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Door to Door

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One day I was out trying to drum up sales for my entrepreneurial business. I was going door to door around the surrounding neighborhoods to see if people would be agreeable to being added to my mailing list to receive my catalogs. I was dressed to give the impression of a knowledgeable business woman so that people could put their trust in me enough to be willing to sign up to my mailing list.

The results of this endeavor had so far been quite disappointing because at the houses I went to the man of the house would answer the door. Since my catalogs were primarily geared to females consisting of home decor items or other nick knacks and there were few sections in the catalog for men, and these were located toward the back of the catalog, most didn’t get that far. Not seeing anything they wanted and nothing they wanted their wives to see or purchase they refused my offer.

I had a few people on my tour actually sign up, but most of these were lonely old ladies that had no intention to ever buy anything. They were just searching for someone to chat with and did so while they filled out my form and attempted to set me up on a date with their ‘perfect’ grandson.

I came upon one house and decided this would be my last house for the day. It was a single bedroom cottage with no flowers in the flowerbed. Instead it had a bunch of well-trimmed bushes. The front porch was clean and tidy, but there were no potted plants. It was nearly bare except for a patio table and chairs set off in one corner, and there seemed to be a plain foot mat in front of the door. I had been hoping this house belonged to a single woman, but with the evidence before me I knew even before you answered the door that this was a man’s bachelor pad.

I knew this was a wasted effort, but decided “what the hell”. I stood at the stairs leading to the porch and made an effort to smooth out my knee length wrap around black skirt, which wasn’t tight but form fitting. Then I smoothed and tucked in my white silk blouse with a plunging neckline. Next holding on to the stair banister I pulled each of my aching feet out of my strapy black heels and crinkled up my toes working out the kinks in my tired feet. Reluctantly I replaced my feet back into the heels, then pulling my curly brown hair back and the releasing it in a cascade around my shoulders, I started up the stairs.

At the door I held my breath telling myself that this was definitely the last house, and with a large exhale I knocked on the nice oak door. Within a few moments you came to the door. You were an attractive man standing around six foot with salt and pepper hair and a charming quality to your face. You were kind of athletic, but with a little added padding that had developed since, you were long past your high school football days.

I became a little self-conscience because I saw your gray eyes regard my body with much interest; your eyes seemed to take photographs as I stood at your door. Finally, after standing there silent for a bit, looking like a moron, I found my voice, and I gave you my spiel. The whole time your eyes never left mine. You said that you would definitely like to be on my mailing list, so I gave you a catalog so you could search though it’s pages. You found a pocketknife that was silver with an eagle carved on the handle. You told me that your bother had one just like this and you had been looking for one like it ever since and you wanted to buy it from me right then and there. You asked me to come inside the house so that you could fill out my mailing form and write a check for payment of the knife.

I saw nothing wrong with this, and was quite excited over the prospect of someone purchasing something and also being willing to sign up for my mailing list. You opened the screen door and I had to squeeze past you, since you took up most of the doorway. I couldn’t help it, but as I went inside my body rubbed against yours. I sat down on your couch and crossed my legs, still trying to exude a professional appearance. I noticed your house; it being sparsely decorated, with a few pictures here and there, bits of furniture, but nothing that screamed home décor. I noticed plants on your entertainment center and behind that, not very well hidden, were some porno movies. ‘Typical man’, I thought. Then my attention was drawn to the VCR and sticking out of the tape deck was one of your porno movies. I wondered if you were watching this just as I knocked on your door. Suddenly, I realized your house was really cold, near freezing. I didn’t notice it until the sweat on my body from outside began to freeze. I mentioned the coldness and you told me that you were kind of hot blooded and kept your air conditioner on all the time, running very cold, and that most people complain about how cold you kept your house.

On this day I chose to not wear my normal push up bra with extra padding. Instead, I had worn my new bra bought along with the suit, wanting every bit of my outfit to be sexy, yet professional. The new bra was basically just nylon material cupping my breasts and didn’t do much for warmth. With the coldness of your house and new material against my nipples, they began to get hard without any control from me. They stood erect, pushing out from the bra and the blouse, and you could clearly see them sticking out from my chest.

