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College Girl Blackmailed

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Traci was mad as hell when she opened her email. Nude pictures of her, in sexy provocative poses! Here was one of her in just panties and a bra, sprawled out invitingly on a bed. Another one showed her holding her large breasts up for view with a silly smile, and so on, including some close-ups of her tight pussy slit! They were attached to an email from her former boyfriend, telling her that if she didn’t come see him soon at his apartment, he would post the pictures all over the internet, and give them to all his friends!

She had let Zane make the pictures of her when they were going steady, partly as compensation for the fact that she refused to have sex with him. She was saving herself for her future husband. A poor girl, Traci was determined to marry a rich man, and she had decided that she would be more attractive if she were still a virgin. Traci had broken up with Zane when she met Tim, who came from a very rich, old New England family with all sorts of connections in government and banking. Now these pictures threatened to screw her new relationship! She had to get them back! Her new boyfriend Tim was very image-conscious and he would never date someone who posed for pornographic photos.

Traci stood in front of Zane’s door and knocked nervously, suddenly aware of her clothes, a short white tank-top that clung like a second skin to her large 38D breasts, the nipples sticking out through the thin fabric, and a pair of tight jean cut-offs that rode way up on her thighs. Her long blonde hair fell thick and loose down around her shoulders. She had a petite body, with smooth, milky-white skin that she cared for diligently. She worked out every day, keeping her trim body fit and hard. Her breasts were rather big for her small body, and men were always staring at them, which flattered her, but also frightened her a little. She was only nineteen years old, living away from home for the first time. She and Zane were both freshmen at a big state college. What could Zane want? She didn’t understand, and she was so mad and scared that she couldn’t think straight. Zane answered the door with a wicked grin on his face, and invited her in with mock enthusiasm. All he was wearing was a pair of boxer shorts, and she could see the outline of his long thick cock clearly through the thin fabric.

She stormed inside and told him, “You better give me those pictures right now Zane!” As she looked around the room, she was relieved to see that they were alone in the apartment. She didn’t want word of these pictures to get around.

Zane held up a floppy disk, and teased her, “Is this what you want?” When she tried to grab it, he held it above his head where she couldn’t reach it. Zane was much taller than she was, about 6′ 2″, while she was only 5′ 5″. He laughed at her feeble efforts to reach the disk. “You can have the photos Traci, but first you have to give me what I want, the way you never did when we were going out.” With that, he put the disk up on a high bookshelf. He grabbed her, spun her around, and started rubbing his hard cock up against her small, perfectly rounded butt.

“But you know I can’t have intercourse!” Traci protested, trying to pull away from him.

He held on to her and kept rubbing his hard-on against the tight crack of her ass; at the same time he reached around and started rubbing her large breasts through her thin shirt. “Well, if you won’t let me sample your little virgin pussy, then you have to give me a blow job with your virgin mouth. Your choice baby,” he said with a leer.

It was true that she had never given a blowjob either. She had a reputation as a real cock tease during her high school years, but she didn’t care. It was gross! She swore she would never suck on some guy’s hard sweaty penis! When they were dating, she had jerked Zane off a couple of times, when she got tired of him pestering her, but she never kissed his cock! What could she do now? It looked like she had no choice!

“How do I know you’ll give me the photos if I do it?” she asked grimly.

“I promise I’ll give you the disk with all the photos after you suck me off” he reassured her.

“And nobody will know about this?” Traci asked him.

“Nobody” Zane said.

Traci sighed and resigned herself to the inevitable. Zane let go of her, and she turned around to face him. Scowling, she reached out and pulled down his boxer shorts, releasing his enormous boner which poked straight out like a club. She had forgotten how large his penis is. She was so petite, how would she ever fit that monster in her mouth? She felt her small mouth watering involuntarily at the sight his huge slab of meat.

Zane insisted that she take off her top, “to make it better” for him. She agreed, thinking to herself, “anything to help him get off sooner so I can get out of here!” She stripped off her tank top, releasing her large and firm breasts to his eager view, and small pink nipples, erect and excited at the sight of her naked ex-boyfriend. She stood there before Zane with her hands on her hips, naked now except for the short cut-offs which were molded around her shapely ass. Her breasts were the size of large grapefruits, and with just the tiniest bit of sag. Even without a bra, they sat proudly on her chest, sticking out provocatively, begging to be touched, which is just what Zane immediately did. Hefting them in his hands appreciatively for a short while, he then pulled on her tiny nipples, exciting Traci despite herself.

