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Church & State

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Disclaimer: The characters in this story are entirely fictional, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. The following story involves graphic descriptions of sexual encounters. If such things offend you, please read no further. For everyone else, I hope you enjoy the story.

“Church & State”

Beverly was terrified. It was her first day at her new job and she already felt overwhelmed. It had started when she had first arrived. She felt lucky enough when she first landed this job at Sav-O-Mart, which was a type of discount store for towns not big enough to have WalMarts. And her town certainly wasn’t big enough.

She had grown up in that very town, consisting of a few thousand people in the forests of Alaska. It and the surrounding towns (or in some cases, villages) weren’t particularly wealthy, leaving them to share resources such as schools, utilities, and law-enforcement. Her mother had passed away when her younger brother was born, leaving them completely in the control of her father. Her father was the minister of a church out in the boondocks that catered to old blood; families that didn’t much approve of the “liberal attitudes” that seemed to be “poisoning” America these days. Her family had plenty of money, as previous generations had ties with the oil and lumber industries. But she had not led a spoiled existence by any means.

Her father would have been more at home in the Spanish Inquisition than in modern day Alaska: an old-testament preacher to be sure. He believed that a woman’s place was in the home, popping out kids and doting on her husband. He spoke venomously about other faiths, especially the Jews, was quite a racist at heart, and was a raging homophobe. Beverly had grown up in a room with bare walls, with no toys, few clothes, and the only book in her room besides textbooks was a bible. Their were no private schools in the area, so her father reluctantly sent let her and her three brothers (two older, one younger) go to public schools. Over the last several years, she had noticed boys glancing at her more and more often. It made her uncomfortable, as she had little chance for social interaction. Until high school, her only social interactions had always occurred in the presence of her father, and they were usually church-related events. Suddenly, she was thrust into the real world. Academically, she was a straight-A student. After all, she had a lot of time to study. But her father frowned on extra-curricular activities, feeling that most of them were inappropriate for a proper young lady. But she had managed to get permission to join the chess team, which even her father saw as harmless. She had long been fascinated by the game, and played it often with her brothers who she invariably beat. The people in the club were almost as socially awkward as she was. The were mostly social outcasts, people who didn’t fit into the limited number of cliques that their small-town-environment had to offer. But they warmed to her quickly, and she to them. The captain of the team was amazed by how sharp her mind was, and she quickly became the best player on the team.

A number of people around her were confused by her apparent lack of social skills. She didn’t realize that the reason the boys all stared was because she was quite beautiful. She had grown up a country girl, meaning she was no stranger to physical labor. Her body was lightly muscled and well toned. She had long, blonde, curly hair that reached all the way to her belt-line, and brilliantly green eyes capped with long, sensuous lashes. She had full red lips and pale, flawless skin. Many of her peers admired her body, with her taut butt and full chest. There were many boys who were interested in her, but most of the knew her father or at least of him, and so stayed away. And the boys in the chess club would probably drop dead of a heart attack if they even though of asking her out.

But being in high school gave her a perspective she badly needed. She saw all sorts of different kinds of people and, even though she was nervous about interacting with them directly, she was able to watch them from a distance. They weren’t the evil heathens her father made them out to be. They weren’t perfect to be sure, but they seemed to be a lot happier than her father was. They were certainly happier than Beverly was.

Her academic achievements didn’t go unnoticed by the school. The guidance counselor and principle both urged her to apply to schools all over the country. They were convinced that she could get into any college she wanted and get academic scholarships as well. She almost broke down crying when they told her that. She so badly wanted to go away, somewhere where her father and his hatreds couldn’t cloud her mind anymore. But even if she got help paying for school, she could never afford to move there. The principle and counselor nodded and told her they understood. They knew her father as well, and knew he would never willingly let her go, much less help her financially. He was a miser in every sense of the word. She agreed to try applying to some schools, but she didn’t have much hope for getting to attend any of them.

One day, an opportunity presented itself. Shortly after turning eighteen and graduating from high school, she was meekly asking for money to buy some new shoes as hers were almost worn through. Her father said, “If you want something, you must earn it.” She decided to go get a job, and got one at the Sav-O-Mart. Initially her father was furious, but she pointed out that she was doing it so that she could learn for herself the value of a hard day’s work. Her father actually bought the excuse. In actuality, she was planning on making a break for it. She figured she could postpone entrance into college for a year, during which time she could earn the money to make the move on her own. And her father wouldn’t be able to stop her. She would finally be free.

So there she was, stocking shelves and occasionally running the register at Sav-O-Mart. Her manager had found it difficult finding a green vest (the standard uniform for the company) that fit her ample chest, making her feel awkward. She didn’t know where anything was or how much anything cost. She knew in her heart that they were going to fire her after her first day. Much to her surprise, the manager smiled in a friendly manner when closing time rolled around.

“Don’t worry, Ms. Beverly. No one figures out everything on their first day,” he said. She thanked him for his kindness, swore up and down she would do better, and started the hour-long walk back to her house. On the way, she started to cry again.

Over the next few weeks, things got much easier. She enjoyed working with customers, particularly the little old ladies who came in every day. They all teased her and joked with her. She blushed at some of the brash comments they made, making her all the more the darling of the town. Boys came buy and made purchases that seemed odd to her. They hung out for long periods of time around her register, and looked away when she glanced their way. She asked her manager if they always acted like that. He just smiled and shook his head. “No, I think it is just around you.” She just didn’t understand.

