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Dear Diary

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“It’s a journal,” said Joanne, “It’s for your own personal entries; to write in there what you eat, when you exercise and your thoughts.” Joanne is beautiful; she has blonde hair, blue eyes, full lips and an unbelievable body. She is the epitome of an Aerobic Instructor. She is also the Nutritionist at the Oasis Health Club, which I have just recently joined.

‘Are these people for real?’ I think to myself. The last time I wrote in a diary, I was 12 years old. I stand there looking from her to the “journal”;

I don’t need to lose weight, perhaps exercise a bit more, but come on, a journal? The only reason I joined this club was because my girlfriend, Jennie, said that one of the male instructors was extremely good-looking and single, she did indicate that Joanne and the instructor might be an item, but she wasn’t quite sure.

“Well,” I begin, trying my best to look and sound sincere; “I will do my best to make entries on a daily basis.” I think like, ‘Joanne can kiss my ass if she thinks I will do THIS on a daily basis!’ I smile at her and look around to see where that hunk would be.

“Would you like to take a tour of our facilities?” Joanne asks.

I nod my head and she takes me through the club, showing me the aerobic areas first. When we enter the circuit training area, I see him. Wow! Jennie was right. He is good-looking, tall, sandy-colored which he wears in a spiky fashion and his tanned, chiseled chest would make Arnold Schwarzenegger jealous. Joanne told me to wait a moment and she went over to him, giving me an opportunity to study the rest of his body. I couldn’t hear what she was saying to him, but as she talked she pointed at me, he looked at me smiled and then they both come over to where I was standing.

“Hi, I’m Guy, welcome to Oasis Health Club.” He said, shaking my hand and giving me a dazzling smile that showed perfect white teeth behind perfect full lips.

“Hi! I’m Gina and thanks.” I reply, “I look forward to getting in shape here.” I could swear I started to blush and nervously tucked a piece of hair behind my ear.

Guy takes a step back, looks me up and down, shaking his head, smiling, “You don’t need much work at all, if any.” He laughs. “But it’s your money.” He winks and begins to show me around the weight area.

“Guy, if you need me, let me know.” Joanne said, putting her hand on his shoulder letting it linger there for a moment. Guy looked at her hand, then gave her a tight smile.

“Sure, thanks Joanne.” He said turning his attention back to me and proceeded to explain how the gym was just refurbished and that the equipment is more up to date than any other gym in the area. I am half-listening to him, thinking about how handsome he is, taking peeks at his body and saying “Oh, really” and “Wow, that’s great”, just so he’d think I was paying attention. I was grateful he didn’t ask me any questions and by the end of the tour, I found out that Guy wasn’t just a pretty face, he was intelligent and funny. I could appreciate why there were mostly women in the circuit area and he acknowledged each one by name as he passed them during the tour.

“So, what type of exercising do you do?” Guy inquired when we were sitting across from each other in his office.

“Mostly kickboxing at home. I have a friend who recently joined here and she suggested that I give it a try.” I told him.

“What’s her name, your friend?”

“Jennie. I think she comes in 3 times a week.”

“Jennie? Oh, yeah, Jennie. Tall, redhead.” Guy says. “Great body.” I could see from his eyes was visualizing Jennie in his mind.

He was right, Jennie is tall, she is at least 5’9” with red hair, a pretty face and she does have a great body, she is also very outgoing. No matter where she goes, she is usually the center of attention.

“Yes. That’s Jennie.” I laugh, getting a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. I think to myself, ‘Why am I here? Why did I have Jennie tell me to join here? There is no chance in hell that a man like Guy would ever go for me.’ I am not bad looking, of average height, brown hair, I am in good shape, but there were gorgeous women in this place!

We talk for a few more minutes then he gives me a work-out schedule which has me starting the next day, he laughs as my eyes widen at the amount of exercise I will be doing.

“I promise to take it easy on you.” Guy laughs.

I then say my good-byes to both Guy and Joanne and set off home. When I settle in, I sit on my couch, put on the television, and snack on some Lay’s potato chips and drink a glass of red wine. I turn and look at the journal I had placed on my coffee table. ‘Well,’ I think. ‘It beats talking to my plants.’ I pick it up and open to the first page and start to make an entry.


“No,” I say out loud. “I can’t call it a diary.” I bite my fingernail. Hmm. Dear Bob? No. To whom it may concern? Too professional. What if I wrote it to Guy, after all he will never read it and it will be as if I am telling him my feelings, how I want to look, perhaps write a fantasy or two about him and me at the gym? I tap the pen onto the page, thinking.

“Ah, what the hell!” I say out loud and begin to write again.


I have just come back from the Oasis Health Club after having you give me the grand tour, you know, if I get YOU to work out with, I think I will do just fine. I can’t wait to see how your muscles bulge as you pick up the weights and hand them to me or to see your ass when you bend down. Will you have to touch any part of my body to give me an idea of what needs to be worked on? Hmm…interesting. I will write more tomorrow.

