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Christina’s Gift

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Fifty is such a daunting number. Half a century and it seems just yesterday when I was young and the world was new. I sit alone in a crowded bar nursing my third bourbon and coke as music blares around me drowning the sounds of younger people chatting and laughing. Today I am still the ‘right’ side of that psychological figure. I am forty-nine, but it is the eve of my ‘Big 50’. It is only a number, I keep telling myself but in the back of my mind a small voice is chanting in a child-like taunt, “oldie, oldie, you are an oldie…” over and over.

I sigh and drain the dark sweet liquid from my glass, wincing as two large ice cubes clank against my teeth.

“Another one, Sir?”

I glance around at the angel standing near my right shoulder. Her fresh, young face glows in the half light of the bar and her perfume is like a breath of springtime permeating through the fog of cigarette smoke and alcohol fumes that dominate the air in here.

“Make it a double if you would, thanks.” I nod as I hand over my depleted glass. She smiles at me and warm sunlight bathes me for a moment. She is so pretty, with a faint spray of freckles across the bridge of her small, slightly up-turned nose. Her smile is broad, a preview of the laughter that dances in her large, dark eyes and I can’t help wondering how she would feel naked and hugged against me.

As she walks back to the bar I let my eyes linger on her small, round buttocks and I dwell on the place where her tight slacks curve into the crack of her arse. She’s wearing one of those thongs, I think as I watch those lovely buns perform their cheek-to-cheek dance. It is enough to stir me and I feel my penis raise its head from the lap of my balls like a faithful hound rising up at a new sound.

There is a gap in the crowd and I can see her standing at the bar waiting for my order to be placed onto her tray. She is a little shorter than average, I would guess at about 5′ 2″ tall. She compensates by leaning on the bar and raising herself onto her toes. My eyes can’t stay off that magnificent arse. It is speaking to me and promising all manner of delights. Then she leans even further forward to retrieve her tray and her buttocks tighten. I imagine her delightful pussy, almost seeing it peeking out from between her perfect legs as if somehow I had been granted x-ray vision. Now my cock is really interested and I felt it stretch its neck until its head presses painfully against my cargo pants. My eyes are still glued to the place where her pleasure pit is hiding behind the stretched cloth of her slacks when she turns with the tray. I quickly raise my eyes but my little head is deep in thought and my gaze only lifts as high as her firm young breasts. They are lovely, large for such a small girl and straining against the crisp, white t-shirt as she walks towards me.

“Here you go.” She set the brimming glass in front of me, bending forward across the table and I get a lovely look into the valley of her breasts. A moment passes and I realise I must be staring, so I tear my eyes away and raise them to her face.

She is smiling, a huge beaming smile, and her eyes have a knowing look that seems to say. ‘I understand. You can’t keep your eyes off the goodies huh, pops?’

“Huh? I am sorry. I didn’t mean to stare, but you are so beautiful.” I sound like a teenager on his first date, after his first clumsy kiss.

“That’s ok.” She replies, still bent forward. Her mouth is close enough to my ear that she does not need to shout so as to get her words to me. “You look like you need some cheering up tonight.”

Very perceptive girl. I turn my face slightly and looked into her eyes. Our lips are only an inch apart and I see hers are moist and slightly parted as she returns my stare. Emotion courses through me. Impulsively I close the short gap and kiss her on the lips. She does not draw away immediately, instead I feel her return my kiss briefly before she steps back and straightens up.

“Well, you are the cheeky one.” She laughs as she says it and playfully swats my arm with her tray.

“Oh, wow. I’m sorry. I just couldn’t resist…” I am babbling, much to her amusement, and she laughs again at my discomfort. Her eyes flick downwards and I feel her gaze fall hot in my lap. I am fully aware what is happening there. I have an enormous erection and my trousers bulge like a Boy Scout’s tent.

“I can see why.” She winks at me as she turns to another customer, but I notice that she exaggerates her walk and her arse cheeks mince together so lovingly that I expect them to smoke from the friction. Roger, you are in love, I think to myself as I reach for my drink.

* * * * *

I have not quite finished my drink, my mind again glumly assessing the prospect of turning fifty thus shedding my youth like a worn out skin, when I smell her perfume. She slides into the chair next to me and takes the glass from my hand, sips at it and hands it back with a cute smile.

