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Dirty Old Men

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Daylight began to creep across the room. Reluctantly I woke up from my restless slumber. Memories of what had transpired last night came rushing back to me. Unbidden, tears started to flow, and I lay curled up in my bed, trembling with shame and pain. My battered body is a testament of how Papa had brutally raped me. I had lost count of the times he had taken me yesterday night.

Knowing that self-pity would not get me anywhere, I gathered up my courage and began to plot my escape. Walking across the room to the door, I pressed my ears to it and tried to listen for any sound from downstairs. There was only silence. I am determined to leave the house this very instant.

I yanked open my cupboard door and started to dress. There was no time to waste. I mechanically dressed myself in whatever that was at hand. First bra and panties, then a tank top, followed by a mid-thigh skirt with an elastic waistband.

Grabbing my knapsack, I began to fill it with whatever that I thought would be necessary for my escape – a change of clothes, bankbook, passport, and my purse. All I need now are my car keys, which are hanging by the main door.

Gathering my courage, I opened my bedroom door and peered outside. All was silent. I started to creep slowly down the stairs. All my senses are alert for any sign of Papa. I strained my ears to hear in every direction. Upon reaching the landing, I paused to collect my breath, and dashed towards the main door.

I grabbed my car keys and put my hands on the doorknob, breathing a sigh of relief. Just as I was to open it, the door was opened from the outside. I turned around to run and before I could scream, a rough, dirty hand came down across my mouth. I panicked as another arm tightened around my neck and the stranger forced me back into the living room.

The arm around my neck went down to capture both my wrists behind my back and I jerked wildly from side to side. Lashing out with my feet, I sought a leg or a foot on which to inflict injury. There was a coarse chuckling in my ear.

“She’s as feisty as you said she would be, Henry,” a voice said.

“Yeah. I told you she would be, didn’t I,” a voice somewhere behind me answered.

“Papa?” Hatred mixed with fear coursed through my body, and I could barely hear the rest of their conversation for the blood pounding in my ears. I started to thrash about, kicking out as hard as I could, and was rewarded with a grunt.

“Damn! That hurt!”

“She needs a bit of loosening up,” Papa said. “We have a lot planned for her today.” I started struggling with renewed energy.

“Lets take her to the kitchen and get some beer into her,” the one in front of me said. “That ought to soften her up.”

I aimed another kick at him, but he jumped back nimbly.

“I’ll knock your teeth in if you dare kick me again,” he snapped. He swiftly removed his belt and tied my ankles together. He lifted my legs and I was carried into the kitchen.

I tried to sink my teeth into the hand across my face, but found myself gagging instead as Papa stuffed a foul-tasting piece of cloth into my mouth. I tried to wrench free as the three of them dragged me into the kitchen, but all my efforts availed to nothing.

“We’re going have a lot of fun, aren’t we, Paul?” the one behind me shouted as I was lifted upright again. I tried to jerk away from him, but he twisted my arms up behind me.

“Will she be able to take in my nine-inch monster, eh Kenny?” the man named Paul guffawed with a mouth full of rotting teeth.

“We’ll find out soon, won’t we?” the man holding me said. I twisted around to see him. He was repulsive, with greasy hair and a face covered with pockmarks. He must have seen the horror written on my face for with a growl, he twisted my arm to force me to face forward again.

With his mouth only inches from my ear he said, “I may not be much to look at, girl, but I promise you that when your skirts are up, you won’t be disappointed.”

I fought back the wave of nausea which rose to my lips as his stinking breath rushed past my face, and I started struggling again.

“Keep your hold, ” Papa told Kenny. Papa was already seated at the dining table with his cock out which he was stroking. He looked at me with a nasty smile. “My friend likes a little fight in a woman, but it would be as well if you did not test his patience too far.”

I did my best to spit out the filthy gag in my mouth, but pushing at it with my tongue had no effect except to sicken me with its taste.

“That cloth will stay where it is until we mean for it to be gone,” Paul gloated. “We have uses for your pretty mouth but hearing sharp words from it is not one of them.” He rubbed his crotch suggestively.

