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It was Concha’s first year as a teacher. Fresh out of college, the only job she could get was working at the adult center and as a substitute teacher. It was hard to make ends meet on a part time salary. She was placed on a waiting list and was told she would get a call when a position became available. Concha ran into one of her old high friends. Dulce was working at a gentlemen’s club a few cities down. She told Concha it was ideal because she could work and nobody in town would know.

Concha was five foot six inches told and weighed close to 120 pounds. Her long straight black hair and big brown eyes told you she was Mexican. Dulce kept trying to convince Concha because she told her she could make a lot of money because of her natural 28ds and that firm round ass. She had a pair shape figure that men loved. They laughed about how in high school Concha had all the boys and teachers hard. After a few dinner drinks Concha was convince to give it a try.

Sure enough Concha was hired on the spot. Dulce got her a little naughty school girl outfit because she thought it would be funny for teacher. Concha loved the irony and wore it for her first dance. When Concha got off stage she was still shaking with nerves. The butterflies in her stomach had turned to vultures and Concha thought she would vomit. Everyone hugged her and told her she was a natural dancer. Outside the DJ and men kept calling her back out on stage. Concha needed to rest before she danced again. That night Concha put on two more showed but was excused from working the floor like the rest of the girls. But starting next week she had to do everything.

Concha was enjoying her life. She had a job that paid the bills and another one she loved doing. One night Concha was working the floor when one of the girls said she had a client that was asking for her specifically. She walked over and her jaw almost fell to the floor. It was her old boss from college. He had hired her to do some tutoring and here he was watching her work. Moreover, her mom was his secretary. He motioned her over and asked her to sit. Concha’s face was flush with embarrassment. But she took the seat anyways.

“Hi Concha, how are you doing? Long time no see,” he said.

“I’m ok. How are you? What are you doing here,” she replied.

“We’re here for a conference and I decided to unwind,” he told her.

Concha remembered the difference conferences they had attended during her time at the university. Mr. Rodriguez would always disappear after dinner. He would tell them they didn’t need an old man to slow them down. Now she knew where he went.

“Is there what you would do when you left us?” she asked to confirm.

“You caught me. Yes, I would come here and relax,” he answered honestly.

“You always looked to stern, like you were going to church. I would never have pictured you in a place like this,” she told him.

He laughed. “Trust me I had a hard time hiding my boners when you girls were around. You were all very sexy but so naïve and young. I’m glad you never caught me checking you out. Especially when you bent over, I couldn’t control myself half the time,” he told her.

Concha went a deep red. Here she used to look at him as a father figure just to find out he wanted to fuck her. Mr. Rodriguez was talking to Concha’s tits when she returned from her daydream. The tiny top she had on almost showed her dark brown nipples and Mr. Rodriguez was enjoying the view.

“Dam mijita you some nice round tits,” he told her as he adjusted his crotch.

He had a huge hard on and he was absent mindedly rubbing it right in front of her. Hearing him curse and seeing him rubbing cock through his pants made Concha blush more. She had never heard him talk like this and would never image this man with a hard on.

Mr. Rodriguez pulled the front of her tiny little school girl outfit up and stared at Concha’s camel toe.

“MMMm que rico, he muttered. Half the time you used to come into my office in skirt I wanted to do this,” he confessed. “Look at that tiny little pussy in that tiny thong.”

Before Concha would compose herself she had slapped his hand away. Immediately she apologized. She was working and he was still a customer. But the pit boss had seen what happened and hurried over.

“Is there a problem here?” he asked.

“No Jack we’re having a great time. Isn’t that right Mr. Rodriguez,” nervously smiled Concha hoping he would not be too mad and agree.

“No of course not Jack you know the girls always treat me good when I come here,” answered Mr. Rodriguez.

“Well if you say so Mr. Rodriguez. You’ve been a steady and loyal customer for many years. I just want you to be happy,” replied Jack.

“And your girls always do a great job,” answered Mr. Rodriguez as he squeezed Concha’s upper thigh.

“Well Peaches (Concha’s stage name) will make sure of that. Won’t you Peaches,” stated Jack more than asked.

