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Darla Seduces Tim

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Dave and Bill were in the public bathroom at the local bar peeing in the adjacent urinals. Dave turned toward his friend and showed him the pink panties he was wearing for that night. Dave and Bill looked each other in the eyes, thinking to themselves what was about to happen. They broke the eye contact and their naughty thoughts as the door opened and Tim entered.

Upon seeing their other married, beer-drinking friend enter, Bill quickly put away his cock and nodded to Tim, before leaving the bathroom. Tim thought he saw something odd going on and was curious to know more about it.

“What is going on, Dave? What were you two doing?”

Dave zipped up, washed his hands, and decided to not let this go any further than it needed. And Bill was waiting for him, anyway.

“Nothing.” Dave stated offhandedly, “Don’t even think about it.” Heading for the door, “I am going for a beer and take another shot at Mandy (The bartender for the night)”. Dave looked at his friend and thought he saw a bit of excitement in his jeans.

Tim wanted to press the issue but Dave was already half way out the door. Looking at Tim one last time, Dave left the bathroom feeling Tim’s eyes on his backside. Dave’s cock tightened in his pretty panties as he quickly left the bar to be with Bill.

**The following week**

[ Dave is at work and receives a phone call ] “Hi honey.” Bill said to him. “Sorry, I can’t make it tonight and I know you can’t talk so I will speak with you on Monday.”

Dave heard the dial tone and sighed heavily, he looked forward to their once a week same-sex flings and unusual sexual adventures. Dave even bought sexy lingerie for the night! Frustrated, he hung up the phone and continued to work, thinking about what he was going to do tonight without his male lover.

[ As usual, Dave meets the guys at the bar-he and Bill always intend to keep up with appearances so routine is important. Every Thursday night is the married guys’ night out. Tonight should be no different even though Bill is not hanging out. ]

“Hmm.” Dave thought to himself, assessing the situation while drinking a beer with his friends. “Maybe I can pick up one of the guys Bill and I saw in the alley way that time. On second thought, maybe one of the transsexuals we danced with that same evening! Wow! That is the better idea.” Dave began to formulate a plan in his horny mind.

“Hello. Hello. Earth to Dave.” Stopping the reverie to notice Tim trying to talk with him over the loud music and the crowd of people in the local bar.

“Oh, hi.” Dave responded, not knowing whom he is talking to, still fantasizing.

“What are you thinking about?” Tim asked.

Dave absent mindedly looked down to his crotch when responding, “Oh nothing much.”

Tim leaned down to whisper in his friend’s ear, “I think I am a little bigger than ‘nothing much’. Give me some credit.” Smiling mischievously into Dave’s eyes.

Dave blushed and then quickly added, “Tim, you don’t know what you are talking about! I asked you to stop it last week.” At this time Dave is absolutely flushed with embarrassment and excitement (?) pushing him half-heartedly away.

Again, Tim moved closer to Dave and whispered in his ear, “I know Bill is out with his wife tonight. I think there is something going on between you and him. And, I want to know, first hand.” He blew smoothly into Dave’s ear. “I have a room for tonight.”

“For us.” He added quietly, his lips brushing Dave’s ear.

Dave is amazed at what is happening! He looks at Tim again, thinking he is cute and good-looking. Glancing down and seeing the nice package in his jeans, “Did I just think that? That a guy, other than Bill of course :), has a nice package! [ His stomach does tumbles. ]

Tim whispered in his ear again, “Here is the address and room number. I am leaving now. Don’t go for at least five minutes. I don’t want the guys to get suspicious.” His tongue touched Dave’s ear lobe. Dave felt the male breath on his smooth neck and found himself subtly nodding to Tim.

Tim quickly and easily said good night to everyone, taking one last look at Dave before he turns his back and left the bar.

Dave realized he is looking at his friend differently as he watches him leave the bar.

“Yes”, he finally admitted to himself. “I am looking at his body, his ass, his crotch.” Dave continued to wonder while draining the beer that was in his hand. “What would that cock feel like in my hands or in my mouth?”

Dave fantasized even more, beginning to excite himself even more. His cock started to harden in his French cut, frilly white panties as his ass cheeks tightened.