You were filling out a check for your purchase and also filling out my mailing list form, which asked you for your name, address, phone number, etc…but also had a space for interests so that I could send you promotional items based on what you might wish to buy. You couldn’t concentrate on the form because you saw my nipples stand out of my shirt. You also couldn’t take your eyes off my long legs. I noticed your stares and became uncomfortable. I began crossing and re-crossing my legs, which of course just enhanced your interest.

I noticed a sizable tent pushing up in your trousers and my eyes became transfixed on that area. I couldn’t help my stares because I had never turned a man on without actually touching him. You noticed my interest and it was your turn to become uncomfortable. You cleared your throat and attempted to continue to fill out my form as well as your check. Finally, you were done with all the paperwork, and you walked over to me and handed me the check and the form filled out in shaky handwriting.

I bent over, still sitting on the couch and placed the items into my purse. You were awarded with a great view of my breasts incased in a flimsy bra as I rummaged for space in my purse. Your hardness increased, and you felt as if you could explode in your pants. I stood up and you quickly adverted your eyes, but I knew what you were looking at, and that increased my own arousal that began at noticing the tent in your pants. I shook hands with you, thanking you for your business. You held my hand for a moment and asked me if I would be making the deliveries personally. I told you that some deliveries would be dropped at your door by UPS and others might be hand delivered by me, depending on the size of business I have at the time. You thanked me and reluctantly released my soft hand from your firm grip.

I bent over to pick up my purse and briefcase and you got a great view of my ass, as well as the tops of my thighs. You happened to notice that my skirt was a wrap around type, with a great slit on the side. With all of this you could not help yourself and came to me and pressed yourself into my backside. I felt you behind me, your hardness pressing between my ass cheeks. Your hand wrapped quickly around my waist and the other went for the slit in my skirt.

I started to protest, saying that this was only a business call and not a visit for sex, attempting to sound impressive. I felt that my voice sounded more weak than authoritative since I haven’t had sex in a while and the view of the bulge in your pants got me so wet and turned on, that I really wanted this. Yet still I protested, not wanting to fuck someone I had just met, but all my protests halted when your hand inched from my waist to my chest. Your hand went through the neck in my shirt and to the bra underneath and you grabbed the tissue incased in the bra, and I stopped everything with a small moan that was forced out of my lips.

You ran your fingertips over the fabric, making my nipples stand even harder than the cold room had been making them. I braced myself with my hand on your thigh and began to squirm my ass against the bulge in your pants. Your other hand finally was able to find the end of the fabric and actually make contact with skin. You found the mound between my legs and felt some satin panties the same texture as the bra. You traced the outline of the panties, forming a mental picture in your mind. You felt that they are either bikini or high cut brief. You searched for the inner most place between my legs, and began to softly rub my pussy lips through the panties. I relaxed completely and laid my body into yours, my ass still squirming on your hardness. You felt as if you might cum just with my ass squirms, literally creaming your jeans.

Then your fingers detected my wetness soaking through my panties and your hardness was firmed, with your balls pulling up tight. You attempted to think of what you were doing to me instead of the impending release of your pent up excitement. You pressed your fingers into my panties, parting my lips and rubbed my clit, quickly soaking my panties and plastering them up between my lips. Suddenly, my hand on your thigh squeezed tightly and you felt a shiver run through my body. You fingers started to jig vigorously on my clit, as you wanted to feel me climax violently against you and then, as if you commanded it, an orgasm shook through me, my convulsions quaking through your own body. Then suddenly a great gush of my juices explodes out of my pussy and covered your hand, exciting you even further.

I was totally at your will, enjoying what you were doing to me and not thinking of anything else. You pulled your hand from out of the slit of my skirt and found the button on the side. You unfastened it and then unclipped the one on the inside. I stood before you in my blouse, panties, nude thigh high hose and heels. You came to me and pulled me toward you, holding my face you kissed me forcefully your tongue snaking into my mouth. My lips wrapped around your tongue and I sucked it into my mouth. You felt as if your cock got any harder that it would explode, and I felt your bulge twitch at my middle.

You separated from my lips and took my blouse at the bottom and lifted it up over my head. You stood back from me as if you are viewing a piece of artwork, which made me feel a bit uncomfortable. My mind started to become coherent again, wondering ‘what in the hell am I doing with you’. You stopped all train of thought at it’s beginning when you wrapped your arms around my waist and pulled me into you. Your head went down to my chest and you began tonguing my nipples through the flimsy bra. At this point my nipples were so sensitive your actions caused me to swoon. You walked me back toward the couch and I leaned up against its arm. Your leg went in between mine, spreading them, with your knee positioned right at my pussy.

