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Charitable Spirit-Respecting Elders

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He needed to know if the rumors were true. As an elder at the church, it was really his duty to the congregation to investigate. So he had started first by just watching the young girl. During services, he was careful to not let his wife know what he was doing as he watched her closely to see if he could tell. Was she really the temptress that had been described to him? Was she the girl who was making the men in the congregation fall to their sexual desires?

He tried to be objective, working hard to look past the low cut tops and tight skirts that she wore. He was partially successful, getting a good view of a curvaceous young girl showing off her tight body. If he stopped there, he would have decided very quickly that the whispered stories that had recently reached his ears were true. Certainly, he could feel the effect she had on him. His breathing got heavier. The tops of those round tits and the curve of her tight ass summoned debased, immoral desires to creep into his thoughts. He saw himself standing behind her, his hard cock pressing into her ass as he reached around her. His hands slid under her tits then lifted them gently before squeezing hard to make them stand out nice and straight.

But he needed to be fair. He couldn’t judge this girl simply from rumors or from the desires that she fanned in him. So he looked further. Looking at her face, he saw the unblemished features of a young, innocent girl. Her fair features including big blue eyes and blonde hair enhanced that look. Wearing her long hair in pigtails and ribbons also helped, making her look even younger than her 18 years. But her lips, always coated with lip gloss that made them glisten as if wet, set his thoughts again down a trail of desire. Even as he stood right there in church, he pictured those lips wrapped tightly around his hard cock.

Today, as he watched her go to the altar, kneel down, and take the communion offered to her, he struggled to decide what to do. The problem was that the rumors were getting stronger. It wasn’t just a secret among the men, either. The wife of one man had come to him to express concern about this new girl, Cheri. She made it a point to emphasize that she didn’t know for sure, but then she described to him how she thought that her friend’s husband and at least one other man had done things with this girl that they shouldn’t have done. “I can’t say for sure, but I wonder if she had… well…” She had paused for a moment and almost blushed before going on. “I think that maybe she was with both of them at the same time…”

He watched Cheri open her mouth and accept the bread. Something about the way she did it sparked his final decision. She looked up at the priest, instead of looking down. She stuck out her tongue in a way that made it look like she was very comfortable with having something put into her mouth. She even slid a finger over her lips, pushing a stray crumb inside. As she stood and walked back to her seat, he looked off to the side and saw that it wasn’t only him watching her so closely. Other men, and many wives, were following her every move as well. The men… their eyes gave away the desire that he himself felt. The wives… their eyes burned with suspicion and jealousy.

His wife and daughter would be gone next weekend. That was the time to find out if there was any truth to the rumors. He glanced over at one of the other elders, John Phillips, and saw his eyes also locked onto the young girl. They had talked briefly about this issue before. Perhaps subconsciously remembering his earlier conversation, he decided that he’d invite John over as well.

Of course, he had no intentions of doing anything immoral with this girl. Still, his wife might not see things that way. It would be better for her if she didn’t know what he would be doing while she was gone. Then, another thought came to his mind. He knew it was not the kind of thought an elder of the church should have been thinking, but he couldn’t quite shut it out either. “Besides, if they are true then John and I are going to be very busy. That kind of behavior needs to be addressed properly.”


It didn’t surprise Cheri that Mr. Knox had called her. By now, she had performed her own special ministry for more than a dozen men in the congregation… men in need, as she called them. Sure, he was an elder in the church, but Cheri had learned that unhappy men came from all walks of life. Rich men, poorer men, young, older… it didn’t matter.

The only thing consistent about the men she helped was that they were all married. Those were the men she had dedicated herself to comforting. Single men… she didn’t pay any attention to them. Being with them would be more like dating and Cheri didn’t want to lose her focus on the ministry she had devoted herself to performing. She had taken a personal vow to give to these men in need… to give everything.

