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Christa Calls on Me

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Christa is a serious student in the College of Veterinary Medicine in the local university. She really loves animals and her goal in life is to be a doctor of veterinary medicine. Another goal, unrelated to the professional one, is to have her husband break her maidenhead on their wedding night. Christa calls herself a virgin, since her cherry is still intact. I don’t dispute her contention but Christa is far too sensuous to forgo sex, so when we get together, about once a month, we find ways to enjoy ourselves.

The last time was a few days ago and Christa phoned and said she needed to come over. I knew the reason, of course, and, schedule permitting, I will never turn down such a request because I enjoy making love as much as my lady friends. Whenever one of them is scheduled to come over, I make the bed with fresh sheets but there is no other particular housekeeping effort. After all, they don’t come here to inspect the house.

I let Christa in and we hugged and kissed, affectionately at first and then passionately. After just a few minutes, I hung up her jacket and she took off her shoes and we headed for my bedroom. We both knew why she was there, and we were both anticipating an afternoon of pleasure so there was no false modesty or acting coy.

We stood by the bed, kissing, until Christa unbuttoned my shirt and I turned around so she could remove it. Next, she took hold of the hem of her sweater and pulled it off over her head, letting her smallish but very shapely breasts free. She let me unfasten her pants and pull them off her, and pull down her panties, caressing her ass and smelling her delectable pussy. Christa’s pussy was still dry but a dry pussy has its own delightful, musky fragrance, as long as it has not been spoiled by perfumed soaps or cologne or other junk. I enjoyed the aroma and knew I would enjoy it equally after her pussy had gotten wet with her juices.

With Christa naked, I stood by the bed and she gave my chest a little push. “Sit down, George; I want your cock in my mouth.” I sat as directed, and Christa unfastened my pants and removed them, my underwear and my socks. With both of us naked, she knelt in front of me and started licking my balls. Since this is something I also enjoy, I scooted forward and leaned back to let her do as she wanted.

What she wanted was just what she had said and Christa licked the underside of my cock all the way to the slit, and then surrounded the head with her mouth. Holding my cock head just within her lips, she licked all around the ridge and the slit and started lowering her head to envelop my shaft. Slowly, Christa lowered her face, taking my cock in all the way, with her tongue caressing what was inside her mouth, until my entire cock was enveloped by her delightful wetness, with her lips at my pubic hair. Always moving slowly, she backed her mouth away from my cock until it left her mouth, and then she smiled around it. “I really like your cock, George. It fills my mouth up so nicely. I know you want to eat my pussy, and I really want you to, but you’ll have to wait your turn.” After this pronouncement, Christa bent back over and again wrapped her lips around my cock and took it as far into her mouth as it would go.

Over and over, always unhurriedly, Christa drew my cock all the way into her mouth and then backed off until just the tip was between her lips. I could hear her murmuring happily because she really likes my cock in her mouth. I was sighing and moaning from pleasure because I like it in there also. After a long time of kneeling on the floor in front of me and slowly sucking my cock, Christa took it out of her mouth, licked the head again and looked at me, smiling.

“I love sucking your cock, George, but lie down on the bed and let me up there beside you. I want to really deep throat you.”

With no hesitation, I moved onto the bed until I lay on my back, making sure there was a pillow under my head, and Christa knelt beside me as she wanted. Her knees were beside my right shoulder and if she had wanted to 69, which she didn’t, she could have easily moved her leg over and straddled my face. Christa likes this position because my cock fits into her mouth better; I like it for the same reason and because I can fondle her ass while she sucks me off.

As Christa resumed stroking my cock with her mouth I could smell fresh pussy juices and I saw a trickle running down her leg. To prevent the waste of the flavorsome treat, I caught it on my fingers and licked it off. It was delicious, as I had known it would be. I was really enjoying the feel of Christa’s lips sucking gently on my cock and her tongue caressing my shaft while it was in her mouth and I was also looking forward to eating her lovely pussy. I expected this to be a great day.

To Christa, it was already a good day because I could still hear her murmuring happily as she sucked my cock and we expected it to be a great day for her too. Christa loves feeling the smooth skin of my cock sliding between her lips and the feel of it against her tongue. Although the best part would be when my cum spurted into her mouth, she would enjoy every second before that happened.