P.S. — I am eating Lay’s Potato chips and drinking wine. My favorite diet. — Joanne, kiss my ass!

I laugh and put down the journal. After an hour or so, I make my way to bed. Tomorrow is another day and another chance to see Guy.


Well, you gave me quite a workout and you said you would go easy on me, my muscles are killing me! I will try and remember your “no pain, no gain” motto. One good thing, you did have to touch my body, even though it was a small touch, it was nice, when you put your hand on my ass to show me the muscle I was working out, I got Goosebumps. I blamed the air conditioning when you questioned me about it! But it was you and your smile told me you knew I was lying. I am going to dream about you just touching me all over tonight. Ok, I am off to a hot bath, if I can make it there. OUCH!

P.S. — No chips today. My arms hurt so much, I can’t open the bag, a glass of wine or two will hopefully, dull the pain


These last few weeks have been incredible; my workouts are now later in the evenings, which is the best thing. Most of the time it’s me, Guy and one or two other people. After my workout, Guy and I just talk while he locks up then he walks me to my car. Tonight was funny, though, as he walked me to my car, he bent down as if to kiss me, but instead he hesitated, opened my car door and made some comment about being a gentleman and laughed. When I got in, he motioned for me to roll down the window and asked me, for the first time, if I had a boyfriend to which I responded no. He just nodded and told me to be careful driving home. Oh, well, off to the showers. – But first chips!


Holy shit! I went to the gym today. It was pretty late and I was meeting Jennie for some drinks, so to make it easier on myself, I decided to wash up at the gym. so when I finished my work-out I headed for the showers. I could not believe my eyes. As I was getting my toiletries, I heard moaning, which at first I thought was someone getting ill, or one of those bulimic-looking chicks throwing up, but no! Oh….My …..God, there were two girls doing it in the shower! They didn’t see me, thank God, but, boy, oh boy, did I see them, a whole lot of them. I was embarrassed at first, I couldn’t look away, I was mesmerized, I hate to admit it but it actually turned me on!

Both girls had their backs to me, so I couldn‘t see their faces at first. The one girl, with blonde hair, was soaping down the other, the brunette, who was pressing herself against the tile. As the blonde rinsed off the soap, she kneeled and began to lick the brunette’s ass, who spread her legs and sticking out her ass, while the blonde ate her out. I got excited watching as the blonde took her fingers and started to fuck the brunette, sliding her wet body up and down the other girl’s wet, soapy ass and back while her other hand reached around to the brunette’s front and stroked her pussy.

When I heard the door open, I moved further into one of the stalls, peering through the crack of the door, I couldn’t believe that a guy came in! At first I thought it was Guy, but it was Jim, one of the other instructors, wearing only a towel around his hips. He took it off as he approached the blonde girl, standing behind her, caressing her body. His large body blocked her out, but I could tell that she turned and, I could only guess that she was giving him a blowjob. While she did this, the brunette started to lick the blonde’s ass, working her tongue down between her legs, licking her thighs, slowly until she reached her pussy and she began sucking and licking it. The brunette then stood up, and each girl took turns licking Jim’s cock all the while touching the other’s body. They would kiss each other while rubbing his penis between their breasts; the blonde taking Jim’s head in her mouth as the other girl licked and sucked his sack. Jim said something to the blonde, who stood up still facing the brunette and he started to fuck her from behind, while the brunette got back down on her knees and started on the blonde’s pussy.

I was mesmerized, stuck in place, couldn’t move. Well actually, my hand was moving, after all, I was getting extremely wet watching them. My fingers imitating the brunette’s tongue, as I massaged my hard, wet nub, going down deeper with my finger until it reached the wetness between the swollen lips, I pushed in and out, just like Jim’s cock was doing to the blonde girl. When the blonde reached her orgasm, she pulled the brunette up and started kissing her, taking her fingers and fucking the brunette with them. Jim went around and was just about to enter the brunette, but she drew slightly away from the blonde and told him no, going back to the blonde, who was now concentrating on the brunette’s neck trailing a wet line with her tongue to the girl’s pussy. Jim leaned against the tile of the shower, watching the girls, stroking his own dick, up and down, until the brunette reached her orgasm (as well as I did, pressing my other hand to my mouth to muffle any moans). The brunette then knelt down before him taking him into her mouth until he came.

Then, just like that, he left. When the blonde turned around to grab her towel, I saw that it was Joanne! I stood there with my mouth wide open. Wow! I waited a bit until I knew it was clear, then ran to the locker room, which was empty, hurriedly dressed and got out. I couldn’t wait to tell Jennie and of course, write it in here!