You continued your attentions to my tits, licking the nipples through the fabric of my bra and taking each nipple into your mouth and softly scrapping your teeth on the marble hard mound. I began to feel my orgasm building in my stomach, and I started to gyrate my hips, rubbing my pussy on your knee. You continued to devour my nipples. As my gyrations increased, my hand went to the back of your head, combing the black and gray hairs with my fingers, and I pushed your face into my tits even further. I moaned as you took my nipple between your teeth and give it a good little bite, and then your knee came up and pressed harder into my pussy.

Your mouth did all kinds of wonderful things to my nipples, taking me to new levels of ecstasy. Your knee pressed harder into my pussy and my gyrations increased until I was writhing in orgasmic bliss. The orgasms took full control of my body, rocketing to the core of me, hitting me with such a force that I let out the most deafening scream that consisted of a series of “fuck me’s” and a few “oh, god, yes!” My juices exploded from my pussy in such an explosive fashion it was as if your leg had been sprayed by a geyser, soaking your trousers from about mid-thigh to mid-calf.

Once my orgasmic tidal waves began to ebb, you released my nipples from the attentions of your experienced mouth and pulled your knee from between my legs. I collapsed on the arm of the couch, straddling the armrest. I laid back my head against the wall. I was totally disheveled, but uncaring; my white bikini panties laid plastered and soaked with my wetness between the lips of my pussy. The fabric of my bra was drenched in your saliva and you could clearly see all the detail of my dusky, mauve nipples, still taut with the fabric clinging to them. One of my thigh high stockings was rolled down below my knee, the other still in it’s original position on my thigh. My curly brown locks were sweatily plastered to my face. All of this I did not care about because I was in a serene state of satisfied tranquility. I laid my head against the wall and closed my eyes. Through my eyelids I saw a flash in front of me and I opened my eyes to see that you were taking a picture, a Polaroid no doubt. You wanted a memento of this event and that was fine by me.

You told me to get more comfortable, so I scooted off the armrest and on to the couch. You came over and took my left leg and brought it up so it was raised over the armrest. You backed up and took yet another picture of me. I wished to myself that I looked sexier for your picture taking expedition, but I must have been sexy enough for you since you were still sporting quite an erection trapped in your trousers. I thought to myself that I must repay the favor of the wonderful orgasms you had given me and release your pent up energy.

Still with the camera at you side you walked over to me and I saw that it was not a Polaroid, but a professional camera like the one a career photographer would use, with adjustable lens and all kinds of different settings. I had to wonder as to what you might do with the pictures you were taking of me and worry that I might see them splashed in the middle of Playboy or Penthouse. Then I rethought that notion because I knew neither magazine would take a picture of the likes of me, since I was nowhere near an airbrushed supermodel.

Then you were there in front of me and you leaned over me, supporting yourself against the wall. All thought was erased from my mind when your lips met mine. Your lips were perfect to me and your tongue did things in my mouth that made my body respond with instant arousal. I thought to myself ‘How is it that a man I have never met before can give me this much pleasure, he is not a friend/lover, not a boyfriend, and definitely not a husband, but yet he knows my body like no one else has before’.

I almost thought I could cum just from your lips on my lips and your tongue doing the most marvelous dance within my mouth. You wonderful mouth separated from my lips, and you placed kisses all over my face. Then you began to kiss my neck, going back up to gently tongue my earlobe. You went back down my neck, kissing where my neck meets my shoulder, and then you worked your way to the front and kissed the hollow of my throat. Then you went back up to the other side of my neck, stopping briefly to tongue my other earlobe.

Next you kissed down and over my chest, watching it swell as my breathing increased because your attentions had once again given rise to a passion in me. You outlined the fabric of my bra, with your tongue licking the flesh above. Then I began to fear that you would again begin your attentions to my nipples that were on the brink of become chafed, but instead you softly blew on the still damp fabric, causing the buds located in the center of each breast to become erect once more. You flicked your tongue out at each nipple, causing a shudder to course through my body.

