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Cat Tail

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“Give it to her in the back door!” Someone yelled. The costumed crowd hooted and laughed. I felt sick. I leaned against the bookshelf, bumping my head against the wood and staring at a worn copy of Aldus Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’. This was humiliating.

It had all started earlier in the night, while I stood in the kitchen pouring liquid green Jello into glass baking dishes. As I slid the dishes into the fridge, someone called out to me.

“Hey man, great Bear costume!” I groaned, closing the fridge. I put on a smile, turned. The kitchen was a menagerie of costumed guests, milling around, sipping beer from plastic cups. Clowns, witches, ghosts, a man dressed as a robot, they all chatted and laughed, swaying to the music coming from the living room. I was dressed in a full-body brown bear suit, my nose painted black.

A pirate walked up to me. “Hey Papa, where’s Mama Bear? I thought you and Jenni were-”

“Yeah, we were.” I said dryly. “Excuse me, won’t you?” I said, avoiding eye contact. I headed towards the hallway.

In the hall I stopped, trying to breathe. It was hot in the bear suit. I was only wearing boxers and a t-shirt, but I was sweating. Part of it was the circumstance. Jenni, my girlfriend of a year, had cajoled me into throwing this costume party. My roommate agreed, and we spent the week decorating the house. Jenni and I rented our bear-suits, one of which I wore; the other was hanging forlornly in my closet. I stood under the green light in the hall, marveling at how cruel life was.

A group of giggling ballerinas swarmed into the hallway, passing a joint back and forth. I slid past them, heading for the back door. I thought I’d go to the back yard, get some fresh air and take a leak. I pressed through the crowd of costumes dancing in the living room. Then I froze.

Jenni was there. She was standing in the corner, dressed in a tiny red-sequined dress. Her blonde hair was in pigtails, her pouty lips painted with bright lipstick. The hem of her dress was ridiculously high, revealing her pale thighs in the orange party lights. She saw me, then leaned towards this huge guy, dressed as a pro basketball player. He whispered something to her, and she rubbed her hand along his body, rippling the vinyl ’99’ on his chest.

I didn’t know his name, I didn’t even know the name of the player he was supposed to be. It didn’t matter. There she was, rubbing her red sequined bosom up against him, their lips tangling and smearing against each other. I watched his hands slide down her back, heading for the pleats in her skirt.

I turned around, heading for the bathroom. I bumped into my roommate, Thomas. He looked over my shoulder, frowning.

“Aw, man, that ain’t right. You guys broke up three days ago!”

“Two days ago.” I said. I forced myself not to look.

“In your own house, no less. Should I make them leave?” Thomas was a great friend.

“No, we don’t want a scene. What the hell kind of costume is she wearing, anyway?” I asked.

“Oh, Marty’s around here somewhere, videotaping shit. Jenni and him came as a ‘Pimp-and-Ho’ couple.” Thomas smirked, shaking his head. “It’s appropriate I guess.” he added, patting me on my back as I headed down the hall.

I made it to the bathroom door, and then I heard it again.

“Hey, Papa Bear! Where’s Mama?” I gritted my teeth, not even looking up. I reached for the bathroom doorknob. I turned it quickly, swinging the door inward.


I looked up. Sitting on the toilet was a Tiger. Bindi, a slender, long-haired student from India was sitting on the toilet, her tiger suit unzipped and around her ankles. She grabbed at the suit, pulling it up to cover her bare lower body, her long black hair covering her chest.

“Whoah, sorry.” I averted my eyes, backing up and closing the door. I sighed, leaning against the wall. I stood there for a moment before I realized Bindi wasn’t wearing ANYTHING under that tiger suit. No bra, no undies, nothing. My mind lingered on these details, trying to forget the scene in the living room.

The door opened. Bindi came out, grinning. The tiger suit fit her lithe body like a glove, accentuating every curve. Her form was almost painted with black-and-orange stripes, a long plush tail sticking out above her firm buns.

“Sorry,” I said, feeling guilty.

