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I had been looking forward to Coachella for months. 3 days of music, arts en drinking. I was going with my girlfriend and a group of her girlfriends. The group consisted me, Charles, Eve, my girlfriend, Rose and Charlene, her hippie friends, and Claire and Anne, her best friends from college.

Even though I really wanted to go to Coachella, I had my doubts about going with an all-girl group.

We had talked about it before and my girlfriend had promised me she wouldn’t ignore me and spend time with me during the festival.

Friday morning we all had our bags packed and I had stuffed the tents in the car. One small tent for Marley and me, and a roomy, big tent for the rest of the girls.

The other girls arrived at around 11, all with a sleeping bag and a tiny bag, I thought could hold nothing more than 2 thongs and a toothbrush. “Where are your clothes and towels and stuff?” They laughed. “Why would we need those?”

Claire said, “It’s Coachella, we’ll just shower en dry off in the sun!” It was my first time at Coachella, so I had packed a full bag, prepared for every situation.

We got in the car, which at 11.30 already was blazing hot. “It’s gonna be a sweaty ride!” Rose said, “Thank God I showered this morning.”

It was a long ride, we were all hot and damp. The car was like a sauna, even with the windows opened. We were all happy when we finally arrived at the festival terrain. We were early, so we could get a good spot, not to close to the bathrooms, which the girls thought would be gross.

We put up the tents and cracked open a beer. As the festival started we went to the main stage to enjoy some music. We all danced for a couple of hours, enjoying the sun and music. It was heaven.

During the evening my girlfriend whispered in my ear she wanted to go back to the tent “For some fun.”

I had been hot all night from all of the gorgeous, scandally clad, festival girls dancing in the summer heat. When we got to the tent we started to undress each other, we were bathing in sweat. The sun had been beating down on the tent all day.

Marley sniffed her armpits and smiled; “oo, you’re gonna enjoy this baby”. My girlfriend knew about my love of female body odor and I greedily smelled her armpits.

She was not kidding, they definitely had quite a stink going. I loved it. I nuzzled her armpits for a couple of minutes, until she couldn’t stand it anymore and she pushed my head down towards her stomach.

The beads of sweat were dripping off her breast onto her stomach, dripping down past her belly button. I followed the sweat drops with my tongue towards her crotch. The closer I got to her pussy, the more the smell hit me.

She smelled of sex, pussyjuice, sweat and a hint of piss. “Baby you stink!” I said, she looked ashamed and told me they didn’t have any toilet paper in the toilet stalls. This turned me on even more. I looked her in the eyes as I slowly dragged my tongue over her pussy.

As I breathed in the stink and tasted her unwashed cunt, I almost came instantly. I licked her pussy with a vengeance and she squirmed with pleasure, trying not to scream. I slowly slid a finger down to her butthole and tickled it, while licking here.

She let go and exploded. Her orgasm was so ferocious she couldn’t control herself and screamed in pleasure. I was sure they must have heard it at the other end of the terrain.

She laid for a couple of minutes catching her breath, with a big smile on her face.

When she had composed herself, she looked at me with a naughty look in her eyes and told me to lay back. She straddled my stomach and said: “You’ve earned yourself a treat young man. I hope you can handle it!”

With that she turned around, having her butt facing me. She knew 69 was my favorite position and even though she wasn’t a big fan herself, once in a while she’d treat me to it. She slowly slid her ass closer to my face.

Eve had a luscious round, fleshy ass, with a few dimples. She giggled when she wiggled her butt over my anticipating face. I almost couldn’t stand it anymore, when she slowly spread her asscheeks showing her perfect, glistening, brown asshole.

At 8 inches away, it had a wonderful earthy smell of sweat mixed with pussyjuice and a good dose of ass fragrance. Without warning she plopped her ass down on my face and slid back and forth. My whole face was covered with the smell of her ass.

I was so horny I almost came instantly.

“Lick me, stinkboy” she commanded.

I didn’t need anymore motivation and started exploring her crack and asshole with my tongue. She tasted amazing. As I was licking her asshole she put her mouth around my cock and gave me the best blowjob I had ever had.

After a few minutes I exploded into her mouth and as I came she let out a little fart. I was so horny I sniffed it up, trying to get as much of it in my lungs as I could. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever had, I loved every stinky moment of it.

When I started catching my breath, Eve looked at me and smirked. “So you liked that huh?” she said, “I knew you were kinky, but this is a whole new level!”

For a moment I was afraid she would think I was a pervert. Then she said “I love it!” And we kissed more passionately than we had ever done.

We lay there for fifteen minutes making out, caressing eachother. “Let’s go dancing some more!” she said. I agreed and wiped my face on the sleeping bag.

“Yeah we should really clean up a bit, shouldn’t we?” she said, “But in the spirit of our new level of kinkiness, why don’t you clean me up with your tongue?”

I felt my dick stirring again.

“Start with my sweaty armpits! I know how much you love those.”

