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Dear Husband

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Dear Husband

Hello dear husband, she said, never looking back. Could you come over here and take that down from the shelf for me? She pointed to a bottle of bleach on a high shelf.

It wasn’t his fault that George had just gone out to the hardware store, telling Jim, his teenage helper from down the street, that he’d be back in an hour, maybe two. Why don’t you straighten up the workbench in the basement? he’d told the boy.

So Jim went down to the basement and as he passed the door to the laundry room, Cindy called for help.

He looked in. She was bent over the washing machine, doing something with the clothes in the tub. He admired (for the ten thousandth time) her slim build, her nicely shaped ass, her muscular legs. He pictured her round breasts hanging loose inside the dress (it was easy to see she was not wearing a bra). She thought he was her husband. Why correct her wrong impression? In fact, shouldn’t he help her?

So Jim came up right behind her and reached up and over — to help. He leaned against her, and in doing so pressed his stiff cock against her thin dress material (well, really, he just rested it lightly against her). She gasped and her body stiffened. She started to spin around and then caught herself, eyes closed, went rigid, didn’t move a muscle. As if she realized that it wasn’t her husband and was trying to decide what to do. He pulled down the container of bleach and placed it on the washer in front of her. And didn’t move. It seemed, in fact, like the whole world had stopped moving.

After a moment, Cindy bowed her head, breathing rapidly. Then she relaxed and leaned back against him, wiggling just a little, so that the erection lay more fully along the crack of her ass.

Oh dear husband, she whispered. You’ve grown beyond your usual proportions. Are you taking lots of vitamins?

She went on tiptoes, pushing more of her against him. She made small sounds as she continued to maneuver for a most favored position.

He put his hands on her waist. He decided that silence was the best course to take. He thrust against her and at the same time pulled her towards him. He felt, with an intense sensation of satisfaction and exhilaration, her ass flatten out, seem to give way and yield to him.

She exhaled violently and her head lowered further. He ran his hands up under her and cupped her breasts. They were beautifully shaped. The nipples were hard. He swirled them, pinched lightly. That threw her head up and back. He sucked on her neck, noticing that her eyes never opened.

George, she said, panting rather heavily. George, I thought that perhaps you went out, uh, out and would be away for at least, say, an hour. A shudder ran down her back and she arched it

He stepped back, letting his hands trail down her body. He then reached down and pulled up her dress, exposing some really sexy underwear and smooth, smooth skin. So much skin. Surely an hour wasn’t enough time to pay her body the attention it deserved. But it would have to be enough. He moved his hands over both cheeks of her ass, pulling them apart, watching the underwear material cinch towards the middle and slip down further into her crack. Which was really neat, so he did that several more times, finally moving his hands down to the very bottom of her ass, where it takes that final turn away from the center, which now displayed lots of curly dark here, seeming to sprout from both sides of what was now a very thin strip of cotton.

He looked closely and noticed that the material was also very wet. Without the slightest pause in his circular motions, he extended his thumbs out and next time around slipped them under the material and sunk them simultaneously and deeply into her vagina. Cindy should have been surprised, but seemed to have been anxiously awaiting such a move. She immediately pressed back against the fingers and moved in a circular motion around them. In no time at all, he had slipped his painfully stiff erection out of his pants and into this lovely housewife. It wasn’t his first time, but it was far and away the best…

All the time he’d been stroking into her, all the time she pushed her ass back at him hungrily, all the time she kept her eyes closed and occasionally expressed a stupid comment to George or her “dear husband” to keep up her pretense, he watched that other more mysterious hole move up and down above his sliding cock. as her cunt swallowed and then partially released it. When he pulled her ass cheeks apart and pressed deeply into her, her asshole contracted sharply against the tension. It was fascinating stuff, he couldn’t get enough of it, and he decided that he would simply have to fuck her there. Maybe that would change her perception of George for some time to come.

He stopped her humping by pressing her forward and apart, exposing her asshole as much as possible. Then he let a big glob of spit drop onto the dark spot. She jerked when it hit and she jerked when he touched his finger to the saliva and started rubbing all around and on top of her anus.

Her breathing got ragged suddenly. When she spoke, she sounded downright nervous.

What are you doing, um, George? You weren’t ever interested in any of that, were you? I don’t think that —

He slid his index finger in to the first knuckle, not very far really, but she stopped talking with a grunt. Then he pulled it out, gathered more lubrication and went back in, much more smoothly this time and Cindy let out a little sigh, but then turned her head back towards him, still keeping her eyes closed.

Look, she said, this time in a firmer voice, I just don’t want to —

He pushed his cock into her as far as possible and then began a steady rhythm of full-length strokes, just rubbing his fingertip on top of her hole. She gradually fell in with the rhythm and as she did, he let his finger dip into and then stay embedded in her ass. At first it made her push back less aggressively, so he just pressed forward, pushing her up against the washing machine, his finger going still deeper. No escape, just penetration.

Her hands gripped the back of the washer, tight, so that her knuckles went white, but at the same time, he felt her relax around his finger. He pulled it out and wet it with saliva; his finger tasted very tart, but he ignored that. She moved her body forward and back, taking in his cock to the hilt and when the moment came, he positioned his finger for re-entry. She barely paused this time, and soon accelerated her rhythm. The house was quiet except for the wet sounds of their body mingling.

Then he soaked his right index finger with saliva and placed it next to his left. On her next return trip, he maneuvered adroitly and suddenly he was forcing her open and she yelped. But then she began that circular motion again, this time focusing it on the intrusion up her ass and this got Jim very hard.

