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Don’t Get Me Started…

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“Don’t get me started”, you said again, as I mentioned Juan’s name. He was and still is your friend, but you know that I kissed him more then once. You trusted me, but I broke your trust. Now, I tease you all the time about those kisses, about how much of a slut I can be at times.

“Don’t get me started,” you repeat, as I re-tell the story of his mouth on mine, his hands going up my skirt, feeling my wet pussy.

I smile evilly and see that look upon your face. You will either kick me out of this room… or fuck me mercilessly. I continue telling you about how much I enjoyed it, his hard body, his long fingers and his gentle licks on my neck. You know full well that I love hard bites and rough hands, not gentleness, yet for some reason, you do not remember that now. You warn me again not to talk about this matter. But I do not listen.

Finally, you are too upset to continue. You push me to the bed and start kissing me wildly. Your lips pull on mine, causing a wave of pleasure to course through my body. I gasp, as you pull my hands up in the air. You grab them tight and hold my body as you unbutton my shirt and unhook my bra. The shirt flies somewhere, the bra follows it. You start to bite on my neck, hard bites that will leave marks on my skin. Your lips travel to the back of my neck, and you bite on my earlobes gently. You whisper, “You fucking slut, now that I’ve got you, I will teach you how to pay attention to me.”

You hold my hands tight and rub my half naked body with yours. I have given you handcuffs as a present and now, you grab them and click them on my hands. You grab a bandanna that is hanging on the chair nearby and blindfold me by it. I hear you stepping back and looking at my body. You know this is what I want – for you to be in control. But you also know that I have to be punished, one way or another.

You start to kiss your way down my breasts. You suck on my milky white skin, licking the areolas, and sucking my large nipple deep into your mouth. Your fingers undo my skirt and I lift up my ass to get it off. Cruelly, you rip off my underwear from my bare pussy. You grab onto it, your middle finger entering my already wet cunt. You start to finger fuck me hard, making me moan as I suck on your tongue. Your mouth soon descents on my shaved mound and you start to bite and lick on my clit. My ass rises and I feel a pillow being placed under it. You spread my legs farther and start to bite my inner thighs. I feel your saliva on my joints, on my thighs, my pussy. You spit into my cunt, treating me like a cheap whore. I hear you take off your pants and you enter me hard, your cock hard and pulsating. My legs wrap around your waist and you start to fuck me mercilessly. My tits jiggle, and I feel your hands on my ass, spreading my ass cheeks apart as you fuck my tight hole.

Suddenly, you turn me over. You move my body in the doggy style position and I feel you getting off. I dare not move, lest you try to hurt me. I wait for some sound, some motion from you. All I hear is you getting something, something liquid, and I feel cold wet stuff being spread in my asshole. You pull my hair off my neck and start to bite on the sensitive flesh. You know that I go insane when you bite my neck hard. Your tongue moves over my back, your lips caress my skin. I feel your teeth on my left butt cheek and I yelp as you nibble on my tender flesh. I wonder if you will lick my asshole, as it has been a fantasy of mine for quiet some time. I feel your tongue on my pussy lips, spreading them, fucking my hole with your fingers. You enter me hard, one finger, two, three. I am still in a doggy position, my ass high in the air. You grab my hips and force them down, my pussy grinding your face. I can not contain myself, I feel my juices squirt all over your face. I feel the coldness move to my cunt and you spread more lubricant. You massage my clit with your fingers all wet, and start to go for my asshole. Your finger enters my ass and you start to fuck me gently at first, barely going in with your finger. You add another finger and I cry out in pain, because my behind is not accustomed to such treatment. As my cry gets louder, you remove your fingers.

I thank you quietly and cry out again as you smack my ass hard. I feel the burn on my skin, feel the sting of your second slap. Third time, fourth, fifth. Your smacks keep going and I am no longer able to count since it hurts so much. Yet my ass gets warm and every time you spank me, I lift it higher to meet your hand. I loose myself in the painful sensations. You do not stop, you just keep hitting me, over and over and over again, calling me slut, bitch, whore.

“Did I TELL you not to get me started?” You iterate that statement with a hard smack on my ass. “Did I not TELL you it would hurt?” You hit me harder. “Did I not WARN you that you will be punished?”

“Yes, Yes, YESSSSS,” I moan in pain.

By now, I am no longer enjoying it. It hurts. I want you to stop. Tears flowing onto the pillow, I wail as you smack me harder and hader. Fifty, sixty times your hand descends on my tender flesh. Yet as my ass burns, so does your hand start to hurt. You scoop some cool cream and spread it on my ass cheeks. I sigh in pleasure, the cool liquid feels heavenly on my bruised skin. You spread it on my soaking pussy, on my wet asshole. Your fingers enter my ass again quickly, then exit. Enter, exit.

Suddenly, all I hear is labored breathing. I do not feel you move. I do not feel your skin on mine. It seems like a minute has passed. Or has it been an hour???

No sound….

No scent….

No vision….


I get ready to feel something horrible. You will kill me this time…. You will hit me so hard…. You will rape me…. What the hell will you do??

JUST DO IT ALREADY, I scream in my head. But I dare not break the silence. It is oppressive.

Finally, I feel the bed shift. Something round and slick is forcing its way up my ass. It can not be your cock, since I feel it hard and throbbing by my thigh.

It is wet. It is slick.