She lifted her arm and I tentatively licked her left armpit. If anything the smell of earlier had only increased. She grabbed my head and pushed me into her armpit, “Get in there” she moaned.

I loved it and licked her up and down and as the smell decreased I switched to the other armpit. I cleaned it all over, meanwhile I couldn’t believe what was happening to me.

I had never seen her so kinky, I was loving the new Marley.

“Finish by licking my stinky little ass, you made a good start already.”

She laid on her stomach, I spread her cheeks and dove in. I licked her up, down and side to side.

“All done” I said after five minutes of luscious licking.

She put her clothes on and again I wiped my face on the sleeping bag. She looked at me and said “I don’t want you to wash your face with water. I want you to smell me all night.”

I put my clothes back on and tried to tuck my erection away.

When we stepped out of our tent, the other girls were sitting in front of their tents drinking a beer. They had made a bathroom break and decided to chill out for a while, waiting for us to return with them. They looked at us with a knowing smile, and we followed them to the festival terrain.

I couldn’t help but think how their pussies would all be a bit pissy after their bathroom break.

We spent the next couple of hours dancing, talking and me horny from the smell of Marley’s ass in my nose and the thought of all of the smelly pussies, asses, feet and armpits around me.

As we were dancing I couldn’t help but notice the small tufts of hair in Sarah and Charlene’s armpits. I wondered what they would smell like. I had a little too much to drink, so at 3 am I called it a night. The girls wanted to sit by the campfire for a while. In no time I fell asleep..

I was suddenly awakened by Marley, who was clearly drunk.

She straddled my chest and whispered “I had to pee again, would you lick my pussy clean?”

My dick needed less time than me to wake up and was at full attention immediately.

Without waiting for an answer she slid her pussy over my mouth and I started licking. She squirmed and moaned, coaxing me on. I played with her clit, licking and sucking her pissy cunt.

When she came, she stood up, pulled her shorts up and left the tent without saying anything. I couldn’t believe what had just happened, but I loved it.

After a couple of minutes I fell asleep again.

Next morning I woke up alone. The sun was shining and it was getting pretty hot in the tent. I put a shirt on and stepped outside the tent.

Claire was sitting in front of the girls’ tent having some breakfast.

“Hey man, sleep well?” she asked, “It got pretty wild last night, so Eve crashed in our tent.”

I was about to open the tent when Claire said: “Beware, 5 girls in a small tent on a hot day.. There’s quite a stank in there!”

Then with what I could only call an evil smirk she added “But you don’t mind, do you?”

My heart sank, did she tell the girls about last night? She wouldn’t have.. I opened the tent flap and boy she wasn’t kidding. If you think a guys locker room smells, you should smell a girl’s tent at a hot festival!

The girl were lying there huddled up together, a glorious pile of stinky woman. I whispered to my girlfriend, but she was fast asleep.. all of them were. I pushed her foot, but she didn’t react. I carefully leaned over to give her arm a little shove, still no response.

When I tried to shove her a bit harder, I fell over right into the pile of girls. Slowly Eve and Rose woke up, the other two just shrugged and kept on snoring.

“Hey baby, you came to join the party?” Eve asked. “We had a great time last night! We danced our asses off, great music, I loved it.”

Rose giggled “I heard you got to enjoy our dancing a bit too..”

My heart sank.. I saw Eve blushing, looking at me. She told them!!

I was mortified. But to be honest, at the same time I felt a stirring in my shorts.

“Come on,” Eve said “let’s go to our tent.. so we can have some privacy.”

As we got up, Rose said with a smirk “Yeah, you go get some privacy! Just don’t try to wake anyone up..”

We got to our own tent and laid down.

“WHAT DID YOU TELL THEM?” I immediately asked Eve.

She blushed and said “Well… Claire mentioned she noticed you had a bit of body odor on you. I was really drunk.. so I told her it was my stink which was on you. Well she didn’t understand, so I explained how it got on you… Sorry babe. But I swear I didn’t tell anyone else! She must have told Rose.”

My head was spinning, I felt totally exposed.. And in fact I was. I wondered if all the other girls knew too.

“Let me make it up to you” Eve said, “You know I worked up a pretty good stink up last night!”

Within seconds I was hard again. However betrayed I felt, having her owe me one might not be so bad.

“What did you have in mind?” I asked. She slowly took of her top and underwear.

“Why don’t we start at the bottom?” She put her feet to my face and wiggled her toes. “I’ve been wearing these socks since yesterday, they must be pretty rank by now. Would you like to take a sniff?”

I didn’t have to get any closer, the smell immediately hit me. I recognized her post-workout smell, only times like a thousand.

It was sweet and sour at the same time, real sweaty, footy smell. My dick twitched, I couldn’t deny being madly turned on.

“Sniff ‘m” she almost commanded.

I put my nose to her feet and inhaled deep. The rank smell was so intense, I started coughing.

She laughed “Too much for you, babe? Sorry for that.. my socks are probably pretty filthy. Take ‘m off and try my feet au naturelle.”

