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Liam knew he owned the school. He was the best football player this small local college had seen in years and there was even talk of him trying to go pro. He had his pick of all the girls on campus; life was good. Except for one little problem. His US History professor was tough. He didn’t even help the athletes out. In the tiny town in the south, most of the athletes were white, so there was no talk of any racial discrimination by this professor, but he discriminated against guys who were young, talented, handsome and played sports.

He had forced Liam and his buddy John to get a tutor. He figured the tutor would just write his papers for him, but the Professor had chosen the most uptight girl on campus, Cynthia Higgins. Cynthia was one of about twenty black kids on campus and she never did anything fun. Liam had looked her over a few times, she wasn’t bad looking, but she kept herself completely covered, not really his style. The first time they had met for tutoring he had tried his best southern charm. He knew he was a good looking guy: 6’3, broad shoulders, dark blond hair with blue eyes. He never failed.

“Ok, so turn to page thirty.” She said in her clipped northern tone.

“Hey you want to come to party with us later?” Liam smiled at her. John nodded. Liam took her in. Her black hair hung around her shoulders, smooth and straight, her skin was a warm brown that glistened. She seemed to have a decent body; her sweater revealed a nice pair of breasts and the knee length skirt made him wonder if her well shaped legs led to a well shaped ass.

“We are not here to talk about parties. Turn to page thirty.” Liam grimaced a little, so he would have to work harder…

As it turned out, no amount of charm or bribes to cool parties would work with Cynthia. She continued to make them do readings and write things. When it came time for the midterm Liam had had enough.

“Listen Cyn,” He had started calling her that even though she had repeatedly objected, “We have a game in two days and we need to focus. I and I assume John,” He turned to look at his nodding friend, “Cannot sit and write a stupid paper on French resistance to the war.”

“Revolution.” She corrected.

“Whatever. Can’t do it. So why don’t you knock out two of these papers and put our names on them and be done with it. I mean, it really isn’t like you have a life outside of school anyway.” He smirked at her. Cynthia cut her almond shaped eyes.

“You may think I don’t have a life and you also may think I cheat, but I don’t. Either do your paper or don’t, not my problem but I’m not doing it for you.” She slammed her text book, “And honestly, I’m sick of the two of you. You walk around here like you are God’s gift and don’t do work and screw around with everything you see in a skirt. You are disgusting and worthless. I’m done tutoring you.” She stood up looking over their heads and marched out of the library.

John looked at Liam, “Bitch.” He said as he let out a breath.

“What do we do to girls like that Johnny?” Liam clapped him on the back.

“What?” John ran a hand through his short dark hair.

“Teach them a lesson.”

Liam and John formulated their plan that evening. They called Cynthia and apologized asked her to come to Liam’s apartment to help them work on their papers. She had resisted a lot, but when Liam threw in that he would tell the Professor how great of a teacher she was, she gave in, he knew she wanted to be a TA in that class after she graduated.

Cynthia showed up at 7:30 sharp wearing her normal sweater and skirt routine. Liam opened the door for her.

“Hey Cyn thanks for coming.” He shut the door behind her and locked it.

“It’s Cynthia. Where’s John.” She put her textbook on the table.

“Oh he’s right back here in my office room. It’s where I do my work.” He held his hand out to show her down the hall. “First door on the left.” He smiled

“You have an office?” She muttered as she went into the room.

John was sitting on the bed waiting.

“Hey Cyn come on in.” He laughed.

“This is not an office.” She turned to leave, but Liam stopped her, pushing her further into the room.

“Sorry Cyn, change of plans.”

He threw her on the bed.

“Tie her hands up.” He told John.

John wrapped the ropes around her small brown wrists with his large white hands. He laughed as she squirmed against Liam and his weight. She didn’t stand a chance. She was 5’6, a little tall for a girl, but she couldn’t have weighed more than 130 lbs. He and Liam both stood 6’3 and though John was a little skinnier than Liam, they were both strong.

“Please stop this, I’ll do whatever you want, I’ll write your papers.” Cynthia said as she tried to squirm away from them.

“Too late, we thought of something more fun!” Liam pulled her perfect little skirt off and opened his mouth in surprise. “Cyn my god, a thong!” He slapped her bare, brown ass hard. She let out a small scream of shock.