It is trying to make its way up my dark tunnel, a place where nothing has ever entered before. I bite on the pillow that is in front of me. It is tear and sweat soaked and now, it will have my spit on it too. I wonder why I wanted this torture to my body. Finally, my ass gives in. You push the butt plug in and leave it there. I feel your gaze on my ass, as your hands are traveling up my back, to my neck, caressing my ears and feeling my wet cheeks. You make my lie down, pushing on the small of my back gently, and holding on to my ass cheeks so that the butt plug would not fall out. You squirt some cream into your hands and warm it between your palms. I feel your hands start to rub it into my skin, my tight muscles slowly relaxing under your gentle, patient ways. You know my body so well by now, rubbing all the right spots, pressing harder there and here, being gentle over my spine. You continue the massage lower, to my buttocks, being careful not to move the butt plug. Your hands caress my bruised thighs and you see the angry red subsiding, slowly turning into the glowing pink that you like so much. You continue to my calves, and my feet. Ooooohh, yessssss, I moan gently, as you rub the lotion into the soles of my feet. One foot, then the other, you treat me with the utmost respect. You turn me over, and start on the other side. Again, you spread some cream on your hands and rub my feet, then my calves, going up to my thighs, rubbing my shaved mound, but never actually touching my clit. Your feel my stomach and continue caressing it upwards. My ribs, my sides…finally, my breasts. There, you spread more lotion. I smile at you, feeling your hands on the underside of my breasts. I feel you rub them together, pinching the nipples and biting on them gently. Soon, you will get wild with them, I think to myself. You rub the lotion on my neck and on my cheeks, remembering to blow on my ears. Shivers run down my arms and my nipples stand up again, beautiful dark roses on the honeyed milk of my skin. I moan again as I feel your cock rub against my stomach. I spread my legs and my ass feels unusually tight because of the plug.

You raise my legs and gently start to bump against my clit with your cock. I moan as you rub against me, the soft hardness against the hard softness, the pleasure of male versus female. You slide into my pussy gently and start to push in me, going this way and that, making circles in my tight twat. I feel your lips on mine, kissing me, playing with my tongue. I try to put my arms up and realize that I am still handcuffed. Ooohh, how I wish I could hug you. I put my cuffed hands around you, and lift my pelvis off the bed. You grab on to the butt plug and ram your cock deep into my pussy as you push that sucker into my ass. I groan in pain and pleasure. You do it again. Faster, faster your cock enters my pussy. I know you are soon going to cum. I feel my body tightening up. I am so close, seeing colors and feeling things that I’ve never felt before. I scream out as my pussy starts sucking on your cock. My legs hold you tight as I spasm, holding you in my orgasm. You try to disentangle from me, not wanting your cum to mix with mine.

You do not want to cum yet. You have not punished me enough. My poor pussy gropes the air, as you leave her, and I cry out in frustration. I was so close to cumming, almost there, so close and yet you left right on the brink of the fall.

Roughly, you turn me over. “Remember how I said I’d punish you,” you whisper into my ear.

Your evil voice makes my stomach turn, but it is lust, not disgust that I feel for you. You take the butt plug out and squirt some lube into my gaping hole. Gently at first, you rim your cock around my asshole, slowly poking it in. You continue to push as I cry, trying to get away from you. You hold my hips hard in your hand and start to hit me again, smacking me every time I move away. Finally, the rhythm is established. Your cock starts to fuck my ass slowly as your hand descends every time you enter me deep. I groan in pain and try to rub my clit with my hands. But my hands are secured and I feel the need to feel SOMETHING in me, anything to make me cum already. You start to finger my clit for me, rubbing it, something entering my gaping pussy that is ready to be fucked as well.

“You like it, you little whore?” You gasp as you fuck me harder and harder. I can not say no, but I can not say yes. All I know is that the more you fuck me the harder I feel that I am about to cum. Faster and faster and faster, you grab on to my hair and force my head up.

“Tell me you want my cock up your ass, you bitch”, you rasp out. You pull on my hair harder, till it starts to hurt, “TELL ME, you cock slut.”

“I want your cock in me,” I cry out, “Oh please let me have it deeper in my ass. Let this fucking whore get what she deserves,” I moan as I feel you ramming your rod deep into my hole. You stay in me like that for a second, listening to my cries of mercy, pain and pleasure. I wait for you to continue, since I have no control over what you are about to do. And I feel something, another foreign object enter my pussy. It is not your fingers, nor is it your cock that is sitting so deep within my ass. I feel a vibrating dildo enter my pussy, its vibrator rubbing against my pussy. My hips start to move on their own, my clit wanting to bump against the vibrator harder. You thrust yourself deep into my ass as you start to fuck my pussy at the same time. “This is what you want, you bitch, ooh yea, that is how you like it”.

This time you do not stop. You feel my ass quench hard on your cock as you are about to cum. You thrust the dildo hard into my cunt, banging against the my vagina wall, feeling the vibrator with your cock on the other side of it. You pinch my nipple and bite on my back, leaving teeth marks. You feel my body shudder again and again and I cry out none stop, in one continuous motion. I am lost in the pleasure and the pain of it, of you fucking my ass for the very first time. My head thrown backwards, you see me feeling the lust and you ride me like an animal.

The pleasure, the lust is too much for you to take as well. You start to cum deep into my ass, shooting your jism as my pussy quenches around the dildo. You cry out and fall on top of me, not removing your cock, the vibrator pressed against my pussy still. I can not move and feel another orgasm rip me apart.

Slowly, I start to regain my senses and you take yourself out. You fall next to me and hold me tight as my body returns to its calm state. You kiss my forehead and breathe out sleepily, “When are you meeting Juan again??”

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