She worked as many hours a week as she could. She didn’t mind the long hours, particularly since it meant she didn’t have to be at home. Her father was already looking around at his cronies’ sons for potential husbands for her. The thought made her cringe. She generally had a small lunch in the break room of the store. There was a diner just down the street, but her father had forbid her from ever going in there. The owner of the diner was also the sheriff, and her father hated the sheriff.

First of all, this particular sheriff was a woman. Beverly’s father was outraged that the “weaker sex” having a position of power. Secondly, this woman was “a miserable half-breed mulatto.” Beverly had no idea what that meant until a fellow schoolmate told her it meant your parents were “of different colors.” Beverly felt that there was something else, but her father wouldn’t talk about it. She realized that as long as she was living under her father’s roof, she had to tread softly. This meant avoiding the diner.

But one day, her principle dropped buy with a large number of envelopes and a smile on his face. They were responses to her college applications. She had wisely decided to have them sent to her school rather than her house so that her father wouldn’t find out until she was ready to tell him. There wasn’t room in the break area for her to spread out and read everything over. Her manager insisted she take an hour off for lunch to look at the responses then gave her a big hug. She felt almost lightheaded as she left the store and walked down the block. She didn’t believe this was happening. She saw the diner as well as the sheriff’s jeep parked out front. At that moment, she just didn’t care, so she took her things inside. The diner was a surprisingly clean, if not overly fancy, establishment. There was a long counter with stools next to the window and door leading to the kitchen, and a number of booths next to the window. The place was only half-full, consisting mostly of retirees and a couple of loggers on lunch break. She heard some clattering in the kitchen, but saw no sign of the “evil sheriff” her father had warned her about. She grabbed a booth that wasn’t immediately visible from the street. She laid out her applications on the table, and glanced at the menu. She was looking through the selection when she heard a voice.

“So, what can I get for you?”

Beverly looked up and saw the sheriff for the first time. She knew it was the sheriff because she was wearing her uniform under her apron. Beverly really didn’t know what to expect the sheriff to look like, but she still managed to be surprised. This woman didn’t look like the Devil her father had described, or at lease the way Beverly pictured the Prince of Darkness. She looked like . . . well, an angel. The woman appeared to be in her late twenties. She had thick, shoulder-length black hair that was currently tied back. She had high angular facial features, full lips and dark brown eyes. Her skin was a light brown, showing the benefits of her different backgrounds. And while Beverly may not have been able to see the appeal of her own body, this woman’s physique couldn’t be denied. Nothing on the woman was out of place. Her uniform was snug, accentuating the swell of her breasts, the tapering down of her waist, the muscles of her legs and the tightness of her . . .


“Sorry,” Beverly said quietly. “I’d like . . . um . . . well . . .”

“It’s okay. Take your time.” She was smiling at Beverly. It was a beautiful smile, the kind that stretches from ear to ear. Even her TEETH were perfect! And it wasn’t a fake smile like she had seen on her father so many times. It was genuinely warm and patient. Beverly felt herself blushing.

“Sorry, I’ve never been here before. What would you recommend?”

“Well, seeing as I own the place, I’m a little biased towards everything.” Beverly found herself chuckling. “But mostly it depends on how hungry you are.”

“I’m hungry, but nervous, so I’d like something that isn’t too heavy.”

“I’d recommend the green-chili stew then. I’ve got a friend in Hatch, New Mexico that sends up a bunch of green chili from time to time, and it is to die for!”

“O.k., I’ll try that,” she responded shyly. Beverly found herself in awe of this woman, who she had met only a minute earlier.

“Be right back.”

Beverly forced herself to pay attention to stuff the college had sent her. She opened the first one, which was from UCLA. They accepted her! And there was information regarding scholarship opportunities! The next envelope told much the same story, as did the one after that. All in all, there were eight envelopes and eight letters of acceptance. She was flabbergasted. She couldn’t imagine all these places wanting her to attend. She was sitting their dumbfounded when the waitress/sheriff returned with her soup.

“So what are you so nervous about?” she asked. The woman looked at the table. “College, huh? Any luck so far?”

“Ye . . . yeah. All of them.”

“Damn, girl! Even I didn’t get accepted to every place I applied!”

“Really? How many did you . . . I’m sorry, I don’t even know your name.”

“Tamara Huntley, but you can call me Tammy.”

“So, where did you wind up going?”


Beverly was dumbfounded for the second time. “You went to Harvard? What did you major in?”

“Criminal justice and chemistry.”

“You double majored? At Harvard?”

Suddenly, the nervousness melted away. Tammy told one of the kitchen staff to man the register, and she sat down. The two started chatting away like they were old friends.

Over the next several weeks, Beverly went to the diner every day for lunch and sometimes dinner. She wanted to learn everything she could about this woman who so filled her father with dread and anger. Apparently, Tammy’s mom had been a successful romance writer, and her father, who was black, had been a politically active movie agent in Hollywood. They had both died in a car wreck when she was sixteen. They had left all their combined wealth to their only daughter. They had always wanted her to follow her dreams and get a good education. She, like Beverly, had been a gifted student. Apparently, she was also a bit of an athlete, having two black-belts in martial arts and was an all-state champion in volleyball. She had gotten into Harvard at the age of seventeen, graduated with a double major after four years and joined, of all things, the New York City Police Department. Her goal was to get into the FBI and study forensics, but needed some work experience first. She eventually got into the FBI, and graduated from the academy when she was twenty-five.

