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Charmed Encounter

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Lauren was a 45-year-old single woman. She was single by choice and not by lack of attention. There were suitors but, she just hadn’t found that one, that special person that she had in mind. Sometimes, she wondered if perhaps her standards and expectations were too high. Maybe, although, she doubted that strongly. Her person was out there. She would know it, when they met.

Until then, there was no need to get involved with someone for the sake of not being alone. What good could come of that? If she did that, she would not be honest with her lover or herself.

She considered herself to be modestly pretty. Lauren had never been the type to go on about her looks, although she was attractive. She had a nice curvaceous form that managed to catch a pair of observant eyes even now. Her presence and overall charisma allowed her a ten- year-leeway, when it came to her age. Very few people perceived her to be her factual age. There might even have been a few who had thought that our dear Lauren had stumbled upon the fountain of youth by the bounce that she could have in her step on any given day.

She stood quietly inside a bookstore in the openly gay part of town, doing her best to choose from the books before her. Lauren raked her fingers through her long black hair, brushing the full curls from her eyes. She ignored the faint rustle of her blue jacket, taking more interest in the woman, who had just entered the bookstore. Her brown eyes tried not to stare but, the beautiful smile that the young woman greeted the employees at the front entrance with was hard to look away from. She shyly dipped her head as the woman came closer. Her hands slipped within the pockets of her jeans while she inwardly commanded her thoughts to focus once more on the task of selecting a book to read.

When Lauren’s peripheral vision captured the petite young woman, she allowed her mind to take inventory. If she didn’t say hello, she might as well have fodder for fantasy while within her bed tonight.

Lauren noticed that the woman was shorter than she was. She guessed that the woman was around 5’3. Of course, that was her true height without those black heeled boots that were adding a nice little touch to those faded jeans which fitted much too nicely to the woman legs.

“And more importantly,” Lauren thought, “her ass.”

The feeling of her lips upturned at the site of those jeans filled so wonderfully made Lauren begin blushing just a bit. She continued her surreptitious gaze, despite it.

The slope of the young woman’s backside met a strong back, rising upward still, to delicate shoulders and a long neck which held a patient oval face. Shoulder-length mahogany hair bordered, dangerously close to black. Only the light reflecting from the lighting above revealed its true color by glinting off the reddish hue hidden at first glance.

Lauren held her breath as the caramel-skinned woman shrugged out of her black leather jacket, then crouched down to look at the lower shelves. It was then that she too felt a bit warm in this store. Her gaze feasted on the full breasts being housed upon that petite form. The gray turtle-necked sweater that had been hidden beneath the jacket molded perfectly to this young woman’s upper body. If she were to guess, Lauren would say that this woman was in her mid- twenties.

With a sudden jerk, the young woman stood up. She scooped her jacket from where she had rested it on the floor then began walking toward Lauren.

Lauren tensed as the woman came closer. She debated saying a quick, greeting but, found herself worrying about other things as a bookstore employee came up the aisle from the other side. She was about to be surrounded within a few moments. With this guy coming, she doubted very much that she would have the opportunity to speak with this intriguing young woman.

“Ma’am,” the young man said with a smile. “Is there anything that I can help you find?”

“Um, Actually,” Lauren stammered. “I want— ”

“Excuse me,” the young woman smirked. She gently eased her way through the crowded aisle brushing seductively against Lauren in passing.

Lauren swallowed the arousal rising within her throat at the brush and more importantly the knowing smile, that accompanied it. Her eyes followed the woman down the aisle and around to the other side. The aisles were all short enough for her to clearly see over. She wondered if the woman had stopped directly in front of her on purpose, granting her the chance to study her once more only this time from behind.

The young man chuckled softly under his breath. “I’d say, you know what you are looking for, today. Let us know if we can um… help.”

Laughing at herself for being caught in her admiration, Lauren promised to find him if she needed help with… a book. For several minutes after he left, she did try very hard to ignore the woman standing in front of her view. When she witnessed the woman bending over in a way that showcased her heart-shaped behind, she finally gave up all attempts at ignoring what clearly did not want to be ignored.

Leaning forward, Lauren crossed her arms, resting them along the top of the book while using them as a pillow for her chin. “So are you doing that on purpose?” she asked with a genuine smile.

The young woman reached out for a book and then stopped with the question given to her. Long, delicate fingers rested along the spine of the book as she answered. “Doing what, Love?”

Lauren laughed. “Tormenting me.”

“Is that what I’m doing?”

“Something tells me that you know exactly what you are doing.”