I pulled her socks off and tentively sniffed her toes. I have to say, her feet smelled better than her socks. They didn’t have so much a ‘I haven’t done my laundry in a month’-smell, more of an intense sweaty, savory-sour smell.

“Have a taste, while you’re over there.” she suggested.

I put her big toe in her mouth and sucked, I loved it. One by one I sucked all her toes, then in between her toes, where the most intense flavor was. When I licked both her feet, she put them down.

“What would you like to have as your next course? Everything is on the menu this morning.”

I was horny as hell, I knew Eve had a kinky side, but even after last night this came as a surprise. I pointed at her armpits

“Ooh you did love those last night. You thought last night was smelly, this is smell 2.0. All of the girls forgot their deodorant, so I haven’t used any since yesterday morning.”

She lifted her left arm. “Go ahead, it’s all yours baby.”

I approached and man, she was not lying. Her armpit smelled like a gym bag full of dirty clothes, left out for a week.

I never thought stank could make me that horny. I dove right in, rubbing my nose allover her armpit. I lifted up her other arm and sniffed her other armpit which was equally stinky. I started licking her right armpit, the taste was intense I almost came without touching myself.

When the smell started to subside, I moved to her breast. I always loved Eve’s breasts, she was about a C-cup, nice and perky. She moaned as I licked her nipples, then I moved to her left armpit. I licked it up and down, till there wasn’t a particle of sweaty smell left to lick.

“Well you left the best for last, didn’t you baby? You just lie down and let me serve you the main course.”

I lied down on my back and she pulled my shorts off, my cock was rock hard and upright.

“I see you’re absolutely loving this, aren’t you? Kinky little boyfriend of mine?”

She gave my cock a few rubs, I also came instantly. She noticed and immediately let go.

“It’s not time for that yet, baby.”

Eve spreads her legs and straddled my stomach. I could feel the hot moistness of her pussy on my skin. She looked me in the eye and started moving forward over my chest.

“Remember last night, baby? Well.. I went to the bathroom a couple of times after that but I didn’t want to wake you. So I have to warn you.. If you want to stop just say so..”

Even though I was still reeling a bit from all the excitement, I knew one thing for sure; I didn’t want her to stop! She moved on over my chest, as she hovered over my chin the first waft of smell hit my nostrils.

I have no other way to describe it than the smell of a urinal combined with the strongest smell of sex I have ever smelled.

“Well baby, eat up!”

With that she plopped her pussy onto my mouth and nose. I started to lick for all I was worth.

She was loving it, moaning and writhing on top of my face and so was I. I had tasted her pussy in the morning before, the flavor a bit sour, her pussy a bit slimy. Double that and add a bit of piss, that was the flavor filling my mouth.

By now she was really riding my face, pussyjuice and slime running down my chin. She wanted it bad, but I was in control for now. I knew exactly how to play her and I tickled her clit on and off driving her mad.

After a while I must have licked most of the stink off her, as her pussy started to taste more and more like the regular Eve. With a few more licks she launched into a thundering orgasm, squeezing my head with her thighs.

I could see her try to suppress her screams, but even with my ear covered by her soft thighs I could hear a high pitched yelp escape from her mouth.

If any of the other girls didn’t know yet, they sure did now. She moved back onto my chest, panting.

“Baby that was amazing! I mean, I knew you were good, but my god..” she smiled. “I think it’s time for your grand dessert!”

We both knew what this meant and indeed she turned around and slowly moved her wonderful ass over to my face. She spread her ass, exposing her asshole. I swear I could almost see the steam coming off it.

It was like a heavy blanket of ass-stink crashing over my face filling up my entire head. I loved the smell of her ass. A few beads of sweat ran down her crack over her beautiful little asshole.

Slowly she engulfed my entire face with her butt. As she started sliding her wonderful rear end over my face, she took my raging hardon into her mouth.

I was in heaven, licking her musky, stinky asshole, she was pumping my dick with her hand, sucking ferociously. Suddenly she paused..

“Are you ready for a little extra stimulation?” she asked.

I didn’t know what she meant, but thought hell yeah, I’m open for anything.

“Whatever you’ve got baby, I want it!” I said.

With that, she put her asshole over my face again, put my dick in her mouth with one hand and suddenly I felt her other hand traveling down between my legs.

“Well, well” I thought “this is new.”

She started tickling my asshole and somehow it felt awesome. Slowly she started to explore my asshole with her finger.

Soon she had her first digit in, then two and after a while her whole finger was going in and out of my asshole. It felt like nothing I had ever felt before.

This must be how prostate stimulation feels, I thought.

“Mmwmhh.. mmwrmh..” I muffled from under her ass.

She lifted her ass for a second and asked what I said.

“More!” I almost yelled, “I want more!”.

“What my baby wants, my baby gets” she said.

She put her ass on my face again and before I knew it I had two fingers up my butt pumping away.

