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Concerto To Love

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Moira was in the kitchen finishing a bit of straightening out of the pantries. The afternoon summer sun shown through the wide window above the sink in an almost liquid crystalline flow, the colors diffusing off the beveled edges in a harlequin rainbow dance of color. Outside it must have been a good ninety degrees while inside it was a comfortable sixty-eight.

As she peered with her electric blue eyes out the window and onto the back lawn she studied her husband of ten years, Liam, shirtless and with broad shoulders, slim waist, a fine chest and muscular arms.

The perspiration shone on him as if he was a red haired Irish god encased in glass. Each time he maneuvered the lawnmower the muscles flexed in deep cut sectors much like a prize stallion flexing his fetters and straining at the bit. Every now and then she could see the glint of his bright emerald eyes, the flash off his blonde eyelashes and his square and sinuous jaw. His well-muscled thighs of heavily striated muscle and his huge calves showed the effort he was making in his quest for the perfect Kentucky bluegrass lawn. It was all so visceral and sensual and she found herself take breaths in short sighs. Was this really the man whom she had met in law school and been swept up to be married? Was this the man with which in ten short years she had made six beautiful and bright children?

As Moira looked out that window she thought she surely would like another child by her fine and handsome lawyer husband. Today would be perfect to try and her body was ripe and ready.

Liam finished the lawn around 3:00pm and entered through the kitchen, the smell of his male sweat permeating the surroundings. It wasn’t the sour sweat of the gym, but the salty and testosterone drenched sweat of a man after honest self-challenged work and accomplishment. She saw the lawn looked perfect. His muscles pumped from the effort strained at his flawless skin as if it fit one size too small. His stomach muscles were steel taught and segmented like a rope sculpture. He reminded her of the sculpture of Michelangelo’s David. Liam’s shoulders though, were broader and when he spread his arms out even the slightest, the muscles of his back and his slim waist made an almost perfect delta. His neck, strong and sinewed, contrasted sharply with and was complimented by his thick, tall and sinewy traps. His legs were like those of a champion rugby player, bulging from the effort of the hours in the yard. He still looked like a redheaded Greek god.

Moira was at least twenty pounds overweight. Oddly, this did not make her look dumpy, but rather more alluring. She had full, yet still resiliant breasts, firm after the years, the broad ethnic hips of her mother and strong thighs. Her feet were flat and large, a legacy to her ancestors who had run barefoot across the emerald grasses of Erin. Her complexion was perfect and her flaxen hair hung loosely down her flawless, alabaster back. Her bottom was round, firm and still the heart shaped wonder it has always been. She still had a relatively flat stomach, but with a slight lower abdominal paunch which melded perfectly with her mons pubis. Her arms were long, smooth and strong, and her large hands drew to delicately tapered and long fingers to indicate the deft intricacy with which she could perform whatever tasks she wished.

As she toweled Liam off, his perfumed wafted to her and it pleased her. She suddenly noticed herself in a heightened state of sensitivity

She sat Liam down, offered him a tall frosty glass of punch and asked: “When was the last time we made love and had a baby?’

Liam looked quizzically at her and said: “You sound like you want another one, eh?”

“Well, I would. You know how we love children, especially babies. We were always good at making them, you know. We still have the extra bedroom left and this house could hold another easily. Besides, I’m in the mood. You were always the best lover.”

Liam cocked his head to one side, his neck muscles bulging out a bit.

“So, you’ve had other lovers? Let’s hear about them. On second thought, lets not hear about them. I’m just glad I came out with the blue ribbon.” He laughed a little and so did she. However, hers came with a blush.

“Oh, you know what I meant.”

Liam had always marveled at how beautiful his wife became during pregnancy. Her skin always seemed to glow, her demeanor became soft and her facial features became relaxed. He could see a certain pleasure and satisfaction, and she displayed the energy of expectation and hope. She was especially more affectionate with him and the children. She seemed to want him around more and more. The atmosphere of home, at times, became festive. As a bonus he felt more virile, the task of his manhood, once again accomplished.