Turning to face Lauren, the young woman smiled. She placed her hands above her head, simulating a halo.

“Yeah, right!” Lauren giggled. “I don’t believe that for a minute!” Those deep brown eyes were much too mischievous to belong to any angel.

Full lips allowed a feigned gasp of shock to fill the air. “Lovely, you have offended my Spanish honor,” she teased.

“We can’t have that,” Lauren chuckled. “Can we?”

“No, we cannot.”

“So what do you want to do about it?”

The young woman smiled devilishly. Just as she was about to speak, another employee approached.

The twenty-something blonde smiled happily. “How are you, today, ladies? Is there anything that I could help you with?”

Lauren would have liked to tell her that she could really help her by notifying the entire staff to leave her alone with this woman so that she could possibly see where this bit of chemistry might lead but, opted to let her new friend handle it.

“Actually, I think we are doing pretty well on our own,” the caramel-skinned woman said. She exchanged glances with Lauren which seemed to be asking, “Aren’t we?”

Nodding, Lauren said, “Yes, we’re doing just fine.”

The blonde looked from one woman to the other wondering what she was missing. She stared at the women for a long moment, wondering if they were really looking for a book at all. When they began looking through the sections in front of them, she sighed. Then, she left the women to continue whatever she had obviously interrupted.

Lauren closed the book that she had been absently thumbing through while waiting for the curious blonde to leave. She looked up to see her new friend standing once again with her back to her. There was this slight fear that whatever they had been working toward was lost with the sudden interruption. This silence now was certainly a bit awkward. Her brown eyes studied the slight fidgeting from the younger woman on the other aisle.

Lauren smiled happily as the woman turned around and said, “Um, that shelf is kind of high. . . I would ask one of the salespeople but, they seem. . . kind of busy.”

The salespeople were all bored witless. If this woman had, even, looked their’ direction, one might have come running. Lauren decided to play along with this little ruse, if it meant that she would learn more about this woman. She walked around to the next aisle. Moving to stand directly behind the petite woman, she pressed herself subtly against her. She reached upward, taking down the book that the young woman had pointed to.

“What’s your name?” Lauren whispered into a delicate ear. As the woman beside her turned through the pages, she looked over her shoulder, pretending to take interest in the book as a few bookstore employees glanced their way.

“My name’s Deanna. What’s yours?”

Lauren let the name sink into her every fiber before answering. “I’m Lauren.”


“Yes?” Lauren felt her heart racing within her breast.

Leaning closer, Deanna asked, “Why are we whispering?”

Lauren smiled against Deanna’s ear. “Would you believe it is because we are inside a bookstore and should be quiet?” she joked.

“Nope. Besides, that rule is for the library.”

“No, I think that one goes for bookstores, too.”

Deanna laughed softly. She was enjoying her playful banter with Lauren. In a show of affection, she gently nudged the woman beside her. “So how’s the coffee in this place?” she asked, trying to keep her voice low but, not quite a whisper.

“Oh, it’s great if you enjoy drinking crude oil.” Lauren felt her heart swell with the sound of Deanna’s laughter.

“That bad, huh?”

“Oh, it’s awful. I once saw this poor woman wheeled out of here after eating a muffin which had been in their display for a month.”

Deanna arched her eyebrow with a smirk. “You’re tweaking my nips.”

Lauren sighed as her imagination thought of her reenacting those words. She would love to do anything for this woman especially playing or teasing at her nipples. “Ok, so maybe it wasn’t quite a month,” she admitted.


“It was more like two weeks but, still— ”

Once again Deanna’s laughter warmed her soul. Lauren smiled broadly. “There is a nice little coffee shop a few stores down.”

Deanna smirked. She pointed over her shoulder to the area which Lauren had been struggling to select a book. “Ok, I’ll grab us, a table, while you decide on a book.”

Nodding Lauren hurried to return to the books which had been holding her interest. She stopped in mid-stride. “Hey, what about you? Didn’t you want to get a book?”

Beginning to walk away, Deanna shook her head. “No.”

“Then what are you doing, here?”

Deanna chuckled. “My friend works up here. I was just wondering if she was working. She isn’t so I was just— ” She bit playfully at her bottom lip. “Uh, browsing.” She winked with a flirtatious wave. “See ya, soon.”

Lauren stood staring after Deanna with a smile on her face. “Browsing, huh,” she thought.

It didn’t take long at all for Lauren to leave the bookstore and walk down to the coffee shop on the corner. Before she had even arrived at the shop, the scent of freshly brewed coffee tempted those walking by. She entered the warmth of the shop, feeling it vanquish the slight autumn chill. The woman sitting patiently at the corner table caught her eye.