“It’s okay. It wouldn’t have been so bad, but I have to unzip this whole damn thing to pee.” She waggled her black nose and painted on whiskers at me, giving me a crooked smile.

“I know what you mean.” I didn’t, really. My bear-suit had buttons up the front, and a nice flap over the groin, which reminded me I needed to pee. I tried to step past her to the bathroom. She put an orange paw on my chest, stopping me.

“Are you alright?” Bindi and I had Psychology together. She was a very bright student, and extremely perceptive. She studied my face for a moment.

“Yeah. I’m fine.” I tried to smile, pushing past to the bathroom. Bindi was not sated. She held me still, looking into my eyes. “I saw them earlier. That’s not your fault.” She patted me consolingly. It was an odd comment, but it felt strangely reassuring. I thanked her.

Bindi smiled. She leaned up and gave me a kiss, right on the lips. It was warm. I sighed, trying to tell myself I was too sad to enjoy it. Bindi touched my cheek with her plush paw and headed down the hallway.

In the bathroom, I sat down on the toilet. The seat was warm. I thought about Bindi’s dark legs, her flesh resting on the seat moments before. I had always been attracted to Bindi, but being with Jenni had been enough. For some reason I tried to think about Jenni, tried to be sad. But I kept feeling that warm seat under me.

Later on I wandered the party a bit, smiling to guests, picking up empty beer cups. In one room we had a black light, and people were dancing slowly to jazz. There was a small crowd there. Several of the group were whispering, stealing glances into the corner. I walked in, leaning on my room-mate’s book shelf to see what everyone was watching.

I felt my stomach go cold. There, sitting on a futon couch in the corner was Jenni and #99. Jenni’s straps were off her shoulders, her red dress drooping to reveal her white bra, which glowed in the backlight. The two were making out, groping each other fiercely.

Marty was there, dressed as a Pimp, his checked blazer one size too big. He chewed on a fake cigar, and in his hand he held a video camera. He looked through the viewfinder, angling for a better shot and putting on the airs of a porn director.

“Smile for the camera, love.” Jenni smiled, pretending to be shocked as #99 groped her breast. A few people giggled. Marty warmed to the attention, giving them further direction.

“All right now, I want to see penetration. Don’t you guys?” Marty questioned the group. A few people laughed, most nodded and agreed. I was desperate to turn away, but I couldn’t. I clutched the hard book-case, trying to dig my fuzzy bear-claws into the wood.

Jenni spread her legs, revealing white panties, which also glowed in the black light. #99 smiled, pulling her body towards his as he pretended to mount her. They dry-humped, pretending to be passionately screwing. Marty filmed it, moving around from angle to angle.

“What else do we want to see?” Marty hollered. A few suggestions were murmured, then someone called out.

“Give it to her in the back door!” The costumed group hooted and laughed. I felt sick. I leaned against the bookshelf, bumping my head against the wood and staring at the worn copy of ‘Brave New World’. I looked up to see Bindi there, by the door, looking at me over the crowd.

Jenni turned around, bending over the couch. The big guy leaned over her, lifting up the back of her dress. He pretended to have to force his way in. Jenni squealed on cue, and he began thrusting up against her ass. As he pretended to pump her, the group hollered more loudly, laughs mingling in.

This was particularly hard to watch. I had wanted to have anal sex with Jenni for the whole year of our relationship, and she strictly forbade it. The idea that she could just casually joke about it with this lunk, in front of everyone, made me sick with jealousy. My face a stiff mask, I leaned fully into the bookshelf, trying to melt into the shadows.

With a creak, the bookshelf beside me buckled, tipping sideways before cracking apart. It fell with a CRASH, books sliding everywhere, covering the floor. I grabbed at them, trying to save something from hitting the ground. Everyone turned around to look at me. My face was red. I stood there, holding the only book I could save, the copy of ‘Brave New World’. Jenni and #99 got up from the couch, peering around the group to see me.

“Sorry.” I mumbled to nobody in particular. Thomas rushed in. He took a look around. “Oh, nice work, man.” He grinned at me, and I grinned back sheepishly, pleading with him for some kind of help.

