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I hadn’t been home in nearly three weeks and it felt good to be alone in my beach house finally, as I lazily began to strip off my clothes and make my way to the staircase that led to my bedroom. Past all the unopened mail that lay scattered across my pool table without a second glance at it, I flung my clothes haphazardly as I peeled them off sending my grey tee across the leather chair in the corner and my bra somewhere behind me as I reached the staircase.

My cell phone continued to ring incessantly as I climbed the stairs, I pulled it out of the back pocket of the leather pants I had on before turning it off and carelessly tossing it across my king-size bed.

Stretching languidly I assumed that whoever it was on the other end could wait, I had handled my problem of a greedy drug dealer in the Bahamas, and someone who had thought he could steal from me and get away with it.

So, as far as I was concerned there was absolutely nothing that I could possibly need to handle this late at night, glancing at my Rolex I checked the time and it was just past midnight.

I stopped long enough to turn on my iPod , and let the raspy, jazz soaked voice of Macy Gray filter throughout the room before making my way to into the bathroom and to a much needed shower.

I let the near scalding water flow over my achy, tired muscles, before turning up the cold and relishing in the warm soothing spray. A million thoughts raced through my mind as I stood under the pulsing spray, the past weeks had been non stop and hectic, long meetings and even longer waiting games, coupled with quite a lot of traveling by both plane and boat.

It took a while for me and the few loyal members of my crew who I had brought with me, to track down the drug dealer after he had stolen my money and my client’s product, both of those choices had proven to be bad for the small time thug. After years of providing shipping services to my clients, my reputation had preceded any thoughts of easy money for the new hot shot dealer and would prove entirely futile on his part.

After tracking him to a hotel on the south side of Nassau with the help of local street dealers looking for credit with me, he had been delivered to me in the middle of the night and in a run down, dark warehouse just near the port. There, I, with the help of one of my crew convinced him to give up my money and my client’s product.

I expedited the shipment of cocaine that was now weeks behind schedule and got back most of my money and left the crooked dealers fate up to my client, as a good will gesture between long time partners.

Once things were well wrapped up, I didn’t wait around to see that justice would be delved out appropriately, of that I had no doubt and I was on the next plane back to Miami and then home to savannah.

Slowly all of it that darkness of the past weeks had began to fade away and I could feel myself begin to relax as I slowly soaped my body washing away the violent images of the past weeks that were lingering there.


My thoughts drifted to Rachael Harris, the engaged gorgeous banker who laundered money for me, and the torrid affair we had been having.

I hadn’t intended to run into her when I planned to meet Caroline Carson at my brother’s restaurant earlier in the evening, to handle one last bit of business before I could finally go home.

I had walked out of my brother’s office after giving Caroline her money for the diamonds I had moved for her and Caroline in all her scandalous glory had quipped as we walked out together.

“As usual Jordan, you know exactly what I like.” She had then kissed me softly on the lips, smiling at me deviously before turning around and bumping into Rachael.

The anger that flashed across the beautiful brunettes face was obvious, her glare directed solely on me.

I had been avoiding her in the last few weeks, not intentionally it was just how things had played out.

“Go easy on her dear, she’s a creature of habit.” Caroline had offered as she stepped casually past the clearly angry woman.

Leaving the two of us alone in the narrow hallway and me not in any mood to deal with anything else tonight from anyone.

“The last time I saw or spoke to you Jordan, was three weeks ago!” she growled stepping closer to me and out of the way of the servers shuffling by.

I was exhausted and in no mood for any attitude from her, but I knew full well she would be angry with me and that I probably deserved her wrath.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware that I needed to check in.” I said sarcastically.

My comment only seemed to piss her off more, the look in her eyes dangerous as she glared at me.

The tension growing between the two of us in the narrow corridor was suffocating to me, and I moved to step past her only to be stopped by her hand on my hip.

“We need to talk.” she said her voice a whisper so none of the patrons or servers heard her.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t have time for a quickie in a storage closet, I’m exhausted and I want to go home.” I snapped rudely as I stepped past her.

Rachael’s look said she was clearly taken aback at my attitude, and stood quietly fuming as I left her standing there, still very angry with me.

My cell began to ring the moment I stepped outside the restaurant, ignoring it I had climbed into my Porsche and headed home.

As I stepped out of the shower and toweled off, I knew that I had handled the situation with her wrong, that I had let what tiredness I felt overtake my rationality and that I was being selfish with my time.