Lauren approached with a smile as she observed the way that the sun filtered in on those nearby the floor to ceiling windows. It seemed to give all those people a warm glow. Deanna looking away from the window to greet her with a warm smile sent her heart skipping just a bit.

“Hey,” she said, taking a seat opposite the young woman.

“Hi, love.” Deanna looked down at the bag which Lauren was setting near her feet. “What did you wind up getting?”

Lauren smiled shyly. “I couldn’t decide and wanted to hurry and meet you here so I just bought them both.”

Deanna laughed as Lauren continued.

“Hey, I know better than to keep a beautiful woman waiting. It’s bad manners.”

Nodding, Deanna tried to keep a straight face but, her mischievous smirk seeped through. “We can’t have that. Can we?”

“No, we can’t.” Lauren rested her chin in her hand, curling her fingers just under her lips. Her smile showed through her delicate fingers. She tilted her head just slightly while her brown eyes studied the woman looking out the windows once again.

There was a lengthy silence but, Lauren found that despite it, she was not awkward in the least. It was nice to simply be in each other’s presence. In fact, it was quite nice. The soft sound of Deanna’s voice broke that silence gently.

“Someone wishes to get your attention, lovely.”

“Hmm,” Lauren asked as if waking from a daze. She frowned then looked curiously around the coffee shop.

Janet, the woman behind the counter had been trying to wave her attention since she had joined Deanna at her table. She sighed in obvious relief that Lauren had finally noticed her. Silently, she mouthed the words, “Who’s she?”

Lauren smiled, then shrugged which tormented her friend to no end before looking back to Deanna. “How did you know?”

“Eyes in the back of my head,” Deanna joked. Her finger pointed to the reflective surface of the windows which allowed her to see everything taking place behind her. Even the sandy- blonde making her way to their table.

Lauren turned her head to see, Janet making her way to their table. She frowned in wonder. It was not the shop’s policy to wait on customers like this. You ordered up front. So why, she wondered, was Janet asking them what they would like today?

Deanna smiled as she faced the woman waiting expectantly to hear her answer. “Bottled water, I guess.”

Janet placed her hand on her hips. “Aw, come on. This is a coffee shop. What’s your fix? Cappuccino, Café Latté, Frappuccino. . . I could keep going, you know?”

Laughing, Deanna nodded. “I’m sure you could, love. I just don’t drink coffee.”

Lauren and Janet looked at Deanna as though she had just spoken in a foreign language.

Janet motioned for Deanna to keep it down. “What are ya trying to do? Put us out of business.” She smiled warmly. “How about hot chocolate then?”

Deanna nodded. “That I can do.”

“Alright, one hot chocolate and the usual coming up,” Janet announced happily.

“She has a usual?” Deanna asked with a smirk.

“Yep.” Janet looked to her friend. “She’s gotten the same thing for as long as I’ve been working here. Lauren always has a café au lait. ” She patted Lauren’s shoulder lightly. “I’ll be right back with your drinks.”

Deanna nodded before looking away to the windows.

Lauren blushed hotly as Janet made the “ok” sign with her hand and silently mouthed the word, “Nice.” She was certain that Deanna could see Janet’s every move. This theory was proven correct by the fact that she saw the corners of Deanna’s mouth curl upward shortly after Janet’s little declaration of approval.

Once they were alone, Lauren leaned forward. “Sorry about that, babe.”

Deanna turned back to Lauren, who was looking at her with such genuine affection in her eyes. “Oh, that’s okay. She’s just being protective of you.”

“She was being nosey not protective.”

“She just wanted to know who you were with. It speaks very highly of you.”

“How so?”

“That she cares about whom you are spending your time with, means she thinks a great deal about you and wants her friend happy. Which in turn, gives me reason to believe that there is a lot to think highly of.”

Lauren felt this wonderful sense of comfort for the duration of their conversation. It was odd, to her, how easily, she seemed to just be at ease with Deanna. She did take notice of the fact that this had all happened in such a short time, where it usually might have taken several dates to reach the comfort level which she was at as she left the coffee shop with a smile. She and Deanna had exchanged numbers much to her delight. Things just seemed to have this charmed feel to them.

Entering her home, Lauren tried to go about this as usual but, her thoughts would drift to Deanna and what the young woman might be doing at any given moment. She often laughed at herself, knowing that she hadn’t behaved this way since she was a teenager. So many times throughout the day, she wondered, just how long the proper dating etiquette required her to wait before calling Deanna. To distract herself from those thoughts, she ventured outside to the backyard with her dog, Jude.