She also wasn’t surprised that Mr. Knox wasn’t alone when she arrived at his home. But, it wasn’t his wife, Sandy that was standing in the entryway next to Mr. Knox when he opened the door. It wasn’t his teenage daughter Casey, a friend of hers, either. No. It was Mr. Phillips. She knew he was another elder in the congregation and a close friend of one of the men she had visited in the recent past. She often found that friends of the men she visited would soon be the next to call her up.

Memories of his friend’s thick cock stretching her tight pussy flooded her memory. With an effort, she was able to conceal a small smile that was trying hard to shoot across her face. But, at the same time she remembered how she had been less successful keeping something else from shooting all over her face… a massive load of his friend’s pent up passion. Judging by the way it had dripped from her chin, she knew that it had been a long time since he’d felt such satisfaction.


The young girl that walked through his door was not quite like the girl he’d seen at church. What she wore was the first thing that called his attention to the difference. It’s true that at church she wore tight clothes that showed off her nice figure. But, that was true of many young girls and even some of the older women. Women with nice figures liked to show them off.

What was different now was that the clothes had a much more pronounced emphasis on drawing a man’s attention to the pleasure zones barely concealed beneath the stretchy fabric that hugged her body. Overall, it was a fairly simple dress. But the innocent look of the white fabric contrasted with the way it stretched tightly around her body. The very low cut left her nice breasts nearly fully displayed and it was clear that she wore no bra underneath… her nipples strained against the thin fabric. The strapless design of the dress left it struggling to stay held up. It was lucky that her tits were rather large… that gave the dress something to cling to.

After she had smiled and said hello to him, she had turned to greet his friend, Mr. Phillips. That’s when Mr. Knox’s attention was drawn to the very short cut at the bottom. An inch shorter and that tiny dress would have left part of her ass exposed. He imagined how a little bit of a bend forward… or the smallest little tug… and her ass would have been fully exposed to his view. Sexy, stiletto heels finished off the pronounced sexual look and made her look taller than she really was. They made her legs stretch so nice and taut. It seemed to suggest that her firm young body was ready to spring free from that clingy scrap of a dress.


Cheri had come to Mr. Knox’s house willingly. He had called her up a few days before. “Cheri, I was wondering if you would be able to come over to my house to discuss a few things,” he had said. She had heard words like this before. She knew what it really meant. Like the other men, she knew that the man at the other end of the phone needed her to provide things that he wasn’t getting at home. “I think Saturday would be best,” he had continued. “My wife and daughter won’t be here, so we can really have a serious discussion.”

“So, what was it you wanted to discuss?” she asked innocently as they now sat down in the living room. Cheri had chosen a seat off to the side and crossed her legs, knowing that their eyes would be straining to see up her dress. She could feel it ride up even higher leaving her legs completely exposed. Her high heel dangled in the air, tantalizing them as if it were bait.

“Well, Cheri, I… uh… Actually, I mean WE… “Mr. Knox nodded towards his friend. It was obvious that he was a little nervous. She leaned forward, putting her hand on his leg. “It’s OK, Mr. Knox,” she said in a sweet voice. “Take your time! I’m here for you as long as you need me.”

Mr. Knox’s eyes were focused on how he could see even more of those great tits as she leaned towards him. He would have felt embarrassed when he was finally able to lift his eyes to hers, but she smiled in a way that excused his misdirected gaze. Besides, her hand was still on his leg, rubbing him slowly.

“Cheri. Mr. Phillips here… but not only him, others, too. He… I mean, they… Well, let’s just say “people”… they have told me that you may be doing things that…” He paused. “How do I put this?” He was distracted by his cock growing hard as she continued rubbing his leg. “Let me get straight to the point. I’m worried that you may be tempting men in our church to commit sins. Sins of the flesh.” He paused. “Do you understand what I mean?” he asked at the end, hoping that he had not offended her.