Even after ten years lovemaking was the supreme event for them both. Each time was an adventure and each afterglow was nirvana. They had to often control themselves in order to make other needed things a priority. She had made him late for work so many times that his law partners started expecting him in at 9:30am, instead of 8:30. They often winked at each other when he walked through the office doors. At these times, the senior partner, Francis O’Reilly, would liltingly inquire, “So, how’s our sweet Moira, today?” and then smile sweetly and sort of wink. It sometimes brought a few muffled snickers. Liam would roll his eyes at them, lower his head and move on silently to his office. His and Moira’s affection for one another was certainly no secret.

Liam looked longingly into Moira’s electric blue eyes, took her hand, got up from the table and pulled her to him. He put one hand around to the small of her back, he nestled the back of her neck with his other and kissed her deeply and long. He could feel her shortened breaths and noticed that she was becoming slightly unbalanced, even a bit weak. He stroked her long flaxen hair that flowed down to the broad flat of her back. He whispered, “I love you.”

Moira recovered quickly and thrust her tongue deeply into Liam’s mouth as if searching manically for something. She put her arms around him and held him tightly while her body tried to match every knot and curve of his. She could feel a growing in his loins. In hers she felt a slight wetness.

They tasted of each others’ lips, face neck and shoulders. When he kissed the nape of her neck so softly she felt an almost electric shock which made her suddenly draw her breath. He, too, was breathing much more strongly and she felt his grip around her more tightly.

Gasping, she gently pushed him away and suggested: “We better go upstairs and get you freshened up.” He resisted, but only slightly, but with hint in his expression that he was annoyed that she had stopped this sublime moment.

She took his large engulfing hand and guided him upstairs to the bath. She had forgotten to fill it, but turned on the faucet anyway so that it would yield a slightly warm and fragrant fluid. The room quickly became humid and warm, intensifying their scents of each other. As the water filled the bath they began again to embrace one another in a heated and highly tactile game.

She guided his hand to her blouse while he caressed and stroked her flaxen hair with the other and put a finger on the top button indicating what he should do. He actually needed no such guidance and gently and slowly unbuttoned the top button, then the next on down until the blouse front hung on her. He slid the blouse off exposing her creamy white shoulders, upper chest and belly caressing and softly kissing every inch he could find.

She reached up, kissed him, guiding his hands to the back of her brassiere. He slowly and deftly unhooked each eye, entirely loosening the constrictive garment and slid the remaining straps off her luscious shoulders. The brassiere fell silently down and off her exposing her full and fruited breasts, the already large and milked nipples standing in full and firm erection begging for the succor from the mouth of her lover. The luminescent globes stood out in full relief and centered with large and crimson auereolae. He licked at them as a child would seeking the sustenance of mother’s sweet warm milk. At the same time she felt her lower regions become taut, wet, hot and hungry.

He knelt before her and kissed her stomach, his tongue searching her navel, which delightfully tickled her. This only heightened her senses.

While he was caressing he slowly slid off her slacks, taking the panties with them, exposing the beautiful blonde mound of Venus, its labias already parted and glistening their furry mane. She stepped out in full form like a the Greek goddess of fertility, ready and willing to be seeded with life. He kissed her jeweled mound.

She gently lifted up his head, urging him to stand while she kissed his muscular abdomen and slowly slid the shorts down his loins revealing a most beautiful, well formed and fully erected member, its head already glistening with crystalline lubricant. The shaft was long and venous and his glans was large and crimson. It pulsed. His scrotum was tight, containing large and already sperm filled testes. She knelt forward and engulfed his rod with her mouth and sucked and tongued it while he shivered with every stroke. The strong salt taste of it and the heady odor made her dizzy. She then withdrew, her saliva dripping from the pulsating, dancing penis.

The tub was full now. She took him again by the hand and led him into the water. The tub was big enough for two and they immersed themselves in its soothing heat. She took hands full of the liquid and wet his shoulders and chest, then poured a double handful on his full head of fiery red hair. He did the same for her.

