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Deviant Trip “Around the World”

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As many men in my position (married with small children) have found – sex eventually takes a back seat to just about everything. But don’t despair there is Good News! This does not have to be the way anymore, and I’m happy to say that sexlessness isn’t the way for Courtney (my wife) or me any longer.

Courtney is a very pretty Puerto Rican and Irish girl who; I have found out, loves to be a very dirty girl. She is 5’4”, 120 lbs. with a perfect ass and exceptional tits.

(They’re only an A cup but they are absolutely perfectly shaped with soft pink nipples that harden like pencil erasers on contact) She has long brown hair, soft brown eyes and all eyes gravitate to her when we go out, especially when she doesn’t wear a bra (which she never does).

We first started getting into a little kinky stuff such as mild bondage, and spanking before the 3 kids, but had fallen away from anything out of the ordinary for several years. I recently realized that she still loved the uncertainty and nervousness that doing something new and exiting can provide, and by that I usually mean having her as my slave, acting out our daydream fantasies at night.

I started leaving her notes in places she would be sure to find them during the course of her day, like mixed in with the cash in her wallet. These notes have contained such orders as: “When I get home from work I expect to find you wearing nothing but garters and stockings, waiting on your knees ready to suck my cock.” Much to my pleasant surprise this worked and has continued to work to the point of progression where we are presently.

She has basically become my fuck slave. It’s not a total domination thing because her requests do take precedent and are always great fun too.

My most recent list of demands represented the pinnacle; which took place our current point of progression. I fear this level may never be surpassed. The details that lay ahead outline this night’s events which are the entire basis for this story.

Courtney taking a smoke break on the roof stairwell of the office where she works as a paralegal finds a note contained in the plastic wrap of her Marlboro lights. She lights her cigarette and unfolds the note, full knowing who it was from and the nature of the message, she feels a twinge of excitement between her legs as she starts to read her secret message, thankful that her smoking buddies were “on the patch”…

The message read: “I have a spiked leather dog collar for you to wear tonight, I’m going to put you on a chain leash and take you for a dirty walk ‘around the world’…”

This took place on a Tuesday (her late day at work), where she normally returned home to a sleeping house at around 11:00 p.m. Tonight she would have no idea what she would be returning home to, but she would have all day to ponder it.

She finished her morning cigarette which she than flicked to the ground and snuffed out with the tip of her opened toe white leather spiked heel shoe. (She has very sexy feet and prides herself on her finely pedicured size 5 feet) She would re-read the note several times trying to figure out the meaning?

Later on that night I was prepping the bedroom. Tripod with camcorder, soft penis shaped vibrator, Vaseline, metal link dog leash, spiked leather dog collar, several scarves and bandanas and a black butt plug with a shiny black ponytail affixed to the base. (Initially purchased as a gag gift)

I showered and waited wondering if she would allow her curiosity to dial the phone and ask, or if she had even found the note at all…

She got in at 10:45, I knew then that she got the note and would be ready to play, she never gets in early. She walked straight past the bedroom and a moment later I heard the shower running, perfect I thought to myself, she has no idea what she’s in for but she’s getting ready for anything.

Entering the bedroom with nothing on but an undersized towel wrapped around her shoulders she began to say something but than she fixed her eyes on the assortment of party toys that I had laid out for her, which momentarily derailed her dialogue…

“You don’t plan on using all of this in one night, do you?” she asked almost as a plea for help…

”Yes you have your work cut out for your tonight” I responded as I knelt her down onto her knees, and placed the dog collar around her neck.

She stared up at me with her wet hair dripping down her naked tits; she was so sexy without even trying. I began to explain “around the world” to her…

I explained…Prostitutes define “around the world” as a blow-job, straight sex and than anal sex. Don’t worry you’re not a hooker, you’re far kinkier than that and this description is too basic for your needs… For you tonight your job will be to make me cum in each of your openings, while the other two are plugged simultaneously. I’m not willing to share you with other men, but why should that deprive you of the experience of being triple fucked, three different ways?

I attached the silver metal leash to her collar to ensure her that I was serious, and eased her forward from kneeling to all fours. I took the chain leash which was cold to the touch and ran it from the center of her neck, down her chest to her inner thighs.

As the cold chain swung from side to side it rubbed across her pink nipples bouncing them into pointy erectness immediately. I began to pull the chain taunt between her legs letting the links pass through the center of her neatly trimmed pussy.