Cheri knotted her eyebrows and stuck out her bottom lip a little, looking both confused and pouty at the same time. “But, Mr. Knox,” she said in an innocent voice. “I’m only trying to help the men that you seem to be talking about. I know the stress that they are dealing with at home. Men have wives, they go to church, but they still are creatures of the flesh. They have desires…” Her voice trailed off for a moment. “I’m helping those men.”

Glancing first at Mr. Phillips who sat across from her, she rose to her feet then stepped over until she stood right in front of Mr. Knox. Cheri had seen the bulge growing in his pants and could hear how his breathing had become quicker and deeper. She knew what she was doing to him.

Cheri slid slowly down to her knees, right between his legs. “You must have desires, too, Mr. Knox,” she said to him. “I’d like to help you with them. That’s the kind of girl I am… I want to do what it takes to make you happy.” Now she was the one that paused for a moment. “Do YOU know what I mean?”

She put her hands onto both his legs then slowly slid them forward until she got to his belt. As she pulled it open, followed by the button and zipper on his pants, she went on. “And, don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone. It will be our secret. Just yours and mine.” She paused a moment, then glanced again at the other man. “And, of course, Mr. Phillips. It will be his secret, too. Only the three of us will know what we did today.”


Cheri always thought it funny how the men liked to hold her head so tightly, pushing her mouth down onto their hard cock as if they were forcing her to take it. It was funny to her because there was very little else in the world that she liked more than the feel of a man’s cock sliding past her lips, over her tongue, and pressing into the back of her throat. Still, she understood that men liked feeling that they were in control, forcing her to suck their cock as if she were a little teen slut being taught a lesson. She always played along with them, opening her eyes wide as if a bit afraid of the object she was being forced to suck and struggling ever so slightly at first.

She had started sucking his cock on her own, slow and smooth, as Mr. Knox sat there in his chair. But it wasn’t long before he had put a hand on the back of her head and pushed her down further. She looked up at him as he slid himself deeper inside, looking into his eyes that had grown darker and wilder. She could see the lustful desire that had taken him over. She kept looking as long as she could, until he had pushed in so far that she gagged a little.

Mr. Knox had let go of her right away and pulled his cock back out of her mouth, afraid he’d gone too far. But Cheri looked up at him and shook her head. “It’s OK,” she said, breathing a little heavily. “Don’t stop. If you want to choke me with it…” She paused and took another breath. “… then do it.”


Mr. Knox was now standing while Cheri still knelt on her knees in front of him. He was fucking her mouth, watching as his cock slid over those lips glistening with lip gloss and sometimes pushing himself in until his cock was halfway down her throat. The occasional gag left drool dripping from his cock and her chin, a visible sign of the rough treatment she was receiving. He was amazed at how this teenage girl could take his cock so well.

When she could, she turned her eyes over towards Mr. Phillips. He was rubbing his cock through his pants as he watched her sucking his friend’s cock. She made sure that he got to watch a good show, sliding her mouth all the way off that big cock then back down again, slurping loudly as she did.

It didn’t take long before Mr. Phillips came over to her. With a sharp tug, he pulled down the top of her dress and watched as her tits sprang free. He squeezed them firmly, pushing them out to make her nipples stick out nice and hard. Cheri had put her own hands on them as well, but Mr. Phillips pushed them away. She understood perfectly, so she slid her arms behind her back. The men were in charge now.


Although she already knew, when Mr. Phillips started taking off his shirt and pants Cheri was literally face to face with the fact that she was going to have to take care of two cocks. She pulled free from Mr. Knox, and immediately slid Mr. Phillips’ cock into her mouth. He groaned as she did, then it was his turn to take her head in his hands and push himself in until he was deep inside. Cheri looked up at him, her eyes watering ever so slightly, and fought off the urge to gag. She could see in his eyes that he knew she was struggling, trying hard to do her best.

