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Everyman’s Fantasy Come True

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Sure, sure, sure. It had all seemed like innocent playful talk. My wife and her best friend teased and talked like they would have sex together, to enjoy themselves physically and torture me by making me watch. Imagine my surprise when her friend told me that my wife had bore her breasts for her and she got moist just from fondling her nakedness. My mind was on that for days.

I confronted my wife and she told me “oh yeah, she got two big hand fulls”. Talk about torture, what were these two women doing? Were they teasing? Was this a big hoax just to watch me squirm?

I thought so…at least until last weekend.

Her friend didn’t have to work that evening so she came out with us to have a couple of drinks and goof off. Immediately her friend came and sat in my lap. A grin crossed my wife’s face as her friend put my hands inside her thighs. Conversation carried on as normal and the grin soon widened into a smile. It took every bone in my body and football stat in my head not to pop the worlds largest erection as she shifted now and again to adjust herself. What seemed like an hour must have only been moments before the two of them headed to the bar to get some drinks.

All the while, my buddy was drooling and looking in disbelief. “Dude, what was that all about?” I told him I didn’t know but I might soon be the happiest man in the world. Could this be my chance at every mans fantasy? Had they really felt of each other? Kissed? Who knows yet how much was real and how much was make believe.

Afraid of walking around the bar with an uncontrollable hard on, my buddy and I went to shoot pool and to let my mind focus on something besides the possibility of their breasts rubbing together while I was forced to watch.

After sucking down a couple of drinks, the girls said they were off to look for her boyfriend. He had already called a couple of times to check on her and she was getting kinda put out by the entire “ownership” attitude.

When the cell phone rang in my pocket thirty minutes later, I about came out of my pants. There was my wife’s voice on the other end telling me that they were at the titty bar and we were to meet them ASAP. That was all I needed to ease the tension, more naked women dancing around while I envisioned my wife buried between the naked thighs of her best friend.

As we arrived, I was greeted at the door by some guys I used to bounce with. Smiles aplenty did they have as they took our hard earned cash. Breasts abounded, and asses were aplenty. I had only been in strip club a time or two before but this one was different. Classier, prettier and better looking women than I had seen before. We made our way to the table and immediately my wife’s friend straddled my legs and began to slowly rock back and forth on my soon to be throbbing cock. My wife pretended to look the other way but I could see her looking peripherally and the muscles on her face contorting as she tried to hold back the grin.

The only thing that got her off my lap was a beautifully molded woman who I am sure has seen time in the fancy girl magazines. She was tipped nicely and my wife’s friend returned to her seat and flopped down with a huge sigh saying “what I would do to get a hold of those beauties”. My wife giggled but never took her eyes off the dancer who now swayed and moved only to their eyes. Before long my wife was asking waitresses to take off their clothes and get on stage. Who was this woman? I know she had been drinking but this was a side I had never seen.

Time and again I looked over and noticed my wife holding hands with her friend. Then a slight rubbing of arms, deeper looks, and eventually as I was looking at my wife’s breasts, her friend began to caress them and then licked her lips lovingly when our eyes finally met. “It must have been the alcohol and surely it would go no further”…at least that was what I thought.

We went back to our house, put my buddy to bed and then I headed to do the same. There was absolutely no way I could sit and watch those two beauties acting silly and stay sane. As I was heading to the bedroom, my wife called me.

“Get in here and sit down.”

Oh well, I grabbed a glass of wine and sat down expecting some type of conversation and teasing. I almost dropped my glass as I saw my wife’s shirt half open and her friends hand massaging her tit. What the hell was this? I almost left the house but found my feet to be coated in concrete and my gaze locked onto what surely was the most torturous of dreams.

My wife and friend giggled and teased for awhile while I got up and down restlessly trying to pass off the fact that my heart was racing at well over 200 beats a minute. When I came back I was pelted in the face by a little ball that we keep near the couch, to throw at the t.v. when I was frustrated at a sporting event. Then another. Her friend was throwing stuff at me while they sipped their Southern Comfort and Peach Schnapps.

