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Drunken Wife Is Used By A Stranger

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My wife is 52 years old and slim. She has a nice figure for her age and still loves sex. She does most things I want – oral sex on demand and she takes it in the mouth and swallows. However one thing I have not been able to do is to have sex with another guy while I watch. I know she would love to be fucked by a young, fit guy but she has some moral hang-ups to do with marriage I guess.

Several weeks ago we took a holiday to a resort in the South West of England and as usual spent a lot of time doing things like walking, eating at decent restaurants and drinking too much alcohol. On one particular night my wife was drinking quite a bit more than usual, and she was mixing drinks. The evening began with a couple of glasses of beer and was followed up with a bottle of wine with a meal. Then she moved onto Bacardi and coke, and if I remember correctly was also drinking whisky at some point. This end result of this was that she got very, very drunk – more than I had seen ever before. We staggered back to the hotel where I decided a night-cap was in order. My wife probably didn’t need a nightcap but had another Bacardi. That was it, I turned around from a discussion with one of the guests to see her unconscious, and any amount of poking and pushing didn’t bring her around. She was out for the count.

The hotel night porter, a young guy called Mike in his early twenties, helped me carry her upstairs to our room. I held her under her arms and he carried her legs. I noticed how he glanced down occasionally as we carried her, obviously having a view up her skirt. We lay her on the bed and he left, leaving me to undress her and put her to bed. I intended to have a quick watch of the TV before crashing out.

Before I had gone to bed, there was a quiet knock at the door. It was Mike. He asked if my wife was ok. I replied that she was, and invited him in to see. She was laying in bed mainly on her back, with her head to one side, still unconscious. I beckoned him over to her, pointing out that she seemed to be breathing freely, and should be alright (except for a headache) in the morning.

“She’s very attractive….and she has a nice figure” observed Mike. At this point, and I still don’t know why, I asked Mike if he would like to see her tits. Mike looked at me and said that he would. I pulled the duvet down to her waist to reveal her well-proportioned, rounded breasts. She has large dark nipples, which Mike was eyeing with interest. “Very nice” he said. I told Mike he could touch them if he wanted and he responded by gently kneading them. He asked me if he could kiss them, I though “Why not”, and said yes. To this he knelt beside the bed and leant over. He kissed and licked her nipples, and neck and body down to her waist. He looked up at me and said “I am getting really hard”. I looked down and could see the bulge in his trousers.

I was finding the process of this young guy working on my wife a real turn-on. It occurred to me that I would really love to see him cum on her tits, so I told him “You can jerk-off over her if you want?”. “You sure?” he replied, and I said that I was. He stood up and undid his fly, pulling out a rather large cock, well on the way to being hard. He stood over her, looking down at her beasts, and started massaging his dick. I suggested that we may be able to get it in her mouth and Mike moved into position with his cock near her face. I carefully pulled her lower jaw down and Mike slid his cock in. I didn’t want her to gag and Mike had to make sure his cock was aimed at her cheek, not her throat. He got about half of it in and as he pushed gently in and out, we could see her cheek bulging in rhythm. Mike fucked her mouth for a few minutes, signs of real pleasure on her face. I suggested he might like to see the rest of her body, and he stood back.

I pulled the bedclothes off completely to reveal her almost naked body. She was still wearing her thong, which I then removed. Next I moved her legs apart and gently raised one of her knees. This left her pussy fully exposed and I noticed mike staring at it intensely. “Lovely pussy” he gasped and his hand moved towards it. He gently stroked her trimmed pubic hair and rubbed her clitoris. “Can I put my finger in?” he asked. I nodded “But be gentle, we don’t want to wake her up”. Mike pushed his finger into my wife’s gaping pussy and I noticed that his large cock seemed to get even bigger.

For the first time, I realised that Mike was going to fuck my wife now -strangely it had not occurred to me earlier and I found my throat dry as I said “Do you want to fuck her?” Mike nodded and began to remove his trousers and briefs. I grabbed the video camera and switched it on. Next I went into my wife’s bag and took out a tube of lubricating jelly. Taking a large blob I pushed it into her cunt.

! watched as Mike straddled my wife and took his weight on one elbow and his knees. With his free hand he held his cock and guided it into her cunt. Gradually he pushed it in all the way until his balls were up against her. He then started fucking her slowly with long slow thrusts. Mike’s breathing was heavy as he used her for his pleasure. Her face showed no real emotion and I am sure she was still unconscious, but i noticed that her breathing was in synchrony with the thrusts of his cock. He fucked her for about 10 minutes in all but I thought it was better he came sooner rather than later. I said to Mike “Unload inside her-she can’t get pregnant”

Mike nodded and began to fuck her a little faster. He put his hands on her shoulders so that he could get leverage to push his cock into her to the maximum depth. His eyes closed and he gasped as he pumped her married pussy full of his cum.

He relaxed for a few moments and then withdrew his cock and knelt in front of her. I could see his cum sliding out of her hole, making me feel even more aroused than I already was. I could see his cock covered in a mixture of my wife’s juices and his own cum. I ordered him to wipe his cock on her face, which he did, leaving a glistening trail on her cheek and lips.

Mike began to get dressed as I pulled down my trousers and underpants. I moved myself into the same position that Mike was previously and pushed my cock into her pussy. I knew I would soon cum and after some quick thrusts I released my cumload into her already cum -laden pussy.

In the morning she asked me if we had sex the previous night. She saw the cum stains on the sheets and said she had salty lips, so assumed she had given me a blowjob. I told we had a great time – she must have been too drunk to remember.

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Goddess Allegra wrote

thats a very hot story. love it… some guys love to watch me to get fucked and i think it is hot.
I am based in Manhattan, NYC and cuckolding is big there… and yes i love that kind of role play
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