Hot tears of rage ran down my face as Kenny pushed me down onto the kitchen chair and tied my hands together at the back of the chair.

“I’ll be the one to feel this bit first,” he said. He slipped his hand inside my tank top and bra and began to squeeze my breast roughly. I tried to bolt free, screaming deep in my throat.

“This piece must be tamed first,” he said. “We must get some drink into her.”

Paul ran to the cabinets and came back with a large bottle of brandy. He slowly began to circle the chair, mentally undressing me. I can almost taste the panic that threatened to engulf my mind.

Kenny, in the meanwhile, had gone to get a knife. Now with a swift stroke, he cut through my tank top and bra to leave my breasts bare. He plucked the gag from my mouth and tossed it on the floor. I began to scream, a shrill, mindless sound of pure horror. There was a sharp burst of colour in my head as Kenny smacked me.

Bright light danced in front of my eyes and when my vision cleared, I opened my eyes and tried to bite Kenny’s hand. He slapped me again, hard, and I could taste blood in my mouth.

“You will pay for this, girl,” Kenny snarled. He reached out and pinched my nipple cruelly between his fingers.

“That’s the way,” Paul cried. He stepped forward to pinch my nose and tipped my head back. Forced to open my mouth to breathe, he quickly forced the bottle of brandy into my throat. There was no other choice but to swallow the fiery liquid or drown.

Satisfied that I’ve swallowed enough, Paul removed the bottle. I came up sputtering and gasping for air. The room started spinning and head started to pound.

I felt the room growing dim around me as Paul lowered his greasy, sweating face towards my breast and started to suck roughly on it while rolling the other nipple in his dirty fingers.

But I was snapped back into awareness as Kenny knelt down in front of me and started to stroke his hands up my thighs. He had removed the belt around my legs. He pushed up my skirt and used the knife to cut off my panties. He dragged my ass to the edge of the chair and proceeded to eat my cunt. He was licking away with loud, slurping noises.

I can’t believe it. Through the fog dulling my brain, I could sense that I was actually getting wet. My body started moving on its own volition. Kenny had spread my legs wide open and had his face practically buried in my cunt. I closed my eyes and gave in to the sensation.

An unmistakable sensation started deep in my belly. I was approaching a climax.

“Ahhhhhhhh. Yesssssssss.” I bucked my hips, forcing more of his tongue into my cunt. I could feel my juices running down my thighs, mingled with Kenny’s saliva.

I was quickly pulled off the chair, my hands still tied behind my back. Kenny unzipped his pants and let it fall to the floor. His eight-inch cock was sticking up in the air. He sat down on the chair and pulled me onto his lap to straddle his thighs.

“My turn, girl,” he panted as he placed his cock at the entrance of my cunt. He grabbed both my ass cheeks with his hands and pulled me roughly to him. He started fucking me forcefully, bouncing me up and down on his cock. “Ohhhhhhhhh. Yeah!”

I arched my back in pleasure with my nipples pointed at his face. He sucked on them and was biting them and noisily sucking on them. It was turning me on.

“Yeeessssssssss. Harder!” I was on the verge of having another orgasm. Paul proceeded to increase the speed of his fucking. “Ah… aaahh… ahhhh…. Yesssssssssss!”

I reached orgasm at the same time as I felt Kenny spilling his hot spunk inside me. My head was aching badly now. I let my head fall unto his shoulder.

I felt Paul releasing my hands. My torn clothes slipped off me to fall onto the floor. He moved me off Kenny and lifted me up in a fireman’s heave. My ass was sticking up in the air and I had my nose at the same level as his ass. We went upstairs to Papa’s bedroom where I was unceremoniously dumped on the unmade king-sized bed.

“I bet you’re ready for this baby, eh?” Paul had started undressing, and as he let his pants slid down his legs, his monstrous cock sprang up. He stroked it slowly while licking his lips. His eyes never left mine.