Strangely, when talking about her brief stint in the FBI, Tammy was strangely reserved. She wound up quitting her job in Washington, but didn’t explain why. She said she liked protecting and serving, but didn’t want to be part of a large, impersonal entity like the Bureau. So she came out here. It had taken some time, but she had earned acceptance by most people. When she said “most,” she made a point not to look directly at Beverly. Beverly had gotten the impression that the sheriff knew her father and that they had some unpleasant altercations. But as Beverly didn’t buy into her father’s petty hatreds, Tammy didn’t let her feelings about the father transfer to the daughter. A month passed, and Beverly found herself more and more drawn to this intelligent, powerful woman. She saw a shrewd businesswoman in the same body as a passionate law enforcement agent. Tammy would periodically go out on call, leaving her chef in charge. It turned out her cook was a Vietnam veteran that no one else would hire, and who had turned out to be a friendly and loyal employee. There was an old man who sat at the counter every day drinking coffee and eating cheese-fries and talking with the cook. His name was Larry, and he was one of the few remaining veterans of World War II. Tammy had so much respect for those who would risk their lives in the situations that these men had lived through that she felt obliged to help them in whatever way she could. Another thing that surprised Beverly was that Tammy was a very spiritual person. She wasn’t a traditional churchgoer to be sure, but she had her faith and was comfortable with her “lot” in life, referring to her sexual preference.

Everything seemed to be going great until she arrived home one day, just ahead of a major storm. It turned out that the weather wasn’t the only thing about to turn bad. Her father was sitting in the living room with a scowl on his face.

“How DARE you?!?”


“One of my parishioners saw you at that diner! Talking with that whore!”

“She isn’t a whore! She is a decent woman!” Beverly was almost as shocked as her father. She had never spoken back to him, and could never have imagined yelling at him.

“You DO NOT talk back to me!” he yelled. “You are going to quit that job and you are NEVER to speak to that ‘creature’ again!” he finished with a sneer on his face.

“No! You can’t control my life!”

“As long as you live here, yes I can!”

“Then I’m leaving!”

There was a moment of stunned silence. There was no going back now. Beverly turned with tears in her eyes and moved towards her room to get her things. She felt her father’s hand on her shoulder, roughly spinning her around.

“You do not turn your back on me, you little harlot!” He raised one hand to strike her. Even her father had never threatened to strike her before. “You will learn to behave yourself if I have to . . .”

His sentence was cut off as another hand grabbed his wrist. It was her older brother, Brian. Brian had a stern look she had never seen on him before.

“Dad,” he said calmly, “you will NOT hit her. Now or ever.” Her father looked positively aghast. “Bev,” continued Brian, “get your stuff.”

Beverly rushed to her room, tossed her few possessions and some clothes into a duffel bag, and rushed outside. Her father had returned to his chair, and her brothers were waiting on the porch. They each hugged her.

Brian spoke up again. “We don’t agree with you leaving, but know that we still love you. Let us know where you wind up. I’ll talk to Dad, and maybe when he calms down . . .” Brian left it at that. There was nothing else that needed to be said. They all knew her father would never forgive her. When she left, she would never be coming back. She made her way down the dark road back to town. She didn’t know what she was going to do. And the drizzle turned into a downpour. She was wet, cold, and frightened. Halfway there, she sat down on a rock beside the road, too exhausted to walk another step. A minute later, she saw headlights approaching, and suddenly, blue and red lights started flashing. It was a police vehicle. It was Tammy.

Tammy looked furious! Without any words, she helped Beverly into the jeep. Even in her state of rage, she gently wiped the moisture from Beverly’s face with a towel she had brought.

“How . . .?”

“Your brother Brian called the station and let one of my deputies know what happened.” Tammy’s voice was almost trembling with anger. She fired up the jeep and headed back to the house.

“Tammy, I can’t . . .”

“I’m not going to leave you there. I’m just going to have a word with your father.”

Beverly was suddenly afraid for her father. They pulled up and Tammy got out, slamming the door and leaving the police lights on. Beverly cracked the window a bit and listened. Tammy marched in the front door and started yelling. Beverly couldn’t make out much of what was being said, but heard the words “negligence,” “irresponsible” and “asshole” a number of times. Her brothers gathered on the porch for the second time that evening, and all of them looked petrified. Beverly almost smiled. She was willing to bet her father had never been talked to the way he was getting dressed down at that moment. Tammy emerged after a few minutes, still pissed off, and got back into the jeep. Beverly saw her father standing in the doorway. He looked angry, but angry mixed with something new. He was afraid. She had never seen him afraid. She wondered exactly what Tammy had said to him, then decided she didn’t want to know. As Tammy started up the jeep and headed to town, Beverly didn’t even look back.

“I’ve got a guest house on my property,” Tammy said after a few minutes. “You’re welcome to stay there as long as you need.”

“Thank you,” Beverly whispered. “Thanks for everything.” After that, the two just listened to the sound of the rain hitting the roof of the vehicle.

