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Do You Want Cream With That?

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Do you want cream with that, Mr. Brown?

I’ve fancied my boss for ages now. I’ve often fantasized what it would be like to have him make love to me, to suck on his hard cock and feel him thrusting deep inside me. I’ve spent many a night in my apartment lying in my bed with my fingers caressing my pussy and stroking my clit, imagining the sensations of having his tongue probing the wet folds of my pussy.

I’ve pushed my vibrator deep inside me imagining it was his hard cock parting my pussy lips and thrusting in and out of my hot wetness.

My name is Jenny and I have been Personal Assistant to Mr. Peter Brown for two years now. Pete is CEO to a large international firm and as his Personal Assistant I spend a lot of time working closely with him. Pete is about 40 and single, although I’m sure that he has lots of clandestine meetings with women. I’ve taken notes at meetings where it’s obvious that female business partners have been simply drooling over him. Pete dresses well and looks after himself. He works out twice a week so has a trim but muscular body. He is confident, self assured and assertive in nature; I suppose this is why he is in a position of power and authority as CEO to a large firm. Pete seems to have natural charisma and his piercing blue eyes seem to melt the hearts of all women he comes into contact with. I had not been working for Pete very long when he made it perfectly clear that he was not interested in a physical relationship with me. He stated that he kept all work relationships on a professional basis for the good of the company. At least Pete was blunt enough to outline the situation so that I knew exactly where I stood, and thus I only admire him discreetly from afar.

I am aged 32 and am still single. I have always worked in a secretarial role since I left college. Pete was the first boss that I had worked as a PA for. I enjoy the closeness of our working relationship on a professional level and I am exceedingly good at my job, a fact that I’m sure Pete appreciates. I am quite trim and petite in build and fit a size 8 dress size. I have been very lucky that I never have any trouble with my weight even if I don’t watch what type of food that I eat. My job pays well so I make sure that when I am at work I dress well and I always pay attention to my manicure, hair and makeup. I have mousy brown hair, which is curled in to the nape of my neck and have matching large brown eyes. I am fairly happy in life, with my well-paid job and nice apartment apart from one thing. That is I want to let Pete Brown into my moist knickers. I want to be made love to by him. I want him to worship my naked body. I want my fantasies fulfilled by him. In fact I think that I am in love with him. I have had a couple of brief flings during the last two years I have worked for Peter but they have always quickly fizzled out, mostly I think because I always feel that I am saving myself for him.

Recently an event happened at work that started me thinking as to how I could charm Pete into having a relationship with me, even though he clearly stated that he never mixes business and pleasure.

Pete had to go overseas for a weekend business trip at quite short notice. I spent some hours typing up his notes and documents regarding a business takeover that had come up very suddenly. I made all his arrangements and booked his flights and a decent hotel for him. Pete got a taxi from the office to the airport as he was on a very tight schedule. About half an hour after he had left Pete telephoned me and was quite distressed that he had left his briefcase containing his laptop computer in his office. I’m not sure whether he was distressed regarding the important work he had left behind, or whether it was the fact that he had made a mistake by leaving his briefcase, which was so very out of character for this well organized man. As there was no time to come back and get his briefcase as Peter would miss his flight he asked me to open it, find the relevant information I had prepared and fax it ahead to his hotel so that he would have it for his business meeting later that day. I did as requested and forwarded the important documents. I was now left with his briefcase and laptop computer. For safeties sake I decided to take them home with me that night, rather than leave them in the office. It was this event that led to my plan of how to get Peter to make love to me.

When I got home I placed Peter’s briefcase on the floor in my lounge and never gave it a second thought whilst I went and had a shower and cleaned myself up after my hard days work. It was only after I had showered and eaten and was relaxing watching TV that my thoughts began to wander to Pete’s briefcase. There was nothing much on TV and I was bored. It was not time to retire to bed yet and I didn’t fancy watching a video. It seemed that I spent enough evenings watching ‘chick-flick’ videos on my own. My thoughts kept coming back to the brief case. I had already opened it earlier to get the documents out and I wondered what else it might hold. At the same time I thought that it was none of my business, as it was Pete’s private stuff. Eventually my curiosity got the better of me and I curled up on my settee, made myself comfortable and opened the briefcase.