You then knelt between my legs and begin kissing a line down my tummy, pausing to flick your tongue into my belly button, which elicited a giggle from me. Then you paused as you peered between my legs, your face coming forward to greet the object of you admiration. First, your tongue licked my lips sticking out from the panties, and then you began lapping over the panties between my lips, tasting the wetness still soaked in them. You buried your face into my very wet pussy and began to suck the moisture out of the material. Then you began lapping excitedly, adding your saliva to the wetness covering my panties. Though you loved the look of the fabric clinging to my dripping sex, you decided I needed real tongue to pussy contact.

Just from your licking through the fabric, I could already feel the orgasm that was building in the pit of my stomach closely reaching the surface. I felt you push the crotch aside, and then I felt you pull apart and up on my lips. You then had an unobstructed view of my swollen bud and enjoyed the sight before you as you inhaled deeply, drinking in my fragrance. I was a ball of nerve endings, tingling to every touch. The minute your tongue made contact with my sensitive clit my body began to tremor, and within seconds I felt an orgasm take control.

My orgasmic waves washed through my body like a nuclear explosion, starting from my center and branching outwards into every inch of my body. My juices exploded forth in a violent gush and drenched you in my nectar. Your face was splashed with my juices and your dress shirt was soaked, causing it to adhere to your broad chest. Your lips attached to my lower lips and began suction, which caused me to climax over and over, with my juices pouring out and into your awaiting mouth as if I was your own personal drink dispenser.

Finally, you released me from your oral torment. I was a heap of goo, feeling thoroughly satisfied from head to toe. I patted the couch beside me and you got up and sat down next to me. You put your hand to my chin and lifted my face to yours. Delicately your tongue came out and licked my lips all around. My hand reached up and I rested it on your chest. But I noticed how damp your shirt was and pulled my hand back for a moment. You removed your wet shirt, tossing it somewhere near my clothes on the floor.

I snuggled next to you and my head was on your chest in a wealth of salt and pepper hair that matched the hair on your head. We sat there, my hand running over your stomach trailing the hair leading from your chest down into your trousers. Your arm was wrapped around my shoulders and your hand lightly caressed my shoulders and down my arm, then lingered at my hip and toyed with the waistband of my panties. We didn’t talk; what would we talk about; we were still strangers that had just suddenly given in to our urges and nothing more.

Your other hand came up and began tracing the tissue of breast that bulged at the top of my flimsy bra. Your fingertips sent delicious electric tingles through my body. You caressed over my nipples, causing them to stand marble hard and renewing my arousal once more.

I raised my face up to yours and our lips met with a tantalizing softness. Your tongue parted and twisted with mine. I turned my body into yours as we continued the union of our lips. Your hand slid up my backside to the clasp of my bra. I separated our kiss and got up and threw a leg over yours so that I was now straddling you. You pulled the bra down off my shoulders and down my arm, grazing the bare skin with your fingers and causing goosebumps to break out all over.

Squeezing tightly to your legs with my thighs I leaned back as you ran your hands from my neck and down the length of my torso. As I was enjoying your caresses I don’t notice that you had picked up your camera. While I was leaning back with my head thrown back and my chest thrust out enjoying your touches, a flash popped in my eyes. My lids immediately opened and I looked into the sparkling gray pools of your eyes and found a hint of amusement there. You were hiding behind your camera with a sneaky smile plastered to your face.

I saw that you wished to take pictures of me and replace my expression with a devilish look, with one eyebrow cocked up and my lips forming an ornery grin. You quickly snapped a picture of this look, grinning still from underneath your camera. I saw you were still intent on being my photographer so I started to pose for you, throwing my arms out and leaning back as if I was falling. Then I grabbed both of my breasts and pushed them up for you to capture on film

Suddenly, you put down the camera and grabbed me around my waist, pulling me toward you and locking your lips around my nipples. I enjoyed your attentions so much I began grinding my hips on your throbbing erection. Your breathing became ragged and you stopped my movements and whispered into my ear that you’d rather be inside me when I made you cum.

I quickly jumped off of your lap and removed my panties, pulling them down my long legs. As stood back up after discarding the panties, I saw that you had removed your trousers and underwear very fast, apparently. I supposed that after all this time you were in need of a release quite badly. I couldn’t help but to look at your cock, as it was still rock hard, leaning against your stomach. I was so caught up looking at your member that the flash surprised me once more as you took a picture of me standing naked before you.