It’s been about two weeks since I went by the gym. One day, while I was out at the market before going home I saw Guy and Joanne in a heated argument then she pulled him towards her and kissed him, when he didn’t move away I didn’t wait around to see anymore. I just want to feel his hands, lips and tongue on my body. I needed a break from seeing him, but when Guy called and inquired as to where I have been, I told him I was sick. He said that Jennie was by and she said that I was busy with work.

“Yes,” I told him. “Busy with work, which makes me sick.” He laughed at that, which made my heart pound with wanting him and needing to see him.

“I want you to come by the gym tomorrow. I will have to work you out a whole lot now — two weeks is a long time.” He said. “No excuses, I expect you to be there.”

I told him that I have been doing sit-ups and kickboxing at home so I didn’t get out of shape. To which he replied that I was in great shape and honestly, he missed me. I felt my heart race. But squashed that feeling immediately. I told him I would be there tomorrow. He made me promise and I did. My feelings are bittersweet. Bittersweet. Chocolate. I need chocolate.

As promised, I go by the gym by 8:30 p.m., and when I walk towards the gym door, I notice a note on the glass saying that the gym was closed. Peering through the window, I see Guy and tap on the glass. When he sees me, he smiles and walks toward the door and unlocks it. Before I even walk through, he grabs me and kisses me. At first I was so surprised that I didn’t respond, but when he pulls me closer and the kiss deepened. When we finally pulled away, we just look at each other.

“I really missed you, Gina.” Guy says in a husky voice.

He took my hand and walks me into the weight room, there he pulls me close and whispers in my ear that he has been thinking of me and can’t stop fantasizing about fucking me on the weight bench. I take a deep breath, not believing this is happening, I look up at him.

“Something,” he said, “I thought about the first time I saw you laying on it.”

As he says this to me, he starts to unzip my sweat jacket. I am wearing my black sports bra and very short black exercise shorts. While he kisses my neck, he walks me backward until I am up against the wall, his lips burning their way down my neck, he slides his hands under my sports bra, cupping and caressing my breasts. His thumbs rub gently against my nipples until they harden under his touch, bending his head taking one in his mouth, licking it, nipping it gently with his teeth. I moan at the wonderful sensation and move closer to him. He moves his hands down along the sides of my body, pulling my hips closer to him, letting me feel how hard his cock is, and I rub myself gently against him. He put his hands into the waistband of my shorts and slowly brings them down, past my hips, cupping my ass as his fingers slid between my thighs and begin to stroke at my pussy.

He raises his head and looks me, we kissed again, our tongues entwining, tasting each other. He stopped only to lick and suck at my bottom lip, his fingers never stopped caressing of my pussy, working their way from my ass to my clit, pausing to dip into me with his fingers. Unable to control himself any longer, he pulls away from me, taking off my shorts and tossing them to the other side of the room. He removes my sports bra, picks me up and carries me to the weight bench where he placed me down and starts to remove his clothes, his gaze never wavering from my face.

When all of his clothes are off, he bends down at the foot of the bench and begins to lick and kiss my legs, taking his time, his tongue trailing a wet, hot line on my inner thighs, stopping to blow on my pussy. My intake of breath makes him smile and he pulls me down a bit more, this action making my legs straddle the bench, opening my pussy fully to his view. He takes it all in.

“You’re so beautiful!” He says, taking his fingers, stroking me, watching my face.

I watch as bends his head and his tongue licks me. I put my head back and moan when I feel that wonderful sensation of being sucked and I raise my hips to his mouth, his hands pulling my hips closer and closer still. His tongue licking me, teasing me, sliding between the lips, he fucks me with his tongue, tasting me. His fingers stroke my ass, spreading it so he could enter me from behind. I moan at the pleasure his finger and tongue was creating.

“Turn over,” He says. “I want to lick your ass. You have a beautiful, tight ass.”

He whispers to me that he wants to fuck it and lick it. I tell him that I want that and sit up, getting a chance to look at his beautiful body. His cock was just as beautiful, big, thick and hard. Before I turn around, I take him in my mouth, hearing him gasp. H grabs the back of my head, pulling me closer to him. I love the way he feels and tastes. I take him out and lick the entire shaft, using my hands to caress his sack, bending my head to lick his balls and gently suck on them. I lick him slowly, not wanting to miss any part of him, nibbling, taking him deep into my throat and out again. I tease and suck the head of his cock, twirling my tongue around it, using my tongue, my lips and my teeth to give him pleasure. He moans and pulls slowly out of my mouth and tells me to turn over. I look up and see us through the mirrors on the walls, straddling the bench, him fucking me from behind; I watch my body move back and forth. I lick my fingers and start to stroke my pussy, raising my eyes to look at him and smile when I see him looking at me.

“You like the way this looks?” He asks me, watching me lick my finger, bringing it back to my pussy, and slowly caressing it.