“Yes of course,” she replied.

“Jack is the private room ready,” asked Mr. Rodriguez.

“For you, yes. Come with me let me show you,” answered Jack.

Mr. Rodriguez motioned for Concha to follow Jack. She was sure he wanted to check out her ass as she walked away. Jack closed the door to the private suite when Mr. Rodriguez and Concha entered. Concha felt Mr. Rodriguez’s hand on her back and he gently pushed her forward. She put her hands on the table and looked over her shoulder. Mr. Rodriguez couldn’t take his eyes off her ass. He put his foot between her and spread her legs.

“Put your hands on the table Conchita,” he told her.

That was his pet name for her during the two years she worked for him. He stepped back and admired his work. Concha had an incredible ass and it looked so hot under that tiny mini skirt and in that white thong.

“God you don’t know how many times I jerked off picturing you like this Conchita,” he told her.

Still looking over her shoulder she could see him grabbing and playing with his cock over his pants. He placed both his hands on her ass. He grabbed and rubbed it to his content. Again he gave her a gentle shove telling her to put her face on the smooth table and push her ass more in the air. She did what she was told. Mr. Rodriguez was in heaven. One of the prettiest girls he had ever hired in his life was now bent over with her legs spread showing off her ass.

“Your mom would kill me if she knew what I was doing to you right now mijita,” he told her as he massaged her ass.

Concha then felt him spread her cheeks and he started to grind his cock into her ass.

“I can’t wait to tell her I rammed into you,” he said with a chuckle.

“No! Don’t tell her you saw me ok? Please? She doesn’t know. Nobody knows. Please don’t tell,” begged Concha.

Mr. Rodriguez spanked her ass. “Oh you bad little girl, keeping secret from your mom,” he teased. Smack again.

“What do I get if I don’t tell? Hum mijita? What do I get,” he asked as spanked her again.

Concha didn’t move, didn’t talk. She knew what he wanted and she was too scared to give it to him. She felt him feeling up her tender young ass. Nobody had ever paid this much attention to her ass. His stronger firm hands would spank her every now and again.

“Cat got your tongue mijita?” he finally asked.

Still she did not answer. Mr. Rodriguez looped the sides of her thong into his fingers as he slid them off her. She heard the sounds of a zipper being undone; she left his hands on her hips. Mr. Rodriguez placed the head of his throbbing cock on her pussy lips.

“Look at me Conchita. Look at me when I fuck you little girl,” said Mr. Rodriguez.

As their eyes locked, she left his cock enter her young tight body. Mr. Rodriguez slowly and purposefully shoved his whole cock into her little pussy.

“MMM. I knew you would feel so tight around my dick Conchita,” he told her.

Concha laid there feeling his cock in her pussy. Mr. Rodriguez grabbed her pigtails and pulled them back so she would arch her back. He started to hammer his cock into her hard.

“God I can’t believe I’m fucking your little cunt,” he whispered into her ear.

He was pounding hard and fast.

“I haven’t had pussy this good in a long time. Oh fuck Concha I wanted to fuck you since I first met you,” he continued.

“Can you feel my big cock in you?” he asked.

Concha didn’t answer. This was surreal. She didn’t believe she was being fucked by her old boss. He was old enough to be her dad and he had his cock in her.

“Answer me before I tell your mom what a naughty daughter you been,” he told her.

“Yes Mr. Rodriguez, I can feel your cock in my pussy,” she quickly replied.

“Call me papi,” He told her. “Say it again,” he commanded.

“Yes Papi I can feel your big fat cock in my tiny pussy,” she moaned.

“Oh that’s it my Conchita. Talk dirty to papi. Make me fuck you hard. Keep talking dirty while I fuck you. Keep talking til I cum,” He told her.

For the next few minutes Concha said every dirty word she ever heard. She told him to do every dirty act or thing she had heard, seen or read. Mr. Rodriguez played with Concha’s young body. He pulled her nipples, spanked her ass, pulled her hair, bit her neck and fingered her pussy with his cock in it.