It couldn’t have taken more than half a minute. I was cumming like I had never cum before, wave after wave kept coming. After she had sucked the last drop of cum from my penis, she removed her fingers from my ass and climbed off my face.

We just laid there for what seemed like half an hour, in pure post orgasmic bliss.

After a while she started to get up. She raised her arms en smelled her armpits.

“Damn honey, you’re one good licker! I haven’t smelled this fresh since I got out of the shower yesterday morning. Good job!”

She kissed me on the forehead and said “I’ll talk to Claire and Rose, make sure they don’t tell anyone else.”

I could smell my cum on her breath. As she got out of the tent I just lay back and basked in the layer of funk she left on my face.

I must have dosed off, because I was startled by the rustling of the tent flap. Unexpectedly Claire’s head popped in. I quickly covered up.

“Sorry Charlie, I didn’t mean to startle you.”

She crawled into the tent.

“I was just talking to Eve about how she told me about you’re little kinky escapades last night.”

She must’ve seen me blushing, I couldn’t believe the situation I was in.

“Believe me, she feels really guilty! And so do I.. So we were talking…” A smile appeared on her face “I really want to make it up to you..”

I didn’t know I had it in me, but under the sheets things started to stir again.

“What did you have in mind?” I asked. “Well we were talking.. and Eve told me what you two did this morning. She told me you enjoyed it so much, I thought maybe you were in for a round two.”

My heart was beating in my throat “Wha.. what did Eve say?” I stammered.

“She felt so guilty and with me feeling guilty too, she thought you might forgive the both of us after this.”

It must have been the biggest hardon I had had in my entire life, because it had me feeling dizzy with excitement and anticipation.

“Soo.. you should realize I haven’t showered since Thursday..” she blushed “I know.. I don’t shower everyday, maybe not the smartest move just before a music festival huh?” she said giggling. “So it’s up to you if you want to experience a new level of stink. I have one condition: if you choose to do this with me, I want to end up just as clean as Eve, when she was done. No take backsies.”

I didn’t hesitate for a second. “Let’s do it!” I vehemently said.

With that she immediately started taking her shirt of exposing her lovely little tits. She had about a small B-cup, but lovely and perky, with the most attractive nipples I have ever seen.

She lifted up her arms exposing her armpits “Go ahead! O did I mention I haven’t used deodorant since Thursday either.”

Getting closer to her armpits I was hit by a wall of putrid rank odor, like I had never smelled before.

In a relationship like with Eve, you get to know the body odor of your significant other. In my case even come to love it. But smelling a stranger for the first time, is a whole other story. For a moment I even regretted my decision. Then I realized, this might well be the last chance I had to enjoy another woman before Eve and I got married.

So I continued and truth be told I gagged a bit when I had my nose to hear pit of amazing stink. I stuck out my tongue, I just gave in and started licking enthusiastically. She tasted amazing, like nothing I had ever tasted in my life. I started fondling her cute little breasts, but she slapped my hand.

“No playing with your lunch! You’ll get to do that later” she winked.

I was even more turned on and went to her other armpit, licking the glorious stink of as best I could. All the while she was giggling

“That tickles… but I love it! Good job, my little deodorant. When you’re done with my pits, make your way to my pussy, I hope you’ve got an appetite.”

After a few final licks I moved from armpits to her gorgeous nipples and gave them a few licks. She gave a little moan, which motivated me even more.

I slowly licked down to her bellybutton, plunging my tongue in, licking up the little pool of sweat that had accumulated in there. I kissed her stomach a few times and now she slapped my head.

“NO kissing! That’s not fair to Eve. Licking will be just fine!”

So I licked down to her pussy and as she spread her legs I could actually see the threads of pussyslime between her pussylips. She had the same pissy stink Eve’s pussy had, if not worse.

I remembered I had licked Eve’s pussy twice, cutting the pissiness of each time in half. At this point I was so into the sordidness of the situation I started exploring the new unknown depths of this pussy.

I gave the outer labia a few long licks and just touched her clitoral hood a bit with my tongue. She jerked, closing her eyes and as she did I stopped and started licking the inside of her leg. She groaned with frustration, but the smile I saw on her face said she was enjoying it just as much as I was.

I licked her stomach, legs and once in a while I gave her pussy a few licks. She writhed with anticipation and when she couldn’t take it anymore, she grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head to her pussy.

“Lick it, God please lick it!” she hissed.

So I did, licking her the best I could. Which turned out to be not half bad, she moaned and jerked her arms and legs, completely losing control of her body.

When she came she pulled my head even harder into her pussy almost cutting of my air supply.

I stopped licking for a moment, she yelled “KEEP LICKING PLEAASE!!”

So I did and after the longest orgasm I had ever seen, she pushed me away, lying back completely out of breath. I rolled over onto my back, catching my breath after being not being able to breathe during her entire orgasm, which easily lasted 35 seconds.