“I want to taste your fingers.” He says and as I bring them to his mouth, he sucks on them. I then I bring them back to my wet, throbbing nub, rubbing it as he fucks me. He grabs my hips and enters me hard, I cry out his cock enters me, I arch my back and grab onto the bars of the weight bench to give me some leverage.

He pulls out and spreads the cheeks of my ass, and asks me if he could fuck me there. I tell him yes and I bend over, resting my forearms on the bench and look into the mirror, watching as he looks at my ass, his face is flushed and lust in his eyes. I feel myself get wetter and I get even more excited when he spreads my cheeks. He tells me that he will be gentle, if it hurts to let him know and he will stop, he just wants to feel his cock in my ass, even if it’s for little while. I brace myself and wait as he enters my asshole and I feel it, that hot sensation of my ass opening up to receive the tip of his thick penis, then the pleasure as he makes it through and some part of his shaft enters me. My nipples immediately get hard at the excitement I feel, my body quivers. He is not rough with me; he is gentle and careful, moving slowly in and out of me. I feel him flex his cock, which makes me giggle.

“What are you doing?” I ask him, breathlessly.

“I can flex ALL my muscles.“ He laughs. I tell him that it feels really, really good and he does it again and I start to massage myself again while he is fucking my ass. I am so wet. I love being fucked in the ass. Being fucked there makes me extremely excited and I tell him, he tells me that I feel so good.

“You’re ass is so tight. I don’t think I can last too long.”

As I stroke my pussy, I feel that I am getting close to an orgasm as well, and I tell him. He asks me if he can cum in my ass or on it.

“Whatever you want, I want.” I whisper to him. Feeling myself getting closer to my orgasm, my mind and body completely engulfed in the pleasure he is creating.

“I want to cum on your ass.”

“Mmm. Yeah! I want that.” I moan. “I want to feel your cum in me.”

I start telling him how my pussy feels, how wet it is, I tell him that his cock feels incredible in my ass, that he is so fucking big and hard. I reach down lower, massaging his balls and feel his body tense. He pulls me to him and I feel him go in deeper, this makes my ass clench, squeezing his cock between the cheeks of my ass. I hear him moan and he tells me that he is going to cum. I massage my clit faster and faster wanting to cum with him, we watch each other in the mirror. I look at him and tell him to fuck me, feeling his cock get stiff. He holds me steady and with slow movements he fucks me until he is spent, then he pulls out and I feel the hot cum on my ass, dripping down. He wipes his cum off my ass and turns me around to face him, bringing his fingers to my mouth; I suck and lick his cum off his fingers. Then we kiss deeply, while he caresses my body.

“Did you cum?” He asks breathlessly.

“I was close and still am.” I say and with that he bends down and begins to lick me, his tongue licking my clit, sucking at it, his fingers entering my very wet pussy, sliding in and out. Bringing me to an immediate orgasm, but he doesn’t move away staying there a bit longer, just kissing me until my shuddering stops. He then burns a trail of kisses up my body to my mouth and we kiss and hug each other.

When I get home, I am still amazed about what happened, I still smell him on me. He made me feel wonderful. I look at the clock, it’s 1:30 a.m. now and I have absolutely no desire to sleep.

As I am re-reading my entry, eating my chips, I hear the doorbell. ‘Who the hell could that be,’ I think. I put down my glass of wine and go to the intercom and hit the button.


“Gina, it’s Guy” the voice says. “Can I come up?”

I feel my heart race. “Yes, I’ll buzz you in.” I press the intercom, completely forgetting about my journal being opened. I open the door when I hear him knocking and there he is standing in front of me, smiling.

“Guy!” I say, “What in the world?”

He doesn’t answer, just picks me up and tells me to show him to the direction of the bedroom. I laugh and point to the bedroom door.

“It’s time for an early morning work-out.” He laughs and rests me on the bed. We make love until the sun comes up and as I lay there looking at his gorgeous face on the pillow, I notice the time and get up quietly to take a shower. While I am drying off, I hear knocking on the door and Guy comes in, smiling as he looks at me from head to toe.

“Stay.” I tell him. “Have breakfast with me, or better yet, I’ll take a shower with you.”

“You just had one.”

“So, I’d take another.”

He says that he wishes he could since I look and smell delicious, but he has a client at 9:00 a.m. and has about a half-hour to get home, change and get to the gym.

“I will see you tonight.” He says, pulling me close and giving me a deep kiss, he then gently punches me on the chin, winks and leaves.

Once I get dressed, I head for the kitchen to make coffee and I notice my diary. ‘Oh, God,’ I think. ‘Please, please, don’t let him have seen it.’ I would be so embarrassed that I would cry. When I pick up the journal, I laugh at the final entry, which read:


You make me feel wonderful too.

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