That was going to happen very soon because I could feel my climax building. Although I tried to hold it back because both of us were getting immense pleasure from her mouth sucking my cock in and out, it was almost time for me to cum. “Christa,” I told her, “I’m ready to cum.” She didn’t say anything because her mouth was too busy pleasuring both of us but she did tighten her lips on my shaft and increase the speed of her sucking strokes.

Faster and faster, my cock went in and out of her mouth and it was all I could do to keep from thrusting up. People who suck cocks, especially those who do it as well as Christa, like to control the speed and the depth of the strokes and I have no objection. “I’m cumming,” I told her, and seconds later, I ejaculated into her mouth. Christa swallowed, and milked my cock to be sure she had everything she was going to get. When she was sure, she took my cock out of her mouth and licked all around the head.

“That was really good,” she told me. “I certainly appreciate the way you let me set the pace and suck your cock my way. Some of my friends tell me how much they hate it when a guy tries to hold their heads and thrust into their mouths.”

“I would never do that, Christa. It’s a lot more fun for both of us when you are in control.”

Then it was my turn to be in control because Christa lifted her knee over me and onto the other side of my head so she was straddling my face. I curled my arms around her thighs and started by licking up all her delicious juices that were running from her pussy down her legs. Once I had enjoyed all of them, my mouth went to the source and I sucked the pool of juices from Christa’s love hole. These were fresher and even more delightful that what I had licked from her legs. Christa was already cooing happily when I started licking her outer pussy lip.

Usually her outer lip isn’t very sensitive but Christa is so sensual that everything between her legs is highly erogenous so I like to take my time and lick and suck and kiss her everywhere and build slowly to a climax. I really enjoy eating Christa’s pussy and she really enjoys having me eat her, so we can spend hours with my mouth and her pussy pleasuring each other and consider the time to be well spent. As I slowly licked the outer edge of her outer lip all the way to her mons, I could hear Christa cooing happily, and her cooing grew louder as I licked the other lip back to its origin below her wet love hole. By that time, Christa’s pussy was already fucking down into my face.

Her pussy was dripping with all the juices that Christa was producing so I sucked them all out of her and started licking the inner edge of the first outer lip. This time, I slowly licked the area between her outer and inner labia until I reached the point where they are close together. With my tongue, I probed the seam between the two lips and licked both the inner and outer surfaces, spending long periods of time on small areas, licking everything over and over. I reveled in the taste and the feel of her pussy lips, and in the way her pussy was fucking down into my face.

Christa’s inner pussy lips meet to form her clit hood, and I licked past that point, caressing her outer pussy lip with my tongue, until I reached the end. Because Christa’s pussy was already fucking hard into my face and her cooing had been replaced entirely by moans, I decided to avoid her clit hood for a while. She would cum, of course, several times, but I didn’t want her to cum too soon because both of us enjoy all aspects of what we were doing. I brought my tongue back down and, after pleasuring my taste buds with the plentiful pussy juice, I started licking her other pair of labia.

I licked this pair of pussy lips the same as I had the first except when I reached the end of the outer lip, I brought my tongue back to gently caress Christa’s clit hood. This indirect stimulation of her sweetest of sweet spots caused her pussy to fuck down into my face even more strongly and produce fresh juices that dripped out onto my chin. It was not yet time for Christa to cum so I did not directly caress her clit with my tongue. That would happen later.

Another feast of fresh juices was available and, after devouring it, I probed my tongue into the bottom edge of her love hole, squeezing more juices out directly into my mouth. Next, I probed the side edges of that precious place, being careful not to put too much pressure anywhere. Because Christa is a virgin, which is why she comes to me when she needs to make love, I am always careful when probing my tongue around her love hole, including the edges. After licking the bottom and side edges, I was ready to start probing the inner surfaces of her inner pussy lips.