A game of soccer between the two, found Lauren sitting down wearily on the porch. Her yellow Labrador rested her chin on Lauren’s knee with a bit of a pout. Lauren huffed a laugh at the sad eyes.

“Jude, be merciful here,” she joked rubbing her dog’s ears. “Not all of us are still considered puppies.” Lauren smiled affectionately at her dog before kicking the ball back out into the backyard.

Jude raced after the ball then, soon found contentment in her solitary game of soccer.

The phone ringing caused both, Lauren and Jude to look in the direction of the house.

“Play,” Lauren said. She motioned for Jude to go on. “The machine will get it.”

Jude barked then stared at Lauren before barking again.

Lauren sighed, waving off the ringing phone. “I’m tired. I’m not running in there just to talk to some telemarketer.”

Again, Jude’s bark filled the air.

Lauren stretched while smirking at her dog. “What is it, girl? Timmy is lost in the well?” She laughed as her dog began barking with more urgency. “I’m up. I’m up. Sheesh!” She entered the kitchen through the sliding door and reached for the phone on counter as she immediately recognized the voice telling her goodbye on the answering machine.

“Hello,” she said unconsciously crossing her fingers.

“Hello, am I speaking with Lauren?”

“Yes, well that all depends on who is asking. I mean, I could tell you but, then I might have to kill you, ” Lauren joked, trying to conceal her excitement, when she recognized Deanna’s voice.

Deanna laughed in a way which wrapped itself around Lauren. “Oh, well, if that’s the way you want to play it. I’ll just have to find someone else to go out with.”

Lauren thought she might have heard her heart thundering inside her ears. She tried to make a joke to take away from the tension building within herself. “So why didn’t you call me sooner?”

A chuckle heard over the phone answered her question.

“Actually,” Deanna responded. “I’ve been busy since I saw you.”


“Yes. My family has a cabin that I like to go to sometimes, when I want to get away. I know that it is Sunday so the weekend is basically over but, I was thinking about taking the next two days off. Would you like to come to the cabin with me?”

Lauren held her breath. Her inner voice was screaming, “Of course, I’d love to go!” but, her more practical side was reminding her that she had only just met this woman. “Don’t you think it is a little soon for you to be waltzing me off somewhere? I mean, we did just meet. Do you whisk away all the women that you meet in bookstores?”


Lauren flinched. She had meant that last question as a joke but, the even tone in Deanna’s answer suggested that it might not have been taken as such.

Deanna’s smile could be easily detected in her voice. “I don’t know why but, I just get this really good feeling about you, I guess.”

“A feeling,” Lauren gasped with the sarcasm clearly heard in her voice. “But, we just met, Deanna.”

“Geez, you’re such a smartass,” Deanna chuckled.

“Aw, you get used to it after a while.”

“I’ll get the chance to get used to it in the next few days, if you come with me.”

Lauren laughed as she nodded her head. “Okay,” she sighed happily. She did have the same wonderfully good feeling about this trip and Deanna. “What the hell, you only live once, right?”

“Is that a yes, lovely?”

“Yes, I’ll go with you.”

“Great! I’ll pick you up tomorrow.”

The excitement was proving to be contagious as Lauren found herself unable to wait until tomorrow. “Just call me in the morning and we will work out the details.”

“Alright, love. Talk to you then. Bye.”

“Bye,” Lauren said softly.

That entire night Lauren had been brimming with excitement. She had finally forced herself to bed after reading for a bit. When she awoke the next morning, she went about packing for her trip after calling in to work and taking a few personal days. It felt nice to enjoy her morning without having to worry about being somewhere at a certain time for a certain reason. All she had to do was relax.

When the doorbell chimed at around eight that morning, Lauren knew that Deanna had arrived. She answered the door to see the young woman standing with her back to her staring out over the neighborhood curiously. Her brown eyes roamed over the petite woman, memorizing the way she looked now on this, their first date.

Deanna wore a simple white shirt, nicely tailored to her body. The faded jeans fitted to her legs very nicely. A slight chill in the air made her cheeks slightly rosy. She smiled with the sound of the door opening and turned to see her date for the next few days.

“Well, it certainly took you long enough to get here?” Lauren teased.

Lauren leaned against the door just slightly with a flirtatious smile. She felt confident in her blue jeans which she knew would show off the curves of her figure as well as the deep crimson sweeter that she thought hugged her form nicely.

“Are you shy?” Deanna asked.