Firstly I thought I would look at Pete’s laptop. I thought I may be able to glean some information that would help me in my job, and also if I had some basis business knowledge regarding his deals it would impress Pete. I switched it on and started looking at the files. Most folders were very boring, such as takeover files, profit statistic files and information on other rival companies. I had not really learnt anything and was about to switch the computer off and put it away when I found a hidden folder called ‘cream pies unlimited’. I was intrigued by the strange title and opened it! The folder seemed to be divided into sub folders, and the first that I opened was called ‘images’. When I opened it I found to my amazement that it was full of pictures of women of all ages, colors, shapes and sizes with sperm dribbling out from their pussies. I looked at scores of pictures, all of the same thing: freshly fucked pussies dribbling out their lover’s sperm. I started to feel myself getting a little wet between my legs and gently stroked a finger over my own pussy through my panties. I opened up another folder called ‘stories’. In this folder were a few downloaded stories all with ‘cream pie’ in the title. I noticed that an author called ‘DiggerDave’ from Literotica had written many of them. I started reading one as was gripped by descriptions of men fucking women then eating their own sperm out from the juicy pussy. I even read another where a man sucked another mans juice out from his wife’s’ used pussy. As I read I was getting even more turned on and had to slip a finger under the lace of my panties to probe my already sopping pussy. As I slipped a finger inside me I opened the final folder that was called ‘creamy pie films’. This folder seemed to contain amateur films, which had clearly been down- loaded form the Internet. I watched one and was amazed to see in great close up detail a man licking away at a smooth hairless pussy where the woman was squeezing out great rivulets of fresh sticky sperm. He was gathering up the sperm from her pussy with his tongue and taking great pleasure in swallowing it all down. This film aroused me even more and as I played with myself my own sticky wetness was covering my fingers. I used my other hand to rub my clit as I still thrust two fingers roughly in and out of my wet pussy. It did not take me long to come and cover my hand in my own sticky mess.

I turned the computer off and reflected on what I had seen. I was amazed at the images and stories and couldn’t believe that people got off on such things. It had certainly been a strange learning experience for me, yet at the same time my pussy was still tingling from the orgasm I had given it whilst watching the cream pie film.

I looked in Pete’s briefcase to see if I could find anything else of interest. I was looking through some documents and receipts when I found many invoices for an expensive local escort agency. It appeared that Pete occasionally used the services of a professional expensive agency that supplied girls to accompany single men to corporate events. It did not take me much to deduce from the evidence that I had seen that my boss had a fetish for cream pies and paid expensive whores to fulfill his fantasy from time to time.

Lying in bed that evening after discovering Pete’s fetish for cream pies I started to make my plans as to how I could get Pete to notice me in more than a professional, manner, and make love to me. Why use the services of a stranger from an escort agency to fulfill his fetish fantasies when I would do it willingly for free?

A week later when Pete had returned from his business trip, which considering he only had limited information and documents had gone very well, I decided I would put my plan into operation. I had thought about it and eventually decided that I had nothing to lose. If all went well I would end up fucking Pete. If it didn’t go well I would possibly lose my job, but at least I could say that I had tried to get him inside my knickers.

The day came when I had decided to confront Pete regarding the fact that I knew about his cream pie fetish and see where the situation developed from there. I got up a little earlier than usual and took a long shower. I decided that if Pete were to get anywhere near my pussy later that day, then for his pleasure it needed to be smooth. I lathered up my pussy hair with soap, and set about removing it with my razor. Using long smooth strokes I removed all of my pubic hair apart from a small triangle above my slit. I had not done this for years and when I had finished I marveled at how sensitive my skin felt. In the shower I let my fingers brush over my smooth pussy lips and felt the sensitive flesh. I began to moisten as my finger easily slipped between my lips and probed the juicy area within. I closed my eyes and as I slipped a finger deep inside me began to imagine what it would feel like if it were Pete’s cock instead of my own finger exploring my pussy. My nipples hardened and throbbed as I pushed my finger deeper inside of me. Suddenly the shower water went cold and I was jolted back to my senses. I quickly stepped out of the cubicle and dried off my body.

I prepared myself for work and as this was to be a special day I slipped on my white silk crotch less panties and matching bra. The silk of the panties framed perfectly the smoothness of my pussy. I meticulously applied my make up and did my hair. When I had finished and was ready to leave for work even I had to agree that I looked good enough to eat!