“There’s Jello shots in the kitchen!” Thomas yelled. Everyone smiled, heading out the door. Jenni, Marty and #99 walked by. I avoided all eyes, studying the book in my hand as though I had never seen it before. Thomas patted me on the back.

“We’ll deal with it in the morning, man. Go have a shot.” I nodded, dropping the book. I followed him out of the empty room.

I got a beer and ended up in the back yard, alone. I tooks swigs from the bottle, laughing nervously, talking to myself to shrug off the humiliation. The back door opened, and I saw the silhouette of a large cat against the porch light. I withdrew into the shadows.

Bindi looked around, scanning the darkness. She headed towards me. “Don’t you know cats can see in the dark?” She said, leaves crunching under foot as she neared me.

“Sorry.” I said. “I wasn’t hiding.” Bindi shrugged it off.

“You don’t need to explain. I saw those two going at it.” Now I shrugged, kicking the brick wall of the house. Bindi walked up, locking my eyes with hers. She leaned in and kissed me, her warm lips pulling at mine. I felt her paws wrap around my back.

We made out for a little while, kissing and groping through our fuzzy suits. She put my hands on her breasts, then started rubbing my fur-covered groin. I finally separated from the passion, holding her back for a moment.

I wanted to make eye contact, make her feel welcome, but I was still thinking about the scene inside. Bindi studied my face.

“I can see we’re going to have to get you past this if we’re going to have any fun tonight.” I looked at Bindi, a little weary. Sometimes she was just a little too analytical. “I mean it,” She said deviously. “You need therapy.”

“It wouldn’t bother me so much if it wasn’t so…recent.” I said, trying to get her to drop it. I moved in for a kiss, but Bindi pulled back, grinning.

“You’re not getting off that easily. Is that really all? You seemed to be doing okay until the end there, when he was pretending to, you know, give it to her in the-”

“Yeah, well, that’s always been kind of a sticking point for me and Jenni.” I said, a little too quickly. “I’m glad she’s apparently gotten over it.” I sighed, feeling as transparent as my beer bottle.

Bindi kissed my neck, looking into my eyes. “They were just playing.” She said softly.

“Yeah, I know.” I kissed Bindi back. Her tongue entered my mouth, then came out, tracing little circles on my lips.

Bindi pivoted around, putting her back to me. She wrapped my plush brown arms around her body. Her rear end pressed into my groin, pushing me against the brick wall.

“So you like to do it back there, huh?” She asked. I dropped my beer in the leaves. I was rarely this casual talking about sex, so I struggled with the words. The beer helped.

“Well, I like the idea of it.” I coughed.

“Oh.” She said ponderously. She purred, rubbing her body against me. Our fur rubbing against each other created a little static electricity, wisping strands of her long hair into the air.

Bindi looked around the back yard, then moved slightly away from me. “Here, unzip me.” My brain took a moment to process what she said.

I stared dumbly at the silver zipper on the back of her suit. I almost spoke, then instinct took over. I pulled at the metal device, the tangs separating with a creaking noise. I got it all the way down to her lower back and stopped.

Bindi slid the cat costume over her shoulders. It was amazing, watching the fur peel away from her dark skin, revealing her neck, her toned arms, the soft curve of her lower back. She lowered it to the top curve of her rump, then paused. She pulled her orange paw-gloves off with her teeth, then slid her arms out of the suit.

Her upper body was completely exposed in the cool autumn air. Her long, straight black hair cascaded down her back, the tips resting on the edge of the plush suit, which still clung to her rump. Bindi pulled her hair around, over one shoulder, then leaned forward to allow me access.

“Pull it down.” She said softly. I put my fingers underneath the edges of the furry fabric, tugging it over the curve of her bottom. I stared at her firm, dark ass, rubescent in the cool glow of the moon.

“Use your finger.” She said.

“For what?” I asked, my brain not quite functioning.

“Put it in there, silly.” She said.

“In where?”