When she caught her breath she climbed onto my head without saying a word. She spread her ass cheeks exposing her brown little rosebud.

I was shocked, there were a few light streaks of brown around her asshole. The smell left no doubt, she smelled like shit. Even though the smell was faint, compared to the heavy earthy unwashed asshole smell, but unmistakably shitty.

She looked me dead in the eye over her shoulder and said “I know, I went number two last night in one of the festival toilets, but I could only rustle up 3 plies of toilet paper, so I might not have gotten all of it. But remember what we agreed; if you start, you finish. And I have to say, you’ve started it better than I could have imagined. Now get ready to finish it, while I give little Charlie here the attention he deserves after this hard work.”

I was so immensely horny, I’d do anything for her to suck my dick. I closed my eyes, opened my mouth and decided just to dive in. It felt like my whole being was sucked into her stinky crevice.

I was consumed by her smell and taste, while she sucked my dick enthusiastically. The taste wasn’t as bad as I expected. It was mainly salty from the sweat, with an bitter, earthy undertone.

Out of nowhere a thunderous fart entered my mouth.

She didn’t say anything, but I could hear her chuckling. She did this on purpose! I thought I would have been absolutely repulsed, but her stinky gas just seemed to fuel my horniness and I started licking harder.

She’d probably felt I was licking even harder and she replied by sucking and jerking my cocking even harder. After a few seconds I came, spurting a new load of sperm.

As I came I closed my mouth, but at the same time Claire expelled another loud fart, going right up my nose.

I couldn’t believe the kinkiness I was experiencing this weekend! I sniffed hard, filling my lungs with her incredible, wonderful stink.

When the orgasm subsided I laid back.

I thought she’d just get off, but she turned around and said “You’re not done yet, I can still smell my ass from here! Keep licking, I’ll say when you’re done.”

Hesitantly I opened my mouth again. Licking a smelly ass after you’ve come is a whole other story than before. Luckily I had done most of the work already, so there was only a mild stink when the fart subsided. I started licking her again, probing her asshole with my tongue.

She moaned, touching her breasts and fingering her pussy. She started humping my face, getting more and more excited. She surprised me with another fart, only this one was a slow, silent fart. It burned my throat, lungs and nose, the smell was terrible. I gagged and tried to turn my head. She lifted her ass, turned and looked at me furiously.

She slapped my face and in a horny craze, while still fingering her pussy hissed .

“Keep licking or there’s a lot more where that came from.”

So I kept licking, luckily it didn’t take too long before she reached another climax. During her climax she sat her entire weight on my face, still humping and writhing. I thought if it would’ve any longer I might have passed out.

Finally she practically fell over next to me. She turned to me, still with a look of bliss on her face and put her fingers in my mouth.

“Your last job, clean the pussyjuice off my fingers.”

Her fingers tasted sweet.

While I was licking, she said “Sorry about the farting, it must’ve been the bad festival food… But you didn’t seem to mind, did you. You little pervert.. Can we call it even now?”

I agreed and with that she got dressed and left the tent.

I lay there stunned, what the hell was happening today. This was crazy! I got dressed and went out of the tent. All of the girls were sitting in the sun.

Eve looked at me smiling, she whispered in my ear “So, did you enjoy the apologies?”

I kissed her passionately and said “Like you can’t believe!”

She wrinkled her nose “I can smell… and taste” she added with a wink.

We left with the rest of the girls for the festival terrain. We danced and drank, we talked and had a great time. Claire threw me taunting, seductive looks all night. Several times she grazed my ass and once even my dick while dancing.

I have to admit, I was having a good time. My awareness of all of the female beauty in our little group, had only grown since last night.

Eve seemed quite aroused all night, being very handsy, kissing and fondling me. And as the night progressed, this only increased.

Now you should know, Eve could sometimes get a bit of an obstinate streak when she got drunk. And my god, was she obstinate tonight.

Once in a while she would come up to me and put her finger under my nose telling me to “Smell it!”

Each and every time it smelled a different kind of rank. Most times she told me it was the armpit of one of the other girls who all hadn’t showered yet.

Each time I had to guess and one of the times I distinctly thought smelling pussyjuice.

With her naughty bambi-eyes she entrusted me “It was Rose’s pussy.”

She didn’t just leave it at smelling, after a few armpit samples, she slipped her finger in my mouth.

“Lick it off, I know you love it” she whispered in my ear.

At about 10 pm I took her with me to a quieter place, to talk about all the things that were happening. I asked her what made her become so kinky all of the sudden.

She answered “I’ve always had fantasies, baby. But till tonight I’ve always been a little afraid you’d be weirded out by them.. Till I farted in your face and you loved it. You loved it didn’t you, baby?”

“I think so babe” I said “I’m still getting used to this new you. But yeah, I think I’m loving it.”

She smiled and grabbed my cock “Then why don’t we keep this going! For this weekend, I’ll show my kinkiest side to you as long as you promise not to judge. Deal?”

“Deal!” I happily agreed.