Lauren smirked curiously. “No. Why?”

A mischievous smile, dawned Deanna’s lips. She leaned forward lightly brushing her lips over Lauren’s in a tender kiss. “You, look beautiful, lovely.”

Lauren allowed her hand to lightly smooth Deanna’s cheek. “Thank you so do you.” She was about to ask why Deanna had asked about her being shy but, she soon discovered why as one of her neighbors on a morning jog, jogged by with a smile on her face. She waved to her neighbor then pulled Deanna inside the house.

Deanna gasped as the door closed behind her. “What will the neighbors say?” she joked.

“That I have good taste.”

“Oo, sweet-talker.” Deanna winked before turning to greet the excited Labrador entering the room. She knelt down and patted the side of the happy dog. “What’s your name, sweetie?”

Lauren laughed happily at her dog’s pleasant reaction. She was never sure how her dog would handle her dates. It was always a good sign, when her dog liked someone she was interested in. With this in mind, she made the introduction. “Jude, this is Deanna. Deanna, that is my baby Jude.”

Hugging Jude’s neck, Deanna smiled. “Nice to meet you, Jude. Are you coming with us?”

Hearing this, Lauren’s jaw dropped. “You want me to bring my dog?”

“Sure, why not?”

Lauren shrugged with a broadening appreciation for her date. “It’s just a surprise, I guess. A pleasant one, though.”

Deanna flashed a beautiful smile. “I’m glad.” She looked at the bags by the door. “Are you ready to go?”

“Yep, let me just call my friend and tell her that she doesn’t have to watch Jude for me. Then, I’m all yours.”

“Oo, I like the sound of that.”

“I thought you might.” Lauren began to walk into the other room to make her call. Over her shoulder, she said, “You two be good.”

“Come on, Jude. Tell me all the dirt on her while she’s gone,” Lauren heard. She immediately pointed her finger at her dog playfully. “Don’t you dare!”

Jude and Deanna used their big brown eyes against her.

“Aw, you’re no fun,” Deanna said with a smirk.

It wasn’t long after Deanna had arrived that all three jumped into her SUV to begin their two-hour drive to Deanna’s family cabin. During their drive, the two women shared conversation with the same ease that had occurred so easily between them the day before.

Lauren loved that for the majority of the drive Deanna had unconsciously taken her hand in hers. She also loved that the mellow drive was furthered by Deanna’s occasional singing. Her brown eyes watching the younger woman were felt as Deanna stopped singing and blushed with a chuckle.

“Sorry,” Deanna giggled.

“No, don’t stop singing,” Lauren smiled. “I like listening to you.”

“Yeah, well I think for Jude’s sake, I’ll stop. Her ears are sensitive, you know.”

Lauren looked over her shoulder to her dog, who was taking in every new sight on this ride. She returned her gaze to the woman seated beside her. Leaning over, she kissed Deanna’s jaw. “You have a beautiful voice. Keep singing, please.”

Bringing Lauren’s hand to her lips, Deanna kissed it lovingly. She rested their intertwined hands on Lauren’s lap. It was not long before her guard against singing left and she became, so into the music again that she took to singing once more. This pleased Lauren just fine.

Pulling into the drive, the two women were greeted by the sound of crunching pebbly gravel. It did not take them long to unload their bags and get a bit more settled. They stood in the kitchen after having stocked it with the groceries which they had gotten from the local store. It was now time to unpack their things.

Lauren stared at the bedrooms at the top of the beautifully carved stairs. She glanced toward the young woman, who was lifting her bag to head up the stairs. With a sigh, she collected her bags and followed Deanna closely. The swaying hips, walking up the stairs at eye level made her smile.

“Somehow,” Deanna joked over her shoulder. “I think I might have gotten gypped here.”

Laughing, Lauren playfully responded. “Too bad because everything is great on my end.” She felt her heart flutter with the smirk she received as the young woman glanced at her over her shoulder.

When arriving at the top of the stairs, Lauren looked at the two bedrooms across from each other. She knew that she was not going to stay in one of the two bedrooms downstairs but, were they going to try and sleep in separate bedrooms on this night, she wondered.

Shooting straight from the hip always seemed to be her mentality which Lauren decided to do, as always. “Well, should we pretend to be good little girls and sleep in separate rooms or— ”

“Personally, I think it would be an insult to our intelligence since we both know that we didn’t come here to sleep in separate rooms.”

Lauren loved the look which accompanied that statement. She feigned a look of shock. “You mean… you want us to SLEEP…. TOGETHER?!”