I grinned and proceeded to get down on my knees so that I could pleasure your hard cock with my mouth. You stopped me, grabbing me at the arm. I was confused, but you told me that you just had to feel what it was like inside of me, and that you would love a blow job at another time, but at this moment you just had to be inside of me.

I didn’t need to be told twice. I’d been longing for the feeling of a nice hard cock inside of me since we’d begun this little endeavor. I straddled your lap once more. You put the camera down and once again paid your attentions to my nipples. As soon as you were busy there, I raised myself up and grabbed your cock, causing you to suck in a deep breath of air, and then I placed it right at the entrance to my eagerly awaiting hole. I lowered myself down on you, enjoying the feeling of a cock filling me completely, fitting like a key fits a lock. I could not help but moan out loud as you finally entered me. I wrapped my arms around your neck and met my lips to yours.

I stayed perfectly still, enjoying the feeling of your cock deep inside of me as our tongues collided and tangled in our mouths. Our lips separated and we made contact with our eyes. I knew that we were both so ready for this, so I grabbed on to the back of the couch and, using that as leverage, pulled myself up and then slammed back down. The feeling of you sliding in and out of me was one that cannot be put into words; it was like walking around empty and then finally being filled. A deep burning desire rose in me and I so bad wanted to fuck you so good that you would swear you’d been fucked every which way including sideways. My gyrations on you began to increase in speed; I came up and slammed back down as fast as I could. I buried my face into your neck and my nipples slid up and down your massive chest. My breathing became ragged and yours was becoming very rapid as well. I felt I would cum, too, and that’s when an orgasm hit me by surprise. I kept riding you as the orgasm shook my body and my pussy released it’s nectar, cascading it all around your cock to make a pool in your lap. When my orgasm seemed to slow, you stopped my movements. You wanted to try another position.

You asked me if I would let you do me from behind. I am not a fan of the ‘doggie style’ but I was obliging to you since you had given me so much pleasure before and I really wished to repay the favor. I got off you and you lifted yourself off the couch. I got back on, but this time I was facing sideways, grabbing up a throw pillow to support my arms and head on, then spread my legs and put my ass in the air.

I expected you would be right behind me once I was in position, but instead you were in the middle of the room, poised with your camera, snapping pictures at every angle available. Then finally you got on the couch behind me. I figured you would enter me immediately, but instead I heard the camera go off once more and the flash popped behind me. Then you put the camera on the floor and I felt your hands on my shoulders. You ran you hands down the length of my backside and to my butt cheeks. I felt your fingers glide back and forth over my buttocks and down my thighs again and again. My nerves were once again jumping at your touch, pleasuring me without even touching my most sensitive areas.

Then I felt your hand on my inner thighs, running up to my pussy and leaving the lightest, briefest touch there, sending shudders throughout my system. Next I felt your hand at the top of my pussy. You had your index and ring finger on my lips and you let you middle finger dip between the folds, lightly tracing up my pussy and then up my ass, with your middle finger lingering in my ass crack as you trailed up to it’s ending.

My body was tense with anticipation waiting for you to do something that would just send me over the edge and beyond. There was rustling behind me as you settled into a more comfortable position, and then I felt your mouth on my ass check, leaving kisses all over my moon. I was certain when I felt your lips lock and begin to suck on my cheek you were leaving your mark of a hickey there, and then again on the other cheek, so that I would have two identical hickies on both cheeks.

Softly you asked if I had ever had anilingus. I told you that I’d had a lick or two down in that area, but never an all out butt licking session. You informed me that I was in for a treat, ‘cause this, as well as oral, is what you were very proficient at doing. I was a little hesitant at anilingus, afraid you might wish to take the licking a step further and go for the cock in the ass routine. I informed you that licking was fine, but nothing else, and you said that was fine by you.

At first I had my butt cheeks tight, but you softened them up with a couple of arousal heightening caresses. Once you had my cheeks soft and spread you went to town, licking me up and down my crack, enjoying teasing your tongue at my sphincter. As your tongue did things to me I could not imagine, I pushed my ass deeper into your face and enjoyed your talented tongue.