I looked down and saw that what I thought was water from the shower was actually her pussy beginning to drip, she was visibly wet.

I instinctively reached my fingers into her glistening wet slit and could not believe how slippery and wet she was. As horny as she was she still began to protest the video taping of anything…

She protested “Do what ever you want to me, but no recording, I don’t wan…” before she could finish the sentence I was kneeling in front of her pushing my now dripping hard cock into her mouth.

Her requests would feel good spoken against my rock hard cock I thought, and they did!

As she instinctively began her sucking motion (which she is simply the best at) I took a red silk scarf folded up and placed it over her eyes tying it snugly behind her head. Her inhibitions tend to fall when she can’t see what she’s doing.

I quickly reached over to the video camera on the tripod and pressed record, the color display showed her pussy and ass in perfect focus.

With her now blindfolded I slid my cock out of her mouth and placed the butt plug in its place with the following instructions “warm this up for later”.

As the tailed plug hung from her mouth I worked my way back around to her rear and found that the wetness between her legs was totally out of control. I could not resist the urge to just give it a taste, and I ran my tongue up and down her slit. I sucked up my fill of her and was totally aroused by her delicious wetness, to the point that I started licking her asshole too.

Once again I forced my mind to return to the mission, and I stepped back from a most enjoyable licking to grab the Vaseline tub. I scooped two fingers worth of the greasy stuff and began to rub it all over her sweet little asshole, first on the outside and than with increasing pressure from my index finger, the inner ring as well. I reached up to her mouth and retrieved the plug. After a quick dose of Vaseline was placed on the plug, I was ready to put my cock back in her now available mouth.

Kneeling in front of her still blindfolded face I rubbed my dripping cock against her full lips, she again instinctively opened and began to suck like she was starving and my cock was the only source or nourishment she’d had in years.

As she sucked I began to press the tip of the plug against her ass, the harder I pressed the deeper and harder she sucked. As the plug approached its widest spot she began to bite down on my dick, wincing in the pain and pleasure of the moment I slammed the plug into her fully, she gasped and resumed a slower and more deliberate pace on my cock.

The amount of excitement was quickly becoming unbearable, and I really wanted to cum in her mouth, and make her swallow it, but phase one was not complete. I grabbed the vibrator, and with the thing running at full throttle leaned over, lifting the butt plug tail out of the way, slid the vibrating toy into her wet hole.

Almost immediately a muffled “I’m gonna cum” was muttered from her mouth stuffed full by my cock.

I saw the plug tail pulsing as her orgasm passed through it, and could not help but to cum myself.

My cock began to pump out a huge load in her mouth, one slow pulse at a time, and semen began to slip free from her lips as my spraying cum seemed to gag her. I just rocked my hips forward and waited for the cleaning process that she always performs after blowing me.

“Suck it all out, suck it out and eat it” I instructed her but the ticklishness forced me away allowing some of my white juice to fall on the floor.

I quickly took advantage of my still hard erection and shifted myself back behind her, withdrawing the vibrator and replacing it with my newly spit shined cock, sliding it in smoothly.

Fucking that pussy felt good around my dick, wet, hot and slick as hell! My mind quickly began to swirl again and without thinking I reached my hand holding the still wildly humming vibrator up to her lips and demanded “Now clean this, you fucking whore” and pressed the pussy drenched vibe into her mouth.

She just clamped her teeth on it and thrust her ass back, driving my cock fully into her. I took the butt plug tail and wrapped it around my wrist, as I continued fucking her doggie style, I would pull on it and watch how her asshole would begin to crown as the wide part hit her sphincter from within.

Her pussy was so tight with her ass full; the plug was keeping her ass open at least the diameter of a quarter at all times. With all her holes full as planned and my mind racing ahead to fuck that sweet ass of hers I was once again overwhelmed with the need to cum.

I told her that I was cumming, and that’s all she needed to hear, and she began her own orgasm.

Holding back for just a second I once again saw her pulsating orgasm transmitting its ferocity through the pony tailed butt plug, which was still in place inside her ass. I began to pull the tail harder as her body released and constricted around it, and it suddenly came out with a pop, leaving her asshole open in the same quarter diameter for a few moments.

I was now to pumping my cum inside her, and as my load was filling her wet twat, I watched her asshole slowly close back to normal.