He insisted that Traci massage his erect penis with her breasts first, and she reluctantly agreed, resigned to giving him whatever he wanted short of intercourse. Zane sat back on the couch smiling with his hands behind his head, while Traci got down on her knees between his legs, and then took her breasts in her hands, and starting rubbing them up and down around his thick cock, which responded by becoming even thicker and harder. My god! Traci thought. It must be 9 inches long and a full 2 inches in diameter! She nervously rubbed her soft breasts around his dick for a while, trying to be sexy and sensual in her movements in order to stimulate him to a climax quickly. She felt sexy too, with her breasts exposed, surrounding his hard penis, and a smile of pleasure played across her lips. She increased the pace of her movements, hoping that if he came on her breasts she wouldn’t have to take him into her mouth.

“Alright you bitch,” Zane commanded, “time for my blow job!”

Her mouth hung open in surprise and her blues eyes flashed in anger, but she obeyed him. Holding on to his strong muscular thighs, she started licking all over his penis. She was surprised that she enjoyed his musky odor and salty taste, like nothing else she had ever tasted. While she licked all around the base of his large penis, she felt his curly black hair rubbing against her soft cheek. She reluctantly took his penis in her hands. Her petite fingers were not long enough to meet around his massive throbbing meat. His cock was so sexy, she realized lustfully, so long and hard, with thick veins pulsing beneath the smooth silky skin. The head of his circumcised penis was like an oversized plum, purple and angry looking. She daintily stuck out her tongue to lick the drop of salty precome that oozed from the tip. He commanded her roughly to start sucking on him. When she hesitated, he grabbed her by her thick blond mane and forced her face down onto his huge hard-on. She stifled a gag, as she felt the thick tube of meat force its way into her tiny mouth, filling it to the max. Her lips were stretched to their fullest extent. She started salivating heavily, drooling over his cock like a young girl with a popsicle.

Zane looked down with appreciation at the sight of this sexy young cock-teaser with her tiny face impaled on his mammoth dick, her mouth stretched to its very limits. She had always been so snooty with her perfect blond hair, small upturned nose, high aristocratic cheekbones, but now she was forced to perform for him like the slut she was! He luxuriated at the feeling of her wet tight mouth on his cock.

Traci felt his cock bump against the back of her throat, and she knew she couldn’t take another inch. And she didn’t even have half of his massive cock in her mouth yet! Using two hands, she pumped his dick while she sucked noisily. With his hands in her hair, Zane moved her head back and forth, fucking her tight little virgin mouth. As he pushed her head harder onto him, she felt his cock-head start to fill her throat, and she suppressed the urge to gag. She couldn’t breathe, and tried to escape, but his strong hands held her head firmly. With her eyes darting wildly, she tried to relax and breathe through her nose, and she finally succeeded. Slowly, his massive cockmeat forced its way deeper down her throat. Inch by inch it penetrated deeper. It seemed impossible, but somehow she was doing it! Finally she had the whole length of his cock down her throat, and Zane moaned with pleasure at the feeling of her ministrations.

She looked so sexy there, with her sweet young pixie face stretched around his dick, and he reached down with his long arms to fondle her huge tits while she obediently fucked her face onto his cock like some cheap whore. She felt her pussy start to moisten at the incredible feeling of his thick penis in her mouth. Back and forth, up and down, she fucked his dick with her mouth. With her hands, she fondled his huge balls, and started humming to stimulate his dick more. Her jaw ached with the effort to stay open so wide, but she worked willingly now, eager to bring him off. She felt strangely satisfied to take that huge dick in her mouth. With his hands on her head, he started pumping her mouth faster and faster, using her like some cheap fuck toy.

“That’s a good little slut” he praised her ironically. “Keeping sucking, you cock-teaser. Now get ready for your reward, bitch.”

