of having all 12 plus inches of hot, thick, black cock pumping into her ass.

His hard black hand came down over and over on the tender flesh of her thighs. Sinking his white teeth into her tan thigh he switched to spanking her clit with his fingertips.

Kelly screamed out as she felt another orgasm travel through her body with amazing force. Monique and Jasmine each had one of Kelly’s breasts in their mouths now and they bit down on her nipples hard as she came causing her to scream even louder as another orgasm tore through her entire body.

Kelly watched as Damien positioned himself. He sat on his ass and leaned back; supporting himself with his muscular arms that were placed slightly behind his hips. His cock never left her ass and he never slowed his fucking during his move.

The Mark moved over Kelly’s pussy and smiled at her. All 10 inches of his cock were pulsating. It was wet and glistening from Monique’s juices.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” He asked calmly. Kelly looked at him with wonder. Oh, the ecstasy of having both of those cocks in her at the same time. She nodded, not trusting herself to speak coherently.

“I SAID,” Mark shouted. “Do you want me to FUCK you, slut?” He slapped Kelly’s ass hard and flicked her clit. Kelly jerked with pleasure and whimpered. She could still feel the huge black cock in her ass. It was filling and stretching her.


“Oh god, yes!” Kelly cried. “I want to feel your huge dick in my pussy. I want both of my holes filled. Fuck me with your cock, please. Fuck me hard!” She begged.

Mark grabbed the bar above her board and rose up on his feet with his knees bent. Kelly watched in fascination and satisfaction as he rammed his cock into her upturned pussy. Kelly screamed in total abandonment and for the second time that night had no idea what she was babbling.

She felt like she was being torn apart by those two huge cocks filling her. Every now and then the men would change rhythm and one would pull out while the other buried himself in her hole, but most of the time they timed their thrusts in unison.

Kelly opened her eyes and watched as Monique and Jasmine ravished her breasts and stomach. They bit and pulled. They sucked and slapped. Jasmine jammed one saliva soaked finger into Kelly’s belly button.

Kelly couldn’t believe that it was actually her in the mirror. That slut being fucked by two men and ravished by two women couldn’t really be her…could it? As the men continued to pound into her with no end it sight, Jasmine rose up and moved closer to Kelly’s head. Monique moved down a bit to give her room and Jasmine straddled Kelly’s face, positioning her pussy just inches from Kelly’s mouth.

Kelly gazed up at Jasmine’s well-trimmed pussy. It was glistening with juices and pulsing. Jasmine’s clit stood out from her lips and Kelly reached up with her tongue and flicked it. Jasmine moaned in pleasure and sat square on Kelly’s face. Kelly devoured Jasmine’s sweet pussy.

She licked, sucked, and bit without even knowing which areas she was doing what to. Kelly lapped up Jasmines juices and rammed her tongue into Jasmine’s sweet hole. She stiffened it and Jasmine grabbed the poles that cuffed Kelly and began fuck Kelly’s tongue with her pussy. Jasmine rose up and came down hard onto Kelly’s tongue over and over, jamming her clit into Kelly’s nose each time.

Then Jasmine rose up but this time when she came down it was with her ass positioned over Kelly’s stiffened tongue. Kelly squealed with enjoyment as she felt her tongue thrust into Jasmine’s brown little hole.

As Jasmine fucked Kelly’s tongue with her ass, Kelly felt a tongue on her own clit. She looked up into the mirror, thankful that Jasmine had small cute breasts that she could see past. Monique had positioned herself so that she could lick and suck Kelly’s clit at Kelly was fucked in her ass and pussy. Kelly felt Monique spread her ass cheeks wide to give that gorgeous black cock better access.

Kelly screamed into Jasmine’s ass and pulled at her chains as orgasm after orgasm coursed through her. The men continued to pump into her, filling and stretching until she felt like she would burst. It felt like forever before her orgasms subsided.

The men and Monique slowed down a little so that Kelly could catch her breath. Jasmine rotated and began to suck softly on Kelly’s right breast. Kelly drove her stiffened tongue into Jasmine’s pussy over and over, keeping rhythm with the two huge cocks fucking her ass and pussy. Jasmine ground her pussy clit against Kelly’s chin as she moaned in delight around Kelly’s breast.

Kelly clamped her lips around Jasmine’s dripping lips and sucked her clit in between her teeth. Kelly consumed and bit Jasmine’s clit until Jasmine began to writhe in pleasure. Kelly felt Jasmine stiffen, sucked, and licked harder.

As Jasmine’s orgasm ripped through her body Kelly watched from the mirror. She loved how Jasmine’s hips bucked up and down She could see the tightening of muscles in Jasmine’s back. Jasmine bit down HARD on Kelly’s nipple in gratification and she screamed through the soft flesh she was ravishing.