“Here, try and land it in our bras. Whoever has it stick in their boobs, you can have them.”

Oh the dilemma, two matching sets of breasts and a wife willing to take the chance that I could be locked onto her friends nipple within seconds.

I looked at my wife and she said, “go ahead, see what you get”.

I would rather have been Jordan trying to tie the final game of a seven set series for the world championship with one second on the clock. Ball after ball bounced off their wonderfully soft mounds as they giggled and sipped. Finally, her friend grabbed a ball out of the air and put it in my wife’s bra.

“Yeah, there you go now come and get it.”

My wife looked at me and begged me to crawl over to her and take my prize. As I approached her, she arched her back, pulled her bra down and loosed her magnificent breasts. Before I could get my tongue out of my mouth, her friend dove in and latched on to her right breast and began to lick furiously. Meanwhile, my wife grabbed the back of my head and gently pulled me to her left breast as she leaned her head back and sighed and melted under my tongue. Immediately, her friend began to rub my back as we sucked in unison drawing moans out of my wife as if she were in the most beautiful place in the world and taking her last breaths.


the spare bedroom door opened and my friend was on his way to the bathroom. Like three children afraid to get caught by their parents we scattered. Fingers fumbled, mouths were wiped and breasts put away as he walked past the living room to his destination.

When the door to his bedroom shut again, I reentered the living room embarrassed and thanking the sex gods we didn’t get busted.

My wife looked at me and mouthed “are you alright?”

She was asking me? How was she? What was she thinking? Her friend was sprawled out on the couch in the most inviting of positions.

“Are you alright?”, I mouthed back.

Never had I seen a grin on her face like that. And with that she took her friend by the back of the head and pulled her tightly to her mouth where she placed the most sexually vibrant kiss on her that man had ever seen. Immediately her friend began to fondle her, to pull her head closer as if she couldn’t get enough tongue, as if she couldn’t taste enough of my wife’s mouth and being. She leaned her head back and moaned and without warning, my wife pulled open her friends shirt and with one smooth move, pulled her bra down and latched on to a breast that was comparable to hers.

I had always said that they were twins separated at birth, but this was uncanny. One a bit more tan than the other, it was as if my wife was making out with the mirror.

As I watched, I noticed my wife’s hand rubbing up and down on her friends crotch as she refused to stop licking her now obviously erect nipple. Her mouth dripping with her saliva, my wife looked at me, licked her friends tit and then in the most sexually explosive way, licked her lips to clean them of her own spit which she had loosed on her friend. She stood up, shirt fully unbuttoned, took her friend by the hand and led her to our king sized bed.

Not knowing what to do, I locked all the doors, turned what was left of the house lights and went to the bedroom. There I found my wife, no shirt, no bra and straddling her friend. Her hands on both sides of her friends head moving her face as she wanted. She kissed her neck, licked her ears and sucked on her tongue as her naked top rubbed all over her friends still clad front. I looked in the mirror and watched my wife entangle her fingers in her friends hair as she now moaned into her lovers mouth.

I left to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming in the middle of a work meeting while co-workers watched and laughed at my fantasy. It was real. It was really happening. Every mans fantasy was there at my touch. To stall, I went to the kitchen and grabbed a couple of bottles of water for the girls to have when they finished. No longer a joke; no longer a game; I approached my bedroom with my lovers entwined.

Now her friend was atop and my wife struggled to undo her bra. Being the gentleman I am, I approached the two and undid her bra for her. My wife slowly removed her friends bra as her friend slowly raised above her, straddling my wife’s thighs and uncovered a marvelous pair of breasts. My wife rose to a semi sitting position and began to gently and tenderly lick her friends nipples. She caressed her back and let her hands slip under the beltline of her friends shorts.