It would take me a while to decompress from the things I had done over the past weeks and a few days of Rachael being angry with me wouldn’t hurt anything and I would call her in a few days a smooth things over.

I finished drying off, slipped on a pair of black boyshorts and brushed my teeth before turning off the light and walking casually out of the bathroom, singing along with Pink as I strolled casually into my dimly lit bedroom only to stop mid stride.

The fact that Rachael was standing in my bedroom waiting for me after my shower made me furious at being caught off guard, and the fact that I was only wearing a pair of tiny shorts and the various tattoos that covered my nearly naked body made me feel vulnerable.

Rachael had changed clothes since our encounter at the restaurant earlier, into faded Levis, sandals and an old worn Aerosmith concert tee.

God she was stunning, either dressed for banking or just casual like tonight she could take my breath away.

The way she was hungrily staring at me, taking in my exposed body with those intense green eyes only added to my anger at her intrusion.

I made no effort to cover myself there was no need for modesty, as I stood there defiantly staring at her in disbelief.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” I snapped harshly at her.

Rachael advanced on me slowly, not put off by my obvious displeasure at her invasion of my privacy.

“You gave me the alarm code weeks ago remember, you said use it whenever I wanted.” she said, her tone flippant.

She was standing just in front of me now within arms length, her gaze wandering lazily over my breasts, as a devious smile grew at the corner of her luscious lips.

“Is there something you want?” I asked her again, trying to keep my temper in check.

As I moved to step past her, suddenly needing clothes to shake the vulnerability I felt, she stepped with me blocking me between her and my king-size wrought iron bed.

” I clearly think we have a misunderstanding , when I saw you earlier tonight it wasn’t about having a quick romp in a back room, as much as I do enjoy that side of you.” she began continuing to take in my naked body, not caring that she was being blatant about it.

“Then what did you want, it’s late and I’m exhausted?”

Rachael paused a minute before continuing , her hand softly brushing the hair out of my face, making me step back from her only to be blocked by the bed.

“As business partners, I expect a certain amount of courtesy and respect from you, so when I call you repeatedly to handle our transfer schedule I expect you to answer whether your in town or not.” Her tone was almost threatening as if she was telling me what I was going to do.

“Is that…” I began but was cut off quickly by her sharp growl of a warning, the dominant tone in her voice and how she now spoke to me, controlling me and the situation made my anger at her turn into something else.

“Shut your damn mouth I’m not finished … no money drops for two weeks and all of a sudden I’m supposed to clean a half a million dollars for you overnight!” Her voice began to raise, her anger with me clear.

Rachael was angrier than I had ever seen her and the way she was glaring at me now made me shiver. I was never questioned by anyone, and never second guessed in how I handled my business, and no one spoke to me this way, not ever.

Not without repercussions.

As I moved away from her, needing a little space, she reached out grabbing my forearm and pulling me back to her, bringing us face to face.

“I am not one of your thug clients, you need to do business with me but I certainly don’t need to do business with you.” she leaned in closer to me and I turned away from her slowly.

Not wanting her to realize the effect she was having on me, to see how turned on I was becoming simply by her chastising me, her fingers on my forearm felt as if they were searing into my skin starting a slow, deep burn .

“Do you understand me, Jordan?” she asked.

The soft way my named rolled off her tongue mesmerized me, just like it always does. She had asked me something I was sure of it, but the only sound I heard was the blood rushing through my ears and the hitch of my labored breathing.

Rachael’s other hand slid into my still damp hair and tangled her fingers through it at the back of my neck firmly, turning my head slowly forcing me to look at her.

The instant I connected to those hypnotic green eyes of hers a sly, knowing grin followed her instant realization, and she gripped my hair a little tighter before she leaned in just inches from my lips.

“I want you to say it, tell me you understand me?” she asked against my lips in a whisper.

“I understand.” I said quietly.

” You understand what?” she asked, letting her free hand slide up my arm slowly ,letting the back of her hand brush against my nipple softly making me gasp.

I didn’t answer her right away; I was savoring the feeling that was coursing through me.

“I’m waiting!” she growled lower, pinching my hardened nipple enough to make me moan against her lips.

My haste in answering her only seemed to frustrate the gorgeous brunette more, Rachael was barely touching me and I was literally throbbing at the idea of being taken by her, being controlled by her.