They arrived at Tammy’s house, which was a sizeable A-frame house. Right next to it was a small guesthouse. Tammy carried Beverly’s meager belongings inside. It wasn’t a big space. It was a studio apartment, about fifteen feet by fifteen feet, with a full sized bed, a small tub/shower and kitchenette. Tammy almost looked embarrassed.

“It’s not much. If you’d rather stay in the house . . .”

“No!” Beverly saw a look of alarm briefly appearing on Tammy’s face. Beverly realized the conclusions that the woman might be arriving at as a result of her response, and she moved to cut off that line of thought. “I really just need to be alone right now. I REALLY appreciate this.” With that, she gave Tammy a full force hug, which Tammy returned. Beverly felt her heart thumping loudly in her chest. Their breasts mashed together, and she felt Tammy breathe. It was an unfamiliar feeling, but not unpleasant. Tammy left her alone in the room. Beverly looked around and realized that, for the first time in her life, she was alone. She dried herself off and crawled into bed. She thought that she would never be able to sleep, but that idea was put to the test as soon as her head touched the pillow. Due to the severe physical and emotional exhaustion she had suffered, she was asleep almost immediately.

She woke up to the sound of Tammy knocking on her door. They sat at opposite ends of the bed. Tammy had called the Sav-O-Mart and arranged for Beverly to get the day off.

“You need to take a day off and think,” she said.

“Think about what? I can’t afford to live on my own! I need to put money away!”

“Well, you can live here. I won’t charge you rent. Don’t worry, I didn’t really have any use for this place anyway, and I really don’t need the money. But you will have to help around the property from time to time, and you have to promise to keep working until you are ready to move, and you have to promise not to let your father keep you from doing anything that you want to do.”

Beverly was almost overcome with joy. She thought back to the saying, “It is always darkest before the dawn.” Dawn had arrived.

The two spent the rest of the day wandering around the property, which was expansive. Tammy had a couple of bloodhounds named Thunder and Lightning which followed them everywhere. It was a beautiful place. Tammy’s house was large but cozy. It was an open space. Tammy’s bed was in a loft overlooking the whole house. She had a pool table at one end, a very comfy couch and satellite television. Tammy called in to both the station and the diner and told them to call her at home if they needed anything. The two women sat around all day watching movies, eating popcorn, and petting the dogs. Beverly had seen virtually no television or movies in her life, so everything seemed wonderful. She watched the movie “Star Wars” for the first time in her life and fell in love with it. She caught Tammy staring at her a couple of times, smiling. She must look like a fool, giggling and gawking at things other people had seen years and years ago. But she didn’t care.

Another month went by, and Beverly got used to her new surroundings. Tammy became her best friend. They had lunch every day except when Tammy was on a call. They watched movies in the evenings, and played chess on occasion. Beverly generally won, but Tammy was a quick learner, and didn’t seem to mind losing to the younger girl. Tammy even started teaching Beverly how to drive (her father had never seen the point). Along with her jeep, Tammy had an old pickup truck and a blue Corvette Stingray, which Tammy said Beverly could drive someday.

One night after the movie was over, Beverly fell asleep on the couch. She woke up several hours later, and heard a noise coming from the loft. She crept up the stairs and was mesmerized. The covers were thrown back and Tammy was lying on the bed where virtually nothing. She had a tight little half shirt on and what Beverly surmised was a dark thong; surmised because Beverly had never seen one before. And she appeared to be masturbating. Beverly had masturbated, but had traditionally felt awkward or ashamed. What she was witnessing wasn’t awkward, but instead was rather beautiful. One of Tammy’s hands had slipped underneath the flimsy fabric of her underwear, and Beverly could only guess what her fingers were doing. Her other hand had pulled her shirt up and she was tweaking her own nipples, and she caressed those dark, delectable globes . Beverly couldn’t avert her gaze. Luckily, Tammy’s eyes were closed as she writhed in obvious pleasure. After what seemed like an eternity, even though it was only a few minutes, Tammy arched her back and worked her groin area frantically. Her mouth opened as she gasped lightly. Even in the dim light, Beverly saw sweat glistening on the other girl’s body as she apparently had an orgasm. Beverly had never experienced one of those, and could only imagine what the sensation must be like. Looking at Tammy, it must be exquisite. Beverly snuck down stairs and back onto the couch. She lay away for an hour, thinking about what she had just seen, before finally drifting back off to sleep.

She awoke the next day to the sensation of being poked in the shoulder. Beverly opened her eyes to see a fully dressed Tammy.

“Sorry, but I’ve got to get going. There’s an overturned logging truck that’s gonna take me all day to take care of. Could you feed the dogs? And if you finish the laundry, there’s a shiny new pizza in it for you.”

“Mmm . . . Pizza. Sure. Got it.” Beverly rolled over, falling ungraciously onto the floor. It was her day off, so she reached up and grabbed the blanket off the couch.

“See you later.” Tammy was laughing as she walked out the door.