“Oh my god! What if someone saw me staring at him? What if I go? Don’t go? What the.. This is crazy! I need a drink!”

Dave went to the bar and asked for a Jack and coke. “Easy on the coke and make it a double, please, Mandy,” he asked the sexy waitress. His eyes watched her jiggle those fine DD assets as she fixed the drink for him. Practicing in his mind how he could be as sexy and as much a turn-on for men as she is.

Taking the double shot of liquor while enjoying the white frilly panties confining his hardening dick. He felt the white stockings over his smooth legs adding to the effect.

“Wearing all of this sexy feminine apparel carefully hidden by the manly work shirt and jeans is such a fucking turn-on. And thinking about how to seduce and please another man!”

Dave’s mind reached a sexual fervor as he continued his dreaming. Downing the drink as quickly as possible, with visions of a new cock floating in Dave’s mind, he make the decision to “Go For It!”

With new swelling confidence and tightness in his pretty panties, Dave said goodnight to the guys and the pretty barmaid. Mandy gave him a smile and a thumbs-up sign (that he doesn’t even register) as he exited out of the bar into…

Dave smiled at the thought!

He finally departs the bar and hurriedly rushed to his car, unlocking it and getting inside. Sitting down and starting the engine with one hand while the other pressed onto his already hard cock through his jeans.

Dave pulled out of the parking spot and began driving to the motel-he doesn’t need the address as he and Bill had been there several times 🙂 before. Dave memorized the room number and threw the paper in the beer as soon as he finished the brew. “No traces.” Dave remembered thinking to himself at the time, “Bill taught me that.”

While driving to the secret rendezvous – to be with a man (!), Dave unzipped his pants and pressed his slender fingers onto his excited cock through his sexy mail order panties. “Mmmm.” He thought, “I should get into being ‘Darla’ as soon as possible! My clit.” His fingers ran up and down his length. “Ooohh. I better calm down!” Stopping at the light, he/she disappointedly zipped up the jeans and straightened the shirt.

A jumbling of emotions invaded Dave/Darla’s senses as she almost missed the turn for the motel. As the steering wheel turned, she is grateful that she has it memorized! Another wicked, sexy, luscious grin escaped her lips, thinking of the prior escapades with Bill.

Darla parked in the motel parking lot; her car next to Tim’s and began to wonder, “What does he expect? What does he want? How will he react?” A thousand other thoughts went through her lust-filled, cock-dreaming mind as she exited the car and opened the trunk. She opened the ordinary brown paper bag, taking out her purse to put on the clear, cherry flavored lipstick. She pursed her lips to make sure the lipstick covered evenly. Taking a deep breath, she put the purse back in the bag. Closing up the vehicle and with paper bag in hand, she began the short walk to the motel room.

Walking to the first floor (private room entrance) Darla began to swish a little, slowing her body to a soft, slow, sensuous pace. Trying to remember all the smooth motions of those sexy transgender male to females she and Bill have watched in “The Friendly Bar”. Darla mimicked those actions and felt as sexy as any other hot woman who wants to get fucked. (She grinned at this latest lascivious thought, her butt cheeks tightening and loosening in hopeful anticipation.)

Looking around as she neared the room, Darla noticed all the blinds are closed to the other rooms. Giggling upon seeing this, “That is not unusual. Bill and I are used to doing that ourselves for the privacy. Mmmm, Tim chose a perfect fuck joint!” Smiling to herself with renewed self-confidence, she noticed Tim closed the blinds to his room as well!

Knocking softly on the door, more thoughts run rapidly through her mind, “Will he like me? Does he know what he is doing? Does he know what Bill and I have been doing?”

Tim slowly opened the door a bit, looking as nervous as a school kid trying to get his girl into his parents’ house without anyone knowing.

His eyes light up upon seeing her. Tim is flustered, nervous, and shaking as he invited her inside.

As Darla entered the dimly lit motel room, she saw two empty wine glasses and a bottle of burgundy chilling in a cooler on a small table and the soft porn on the TV. The faint sounds of a man and woman in the middle of lovemaking filled the room.