My god, I can’t believe this is happening to me! If last night was any indication for the rest of the weekend, I was in for the ride of my life!

After some more kissing and fondling, we returned to rest of the group. I was happy to have on tight boxers, because the made the raging erection I’d been having on and off for the entire night, just a bit less noticeable.

At first Eve continued with the finger smelling and licking.

After a while she came to me and asked “Is it oke if I include the other girls in our little project?”

I told her it depended on what she meant by ‘including’ (as much as I loved the finger smelling and licking, doing it to 5 girls might be a bit much).

“Just that I tell them what’s going on and maybe ask them to help out once in a while. Come on, Claire and Rose know already.. Who knows if they kept their mouths shut.. So what do you say? Can I? Pleaase?”

I didn’t have to think for long.

“Allright, you can include them if you want. I love you babe!”

“I love you too!” she kissed me.

She had that naughty look on her face again, she looked at me and whispered “Let’s play a new game: whose is it?”

With that she pressed a pair of panties in my face. I immediately smelled the familiar mix of sweat, sex and again mostly piss.

When removed the panty I saw a few dark long pubic hairs on them. I knew they had to be either Rose or Charlene’s, them being the real hippies of the bunch.

“Well?” she gleamed.

“I’m gonna guess Rose.” I answered.

“Wrong! It was Charlene! As a punishment you have to lick one of her armpits!”

I was shocked and secretly kind of amused “You told them already?!”.

“I’m sorry baby, Rose immediately blabbed to the rest of the group. All of them have known since our little adventure last night. I just hoped you’d go along with it! And you did! So what do you say? Wanna play?”

I felt my dick get hard again.

“Let’s play!” I said. And she went to get Charlene.

Charlene was pretty drunk when Eve brought her. But definitely not too drunk to realize what was going on.

“Hey Charlie, you dirty little devil you. I’ve heard you’re going to be my deodorant for tonight! Well go right ahead, you can do my left armpit.”

And as she raised her arm, I got a tingling feeling in my stomach. There were those tufts of hair I had fantasized about before. The hairs were dark brown and all matted down from the sweat. Suddenly I was very aware we were in the middle of a giant crowd.

“Do we have to do it here?” I asked Eve.

“Nobody cares baby, no place like right here..” she said and she gave me a kiss.

I hesitantly approached Charlene’s armpit and got a little sniff. Even over the smell of beer and the crowd of human bodies the smell hit me like a freight train. Absolutely putrid sweaty smell, I actually gagged a little.

I asked Charlene when she had last used deodorant.

“Sugar, I never use deodorant. It’s not natural. God made us this way.. don’t you just love my pheromones? Go on, just give them a try.”

And she lifted her arm up again. I brought my face to her armpit and I pushed my nose in her thick wet hair.

When I had crossed that boundary I was hooked. I stuck out my tongue and licked her disgusting armpit ferociously for a full song the band was playing, which must have been at least 4 minutes.

When I was done, Charlene smiled and smelled her armpit. “Wow!! Claire said you were good, she wasn’t kidding!”

We got on with dancing and suddenly the girls seemed much freer around me, being flirty, dancing just a bit sexier. I had an awesome time.

We partied and kept drinking. I must admit, every time one of the girls went to go pee, I thought about the fact they couldn’t use any toilet paper.

At some point I was dancing with Eve and she said she had to leave to go pee. I was having a great time dancing with her, one of my favorite bands was playing. So I asked her not to go.

“But I really have to go baby!” I looked at her and gave her my empty plastic cup. “Here, use that..” I whispered.

A giant smile came over her face. “You nasty freak you. You’re really getting into the spirit of this aren’t you? Well oke! Here I go!”

She took the plastic cup and put it under her skirt, I could see her wiggling her panties to the side and she looked me dead in the eyes as she started to piss in the cup. She filled up the entire cup to just half an inch under the rim.

Then with that same smile on her face she gave it to me and said: “Enjoy! Or in your case should I say, bottoms up?”.

Again I was faced with a new boundary; was I sure I wanted to cross this one too? I looked at Eve and I saw how much she was loving this. Genuinely loving this. I decided (again) what the heck, I might as well go all the way!

I brought the cup to my lips and took a sip.

I thought I was gonna throw up, I had expected it to be this warm, but not to be this salty.

I composed myself and tried it again. Now as I was expecting the saltiness, it wasn’t nearly as bad as the first sip.

“I can do this” I said to myself and continued to drink it.

I hadn’t thought it possible, but Eve’s face lit up even more.

She grabbed my dick and said “Baby, I have never loved you as much as right now.”

I finished the cup and on we partied.

We continued playing the panty game and it wasn’t long before Anne was included as well and I had at least licked everyone’s armpit once. At around 4 am everybody was tired and we all headed back to the tents.

When we got to the tent everyone seemed to have found some extra energy, because no one wanted to go to sleep just yet. We sat around a camp fire just talking and singing.