Kelly turned her attention to the three people causing so much pleasure to her ass and pussy. The men had resumed fucking her brains out and Monique was continuing to tease her swollen clit.

“Oh shit bitch, I’m gonna cum!” The blonde man locked eyes with her as her pounded into her pussy. “Will you swallow my cum like a whore? Do you want me to shoot my load in your slut mouth, baby?”

Jasmine moved her sweet pussy away from Kelly’s face as he spoke but continued to suck Kelly’s nipple. Jasmine coated her finger with her own pussy juices and then began to fuck Kelly’s belly button with it.

“Well, baby, how do you want my cum?” The blonde man punctuated his question with a slap to Kelly’s thigh as he thrust harder and harder into her.

“I want it like a slut!” Kelly called out. “I want you to shoot your load into my slut mouth and onto my breasts! Cover me in your cum like the whore that I am!”

The blonde man pulled his huge, swollen cock out of her contracting pussy. In one smooth motion he had all 10 inches of that wonderful cock shoved deep into Kelly’s mouth.

“Suck it dry slut! Swallow my cum like a whore, bitch!”

Kelly clamped her lips around his cock as she felt that thick long cock fucking her ass. With a moan of pleasure she sucked on the penis fucking her mouth; swirling her tongue as it thrust in and out.

She felt Mark man stiffen and raising her head, Kelly swallowed him almost to his balls. He reached down and grabbed her hair. As he jammed the rest of his cock into her mouth, Kelly felt his load filling the back of her throat. She sucked it eagerly as he pulled out and spewed cum all over her breasts.

Jasmine licked and sucked furiously, lapping up the cum that was hitting Kelly’s nipples and breasts. Jasmine reached up and closed her long fingers around Mark’s cock. She moved her hand up and down, milking the last bit from his shaft and leaned her head so she could catch it as it dripped out.

Then, leaning over she kissed Kelly deeply, her tongue swirling in Kelly’s mouth as she rubbed her firm little breasts against Kelly’ sticky cum soaked chest.

“I want to fuck that hot little pussy of yours, baby,” Damien said with a grunt. He slapped Kelly’s ass a few times, causing her to stiffen and thrust her perfect breasts in the air.

Taking the cue the blonde man and Jasmine each picked a breast and got to work. Kelly opened her eyes and realized that Monique was no longer on the table. Kelly felt the board holding her legs moving forward again and lowering. Her legs were still bent so that her pussy was exposed in the mirror but she couldn’t see her ass any longer.

“Oh, yes,” Kelly said breathlessly. “Fuck my pussy with that huge, gorgeous, black cock of yours. Fuck me hard.”

Kelly closed her eyes as she felt him slide his cock out of her ass. She had no time to get adjusted though, because immediately, 12 inches of black cock was jammed into her in one stroke.

“OH GOD YES!” Kelly screamed as she arched her back, cramming her breasts into two eager mouths. “YES! YES! Fuck my pussy hard! Fuck your whore!” Kelly writhed and bucked her hips. She met each thrust with fervor and intensity.

Kelly opened her eyes in surprise as she felt a pussy being lowered on her face. She looked up, saw those gorgeous huge breasts, and knew it was Monique. She devoured Monique’s hot dripping clit as a huge black cock stretched and ravaged Kelly’s pussy. Monique fucked Kelly’s face excitedly and began to moan incoherently.

“That’s it Kelly, eat my pussy,” Monique whispered. “Fuck me with your tongue, you little slut. You love having all these cock and pussies, don’t you Kelly. You love being treated like the slut you are.”

Monique ground her pussy into Kelly’s face as Kelly shoved her stiffened tongue into Monique’s wet hole. “Yes, Kelly, fuck me with your tongue, you little slut. Eat me good, baby,” Monique’s language was getting Kelly so hot as she rammed her tongue into Monique’s hole faster and faster.

Monique’s moans began to get louder as she gyrated against Kelly’s face. Monique’s orgasm caused her to scream and yank Kelly’s hair in attempt to shove her deeper into her hole. Kelly moaned in pleasure as she lapped all of Monique’s juices up with her tongue. Monique dismounted Kelly’s face and leaned down to kiss her. Kelly swirled Monique’s juices around as she thrust her tongue into Monique’s mouth.

As Jasmine and the blonde man continued to fondle and kiss Kelly’s breasts, Monique moved in between Kelly’s legs behind that gorgeous black ass. Kelly closed her eyes and moaned in ecstasy as she concentrated on the huge cock inside her and Monique’s hot breath on her ass cheeks.