“You know where.” She purred, reaching for my hand. She put in on her lower back, guiding it down.

I could barely contain my excitement. I struggled to stay in the moment, to savor it, to pay attention to every detail. Her butt was firm, the cheeks reluctantly gave way to my probing hand. I used one hand to push them apart, the other to slowly probe for her anus.

I found it. My index finger rubbed it slowly, carefully, almost scared to go in. She pushed her ass back towards me, the fingertip sliding in. She pushed back farther. My finger made its way past the puckering muscle. I could feel her contracting and releasing on me, the warmth wrapped around my finger like a glove.

She grabbed my hand with hers. “You’re so gentle.” She said. In this case, it was a reprimand. She grabbed my hand with hers, pushing it up against her ass. My finger drove in deeper. She gasped.

Bindi held me there for a moment. Her anus flexed again and she leaned forward, my finger sliding out slightly. I could feel the cool autumn air on the moist part of the digit, exposed.

“I think I like it.” She whispered. I melted. I was trying not to panic. Breathe, man, breathe.

Bindi started rocking her pelvis back and forth, my finger sliding in and out of her ass. She was standing on her toes now, her firm legs still sheathed in the orange and black fur. I stared at her round, brown calves, flexing as she rocked. I love calves, and I couldn’t resist – with my furry foot I slid the fabric down slightly, trying to get a better view.

Bindi took this as some sort of signal, because she shifted, sliding her leg up, extricating one nimble little foot from the paw. She moved her bare leg to the side, widening her stance. As her ass spread wider, I took a risk and drove my finger in to the hilt.

“Uhn!” She gasped, going on tip-toe to soften the impact. “Are you okay?” I whispered, looking over my shoulder to see if anyone was around. She groaned, then sank down slowly, lowering herself onto my finger. It went all the way in to the knuckle.

“That’s all there is.” I said. She smiled, turning to kiss my neck.

“Hmmmm.” She purred. Whispered really, but it felt it like a cat’s purr, vibrating in my chest. She reached down and caressed my pulsing crotch.

The back door clanged open. Bindi slid forward quickly, my finger gliding out of her ass. She pulled on her suit, tugging it over her shoulders.

I looked for my beer. Bindi finished putting on her suit. Putting her paw gloves on, she looked at our company.

“Is it…them?” I asked, peeking around the bushes. The group of giggling ballerinas had come outside, lighting a joint. The pirate and the robot followed them out, looking for some action. Bindi watched my reaction.

“You mean Jenni and Marty? No. You’re safe.” She said. I sighed. Then I gritted my teeth.

“I wish it was them. Just so she knew how it felt.” I said. Bindi pulled me into a hug. She looked deep in my eyes, then flashed a crooked smile.

“Here. Hold onto this.” She said. Bindi put my hand on her tiger-tail. I held it, following her as she walked past the giggling people and entered the party.

I wondered what she was up to. Bindi wove in and out of the crowd, pulling me behind her. Then she neared the kitchen. The small room was packed, people eating lime green Jello shots and laughing. Then I saw Jenni there, sitting on the counter, necking with #99.

I stopped, tugging Bindi by the tail. She stopped, turning back to me.

“Come on.” She said. “What are you going to do?” I asked. She smiled that crooked smile and winked. “Trust me.” Bindi headed straight for Jenni, me trailing behind holding her tail.

Jenni was just leaning into a kiss with her man when Bindi minced up. “Excuse me, Jenni? Could you hand me the lotion?” Jenni looked up, annoyed. Bindi pointed. There was a bottle of lotion next to the dish soap. Jenni grabbed it. She tried to hand it over.

“Actually, could you just pump some in my hand?” Bindi asked, pulling off one of her furry paws. Jenni pumped the bottle twice. “Sorry. More than that. I’ll say when.” Jennifer pumped again, and again, and again. Bindi smiled. The mound of lotion threatened to spill out of her cupped palm.

“When” She said. Bindi turned, heading out of the kitchen. Jenni threw me a look, just as Bindi’s tail tugged me towards the hallway. I looked over my shoulder as we went through. Jenni still held the lotion, watching me walk out, clutching Bindi’s tail.