Eagerly her friend helped her remove her own shorts, and then gingerly and seductively slipped out of her purple thong giving my wife a show she couldn’t pay for to see at the titty bar. Her friend slowly rubbed between her thighs and molded her own breast as my wife watched. I stared in amazement as the two began to tease one anothers tongues and gently and so very carefully tend to their partners bodies. Never had I imagined the intensity and the tenderness that two women could show one another.

As I watched intently, I took notes as to how her friend could make my wife squirm and moan. My wife wiggled slowly as her friend ran her hand down the front of the pants that only I had been in before, and moaned deeply as her friend began to massage her clit. That lasted for only seconds as my wife’s pants were soon ripped from her body exposing her nakedness. A nakedness I considered all my own. Now, I was sharing it with another, a woman, a sensual, sexy, naked and visibly wet woman. Her friend began to lap at her pussy and to eat her with an almost unraveled passion. Until that moment, I had thought I was the only person alive who could make my wife squirm with passion. The sounds became louder, the movements wilder and the frenzy of hands more uncontrolled. I watched as my wife fondled her own breasts, teasing and squeezing her nipples. Running her fingers through the hair of the female who was buried between her thighs. As I surveyed the scene, I saw her friend fingering herself and felt an overwhelming desire to lick her pussy as her ass was swaying high in the air. I watched as she inserted a finger in and out of her dripping puss and found myself leaning her way. As I turned back I saw my wife smiling at me, sucking on a finger and rolling a nipple between her thumb and forefinger.

With that, my wife took over. Not a controlling woman, I had watched her orchestrate the entire event from start to finish. She rolled her friend over and found her way between her friend’s thighs as if she had done it thousands of times before. She licked with a passion as her friend moaned her name and directed her to her hot spots. It was if my wife was starving and the source of life lay between her friends thighs. Hands switched back and forth from hair, to breasts, to thighs to tongues. It was nothing beyond unimaginable the sensuality that filled the room. Her friend seemed to be in total ecstasy and my wife seemed to feed on every moan, every flex of her friends muscle. What a vision.

Being a paranoid guy, I heard a noise and went to the window to check it out. Nothing was outside and the sound most likely came from inside my head. As I looked down, my wife’s friend half opened her eyes and grabbed ahold of my swelling crotch. I looked down her now sweat covered body taking in her lips, her neck, her nipples and breasts, her stomach and finally locked eyes with my wife who was once again licking her lips only now tasting the juice from her friend. My wife smiled and nodded.

I reached down and encompassed her friends jaw with my open hand. As I leaned forward her friend lifted her head to meet mine. Her sweet taste was overflowing in her mouth and I did all I could to suck as much of it out as physically possible. It had been years since I had battled with anothers tongue in the way we did that night. I found her breasts with my eyes closed and began to massage them more aggressively than did my wife. Her friend groped and grabbed for my zipper. I am still not sure how but within seconds she had my shorts off and was stroking my hard throbbing cock as eagerly as my wife ate her pussy.

Afraid of not being able to control myself, I pulled away and looked at my wife.

“What do you want me to do?” I asked.

“I want you to make her cum”

With that, I went to the end of the bed, crawled up next to my wife and together we licked her friends thighs, knees, stomach and finally I got to taste her honey. She was totally shaved and smooth. Her puss was ready and wet. She flexed her ass as if it was an invitation to be fucked with all my force, all my might. My wife guided my head in and I began to lick her swollen clit. It wasn’t as swollen as my wife’s clit gets but that didn’t matter. I was eating the pussy of another woman at my wife’s request. I looked up her body to see the two of the smooth beautiful women kissing passionately, feeling each others body and listened to their moans. I licked with all I had. Her friend grinded and pushed her pussy into my mouth. Her hips raised off the bed and her thighs squeezed my ears.