“I’m on my break.” She explains, tossing her dark hair back over her shoulders. “My name is Christina.” She holds out a slender hand with long delicate fingers and I take it in my own, giving it a quick squeeze and a shake before releasing her again.

“Roger.” I reply.

“Is that an affirmative or is it your name?” She laughs.

“I’m Roger. It’s my name.” Suddenly I am afraid I will dry up conversationally. I can’t think what she and I could possibly have in common given our age difference. I would say she was not older than nineteen.

“Hi Roger. Now do you mind telling me why you have been sitting her all evening looking like a man before the day of his own hanging?”

I smile at the analogy. Indeed I could see similarities between that and my turning fifty. Tomorrow my life is over. I officially join the ranks of the ‘Old Farts’ with their walking sticks, and nursing homes are not too far away.

“Very perceptive my dear.” I must have smiled because she touches my lips with her finger.

“So you can smile. I was wondering about that.”

“Oh, I can… I just need a reason.”

“Oh, poor hon…” She strokes my cheek, leaning towards me so that she can reach. I can’t help glancing down at the swell of her breasts as they strain against her t-shirt. I notice her nipples have hardened and protrude sensuously. My tongue licks along my lips as I look at those thumb-like delicacies wishing that I could pop them, one at a time, into my mouth.

“…tell me, why so glum?”

My sigh is an evening breeze lamenting the sun as it disappears below the horizon. I drop my eyes away from her tempting morsels, turning my stare to the drink coaster in front of me instead, looking at the words scrolled around its edge but not reading them.

“It is my birthday tomorrow.”

She takes my hand between both of hers and hugs it against her cheek.

“But that is a reason to celebrate.”

“What? The coming of age?” I snort a small, bitter laugh at my bad pun but she is actually making me feel better. Her laughter is a tonic that charges my aging blood and a new vigour makes me feel suddenly younger. I revel in her touch and the feel of her smooth cheek against my hand.

“I turn twenty in a couple of months.” She cocks her head against my hand and looks at me through her eyebrows, her lips pout as she contemplates the seriousness of that statement.

“Twenty?” Now I actually laugh. It is a short sound but filled with genuine amusement. “I was twenty, thirty years ago.”

“So it is your fiftieth birthday tomorrow?” She puts my hand on the table and claps hers together in a short, silent burst of applause then drops them both on top of mine again. “Are you celebrating? Your wife throwing you a party?”

“I’m not married and ‘no’ I am not having a party.”

Christina looks directly into my face and her smile slips away like a sunbeam eclipsed by a cloud. “Oh…”

“Its okay. Thank you for caring.” My other hand reaches over to stroke her cheek as my knee brushes hers under the table. Her warmth makes me think of soft, velvety skin glowing with the moisture of passion. She is so desirable.

“Would you like me to be your birthday present?” Her smile is back and there are little horns in the look she gives me. She slips one hand from the cluster between us, and it snakes unnoticed under the table. Now it is squeezing my knee in emphasis to her proposal.

“I would like nothing more in the whole world.” I reply. “But I am old enough to be your father.”

It is a dumb thing to say and I almost bite my tongue at the stupidity of that remark, it sounds so patronising, but she throws back her head and laughs.

“Much older.” Christina replies, giving me a wink. “My father is only forty three.” She giggles and draws my hand to her cheek again. “But I am sure all your equipment is still in good working order?” With that observation her hand moves from my knee along the inside of my thigh and her fingers wrap themselves around my balls, weighing them momentarily. Then she gives them a quick squeeze before sitting back with an amused grin on her face. “So will you come back to my place and receive your present? I am off in an hour.”

I nod my head, not daring to speak in case my voice squeaks like a pre-adolescent boy’s. I quickly pick up my drink and drain it to cover up my nervousness.

“Here, let me refresh that.” Christina stood, retrieving my empty glass as she did so. “On the house, of course.” Her wink was seductive, a promise of passion yet to come then walked away, again swinging her sexy backside for me to drool over. My melancholy has evaporated like hoarfrost before the morning sun.

* * * * *

She is so young. So full of energy and her body is lithe and beautiful. Her hair has been bunched into two ponytails, one on each side of her head.

“Do you like what you see?” Her voice has gained a ‘little girl’ quality. My cock is so hard I could cut diamond with it. When we arrived here at her flat, she had ordered me to her bedroom and onto her bed before leaving to ‘freshen up’. Now, not more than ten minutes later she has returned dressed in a tartan school uniform complete with tie and blazer. I swear she seems five years younger. Now I am not a man to seek carnal pleasures with a child of tender years, but God, she is delicious and I know her true age to be that of a woman.