Bindi led me into the dance room. The black light was still on, the floor covered in books. People didn’t want to dance in the books, I guess. I stepped over the copy of “Brave New World” towards the bed. Bindi let go of my hand, cupping hers under her other in case any lotion spilled. Bindi stood next to the futon, catching the stray lotion drops. We marveled at the liquid in her hand – it glowed a bright yellow under the black light.

“I think you’re going to have to unzip me again.” She said, her mouth in that crooked smile. I took a breath like a good little Zen-Bear, and reached for the zipper. I slowly slid it down, revealing her muscular back once again. In the black light her skin was even darker, and my own had taken on a shade of tan. I slid the suit over her shoulders, when she stopped me.

“Shoot. Wait a minute. I can’t take this suit of holding this stuff.” She bit her lip, thinking. “We need to put it somewhere useful. Take off your suit.”

I looked around. The door to the hall was cracked open, but nobody was there. I reached down and undid the flap on my bear suit, exposing my underwear.

“Oh, that is just no fair. Why didn’t I get a flap?” She said. Bindi pulled down my underwear, exposing my stiff penis. My 7″ sprang out, and I felt comical, a big brown bear with a human wanger hanging out.

Bindi reached down with her cupped hand. Instead of just grabbing my member, she lowered the mound of lotion underneath it, then glided her open palm under me, coating the bottom of my cock gently. She then did likewise with the sides, then the top. My penis was coated in fluorescent yellow lotion, and she still had a considerable portion in her hand.

“Here we go.” There was a bag of unused plastic beer cups on a shelf. Bindi pulled one out and tipped her hand, dribbling the excess lotion into it. She rubbed her hands together, then slid them into the gap in my suit, pulling open the buttons as she went up. She rubbed my stomach, my chest, her hands working their way up to my neck. My upper body exposed, she pulled me close, rubbing her furry chest on mine.

“Undress me.” She hissed. I grabbed the suit, peeling it down over her chest. Her breasts were were amazing – round, dark, with chocolate kiss nipples. I slid the suit all the way down, past her hips, going to my knees as I did. Her mound was staring me in the face. I smelled her sweet wetness, felt the heat of it in front of me. I leaned forward to taste her, but she backed off.

“There’s time for that later. You know what I came in here for, silly.” I couldn’t believe the order of events here. I stood up.

“Um, Bindi, this isn’t exactly the standard, um, order of events for a hookup. I mean-”

Bindi stepped fully out of her suit, her long brown hair shimmering in the eerie purple of the black light. Bindi held the lotion cup out, dipping my hand into it. She turned around, raising her curvy rump into the air.

“You were saying?” She asked. I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding. I carefully dropped a dollop of lotion above her anus.

“Oh god, it’s soooo cold!” She whispered. I smiled, rubbing it down in circles. My fingers kissed her opening once, barely touching it. She pushed back immediately, trying to get my digits inside her. I complied, rubbing the lotion in as I went.

“Ah! It’s even colder in there!” She squeaked. I turned, paranoid, waiting for someone to come in. Meanwhile, Bindi was bouncing lightly backwards, her hands clutching the futon, my finger sliding in and out.

“You know, I can’t believe it, but I actually WANT you in there.”

Bindi leaned over the futon couch, arching her back and sticking her butt into the air. She looked over her shoulder at me. Her hair cascaded down her back, brushing the top of her ass cheeks just above the smears of yellow lotion.

“Come on. Put it inside.” I hesitated, trying to freeze this moment in time.

“Please?” She moaned softly. Bindi pulled her hair to the side of her neck, giving me a clear view of her round, bare buttocks.

I put the head of my cock, smeared in fluorescent lotion, at the opening of her anus. She inhaled, obviously bracing. I inhaled with her, trying to tell myself I wouldn’t cum instantly. Bindi pushed back, the tip penetrating her. As my thick head pushed past her sphincter, she inhaled again, fast.