Deanna gasped, “Oh, God, no!”

A frown touched Lauren’s face.

“If we have my way, we will be doing very little sleeping.”

Lauren laughed then followed Deanna into the master bedroom.

It didn’t take them long to unpack their clothes and Lauren enjoyed getting the chance to glance over at the lacy little garments being displayed on the bed. They each pretended to be taking in the other’s choice of clothes but, the unspoken agreement was that they were each imagining what scenarios might involve them in the seductive attire.

The rest of the day was spent idly walking through the property, exploring the places which Deanna traveled as a child. By the time that they had returned to the cabin and had finished their dinner, it was time for much needed rest. Trying to be the good hostess, Deanna offered to clean up while Lauren enjoyed a hot bath.

Lauren soaked inside the rejuvenating waters, wondering if Deanna would come to join her. After a while, she realized that it was not going to happen. She emerged from the tub, feeling utterly relaxed and content. A soft white towel was used to gingerly dry herself off. Then, she slipped into her favorite robe. The rose-colored hand-painted garment always added to her romantic mood. Stepping out of the bathroom, she saw Deanna standing in front of the vanity, brushing her dark hair. Her brown eyes took in the site of this woman wearing her fitting gray tank top and the black cotton panties that showcased her form so well.

Walking across the room, Lauren wrapped her arms around Deanna lovingly. “You could have taken a bath with me, you know.” She rested her temple against Deanna’s damp hair.

“I know, love. I just thought that you might like to unwind and get used to being here, that’s all.”

Lauren looked within the mirror finding brown eyes watching her. She blushed, then shyly looked down. “What?”

“You look beautiful.”

Deanna turned inside the embrace, cupping a trusting face within her hands. “I’m glad you decided to come with me.” Leaning forward, she lightly brushed her lips over Lauren’s. The moist lips parting to welcome her kiss pressed against hers.

Lauren moaned into the mouth deepening their kiss. She guided her hands over curvaceous hips before caressing Deanna’s heart-shaped ass. Her hands pulled the younger woman into her, needing to feel this woman against her. The caramel hands cupping her face tightened their hold just slightly as she was pulled forward. She used the advantage of her height to help the petite woman onto the vanity while together they brushed aside, whatever obstacles might be in their way. Smooth legs wrapped around her waist, hugging her tightly.

Breaking their kiss, Deanna moved her lips over a proud jaw and long neck. Her lips sealed over the skin of her lover’s neck while her teeth lightly bit down causing a purring within the older woman, whose hands were moving possessively over her thighs.

The hands slowly untying that sash at her waist caused the nervous anticipation of this moment to fill her. Lauren felt the cool air hit her skin, when the robe obediently fell open. Her full breasts were the first to be caressed. She moaned at the sensation of her nipples being teased gently between finger and thumb.

“You are so beautiful, Lauren,” Deanna sighed. Her brown eyes patiently feasted on the erected nipple reacting so much to her touch.

Lauren smiled suddenly feeling bashful due to her new lover’s praise. “You make me feel that way,” she admitted softly.

The smile that Lauren received was so real, so genuine that it caused tears to thinly mist her eyes. She leaned forward, kissing Deanna lazily. This night… the next few days would be theirs and if she listened to her heart, they might have so much more. She shuddered with the feel of the younger woman mouthing her seductive plan silently against her lips. The word, “Bed,” rippled through her. She nodded then wrapped her arms around the petite woman, guiding them back to the bed in a lover’s dance.

The weight of the body pressing down on her own sent her heart racing. Lauren looked up at the woman sitting atop her, straddling her hips. She reached out with hand right hand to caress Deanna’s cheek. Her palm was greeted with a warm kiss before a soft hand held her wrist guiding it down against the mattress near her head. She sighed happily as her lover leaned closer, placing the other wrist against the bed.

Lauren had always loved to be kissed this way. There was this feeling of utter surrender that she loved. She was giving herself over to Deanna. What she loved more was that Deanna seemed to understand this surrender and was extremely gentle with her as a result. Her hips ground upward causing the lips against hers to curl into a smile.

Deanna sat up looking over Lauren for just a moment as if trying to decide how to please her new lover best. If there was one thing that she always made a point of doing, it was finding what pleased her lover and doing that to the best of her abilities. From the arousal which she witnessed in Lauren now, she knew that to a certain extent the woman wanted to be dominated but, with a loving and nurturing flair.

“It seems that I will need these,” Deanna teased, referring to her hands and their hold of Lauren’s wrists. She guided the woman’s arms to her sides then pinned them in place with her legs which were still straddling her lover’s hips.