She took fragrant and silky liquid soap and lathered his upper body, then guided him to kneel as she poured and massaged more liquid on his hips, his thighs and massaged his shaft and scrotum. If she had gone on one more minute longer he would shower her with the cream of his desires. But, she was experienced with him and slowly and gently stopped. She was certain he was now hers.

Taking soft sponges of the delicious soap they took turns applying and massaging the lather into their skin. Every inch was attended to in order to make sure every millimeter was squeaky clean and fresh as it could be made. At some point he put his mouth on her mound and started to blow bubbles. It tickled nicely and she laughed. It also aroused her all the more. Her regions were now fully relaxed and open and she could feel her clitoris fully erect and hardened and awaiting the its longed for stimulation . Her urethral sponge enlarged and became engorged. They played in the water and flicked water on one another laughing. It was like two children in a play pool. Time had no meaning.

After awhile, they emerged from the cleansing soak, dried each other with soft thick Turkish towels and she led him to their large and soft bed already covered with flannel sheets and the downiest blankets. The curtains were fully closed and sun, daring not to come in combined with the air conditioning, afforded a rather cool sixty-five degree and darkened environment where they could see each other, but little else.

Jumping joyfully into bed, then turning and embracing one another she guided his hand and placed it upon her feathery and wetted mound. He massaged slowly while she shuddered. His finger found the very base of her clitoral shaft and started stroking it ever so softly. That was when she had her first orgasm, her toes stiffened and a warm sensation engulfed her legs and thighs. She stiffened and made a small noise. Her head became light and she felt slightly dizzy. Then she fully relaxed.

Not taking his hand away, he moved over her, took a stiffened nipple in his mouth and started to suck and chew. She was becoming wetter and the feeling in her loins was becoming more and more heated. He took the inner lips, surrounded the clitoris and started a very soft stroking which almost turned her wild. She hungered for more and undulated with each of his strokes. Sometimes she thrust her hips out and they bucked with each stroke of his hand. Her clitoris was hard and inflamed and hungered for even more. Her hips gripped his hand and wrist like a vice and she rolled side to side and moaned as he continued to stimulate the little button.

This time her orgasm was stronger. Her entire body was electrified and a warm fluid seemed to engulf her entire body, pulsating as it went. Her legs went stiff, her arms flailed slightly and she grabbed his head and pulled at his hair moaning “Oh God! Oh God! She was nearly out of her mind with the feeling. But, this was, to her, the best and only way to go completely mad.

Knowing the limits of her sensitivity, he gently backed off and embraced her. She felt his hot and throbbing rod on her belly, the crystal liquid from his shaft now seeping onto her. She knew she must also pleasure him.

He straddled himself above her and lay his throbbing rod on her sternum. She took her breasts and wrapped them around it. She could feel the warmth of his sac on her stomach. Taking her breasts she gently stroked him. She could hear him moan and could see the ecstasy in his face. Stroking and stroking he responded slightly aggressively, thrusting his member through the tunnel she had made in those beautiful orbs. Reaching a fevered peak, his loins exploded with a massive amount of his white, creamy and super potent cum pumped out onto her breasts, on her neck and slid into the pits of her arms. He kept coming in long hot spurts, not knowing when they would stop. His perineum cramped from the power of his ejaculations. Finally, he slid exhausted onto her and they bathed in his essence.

Both of them had perspired profusely and their throats were dry. Moira reached for the bedside table and produced four cans of pineapple juice. She took on and handed him another. They opened the cans and slaked their thirsts.

Moira turned over to Liam and said: You know there’s lots more if you want.” Liam had another. They rested and talked a little. They were still sticky with his discharge. She smelled it on his stomach, looked smilingly up to him and whispered, “It smells like saffron.”

After a few minutes Moira touched him on the arm and whispered, “You know we aren’t anywhere near through.” Liam gazed happily at her and said, “Well, this is the way I wanted to die, anyway.” And then reached over to continue.

She reached over to his softened member and it responded. Placed her mouth on it and sucked it back to life. It became its old self and they were, once again, ready.