I couldn’t suppress the gasp at the sight of that monster. Not only was it long, it was also very thick. I was ashamed to feel myself getting wet. There must be something terribly wrong with me. I was supposed to be horrified, but instead I was already imagining it tearing into me.

“Please put it inside me. I need to have it inside me.” I pleaded softly.

“You want this inside you now, don’t you?” Paul grinned, drool dripping off the corners of his mouth. He came over to position himself between my legs. He slowly stroked the length of it up and down my slit. “Well, here it comes, girl.”

I moaned as he sank the first few inches of his monstrous cock into cunt. I felt myself being stretched to the limit. Paul lifted my legs onto the crook of his arms and bore down on me, forcing his entire length into my cunt.

I tried to push him off me because it was starting to hurt like crazy but my squirming around was turning him on even more. “Uhhh… uhhh…uh…” Paul was really into it now. His relentless pounding had both of us practically bouncing on the bed. “You’re a great fuck.”

My cunt was really wet now and I was even enjoying it. Paul’s thick girth was doing all the delicious things to my insides. I wrapped my legs around his back and lifted my ass slightly off the bed to match his fucking motion. “Mmmmmm….. Ahhhhhhhh…. Oh, fuck. Yeah, girl! You want it real hard, eh?” He was really banging me now and the only sound to be heard was a soft sucking sound as my cunt milked his cock for all that it’s worth.

“I want in on the action,” Papa said. “And I want it up her ass.”

I quickly snapped out of my euphoria. What? I have never had it up the ass and never will. I thought that it was a disgusting act. I started to panic. I tried pushing Paul off me. But quick as lightning, he had flipped both of us over. I was now on top, riding him. He had an almost painful iron grip on my waist.

“Yeah, c’mon, old man,” Paul urged with a stupid grin on his face. “There’s still some room left, I think.” He started laughing as if he has told a really funny joke.

A quick look at Papa showed that he had removed the jar of Vaseline from his side drawer and was generously heaping it on his cock, lubing it up. “Papa, no. Anywhere but my ass. Please!” I tried to plead with him but to no avail.

Papa kneeled in position behind me, aiming his cock at my asshole. He started to slowly inch his cock into my virgin ass. The pain was terrible. I tried to struggle off but both men had their steely grips on me. “No, it won’t fit in me.” I thought that the torture would never end. With great consternation, Papa worked the full length into me. Finally, with a soft plop, Papa’s cock was in me, all seven inches of it.

I hadn’t realised that I had been holding my breath. Now I took in big gulps of it as I struggled to accept the fact that there are now two huge cocks inside me. Both men had started to fuck me, trying to find a rhythm. Now that the initial pain was dulling, I started to get wet again. The feel of two cocks rubbing against each other, separated only by a thin membrane was making me fell hot all over.

Papa and Paul had found a rhythm and were really fucking away. The feeling was incredible! I found this position so erotic. The sound of the two men grunting and the feel of their sweat-slicked bodies sliding against mine were incredibly splendid. I was tingling all over and could feel an oncoming orgasm.

Not wanting to miss out on the action, Kenny climbed onto the bed in front of me. His cock was at full erection. He shoved his cock into my mouth. The two men fucking away underneath and behind me caused his cock to slip out often. Therefore Kenny wrapped my hair tightly around his fingers and forced his cock even deeper into my throat. The pain was actually becoming a turn on for me. “Suck it real hard. Yeah!”

“Mmmmmmmm….. Mmmmmmmmm!” I moaned around the cock. I was having a huge orgasm. I could feel my body bucking as a mind-blowing orgasm washed over me. My cunt and ass muscles contracted as I ride the wave of the orgasm. A few seconds later, all three cocks exploded almost at the same time. I was forced to swallow the hot spunk that spewed into my throat.

All three cocks went soft and left my body with a soft plop. We all collapsed on the bed, sweaty and hot. Suddenly I did not feel too well. I was about to throw up. “I don’t feel so good. I think I’m going to vomit,” I said weakly.

Papa quickly helped me to the bathroom where I threw up in the toilet bowl. Fatigue washed over me and I passed out.

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