About an hour later, Beverly finally got up. She fed the dogs and went upstairs to get the laundry hamper. When she reached down to grab it, she noticed a dark thong sitting on top of the pile. It had to be the one Tammy was wearing last night. She put the hamper down and without knowing why, she picked up the thong. It was still moist. She placed it next to her nose and inhaled deeply. It smelled . . . musky was the only word that came to mind. She didn’t know what she was thinking, but she sniffed it again. Tammy had looked so exotic in it. Beverly never thought she could look like that. Then she got an idea. She found herself shedding her conservative sweatpants, t-shirt and cotton panties. She pulled the dark blue thong up her legs and into place. The moistness of it against her own private area made her shudder, but in a good way. She turned and looked at herself in Tammy’s full-length mirror. For the first time, she saw herself as a girl. The swell of her breasts, the faint outline of her abdominal muscles . . . she really wasn’t all that bad looking after all. She spun around and saw the strings of the underwear disappearing into the crack of her butt. It seemed so sexy to her, so novel. She never would have worn something like this if she still lived with her father.

She sat back on the white sheets of the bed. The bed felt cool against her backside; the disadvantage of such flimsy underwear. Or maybe the advantage. She lay down, letting the sun streaming through the skylight warm her bare skin. Without even knowing she was doing it, her hand crept down to her crotch. She bit her lip. She didn’t dare. But Tammy said she was going to be gone all day. She let her hand slip under the moist material. She traced the lips of her pussy with her fingers. She really should consider shaving a little down there. She believed Tammy had shaved. Thinking about Tammy doing this very act the previous night excited her for some reason. She inserted her fingers into her moistening vagina. Her fingering slowly picked up in speed and intensity. In her limited masturbation experience, she had never felt this excited. Her fingers were well coated in her own juices now. She slid her other hand down, inserted one finger, and brought it back up. She gently licked the tip of her finger. It was sweet and somewhat pleasant. She used that hand to fondle her one of her breasts, just like Tammy had done. She was as sexually aroused as she had ever felt in her life. She felt an unfamiliar stirring in her loins. The hand that was thrust under the thong picked up the pace again, and she stuck an additional finger or two in her already crowded box. Her body began shaking, and she arched her back while pressing down and inward with her hand as hard as she could. Then, she experienced her very first orgasm. It was amazing! Every fiber in her body seemed to be on fire, and every muscle was tensed up. She felt her juices flowing like never before, down her legs and onto the sheet. She was gasping quite audibly now, and her eyes were almost completely rolled back into her head. Finally, it was over. She collapsed back onto the bad, still groaning and gasping for air. She had never felt that good in her entire life. Then she realized that she was lying naked on another woman’s bed after having frantically masturbated, and reality came crashing down quickly. She removed the thong and got dressed in own clothes. She felt strangely uncomfortable in them all of a sudden, and decided to buy some new clothes when she had the opportunity. She stripped the bed and through the sheets in with the rest of the laundry, but taking the time to deeply inhale the aroma from the thong one more time.

By the time Tammy got home, it was fairly late. Everything was clean and the clothes had all been put away. Tammy thanked her and hugged her, and then Beverly helped her very tired friend up the stairs and onto the bed. Tammy waited until Beverly had descended the stairs and head out to the guesthouse before she started undressing. Beverly thought that Tammy was trying to be respectful of her religious beliefs or something. She didn’t realize how badly Beverly wanted to stay and watch. Until she drifted off to sleep, the only thought on the young girl’s mind was wondering what kind of underwear the sheriff was wearing.

The next day, Beverly spent some of her free time wandering through their limited selection of women’s clothing. They didn’t carry anything as daring as what Tammy had, but certainly more risqué than what she was used to. She picked out a number of pairs of panties, all silk and satin. She didn’t like the feel of lace too much so she left those alone. They were skimpy in both the front and back. Unfortunately, they didn’t have many bras that fit her, so she grabbed a couple of jogging bras, which at least were comfortable and provided her some support. She kept the bag in a small locker in the break area until Tammy picked her up and took her home.

Over the next few days, Beverly wore a different pair of her new panties to work. She liked the feel of them. She also noticed more and more people looking at her as she walked around the store and down to the diner. She occasionally put a little swing in her hips, and the number of stares increased. But when she had her lunch with Tammy, she kept thinking about the other woman and wondering what she had on underneath the tight brown slacks of her uniform.

Every night of the week, Beverly masturbated before going to bed, and sometimes in her morning bath as well. And every time, she thought about when she saw Tammy doing it, and every time, her orgasm seemed more intense than the last.

It was a Friday evening when Beverly got home. Tammy had decided to work from home and leave someone else in charge of the diner, so she had let Beverly take the truck. Beverly dropped off her uniform at her room and went up to the main house. She walked in to find Tammy sitting on the couch. The woman’s eyes were red and her makeup was running. She had apparently been crying for a while.

“Tammy, what’s wrong?” Beverly was terrified. What could have upset her so much? She was the stable one of the two. She noticed that Tammy was holding a letter, and the envelope was on the couch next to her. Beverly picked it up. She didn’t recognize the name, and she had become familiar with all of Tammy’s friends. “Who . . .”

“Carrie. My ex.”

“Oh.” Although Beverly knew that Tammy had been with several women in her life, she didn’t remember Tammy mentioning a Carrie.

“She . . . I . . . she’s the reason I left the FBI.”

Oh, thought Beverly to herself this time. She knew that was a delicate subject for her friend. Tammy had always cited “irreconcilable differences” as her reason for leaving, and had never said anything else.