Mr. Phillips held her there for a few seconds then pulled himself out enough that she could breathe. She opened her mouth and gasped for air, sucking in as much as she could before he pulled her back down again and once again fucked her throat. Now it was Mr. Knox’s turn with her tits, squeezing her nipples which were now very hard. She couldn’t explain it, but sucking a cock always made them stick straight out. They were extremely sensitive and when he pinched them softly, it sent a wave of passion through her whole body. Cheri moaned, although the men could barely hear it. Not much sound got past the cock filling her mouth and throat.

Cheri tried hard to keep both men happy, but at some point they realized that there were other ways that this hot little teenage slut could be used to satisfy their needs. Mr. Knox sat down on the couch in front of her as Mr. Phillips moved behind her. She felt a firm push on her back which made her fall forward onto her hands and knees. This put her face once again right in front of for Mr. Knox’s hard cock. He didn’t hesitate this time, grabbing her by her ponytail and pushing himself back inside her mouth. As she sucked, Cheri felt her short dress get pulled up. It slid up and over her ass until she felt it bunched uselessly around her waist. She was now fully exposed for these men’s pleasure.

The thin black strings that made up her panties were literally ripped off with one hard tug. Cheri wanted to look back to see the face of the man that was behind her, but Mr. Knox kept a tight hold on her hair to make sure she didn’t let go of his cock. She couldn’t see what Mr. Phillips was doing, but she knew what was next.

Feeling strong hands on her ass, rubbing it and spreading her, Cheri sucked the cock in her mouth even harder. She used it as a pacifier to relieve the excitement from being spread open and the anticipation that she’d soon have a nice hard cock shoved into her tight little pussy. She imagined how Mr. Phillips’ hungry eyes must be devouring the sight of her round ass and tight, shaved pussy. She knew she was exposed completely to his view… ready to be used.

With one hand, he grabbed her ass and spread her open while with the other he slid thick fingers between her legs. Rubbing slowly around her soaking wet pussy, made Cheri moan with pleasure. He worked on her for a minute or two, at first tracing circles around her pussy before sliding a finger inside and out ever so slightly. Mr. Phillips could see how much she wanted it, noticing how she spread her legs open a little wider as soon as he probed her opening. He also saw how his finger glistened with the wetness from her juices which flowed so freely that it also ran down the inside of her legs.

Sliding his fingers out then under her, he began to focus on her clit. He found that it had throbbed instantly to life, a hard little button that he gently rubbed and teased. He could see how much she liked it… watching her spread herself even wider, grinding herself against his finger with wanton pleasure. Most men would have quickly moved on to get their hard cock inside her, but not him… not today.

“I think she likes it,” Mr. Phillips said to his friend. “Her pussy is wet as can be. In fact, I think this slut is going to come for us.” He then leaned forward, placing his mouth closer to her ear. “Are you, sweetheart? Is that what you are going to do? Are you going to come? Are you going to show us how much you like what we’re doing to you?”

His hand had been moving faster and Cheri could feel the familiar tingle of an orgasm fast approaching. Her hips twitched and bucked. Then, abruptly, he stopped finger-fucking her, but kept his hand pressed lightly against her wet pussy. He knew he’d brought her close to the edge, and he wanted to see how she would respond.

Without even thinking, Cheri found herself squirming back, trying to push her pussy against his fingers all by herself. Her moans of pleasure had changed into little whimpers of frustration. He knew she wanted him to keep doing what he had been doing. “What’s the matter?” he asked tauntingly, still whispering in her ear. He watched as she pushed herself back and wiggled around, trying to find his finger again. “Do you want more? Did you like that finger touching you there?” He raised his free hand then landed a hard slap on her ass, her smooth skin turning instantly red. “That’s because you’re just a dirty little girl… a naughty, slutty little girl that likes to make herself come while sucking a hard cock!”