“Oh we can’t have her screaming Johnny.” Liam pulled the black thong off and tossed it to John who shoved it between her plump lips.

“Taken care of.” John laughed.

“Now let’s get that sweater off of her.” John reached for a pair of scissors in the drawer of the nightstand and sliced her sweater off revealing a black bra with a gorgeous pair of brown tits. John let out a sigh of approval and ripped her bra off.

Cynthia now lay still, shocked by what was happening.

“Flip her back over.” Liam commanded as he pulled his belt off. He got Cynthia on her knees. “Now Cyn, you have been a big bitch to us. You wouldn’t help us and you tried to tell us what to do. So John and I decided to teach you a little lesson about us southern boys.” He doubled up his belt and let it fly at her round brown ass, “Don’t fuck with us.” He then began to spank her in earnest. Each slap of his belt hitting in the same spot. John watched as he friend got more and more into it. He wanted to get a try at her too so he moved near to Liam and began to spank her other ass cheek with his hand.

Cynthia was moaning now from the pain and the pleasure. She had never had anyone do anything like this to her before and she couldn’t believe she liked it.

John reached a hand under Cynthia to feel her pussy and noticed she was wet.

“Hey Liam, she’s getting wet from this.” Liam gave her ass one last smack and then started to laugh.

“Oh yea?” He started to rub her pussy. “Why don’t you go get yourself a blow job while I work on her back here.” John didn’t have to be told twice. He pulled his pants off and pulled his cock out.

He moved close to Cynthia’s head and removed the panties from her mouth.

“Please…” She started.

“Shut up bitch.” He answered as he shoved his hard white cock into her mouth. Cynthia’s eyes got wide as he shoved it down her throat. He held her head and let out a sigh.

Liam meanwhile was still rubbing her pussy and watching John fuck her pretty brown face. “Let’s see how you like this Cyn.” He said quietly.

He bent behind her and began to lick her pussy up and down. He held her round ass checks and he shoved his tongue inside her and started fucking her pussy with it. He massaged her ass and let his fingers creep slowly toward her asshole. He couldn’t believe she tasted so good. He had never thought she was particularly sexy, but like this, tied up and as his mercy, she was sexy as hell. He kept his tongue firmly inside her as he let his finger push into her ass.

Cynthia felt Liam’s hand and tried to get away from him. She pushed against John’s hand. John was caught off guard and his dick popped out of her mouth. He looked to what Liam was doing and saw his friends face smothered by the black girl’s ass, his white finger poking in and out of her asshole. His dick got harder just watching. He looked down at Cynthia who had small tears coming from her eyes.

“Yea bitch, you like that don’t you? Get over here.” He grabbed her head again and forced her mouth down on his cock.

Liam began to finger fuck her ass harder, moving her ass checks with his other hand as he ate her pussy viciously. He wanted to hurt her and pleasure her and get as much of himself inside of her as he could. He sat up a little removing his tongue and watched his finger going in and out of her black ass. He slapped her sore ass hard with his other hand.

“You like this bitch?” He said loud enough for Cynthia to hear.

“Tell him you like it slut.” Johnny said as he removed his cock.

Cynthia shook her head. Johnny slammed his cock down her throat.

“Tell. Him. You. Like. It.” He said slamming her mouth harder with every word.

He pulled out.

“I like it.” Cynthia said weakly.

That was all Liam needed to hear. He licked her pussy one last time, then stood up and pulled his hard cock out. He lined himself up with her pussy and then slammed inside of her hard.

Cynthia cried out. Johnny stood watching and rubbing his cock as Liam fucked the small black girl senseless. He could tell even though Cynthia was trying not to get into it, she was enjoying herself. He reached down and started to pull on her nipples, then when that was enough, he lay beneath her hard rocking body and started to suck on them.

“I’m fucking you so hard Cyn.” Liam said as he pumped his cock in and out of her tight pussy. She was so tight that Liam wondered if she were a virgin, not that he really cared if he was hurting her; that was half the fun. The thought made him slam his body into her even harder.

“Take that bitch.” He said as he grabbed her ass checks and continued to fuck her pussy. He could hear the sound his skin was making as it slapped against her sweaty dark skin. Cynthia was now only making soft sounds each time he pushed into her. Her face lay on the bed and she was biting down on the sheets.

