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Don’t Stall…

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“You are a fucking whore!” His eyes blazed as he glared down at me and a reached up to grab his shirt.

“Baby, wait it is not what you think….” I started as he shoved me away from him.

“You were all over those guys on the dance floor! I saw with my own eyes, I am not fucking blind!” He stalked into the corner of the room and out the exit. I looked around the crowded club, only a few people close had noticed anything and they returned to dancing.

Running to the bathroom, barely containing my tears, I forced the door open. Alone, I sat upon a toilet and sobbed. hearing the door open, I halted, containing my sniffles. I heard someone go into the stall next to mine and looking over I noticed a small hole. About three inches in circumference, it was lined with duct tape. Confused I leaned closer. All I could see was the other wall and some movement in the corner of the stall. I sat back and waited, thinking to myself.

‘This is fucking ridiculous. Yelling at me for dancing! The nerve of him. I ought to go find one of those guys and fuck him, show him a REAL whore.’

I looked over to see a cock sliding through the hole I had pressed my eye to only moments before. My mouth agape, I watch it thrust in and out, in a mockery of penetration. Tentatively reaching out, I wrapped my hand around the head, caressing it with my thumb. Pulling my hand back in horror at what I had done, I could feel my pussy throbbing with the idea of it. Could I really? I mean, who would know?

Running my hands over my lips, I could taste the salt on them from the cock. I reached back out and grabbed it, tickling my fingers down the base and up again, strumming underneath the head like a chin. The cock thrust toward me another inch and I could see the stall wall rock a bit as the person on the other side pressed his body against it, toward my touch.

Leaning over slightly, I licked the frenulum lightly, and feeling bold took it into my mouth, sucking hard to feel the swelling against my cheeks. Wrapping my hand around the base, I lifted it upward, licking along the underseam and back up to massage the head in my mouth with my tongue, which was coated with his salty precum.

I stroked him idly, wondering at what I was doing as my hand found my throbbing clit in my panties. I could feel the wetness coating my fingers and I brought them up, licking the juices from them.

I spit on his cock, and mumbled, “Nasty fucker..” as I took it back into my mouth, getting it wet to fuck me.

I stood up, removing my skirt and shirt. Standing with my back to the wall, rubbing my ass back and forth against it as I stroked the hard cock in my hand, and spread my thighs. Putting the cock in between them, I pushed the cock up until its full length was caressing my slit, mixing my cunt juices with spit on his cock and I moved back and forth, rubbing my clit with his head.

Bending over, I spread my ass cheeks, widening my pussyhole to tease his head with it as he was slowly consumed by my hungry cunt. Inch by marvelous inch I could feel him filling me, and I slammed back, moaning out loud at the sudden rush of wetness being pushed from my twat. I could feel it seeping down my thighs as I moved back and forth, reaching over to pull and pinch my nipples as I did so. Running my hand down my belly, I inserted my middle and ringfingers into the apex of my sex, pulling at my ring and circling my clit as I rocked.

‘God I am such a whore’ I thought to myself. It occurred to me that I was going all the way, and decided that I would be the whore. We had argued many times, Chris and I. He had wanted to pound me in the ass since we met but I was adamant about it. Now I felt behind me, the cock sliding in and out and wondered. I leaned forward and heard a groan from the other side. Reaching down, I rubbed my cunt and fingered my ass with our mixed juices.

“Ohhhhh…..” I caught myself. Biting my lip I leaned back, easing the cock into my tight hole, and I felt myself shaking with orgasm. I rammed my ass into the wall in my need, riding the cock behind me for all it was worth. It felt as though I was being ripped in two and I felt myself wanting to come again and again. Bracing myself on the opposite wall, I reached back, gripping the base as it fucked me, feeling it go in and out of my ass and I squeezed my cheek. Wanting to be spanked so badly, I grabbed and kneaded my tits frantically.

Slamming into the wall, it looked like an earthquake was hitting the restroom as the stalls swayed back and forth to my thrusts. Pounding my ass into the wall, I felt every inch fill me and I stuck my fingers into my cunt, fucking myself. My palm rubbed against my nub as I did so, and I screamed as pleasure consumed me.

“Fuck me you whore!” I heard him gasp from behind the wall, and I renewed my pace as I felt him slamming back into me, helping me in my quest to make him come. Flexing my ass to squeeze him deeper, I withdrew to the tip and moved slightly, up and down on his head for a moment, before slamming back down.

Feeling him quicken, knowing his cock must be raw from the friction of the wall hole, I felt him slow down and I thrust back, filling my ass with him come. I leaned back for a moment, feeling my ass give a bit as he softened inside of me, before retreating.

Sitting on the toilet, I shuddered. ‘I can’t believe I just did that’ I thought to myself, shaking my head as I heard the bathroom door opening and closing. I sat for a moment and came out to clean myself up, and gasped when I saw Chris sitting there, a smug smile on his face.

“I always knew you were a little slut, thanks for the confirmation, love.”

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