Cheri wondered if Mr. Phillips was right. She still wanted to think of herself as a good girl doing a special favor for these two men. But, she also knew that neither of their wives would be caught dead in this position. For sure, those were good, proper women. In the back of her mind, she started to think that maybe she was not like them. She was doing things that they would never do. Dirty things… with not just one, but two men. And, not only that… but she also knew something else, although she tried not to admit it. She wanted them to do it to her. She wanted it badly…

Mr. Knox finally let her slide herself back onto his fingers, then quickly helped her by finger-fucking her faster and faster. He seemed to know the exact spot to rub that quickly sent Cheri spiraling out of control. It didn’t take long before Cheri felt herself starting to go tense and her pussy spasm with pleasure as an orgasm began gripping her body. As the feelings built, she sucked harder and faster on Mr. Knox’s cock.

Barely registering on her consciousness at that moment, she heard Mr. Phillip mouth still next to her ear. “That’s it. Do it. Come for us, baby. Come for us, you good little whore.” A moment later, she did as he commanded… giving herself completely to the pleasure that swept over her body. At first, she tried her best to make sure she didn’t let the other man’s cock slip from her mouth, but as her orgasm reached a peak, the moans of pleasure turned to squeals of delightful release. She finally threw her head back. Oh, god yes!” she screamed as she gasped for breath. “I’m coming!!!”


The fucking started even before her orgasm had subsided. Behind her, Mr. Phillips began trying to push himself inside her. “Spread those legs wider,” he ordered her, slapping her ass again to punctuate his demand. “Your pussy is so fucking tight!”

Cheri was still not completely aware of what was happening, but she complied, spreading her knees out to open herself for him. The heat of her orgasm still swept over her as she felt that large cock stretch and then penetrate her pussy. “Ohhhhh! Ohhhh god!” she screamed as he first entered her. She reached behind herself, trying to slow him down but Mr. Phillips simply grabbed her wrist and twisted it behind her back.

Unable to resist anymore, she begged in vain for mercy while at the same time not wanting him to stop. “Please! Oh please, Mr. Phillips! I can’t! I can’t take it! It’s so big!” she cried out as he pushed inside her.

When she felt the hand holding her head pull her hair tighter, she realized that she had forgotten her other duty. Mr. Knox reminded her by pushing her back down onto his cock. “No one told you to stop sucking my cock, did they?” he asked her. She looked up at him, but could only barely shake her head in answer to him. “Then get back to work on it.”

Cheri heard how his voice had changed from the kind, friendly, almost fatherly tone that he had used with her earlier. Maybe it was still fatherly, but in a much different way. Now, he spoke to her as if speaking to a girl that had got herself into a whole lot of trouble. It was stern and demanding. Cheri obeyed, bobbing her head up and down. The cock in her mouth silenced her protests, which had never been sincere anyways. She felt Mr. Phillips’ hard cock pushing its way inside of her, feeling like it was almost tearing her open. This man was big. It took a little while, but eventually Mr. Phillips was buried all the way. She felt so full, as if he were almost up in her belly. He gave her a minute to adjust to him, then slid his hands onto her hips and wrapped his fingers around her thin waist. Holding her tiny body firmly, he pulled her back onto his cock as he started fucking her… slow and easy at first, but soon it was hard, fast, and deep.

With each thrust, her body rocked forward making her mouth slide down onto his friend’s cock. When he pulled back out, she rocked back again and her mouth slid back off. This developed into a steady rhythm which satisfied both men. From the sounds of her little moans, they could tell that getting it from both ends made this little slut happy, too.

The feeling of two grown men having their way with her young body more than doubled the pleasure she felt. When she was with one man, she felt as if she were the one more or less in charge, taking care of his needs. With two, they became the ones in complete control of her. Even if she tried to struggle or stop them at this point, she knew that they would still do with her whatever they wanted. There was no escape. These men owned her.

Cheri struggled against the pleasure that they were bringing to her. She tried to force herself to stop focusing on that pleasure. Instead, she focused on the men. She sucked more feverishly, taking Mr. Knox’s cock as if she were starving for it. At the same time, she ground herself hard back into Mr. Phillips as she fucked her from behind. She was determined to distract herself from the pleasure that coursed over her body. She was once again trying to be here for them, not for herself.


