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Directors’ Wives

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John Mason was twenty-seven when his father died fucking his young twenty year old secretary on a supposed business conference in Dundee, Scotland. In truth, the fifty- four year old was regularly fucking whenever he could. Since he owned fifty-five per cent of the company, he could afford to do what he liked. This time however, it cost him his life. John’s mother had died when he was young.

John had worked in his father’s firm as an accountant. He had often approached his father about expansion of the firm but it always fell on deaf ears. Now he inherited his father’s shares, he would implement his plans for expansion.

The firm was based in Uxbridge. There were four directors. His father with the fifty five per cent and three others with a combined share of forty five per cent. They were, Bill Stanley, sixty, Bob Landon, fifty-nine and fifty-six year old Tom Prince. All were in for a shock at the next board meeting. Although these men were twice as old as John, all had married pretty young wives. They did not know it yet, but they would be instrumental in John’s plans for expansion.

Bill had married Penny. She was now thirty-two. She was five foot eight, slim and had magnificent breasts. She always wore tops that deliberately exposed her cleavage.

Bob Married Joann. She was twenty-eight. She was also five foot eight. She was athletic. She had firm medium breasts and long black hair.

Tom had married Clare. She was twenty-nine. She was five foot ten with a slim body and large breasts. Apart from being relatively young, all three women had dark pasts that would eventually come back to haunt them and trap them all in John Mason’s web of sexual slavery.

John had called the board meeting for the Monday after the funeral. There he would outline his expansion plans.

John deliberately kept the other three directors waiting. He walked in ten minutes late, much to Bill’s annoyance. He hated been kept waiting. John sat in the chair. Bill pointed out that the election to the chair had not taken place. John responded by reminding all of them that he had fifty five per cent of the shares and it was a foregone conclusion. John spoke in a very official tone.

“Now gentlemen let’s cut to the chase. I have to tell you all that you are all on protective notice.”

Bill interrupted him.

“You can’t do that. We have contracts.”

John cut him off.

“Read your contracts gentlemen. They are null and void upon the death of the majority shareholder, who, as you all know, was my late father.”

They all responded in anger.

“You won’t get away with this,” said Bob, angrily.

“We’ll sue.”

“There is nothing you can do. It is all perfectly legal.”

Tom spoke up.

“I demand we adjourn this meeting for a week until we have time to consult with our lawyers.”

“Ok. One week,” responded John. “It won’t make any difference. There will be changes. You can either accept them or leave. It’s up to you.”

The meeting adjourned.

Bill, Tom and Bob had their lawyers scrutinise their contracts, Sure enough, they were null and void. They would have to renegotiate.

Bill was in the worse position of all. His pension and retirement plans were in jeopardy. At his age he would never get another job. He would lose everything. Tom and Bob were little better. They all knew they had no choice, They would all have to renegotiate.

The following week, all three men were more subdued. Bill spoke up.

“We want to renegotiate our contracts.”

“So you’ve accepted the truth?” responded John, with some glee.”

“Look ,you young punk we want to renegotiate.” shouted Tom.

“Now that’s not very nice, Tom.”

“Just tell us what you want,” growled Bob.

“Like I said before. I’m planning to expand the business. This means getting contracts in the US, Germany and China. I intend to open offices in all three countries.”

“How does this affect us?” asked Tom.

“You’ll note I mentioned three countries. Each of you will be assigned a company in these countries to negotiate a partnership agreement with. Secure these contracts and your jobs and pensions are safe. I’ll discuss your individual assignments with you in the morning. You all leave this weekend.”

All three men were angry and shocked. They had never thought they would be treated like little boys in front of their teacher.

The following morning, Bill Stanley was sitting in John’s office. John strolled in.

“Good morning Bill. I have assigned you to the United States, Boston to be precise. The Eastern General Transport Company is based there. Your contact is Jack Randall. He’s the contracts director.”

“I could be away for weeks.”

“I expect the contract to be signed in four weeks. Don’t come back without it.”

“You little bastard,” retorted Bill.

“I’d be very careful what I say from now on Bill. I’m not a person to mess with.”

Bill got up and left, fuming, but he knew his hands were tied.

Tom was next. He was led in by John’s secretary when he pressed the buzzer.

“Good morning Tom. I have assigned you to China.”


“Yes. China. You’ll leave for Beijing on Friday. Your contact is Mr Wu. He is chief exec of the Wang Ho Transport Company. I expect everything to signed and sealed within four weeks.”

“You really think you’re something else, don’t you?” said Tom.

“Look Tom, all I want is that contract. I don’t care how you get it. Just make sure you do.”

Like Bill, Tom left in anger, knowing there was nothing he could do.

Bob entered half an hour later.

” Hallo Bob, have a seat. I’m assigning you to Germany. Your contact there is Otto Schmitt. He is the contracts manager of Schleswig Transport Company in Bremerhaven. You’ll leave on Friday. The deal should be sealed in four weeks.”