Tammy was talking again, just staring off into space. “We met during training. She wanted to be a field agent, and I wanted to go into forensics. I thought she was ‘the one.’ She was beautiful, smart, dedicated . . . maybe too dedicated. We lived together for a while . . . sex in the candlelight and two pistols under the bed . . . we were the perfect match. Or so I thought.” Tammy sniffed and Beverly handed her a tissue. “One day, she told be she had the inside track on a promotion. I wished her luck, kissed her goodbye, and off she went. I dropped by her office to surprise her for lunch. She wasn’t there. I went to her supervisor’s office and went in. He should have remembered to lock the door. She was on her back on his desk, legs up in the air. He was going to town. They both looked at me. She . . . it looked like she wanted to say something. I didn’t want to hear it. I quit the next morning.”

As Tammy recited the story, Beverly took some time to glance at the letter, which seemed to be an apology. But she couldn’t concentrate on the details of what it said. All she could see was red as the anger welled up insider her. Beverly hated this woman like she had never hated anything or anyone before.

“The guy promised to get me the best letters of recommendation possible. He was just covering his own ass. He didn’t even care about her at the moment.” Tammy continued, almost as a side note, “She got the promotion. But hey, I knew she was good enough. Anyway, all I wanted to was to get as far away from them as possible. So I came out here, took the sheriff job, and I’ve been trying to forget about her ever since. Until you came along, I didn’t have much luck. Now, I get this letter out of the blue . . . after all these years, and it drags everything up again.”

Beverly was confounded. She couldn’t imagine the kind of love Tammy must have had for this woman for her to be this hurt. She couldn’t imagine how anyone could do what this “Carrie” did do such a beautiful human being. She couldn’t imagine . . . “What did you mean, ‘Until you came along’?”

Tammy balked, as if realizing she had said too much. “Nothing, it’s just been great having you around and having someone I could talk to again and . . .”

Tammy’s last sentence was cut abruptly short when Beverly straddled her lap, looked down, and kissed her full on the lips. Tammy was quite notably shocked, but started to respond almost automatically. Beverly had never kissed anyone before, so she was going based on what she had seen in movies. She seemed to be doing a decent enough job, as Tammy wasn’t resisting and seemed to be warming up. But just as suddenly as it had started, it stopped. Tammy pulled away.

“No, this isn’t right. You’re young. And . . . damn it, Bev, what is this all about?!? Why did you kiss me? That sort of thing means something to me, and . . .” For the second time, Tammy was cut off by a passionate kiss from the younger girl.

“I know I’m young. But I’m not some addle-brained little girl. I’m not doing this because I’m grateful or because I’m feeling sorry for you. I want this. I want it bad. I’ve thought about this and about you every night for a month. And I’m doing this now because you deserve better than that bitch, and I want you to want me!” Beverly suddenly felt very exposed. She hadn’t even realized what she had wanted until she had said it, and was wondering what was going to happen next.

Tammy was stunned. She had never heard Beverly speak ill of anyone, not even her overbearing oaf of a father, much less curse. And Beverly seemed quite clear as to what she wanted. At that moment, her entire world had flipped upside down.

This feeling was enhanced when Beverly decided to take the initiative. She took Tammy by the hand and pulled her to her feet. She then led beautiful, dark skinned woman slowly up the stairs toward the bedroom. Tammy didn’t resist at all, and enjoyed watching the younger girl’s hips sway. When they got to the top, Beverly hesitated, but out of inexperience rather than a shift in resolve. Tammy understood, and took control of the situation. She turned Beverly around and embraced her from behind. Beverly’s heart was pounding in her chest as the other girl slowly unbuttoned her shirt. Tammy started tracing the muscles of her stomach lightly, then let them find their way to the young woman’s full tits. She squeezed them through the fabric, then pulled the jogging bra up over her breasts.

The feeling of another woman’s hands on her body was exhilarating. Beverly let her shirt fall, then lifted her hands so that Tammy could pull the bra completely off. Tammy’s hands move down and quickly unzipped Beverly’s pants. These jeans were snug, so Tammy had to kneel so she could pull them off. When they came down, Tammy was staring at Beverly’s perfectly formed ass. Beverly was wearing a skimpy pair of blue satin panties that clung to her butt like a second skin. She felt Tammy’s breath on her skin, sending tingles through her body.

“I think you should leave those on for now,” said Tammy throatily.

“Your turn.” Beverly turned, kissed Tammy again, and started fumbling with her shirt. With unsteady hands, she removed Tammy’s shirt. Tammy was wearing a glossy, satin bra. “Where do you get stuff like this?” Beverly asked latching her hands onto the woman’s breasts and caressing them.

“Victoria’s Secret on-line catalog.”

“I really need to find myself something like that.”

“Sure. First thing tomorrow.”

Beverly got on her knees and pulled Tammy’s pants down. She was wearing the same thong Beverly had seen and masturbated in that one day. After Tammy had stepped out of her pants, the blonde girl leaned in close and breathed in deeply once again. It smelled wonderful. She gently kissed the front, feeling the heat emanating from beneath the flimsy material. Tammy shuddered and goosebumps appeared on her skin. Beverly looked up as her friend unclasped her own bra and let it fall from her body. Tammy was beautiful. The moonlight shone through the skylight, bathing her in a soft glow, accentuating every delicious curve. Tammy put her hand under Beverly’s chin, gently drawing her to her feet. They looked eye to eye, and she noticed Tammy’s eyes were free of tears. She saw a hint of doubt lingering there, but something else as well. Despite not having seen much of it in her life with her father, Beverly thought she knew what it was. She saw love and passion in Tammy’s eyes, and she hoped Tammy could see the same in her own. The two girls lay down on the bed, with Tammy’s leg draped over Beverly’s so that Tammy was slightly on top of the younger girl.