The first man to come was Mr. Knox. Cheri could tell he was not going to last much longer by the way he urged her on. “That’s it. Oh, yeah. Suck it. Suck it just like that.” She obeyed, moving her head up and down faster and faster, her mouth making loud slurping sounds as the drool from her mouth coated his cock. She could feel the bulging head swell even larger and, then, he pulled her down hard onto his cock as he exploded in her mouth. “Aaaaaah!!! OH FUCK!!!” he groaned loudly, pushing his hips off the couch to force himself even deeper into her mouth.

Cheri swallowed all she could, but the stream of hot, sticky liquid was far too much. She pulled free and looked up at Mr. Knox as he quickly stood up and grabbed his cock. Pumping himself, he shot the rest of his load all over her pretty little face. “Yes! Yes! Take it all!” he nearly yelled at her, slapping his cock against her lips. Cheri opened her mouth as he did, trying to catch him. After several tries, she finally succeeded in getting him back in her mouth. She sucked passionately to keep him nice and hard, her blue eyes looking up at him with the look of a girl who was begging for more.


They had decided to bend her over the couch. As they moved her into this new position, Cheri looked at each of them. She wanted to plead her case to them. “I know you called me a slut, but I’m actually a very good girl. My Aunt Jenny and Uncle Mike always told me that I was. Don’t you think they were right?” she asked.

Mr. Phillips had moved around to the backside of the couch. He grabbed hold of her by her ponytail and guided her mouth down onto his stiff rod. “Oh, yeah,” he groaned approvingly as he felt her warm wetness envelope his cock. “You’re right. You’re such a good girl.” With her in this position, he was also able to reach down and squeeze those nice tits of hers as they hung freely. He felt how she sucked even more eagerly in response to his touch. “Such a good little girl… so well behaved… a nice little fuck toy.”

At the same time, Mr. Knox was looking her over from behind. She had her knees on the couch which made her ass stick out very nicely and at just the right height for his hard cock. He saw how she had her knees together and was squeezing her legs tightly closed, no doubt reflecting an old lesson she had learned about how a good girl behaves. The only part of the lesson that she hadn’t learned was that she needed at least some scrap of clothing to cover up her shaved little pussy. Instead, she was like a flower trying to attract bees to its nectar. Her pussy lips stood out from between her legs, wet and puffy from the fucking she’d already received. It helped Mr. Knox see exactly where to shove in his hard cock.

As he buried himself into her, and in contrast to the approving words of his friend, Mr. Knox reached down and gave her a nice, hard spank… adding another red mark to the others that decorated her ass. “I don’t think your aunt or uncle would approve of this, though, do you? Do you think they would call you a good girl if they saw you taking care of two men at once?” He started sliding in and out of her, her pussy feeling even tighter as she kept her legs squeezed closed. “No, I think they’d say that you were acting like a dirty little whore.”

Cheri thought for a moment about her Uncle Mike. Maybe these men were right. “What would he think if he saw me right now?” she thought to herself. “What would he do?” Another slap to her ass helped her focus on what would happen. He would not approve of her behavior. Just like with these other two men, she knew she would be in big trouble with him. In her mind, she saw him pulling off his shirt and pants. If she could take care of two, then she could take care of three. Uncle Mike would also jump at the chance teach her a lesson about what happens to girls that behave like her.


“Get up here,” Mr. Phillips commanded her. He had moved around and was now the one sitting on the couch. Obediently, Cheri climbed up until she straddled him. Her thoughts of how to behave properly were now gone completely. She grabbed hold of his hard cock and held it as she slid herself down onto it. Although she had been well fucked now by both men, she still gasped in pleasure as he entered her. She liked the feeling of being filled.