Her inner lips are very tight and sometimes I have to pry them apart with my fingers. This is probably the only times I use my fingers when eating a pussy, when the woman is a virgin or close to a virgin. Ultra-carefully, I Reached around Christa’s thighs and pulled her inner lips apart with my fingers. By this time, her pussy was ramming into my face and Christa’s moans of pleasure were ending with whimpers. A steady trickle of fragrant juices was running from her love hole onto my face, pleasing my nose, if not my mouth. I knew it was almost time for her to cum.

Very gently, I probed under the tight inner pussy lips. Christa’s upper body was thrashing around on the bed and her hips were swiveling above me. “Suck my clit, George,” she begged me. I’m ready to cum. I knew she was ready to cum also and I gently stroked my tongue against the upper edge of her wet love hole, but only a few thrusts, until I engulfed her clit in my mouth. With my lips forming a seal, I sucked on the adorable love toy, while my tongue caressed the engorged sides and top.

I continued this for several minutes while holding tightly to Christa’s thighs. She thrashed around on top of me, swiveling her hips and grinding her pussy into my face. Some women cry out jubilantly when they start cumming; Christa doesn’t always but I knew she was cumming and I held tightly and kept sucking and licking her clit. She continued thrashing and grinding until her climax, a sudden spasm that arched her back, squashing her pussy into my face one last time. After her climax, she relaxed on top of me, and I feasted on the gusher of fresh juices in her pussy. They were as delicious as I knew they would be.

While Christa lay face down, I went to the nightstand, got out a condom and a tube of KY Jelly and left them on the bed next to her. I went to the bathroom and scraped some of the leftover pussy juices off my face and licked them off my fingers. Whatever juices were left, I washed off my face and, with a basin of warm water and a face towel, I went back to Christa.

She knew what was to happen next, and it is almost her favorite part of our love-making. I have a dresser with a large mirror in my bedroom and I know that Christa likes to watch us in the mirror, as do I, so I moved it beside the bed so we could both watch. Christa was still lying face down but she had moved close to the edge where she had known the dresser would be and slid two pillows under her waist to raise her ass to better accommodate me and to make it more pleasurable to both of us. She directed me in placing the mirror and when it was placed so she had the best view, she let me know, smiling lasciviously. I joined her on the bed to resume our mutual pleasuring.

As Christa held her ass cheeks open for me, I carefully washed off her cleft and her lovely, pink rosebud. Although my face had just been inches away, and I hadn’t smelled or seen anything objectionable, I like to be extra careful. Christa had no complaints because she also enjoys what she knew I would be doing next.

Kneeling between Christa’s legs and starting at the upper end of her ass cleft, I licked all down the inside of one ass cheek while Christa held herself open. My tongue skirted her pink rosebud because I was saving the best for last. All along her crotch I licked aggressively, relishing the slight saltiness of her dried perspiration and enjoying the soft texture of her flesh. Back up the inside of the other ass cheek went my tongue, again skirting the precious rosebud that was patiently waiting for my attentions, and back up to the top of Christa’s ass cleft.

Briefly, I backed away and I could admire her adorable pink rosebud twitching in anticipation of what I was going to be doing next. I was anticipating it also because I really love licking pretty asses like Christa’s and I slowly moved my tongue down, digging into the channel of Christa’s ass cleft until I reached where the puckering began. My mouth described a circle as I licked all the puckered area with firm jabs of my tongue. After finishing three circuits of Christa’s rosebud, licking the entire area repeatedly, I started licking up and down with broad strokes, running my tongue across the hole itself. Christa was murmuring happily at what I was doing, she likes having her ass licked almost as much as I enjoy licking her there.

Actually penetrating Christa’s ass with my tongue seemed redundant because my cock would soon be doing that much more thoroughly. Even so, I pressed my lips against her pink rosebud and probed my tongue into the edges, moving all around her hole, while Christa’s ass writhed in enjoyment under my face. Not only is eating and fucking Christa’s ass a good way to preserve her cherry, we both enjoy it enormously, using either my tongue or my cock. For a long time I continued with my tongue all over Christa’s ass, giving and receiving pleasure, until it was time to move on to what we both thought of as the main event of the afternoon.