I felt another orgasm building and just then your hand came up and deftly parted my drenched folds and began rubbing my clit. With the motion of your finger and the actions of your tongue, I couldn’t hold on and I came with tidal force, my juices spraying everywhere. You kept up your tongue talents on my ass crack, but removed your finger from my clit. I felt you instead push one finger, then two into my pussy hole. Your tongue kept working as your fingers thrust in and out of me rapidly. I had orgasms coming from everywhere, one was caused by the licks on my crack and the other came from the thrusts of your fingers. I didn’t know if I could take much more of this wonderful, sexually experienced stranger. You were going to seriously wear me out.

Eventually you stopped your erotic licking between my cheeks and let me catch my breath for a moment. Then you asked me if I was ready for the finale. I asked what that would be and that’s when you suddenly entered me from behind, further shocking my system. Your hands grabbed each of my hips and you thrust yourself into me, while at the same time pulling me into you, making your own rhythm. Finally, I got you to release my hips and I slammed myself back into you, matching your rapid movements.

I felt close to orgasm once again, but not quite yet there. I could hear from your breathing that your climax would probably come any moment now. I reached down to speed things along and started to rub my clit in glorious circles. An orgasm started to rise within me and, between your thrusts and my rubs, I could tell it was going to be a big orgasm, the great mama jama, earth shaking inside and out climax. I began to push back into you with more force and faster. You took my hint and began slamming into me as I vigorously rubbed my clit back and forth in an excited frenzy. I yelled out “Oh God yes!!” Then my body went from this plane to the next. I was on cloud nine, in orgasmic ecstasy, the bliss of pure pleasure that you never want to end. My body shook with such violence that I thought I might end up knocking you off the couch. Wave after wave ripped through me, which translated directly to the muscles in my pussy constricting and releasing around your hard member, causing your own climax to begin to surface.

Our bodies pounded together, our sexes making that erotic squishy sound. Then all of a sudden the dam broke, and my juices streamed forth in such a spray and constriction of muscles that I almost pushed you out, but you had a strong hold on my hips and kept going. Just as my nectar gushed out and everywhere I felt your cock finally release its pent up pressure as it pulsed and exploded, releasing your steaming semen deep into my depths. We came together with upraised voices and shaking bodies, and it was the most erotic experience of both of our lives.

Eventually our orgasmic tides came to an ebb, and then released our bodies from its massive hold. Slowly you pulled out of me and fell back into the couch, and then I got up from my ‘doggie’ position and collapsed next to you. Our bodies were slick with sweat and we were both panting as if there wasn’t enough oxygen for both of us. Finally, we regained our composure but ended up giving into the pure exhaustion of our bodies after being totally drained, and fell asleep against each other. I was lucky that day that I didn’t have any one expecting me or needing me because I had lost all time while I was with you.

We awoke to a sunrise shinning through the windows. I hurriedly got dressed, embarrassed over spending the night with a perfect stranger, my mind pounding home what had happened the night before. Frantically I left, leaving you in a dumbfounded shock. I arrived home and managed to give myself time to think of what I’d just done. Still, it was like a dream, as though I wasn’t myself last night.

I rummaged through my bags and found your order and the check and also your request to be on my mailing list. I looked at the paper you had filled out for me and for the first time learned your name, since I hadn’t bothered to ask that question the whole night. After this I immediately got on the computer and sent out an order for your purchase from my catalog. There were two options: I could have it delivered to your door by UPS and not have to return there, or I could have it delivered to my door and bring it over to you personally. I chose the latter, against all better judgment screaming in my head.

Two weeks later I received your purchase. It was delivered in the middle of the week so I decided to wait until the weekend when again I would have no responsibilities, just in case I lost all track of time with you again. On Saturday I woke up early, but this time I didn’t dress all-fancy. Since I was just making a delivery, I put on some jeans and a tee shirt. I was so nervous when I drove up to your house, but with package in hand; I got out and willed myself to your front door.

Hesitantly I knocked at your door, which you opened the very instant my hand made contact. The most wonderful smile greeted me when you saw me standing at your doorstep. I attempted to keep things professional, even though it was difficult seeing you standing there in a pair of pajama bottoms with no top. I handed your package and said a few other things about business matters, then you moved in the doorway and I caught glimpse of something hanging on the wall and it piqued my interest.

