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Catgirls Do It Better

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Katrina purred contently as she stretched out on her plush sofa waiting for her fiancé Bret to come home. It had been nearly a week since the last time she’d seen him and they’d only been together long enough for a nooner before his work dragged him across state lines and away from her bed but he was going to be back soon and he was going to lose his mind when he saw her.

She’d been planning it for nearly a month at any rate. A detail that made it maddening that she wasn’t completely certain she could hold out another six minutes. Already she was soaked through her panties and fighting a losing battle to keep her fingers away from her clit. Instead she was just grinding her thighs together and that was just making it worse.

She wasn’t certain if Bret had set her up on purpose or not. It was always difficult to tell with him what he let slip on purpose and what he didn’t. She remembered the night rather well; he’d been on his laptop when she’d surprised him by showing up almost an hour early. Whatever he’d been looking at had him clearly aroused and equally it seemed embarrassed. He quickly shut down the site and even did a quick dump of his history. It was just his luck that she’d got bored or curious and decided to wander through the cookies until she found what she assumed was the site he’d been checking out.

The website was called Cosplay Cuties and featured hundreds of girls, some professional models most amateur fans dressed up as characters. Katrina was enough of a gamer that she recognized the Chun Li’s, Lara Crofts and Princess Zeldas. She’d seen enough anime that Android 18, Sakura from Naruto and Seras Victoria from Hellsing were all instantly recognizable. A lot of the other characters though were too obscure for her to name. She’d known from when they’d gotten into E3 that he was kinda into cosplay, but to be fair she’d assumed that any group of half naked women would turn his head, and he’d always had a thing for Asian girls.

Following more of the trail Bret had left she found two more sites and both of them were completely dedicated to catgirls. Some of the costumes were intricate going as far as gluing fur to some of the girls to recreate Felicia from Darkstalkers. One had a girl painted like the tiger girl from the web comic Two Kinds which had recently become one of Katrina’s favorite web comics, right behind 8-Bit Theatre and The Least I Could Do. Most of the costumes weren’t nearly that intricate though. A pair of cat ears and a tail seemed to be enough to get by. Particularly if the girl was willing to the extra mile.

The extra mile was the tail. If a girl had a tail she was going to get front page attention. It was good if the tail hung from some kind of elaborate harness but the real cream of the crop girls had them . . . inserted. Every picture of a girl with a plug tail had a mile of comments following it.

Katrina had to admit that there was some kind of allure to the women dressed up, particularly as animals. Then there was the fact that she loved that look in his eyes, the one she got when she did something so right that he needed her, she craved that hunger. If this was going to get that out of him it was worth a few bucks.

The next time she was out of town she’d started getting the things she’d need to pull off her stunt. It started with a pair of perky cat ears set to a decorative comb. She’d chosen a pair that were honey blond with dark tips that nearly matched her own flaxen mane. It had taken her twenty minutes to get them just right the first time so they wouldn’t fall out and at the same time blended so seamlessly with her hair that almost looked real. Since then she’d gotten enough practice that it was only a few minutes to get it in place.

Second she’d decided to go with the face painting, opting for cute instead of realistic she only darkened the tip of her nose and a strip down to her upper lip as well as three painted on whiskers on either cheek. It was easy enough, the hard part was keeping from smearing the make up long enough for Bret to smear it. Locked around her neck was a thin leather collar with the words “Sex Kitten” written in bold steel letters. It hadn’t come with a leash so she’d had to buy one from the local pet store but it was connected and the leash was would dangle between her breasts if she was sitting up. Katrina had decided on an anime classic for her outfit and had on a porn stores imitation of a Japanese school girl outfit. Even by adult standards the top she’d worn was a little short not quite covering up her nipples. The handkerchief she was wearing with it actually came down farther both in the front and in back than the tiny top did.

The skirt was would have been better. It came down almost mid thigh. Katrina could have worn it in public and only gotten the same looks she always got from aroused men and annoyed women. Except the bright orange, too match the kerchief, skirt was held up in the back.

Inserted directly into her ass was a golden Persian cat tail. It had a wire bases so she could position the tail anyway she wanted and she’d chosen to have it sticking almost straight up like a cat in heat inviting a fuck. Which of course had it lifting her skirt indecently.

The final part of the set up was a bowl of milk resting on the floor just a few feet away waiting to hear the scuffle of keys being fumbled into a lock. Then the show could begin properly. Assuming traffic was anything that could be considered normal Bret would be walking through the door in the next ten minutes. He wasn’t close to late it was just a week without a solid flesh and bone cock was literally maddening. It was probably one of the longest stretches she’d gone without a partner in her adult life.