“Does Roger want to teach young Christina all about sex?” She pirouettes and her skirt flares out giving me a glimpse of stark white panties and flashing pink legs. It is enough to make a few drops of precum ooze from my cock.

“Hmmmmm…Come here you little vixen.” I growl lunging forward and almost catching her arm.

She twirls away amidst girlish laughter and a schoolyard taunt of, “Ha, ha, you can’t catch me, you try so hard but I’m still free.”

I climb from the bed and run at her, but she dodges and backs herself into a corner lifting one knee and setting her foot against the wall. “C’m and get me, daddy.” She coos.

Dropping into a crouch I move towards her while she squeals and puts out her hands as if to ward me away. This time I have her, my arms encircle her and my face pushes inside the protective bars of her outstretched hands. She clasps her hands behind my neck and pulls my face into hers, and we share our first real kiss.

Her tongue glides into my mouth seeking mine and they entwine. Her saliva tastes faintly of bubblegum and I can feel her firm breasts prodding my chest. My hard cock is pressed against her belly as we hold this long, wet tongue-wrestling kiss. A deep, contented tremble goes through me and I drop my hands down, sliding along her back until I feel the cheeks of her arse in each. Gently squeezing and fondling her I can feel her wetness through her panties and I know that her pussy is already flowing with her juices.

“Oooooohh, Roger. Please fuck me honey.” She breathes past her kiss and her right hand drops from my neck to my belt where she begins to wrestle with the buckle. I slide my hands into her panties from behind feeling the warmth of her buns as she loosens my belt, snagging loose the top button of my pants with a deft flick of one finger. Fingers grasp my zipper and I feel the pressure on my cock releasing as she tugs that zipper down.

“Mmmmmmm. Oh, baby. I need your cock in me now.”

I feel long, playful fingers groping in my jockey shorts. They seize my hot love pole and pull it free. She is stroking my hard cock as my fingers burrow between the cheeks of her arse, moving over her tight hole, zeroing in on her hot, wet pussy that is already dripping with love juice. Two fingers slide in and she moans. A quiver runs through her body and she sucks her mouth against mine, drawing my tongue into her hungrily.

We stumble backwards, clinging together as if glued my hand finger-fucking her pussy while her hand is jerking on my cock. I feel my balls tighten and worry that she is going to make me cum before I get a chance to plunge my hard pole into her luscious pussy.

My legs contact her bed and I tumble backwards onto it, pulling her on top. I am tearing at her knickers, pulling them down her legs in urgent haste. They pull free and she opens herself wide sliding forward until her pussy is poised over my cock that she still holds in her hand. One swift movement and my willing wand slips up between the lips of her vagina. I shove once and my cock sinks in deep.

“Yes. Yes…Oh, fuck me baby!” Christina is jumping up and down on my cock driving it deeper and deeper into her wet, horny love-tunnel. I can feel her fingering her clit as we fuck.

Christina sits up and begins to tear at her blazer and tie. Her ponytails bounce wildly as she rides me while I watch her removing her garments in frenzy. She’s thrown away the blazer and her tie lies somewhere on the bed, now she arches her back and I can see her nice, firm tits straining against the flimsy school shirt. She isn’t wearing a bra so I begin popping loose her buttons. As each button relinquishes its hold more delightful flesh is revealed until finally her generous tits pop free. They are almost conical. There is no sag in them and her nipples are rosy and hard like two pointing thumbs.

I bury my face in her chest taking her nearest nipple into my mouth where I suck it and tease it with my tongue. I can feel the pressure growing as I nibble her tits. Her pussy is flowing and her hot wetness is puddling in my lap as my cock drives deeply into her.

“Oh, baby. I think I am going to cum.” It is a hoarse shout as I announce my intention.

“Yes. Yes. Yes! Cum for me honey. Blow your hot cum deep inside of me.” Christina speeds up and I feel my cock is plunging in as deep as it can possibly go while my balls crush up against her on each down stroke.