Johnny finished sucking on her nipples and stood up. He watched her carefully knowing she was into it. He pulled again on her nipples.

“Come on slut, cum, I know you want to.” He bent down now and kissed her on her lips. He felt her sensations. She came hard as Liam fucked her and John stood kissing her and pulling on her nipple. Johnny pulled away.

“She just came man.” He said to Liam who was still fucking her hard. Liam smacked her ass hard and then he followed.

“I’m cumming in your pussy Cyn.” He shouted as he filled her with his cum. He pumped her a couple of more times then pulled out.

Cynthia felt betrayed by her body. She had only had sex once before this and never had she cum from that. Liam, had made her cum. She relaxed, it was over now.

“My turn.” Johnny said as he flipped her onto her back. Liam laughed at the look on Cynthia’s face.

“Did you think it was just going to be me?” He smirked and walked over to suck a dark nipple into his mouth. The touch of his mouth made Cynthia tingle again.

Johnny slid on a condom. He spread her long, chocolate legs wide and speared his hard cock inside her.

“Oh yea!” He shouted as he began to thrust in and out of her. Liam kept sucking on her nipples pushing her closer and closer. Then he reached down and starter to rub her clit in circles while his friend fucked her pussy hard. Liam looked up at Cynthia who was looking down at him. She bit down on her thick, red lip and came hard. It was pretty much the sexiest thing Liam had ever seen. He rose up and kissed her hard on the mouth, this time feeling something for the black girl lying beneath him and getting fucked by his friend. He reached up and pulled her hair, making her look up at him.

“Tell me I fucked you better.” He said in a deep threatening voice.

Cynthia locked eyes with him but didn’t move her mouth.

“Tell me bitch.” He pulled harder and at the same time grabbed one of nipples in a squeezing grip.

Cynthia cried out in pain just as Johnny came inside of her.

“You were better.” She said quietly.

“I gotta go take a shower.” Johnny said in a satisfied tone as he stumbled toward Liam’s bathroom.

When he was gone Liam ran his hands all over Cynthia’s body keeping his eyes locked with hers.

“You liked this.” It wasn’t a question but Cynthia nodded, “It was better than any other sex you’ve had. It made you feel dirty and used and it got you off.”

Cynthia nodded.

“But you liked that it was me didn’t you?” He let his hand cup her pussy. He started to rub his thumb around on her clit.

“Yes.” She sighed. His mouth followed his thumb and he knelt between her legs and began to eat her. He put her legs up over his shoulders and grabbed her ass so that he could have full access to her.

“Yes Liam.” Cynthia moaned. She started to hump his mouth, pushing her pussy up to him. He growled at her, taking her clit into his mouth and sucking on it hard as he looked into her eyes. Cynthia felt the sensation hit her hard and she came in his mouth.

Liam sat back, dominance in his eyes.

“I could fuck you anytime I want now.” Cynthia nodded.

He rolled her onto her stomach and untied her arms. She rubbed her wrists and sat up.

“Kiss me.” He commanded as she sat up on her knees. She kissed his mouth gently, the way someone kisses without much experience. He pulled away, “Suck my cock.” He pushed on her shoulders. Cynthia stepped off of the bed and suck to her knees. She noticed how big Liam’s cock was and she hardly believed he had been inside her, but she could still feel him. She took his cock into her mouth and began to suck on it until it got hard. Liam pushed her head down onto his cock and began to fuck her mouth brutally. Cynthia put her hands against his thighs to push away, but he was too strong.

“Make me cum Cyn.” He commanded as he fucked her perfect little face. He slammed his cock into her mouth, mashing his pubic hair into her face and moving his hips in a circle. When he felt himself getting ready to cum, he let it go deep inside her throat. When he was finished, Cynthia stood.

“I have a game and I need you to write John and me a paper for history.” He stroked her hair. The gentleness shocked Cynthia.

“Ok, I’ll have it on Friday. I’ll put it in the Professor’s mailbox.”

“Fine. Then come here right after. And where your usual outfit, but a red thong Cyn.”


“And Cyn, call me sir from now on.”

She looked up into his icy blue eyes, “Yes sir.”

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