“Oh. There’s a big difference between your finger and that.” Her voice was calm now, almost serious.

“We don’t have to do this-” I started to say.

“No. Just go slow.” She said. I obliged, sliding carefully in, bit by bit.

“Hang on. That’s all I can take.” Bindi adjusted her stance, sliding forward slightly. She rotated her pelvis, taking the cock inside and grinding it around in a shallow circle. I was entranced as the muscles in her buttocks flexed. Then she slid backwards, her butt gobbling up my cock, taking in another inch.

She buckled, bending farther over the futon. She inhaled slowly. “Okay, okay…” She started pushing back now, rhythmically, my dick inching in and out. Soon my penis was one-half of the way into her.

“I don’t know if I can take it all. I don’t know if I can…” Bindi was almost talking to herself, her attention focused on her body. She stood still for a moment, then slowly, relentlessly pushed back into me. I could see the yellow lotion piling up on the edges of her asshole as I reached a new depth.

“Oh god, oh godohgodohgod.” Bindi stopped. She panted, scooting forward. Three-quarters of my 7 inches was within her now. She flexed her anus, making a few short pulls on me.

“Is that all of it?” She squeaked, turning back to look at me hopefully.

“Sure.” I said, not wanting to pressure her.

“You’re lying.” She groaned.

“Well, there’s a little more.” I said meekly. Bindi braced herself.

“Okay, god, just do it…” Bindi put her hand on my thigh, pulling me towards her.

“UHN!” She cried. I was all the way in, my cock buried up to the hilt, my balls pressing up against her warm pussy.

“Oh, uhn…” She moaned, panting, various muscles on her body flexing. I waited a moment, then slid in, then out. She relaxed a little, spreading her stance, her hands groping the couch sensuously now.

“Okay. Oh yeah. Keep doing that. YEAH.” She almost yelled, her voice rising above the party noises. I paused, looking at that ajar door.

“Shhh..” I said. Bindi smiled, putting her hand on my rear, pulling me into her.

“Harder, silly! HARDER.” She yelled again as I penetrated her. Finally I just closed my eyes, getting into a shallow rhythm. I pumped lightly into her, trying not to hit her with that full penetration. Her brown body shimmered in the black light, pulsing against me.

Soon we were fucking, I mean really fucking. I was pounding her dark, firm ass. Bindi was moaning. I looked up. There were a group of people in the hall now, peering into the black-lit room. I could barely see them, their watches or buttons glimmering in the light. There must have been a few, because I could hear them murmuring. I slowed, unsure.

Bindi started thrusting against me, using her firm pelvic muscles to drive me into her. She pulled me down on her back, trying to kiss me over her shoulder. “Ignore them.” She whispered in between pants. I tried, feeling my chest against her back. Bindi put my hands on her breasts. I cupped them, thumping into her with my pelvis.

“Oh man, oh god! UHN! UHN!” She got louder and louder. I was nearing my limit. I opened my eyes. There were people in the room now, two couples were making out. Everyone was watching us. And there, at the back, was Jenni and #99.

I smiled inwardly, feeling my cock gripped by Bindi’s ass. “I can’t, oh god – I think I’m coming!” She screamed, she put her hands on the back of my ass and pulled me into her.

“All the way, stay all the way in, oh move like that!” Bindi pressed against me, her breasts bouncing over the couch. “Don’t stop! Come inside me!” I hammered into her ass, my pelvis grinding her into the back of the futon. Finally, I felt my cock throbbing, pulsing.

I exploded, shooting my hot white into her rectum. Her anus continued to flex on me, milking my cock. I groaned, trying to keep pumping as my dick became sensitive.

Someone clapped. Several couples were in the room now, groping each other. And in the hall was Jenni, her mouth open, staring in shock, disbelief, and what I want to believe was jealousy.

I grinned.

I fell on top of Bindi, she rolled over, clutching me, sliding her arms into my furry suit. We kissed, then started laughing. We tumbled down onto the couch and cuddled in the black light, listening to the murmurs and the giggles of the couples making out around us.

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