I wanted this, needed it badly.

I spent so much time in total control that I wanted someone to take it from me; the thought of being possessed completely by her was intoxicating to me.

“Do you want more?” her question a whisper as she ran her thumbs softly across my aching nipple.

I nodded slightly, knowing it would push her even more by not answering her.

With her firm grip at the back o my neck, she spun me around and pulled me back against her, pinning my arms behind me and between our bodies.

With one hand around my throat tightly, but not enough to harm me she slid her other hand slowly down my stomach.

Making me squirm against her , my breathing becoming faster as she gripped the waistband of the tiny black shorts I wore , pulling upwards slowly making me moan and grind back against her.

The feel of the thin material moving back and forth across my clit was making me dripping wet for her, pulling me into a place I hadn’t let myself go in a very long time.

“Tell me what I want to hear Jordan and I promise you’ll get more, so much more” her whispered offer was followed by a gentle slap against my pussy, making my clit throb even harder.

I cried out at the shudder that went through me, as Rachael’s throaty, confident chuckle reverberated through my back.

“I’m sorry.” I mumbled trying to form words but her fingers circling my clit ever so lightly through the thin cotton was making it very difficult for me.

“I don’t believe you.” Another soft slap, followed by the same throaty chuckle from her

The hand at my throat moved to my left breast, cupping it gently before pinching the nipple forcefully. My fingers dug deeply into her thighs as I cried out, the sensation amazing as she ran her tongue up my neck before biting at my earlobe.

“I’m sorry; I understand I was out of line and it won’t happen again.” I said breathlessly, pushing against the hand teasing me wanting more.

I was turned around and shoved roughly back onto my bed, my breathing quickening in anticipation as she stood over me, a triumphant smirk on her beautiful face .

“Good girl.” she chimed, praising me as she took in my near naked, waiting body, slowly she peeled off her clothes and tossed them casually to the floor.

“I want you naked!” she demanded, and I moved quickly.

Without hesitation the shorts were pulled off and tossed aside leaving myself completely naked for her.

Rachael crawled slowly up the bed over me, straddling me and grinding slowly against me, making me writhe underneath her.

Lightly her spread fingers moved up and down my stomach, teasing every muscle making me move under her again and moan.

Her grin was lascivious, her eyes dark and lust filled as she moved slowly against me disregarding my efforts for more contact. Each time my hips rose off the bed to push against her she would push me back down with both of her hands pinning me to the bed as she continued to move.

Rachael was using my body however she wanted, starting a slow, sensuous grind that would surely leave me begging for release.

My hands moved to her hips again gripping them tightly, trying to keep her in just the right spot. Only to have my hands pinned back down again roughly over my head and told not to move.

She leaned into me, warm naked flesh against warm naked flesh as she teased me into a greedy, starved kiss. Rachael moaned into my mouth as she shifted to slip her thigh between mine, the sensation almost too much against my swollen pussy.

Her full lips continued their onslaught, her warm tongue teasing me as the kiss deepened and she began to grind just a little harder.

I moaned breaking the kiss, arching my hips into her as she ground down against me, picking up a perfect rhythm with her.

Our moans and gasps coming in unison as we moved together, each delicious touch making me shudder under her. I wrapped my leg around her hip changing the angle and making her cry out and sit up, grinding harder into me as she worked her pelvis back and forth.

I was so close I was shaking with the need for release, my breathing becoming harder with each thrust.

Rachael leaned back down over me, and slid her right hand between us, pulling away as she did giving herself more room.

“Spread your legs!” she commanded and I instantly obeyed.

Those warm lips claimed mine in another searing kiss as she slipped two fingers into me.

“Oh… god yes!” Rachael moaned at the feel of how wet I was for her.

My entire body shuddered at the feel of her fingers as they began to slip easily in and out of me drawing a long slow moan from me.

Rachael broke our kiss and pulled back, her fingers now sliding faster, my hips moving on their own meeting each of her thrusts.

As she pushed deeper into me I arched up into her, my hands tangling in her hair pulling her down into me, and back into another heated kiss.

My hands were at her hips again holding on as she thrust deeper and harder, I closed my eyes and gave myself up to her completely as she continued to pump her fingers in and out of my dripping, quivering pussy.

Rachael ground against me breathlessly, sliding back and forth on my thigh as she moved, I could feel my orgasm begin deep down in the pit o my stomach a coiling mass of pleasure that was about to explode.