Tammy leaned in and whispered, “Are you sure this is what your want?”

Beverly heard some trepidation in her voice, which she sought to quell. “More than anything.”

No more words were needed. Tammy shifted her body so she was on top of the blonde girl. Beverly’s legs parted to accommodate Tammy’s body. Their two bodies were pressed tightly together. Due to the impressive size of their respective mammaries, they could only get so close, but they were able to start kissing. Beverly was still unsure of herself, so she tried to match Tammy movement for movement. She felt Tammy’s tongue drifting along her lips, so Beverly did the same. Meanwhile, Tammy started rubbing against Beverly’s crotch, and Beverly enjoyed the sensation of the thin fabric of their panties rubbing against her pussy. Pussy . . it wasn’t a word she was used to thinking about, but suddenly it seemed quite natural. Beverly wrapped her legs around Tammy’s waist, pulling her in even closer. Tammy got the message and started humping against Beverly’s mound faster and harder. She was forced to break her kiss with Beverly so she could brace herself with her arms and push her crotch tighter against Beverly’s. The younger girl found herself face to face with Tammy’s bouncing, dark globes. It was almost mesmerizing the way they bounced back and forth. She caught them in her hands, enjoying the tremendous heat they were giving off, and then began massaging them. She took time to tweak the nipples like she had seen Tammy doing that one day, eliciting a grunt of obvious pleasure. Beverly made sure to file away that little reaction in her memory for future use. She also took the opportunity to suck on those dark, round nipples. Again her attentions were met with pleasure, as Tammy slowed her humping motion so Beverly could more easily access her tits. The contrast between the bumpy skin of the nipple and the smooth, soft skin of the breast was so exotic to her, so Beverly sampled both extensively with her tongue. She even licked the area between the older girl’s breasts while pushing those glorious melons tightly against her face. She wouldn’t have minded spending the rest of her life, or at least the night, with her face buried there, but Tammy had other ideas.

Her friend and mentor leaned back and threw one leg over one of Beverly’s, then maneuvered back toward Beverly. Finally, their legs were crossed and their panty-clad pussies were touching. Tammy started rubbing against the younger girl again, and this time Beverly rubbed back. Beverly saw Tammy’s hands reach down and rubbing her own mound through the soaked fabric of her thong and Beverly again took the cue. Shortly, she didn’t think she could rub fast enough or hard enough to satisfy her desire. She suddenly realized that she was absolutely covered in sweat, all of which was glistening erotically in the pale moonlight. She had never even seen herself as even pretty before. Now, she felt like a goddess.

And just like that, it happened. Tammy stopped rubbing her own mound, pushed Beverly’s panties aside, and inserted two finger in the young girl’s moist box. Beverly was unable to move for a moment as her vaginal walls clamped down on the invading digits, and stayed clamped through the ensuing orgasm. She bit her lip, not wanting to break the silence, at least until Tammy spoke up.

“Let it go sweetie. This is for you.”

With that, Beverly could no longer remain quiet. “OH GOD! OH FUCK! I CAN’T BELIEVE . . .” After that, . . . silence. Not because Beverly had nothing else to say, but she lost the ability to talk as the last wave of pleasure ripped through her body. She felt her juices running down her legs and onto Tammy’s. When it was all over, Beverly fell back onto the bed, unable to move. She had never felt that wonderful in her life. She wished everyone in the world could experience even half of the pleasure Tammy had just given her. But Tammy was just getting started. The sheriff lay down next to her and kissed her again.

“Get your breath now, love. Because we’re just getting started.” She got back on her knees, hitched her fingers into Beverly’s underwear and swiftly removed the last remaining item of clothing on Bev’s body. For a minute she just stood there and admired the beautiful young woman in her bed. Beverly wasn’t sure, but she could have sworn that Tammy was planning the entire night, but she didn’t much care. Tammy removed her own thong and dropped in on the bed. Beverly reached down and grabbed it, bringing it to her face. She smelled Tammy’s musky scent, tasted the flavor of her sex that permeated the small piece of fabric. “If you like that,” said Tammy, “then you’ll love the source. But now, let me introduce you to the fine art of oral sex.”

Beverly’s eyes lit up as Tammy spun her so that her butt was barely on the edge of the bed. Tammy knelt with her head between Beverly’s legs. Tammy smiled, seeing that Beverly was cleanly shaved.

“I . . . I saw you masturbating the other day. You looked so beautiful being all clean down there, so I decided to try it.”

“No explanation necessary right now. But pay attention.” With that, Tammy started licking around Beverly’s box. She circled the mound with her tongue, flicked the clitoris, sucked on the pussy lips, then started licking down the slot like Beverly was an ice cream cone. Beverly began squirming, trying to force Tammy’s tongue deeper into her warmth. Tammy gently pinched the top portion of her mound together and licked the lips underneath. She also was fingering Beverly heavily now, used two or three fingers at a time. Beverly put her hands on Tammy’s head and pushed her face into Bev’s crotch. Every new thing Tammy did seemed more delightful than the last. Beverly suddenly felt a little selfish.