Suddenly she felt his dick swell even larger, jerking wildly in her mouth. She didn’t want to swallow his come, but he held her head firmly in place so that she had no choice. Desperately, she had to swallow his thick creamy juice just to keep from choking, but there was too much and it dribbled down the side of her mouth.

“Oh yes, suck it you slut” Zane exclaimed.

She was so excited that she couldn’t resist reaching her hand down into her panties and rubbed her clitoris, bringing herself off immediately. She sat back on her heels, her hands in her panties and her whole body shaking in a powerful orgasm.

Zane anointed her cheeks and then her white breasts with the seemingly endless onrush of his thick white cream. “There you go, you little cocksucker.”

Traci sat back shakily, amazed at her own reaction as much as anything else. She realized with shame that she was a cocksucker, and she had enjoyed it.

“Now can I have those pictures” she demanded, her cheeks covered with his come.

He reached up to the shelf and grabbed the disk. “Sure” he answered, tossing the disk to her. “After all, I’ve got some better pictures now.” With a grin, he pointed to a high shelf in the corner where a tiny video camera had recorded the entire scene. Her heart sunk, as she realized that more ordeals were in store for her. Zane had no intention of letting her off so easily.

A few days later Zane called her up and told her if she accompanied him to a fraternity party, he would give her back the video.

“That’s all I have to do?” Traci asked suspiciously. “Just go to a party with you?” It sounded too easy.

“Yea, that’s all” Zane replied. “I’m trying to get into this fraternity, and they said I have to bring a foxy babe to the party, to liven things up. I’ll give you your video back after the party, and that’s the end.”

Traci liked to party, and she definitely had to get that video back before her new beau Tim saw it, so she decided to go along. But she still felt uneasy somehow about the whole situation.

The night of the party, she put on a tight, shiny-red, leather miniskirt to show off her girlish legs, and a white tube top that molded itself around her jutting young breasts and left her flat bare midriff exposed. There might be some cute guys there, she reasoned, so she might as well make a nice impression. Zane picked her up and they drove to the fraternity house in silence. The house was actually a huge old mansion that sat in the middle of a large yard with lots of trees surrounding it. There was music playing when they entered, and a few guys and girls were dancing in the living room. She was relieved that she wasn’t the only girl there. Zane showed her around the house, including the kitchen in back.

In the kitchen, Zane informed her abruptly that she would be providing “refreshments” for the guys.

“What do you mean?” she asked. “Do you want me to serve drinks?”

“Not exactly” he answered. And taking her firmly by her thin arm, he shoved her into a large white tiled bathroom off the kitchen. Closing the door behind them, he said that she would be giving blowjobs to any of the fraternity guys who wanted one.

“NO WAY!” she yelled, and tried to escape from his iron grip, but it was useless. She realized that with the loud music going, no one would even be able to hear her yells.

“Don’t worry” he reassured her. “No one will even know it’s you.” He pointed to the door in the bathroom, which had a hole drilled in it, exactly at cock height. A glory hole! She had heard of such things before. Traci started crying, but Zane only laughed. Then he demanded that she take off all clothes, which he would keep in another room, “so you won’t try to escape before the party’s over.”

Traci tried to think of some way out of this degrading situation, but there was none. She would have to service all the guys at the party with her mouth, she realized. It was the only way to get that video back and free herself from Zane’s perverse control. Slowly, she peeled off her tube top, and her bountiful breasts bounced into view. Then she wiggled out of her tight miniskirt, letting it fall to the floor, leaving her standing naked except for her thin, white silk bikini panties. Her body was fit and trim, but also petite and vulnerable. Finally she pulled down her panties and let them fall to the floor, leaving her completely naked and defenseless. Traci handed all her clothes to Zane, who left and locked the door on her. She glanced wistfully at the window, but she realized that she couldn’t run across the campus naked. That would be worse than the situation she was in now.