Bob left without a word but he was angry. On Friday all three men left on their assignments. John was now free to begin the next part of his plan.

Part 2

Nurse Penny

John had not been entirely honest with the other board members. The truth was the contracts had been signed earlier in the week. However, they had to be double signed only on the proviso that John would produce certain services for the negotiators and that was where the women came in. That Friday afternoon he phoned Penny Stanley, Bill’s wife and asked her to come to his office at ten on Monday. He emphasised to her how important it was and it was in Bill’s interest, as well as her own. Penny was puzzled but agreed.

That Monday, Penny arrived at John’s office at ten. She was uneasy. She could see the lust filled eyes of John surveying her body.

“What is so important that you need me here?” she asked him.

“It’s about the American contract. I need it to be signed to save the business.”

“But Bill is negotiating that in Boston.”

“Bill couldn’t negotiate his way out of a one way street.”

Penny was shocked at this.

“But he is in the United States now.”

“He’s been led on a merry chase. The real negotiations are taking place here and you’re going to seal the deal.”

“Me? How?”

“With your body. Fuck Jack Randall and we get the contract.”

“Go to hell.”, responded an angry Penny.

“Ok, vacate my house by the end of the week.”

“Your house?”

“Didn’t your precious Bill tell you? My company owns the mortgage on the house.” Penny tried to hide her shock.

“I can raise the money to pay you back.”

“I bet you could. You know Penny, I’m not asking you to do anything you haven’t done before.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I mean were a good porn star in your day. What was the name of that film, ‘Lusty Teacher’, was it?”

Penny was stunned, but refused to yield . She had made that when training as a nurse in Scotland and was broke, needing the money to pay for rent and studies. It was as a nurse that she met, and fell in love with Bill and after a short romance they married. She decided to bluff.

“Bill already knows all this.”

“I bet he does. I bet that’s why he married you.”

“You bastard.”

“That’s what Bill said. You two have a lot in common.”

A seething Penny rose, yelled. “Fuck you” and turned towards the door.

“Before you go, I suggest you look at this,” as he opened a folder on his desk.

“What is it?” she asked.

He handed a large photograph of her kissing Doctor Habib.

She stood there stunned.

“Where did you get this,?” she stuttered.

“Good timing on my part and bad timing on yours. I just popped into the Imperial Hotel to relieve myself when lo and behold who do I see kissing. Luckily for me I was out photographing. What did you tell Bill? You were on the night shift? I bet he believed it too.”

Penny knew she was beaten. She only worked as an agency nurse now. She had made the mistake of falling for Doctor Habib’s charms as all the nurses did. She had regretted it deeply; she regretted even more now that this bastard had the evidence.

“Ok. What do you want?”

“That’s more like it. Be at this address at nine tomorrow night.” he instructed her as he handed her a piece of paper.

“Can I go now?”

“Not quite. Get naked.”


“Get your fucking clothes off. I want see you’re up to the job.”

Penny wanted to scream. But she knew he held all the aces. She eased her top over her head, revealing, what was a disappointment to John, a plain white bra. Slipping off her flat heels, she slid her black jeans down, revealing her matching plain knickers. She unsnapped her bra and her excellent breasts bounced forth, almost like a joyous escape. She slid her knickers down, revealing a neatly trimmed pussy. He surveyed his beautiful naked prey. Her long slender legs, slim waist and ample breasts conspired to make any man lust.

“Come here.” demanded John.

She did so. He bent forward from his chair and gently, but firmly drilled his tongue into her pussy. He licked the right, then the left and finally pierced the centre. Penny moaned deeply.

” Oooooh, Oooooh, Oh my God,” as she could feel juices starting to gather. Then he suddenly stopped and tongue crawled up her flat ,but firm stomach, reaching her magnificent breasts and teasingly licked in between them, then around them and finally converging upon her nipples. The sucking of her nipples increased the rate of Penny’s Moaning.

“Aaaaaargh” she screamed as he made his way to her neck and finally reaching her mouth kissed her and drove his tongue in.

“Mmmmmm” was all she could utter. John led her to the couch and laid her down. Then opening his pants, he extracted his hardened cock and drove it deep into her pussy. She was lost in the ecstasy of her situation. Her heavy breathing betrayed her excitement and joy. She felt his burning cum collide with her erupting juices and both yelled, “Aaaargh” together and for a few seconds they both lay breathless on the couch. John finally collected his thoughts, got up and pulled his pants up.

“You’ll do. Make sure you’re there at nine. Oh and wear some sexy underwear and your nurse’s uniform. Now get dressed and get out.”

Penny was both humiliated and devastated. She cried as she drove all the way home. As soon as Penny shut the door of the office, the door to the next office opened and the American, Jack Randall came in.

“Well Jack?”