Tim closed and locked the door. Taking a deep breath, turning to her and speaking rapidly, “I have never done this before. Never thought about it either but you and Bill have seemed so much happier in the past few weeks. Especially when you two leave the bar.”

Darla’s eyes lit up with the sudden possibility of being caught.

Tim continued, “Yes, I do notice that you two leave together or within five minutes of each other. And when I saw you show Bill something in the bathroom last week, I knew it! I knew something must be happening-something sexual. And you ARE here alone in a motel room with me.” He says quickly and quietly, looking down to the carpeted motel floor. He exhaled, trying to get his breathing and thoughts back in control.

Putting the package on the floor, Darla turned to totally face him. She moved forward a bit, seeing the sweet expression in his eyes, the nervousness of his body, his cute package (she did look down to steal a peek).

Tim spoke quickly, trying to sound comfortable about this unusual situation. “I hope you like the wine. I did not know what to do or get.” He looked at her hoping for approval.

Darla moved another step closer to him, putting her arms around his waist. Looking deeply into his eyes as she softened the tone in her voice, “Everything is perfect, Tim! This is just what I want as your date for tonight.”

He looked down into her eyes, his lips quivering, “I, I am, er, glad you like it.” His mind wavered, unsure to continue or put an end to this.

Darla sensed his hesitation and looked at his warm, coarse lips decided to take the first step, leaning up to touch her soft lips to his.

Darla can immediately tell he was pleasantly surprised by her gentleness. Her sweet tasting lips touched his rough, slightly open mouth. Tim let her kiss him as his hands hold her shoulders tentatively easing Darla forward.

She was careful to not touch lower waist to lower waist, wanting this moment to be his – and hers. To feel this man’s upper body on hers, to feel his strong lips pressed against her submissive soft lips, to hold her permissive feminine body was a dream come true.

Her tongue slipped out to lick his teeth. He opened his mouth slowly to allow it to ease inside. Darla slowly searched the inside of his mouth with her tongue making sure to control every movement, to slow her actions until he is more comfortable with having her tongue in his mouth. Tim was still passive as her tongue licks lightly on his. She can feel the heat of his inner mouth, his tongue trembling but slowly responding to her slow but deliberate erotic oral ministration. Soon, both pairs of lips soon press tightly. Their breathing heavy, almost labored, as both pulses race and libidos rise.

Darla sensed her hands move seemingly of their own will, sliding from his waist to his ass cheeks. Her fingers touched lightly on Tim’s jeans covered butt. Hearing a slight moan from him, she felt encouraged. Listening to his approving sighs, his tongue was now more active and slid past her teeth into her excited and willing mouth. She glided her fingers to his belt and around to meet the space between his belly and his crotch.

Tim’s hands are now caressing her back and shoulders. He lightly touched the back of her neck. Feeling the heat radiating from his strong fingers pressing on her naked skin, her passion and confidence builds. Darla’s trepidation and fear of rejection began to wane as she moved her hands to his belt buckle and began to undo it.

His breathing is hot and labored as his tongue pushed and twirled with hers. Darla was more excited and self-assured as she, with trembling and anxious fingers, undid the button to his jeans.

Tim broke his kiss from her, “Oh, Dave!”

She put a finger to his lips, “Darla, honey. Please call me Darla when we are like this.”

“Yes, Darla! Please. Oohhh, please.” He was barely audible, the passion of the moment taking him over.

The both of them are still standing as she nuzzled inside Tim’s neck and walked her fingers upward along his firm chest to slowly unbutton his shirt. Her lips kissed his neck and moved lower, touching his skin with her mouth and tongue. Darla’s hands removed his shirt, exposing his hairy chest and stomach. She leaned down to kiss each nipple, nibbling and sucking each into her hot mouth. She felt his rapid heart beat as the fingers of one of her hands lightly brushed its way to his unzipped pants.

Tim leaned heavily against the wall of the motel room, sighing and moaning-his words unintelligible but definitely approving (!) as her tongue and sexy lips found their way to his lower chest and then to his stomach.