A minute later, a half-hard cock suddenly emerged from the hole in the door. Gingerly, she took it in her delicate, perfectly manicured fingers. As she stroked it, it grew to about 6 inches long, and a voice from the other side of the door commanded her to “suck it bitch!” She got down on her knees and opened her mouth, sucking on the hard penis. The cock tasted wonderful, and her mouth slobbered over his dick. She clamped her lips around it firmly, moving her head back and forth. After only a minute, the young man’s cock erupted into her mouth—she jerked her head away, and the warm juice spurted onto her face and breasts. With her hand, she pumped out the last of his jism. He finally withdrew, and before she even had a chance to clean herself up, another cock stuck out before her. “They must be lining up!” she thought. This one was thicker and longer, although not as big as Zane’s. She wrapped her tiny fingers around it and jerked until it grew to full length and hardness. Then she put it in her mouth and sucked on it just like a young girl sucks on an oversized lollipop. This one was bigger, and it filled up her mouth completely; she luxuriated in the feeling of the long tube of meat on her tongue. She worked on him for a while, until he too came into her mouth. This time she tried to swallow it all, but he kept coming faster than she could swallow, and it dribbled out of her mouth and down onto her breasts. She was becoming a mess! Naked, with cum all over her breasts and cute little face.

The next cock through the glory hole was very large and black. She was reluctant, but she forced herself to suck on her first black cock, and found that she enjoyed the taste of a black cock just as much as a white one. This went on for a few hours, with almost no break between blowjobs. All different sizes of dicks. Long ones, short ones, thick ones, thin ones, crooked and straight ones, black, brown, and white cocks. Her jaw was aching, her knees were sore, but somehow she kept it up. Finally Zane unlocked the door and came in, handing her a beer, which she accepted gratefully and started drinking, letting the cold beer wash away the bitter taste of cum in her mouth.

Suddenly there was a commotion outside the door, and a few of the guys waiting in line shoved their way into the room, saying, “Let’s see that slut.” Traci tried to hide behind Zane, covering up her breasts and pussy, but Zane pushed her in front of him so the guys could see her naked body. To make things worse, he grabbed her arms and held them firmly behind her body, exposing her breasts and pussy to the leers of the fraternity. She was completely naked and helpless before a roomful of strange young men. Her long thick hair disheveled, her bountiful breasts stuck out and her young blond pussy was exposed to their hungry gaze, like she was some kind of whore being displayed for sale. The horny guys took advantage of her defenseless posture by fondling her firm, young, ample breasts. She twisted and turned, but Zane held her arms pinned behind her back. There was no escaping their strong young hands.

One of the guys pulled down his pants revealing a large and long smooth cock. He grabbed her hair, and pushed her face down onto his cock. Zane released her arms as she was forced to her knees again; she licked his cock, and cradled his balls in her hands as she serviced him with the expertise of an experienced cocksucker now. Another guy took out his cock and she reached out to jerk him off while she sucked on the one in front of her. With her other hand, she reached out to another penis that was bumping against her cheek, and massaged it. Even more guys crowded into the bathroom, and they all pulled down their pants, taking out their dicks too. As she kneeled naked in the middle of the floor, she found herself surrounded by virile young cocks, and she dazedly tried to focus her attention on the cocks in her mouth and hands. “This place must be cock heaven!” she thought with amazement.

The men had all different sizes and shapes of cocks in various states of arousal. A couple of the young men had hairy legs and chests, but most of them still had smooth chests and legs, and all of them were healthy and horny in the way that only a 20 year old guy can be. The men were stroking themselves as they waited their turn, and watched the incredibly arousing sight of this naked young nineteen-year-old girl on her knees, forced to suck a roomful of cocks. She sucked on one cock and jerked off two others. Suddenly the guy she was sucking got off, filling her mouth with warm cream which she swallowed eagerly. The other 2 guys got off next, almost at the same time, giving her a cum shower. She pumped the jism from their hard cocks, and they erupted onto her hair, her breasts, her cheeks, and especially her mouth. She eagerly licked at the hot come spurting onto her.

As things quieted down in the bathroom, there was yelling heard from the living room, and a minute later, a guy came in and told everyone that the other girls at the party had found out what was happening back here; the girlfriends were mad as hell and they had all stomped off. Now the guys were mad at Traci for making their girlfriends leave! There was no pussy left at the party except for Traci’s, and they decided to help themselves. “This is all your fault, slut! Now you’re going to pay the price!” someone yelled. Strong hands lifted her up and carried her to a nearby bedroom, where they unceremoniously dumped her on the king size bed in the middle of the room. They held her spread-eagled, one guy holding each arm and leg, as she yelled and tried to get away.