Being several hundreds of yards away from the closest toilet, the Claire and Anne were complaining having to walk all the way to the toilet just to pee. Anne and Charlene didn’t care, being true hippies, they just went between the tents.

I saw Anne go talk to Eve and them looking my way, again a grin came across both of their faces. I wasn’t sure what they were talking about, but it was bound to be a new kinky step we’d be taking.

Eve came over to me and said “Babe, I know you’ve gotten more intimately acquainted with everyone already. But Anne had a request; now feel free to say no! But she was wondering if you would drink her pee, so she wouldn’t have to go all the way to the toilet.”

Even though I hadn’t loved the taste of Eve’s urine, I loved the kinky idea of drinking Anne’s.

“Fine, here take my cup.” I said.

“Well.. that’s not quite what she had in mind.. She was kind of hoping she could piss straight into your mouth. You guys could use the tent. Would you?”

Even better, was all I could think. Bring it on.

“Let’s go!” I said and made my way to the tent.

I went to lie down and not long after that Anne came in.

She was very apologetic “Sorry, sorry I really have to go.. Are you sure you don’t mind?”

I tried to calm her down.

“Sure Anne, just go slow, I don’t know if I can swallow that fast.”

She pulled down her skirt and squatted over my face.

“Maybe you should put your mouth to my pussy, so I don’t spill any?” she suggested.

I looked around and put a pillow under my head, so that my mouth was covering her pussy. The smell wasn’t any different, that is to say, she hadn’t been licked by me yet, so all of the weekend stank was still on it.

I smiled realizing I was getting accustomed to the intense smell of sweat, sex and stale piss.

After a few seconds she started to pee, at first I panicked a bit, the flow was strong. I swallowed as fast I could, but I couldn’t keep it up for long.

But every once in a while she stopped, giving me a chance to catch my breath.

I could taste the alcohol in her urine, I loved it. When she was done she turned around with her butt facing me. Without warning she let out a deadly silent but really long fart. Instantly the whole tent smelled like rotten eggs.

“That’s just a little reward for you to enjoy. Eve said you’d enjoy it.”

And I realized, as terrible as it smelled, my god did it turn me on.

We both left the tent and Eve asked me if we had a good time. I said we had.

“Great” she said “because while you were in here we were discussing something with the girls. We would like you to be our designated pee drinker for the rest of the weekend. I promise you won’t have to drink more than you want to, but there’ll be enough you won’t have to drink anything else all weekend. Just imagine, you would be getting drunk off our alcohol, getting drunk on piss. What do you say, honey?”

I found less and less was needed to convince me.

“I’d love to baby” I said.

So Eve publicly announced it to all the girls who cheered and clapped. And so it went.

When any of the girls needed to pee the came to me and either took me to the tent or handed me a cup, which every time I drank up till it was empty. I myself peed in a nearby bush ironically. But as much fun I may have been having, I was happy when the girls decided it was time to go to bed.

Eve and I were about to turn into our tent, when Rose whispered something into Eve’s ear.

She turned to me “Baby, the girls have a little request. Rose just took a shit in the bushes, but wasn’t able to wipe. The girls are complaining about the smell she’s causing (I know ironic isn’t it.. complaining about smell).. Rose was wondering if you would do for her, what you had done for Claire?”

“Sure” I said, I’ll be right back”

I followed Rose to the girls’ tent and with all the girls watching Rose laid down on her stomach. She spread her butt cheeks and the girls immediately covered their nose, giggled and complained about the smell.

They weren’t wrong, there was an unmistakable smell filling the tent that could only be described as shitty. She had made a bit more of a mess than Claire had.

Rose had a hairy asshole, so there was some matted brown hair stuck to her asshole. It was gonna take some serious licking to get clean. I dove right in, not thinking too much about my actions.

She had a strong earthy, bitter taste. Not completely disgusting, I was mainly savoring the depravity of the situation.

Meanwhile the other girls were watching intently. When I was finished Rose ran her finger through her butt crack and sniffed it.

“Wow, you’re just as effective with buttholes as you are with armpits. Nice job, Charlieboy! Well goodnight!”

I was about to leave, when the girls pulled me back.

“We want a goodnight kiss..” said Anne.

As I leaned in, she quickly added “No, we want it on our buttholes.. We love the feeling of your lips between our butt cheeks and you smelling and tasting our smelliest, dirtiest little spot. We know you love it.. So would you?”

As if they had talked it over, they all bent over in unison and spread their butt cheeks. It was the sexiest sight I had ever seen. A row of butts, some skinny, some with a little delicious cellulite with all of their buttholes exposed, waiting for me.

I didn’t hesitate and started at the left with Charlene’s hairy ass giving it an elaborate tongue kiss savoring her unique hippie stink. I did the same with Anne and Claire, my god did I love these girls’ unwashed, stinky asses.

They all crawled into their sleeping bags and went to sleep. I went back to my tent to finally get some sleep.

When I crawled into my tent Eve was still awake and was lying completely naked on her sleeping bag.