“I’ll sign. She’s beautiful, and a nurse to boot. You pick them well.” and he double signed the contract.

Penny Stanley did not sleep well that night. The events of the previous day weighed heavily on her mind. It seemed like a dream. But she knew it wasn’t.

“That bastard Mason,” she thought. He had forced her to have sex with him, not just to save Bill’s job, but because of one stupid indiscretion with a charmer of a doctor and their stupid visit to the Imperial.

“Oh God, what have I done?” she asked herself.

She showered and drove to Danemouth, some twenty miles from Uxbridge, where she hoped no one would recognise her , and purchased the sexy underwear for tonight’s encounter. When she returned, she took her spare uniform out. This consisted of snow white button up jacket and matching pants.

“No one wears the dresses any more, thank God,'” she thought. But she dreaded tonight, and she had no idea what to expect. She also wondered if Mason would keep his word. Of course, with all these things going through her mind, she had no idea the contract was already signed.


Penny drove to the address given, which turned out to be a two storey house, just outside Uxbridge, surrounded by large walls and a gate. As she drove up the drive, she could hear the sound of party music and wondered just what she was getting herself into. She nervously rand the bell and a tall, slim man opened the door. He spoke in an American accent.

“Ah, the entertainment.”

Penny was shocked and initially felt like running but a hand pulled her forcefully inside.

“Our guest has arrived boys.”

Three other men, all tall and slim, laughed lustfully.

“Get your clothes off doll,” said the first man.

Penny hesitated.

“Now, now, what would you say to your patients? You haven’t anything I haven’t seen before?” They all laughed.

Penny’s eyes began to well up. Her hands were shaking as she began to unbutton her white jacket and dropped it to the floor, revealing her low cut white lace bra that complemented her wonderful, firm breasts. She put her hands to the sides of her pants and slowly lowered them down, revealing her white garter belt and matching white stockings: She deliberately had not worn knickers.

“Wow,” said one of the men. “I bet that’s not standard issue,” much to the amusement of the others. She unsnapped her bra, releasing her luscious breasts. Penny could see the lustful licking of their lips.

The first man forced her to her knees and all four gathered round like wolves moving in for the kill. All had extracted their hardened rods. The first forced his, into her mouth and she began to slowly suck. Two others seized her hands and placed their dicks into them and began to slowly rub with her hands. The fourth man eased her slightly up and he drove his rod into her arse. Gradually Penny developed a rhythm with her mouth and hands. Her hands pumped up and down in sync with her mouth as she sucked with increased speed.

“Mmmmmm,” was all Penny could utter in her sucking. Her arse too, was receiving a pounding.

“I must be quite a sight on my knees, with bare breasts, white garter belt and white stockings,'” she thought. Eventually, her “lovers” were beginning to cum. Cum exploded in her mouth and both her hands were overwhelmed by the cum flow. At the same time, cum exploded in her arse and all four men yelled ,”Aaaargh.” in unison.

Penny fell on her side, breathless and almost totally exhausted. One thing she was thankful for was that none had pussy fucked her. However, her relief was short lived. The door to the room opened and a tall, well built man in a silk robe entered.

“Hallo boys, having fun?” he said in an American accent.

Penny guessed this was Jack Randall.

“Oh yes boss, she’s good. She’s very good.” said the apparent leader of the four. Jack Randall took her by her hand and led her to a bedroom and beckoned her to lie on the king sized bed on her back. He removed his robe, revealing his naked bulk and lowered himself on to her beautifully slim body. He kissed her neck and her shoulders, making her shudder as the tingling sensations hit her. His mouth completely engulfed her nipple as he first licked, then sucked. He did the same with the other. These actions brought deep moaning from Penny. She felt his large, hardened cock enter her pussy. He rhythmically pounded her pussy. Like flints producing a spark, her orgasm flowed, making her moan, “Aaaargh,” as her juices burst forth. Jack Randall screamed also in delight as he came. Penny was now totally exhausted. Thankfully, so was her “lover”. He dozed off and Penny fell into a deep sleep.

Penny woke up with the sun’s heat hitting her face. Randall was apparently still asleep so she eased up and was about to get out of the bed when she heard him say.

“Where do you think you’re going? I haven’t had my morning fuck,” as he held his massive erect cock and grabbing her head, forced her to receive it into her mouth. Once again, she slowly began to suck, gradually building speed, systematically pumping in, out, in, out. Finally she felt he was cumming, when he suddenly withdrew his cock and pushed her onto her back. He then aimed his cock at her breasts and exploded his cum. As he came he rubbed the cum over her breasts, exciting Penny in the process.

He then spread her stocking encased legs and with expert rhythm he inserted his tongue into her neatly trimmed pussy and licked and sucked with venom. Penny’s moaning increased at every stroke until finally she screamed ,”Yessss,” as her enormous orgasm erupted, leaving her breathless and exhausted.