“I’m a virgin, you guys! Please don’t! I’m not on the pill. Please I’ll do anything but this!” Traci pleaded. But it was no good.

All the guys in the room feasted their eyes on the sexy young body of Traci, her mountainous breasts heaving, her ribcage clearly visible in her lean torso. Below her taut smooth belly, curling wisps of soft blond hair framed a very tight pussy slit that had never before been fucked! Traci had zealously protected her virgin pussy from all young men before tonight, but she couldn’t stop these horny frat boys from fucking her now! Zane stood at the foot of the bed, between the spread wide legs before him, with his long thick hard-on jutting out from his stomach. He licked his lips and kneeled down in-between her legs. His cock in his hand, he stroked his large member up and down her tight young slit, which was wet now with excitement despite herself. She twisted and turned and pleaded, but all to no avail. Zane pushed his monster dick firmly into her tiny hole with immense pleasure.

She yelled, “No please. Please don’t. Stop!” Inadvertently, she had said, “Please don’t stop,” and that is just what Zane did, intent now on taking his pleasure.

When he reached her virgin membrane, he lunged into her, breaking her virgin knot, and eliciting a wild yell of pain and tears. Slowly he pushed his way into her tight vagina, inch by inch. He fucked his way into her like a wild stallion, but she was so tight that it took almost two minutes before the full length of his long dick finally penetrated her small defenseless cunt, stretching it unmercifully. He flexed erect dick now with satisfaction, feeling her smooth and wet pussy squeezing his long member deliciously. The men watched with fascination the huge cock embedded in her tightly stretched young slit, a virgin no longer. Traci could feel every contour of his massive hardness in her pussy. The men released their grip on her legs and arms because there was no way she could escape now, impaled upon his huge dick. Crying and yelling helplessly, she beat her tiny fists uselessly upon his hard muscular chest, but he responded only by starting to slowly pump his meat into her soft and tender pussy. The feeling of such a wet tight hole was incredible, and he had to concentrate to keep from shooting off immediately.

As he fucked the young blonde without mercy, she started to feel the pain subside, replaced now by the most amazing pleasure. Instead of trying to close her legs, she spread them now wider, allowing him deeper access. Was it possible that she was actually enjoying this brutal rape? She lay there passively, her thin white legs spread straight out like a dancer or gymnast, as he fucked her slowly but steadily. Gradually she felt herself responding despite herself, moving her hips up to meet his vigorous thrusts. She clasped him now with her legs, gripping him tightly, urging him on. Instead of beating his chest, she reached around and grabbed his dimpled buttocks, urging him to go faster and even deeper. The feeling was incredible, and her head thrashed from side to side as she moaned incoherently. He fucked her hard and fast now, like some wild animal. Slowly she felt the pressure building inside of her, started from her pussy and enveloping her entire body in intense pleasure.

“OH, OH,” she yelled, as the orgasm hit her tiny body like a sledgehammer. “Oh yes. Fuck me! Fuck me harder!” She jerked and moaned and yelled and thrashed around uncontrollably; the orgasm seemed to go on forever, the pleasure burning away all thoughts of shame or fear; there was only the sheer overwhelming pleasure of her pure lust.

What a sight she was, Zane thought, her long blond hair flung wildly around her head on the bed, her fine aristocratic face consumed with lust, her proud white breasts heaving with passion, her shapely legs splayed out obscenely, and her petite body covered with a fine sheen of sweat and come.

The feeling of her young pussy spasming around his cock was too much for Zane, and he came too, emptying a huge load of sperm into her unprotected pussy. But Traci wasn’t thinking about getting pregnant, she didn’t even care. Zane finally pulled out, and everyone could see his come oozing from her violated cunt and down her legs. Blood stained the sheets, testifying to her lost virginity.

She may have been exhausted, but the young guys were still hard and horny. One guy immediately got between her legs and started fucking her vigorously, another guy stuck his dick into her mouth, and she sucked him at the same time. “It was a gang-bang!” she realized. They all wanted to fuck her, not caring that she might be tired or sore. All around the bed, the men had their cocks out, and she reached out and started stroking the ones nearest to her. The guy between her legs stiffened and shot his load into her overflowing cunt. Soon, she received another cum shower from the guys she was jerking off, and then the cock in her mouth spurted warm cream onto her waiting tongue.