“I wanna do you now.”

“Are you sure you’re ready?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Well, you’re delicious, so I don’t want to quit quite yet, but I’ve got something else we can try.” Tammy turned Bev on the bed so she was lying long-wise. Then she straddled the young woman’s face and laid down against her so that her face was in Bev’s crotch as well. “We call this little doozy the sixty- . . .”

Beverly wasn’t waiting for the caption. She went after Tammy’s pie like a starving woman. Everything that the other woman had done that had given her pleasure, Beverly tried to replicate. Tammy was right; it did smell (and taste) better fresh from the source. It was tasted somewhat sweet to her. She sucked on the lips, traced the mound with her tongue, and did her best to fit her entire mouth deep inside Tammy’s crotch. She noticed that flicking the hood over the clitoris got quite a jump out of her friend, so she made sure to tease that area periodically.

This continued on for a while. Periodically, they would roll over, alternating who was on top. The sheets were soaked with sweat and their respective juices. Quite accidentally, Beverly’s tongue grazed the tender area between Tammy’s pussy and asshole, and Tammy almost jumped out of her skin. Hmm, Beverly thought to herself, I seem to have found something. She continued licking Tammy’s glistening cunt, but she would end every stroke of her tongue in that tender area. Tammy was grunting and groaning quite audibly at that point. Beverly traced the outline of Tammy’s dark little rosebud with her tongue and elicited yet louder groans. She was quite please with herself. Beverly’s hands, which had been groping Tammy’s pendulous breasts for several minutes, moved up and kept Tammy’s ass cheeks open so that she had greater access to that area. She gently inserted one of her fingers into Tammy’s backdoor.

“Oh fuck yeah! Fuck my ass! Fuck me with that finger!”

Beverly did as she was told, with no small amount of glee. Tammy was bucking against Beverly’s face and finger, but didn’t neglect Beverly’s own eager beaver. Beverly was amazed at the pressure Tammy’s sphincter was exerting on her finger. She was beginning to worry she might not get her digit back! Tammy told her to reach under the pillow and get what was there. Beverly released her grip on one of Tammy’s ass cheeks and did as was asked. Her hand made contact with a long, slim object. She pulled it out and found herself holding what appeared to be a plastic penis. She had heard of such things but had never seen one. It seemed to be covered in some kind of rubber that felt very much like human skin. It was about seven inches long but wasn’t very thick.

“Stick it in my pussy,” Tammy requested almost pleadingly, “then stick it up my ass!”

Beverly’s head was swimming. She had never imagined herself in this position, but suddenly she couldn’t imagine not doing this anymore. She inserted the dildo into Tammy’s box, thrusting it several times to get it nice and slick. She licked the clitoral area while she was doing it, yielding positive results. Then she pulled it out and pushed it into Tammy’s waiting ass. Tammy’s grip on the sheets was like iron. She was panting heavily as her sphincter accommodated the intruder. Then Beverly, with tongue still very much at work, felt her friend relax a little.

“Fuck me with it! Fuck me hard!”

Beverly did just that. She started pumped away at Tammy’s butt-hole with the device, while simultaneously licking and sucking on her pussy, as well as groping one of her breasts with her one free hand. Tammy, for her part, had three fingers inserted deep inside Beverly. One of her fingers in particular was circling inside of her as if it were looking for something. Beverly felt bursts of pleasure as it found what it was looking for. Once Tammy sensed that Beverly was getting close again, she intensified the stimulation of that area. Beverly released Tammy’s breast again (with some trepidation), placed both hands on the end of the dildo, and picked up the pace. She was drilling Tammy’s ass like it was going out of style and licking away at her pussy like a madwoman.

Both their orgasms hit at the same time. Beverly arched her back as much as she could, driving the dildo into Tammy’s backside one more time as the muscles of her pussy clamped down on Tammy’s fingers. Tammy’s asshole was gripping the intruder like a vice. For a moment, they were both still as statues while every muscle in their bodies strained under their skins. Tammy’s cum almost flooded onto Beverly’s face, and Beverly drank it up. Soon her face was covered in the sticky stuff. Tammy was lapping up Beverly’s fluid as well. Suddenly, all the energy in Beverly’s body left her and she fell back to the mattress. She had never felt so physically drained in her life, nor as satisfied. Tammy swung her body around and started creeping up Beverly’s body. She nuzzled the young woman’s crotch, kissed the taut muscles of her stomach and the generous expanse of cleavage followed by her neck and finally lips. Beverly was almost too tired to respond. Almost. Finally, Tammy rested next to her and Beverly put her head on her friend’s chest.

“Is it always like that?” she asked tiredly.

“No, that was special. But it can be awfully close, with the right person.” Tammy started playing with Beverly’s curly blonde hair. “Any regrets?”

“Only that I’m too tired to do it again right now. But hey,” she looked up and planted another kiss right on Tammy’s lips, “there’s always tomorrow.” Beverly cuddled closer to Tammy and felt herself falling to sleep. She heard Tammy’s heart beating contentedly beneath her and her friend’s fingers in her hair. “Definitely tomorrow.”

“Good night, princess.” And with that, they both drifted off to sleep.

To be continued . . .

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