“The boys were right. You are good. We must do this again sometime.”

“Not if I can help it,” replied an angry Penny.

“Now, now, don’t take it like that. You did your husband a great favour.”

“You knew about my husband?”

“Of course I did. It’s part of my job to know everything about my business partners, even their wives.”

A humiliated Penny raised her hand to strike but he grabbed it and said angrily.

“Like I said. you’re a good fuck, but don’t push your luck. One wrong move and all contracts are off. Now get out.”

Penny got out of bed and dressed. She ran to her car and gripping the wheel she dipped her head and wept bitterly before finally driving home.

Part 3

Professor Joann

Joann Landon’s phone rang on Tuesday morning. When she picked it up, she heard the familiar voice of John Mason. Joann was unaware of what had occurred with Penny and so was puzzled as to why he requested her presence in his office at three. He would not tell her anything, except that it was important for both Bob and herself that she attend.

Joann arrived just before three dressed in her blue slacks and matching jacket with a white blouse. She was led into John’s office by his secretary, where he was sitting behind his desk looking at some papers.

“Ah Joann good to see you. Please sit down.”

“What’s so urgent you need me?” she asked, puzzled.

“It’s about the German contract Joann, I need it to be sealed.”

“But Bob…” she was cut short when John raised his hand.

“Bob’s having a free tour of Bremerhaven. The deal will be signed here only on one condition.”

“What condition is that? ” asked Joann nervously.

“That you fuck Otto Schmitt.”

Joann was stunned. She rose and angrily yelled

“Go to hell.” She turned and headed for the door.

“Just a moment Professor Dobbs.”

Joann froze, like a woman who been stunned and slowly turned around.

“What did you call me?”

“Professor Dobbs. Professor Alexandra Dobbs. It’s your real name isn’t it?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”” responded a disconcerted Joann.

“No? Allow me to refresh your memory. Alexandra Dobbs, professor of history in Normanton college. You were caught in bed with one of your students.”

Joann retorted in anger.

“He was twenty years old and he seduced me.”

“That’s not the way his mother saw it, and when you tried to get her into bed, her husband, a local councillor and member of the local education authority threatened to sue the college. You literally had to flee in the middle of the night. You came here and married Bob last year. I bet Bob doesn’t know any of this.”

Joann was fuming.

“What do you want Mason?”

“I told you. I want that contract and you’re going to get it.”

“By sleeping with this Schmitt guy?”

“I didn’t say anything about sleeping. I expect you to fuck him and get that contract. Failure to do so means the end of Bob’s job and your marriage. So what’s it to be?”

A dejected Joann nodded.

“Ok you win. But how do I …?”

Again she was cut short. John handed her a slip of paper.

“Be at this address at eight tomorrow night.”

Joann rose.

“Just a moment. I didn’t say we were finished. Get your clothes off.”

“What? ” Joann replied in shock.

“I said strip, and remember, you don’t have a choice.”

Joann knew the game was up. She stood up and started to unbutton her jacket. Suddenly she stopped.

“How do I know you won’t reveal all this anyway?”

“You don’t. In my view you simply have no choice.”

Joann knew he was right. She had no choice so she resumed undressing. Removing her blouse revealed her low cut black lace bra. It made John hard. Her luscious breasts were there for the picking. She slipped her shoes off and pushed her pants down revealing her black thong. She hesitated opening her bra, until John nodded as if answering a question silently. Unhooking the bra, she dropped it to the ground. She finally placed her hands to her sides and eased her thong down. John was amazed at her totally bare pussy as hestared at his latest victim and admired her luscious naked form. He led her by the hand to the couch and directed her to lie on her back. He undressed and with schoolboy excitement descended upon her. He moved his mouth to hers and locked them both with a deep passionate kiss. He kissed her neck, continuing with a rhythm down to her breasts and began to lick around her hardened nipples, making Joann moan uncontrollably .

“Oh God” several times.

She totally surrendered her body. Although she shouldn’t, be she was enjoying it. He drove his hardened cock into her pussy, which only increased her excitement. He pounded and pounded. All Joann could do was moan “Oh my God” several times. With each one uttered her voice increased with excitement and joy. The pressure and pleasure built for both of them and in the end neither cared who was forced to do what. They were caught in an epic sexual battle that neither wanted to end. Finally however, they both came. Joann screamed “Aaargh” as John’s hot cum and her own love juices collided causing an electric style reaction that produced for Joann a joyous satisfaction she had not had for a long time. Both “lovers” lay there breathless for several minutes. John got up.

“Alright get dressed. You’ll do.”

Joann was suddenly brought back to earth. She felt she had auditioned for a porn movie.

“Be at this address at seven, tomorrow night. You will be interviewed for a job at the house, so dress appropriately. Fuck Schmitt and get that contract. Now get out.”