Thanks partly to Viagra and mainly to the lovely ass that I had been pleasuring and that was waiting for me to pleasure in another way, my cock was stiff and ready. The first thing I did was to put my condom on and then I greased up Christa’s ass. She was already cooing in anticipation of my cock penetrating her and from what my tongue had already done for her. Grinning lewdly, Christa turned to me and said, “Grease me up good, George. I want your cock in my ass all the way and I want a really good fucking. I’ve been needing this.”

I was very glad to oblige and I slathered the jelly all over the outside of her sweet rosebud and spread it all over the inside by pushing my finger in to the knuckle and rotating it evenly. “Your finger feels good but I know your cock will feel a lot better,” Christa said. “I hope I can cum twice.

“I hope so too, Christa, because the more you cum and the better you cum, the more I enjoy it and the better I cum.” As I told her this, my fingers were opening her sphincter and the tip of my cock was just about to enter. Christa’s fingers crept deeper into her ass cleft; she pulled her ass open just a little more, and the tip of my cock slid easily in.

“Mmm, that feels good, Christa murmured. “Put it all the way in me but slowly because I like to feel my ass being stretched.” She looked at us in the mirror and added, “I like to watch it being stretched too.”

“Slowly” was the way I also like to put my cock into Christa’s ass, so I gave a gentle shove and the first inch slid in easily. Christa cooed happily and urged me to continue. “I love that, George. I want my ass to be filled up. I want to feel your balls bumping against my pussy. With another gentle shove my cock was halfway in Christa’s ass and she let go of her ass cheeks so she could put her forearms on the mattress to thrust back as I stroked my shaft into her. With two more firm but gentle pushes, my cock was buried all the way in Christa’s ass; she was cooing happily and swiveling her hips, giving and receiving even more pleasure.

With the same cloth I had used to wash Christa’s ass, I cleaned off my hands because I knew I would be caressing her clit when she was ready to cum. For leverage, I put my hands on the fronts of her thighs, where I would easily be able to reach any part of her pussy. Slowly, I drew my cock almost all the way out of her, and then thrust it all the way back in. “Oh, my God!” she enthused. “That’s wonderful. Fuck me like that, George. All the way in. Really give it to me!”

Fucking her like that is what I did, really giving it to her, all the way in and almost all the way out. With the second stroke, Christa started fucking her ass back to meet me, matching my thrusts. Although her ass is tight, she was well lubricated and my cock easily slid in and out. I was upright on my knees and I could look in the mirror and watch my cock going in and out of Christa’s ass. She was leaning forward, her weight on her elbows and forearms, with her face turned toward the mirror. Her view wasn’t as good but she could still see my cock moving between her cheeks and, even better, could feel it plunging repeatedly, all the way into her ass.

After many strokes, Christa urged me, “Faster, George, fuck me faster. I’m ready to cum.” I increased my speed and Christa continued to match my strokes into her ass. “Play with my clit. I want to cum.” My left hand still held to her thigh and my right hand reached farther and started massaging above her clit and then lower so my fingers were right on the adorable love toy itself.

“Yes! Yes! Like that. Now faster, fuck me faster.” Faster it was, as I drove my cock hard, and all the way into Christa’s eager ass, my balls slapping against her pussy and my fingers caressing her clit. Although she kept thrusting back to meet my strokes, Christa seemed to have little control over her upper body and she was pitching from side to side in front of me.

This time, Christa announced when she started cumming. “Yes! Oh, my God, I’m cumming. Oh! Oh! Faster! Fuck me! Fuck me!” I continued fucking, as fast as I could, ramming my cock in and out of her ass, feeling my balls bouncing against her pussy at every thrust.

Christa fell forward onto the bed; I landed on top of her with my fingers still massaging her clit. Her upper body thrashed under me and her legs scissored, opening and closing while I continued driving my cock in and out of her ass. When she climaxed, her body spasmed and her ass thrust back to meet me, and then she lay quietly, juices running out of her pussy onto my hand. Even though she had climaxed, I continued to slowly fuck her ass.

That was fine with Christa. “That was wonderful, George, but keep fucking me. I want to cum again.” Lying flat on her front, she reached back and spread her ass cheeks so I would continue doing what we both loved so much. I licked her cum juice off my hand and continued slowly fucking Christa’s ass.