Mr. Phillips wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her down against him. Her tits pressed hard against his chest and almost into his face. Cheri felt him tighten his grip, pinning her to him. “Do it. Take her from behind. Take her ass,” she heard Mr. Phillips say as he looked over her shoulder. Cheri tensed up for a moment, suddenly realizing that they had put her in a position that left impaled on one cock while her ass was spread open and fully exposed. There would be no way to stop him from entering her there although that thought never came to her anyways. A moment later, she felt Mr. Knox’s cock pushing against her asshole.

Sex is best when it is wrong. Sure, romantic sex can be fun and exciting, but nothing compares to the full blown erotic pleasure that comes with doing something that would normally not be allowed. That was why… for all three of them… what came next took them to new heights of pleasure. A young girl should not be getting fucked by a man old enough to be her father, let alone by two. But being made to satisfy both of them with her pussy and ass at the same time… it was beyond everything.

Cheri looked back at Mr. Knox. Her voice was soft and innocent, but contrasted sharply with the brazen words of a girl who wanted it badly. “What are you doing, Mr. Knox? I feel something pushing against me… you’re going to stick that in my little asshole, aren’t you!” Then, with a struggle to resist the desire that surged through her body, she made a final attempt at proper behavior. “But I shouldn’t let you,” she said, her voice dropping to a whisper. “I shouldn’t let you do this.”

Completely ignoring her, Mr. Knox pushed himself inside of her. Cheri’s whispered protest was cut off as she gasped loudly. She had been fucked in her ass before. In fact, nearly every man she had been with since starting on her ministry had taken her that way. She knew that it was forbidden by their wives… so they took special pleasure in taking her that way. But, she had never done it while also having a cock filling her pussy. The intense feeling of being completely stretched in both holes at once was mind-blowing. “OH GOD!” she nearly screamed. “Oh my god, oh my god, OH MY GOD!” Her voice rose in pitch as she cried out, changing to a squeal as he drove himself deeper inside of her.

Mr. Knox looked down in amazement as his cock, still coated and glistening with the wet juices from her pussy, slid deep into that tight, round ass. It excited him to see how much he stretched her open and, in a moment of aggressive lust he suddenly pushed hard and rammed himself in deeper. Cheri squealed, a mixed cry of both pleasure and pain. With her senses completely on edge, she felt how much she was stretched by the cock pushed up into her ass and the one deep in her pussy. She spread her legs wider… as wide as she could manage while sandwiched between the two men. A small shiver shook her body.

The men gave her a moment to adjust, holding her still. From the spasms that shook her body, they could tell that this was nearly too much for this young teenage girl to take. At the same time, they also knew that she wasn’t going to be given a choice. A girl that had gone as far as her was going to have to go further. Mr. Phillips slid a hand up onto her throat, choking her lightly. Cheri knew what it meant… she was in really big trouble now.

They started slowly at first, but their rhythm soon increased. It didn’t take long before she was getting slammed hard in both holes. Behind her, Mr. Knox took her arms and pulled them behind her back, crossing them then holding her firmly at the wrists with one hand. At the same time, with his other hand he reached out and took hold of her hair. She bent her face upward and arched her back as he pulled hard, still feeling the other man’s hand on her throat.

A person walking into the room at that moment would not have believed what they were seeing. It would be inconceivable that two grown men, and not only that, but two elders of the church, would be treating a young girl like this. They were not just having sex with her. They were fucking her… choking her, pulling her hair, and treating her like a dirty little whore.

They also wouldn’t have believed that a young girl would respond to this the way that Cheri did. This young, almost innocent looking girl was a whole-hearted participant in this act. “Do it. DO IT!” she nearly growled as she was smashed between those two men. The fucking built to an even faster pace, and along with that a stream of filthy language flowed from the girl… urging them on.