In contrast to Penny, Joann did not cry. She was angry and certainly felt humiliated but knew she had no choice but to play along. Her past had come back to haunt her in ways she never imagined possible, and she was trapped by this little bastard as a result. When Joann left, Otto Schmitt entered through the door leading to the other office.

“Well Otto?”

“Magnificent” replied Otto in his German accent. ” She will be perfect for my sister and I.”

He signed the contract and left.


Joann dressed in a smart striped skirt business suit. She drove to the address given. w It was a country estate, with a long winding drive , about twenty miles North of her home. Eventually a huge mansion came into view. She walked up the steps and rang the bell. After a brief pause, the door opened and a tall, mature man with fair hair stood before her. He was clearly the butler.

“Ah, you are the young woman to be interviewed by Mistress Freda. This way please.” He spoke in a very cultured German accent. He led Joann down the hall and stopped at a large door.

“Wait here, please.”

He gently tapped at the door and entered, closing it behind him. After a moment the door opened again and he beckoned Joann to enter. She saw a man, presumably Otto Schmitt sitting at a desk and a slightly younger woman sitting beside him. Joann thought she was his wife. It was a surprise to her when he introduced this young woman as his sister. Otto Schmitt explained to Joann that she would be his sister’s maid. He pressed the buzzer at his desk. The butler entered.

“Fredrick, This is Madam’s new maid. Show her to her quarters and instruct her.”

“Very good sir.”

He bowed respectfully and beckoned to Joann to follow him. He led her up the spiral stairs to a room. When they entered the room, Joann could see a maid’s outfit laid out on the four poster bed. Fredrick turned to her.

“You will dress in this uniform. Your duty is to assist the mistress in dressing for the party and ahem, other duties.”

“What other duties?” she asked.

“That, you will learn later. When you are commanded by the mistress you will simply respond, ‘Yes Madam,’ and comply. Is that understood?”

“Yes.” responded Joann in a puzzled voice.

“Put the uniform on. The mistress will be up soon to change for the reception.”

Joann put the maid’s uniform on. It was an ordinary uniform, complete with hat, nothing kinky here.

The door of the room opened and Otto’s sister entered.

“I will change for dinner now.”

“Yes Madam.”

“I will wear the blue dress,” pointing to the dress hanging on the rack.

“Yes Madam.”

Joann retrieved the dress and placed it neatly on the chair.

“Undress me.”

“Yes Madam.” Joann responded in an uneasy tone.

She went behind her mistress and unzipped her green dress. Her mistress wriggled her arms allowing it to drop to the ground and stepped out of it.

Joann was amazed at the sexy underwear of blue lace, low cut bra and matching skimpy thong that covered nothing of her mistress’s arse cheeks. What happened next, Joann was totally unprepared for as her mistress suddenly swung round, took Joann’s head firmly with her hand and pushed her mouth towards her own and planted a deep passionate kiss, wrapping her tongue round Joann’s. The kiss lasted seemed to last forever. Joann thought she would suffocate until eventually she was released and felt like she came up for air.

Joann’s reprieve was short lived however as her mistress, placing her hands at Joann’s back, firmly gripped the back of her uniform and ripped the material, literally tearing the uniform from her body, exposing Joann’s own sexy black lace bra and matching knickers. Joann’s “assailant” pushed her onto the bed and like a crazed, sex starved woman, pounced on her prey.

Joann was shocked. Although she was no stranger to lesbianism, she was usually in control. Now the tables were turned. Her mistress continued to kiss her full lips. She worked down gently to her neck.

The front of Joann’s bra opened and she could feel an incredible sensation as tongue action around her bare nipples and her firm breasts began to excite her.

“Oooooh” Joann moaned deeply.

Her lover travelled down her now naked body to her pussy. Joann could feel a tongue gently massaging her pussy. It was so sensational for her. It had never like this with any of her lesbian lovers.

“Oh my God, oh my God,” Joann repeated breathlessly.

She thought she would climax there and then. In her ecstatic state she did not hear Otto come in . The tongue action suddenly stopped.

“Oh Otto. She’s wonderful. Thank you. You are a wonderful brother.”

“You’re welcome, Freda dear, and happy birthday.”

It was only then Joann realised that Otto was naked.

Freda moved further up and forced her shaven pussy to Joann’s mouth. Joann knew exactly what to do. She slowly began to lick to the right and then to the left, gradually developing a systematic rhythm. At the same time, Joann felt a hardened cock, presumably Otto’s, gently enter her own pussy. It too was a slow movement, gradually developing into a steady rhythm.

All three lovers began to moan deeply. Each moan from all three corresponded to their physical interaction with each other. “Oooooh” came from Otto and Freda and “Mmmm” came from Joann. Their physical exertions drove the heat up and they all began to perspire.

Joann’s juices began to flow and Otto’s cum exploded inside her. Joann was unable to scream as Freda’s pussy muffled her.

Freda finally climaxed and she screamed in sheer ecstatic delight.