I thought I must have been doing a good job as I looked up and saw her breathing frantically as my wife enveloped her nipple with her mouth. I could hear the sucking noises coming from my wifes mouth and could see her friends knuckles whiten as she pushed my wifes head tighter and tighter to her swollen breasts. They tongue fucked again and again as I tried to keep up with her gyrating hips. She reached down and forced my head into her pussy while she did the same to my wifes head to her breast.

“Please let your husband fuck me.”

She was begging to be fucked. To be fucked by another womans husband while she was present. My wife quieted her begging by covering her friends mouth with her own. When I heard her friend again beg to be fucked, I looked up and saw my wife nod and close her eyes.

“Fuck me, Fuck me please.”

Unsure of what to do, I continued to nibble on her clit and finger her tight pussy. My thumb rested on her even tighter pink hole. She continued to push into my face and onto my thumb. I knew my wife loved to have a finger in her ass when I ate her so her friend surely would like the same…

“Tell your husband to fuck me.”

“He knows, he knows.”

“I want him to fuck me and then I want to watch him fuck you, his wife.”

At that point, my wife took her hand, inserted a finger into her friends pussy and then into my mouth. I raised quickly, grabbed her friends knees and pulled her into me. With one swift move I penetrated another womans pussy and arched in pleasure. All three of us moaned in unison. My wife, smiling like a banshee, closed her eyes and began to fondle her friends nipples. She tugged easily on them while she kissed her neck and ears. I couldn’t hear what they were whispering, but it was making her friend hotter and wetter. Her hips bucked even harder. Never before had I felt a grasp so tightly around my rib cage. Her friend was pulling me deeper and deeper into her with thrusts I almost couldn’t match. She was fucking me and there was no way I could have pulled out.


“Maker her cum for me honey. Make her cum then come fuck me even harder!”

Lost in the frenzy of words, sights and smells, I exploded into her friends sopping pussy. “Damnit!” was all I could think. That wasn’t nearly long enough. It didn’t matter because our bodies continued in unison and I stayed as hard as I was. My wife smiled again as if she knew I had just filled her friends wet puss.


With that remark, I watched as my naked wife climbed atop her friend and kissed her even more passionately than before. She pinned her hands down above her head and began to sway in unison with us. There I was, making love to someone I once thought unattainable while staring at my wife ass sticking in the air. Her friend locked even tighter and pulled even harder. Her hand quickly clasped onto my wifes back. We interlocked fingers as I heard my wife whispering,

“Who’s your bitch, who’s your bitch?”

This is what my wife says when she wants me to lose all abandon and take her as if there was never another chance for her to feel a man inside her. Her friend moaned louder and louder as did my wife. Both women moaning and sweating together was more than I could bear. My wifes ass flexed and she began to shudder. At the same time, her friend began to climax, her inner walls squeezing my shaft and drawing me even deeper into her. Her grip on my hand became as tight as any mans ever had when trying to prove who was tougher than the other. I grabbed my wifes hips and pumped with all my might. My sweat dripping onto her naked flesh. I grabbed a handful

of her hair and pulled her head back as they both continued to cum and writhe in pleasure. Harder and Harder and Harder until I could only fall to the side of her friend, the three of us moaning and dripping in sweat.

I still wasn’t satisfied. Her friend lying and flinching intermittently, I crawled over between my wifes thighs and began to lick her in just the right way. Immediately her friend began to rub her breasts and lick on her nipples. I instructed her as to how my wife likes to be pleasured and she followed in perfect harmony. Within seconds my wife had one hand on each of our heads and pressing them into her as far and as hard as she could. I looked up and directed her friend to suck and nibble on her nipple as quickly as she could. Her friend moaned into her breast as my wife came with more intensity than she had in quite some time. Her legs squeezed my ears hard enough that I thought my head would pop. Moans escaped her throat with unconscious strength. She shuddered into both of our arms and was lost in a sea of licking and kissing and sucking.

As I rose from her now sopping thighs, I was blessed to see my two beauties engaged in one last long kiss. A fantasy come true that now clouds my every waking thought.

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