As she circled, he pressed and gradually her hole opened wider and wider. Jim felt the burden of time pressing up on him, so he withdrew his fingers, pulled his cock from her inside her and laid it up over her crack. It was, to his mind, the moment of truth.

He pulled away from her slowly, and as he did the swollen tip of his cock came closer and closer to the Vonnegut asterisk. Finally it rested right against her asshole, and then he stopped.

Again, the whole world seemed to stop moving. And then Cindy moved her hands to his cock and as she held it place, slowly, every so slowly, pushed against it. Jim thought to himself that: This is a front row seat to the greatest show on earth. He stroked her back, but otherwise did not move. He did not force the issue. He let her control the action. And she did by forcing the tip in and in until — it suddenly passed the tight outer muscle and was inside her. It was a shock to both of them, neither of whom had ever done any assfucking before.

His cock was in her ass! Jim thought: it is so tight, so hot…this is great!

Cindy, on the other hand, was not doing a whole lot of thinking. She was feeling — and what she was feeling was pressure, a stretching, a filling, a presence inside her unlike anything she’d ever known before. It was definitely foreign, somehow wrong, yes definitely not what she was and she stayed like that for quite a while. They both did. Jim resolved that he would not move. This was hereby her party.

And then she wanted more of the hard, pulsing cock (and she could feel it pulse. She could feel a whole lot more about this penis than she had ever felt about any erection before) inside her. So she very carefully began to push back on the thick stick.

As soon as Jim felt the movement, he felt obligated to help. He rubbed his cock with more saliva, and also with some of her own juices. Then he grabbed hold of her ass cheeks and pulled them gently apart.

Eeeeeeh, hissed Cindy softly, because just being pulled open like that let him slip into her more quickly. But he was done pulling, stretching, helping. He stood ramrod straight (really glad for having been a boy scout and learning how to stand at attention. He was very attentive right now), arms not exactly at his sides, and she slowly, warily, made his cock disappear. As she did, she lay her head down on the top of the washing machine, eyes still tightly shut. Her mouth opened slightly and she panted. He could see the tip of her tongue, just sort of laying against her lips. And whenever his cock made any significant progress, a shudder ran from her neck all the way down her back and that made her ass quiver and that made his cock pulsate, which made his cock jump inside her, and stretch just a little bit more (though it didn’t rightly seem possible that it could get any bigger), which felt amazing to him and made her want him to go even deeper, so she pressed more. And so it went eighth of an inch by eighth of an inch, until he found herself pressed right up against him, his cock buried completely, her body pushed away from the support of the washer.

Cindy’s legs shook. Slowly, she pulled away from him, until just the tip was left inside her. Then she stopped. Jim took advantage of the moment to again cover his dick with whatever lubrication was available (quite a lot actually. She was dripping wet.). Still, she stayed motionless, and finally Jim decided that it was time for him to take some responsibilty for what was going on.

And so began the final stage of the most amazing hour of Jim’s life (to that point in time, anyway; for he was an optimist). With a determination and confidence born of the fact that his cock was already firmly planted, he moved his hands around to her pelvic bones and held her firmly in place as he pushed steadily forward. Cindy moved her hands around to her ass and pulled herself wide open. His cock, as tight and stiff as he’d ever felt it, moved into her, deeper and deeper. When he had moved right up against her, he then squeezed forward some more, reaching new depths. Cindy groaned long and deep.

His erection now slid in and out of her ass with no resistance whatsoever. It was shiny with saliva and her juices. Her help no longer required, she let go of her butt cheeks and moved her hands between her legs, where they got very busy. Now his penis was even more thoroughly engulfed by her flesh and it felt marvelous. He took advantage of the diversion and pulled all the way out. He marveled at how wide open her anus was now. He wished he was even thicker and could stretch her further. She seemed to be a fast learner. He dove back in, the cock guiding itself so easily back into her rectum that it seemed as though they must do this every day, and she made a low, growling noise to celebrate his return. Then she actually tightened her sphincter around him and that almost squeezed the cum out of him right then and there. He groaned and thrust even more vigorously. He felt an explosion growing inside him. Her hands rubbed herself and ran along the length of his cock. She pushed back with every one of his entries, and she let escape short piercing screams. Her head bounced on the top of the washer; her legs trembled visibly.

Then they heard the upstairs door open and shut.

Jim, you still down there? shouted the dear husband.

Instantly, they both fell completely silent. Jim then gave up any attempt at control, and the sperm immediately pulsed out of him with tremendous force and into a very tight space. He felt himself being pushed away from Cindy as a result of some fundamental process of displacement. He grabbed her waist in an effort to stay inside while still filling her ass up with sperm. She responding by suddenly reaching climax, and practically bent his cock in half with her bucking. He wondered how she could stay so quiet, given the way different parts of her body were moving around. She didn’t show any signs of slowing down, either.

Then footsteps approached the first floor entry to the basement. Jim pulled out desperately, dripping, his cock still jerking, pulled his clothing up over his butt, and ran noiselessly from the room. For just a moment, Cindy continued to strain up against a shaft that was no longer present. Then she pulled herself together and dropped her dress down. George came down the steps and looked in on Cindy. She stood next to the washing machine and smiled weakly at him, wobbling a little on her feet, feeling a stream of cum run down the inside of her left leg.

You forgot something, he said and pointed at her feet. There lay the panties, saturated with her juices and Jim’s saliva. Ever so carefully, she bent down, picked them up and dropped them into the washer.

Thanks, she replied, poured in some bleach, and started up the machine.

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