Then they turned her over onto her hands and knees. Her petite, soft and well-rounded butt stuck up in the air provocatively, the broad slit of her ass and pussy exposed for all to see. She laid her head on the bed with her arms spread forward. She was ready and waiting, “like a dog in heat,” she thought with humiliation. One guy with a mammoth hard-on mounted her doggy style, while another lay on his back in front of her, so she could suck him at the same time. They were using her like some kind of cheap fuck doll, she realized. But she didn’t care. Only the feeling of the young hard cocks filling her holes mattered now. Back and forth they fucked her. When the boy in back fucked her forward, she was forced to deep-throat the guy in front. They pummeled her unmercifully, and she enjoyed it. Suddenly she felt a massive orgasm building inside her, and her body shook uncontrollably. She took her mouth off the dick in front of her momentarily to yell back, “Fuck me, yes. Fuck me harder.” The guy in back slammed into her, pounding her soft ass, and then pumped her full of his thick jism. She started sucking again, and she was soon rewarded, when her mouth was filled with yet another load of bitter cum from the sweet young cock in her mouth.

While the frat boys were taking turns fucking her, Big George, the star football player showed up. He was well named, 6 feet 11 inches of solid muscle. He pushed his way into the room, gazing with delight upon Traci’s naked body. He whistled with appreciation. When he stripped off his clothes, Traci saw that his cock was fully proportional to the rest of his body. In fact, she couldn’t even believe her eyes! It must be a full 11 inches long and 3 inches thick, and it wasn’t even fully hard yet! When he stroked it to full-size, it looked almost like a baseball bat! “Come here, slut!” he commanded, as he stood at the foot of the bed. The frat boys backed off to allow him room. Traci sat up on the edge of the bed, and started licking and kissing his cock obediently. Even with both hands, she could barely reach around it! She jerked him with her hands, and sucked at the tip. After a while, he lay down on the bed, filling up the entire width and length of the king size bed, his body like a mammoth slab of hard muscle, and the biggest hardest muscle of all was his huge cock, which stuck up like a pole. “Hey girl, let’s see you ride this one,” Big George commanded her.

She did feel like a girl, in comparison to his huge body. There was no way she could take that cock into her pussy, she thought, absolutely no way. It would kill her! She jumped up and tried to run, but the frat boys grabbed her before she could get out the door, and positioned her on top of Big George. She kneeled over his gigantic body, straddling his waist like a tiny jockey riding a huge horse. His monster cock rubbed maddeningly against her wet hot pussy, and she bounced up and down with lust.

Big George lifted her up effortlessly like a doll, and settled her onto his massive tool. Pulling her down, he finally succeeded in lodging the head of his mammoth rod into her tight young snatch. It hurt, but Traci felt her pussy slowly stretching to fit the massive invasion. Big George grabbed her small hips and continued pulling her down onto his throbbing manhood. Slowly she worked and twisted her pussy onto his cock. Inch by inch, his huge dick slowly disappeared into her tiny little pussy hole. The frat boys stood around in silent amazement, watching the incredible spectacle of the tiny blonde girl impaled like a bug on the cock of the massive linebacker. Finally the whole length of his humongous hard-on was lodged in her blonde snatch. She was completely filled and stretched, and it was such an incredible feeling. She humped up and down on him and in a matter of seconds, she exploded in the most powerful orgasm of her life! Her soft, wet pussy felt so tight that Big George couldn’t hold back any longer. He lunged up into her and emptied his huge balls into her spasming cunt. Sweating profusely, Traci finally managed to pull herself off his softening dick. Thick ropes of come dripped down from her violated pussy.

After Big George and all the frat boys were finally satisfied, Zane gave her back her clothes and took her back home. He kept his word and handed her the video with a grin as she left his car. She took a hot shower to wash all the come off her, and crawled into bed. She was exhausted, but fully satisfied. Maybe she would enjoy another gang bang someday. She sure hoped so. And with that thought she fell asleep with a smile on her innocent young face.

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