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End of School Party

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It was the last day of school of our senior year. We decided to head to the beach and party to calm our nerves before our graduation tomorrow. Seven of us crammed into Toms VW Bug. Tom and Dave sat in the front, and Chris, Lisa, Shane, Bryce, and I sat in the back. It was quite a tight squeeze. I ended up sitting on Bryce’s lap, and Lisa sat on Shane’s. I have had a crush on Bryce for a long time.

He was 6’4”, slim build, well dressed, beautiful bedroom eyes. They were defiantly bedroom eyes because once he lays eyes on a woman she will end up in his bedroom. Needless to say I didn’t mind sitting on his lap.

Lisa is the type of girl you can’t be friends with if you have esteem issues. She is tall, thin, blond hair, blue eyes, great rack, and nice ass. All of the guys dream about her, but she only dates older guys. She always has a great looking guy with a good job and nice car. She knows she is just a trophy girlfriend, but she doesn’t care. She loves it.

She was having fun torturing Shane. Every time we hit a bump she made sure to bounce a little more than necessary in order to let her big boobs bounce and her ass grind up against Shane’s manhood. Watching her tease him like that way was actually turning me on. I could tell by the way he continued to shift that he must be sporting an erection.

Lisa started to really get into the temptation. She started to bounce and grind without us even hitting any bumps. “Nikki you should feel how big Shane’s dick is”, she told me. “If I would have known you had it like that I would have rode on your lap a long time ago”, she teased with Shane. “Well baby go ahead and ride”, he answered. She began to rub her ass up and down the length of his shaft.

Watching her stroke Shane’s dick with her ass had everyone paying attention. I could feel Bryce start to get hard under me. He was trying to be discreet and didn’t realize I noticed. I was so horny I wanted to rip my bikini bottom off and plunge his dick deep inside of me.

Shane began to play with Lisa’s nipples through her bikini top. Her teasing had turned into lust. She was really getting off riding on his jock like she was. Chris decided to join in. He pulled her tits out of her bathing suit and began to suck and kiss all over them. I started to grind on Bryce without even noticing. I only realized what I was doing when he started to grind back against me. He was now fully erect and it felt so good riding along my pussy.

Lisa pulled herself up enough where Shane could pull off her bathing suit bottom, and Chris pulled off the top. Shane pulled out his enormous cock and aimed it right for Lisa’s snatch. His cock looked so nice. I really wanted to wrap my lips around that huge gorgeous monster. With one quick pull he pulled her onto his steel rod. She let out a loud moan and started riding hard and fast.

By this time Dave had squeezed between the seats and was sucking on her nipples while stroking his own cock. Chris was now playing with her clit as she rode Shane’s dick with all of her might. Bryce ran his hands along the outside of my bathing suit bottoms playing with my snatch as he grinded his dick into my ass. I grabbed his other hand and put it on my tit. He took the hint and started to play with my nipples eventually working his way to getting my top off. I never could have imagined myself being felt up and grinding in front of a bunch of people, but at this moment I didn’t care who was watching. I just wanted to be fucked so badly. I wiggled my way around resting my stomach on Chris’s lap so I could get a closer look at Bryce’s cock.

I unsnapped his shorts and let out the rod that had been grinding so nicely against my ass. His cock was perfect. It wasn’t as big as Shane’s. Bryce’s was probably about 8 inches long, but it was thick. I prefer a thick cock to a long one anyway. A thick cock you can feel all of inside of you.

I slowly licked the head of his dick while playing with his balls with my hands. I wrapped my lips entirely around the tip of his shaft and slowly lowered myself onto him until I had him all of the way in my mouth. Dave slipped his finger under my bathing suit and started running his finger along my clit. This made me crazy. Having a nice dick in my mouth and another mans hand in my cunt. It was too much I was starting to turn into a freak.

Lisa was now screaming as she jumped up and down on Shane’s dick. She had Chris’s dick in her hand stroking him, while he fondled her clit. Dave was now shoving his finger in and out of my dripping wet pussy. I was fucking Shane’s dick hard with my mouth. I really was hot with this orgy we had going in this little car.

I was running my tongue along every vein on Bryce’s rock hard cock. This was driving him insane. I would take just the head and circle my tongue all around it. I then started to lick the slit probing my tongue as far as I could get it getting every drop of precum and enjoying the slightly salty taste. I then took more of him in my mouth still circling his cock with my tongue. As I pulled my head off his dick I would suck like I was trying to suck a thick milkshake. I would then move lower onto it. The whole time I was playing with his balls. Once I got the whole shaft in my mouth and down my throat I would pull off of it slowly all the way to the tip, then jam my head down again.

Lisa started to cum. As she shook and screamed Chris lost his load. I couldn’t let a good nut like that go to waste, I quickly moved from Bryce’s dick to Chris’s. I made sure to catch every drop of cum that I could. Before I could get my mouth on him he came on my face. Once he was completely finished cumming I used my finger to clean my face and licked it clean.