I grabbed the hand between my legs pulling her deeper into me.

“Deeper…” I moaned arching into her hand again as spasms of pleasure began to shoot throughout my body.

My moans of more and don’t stop were met with an intensity that I rarely give into and Rachael curled her fingers slightly as she felt my muscles tightening around her fingers.

“Give it to me Jordan, show me how bad you need this.” she growled into my ear.

As if on command I went right I’ve the edge, my body shaking as I came, flooding her fingers with each pounding thrust. Gasping for air as the contractions continued in a wave throughout my entire being as I rode out one of the best orgasms I had ever had.

The contractions were slowing and my body was becoming mine again, I tried to regulate my breathing as Rachael continued to move her fingers inside me.

My entire body was shaking as she stroked back and forth agonizingly slow, before slipping her fingers out and trailing them up my body before slipping them between her full lips, and sucking them clean.

“Mmmmmm I’m not done.” she grinned as she began to trail light kisses down my neck, stopping at my breast to take one of my nipples into her mouth and sucking on it hard before releasing it with an audible pop.

“Fuck!” I gasped as she continued her slow descent down my body.

I began to shake again and grabbed onto the comforter under my fingers as she slid her tongue gently through my soaked folds .The satisfied moan that came from her rattled my entire body as she began to bite gently at my swollen lips.

Both of Rachael’s hands pushed my knees further apart, spreading me open for her as she licked the entire length of my pussy slowly, making me cry out.

“Oh fuck Rachael!” I arched into her warm wet mouth as she sucked my clit between her lips and held it there, teasing me by barely sucking at the aching little bundle.

My breathing suddenly changed as the throb between my legs became almost too intense to take. My legs shook each time she sucked just a little harder, and I couldn’t stop my hips as they pushed up into her talented mouth.

“Yes yes yes… “I chanted as she started making tiny circles around my clit.

My hands went to her hair, tangling through it and gripping it tightly as I ground harder against her face.

“Don’t stop…please don’t stop ….please…” I begged, over and over again.

I lurched violently against her as she slipped two fingers into me again and twisted them before pulling out and plunging back in deeper.

My grip on her brunette locks tightened as I felt another orgasm building deep in me, as Rachael alternated between sucking hard at my clit and making soft, lazy circles I became a mass of shuddering flesh and ragged breathe as I came.

The sounds of pleasure poured from me continuously chanting her name over and over and over as if it were my mantra, echoing throughout the room mixed within the thumping beat of the music.

As my shaking body came down Rachael slipped her fingers out of me and crawled slowly up my body, straddling me again and sliding her wet fingers between those damn sexy lips of hers.

“Mmmmm I do love the taste of you.” she teased as she ground against my stomach.

I could feel how excited she was, how wet and ready she was.

My hands began to move on her body, over her full breasts tweaking her nipples and making her gasp. I could taste myself on her lips as she leaned in for another kiss before she sat up giving me a pleased with herself smile.

“I want to come all over this beautiful face.” she purred, her fingers tracing my parted lips.

I moved quickly, sliding lower and pulling her hips with my hands until her knees were on either side of my head and her waiting sex just inches from my mouth.

I slid my hands around to the small of her back, around her hips and up her toned stomach and cupped both her full breasts, squeezing them as I slid my flat tongue against her throbbing pussy.

“Oh fuck yes Jordan!” her throaty moan, rumbling through her as I softly started to suck at her clit.

Both of Rachael’s hands went to the headboard, grasping the rails tightly as she began to rock gently against my lips and tongue.

“Yes baby, suck my clit …yessssssss!” she hissed, her tone commanding and firm.

I did exactly as I was told, alternating between sucking on her hardened clit and slipping my tongue as deep into her as I could go.

Rachael began to move faster as I worshiped her, devouring her and intent on making her come for me. My hands held her hips as she rocked back and forth against my greedy mouth, her breathing coming in short gasps mixed with breathless cries of pure pleasure. Taking a firmer grip on her rolling hips, I started making tiny flicks with my tongue that made her cry out loudly.

Rachael’s entire body began to shake, every muscle tensed as she grew closer and closer.

With one hand sill on the headboard she tangled the fingers of her other hand in my hair guiding me where she wanted me, grinding harder as I sucked deeply on her clit, letting it slide through my lips before sucking at it again.