For Cheri, this moment had become an out of body experience. She was the one watching what they were doing to her. She was the one seeing herself on top of Mr. Phillips, bouncing up and down as best she could as he rammed himself into her very wet pussy. Behind her, she saw Mr. Knox pulling her hair as if she were a dirty little whore, fucking her ass as he did. She could hear herself urging them both on. “Oh yes! Do it! Fuck me. Fuck me harder!”

The two men obliged, slamming themselves in as deep as they could. Like two studs hard at work on their craft, they pumped her ass and pussy over and over. The harder they fucked, the more she felt their grips tighten on her. She was being held firmly in just the position that they wanted her to be in… and they were not going to allow her to move until they were done.

“That’s it. That’s what I want.” She heard their voices only in fragments, and her head was spinning so that she no longer could distinguish between which one was talking. She only knew that what they said was helping to drive her to a place she’d never been before. “Fucking slut… tight hole pounded… both of us at the same time… likes getting her ass fucked… such a dirty girl… probably going to come again…”

On these last points, they were especially right. She was a dirty little girl and the feeling of being pumped full by both these men at the same time was about to make her come again for them. She felt her body flush and tingle with electric heat. Her pussy started to spasm which also made her ass muscles clench over and over. Now it was her voice that she heard, ringing out louder than theirs as they pounded her to a tremendous orgasm. But it wasn’t words… she could no longer speak. Only cries of passion came from her lips. “OOOOHHH! AAAAHHH! AAAAAHHHHH!!!! OH SHIT!!!!” she screamed. Her mind went white as the strongest orgasm she’d ever felt made every muscle in her body go rigid. This lasted for only a few seconds, though, before she found herself bouncing, squirming and grinding herself against the two cocks buried inside her. The screams turned into moans of complete physical release. Her body bucked, each time triggering another wave of pleasure until it seemed it would never end.

Mr. Phillips couldn’t hold back any longer as he felt her pussy clamp down onto his cock. He let go of her throat, grabbing her waist and pulling her down hard onto him as he shot a flood of pent up passion into the depths of her tight pussy. He groaned as he reveled in the feeling of emptying himself into this hot, willing little slut… feeling his balls pulse over and over in an orgasm like he had not experienced in many years.

Likewise, Mr. Knox yelled out loudly as he rammed himself into her ass one last time, having to slam her even harder as her orgasm made her ass tighten up as if in resistance to his cock. He pulled her hair harder and buried himself completely as deep as he could go. He also felt his balls go tight and then the pulsing spasms of release as he spurt a load of pent up passion deep inside her sexy little ass. “Oh yeah! Fuck yes! Take it you little whore!” he yelled, pumping her full.


It took several minutes before they calmed down and several more before they really started to come back to their senses. She felt the men moving, and then Cheri let out one more soft cry. This time, it was a small protest as she felt them slowly pull out of her. She immediately wished that they were back inside.

The men fell into the couch and chairs, sweaty and nearly exhausted. They watched Cheri as she stood up and dressed, talking to each other almost as if she wasn’t there. “I guess the rumor was true,” Mr. Knox said to his friend. “Aren’t you glad we got to the bottom of it?” They both laughed at how this sounded.

“I’m very glad,” said Mr. Phillips. “But we’ll need to keep a close eye on her, don’t you think? Maybe we’ll have to warn some of the other men, too. They should also know what kind of girl we are dealing with here.”

Cheri slid herself back into her dress. She felt a little embarrassed standing in front of them like that, her dress back on but with her ripped panties hanging uselessly from her fingers it was clear that she had nothing underneath… almost the perfect picture of a well-used slut. It was made worse as she listened to them talk, but not because she didn’t like what they were saying. On the contrary, it was embarrassing because she was starting to realize that she was now doing this as much for herself as for the men. She wanted them to do what they did with her. Not only that, she also found herself hoping that they would tell all their friends… and soon…

As she said goodbye and walked towards the door, she was already thinking that maybe there would be even more next time. If there were too many, she imagined how they might even have to take turns… She would be ready for it.

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