Lauren tried to move her arms but, found them securely pinned near her sides. She smiled. “Well, this is new.”

“Is it?”

Her eyebrow involuntarily arched with the Cheshire cat grin that Lauren was receiving from Deanna. The woman’s mischievous nature seemed to be with her always. She watched the younger woman crossing her arms over her body then pulling her gray tank top overhead, revealing full breast with dark chocolate nipples hardened by the crisp air and the excitement of the new couple’s interaction. Her brown eyes ignored the shirt being discarded carelessly over the woman’s shoulder.

“God, I wish I had my hands,” Lauren groaned. Her fingers stretched and flexed wanting nothing more than to stroke and fondle the breast now exposed to her.

“What would you do with them?”

A trembled breath left Lauren’s lips. “Touch you.”


“Everywhere,” Lauren promised in a purr.

There was that grin again, Lauren thought as she took in Deanna’s expression.

Deanna ran her fingers through her hair. “Here?”

Lauren smiled softly. She shook her head then watched as Deanna’s caramel hand ran down along her proud jaw then to her long neck.


Brown eyes stared openly and lustfully at her young lover’s chest. Lauren nodded as Deanna ran her hands down her sides with a smile.

“Oh, here,” Deanna said, feigning realization. Her hands brushed against the sides of her breasts before caressing the undersides of them and moving upward to tease her nipples. From the look of it, just as she had hoped Lauren liked watching this.

“Yes,” Lauren sighed in a throaty voice. She watched caramel hands intently, living vicariously through them. The excitement coursing between her legs reminded her that soon she would need to act on this fire slowly stoking itself within her.

Just when Lauren had become certain that this wonderful torment might never end, she watched Deanna’s hands lower slowly while the woman spoke.

“Is that all you would touch?”

“No,” Lauren assured her with her most seductive smile.

Moving her hands over the smooth skin of her stomach, Deanna returned to their little game. “Here?”

Lauren shook her head, then looked down to those enticing black panties.

“Oh, I see.” Deanna slid her hand down her abdomen, feeling her palm flattening against her skin in a nice brush. Her fingertips began to slowly begin their descent beneath the black undergarments, where they stopped at the knuckles. “Here?” she asked coyly.

“Yes,” Lauren moaned. “There!”

A low lustful groan left Lauren’s lips as she watched that hand disappear completely beneath those sexy black panties. The deep brown eyes which had held hers for so long now, closed with a low exhaled breath. She watched the movement taking place behind that subtle veil. It was slow, so very slow but, it was deliberate.

“Let me see, Deanna,” she whispered hoarsely.

Nodding, Deanna pulled her panties to the side just as her fingers entered into her. She and Lauren each gave a guttural sound of pleasure with this act.

Lauren watched two fingers easing inside her lover slowly before withdrawing to the point of near complete absence only to delve deeper in the next stroke. The light sheen coating those fingers caught her attention as she took in a deep breath, filled with the scent of her lover. “You smell incredible, lover. I bet you taste even better.” She licked her lips, suddenly feeling her mouth go dry. There was no denying how wet she was. She needed her hands.

The fingers moving rhythmically deep within her left her, causing a sorrowful moan to mourn their departure. She ground her hips against the woman arching into her, then brought her fingers to her lips. A mischievous smirk played across her lips with the moaned encouragement that she received, when her fingers hovered near to her lips. Her tongue sliding up the length of her fingers before she took them into her mouth brought gentle hips against hers once more. When she was fairly certain that she had licked her fingers clean, she leaned forward pressing her lips lightly to Lauren’s.

Lauren felt her arms freed as her lover leaned forward. She immediately wrapped her arms around Deanna pulled her closer. Her need to taste this woman, resulted in her forcibly deepening the kiss. She charted the soft recesses of her lover’s mouth, savoring the intimate juices still present on her lips. Her hands snaked their way down the length of a strong back. Then, her thumbs hooked on the panties pulling them urgently over the woman’s thighs.

Together, the new lovers fought to keep connected through their kiss while ridding themselves of the last remnants of clothing. Now, the joy of feeling skin on skin filled them.

Deanna pushed up, supporting her weight in her arms. She moved her legs between Lauren’s smoothing her thigh against the slick folds of her lover’s excitement-driven intimacy. The feeling of hands on her hips guided her rhythm. A swollen nub dug into her wanting attention from her thigh. She rolled her hips and thigh to ensure that Lauren’s sensitive clit would feel that teasing movement made especially for it.