At the office I gave Pete an hour to go through his mail and sort out any important business before I turned off his intercom and phone, entered his plush office and closed and locked the door behind me. Pete looked up from his desk and the document he was working on and matter of factly said, “Hi Jenny, can I help you?”

Very nervously, and almost in a whisper I replied “No, but I think that I may be able to help you.”

Pete looked up from his work now that I seemed to have his attention “what do you mean Jen?”

“I might be able to help you,” I whispered again. I seemed almost lost for words now and could feel the palms of my hands getting clammy. I was really nervous and felt I should not continue with this. I knew could walk out from his office now and he would be none the wiser.

“How can you help me Jen?” Pete softly said.

Suddenly as my nerves overcame me I blurted out quickly in a rambling gabble “I’m sorry, I know about you and your cream pies, I know about the stories and pictures, I know about the girls, I know it all, I’ve seen it on your laptop and I am willing to do it all for free if you want.”

“Hey, slow down.” Pete said gently. Although I noticed he seemed suddenly to be not so sure and confident of himself.

“I’m sorry,” I meekly said. “I know all about your cream pie fetish.” I knew that this was make or break time now. Pete would most likely totally deny it and sack me for being a dirty liar. “I saw all the stuff on you computer when you were away.”

Pete didn’t sack me, he just stared at me for a few seconds then he said, “you know I don’t mix business with pleasure don’t you.” Pete continued staring at me. I felt as if his eyes were melting my body and I blushed a deep shade of red. “Although I could be talked into making exceptions to the rule.” Pete seemed to regain his composure that he had momentarily lost and asked, “What exactly do you think you know Jenny?”

Realizing that Pete wasn’t really cross with me and hadn’t sacked me yet I explained that I had taken his laptop home when he was away and that eventually curiosity had got the better of me and I had opened it and discovered all the cream pie material. I told him that it had turned me on and that as I had fancied him for a long time I would be more than pleased to let him give me as many cream pies as he wanted. I explained that I had even seen copies of the invoices and knew that he used the escort agency and that I would do it willingly for free.

“Thanks for being honest Jen,” he said “I guess I can’t hide it anymore as you have now seen my little perversion.” Pete seemed more relaxed and open now, as he knew that I knew about his secret fetish.

I stood before his desk for what seemed like ages waiting for him to say something else before Pete said, “come over here then Jen.”

I walked forward towards Pete and round to his side of the desk where he was sitting back in his executive leather chair. He looked into my eyes and said “I’ve fancied you for ages but never before have I messed with my work colleagues.” I gulped as the implications of what he said slowly sunk in. “But as you know all about what I like I am prepared to make an exception.” My legs felt weak as I realized that Pete wanted me.

Pete held his hand out and pulled me towards him on the chair, he leant forward and kissed me. I felt my lips open as he seductively pushed his tongue inside my mouth. I could feel his stubble on my chin and smell his pungent sexy aftershave. Pete crushed his mouth on to mine as we passionately kissed, our tongues intertwining. His hands were gently cupping and caressing my breasts through my blouse feeling my nipples harden under his fingers. Peter released me and gently pushed my head down towards his crotch. I seemed to know instinctively what he wanted and let my hands find his belt. I undid his belt and pulled his trousers and pants down to his ankles releasing his hard cock. His cock bounced in front of my face swaying gently. I took in the sight of his large manhood free from the constraints of his trousers and fully erect for me. His foreskin was gently pulling back revealing the shiny head of his cock. Sitting in between his legs I leant forward and poked out the tip of tongue gently licking the tip of his cock. Peter moaned with the contact of my tongue. I opened my lips wide and gently slid all of the head of his cock deeply into my mouth. As I swirled my tongue around the head of Pete’s cock and pushed his foreskin back I could taste his distinctive salty flavor. Pete moaned as I moved my mouth up and down over his manhood.

“That feels great,” said Pete as I sucked on the head of his cock and moved my hands up and down his shaft. “But stop now” he said, “I don’t want to waste my come in your mouth, you know where I want it to go.”

I broke off from giving Pete the blowjob and stood up. “You want to come deep in my pussy and then eat it out don’t you?” As I said this I thought to myself how far I could push it. Here I was about to make love with my usually assertive boss and I was telling him he was going to eat his own come out of my pussy afterwards.