Bret only took five minutes which meant he had to have gotten lucky with the lights or something. Still for Katrina it felt like she’d been lying there for over an hour when she heard the a key jumbled into a lock cuing her to roll off the couch onto all fours and start lapping at her milk. She couldn’t see his eyes at first but she could certainly feel them. To hot points that threatened to singe her flesh. “Mrow?” She finally queried lifting her head from the bowl.

Katrina made it a point to lock her eyes on his and slank towards him. She spent enough time on her knees that she knew how to make it look great, stretching her long legs out behind her so her nipples brushed the floor. She swiveled her ass back and forth knowing it was even more of an eye catcher with over a foot of golden fur sticking out. As soon as she reached her paralyzed man she circled around him rubbing up against his legs before stopping in front of him and letting a lusty purr roll from her throat.

He still hadn’t moved, the door was even open behind him so anybody walking the street would be able to see Katrina and her outfit. It might have bothered her a decade before when she was eighteen but since then she’d grown into quite the voyeur. It was Bret would freak out if any of the neighbors saw him with his cock lodged between her lips. Katrina certainly wasn’t interested in closing the door as much as she was interested in opening his pants but she was enjoying the tease for the moment.

Rearing up into a kneeling position she pawed lightly at the bulge in his pants. “Mrow?” She canted her head slightly this way and that in mock confusion. She even leaned forward to nuzzle his cock and then sniff it through the fabric. Unable to hold herself back she unzipped his pants with her teeth and then did the same to the button pawing at his slacks until they sank to his knees. His boxers were less of an obstacle. It was as if his cock literally had a mind of its own, it had managed to thread its way through the slit and sprang forward slapping against her cheek as soon as his pants were out of the equation.

“Mrow?” Katrina playfully batted at the tip of his cock noting how his whole body tensed. So she did it a second time just a little harder than the first and this time he moaned. Once more playful smack and then she hunched herself forward pushing her butt up and her belly down so she could lean back and lap at his balls. Between years of dance and gymnastics it wasn’t a difficult position for her to hold and she was finally getting what she wanted. Her tongue danced back and forth over his balls tracing the taint all the way back until she flicked her tongue and only narrowly missed his puckered hole. The responding jerk and moan was both erotic and scary. She knew he loved rim jobs but she wasn’t sure he’d be able to hold still enough not to break her neck so she backed off and started licking the underside of his cock. Nice long strokes from root to tip, like a giant popsicle.

Once his cock was completely coated and glistening with saliva she turned her back to him. Crushing her tits against the carpet she raised her hips until only the tips of her toes were still touching the carpet and her ass was waggling back and forth inviting the nearest cock. At that moment she didn’t really care that it was Brent, any warm firm meat would have been good enough but she wasn’t complaining when he gripped the base of her tail and rammed his cock into her quivering twat.

“Mrow!” She nearly broke character and spoke when he impaled her. It was simply the most amazing feeling she could fathom. Instantly her world focused around a single thing, the brutal cock stabbing her cunt. She couldn’t even tear her mind away for a moment to focus on anything else. Not the rug burns she was getting on her elbows and not the elderly gentleman who’d stopped cutting his lawn at a spot that offered and outstanding view of her swinging tits and split open pussy.

“Open your mouth Neko.” Bret growled. Katrina had spent enough time on the websites and in anime in general to know that Neko was cat, or close enough that she knew he meant for her to open her mouth. It didn’t make sense to refuse him at the moment so she did as she was told opening her mouth.

Katrina was ready to come and it had only been a few moments. The anticipation had been too much and she could already feel herself on the very edge of the precipice that was her orgasm. She just had to wait a few thrusts for Bret to push her over it. It was harder and harder to keep in character, only purring and meowing for his pleasure. Katrina wanted to moan, wanted to beg, wanted to let all of the filth floating in her to burst loose. She would have given in if he hadn’t stopped her.

Just as Katrina’s cunt contracted and her orgasm overwhelmed her senses Bret yanked her tail out raising what was already a mind blowing orgasm into something that could only be described as epic. Her entire body went white hot. Then he jammed the plug in her mouth and it doubled. The taste of her ass drove her completely wild. She wanted to speak, even tried to but the plug served well as a gag keeping any of the sounds she uttered from being more intelligible than moan.

Bret had wanted to see her doing just that. That must have been what he was waiting for because just as she accepted the taste of her own ass Bret came. It wasn’t the first time the two lovers had been separated by a week or more but it was the first time he erupted like a volcano. Katrina purred contently as Bret’s cum started to ooze out of her cunt. She wanted to speak to him but there was something that she wanted more. Something she needed. One more.

Instead of speaking Katrina only wriggled her bottom and purred invitingly.

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