“Oh how wonderful.”

Joann was breathless and exhausted. Freda got up and put a robe on.

“I shall leave you to your pleasure, Otto,” as she smiled and left the room.

Joann knew Otto had spent his load so she thought that there could not be more to come. This did not stop Otto Schmitt. He grabbed Joann and pressed her close to him and began passionately kissing her. He travelled down her neck, to her ample breasts and began to systematically lick and suck them gently. Each gentle stroke emitted a moan of satisfaction from Joann. His caresses between her breasts almost drove her wild.

“Oh my God, oh my God. More, please, more.”

Joann was lost in the throes of deep passion. She didn’t care that this man was not Bob. Bob was and never could be like this. She had had several lovers too. None of them was like this man.

“Ooooh,” was all she could say. This went on for what seemed like hours. Otto seemed to be quite recovered from his earlier eruption because Joann felt his hard cock enter her again with the same gentleness as before. Again he rhythmically drove in and out, much to Joann’s delight and pleasure. This time he withdrew, just as he was about to cum, much to her disappointment. He put his near exploding cock between her breasts. There was an eruption of hot cum onto and between her breasts. Both lovers screamed at once.

Joann licked her lover’s cum from her breasts with relish. Otto, at the same time, went to Joann’s pussy and began to gently lick and suck , with systematic strokes. His expert love making amazed Joann. His actions prolonged her pleasure to the maximum, until finally, her juices could not hold back and burst forth as if a dam had burst.

“Aaaargh,” she screamed in sheer ecstatic delight.

Joann was amazed at Otto’s stamina and sexual appetite. He resumed his kissing and sucking of her body. She felt her whole body strain under the pressure. She knew she couldn’t last much longer. Finally, Otto exhaled a long gasp of air. He looked at Joann with an approving smile, blinked his eyes and promptly fell asleep. Joann remained awake for just a short time. She thought of all that had occurred in the last few hours. These thoughts alone made her sleepy and eventually the exhaustion crept in. She also fell asleep.

The following morning, Joann woke to the sounds of moaning. When she collected her thoughts she remembered where she was. It was a shock to her when she turned and saw a naked Freda on top of her naked brother Otto and he was sucking her nipples.

“Oh Otto, it is wonderful, don’t stop.”

Neither of them was aware that Joann had awoken. Joann suddenly jerked and Freda looked down at her.

“Ah, our kitten has discovered our little secret, Otto. What should we do, my love?”

“What you want to do, Freda ,dear?” responded Otto.

“Of course, darling.” replied Freda, with a smile as she went for Joann’s legs and spread them. With gentle care and expert rhythm, Freda began to massage Joann’s pussy lips with her hand and then with equal care and gentleness her tongue pierced her. Simultaneously, Otto pushed his hard cock into her mouth.

Freda’s expert tongue action seemed to stimulate Joann’s own desires. When she bobbed her head in and out on Otto’s cock, it seemed to correspond with Freda’s rhythm . When Joann’s orgasm erupted all she could do was gargle as Otto’s cum flooded her mouth at the same time.

“We all need to clean up,” said Freda.

They led an almost stunned Joann to the shower. As the jets of steamy water hit Joann, she began to become more aware of her surroundings. She had not up to now appreciated what had gone on before, especially with this brother and sister. She had no more time to think as Freda began to lick Joann’s soap covered nipples. Joann responded by gently placing her hand to Freda’s head and leading her to her mouth and landing a deep, passionate kiss upon Freda’s luscious lips. Otto simply watched as an audience for a few brief moments, then left the shower. After several more moments kissing, Freda broke off.

“Come. It time for breakfast.”

They dressed and went down to the dining room. After the meal, Otto Schmitt spoke.

“Well my dear, you give a wonderful service. I know we can rely on your discretion. I am assured also of your future service.”

Joann looked at him in surprise.

“Oh no, Herr Schmitt. You don’t understand. I am simply doing a favour for a friend.”

Otto cut her off.

“Oh no Frau Landon, you don’t understand. The contract is only valid as long as you continue your services to me, my family and friends. That I have been assured by Herr Mason.”

Joann rose in anger.

“Damn you and damn Mason.”” she yelled.

” I suggest you leave now, Frau Landon. When you have calmed down you will realise you have no choice in the matter.”

Joann ran to her car. For the first time tears streamed down her face. She had been strong up to now. Now her perfect world had crashed.

“How could this happen?” she thought. A quiet life as a housewife in luxury had been turned upside down and all because of her own stupidity. Joann wept bitterly as she drove away.

Part 4


On Thursday morning, Clare Prince returned from her morning jog just as her phone rang. It was John Mason asking her to be in his office by two. He stressed it was very important and concerned Tom’s career. It puzzled her as to why she should be involved.

Clare arrived at the office just before two. John’s secretary buzzed at let him know she was here.