“Fuck me with your big fat cock. Shove it in me. Oh yes Papi. Cojeme duro. Put it in deeper. Harder papi, fuck me harder,” she moaned. Hearing his prissy little goody two shoes ex student talk like a street whore made Mr. Rodriguez hard beyond description. The more she talked the harder he fucked her.

“Fuck me harder you dirty old man. Fuck my tiny pussy. That’s it. Fuck my ass. Oh yes fuck my ass,” she moaned.

“What?” he asked.

“Say it again,” he continued.

“Fuck me harder you dirty old man. Fuck my tiny pussy,” she replied.

“After that he,” he told her.

“Fuck my ass,” she asked.

Mr. Rodriguez pulled out of her pussy and ran his fat throbbing cock along her ass.

“You got it little girl,” he said with a smirk.

“Oh fuck,” thought Concha. She was so caught up in talking dirty she didn’t know what she was saying. Now he was going to fuck her virgin ass. She thought about fighting it but before she could do anything, Mr. Rodriguez was shoving his slimy hard cock into her ass.

“Oh fuck yea. I’ve never thought I would do this to your fine ass. Oh god Conchita. Oh yes, can you feel my cock up your tiny ass now?” he asked with a grunt.

Conchita was biting her lower lip to keep from screaming. She was being torn apart by his huge cock. Mr. Rodriguez started to pound her. He was not giving her time to get used to his cock before he was fucking her. She was moaning and grunting as he molested her ass. He was fucking her like a jack hammer.

It was too much for Mr. Rodriguez; feeling that tight hole around his cock, hearing her moaning and talking dirty, seeing that round ass he always craved in front of him feeling, it grabbing, it fucking it, and then his favorite ex student bent over like a slut made him cum. He unloaded gobs of cum into her tiny body. He stiffened and exploded every last drop into Concha. It seems like gallons of sperm went into her ass as Mr. Rodriguez finally collapsed onto her. Both were breathing hard and sweaty.

“You’re just a good little fuck aren’t you mijita?” Mr. Rodriguez tease.

She was too exhausted to answer.

“I would fuck you every day, if you lived near me,” he continued.

He took a drink from the complementary Champaign Jack provided. They rested in the comfortable chairs in the room. After a few minutes he was hard again.

“Come over mijita and let’s see what a great cock sucker you are,” he told her.

Crawl to me on your hands and knees, get between my legs and start sucking me,” he stated.

Concha did what she was told. He grabbed her head roughly, pulling on her pigtails calling her dirty names as she sucked his cock.

“That’s it give papi great big kisses,” he moaned.

He was gagging her and making her swallow his cock.

When he was about to cum, Mr. Rodriguez said, “Smile mijita papi’s got a nice present for you.” He covered her face full of cum.

Using the head of his cock he smeared it all over her face and made her lick his cock clean.

A few days later Concha received a call from her mom. She was very excited and had some great news for Concha.

“Honey, remember my old boss Mr. Rodriguez,” started her mom.

Concha froze. “Had he told her already? Dam bastard can’t keep a promise. I fucked him for nothing,” she thought.

“Well he finally proposed. Oh I didn’t want to tell you we’ve been dating since you were here because I knew you would not approve. Him being my boss and all. But I’m so excited,” continued her mom.

Concha was in shock. How could this be? She felt she was on a television sit cm and just got “Punked.” It was not happening. She just fucked the guy who was going to marry her mom.

“Here he wants to say hi,” her mom told her.

“Hi Conchita. Remember me your old boss from college, Mr. Rodriguez. Well, it’s true we’re getting married. I went to a conference over the weekend and realized how much I missed your mom. So I asked her to marry me. Now that’s we’re going to be a family we can see each other more often,” he said.

“Won’t that be great coming over to visit and spending the night?” he asked.

“And don’t worry you don’t have to call me Mr. Rodriguez any more. You can call me papi. You like that mijita?” he asked.

“Well hurry cuming home because papi got’s a nice present for you. I bet you still look at pretty as the last time I saw you,” he continued.

Concha could see the smirk on his face. She could feel the innuendos over the phone.

“How could she face the man who used her like a whore? Moreover, how could she face him when he was going to be her new stepfather? What can she do?” thought Concha as she hung up the phone.

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