Her tits are in my hands and I hold her down tight on my lap. The head of my cock has entered her so deep, as deep as a woman can take a man without suffering any damage. And then I cum. It is a huge orgasm as spurt after spurt of hot, thick cream splashes up inside her pussy. She goes rigid and sits tightly on me. Her eyes roll up and her mouth opens in a moue of ecstasy as she feels the hot streams of cum washing over the inside of her pussy. My cock is still pulsing when I feel her pussy contract against it. Then her sweet, lovely crumpet begins to pulse and I can feel her cum. Hot sweet nectar runs along the shaft of my cock as her cum mingles with my cream and I feel it trickling out of her, wetting my balls. Eons later we finish pouring our juices into and over one another. Exhausted we fall apart onto the bed.

I need to catch my breath as I am puffing like and old warhorse but Christina has other ideas. Youth is such a curse, I think to myself as she drops her face into my lap. Her wet tongue glides over my depleted member guiding it as she drops her mouth over it. She tastes the mixture of cum -hers and mine- and eagerly laps at it. Wild sensations course through my body as her tongue laps around my ball bag while my shaft disappears into her throat.

My stamina amazes me as I feel my cock hardening again under the ministrations of her glib, prehensile tongue. Warm and sensuous it licks and caresses me while eager fingers massage my balls. Christina has wrapped herself around me and I feel the hot wetness of her snatch as it descends onto my mouth. My lips part and my tongue works its way into that sweet pussy, lapping at her juices mixed with mine as she wriggles herself against me. Time is suspended, the whole universe has become her hot, pulsing pussy while the air is filled with the scent of her sex. How long did we suck and lick at each other? When she cums her pussy pulses against my lips and a hot squirt of juices flood my tongue and mouth. It is ecstasy. I slurp and lick as fast as her juices flow and the very sensuousness of it drives me over the edge. A thrill goes through me and my cock explodes sending a huge stream of hot cum into her mouth, splashing over her tongue. She begins to swallow, holding my cock firmly with her hand as it gushes out shot after shot of hot cream. My world is swirling around and there is nothing in it but Christina and sex and hot, pumping cum…

* * * * *

Warm legs and arms are wrapped around me. A lithe and fragrant body presses into mine while hot, wet lips kiss my leg. My eyes open slightly and see her face near mine, mouth slightly open as she sleeps. I realise those other ‘lips’ is her pussy against my leg and we have been sleeping huddled together. Sunlight is trying to penetrate the blind of her bedroom and I know the night has slipped away taking with it all the intimacy of our passion.

Her eyes open slowly looking directly into mine as her lovely red lips curl into a satisfied smile.

“Hi, handsome.” She breaths softly, “Sleep well?”

I nod and my fingers caress her nipples causing her to gasp a little. “You bet, princess. You wore me out.”

“Want to try for a dawn-buster?” She laughs and maneuvers me onto my back. Before I can answer she has straddled me and taken my rapidly hardening cock in her hand, then while kissing me deeply she begins stuffing my newly resurrected penis into her willing hole. “Oh, Roger, fuck me hon…give me all you got….”

There is a surge of energy that courses through me and my cock is hard as a piston. I thrust up with my hips as she sits down on me. My cock slides in so deep I am afraid it will hurt her, but she gasps and tosses her head back. “Ooooooohhh…..yes. Fuck me my sweet.”

She gives out little screams as she rides me while her head and her hair are tossing wildly. Her hands clutch at my chest, grabbing at the tangle of hair growing there, tearing at me in her passion and I plunge deeply into her. My eyes are fixed on her wonderful tits as they bounce for me but the fucking is intense and I feel I owe her that.

When I cum there are stars exploding and I feel the hot flow of jizm as I ejaculate hard and deep inside her. Christina’s own release is immediate and she parts her legs fully, throwing back her head as her pussy clenches onto my pulsing cock. Cum mixes with cum and I can feel it dripping from her onto my balls, trickling down the crack of my buttocks.

Sated and tired she rolls off onto her stomach and looks at me with her large, sexy eyes. She cocks her head slightly and smiles at me as I try to catch my breath.

“Was that really good?”

“You know it. I have never had a fuck like that before. You are the best.” And I meant every word.

My instant reward is a radiant smile that rivals the sun in its brilliance.

“Mmmmm…You aren’t half bad yourself…” She winks, thrusting her face close to me, “…for an old guy.”

Now she darts away, rolling off the bed to stand slightly spread-legged with her tits jiggling as they catch the aftershock of her solid landing.

“Happy fiftieth birthday Roger!!!” She shouts gleafully.

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