“Ok. Send her in.”

His secretary opened the door to John’s office and Clare entered. She was nervous. She was unaware of what had happened with Penny and Joann but she knew she didn’t like or trust him. She had noticed him often leering at her lustfully. She knew too that this couldn’t be good.

“Ah Clare, please, sit down.”

She did so nervously.

“I don’t understand, what is so important that you need me?”

“It’s the Chinese contract. I want it and you’re going to get it for me.”

“But Tom is dealing with that.”

John raised his hand.

“Tom is getting a free tour of China right now.”

“How do you expect me to get it? I’m no business woman.”

“I expect you to fuck Mr Wu for it.”

For a brief moment, Clare sat shocked and then rose in rage.

“You’re out of your fucking mind.”

“Sit down.”

Something in John Mason’s voice frightened Clare. She sat down nervously. She tried to be strong and asked.

“What is this all about?”

“Gordon Benfield.”

Clare tried to bluff.

“Gordon Benfield? Who’s he?”

“Don’t insult my intelligence. You killed him nine years ago.”

The memories came back for Clare. Yes, she killed him. She was Angela Wilson then. She was a twenty year old accounting apprentice in an accounting firm of which Benfield was the chief partner. The fact that he was married didn’t stop him from being lecherous. He made advances to her and when she refused he tried to rape her. She fought him and he hit his head on a desk. Police and the court accepted her plea but her life was ruined. There had also been embezzlement in the firm she was sure it was Benfield but she was framed for. So she left, changed her name and married Tom. Now it had all surfaced again.

“Alright, Mason What do you want?”

“Be at this address at eight, tomorrow night. Fuck Mr Wu and get that contract.”

He handed her the slip of paper.

Clare rose to her feet and headed for the door.

“We’re not finished yet.”

Clare turned to face him and was about to speak.

John interrupted her.

“Get naked.”

“You’ve got to be joking.”

“You’ll soon learn I don’t joke. This is purely business. I want to fuck you and check to see you’re up to the job.”

“You perverted bastard.”

“Now you listen to me, and listen to me good. All I have to do is release the information I have. It’ll certainly mean the end of your marriage and I think we can safely say the end of your cosy life. It’s up to you.”

Clare thought about it. ‘Mason is right. I’m comfortable now. I don’t want to run again.’

“Alright. I’ll do it.”

She stood up and removed her red jacket and placed it over the chair. She nervously unbuttoned her white blouse, pulled it from her skirt. For a second she paused, hoping in vain for some sort of reprieve. She resumed when none came and placed it over the chair. At the sight of her low cut black lace bra straining with her imprisoned globes, John Mason was already hard. Clare unzipped her short black skirt. As it dropped to the floor, she stepped out of it and slipped off her shoes as well. John was amazed at the skimpy black thong.

“I bet Tom loves that.”

Clare blushed.

“Keep going.”

She unsnapped her bra and her breasts bounced forth. Her nipples hardened immediately when in contact with the air. Placing her hands on her hips, she eased her thong down and allowed it to fall to the ground, exposing her clean shaven pussy.

John turned in his swivel chair.

“Now come here and suck me.”

A humiliated and defeated Clare knelt before him and unzipped his pants and extracted his huge, hardened rod. She placed it in her mouth began to suck. John took her head and pushed it in and out, gradually building a rhythm.

“Mmmm,” Clare mumbled as she continued bobbing in and out.

Just she thought he was going to cum, John pulled out and breathlessly said,

“Not yet,” and pushed Clare onto the couch.

He undressed, giving himself time to subside. He mounted Clare and inserted his cock into her bare pussy and began to push in and out. The rhythm was slow at first. It gradually developed into a pleasing rhythm that was both pleasing and enjoyable for Clare. She became so absorbed in her sexual pleasure she screamed.

“Come on you bastard. Keep going. Keep going.”

John’s own sexual pleasure drove him on. He could feel his cum starting to flow. It exploded inside Clare, whose own orgasm also erupted, creating a volcanic stream of sexual pleasure for both. One thing they did have in common was screaming.

“Aaaargh,” together as they came, leaving them both breathless.

After recovering their composure, John and Clare dressed.

“Make sure you’re at that address tomorrow night and do what you have do to get that contract.”

Clare left, angry and humiliated, but she knew there was nothing she could do but obey.

“Damn, damn, damn,” she repeated to herself, sitting behind the wheel of her car as tears began to appear in her eyes. She drove away fearing what was to come.

Just after Clare left, the door leading to the next office opened and a short Asian man entered.

“Well, Mr Wu?”

“A magnificent specimen. A wonderful addition to my little harem.”

“Now Mr. Wu, we agreed. She is only available for tomorrow night and to you and your friends on agreed nights.”

Mr. Wu tapped John’s shoulder.

“Just joking, my boy.”

He signed the contract and left.