“That’s it …don’t stop, ugh Jordan don’t stop!”

Her words became incoherent through her gasping for air as her orgasm overtook her, racking her body with spasm after spasm as I kept sucking hungrily at her clit, my hands pulling her hips into my mouth as she came.

The site of this gorgeous creature above me was intoxicating; I let my hands wander her body lazily as she rode out the waves pulsing through her. Over her toned tan skin, cupping and pinching her breasts and nipples as she began to slow her grinding and tried to control her breathing.

Rachael pulled away from me, moaning as she did at the loss of contact and slid down my body as she straddled me and pulled me into a long, slow lazy kiss.

I didn’t give her a chance to recover, as I sat up and pulled her with me, her weak body still shivering from her orgasm. I kept kissing her as I sat us up, wrapping those long tan legs around my waist and slid one hand between her legs.

Rachael broke our heated kiss, at the feel of my fingers sliding lightly back and forth in the wetness I found there.

“Jordan, mmmmmmmm.” she moaned.

Tangling my hand in her brunette locks I twisted and pulled her head back roughly, I wanted to consume her and she was more than willing to let me.

I slid three fingers deep into her, making her cry out once more in pure pleasure.

Warm, wet walls spread and throbbed around my slippery fingers as I pumped into her. Rachael quickly lost control again, shaking and gasping as another orgasm built within her.

Twisting my fingers inside her, I bent my thumb and let it bump against her clit as she began to pump harder on my probing fingers.

I kissed slowly down the column of her exposed neck as she leaned back and opened even deeper for me.

I tightened my grip in her hair and pushed my fingers deeper into her, and let the palm of my hand grind against her clit. I ran my tongue over each of her nipples lightly before biting at them which made her grind harder against my hand, l pulled her backward changing the angle of my fingers and making her slam against my hand roughly at the new contact.

Rachael threw her arms around my neck and held on tightly as she began to shake with every deep pounding thrust I gave, relishing in the feel of her.

Her whole body was shaking uncontrollably as she continued to move, her breathing shallow and her eyes glazed over with lust.

Pulling my fingers out quickly, I pulled her back on top of me straddling my face again and sucked her clit between my lips and stroked it softly with my tongue as sucked her off.

My named escaped her lips again as she came, grinding against my face with each jolt of pleasure her orgasm gave her and I took in every delicious drop of wetness as it flowed from her. As her orgasm subsided Rachael slid down the length of my body and pulled me into a deep slow lingering kiss.

I woke a few hours later, face down on my king-size bed to find Rachael gone and my best friend of twenty years and business partner Becca standing over with a disapproving look.

“I told you to come home and get some rest, not party all night …dammit Jordan! She snapped.

“We have to be in Atlanta by noon, or did you forget we have that car deal to work out?” She asked.

I sat up slowly trying to get my bearings; I had only been asleep a few hours after practically passing out from my night with Rachael.

“What time is it?” I asked as I stretched and ran my hands through my hair.

“Almost eight thirty, so move your ass!”

I was hit with a pair of jeans flung at me from the other side of the room, followed by a shirt and my boots.

I stood slowly, my body tired and pleasingly sore from the night before and slipped on the jeans before turning to face her.

“Please tell me that is not a new tattoo?” becca asked, as she pointed at my chest. “Jordan you have got to stop banging the strippers from the club, I mean really?”

“What?” I asked confused and a bit groggy still.

“If it is, you had to have been drunk because it’s a hideous tattoo and who the hell gets the word porcupine tattooed on their chest?” She quipped before turning and walking toward the stairs.

I turned to the full length mirror, laughing at my best friend’s silliness as I finally saw what she was talking about.

She had clearly misread it, and her assumption of who I had spent the night with was clearly wrong too.

It wasn’t the word porcupine it was the word concubine written in red lipstick between my breasts and down the length of my stomach.

“I gotta shower!” I yelled, only to be answered by more grumbling from downstairs.

I looked at my reflection again smiling at the words written in red across my chest, and pondered their meaning.

Concubine, lover, paramour, however you said it the meaning was all the same, I grinned again at the idea that Rachael had labeled me as hers before she left.

Our torrid affair was changing, developing past random encounters here or there whenever we had a chance, to something that neither one of us wanted to deny.

A need that I wanted to fill and a ride I was going to take with her no matter the consequences, I was addicted to the gorgeous banker and had every intention on feeding my habit for as long as I could.

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