This time he started kissing her face, trying to cover her whole body and eventually ended up in her sweet nether spot. It was dripping wet and the odor was almost like a fresh ocean breeze. He parted her already swollen labias and blew on them. She spread her thighs more and he moved in to kiss her sweet little clitoris and taste her sponge. He took it all in his mouth and sucked it, not using his tongue. She began to writhe and moan, grabbing the sides of his head and forcing his mouth onto her. She breathlessly begged, “Its OK. Go ahead. Go ahead”.

He tongued her clitoris and she writhed in ecstacy, uttering unintelligibly, swinging from side to side, gripping his hair and head. She seized a pillow, arched backward and screamed in the of rhythm of orgasm after orgasm which crashed over her like ocean waves. Her entire body tingled in a thousand starry electric charges. Her body stiffened each jolt. She was virtually transformed into a crazed animal. She tore savagly at the pillow. Sweat poured out of every pour. Then, with a great rush, she gushed a great stream of liquid from her sweet salt sponge. Liam’s face, now fully wet, licked the delicious rich and buttery flavored fluid. The entire area beneath her became soaked with her fluid. He stopped, looked up from between her thighs, and smiled in triumph.

Liam was himself nearing climax, but took hold of his adamantine erection and squeezed it tightly. He felt a newly found and virile energy flow through his body. With his control regained he felt he could pleasure her longer and lead her into new and uncharted realms.

His muscles looked and felt more taught and his thighs had become so engorged he looked like a body builder. To Moira they were the most beautiful legs she had ever seen. As she caressed them she felt each swell and cut of those powerful and excruciatingly masculine appendages. She reached around and grabbed his tight little buttocks, pulling him closer to her.

Moira caressed the thighs and the deep crevices that tied them to his hips. It was a musk and almost animal smell. She tasted the salty and testosterone-laden sweat of his sac and licked at his balls. Her tongue licked the base of his penis and traveled upward, finally reaching the skin on the back of his glans. She softly nipped at the thin and loose skin surrounding his shaft. Then she reached her mouth over and took the head between her crimson lips and into her mouth. She tasted an almost bitter, pineapple sweet and salt flavor, the flowing of his lubricating semen and sucked aggressively for more.

Liam took a stuttered and loud breath, took her flaxen hair in his hands and pulled her down fully onto his member. Both of them started drawing back and forth and pumping him, her tongue flicking the glans when it could. It was one of the most enjoyable and energizing feelings he had ever felt. He wanted it to last and was determined not to fill her honeyed mouth with his thick white cream. At some point he disconnected her and her mouth produced a sort of pop, his crystal liquid and her saliva flowing in rivulets from her mouth. His testicles ached and felt heavy and tensioned with sperm.

He turned her over onto her stomach and slipped the head of his penis just inside her pussy, right at the G spot and massaged it with his crown. She felt a new energy coarse within her, reached underneath and guided his penis back and forth at the precise point. Her maiden honey poured from her and ran dripping onto the already soaked bed clothes. She flicked his glans and could feel the hole in his member open to fill her with his hot and potent cream. She backed deeply onto him, impaling herself upon his shaft, and felt the pressure on her cervix which indicated this was as far as they could go. She guided him in long, deep, slow strokes from her G spot to the very mouth of her cervix. She was ready now, so ready. He could fill her whenever he desired. But, again he thwarted her and backed out.

She was almost wild with animal fever, her heat wanted his wine to fill her cup. She reached over, flipped onto her back and grabbed at his waist to guide him again into her, this time for the ultimate moment. Instead, he took hold of his cock and started massaging the length of her labia, moving up and down and over the slick, wet pudding of her engorged and fully flowered pussy. She came once again and grabbed his shoulders, sinking her fingers and nails into his flesh. She shuddered and her breath came out in harsh quick gasps. This time she would not let go.

She quickly guided him into her and wrapped her legs tightly around him suspended from his hips. Her vaginal sphincter clamped tightly down upon him and she started undulated and cried out, “Please, please.” He obliged and sunk his large penis into her as deeply as it would go, forcing it into her, trying each time for ultimate penetration. He felt the mouth of her cervix and it almost hurt the tip of his penis each time he did. Long, slow, deep thrusts, hers matching his, their swinging motion bringing a newer and higher level of pleasure each time. She let go one arm and felt for the clitoris and massaged it in rhythm with their dance. Sweat poured off each of them and their juices mixed in an exquisite swirl.