Bryce couldn’t take anymore. He grabbed me up and threw me on his dick. I took it all in one quick thrust. He ravaged my tits, biting and sucking with so much passion. I immediately had an orgasm. It didn’t take but a few deep thrusts and Bryce was filling me with his seed. Even though I just came his cumming made me have another orgasm even stronger than the first. I collapsed in his arms feeling so good.

Before too long I started to come back to my senses and realized what had just happened. I just gave two guys head, had another guy fingering me, and had the best fuck of my life in front of a carload of people. As I started searching for my bathing suit to cover myself up I noticed Lisa wasn’t done. She was now riding on Chris’s dick while sucking on Dave’s. I could not believe her appetite. Dave was having a hard time keeping his balance trying to hold himself between the seats.

Tom pulled off on a dirt road. When he got to a spot not visible to the highway he stopped the car. “Okay, now I have not got one bit of action and everyone else has”, he said. Lisa giggled, “What do you want me to do for you”? “I want you to lean across the hood of my car and let me fuck the shit out of you is what I want”, he remarked. With that Lisa got out of the car, and did just what he asked. She stood in front of the car showing off her huge rack. Then she lowered herself slowly on the car with her ass in the air waiting.

Tom jumped out of the car dropped his pants and was fucking Lisa from behind in no time. Needless to say she left both Dave and Chris with had dicks sitting there just watching. “C’mon Nikki I didn’t get one nut, can’t you hook me up”, Dave asked? He was just leaning there with his cock rock hard sticking straight out. He opened his door and sat at the edge of the seat letting his feet rest on the ground with his bathing suit around his ankles.

I was not going to get on my knees in the dirt and suck his dick like he thought I was going to. I went in front of him turned around and sat on his bulging manhood. He slipped right in no problem. He wasn’t as big as Bryce or Shane. He was that little either. I enjoyed the feel of Bryce’s cock so much more, but this fuck was for Dave. I bounced hard up and down taking him as far as he would go. “You really have some nice tits”, Chris said. I didn’t realize he was right there in front of me.

His rod was sticking right in my face. I just did what came natural and took him all of the way into my mouth. Dave grabbed both tits and pulled me as close to him as he could get me. I could tell by the labored breathing and how sweaty his body was he was getting ready to shoot his load. I stirred his dick around my pussy making sure to feel every part of him. I reached between my legs and grabbed his balls and started to fondle them. That was it with one quick yell he was shooting deep inside of me.

Chris already achieving his nut earlier was not so quick to let loose this time. I had to give him a little extra attention to help him reach his climax. I took his dick between my tits and fucked his long strong cock with my tits. Every time I would slam the head of his dick into my waiting mouth. He really liked this. I then started to roll his balls between my fingers. With my middle finger I rubbed the area right between the balls and his ass. I wondered if he ever had any girl play with his asshole. Some guys really like that and others get kind of uncomfortable with it.

I decided to give it a try and see how he liked it. I get so hot making a guy crazy with my sex. Once I turned eighteen I just went wild. This is by far the wildest thing I have ever done though. I have never been with more than one guy at a time, or out in front of everyone like this. It was quite exciting and I could really see myself doing this again.

As I sucked his cock I slowly worked my finger along the crack of his ass. He tightened his cheeks real quick. I looked up at him with my begging eyes and he began to relax. I slowly slid my finger along his ass stopping to circle around the hole as I continued to the other side. At first it made him real nervous. He wasn’t sure how to take it, but after some time he started to enjoy it and began plunging his dick back in and out of my mouth. I then took it a step further and pushed the tip of my finger against his tight hole. He froze and tightened his cheeks again.

I went back to circling the hole softly until he got back into it. Again he picked up the rhythm and started fucking my mouth. I used my little finger this time and pressed against his hole. He let out a groan, but didn’t tighten up. I used the saliva running down his shaft over his balls to lubricate my little finger and pushed against his hole again. Just a little at a time. Eventually the tip slid in. He let out another slight groan, but continued his rhythm. I pushed a little more into him and held it there. His ass started to slowly loosen up and his passion started to heat up. He wasn’t giving me a chance to get any air anymore. He was plunging his dick down my mouth so hard I was starting to choke.

I pushed deep into his ass. My pinky was now in to the second knuckle. He was fucking, groaning, and moaning out of control. He was at that point that I loved to get a man. He was mine. I had him in a place he has never been before and we both loved it. I slowly started to fuck his ass with my pinky. He was shoving his rod as deep into my throat as it would go. I could taste the cum starting to drip as he yelled out “Oh yes”. His body froze as his cum shot down my throat. He let out a loud yell of pleasure. When his cum stopped flowing he fell to his knees and dropped his head into my lap.

The car was bouncing from the fuck fest on the hood. Bryce was sitting under Lisa and Tom was in front of her. Both of them were fucking her at the same time. I had no idea how long that had been going on because I got caught up in Dave. It was less than a minute later they were all cumming at the same time.

As we all started to gather ourselves we decided we were too tired to go to the beach. We just wanted to somewhere and watch movies. We all agreed that was the most fun anyone could have had on the last day of school. We would never forget each other or school just because of this one day. In the back of my mind I was hoping we could do it again sometime, I wondered if the rest felt the same.

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