“Yes” Pete said in a hoarse throaty voice, “I’m going to give you a large sticky cream pie then clean it all out afterwards.”

I started to realize the power I could have over Pete and began to enjoy it. I stood before him while he was still sitting in his chair with his pants and trousers round his ankles. I took of my blouse and bra, finally exposing my tits to the air, and released the catch on my dress. I let my dress slip to the floor and stood before Pete with my legs slightly parted showing him my smooth shaven pussy through the white silky crotch less knickers.

“Wow” Pete said as he stood up and gently guided me back towards his desk. He picked me up and placed me on the middle of his desk with both my legs dangling over the edge. I let my legs fall lewdly wide-open and felt my pussy begins to moisten. Pete came towards me and crouched between my legs. He seemed to be staring at my pussy simply admiring it through my crotch less knickers. I looked down my body between the peaks of my breasts and watched as he moved forward. As his tongue made contact with my smooth pussy flesh I shuddered with the sensation. He pushed my thighs further apart and I felt my pussy open up as his tongue probed the folds of my lips. He darted his tongue deep inside my hole then alternated with licking and circling my clit. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter as he licked and lapped at me. I was enjoying the sensations that Pete was giving me as his tongue explored my wetness. I cupped my naked little tits and pinched my nipples as I felt my orgasm building. Pete seemed to sense that I was getting close to coming and concentrated his attentions on my clit gently nibbling it. It did not take long of Pete’s tongue attention on my clit and I came releasing more wetness and feeling the contractions deep in my pussy.

Pete moved away and pulled my body slightly further down the desk. He stood before me and positioned his cock at the entrance to my hole. I parted my legs and moved my hand down to my pussy and opened my lips wide allowing his cock to slide inside me past my fingers. I looked up at Pete as he entered me and saw his lips and chin were coated and shiny with my wet pussy juice. As he slid the length of his cock all the way inside me Peter leant forward over me and kissed me. For the first time ever I tasted my own juices on his lips and tongue, which was not as unpleasant as I expected.

Pete began a rhythmical thrusting between my thighs and my pussy felt totally full up when he pushed his hard cock all the way in. I pushed my hips of the desk back to meet his, as he thrust into me, feeling the head of his cock rub up the walls of my pussy deep inside me. Pete’s thrusting soon became more urgent and with a long moan he came inside me. He had a powerful orgasm and I actually felt six or seven spurts of his thick sperm shoot up deep inside my pussy. Pete did not last long inside me and I had not come myself, but certainly felt warm and gooey inside after he had come. Pete pulled his cock out from me and I knew what was going to happen next. I wondered just how far I could push him. “Do you want to eat me?” I said. “My pussy is full of sperm for you.”

“Oh yes, Baby,” Pete replied. I parted my legs and although I couldn’t see it felt a trickle of sperm escape from my pussy dribbling out down my crack to my arse.

“Lick Me,” I commanded. “Suck all that dirty sperm out of me.” It felt really strange talking to my boss like this but I knew it really turned him on. “Come on cum eater. Clean me up.”

Once again Pete came up between my thighs and I felt his hot breath on my smooth pussy. His tongue parted my pussy lips and explored my gaping just fucked hole. I watched as he swallowed a mouthful of his own come, as he lifted his head I watched as some of it escaped and dribbled from the corner of his mouth down his chin. Enjoying the sensations of Pete licking me clean I tensed my pussy muscles deep inside and pushed out all the sperm I could from deep within. Pete moaned between my thighs, and I knew the sperm I had just squeezed out from deep inside my pussy had found its way into his mouth. Pete continued licking me out and I was certainly enjoying the dirty act. I knew that although I had not come while Pete was fucking me I was going to come again soon on his tongue. Pete sucked out all of his sperm from my pussy and I watched as he worked his magic with his tongue. Once again Pete sensed I was coming and nibbled firmly on my clit. This sent me over the top, and I shuddered and moaned as wonderful orgasm rippled through my body.

Pete moved up my body from between my thighs and kissed me lovingly. I could still taste traces of his sperm on his tongue that he had sucked out from my pussy as he deeply French kissed me. “That was wonderful Jen,” he said. “I think I will have to give you a wage rise and involve you more in my work.” I sighed happy in the knowledge that I had got what I wanted. I finally had my boss where I wanted him, right in between my sperm filled thighs!

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