I, we, were exhausted, sweaty and tired. My favorite, our favorite (anal sex) was up next, but neither of us seemed to have the energy or desire to continue any longer.

I had a greasy pony tailed butt plug in my hand, and she was dripping cum from her pussy, with a dog collar and leash around her neck as she allowed the vibrator to fall from her mouth.

It all seemed pretty foolish at that moment.

I stood up and paused the camcorder which I had pretty much forgotten about and said, “Let’s take a breather, wash up, and see what happens”

For some reason we both felt obligated to finish the final task, even if our libidos said it was unnecessary.

After two 16 oz glasses of water each and a good cleaning of the toys as well as ourselves we both made a conscious decision to perform the final act – once and for all.

I gave her the choice of position, for her last triple penetration and she opted to lay on her side with her back to me. I turned her head to me for a kiss as we lay chest to back. She reached back with her hand and took a firm grip on my semi-interested cock and began to talk dirty to it.

“Do you want to fuck my ass, you filthy pig? Do you? Do you want to stick it to me hard and spread my cheeks wide while you violate me deep inside? Do you want to feel me cum on you through my asshole, squeezing your fucking cock so tight that it gushes inside my tight ass, do you? Do you want to stick it to me and make me gasp in pain and pleasure? Fuck my ass! Discipline me, stick it in me, you fucking ass fucker!”

The whole time she was pumping my cock with her hand, squeezing and releasing, and squeezing harder and harder each time. My cock began to throb and hurt, I thought from squeezing it too hard, but when she let go and I realized what I was feeling was a raging over stiff hard-on.

I was now frantic to get my cock in her ass, and began to scramble to get her ready, I re-attached the silver chain to her collar and pulled it between her tits, through her slit and up her but crack.

I started repeatedly pulling it taught and letting it go slack while saying the following through my clenched teeth. “You wanted a giant, hard cock up your ass, you fucking whore? Your gonna get one now…”

I grabbed the freshly cleaned pony tailed plug and forced it back in her mouth, got up and repositioned the camera and tripod to focus on her face and pressed the record button. I pulled on the chain again and she clamped her mouth down on the plug. I fired up the vibrator again and began to work the tip against her clit; she began to squirm her hips away, like it was going to make her cum rite then.

I knew that we were too turned on to make this last long, so I grabbed the Vaseline and worked it in on the outside, than the inside on her now compliant sphincter. I decided to put my dick into her ass first and than slide the vibe up into her pussy afterwards.

I first applied a generous amount of grease to my cock than laid myself back down beside her. I held my slippery hardened penis, aiming and pressing the head on its intended target. With the vibe still on her clit I began my push, knowing that the camera was capturing her facial expressions as I began to apply pressure, than release, apply more pressure, release, a little more and pause…

…As her anus began to open to the wide diameter of my cock head she was embracing the pleasure and pain of being violated, I could feel her tense, than open with a moan of pleasure on her exhale.

As my purple head popped in she momentarily gasped and than after a brief pause began to rock her hips back to get more, and more inside her, beginning a pumping rhythm as deep and fast as it were in the “right” hole.

I then allowed her to take control of the vibe, and she slid its wet tip on her slick pink pussy’s entrance. “Do it, do it” I coached as it tried to enter, fighting the top side of my cock for space inside her.

Then with one long forceful stoke she was fully inside her vagina and I was fully inside her ass.

I could barely move, it was so tight, and my every move was causing her a combination of intense pleasure and pain.

She bit down on the plug fiercely and started pumping her pussy with long strokes, letting out grunts, groans and screams. I moved slowly enjoying all the sensations that her body was providing, and than it began…

…Her ass began to spasm in orgasm on my deeply embedded cock, harder than she was able to squeeze it with her hand.

I pushed in and out on her rock shattering orgasm and began dumping cum out like a fire hose deep into her abdomen. As her orgasm subsided she was experiencing my cock’s cum pumping spasm, and she screamed as my load filled her bowels.

I gently withdrew my now relaxing cock, and she began muttering, and getting emotional.

She later said that the orgasm was so intense she thought she was going to pass out, and when it was done she said she felt every emotion pass through her, only to leave her completely fulfilled and totally exhausted.

She mumbled in a almost drunken sounding voice “Too much…too much, never again…” than fell asleep, with the camera still rolling tape…


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