Lauren caressed, over her lover’s ass then reached down to smooth her fingertips over the soft lips of Deanna’s sex. Her fingers entering into the warmth of her made her cry out into the mouth covering hers. She was inside of Deanna now. Little else mattered besides this fiery silkiness surrounding her. The inner muscles being controlled so effortlessly, griping her fingers caused her to seductively rake her teeth over the skin of a long neck, inspiring a soulful purr. She smiled, realizing just how much Deanna seemed to like that. Her free hand reached between them to tease the nipples jutting against her skin. She pressed herself harder against the thigh grinding against her with more urgency while her fingers moving in and out of Deanna quickened to match the pace stroke for stroke.

The air was almost palatable with the scent of sex heavy within it. The sounds of shallow breathing joined with wet friction, moans and lips smacking passionately in fevered kisses filled the room with its own music.

“Come with me,” Deanna whispered breathlessly into her lover’s ear.

Lauren nodded eagerly. She pushed herself over easily by seeing the image of Deanna’s touching herself in front of her before. Her voice filling the air with her cry merged, with Deanna moaning her name in a breathless sound of utter devotion. She threw her head back, collapsing against the pillows while Deanna fell against her no longer able to hold herself up. Her arms immediately wrapped around the younger woman.

Together, they fought to catch their breath occasionally taking a moment to grant each other light kisses.

Deanna moved gently off of Lauren to rest against the bed. She lay on her stomach, smiling with the feel of the air touching her sweat-misted body. The hand lightly scratching over her back made her smile. “Mm, that feels nice,” she purred.

Lauren rolled onto her side, pressing herself against the younger woman. She kissed a shoulder, then a delicate ear. “Lover…”


Moving atop the petite woman, Lauren massaged Deanna’s back. She leaned down to whisper in Deanna’s ear. “Again.”

Deanna laughed, turning to lie on her back. She sat up placing her hands at the small of Lauren’s back, pulling her close. Her mouth kissed a hardened nipple then swirled over it with her tongue.

Wrapping her arms around Deanna, Lauren smiled while closing her eyes. This was going to be a very long and pleasurable night.

Lauren awoke the next morning with a deep inhalation. She was lying on her stomach with her left arm dangling carelessly off the bed. The wet flick against her palm caused her to focus her sleep-ridden eyes. She smiled sleepily at Jude. A short nod and a reassuring smile told her pet that she would be down to feed her soon. She closed her eyes again, letting her head fall back to the pillow while her dog padded out of the room.

Her entire body was blissfully sore. The scent of sex still loomed in the air as a reminder of what had taken place the night before and ended only a few hours ago. She smiled to herself at the feel of the arm resting along the small of her back, embracing her even in sleep while a smooth leg was draped over the back of her thigh. The sensual creature next to her was tightly pressed against her side. Lauren noticed how content Deanna seemed with her arm laying across her chest. Lifting her hand, she smoothed the sleepy woman’s cheek.

The soft clicking of her dog’s footsteps was joined by the sound of a gentle whimper. Lauren knew what that meant. Jude was making that whine which all dogs make just before they are about to bark. The thought of her sleeping lover being jolted back to the waking world by a loud bark caused her to sit up. She whispered to her dog urgently.

“Alright, Jude, baby. I’m awake but, we have to be real quite, okay. Deanna is still sleeping.”

Jude seemed to arch her brow but, silently agreed to keep quiet, if there would be a meal involved in this negotiation.

Together, they traveled down the wooden stairs to the kitchen. Lauren found herself in high spirits as she made herself a pot of coffee. She sipped from her mug lazily, then left her dog to finish her breakfast downstairs while she went to be with the woman sleeping upstairs.

Lauren entered the room soundlessly, sitting down beside her lover. She pulled her robe closer, feeling the slight chill in the morning air. “I love you,” she whispered while kissing Deanna’s jaw, nuzzling her nose into a pillow of soft hair, feeling it gently tickle her face. “You are my heart.”

“And you are mine,” Lauren heard purred sleepily. She smiled.

“I thought you were sleeping, Deanna.” Lauren set her mug down on the nightstand then used her free hand to smooth her lover’s hair.

Deanna giggled softly. “Do you often swear your love to sleeping women?”

“Nah, just in my spare time.”

Laughing happily, Deanna grabbed Lauren by the robe and pulled the woman to the bed with her. Together, they shared their first tender kiss of the morning.

“I love you, too,” Deanna whispered against her lover’s lips.

Lauren smiled. “I don’t think I will ever get tired of hearing you say that.”

“Good because I’ve no intention of stopping.”

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