He reached and supported a buttock and knelt to kiss her as deeply and as passionately as he ever had. Her juices tasted like wine and blood and his tasted like pineapples. Their mouths pressed harder and their tongues explored deeper. He felt himself build with excruciating pressure. He was afire with his natural mission. Suddenly, with one deep thrust of his tongue he drove the deepest he had ever been into her and fired a massive torrent of sperm onto the doorway to her uterus, his essence coursed into her in long, repeated highly pressured jets, each carrying his thick, seed laden sperm into her in greater charges. His knees drove into the mattress, seeking even greater depth. Cum, Cum, CUM. His spasms continued long after he knew he was drained. She gasped and clung to him tightly as if for her very life. They both collapsed in exhaustion, his penis still buried deeply within her. His balls felt fully drained as if squeezed totally empty. She had a strange full feeling and the sensation on her anus of a syrupy warm liquid. They stayed for a long moment wrapped around each other in sweet and peace filled after glow.

Moira smiled at her sweet lover and whispered into his ear, “You know this isn’t over yet. Not until I say so”. He surveyed his intensely beautiful and glistening goddess and could not utter a word.

“My, this bed sure did get the worst of it”, Moira remarked. “We’ll simply have to do something about it.” She half pushed him off the bed, got up and gathered a newly cleaned and warm set of pink flannel sheets and pillowcases. Setting them aside, she left the bed to refresh.

She put her hand on her belly and said, “I’m so sticky now I need another bath. Want to join me? This time we’ll use my bath beads. You’ll find out why we women like them so much.” Liam smiled but said nothing.

She entered the bathroom and drew a very warm bath and added the heather scented oil beads. They melted and made small bubbles, releasing the headily aromatic oils that shimmered on top of the water. The room blossomed with fragrance. She added a small amount of lilac essential oil, stepped into the soft warm waters, lay in them and summoned her beloved.

Liam arrived and entered the tub and sat across from Moira. Her glistening white orbs almost floated, the nipples already standing high, erect and pleading for succor. The oils glistened off Liam’s muscles and made them even more godlike. The beautiful member, already engorged, glowed.

Moira took a sponge, filled it with the liquid and proceeded to massage the sweet fragrance onto Liam’s chest and abdomen, his neck his arms and thighs. She guided him around and, in long circular motions, bathed his neck, his back and then his buttocks. She reached under him and finished with a deft squeeze of his sac. Liam shuddered with delight, his penis already high, hard and set for more lovemaking.

He turned, took the sponge from Moira and began to do her long beautiful neck, then her arms. He squeezed the liquid onto her breasts, softly massaging them. He took each nipple in his mouth and sucked it clean. Afterward he sponged her stomach and then slowly and broadly massaged her lower belly. He finally reached her sweet parts and feathered her mons, her labias, down her vagina, one finger slightly entering it and sliding slowly up to and across he clitoris. He turned her and then did her back. She could feel his hardness touch against it.

Face to face they kissed long and deeply. Moira was now on top of Liam. She kneeled, mounted him and effortlessly guided his penis deeply within her and started to rock back and forth. She reached down and started to stimulate her clitoris. She breathed rapidly and heavily. His breathing also became more labored. She wanted him all the way into her to shower her with all he had. Each orgasm she captured was more intense than the last.

Finally, he sort of jerked and bucked and came hard and long into her, pumping, with each long spurt, directly onto her willing cervix. He felt totally and completely emptied. Liam gently lifted Moira off him, embraced her and they held onto each other for what seemed an eternity of nirvana, They uttered soft sweet words of love into each other’s ears. Spent, they climbed out of the tub and dried each other off. They dressed and went downstairs.

Nine months to the day later, Moira, Liam in attendance, delivered a set of beautiful blonde twin girls. They had green eyes and their features startlingly favored Moira’s.

In two years would they try for another? Time could only tell.

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