I pushed you aside and stepped through the doorway into you house. I discovered that your house no longer lacked in the home décor area, because I found the décor was me. On every wall of your living room were pictures of me, blown up to near life size, beautifully framed, showing me in various states during our night together. I looked at the pictures and, though I believed myself to be rather homely, in your pictures I seemed to jump off the page and just exude sexuality. You had made me look beautiful in the pictures. It was amazing to see myself like that and a little arousing, even if it is a bit narcissistic becoming horny while looking at naked pictures of yourself.

With all of the emotions caused by the pictures themselves, I was also greatly flattered that you would want to hang pictures of me in your living room like great pieces of artwork. Suddenly, I wanted to repay you for everything, repay you for the night we’d spent together, repay for the beautiful pictures that you had taken, everything. I was speechless and didn’t know how to express my feelings in adequate words. Then I looked at you and you gave me the method that was the best way to express myself; I looked down at your pajama bottoms and saw that you were once again sporting a very nice erection.

I walked over to you immediately and tugged at the pajama bottoms and went down to my knees. Eagerly, I grabbed your cock and wrapped my mouth around it. I didn’t pause to tease or play with you. Instead, I just began to suck with a fervor as if this was the last meal I’d ever have on the face of the earth. I sucked with all the power in my mouth, stroking the length of you member with my lips, which were pressed hard against the sides. You moaned out, which caused me to just go faster and suck harder. I got so excited that you started moving your hips along with the movements of my mouth. With one hand I grabbed onto the base of your rock hard cock and pulled the skin back taut so that every nerve there would jump as my mouth tantalized it with pleasure. Then my other hand went up and caressed your inner thighs until I reached your balls, which I began to squeeze and massage.

I sucked for all I was worth, wanting so much to bring you incredible pleasure at that moment like never before, my hands toying with your balls, investigating and caressing. Then I stroked and played with the area between your balls and asshole, the so-called male g-spot, and for you this did something. You let out a loud moan which bounced off the walls of your home, and then I felt you tense up as you pushed your fingers into my hair. Next your cock jumped in my mouth and sent a spiral of desire through me as it pulsed and exploded your juices, hot and steamy, into my mouth and down my throat. I continued to suck until there was no more to suck and all of your nectar had been drained. When I released you from my mouth, you swooned a bit. The orgasm you had experienced kind of left you seeing stars.

You walked over to the couch and sat there in a type of stunned silence. Once again realization struck me a day late and a dollar short, and I realized that I’d done it again. Leaving the package, I jumped up and ran for the door, but you stopped me short of pulling the door open. Grabbing me by the arm you pulled me to you. Wrapping me in your arms you pushed your lips into mine. At first I attempted to be resistant, but you soon had my lips soft and pliable. Your soft tongue entered my mouth and investigated each area, then our tongues met and danced together. I was able to get a hold of your tongue between my lips and I sucked it into my mouth, in the same fashion I had just sucked your cock. I separated from your kiss by biting on your lower lip, just a little roughly, but not hard enough to cause damage. Once again I reached for the door, afraid that if I stayed a moment longer I would end up sprawled on you couch buck ass naked.

You asked me to wait as you retrieved your pajama bottoms off the floor and put them back on. Then you walked to the hallway and came back out carrying and envelope, and told me that this was your next order. I looked at it in stunned silence. Taking the envelope, I opened the door and walked briskly for the safety of my car.

Well, either through stupidity or just the best sexual connection I ever had, I began a quasi relationship with you. Each time you would order something I would deliver the package personally and it was always a day when I had time to devote a full day and sometimes a night to my most important customer. We never really discussed anything, just enjoying each other’s company and each other’s sexual appetite. I knew your name and where you lived and you knew the same about me, but that was all we really knew. The rest we kind of made up in our minds based on assumptions. There was never much talk about anything in general, much less the aspect of a real relationship. It was just a sexual based thing and that was all. Sometimes, when I delivered a package, it was just a mutual oral session, both taking turns giving and receiving. Other times it was a fuck session like our first, or better, and every once in a while it was just having someone to hold and enjoying that and nothing else.

There were a few times that I met someone and began a relationship and during those periods I would let UPS deliver your packages, and when you kept ordering even though I didn’t show up at your doorstep it made me feel like less of a hooker. So when the relationship inevitably broke apart I was always back at your doorstep when the next package arrived.


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