Kelly inhaled sharply as she felt Monique spread her ass cheeks and circle her puckered hole with a hot wet tongue. Monique teased her by flicking her brown opening with her tongue and biting gently. Slowly and gently Monique slid her tongue into Kelly’s ass and Kelly bucked her hips in excitement. Kelly opened her eyes in surprise as she felt that wonderful cock sliding out of her. Monique raised her head as well.

“Un cuff her,” Damien ordered with authority. Jasmine and Mark released Kelly’s hands as Kelly stared wide-eyed at Damien.

Damien undid her calves and the chains and bar rose high up into the ceiling. “Roll over, slut.”

Damien growled his command and caused a shiver of excitement to run up Kelly’s spine. She did as she was told and then felt her arms being cuffed again. Mark and Jasmine produces straps out of nowhere, it seemed, and secured Kelly’s forearms to the mat.

When Damien finished strapping her calves in the same manner, Kelly’s ass was sticking straight up in the air. With no warning, Damien thrust his huge pulsing cock into Kelly’s dripping pussy. Kelly felt her walls contract with pleasure as Monique clamped down on her pussy. She could feel Monique’s breasts against her thighs and looked to see that she was positioned in-between Kelly’s spread thighs.

Mark and Jasmine returned their attention to Kelly’s breasts and stomach. Only they were a little rougher now, to Kelly’s delight and pleasure. Every now and then a tongue would thrust into her belly hole.

Damien grabbed Kelly’s hips roughly as he pounded into her mercilessly. He then raised his had and brought in down on her back with a resounding slap. Kelly felt Monique sink her teeth into the flesh of her tender inner thigh and groaned in sheer abandonment.

Then Damien grabbed her hair roughly and pulled her head back with a snap. All of the pain mixed with pleasure sent Kelly over the edge again.

“FUCK ME HARDER” Kelly screamed. “JAM THAT HUGE BLACK COCK INTO YOUR SLUT!” Mark and Jasmine began to bite hard on her nipples and breasts as Monique sucked mercilessly on her clit.

Damien was ramming his cock into her so hard and fast she felt like he was ripping her in two. “OH GOD YES!” Kelly arched her back and screamed as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her body like a fire.

Orgasm after orgasm ripped inside her. She vaguely heard Damien screaming in pleasure and then she felt his red hot cum filling her and dripping out of her stretched hole. Unbelievably another orgasm filled her that was harder and stronger than the ones she just had.

Kelly slumped down, utterly and completely exhausted. She felt herself being uncuffed and rolled over. She felt so limp and sore she couldn’t move a muscle. Then she felt warm gentle lips caressing her all over her body.

Too tired to even open her eyes she reveled in the sensation of four mouths tenderly kissing her. She felt a mouth on hers and returned the kiss slow and sleepily. One mouth was replaced with another and then another until she had kissed all four of her fantasy makers. A feather kiss was placed on each of her nipples and then she sensed she was alone.

Kelly felt the bed shift slightly from somewhere deep in her subconscious but didn’t have the energy to see who it was. It wasn’t until familiar hands began to caress her breasts and stomach that she opened her eyes. She stared into the wonderful eyes of her boyfriend as he smiled at her.

He leaned down and gently kissed her bruised breasts and stomach. Pulling out a bottle of oil, John squirted some into his hands. Kelly closed her eyes and lost herself in the sensation of John’s ministrations.

It wasn’t until he began to rub oil into her moist dripping mound that she opened her eyes. She ran her eyes appreciatively over his naked well-muscled body. John’s head disappeared between her legs and Kelly couldn’t believe that she had the energy to become aroused. John gently kneaded her breast as he licked her clit in slow lazy circles.

Kelly felt the warmth spreading through her legs as another orgasm caused her shudder. John came up smiling and lay down next to Kelly.

“So, was it all you hoped for?” John asked as Kelly laid her head on his shoulder.

Kelly sighed contentedly.

“I watched, you know, “John continued.

Kelly looked up at him in excitement. “The mirror on the ceiling is two way, honey, I watched as those two men fucked you. I watched you eat pussy and ass and I loved how much you enjoyed it. I know how much you wanted to feel like a whore, sweetie, did I come through for you?”

“Oh, John,” Kelly said. “It was all that I hoped for. And knowing that you saw the whole thing makes it even better. I loved feeling like a whore. I especially loved that huge black cock. It was so sexy watching it pound into me. Thank you so much for my birthday present. It was all I ever wanted.”

“I’m glad you liked it, Kelly,” John said with a mischievous grin. “I’m already starting to work on next years birthday present.” He kissed her deeply as she giggled.

Then John picked her up off the table and carried her into the changing room. As he set her down he noticed that she was already asleep. “Just wait for next year, darling,” He whispered. It will be even better!”

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