“Hey stud! Come in.. I think you’ve earned yourself a little reward for today. I have to say when I suggested we do this, I had no idea you were so kinky yourself! And baby, I love it!!”

With that she kissed me passionately and she had to have tasted my ass breath, but she kept kissing me.

“Mmm baby, you’ve never tasted sexier, you’ve been working hard! Now just lay back, we’ll pick up where we left off last night.”

She pulled my clothes of and spread my legs. I didn’t have to wonder long what she meant by picking up where we left off, because as she wrapped her lips around my hard-on, her fingers found their way towards my asshole.

She cautiously put in one finger first, then another. She fingered my asshole for a while, blissfully, when suddenly she pulled out. She rustled through some of her things. I asked her what was wrong, she told me not to worry and just lay back.

“Relax every muscle in your body, baby! Let’s see what you can take..” with that I heard the unmistakable hum of a vibrator.

“Why don’t you lubricate it a bit?” she asked as she put it to my lips.

I was surprised by its size, not much smaller than my own penis, I wondered if I could take it. I could smell pussy on the vibrator.

She must’ve heard me sniff and said “I’ll admit, this was in Claire’s cunt last night. She let me borrow it to give you a nice treat.”

I took it in my mouth and cleaned it with my tongue, savoring what little flavor was left on it. After a while she took it out of my mouth and applied some lubricant and pressed the tip to my anus.

“Now relax baby, let it fill you up.”

I relaxed as she gently eased the vibrator in, there was just a slight discomfort at first. But once it was all in and my dick was in her mouth again I felt a kind of pleasure I had never felt before. Filling me up entirely, emanating through my genitals, my ass and from there through my whole body.

It was like I was in another space floating in pleasure. When I orgasmed it was the most intense I had ever had, as if every part of me was having a little orgasm of its own.

I don’t even remember her pulling it out, I must’ve fallen right asleep.

Next morning Eve woke me up. The sun was beating down on the tent and it was starting to get hot.

She whispered “Get up baby, we’ve got a little surprise for you! Come outside!”

I got up, put on my boxers and stepped outside the tent. For some reason all of the girls were lined-up in front of their tent.

They cheered when I got out, Eve explained what was going on.

“Since we’ve all enjoyed you so much this weekend, we thought we’d let you enjoy us! So since we don’t have a shower here, but everyone is all sweaty after a night in a crowded tent.. We decided you’re on shower duty today!”

She took me to the girls’ tent “Go on, step into your office!”

I stepped inside and she explained the idea.

“So babe, you’re going to clean all of the girls up; ass, pussy, tits and pits, and feet if they’ve been wearing shoes. We wouldn’t want your mouth to get all muddy.. You’re only done when the girl says you’re done. When they’re satisfied, the girls owe you a reward, which could be anything from a blowjob to money or anything else you might think of. Agreed?”

Of course I was elated.

“Of course honey! Can I start with you?”

“You read my mind” she smiled.

Eve only had on a bikini, which she quickly took off. I decided to start with her armpits, which weren’t that smelly after all the cleaning they had had this weekend.

I spent a couple of minutes on each armpit and moved to her tits. She cooed when I licked her nipples. I moved down to her bellybutton licking it out and continuing to her pussy. Her pussy had that wonderful early morning combination of sourness, sweat and pissy smell, I imagined this was what girls’ bathrooms had to smell like.

I knew her so well, I played her like a trumpet, pressing exactly the right buttons. She orgasmed within notime.

I ended with a brown desert, reveling in her earthy stink.

I stopped finished after a couple of minutes, so she dragged her index finger down her buttcrack, smelling it.

“Wow, we’ve really revealed a new talent of yours this weekend, baby!” she said proudly “What do you want as your reward?”

I thought for a few seconds, then said “I would like you to fart, while I have my nose in your asshole.”

She laughed loudly “I see we’ve also found a new fetish! I love it!” she bent over “Get your snoz in there!”

I pressed my nose in her clean asshole, she wiggled a bit and the pfffbraaaap.. a loud fart right in my nose! It was so intense and putrid, smelling of rotten eggs..

I had a raging hardon in half a second..

“Oops here comes another one!”


It was like my whole being was filled with her fart. I loved it.

“Well that’s all for now, I think, I’ll send in the next one! Have fun, honey! I love you!”

After her Charlene entered, I loved her dirty armpits and she had some serious boob-sweat! Her ass was sticky and the hairs really captured the stank..

It took me some considerable effort to clean it.

When I was done, she asked me what I wanted for my reward.

“How about a blowjob!” I said.

She smiled and got on her knees.

“Are you sure?” she said with a grin. “Er.. yeah go ahead” I said.. why wouldn’t I be sure.

I got a wonderful blowjob and came in her mouth. She looked at me sternly and kissed me on the mouth, pushing my own cum into my mouth.

“I always share..” she said with an evil smile. “Enjoy the rest now you’ve cum!”

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