Darla’s hands pulled down his pants slowly as her lips descended to his lower body. She soon found herself on her knees staring at a straining and beautiful white briefs enclosed cock. Impulsively, she kissed his underwear-covered balls, and tonguing her way slowly along the beautiful outline of the enclosed shaft and upward to kiss the precum spotted tip seeping through his tight briefs.

Looking up to see her lover’s arms against the wall, his eyes closed tightly. Tim’s body writhed under her soft touch and hot tongue. Watching his face contorted into sexual bliss, enraptured by her actions and turning him inside and out emotionally and physically.

Darla’s hands reached the waistband, easing the underwear down slowly, putting his now exposed cock tip to her totally excited and wet lips. Her first taste of his precum was warm and tasty. Her lips surrounding his cock head as she tasted more of that delicious sperm from this sexy male friend of hers. “Mmmm”, thinking to herself, “I can’t wait to feel and taste his hot and creamy load explode in my mouth!”

Not wanting to rush this moment because she was thoroughly enjoying the taste of his cock and the feel of his thick tool in her mouth, Darla slowly, almost painfully-to Tim, eased his underwear down, taking his shaft inside her mouth one-quarter inch at a time. She knew, from the experiences with Bill, to swirl the tongue around the head, taste the piss slit, and then to tongue the shaft as it moves deeper in her mouth. Her lips wrapped around this scrumptious cock’s width and swallowed more and more of his hard and thick dick. Easing his briefs down slowly, taking him between her lips with the same slow, sensuous pace. Only when her underwear-covered fingers reached his calves does Darla notice that she has him totally inside her mouth! Those pretty lips of hers are touching his hair-covered balls.


“I have him as deep as possible! Wow, what a great feeling this is!” Darla congratulated herself on taking him all the way! “I am deep-throating a sexy man!” Looking up to see his face contorted in sexual bliss, hearing him sigh his low and excited moans. She eased the underwear down his legs and caressed his balls with one hand. Her other hand is in between his legs and massaging his ass cheeks.

Darla hears a loud moan from him and feels his legs tremble with excitement. That lovely and hard cock jumping inside her mouth. Feeling his cum filled balls in her gentle fingers, she begins to milk them, hoping to taste more of his manly fluids as sweet precum fills the roof of her cock filled mouth.

“Oh, fuck, Darla! Oooooohhhhh! This feels soooo gooooddd!”

Encouraged even more, she slid his tasty, thick dick from her lips to suck solely on the cock head, pursing her lips tightly around the shaft and licking the piss slit. More of that precious precum seeps inside her mouth, as she knew that he was trying to hold back for as long as possible. She could feel the large vein on his shaft pulse, the cock tip expanding. Looking up to her lover, she placed small kisses on his cock head coating her lips with his taste. Darla took him in her mouth again-this time quick. Sliding his shaft between her lips and deeply in her throat. Pushing her head further between his legs to suck him down. And down. And down!

“Oh Darla! Ohhhhhh! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!” He held her head in his strong hands, releasing a torrent of cum in her mouth.

Her throat gulped his sweet tasting load into her belly, as she was so excited and happy and pleassssseeedd with herself! “MMMMMM!! I love his taste! I love his cum! I just made a man explode in my mouth! And he is still cumming in me! I can’t wait to tell Bill all about this!”

She pulled his cock out and stroked it so his post-orgasm cum dribbles across her cheeks and onto her chin. Darla smeared the cum-covered dick all over her face and smiled at Tim who was looking down at her, his face in complete delight!

She looked over to the radio clock mounted on the night table, and thought. “The night is still young and I haven’t even showed him how sexy and slutty I can be!”

Darla was still on her knees as she watched Tim come down from his orgasm. Seeing his breathing return to normal. The ear-to-ear smile was spread across his face. Darla’s cheeks, lips, and chin were lightly smeared with his cum. Her hard clitty bursting in the sexy panties.

Looking at his semi-hard cock come to life again, as she lightly stroked the shaft up and down. “Hmm. This could be one hell of a night, Darla!” She said to herself. Smiling as a small dollop of Tim’s delicious cum was still resting on her tongue.

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