The following night, Clare drove to the address John had given. It was just half an hour by car. The large house was enclosed by a high wall. The gate opened automatically as Clare’s car approached. She was clearly expected. Although it was dark, she could see the oriental style ornaments in the garden. The door was opened and a small Chinese woman in her twenties and in oriental dress greeted Clare in clear English with a Chinese accent.

“You are very welcome to ‘Chao Wu’s house of women’.”

“‘House of women’?” thought Clare. Later, she realised that the only male she saw was Mr. Wu.

The Chinese woman led Clare upstairs to a bedroom. There were three other women in the bedroom. It was like a royal bedroom, with a four poster bed and these woman appeared to be servants. They were silent and seemed to be waiting for something.

Another door opened and a small Chinese man entered. The Chinese women knelt in adoration. He clapped his hand and they rose. He gave orders to them in Chinese. They turned to Clare and began to undress her. She thought of struggling but remembered what Mason had said about doing everything she was told. The four women surrounded her as they undressed her. Her blue business suit and matching pants, blouse, low cut black lace bra and matching knickers were swiftly removed. For a moment at least, with these women surrounding her, Clare felt safe. But Mr. Wu clapped his hands again and the women stood aside, revealing Clare’s nakedness. He stared at her lush body and Clare tried to cover her breasts and trimmed pussy but, Mr. Wu gave orders in Chinese and the women filed out.

He walked towards Clare and reaching her, gently, but firmly, put her hands to her sides. He walked around her and seemed to be surveying every inch, every contour of her beautiful body. Clare was on display and she felt humiliated.

“You are a very beautiful woman.”

He beckoned her to the bed without another word and she lay down on it. There was no mistaking what he wanted. He had been wearing a red silk dressing down with a large yellow dragon on the back and front. When he discarded it, he was naked.

Clare was amazed at the size of his hardened cock. It was huge and seemed out of proportion to his small frame. He mounted Clare and began to kiss with enormous passion. She didn’t want to, but she responded just as eagerly. The mere physical contact of his smooth skin made Clare’s nipples react in an excited way.

Mr. Wu kissed her neck, her shoulders and finally halted at her magnificent breasts. For a moment he paused, as if in sheer admiration at her enormous assets. He resumed his kissing, sucked gently on her right nipple, then left, systematically switching between the too. It brought deep moaning from Clare.

“Uuuugh” was all she could manage.

He went between her breasts and licked and kissed, travelling down her bare, slim body. Clare did not care now. She was lost in her own fantasy. A fantasy of a lover seducing her and ravaging her body.

“Oh my God, oh my God.”

This, she repeated, many times.

Clare became ecstatic with joy as her “lover” gently pierced her trimmed pussy and gently licked left, then right in a loving, tender way.

Mr Wu was careful not to make Clare climax until he was ready. He eased his swollen cock gently into her pussy and with expert rhythm, began to push in and out. The increasing pace excited both of them. They were now both lost in this world of mutual lust. They both began to moan and scream. Each moan and scream grow louder with each corresponding movement. The friction caused the heat of their bodies to increase and this led to them both to perspire heavily.

Clare’s juices began to flow wildly and Mr Wu began to cum. The collision of his hot cum and Clare’s juices made them both scream.

“Aaaargh,” they exclaimed together. They were both breathless and just sheer, mutual exhaustion, made them sleep.

Next morning, Clare was woken by a sensational feeling in her pussy. She looked down and saw a young Chinese woman in her early twenties, gently caressing it.

“Ooooh.” moaned Clare.

The sensation stopped with the sound of clapping hands and a firm order barked in Chinese by Mr. Wu. The young woman bowed respectfully and left.

He took Clare by the arm and had her kneel before him . His huge, hardened cock was directly in front of her face. There was no mistaking what he wanted.

Clare took this huge piece of manhood and slowly began to suck. She began to bob in and out, all the time noticing Mr. Wu’s increasing pleasure with each stroke.

“Mmmmm,” she muttered as her rhythm increased. She could feel the first few drops of cum. Finally an explosion of cum in her mouth overflowed on to her face and down her chin. Mr. Wu screamed in joy. Breathlessly, he spoke to Clare.

“You have done well. I believe your services will be further required by my company.”

“Oh no, Mr. Wu. I did this just to save my husband’s job. It fulfils his contract.”

“I’m afraid you misunderstand, young lady. The contract is only valid as long as you service my needs. Mr. Mason assures me of this.”

“The bastard never said anything to me?”

“Nonetheless. It is true. Now please get dressed and leave. I have a very busy schedule this morning.”

Clare was in shock as she walked to her car. As she sat behind the wheel she tried to comprehend what had gone on. She pinched herself. Maybe it was just a nightmare. No, it was real alright. She had been trapped by her past. John Mason had her in a prison of sexual servitude and there was nothing she could do. Her eyes began to well up as she drove home, angry and dejected.

To be Continued…

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