When she was ready, I helped her back up to her knees, keeping my cock deeply imbedded in her ass. Once again, Christa was leaning on her elbows and forearms and fucking back to meet my thrusts into her ass. Looking at us again in the mirror, she made a suggestion. “I really loved that, George. I love cumming like that and I want to do it again but is there a way I can actually watch your cock going into my ass? What we have is good but it could be better.”

“There is but it would be awkward and rather tiring for both of us and the penetration isn’t as good.”

“Well, I don’t like to sacrifice the good way it feels to look at us, but can we try it just for a minute? We can get back to the position we’re using after I watch us.”

The mirror was to our right and slightly tilted toward us. “We have to sort of fall down onto our left sides,” I told Christa. After we had done that, I said, “Okay, now I will roll us over until you’re on top.” Once that was done, I continued stroking my cock into her ass for a minute.

“You’re right; your cock doesn’t go into me as deeply as I like this way, and I still can’t see us.”

“Wait until I hitch around so we face the mirror.” With every stroke into Christa’s ass, I moved us a little way to our left until we were at a right angle to the mirror, our feet resting on the dresser. Once we were there, I reached down between her legs and spread them. “Okay, sit up and look,” I told her.

“My pussy looks so funny from this angle. My ass looks like it’s stretched, and I can see your cock going in and out. This is fun, watching, but you’re right; the penetration isn’t as good, especially since I can’t fuck back to meet you the way I like.” Christa watched my cock thrusting in and out of her ass for about a minute and then she said, “This is nice but I’d rather get a good fucking than watch one that isn’t as good. Let’s get back up on our knees.”

After some exertion, we were back into position on our knees and I was stroking my cock slowly and deeply into Christa’s ass while she thrust back to meet me. “Mmmm,” she murmured. “This is better. Now, give it to me, give it to me really good. My ass hasn’t had your cock for a long time and she’s really hungry, but you’re making her happy now.”

For a long time, I fed Christa’s hungry ass, making her even happier. When I started, Christa was cooing from the pleasure but this turned to moans and the moans started ending in whimpers. My hands were on her thighs but I moved one over to her pussy and felt the juices trickling from her. I licked some from my fingers, enjoying them immensely, but most of her juices soaked into the sheets, a treat to my nostrils but not to my tongue. My strokes were slow and smooth into Christa’s well-lubricated ass because I wanted to hold off from cumming but I could feel my climax building and I knew I couldn’t hold it off much longer.

Christa could feel her climax building too and she told me, “I’m getting ready to cum, George. This is great; it’s going to be a big one. Start fucking me faster.”

I complied and Christa fucked back just as fast to meet me, her moans mostly whimpers by that time. “Oh, God, that’s good. My ass is in heaven and she’s taking me with her. Your cock feels so good. Keep fucking me! Don’t stop!”

I had no intention of stopping because Christa’s ass felt great to my cock too. She had started swiveling her hips and the different sensa- tions and the greater speed of my thrusts were bringing me closer to cumming. I reached around and put my fingers on her soggy-wet pussy and got them wet before starting to fondle her clit.

“Faster! Fuck me faster. Stick your cock all the way in; it feels so good. Play with my clit! I’m cumming! Yes! Yes! I’m cumming!”

I fucked Christa’s ass as hard and fast as I could, my balls again slapping against her pussy. While my right hand gently caressed her swollen clit, I held onto her with my right arm and left hand because she seemed to have no control over her body. She no longer fucked back to meet me; her body thrashed erratically as I pounded my cock into her ass. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she babbled, and I did as she wanted until she climaxed, almost knocking me over as she jerked backward.

After her tremendous orgasm, Christa fell forward and I followed her down, still ramming my cock into her ass. Even when she was face down on the bed, I continued until I climaxed, filling my condom with my ejaculate. Christa lay on the bed with me on top of her, my weight supported by my elbows and my knees, my cock softening in her ass.

After a few minutes of recovering her strength, Christa turned to me and smiled. “My ass has never felt better, George. I’ve cum three times today and that should hold me until the next time I come over to see you.”

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