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Being 18 is a tough age. I was living at home with my parents and although I had had a few girlfriends my knowledge of sex was limited to a few groping sessions at the movies with equally inexperienced girls. My hormones were going wild and I spent almost every waking hour trying to get a look up every girl’s skirt and looking longingly at the underwear adverts in my mother’s magazines.

My parents were very conscious of the “family” thing, which meant that we had very little choice but to go with when they went out to visit friends, even though most of them had kids much younger than my sister or I.

One of my parents group of friends were an Italian couple, Mario and Carla, who I would estimate were in their early thirties (ancient to me then). Mario had a very successful construction company and lived in a huge house in the very up market area of town. The house had a lot of rooms and almost everything was centered on entertaining. Every 2 to 3 months they would host a party with about 30 people invited. The party would start around lunchtime with everyone sitting down to a meal that just kept coming and would end up in Mario’s huge bar with everyone drinking around the fire. At 18 the other guests kids were just too young and most of the adults were not interested in talking to a gangly 18 years old. That Easter everything changed.

We arrived at the party around noon and quickly settled into the dining room and took our places. Carla prided herself on arranging the seating at her parties to make sure that ones companions were well suited. My parents were seated down the other end of the table and I noticed that according to the names tags I had Carla on the one side of me and one of my mom’s friends on the other. While I looked up and down the table, watching people filtering in I felt a warm pair of hands slip under my shirt onto my shoulders, “Hey, how is my favorite man today?” Carla said. I felt her breasts leaning against my back, ” I will join you just as soon as everyone has arrived. As she walked away I adjusted my fast growing hard-on to make it a little less obvious.

By the time Carla sat down next to me the party was in full swing and I had already had my first glass of wine (without my parents seeing). As Carla sat down I glanced over and saw that she was wearing the sexiest mini skirt and a white tank top, with her white bra clearly visible. As the meal progressed Carla kept putting her hand on my leg every time she talked to me, the woman on the other side of the table kept leaning forward and at just the right angle I could see the tops of her breasts in a sexy white lacy bra, the darkness of her nipples just peeping out. I figured that while everyone was busy eating, drinking and chatting no one would notice me slipping away to the toilet to take care of my obvious hard-on.

I headed up stairs and decided to take a chance and go into Carla’s bathroom. I closed the door quietly behind me and made for the laundry basket, I lifted off the lid and on top was exactly what I was looking for, a pair of Carla’s used panties, they were red with a lace and satin panel in the front and a thin thong up the back. During my past visits to their house I had found that Carla’s hamper was normally the source of some nice fresh panties. I lifted them to my nose and breathed in her wonderful womanly scent, these were fresh! I quickly unbuckled my jeans and sat down on the toilet, there was no need for lubrication as the pre-cum was oozing freely from my un-circumcised cock, a damp spot had already appeared on my underpants. I spread the slippery juice around my head while I sniffed at Carla’s panties.

The smell of her pussy and the rubbing of my fingers had my cock throbbing. I opened my eyes to adjust the position of the panties as the bathroom door opened, it all happened too fast for me to do anything; I looked across the room into the beautiful face of Carla. “Sorry Carla” I stammered. “Shhhhhh” she whispered, “I have known about your love of my panties for a while, I left that pair, hoping you would find them. I have noticed that every time you visit my panties have been moved.” Carla slowly lifted her skirt to reveal the sexiest white panties I had ever seen. She hooked her thumbs into the thin straps on the side and slipped them down her legs, as her skirt fell back down I caught a glimpse of her smooth shaven pussy. As she stepped out of her panties she said “here take this pair, I’ve been so wet thinking of you sniffing my panties these will be even better. Stand up we don’t have long.”

As I stood up Carla sat down on the toilet and pulled her skirt up to let me get a good look at her very moist, clean-shaven pussy. Her lips were red and swollen and looked so inviting. “Jerk-off for me” she whispered “cum on my pussy.” I wrapped the red pair of panties over my dick and brought the white pair to my nose, I could feel the warmth from her pussy and slowly licked at the fragrant juices that coated them. Carla sat far back on the toilet and her fingers danced lightly over her pussy. The awesome sight in front of me and the smell under my nose had me spurting hot ropes of cum over her hand and pussy lips, dribbling down her smooth lips, she quickly massaged my cum all over her hot pussy, even pushing some of it deep inside with her fingers. “We had better get back downstairs, someone will notice we are missing” she said as she took the white panties out of my hands and seductively pulled them back on. “You go on ahead” she said “I will follow in a few minutes.”

I walked shakily downstairs, my mind racing. I had gone from a feeling of dread at being caught, to a feeling of elation over what had transpired. At this stage I had not even thought where this could lead. When Carla returned she winked at me and sat down. I looked down at her lap and noticed that she had let her skirt ride up to the point where her panties were just visible. My mom’s friend on my right was trying her best to hold a conversation with me and I was finding it really tough to keep the conversation going with the type of distractions going on around me. The rest of the evening progressed without incident.

In the car on the way home my mom kept asking me about my evening and I made a show of moaning about being bored like I normally did. “Carla asked me if we would mind you staying with her during the summer holidays while Mario is away on business” my mom said “would you be keen?”

“I wouldn’t mind” I answered, trying my best to sound disinterested, my mind racing. “OK, Ill phone her tomorrow and we can work out the details” my mom answered.

The next day my mom mentioned that they would take me over to Carla & Mario’s on Saturday afternoon as Mario would be flying out on Saturday morning and she was not happy about staying in the house alone. The week crept by, the hours could not go fast enough until D-day finally arrived, my bags were packed and I was rearing to go. My Mom & Dad dropped me at Carla’s house and with a wave left us standing alone in the driveway. Carla put her arm around my shoulders and steered me towards the front door. “Let me show you to your room”

Carla said as she walked quickly into the house. As I closed the front door Carla turned and took me into her arms, my suitcase quickly forgotten. Her lips parted and she kissed me deeply, her tongue slipping easily between my lips, I could feel her hips pressing against me, I could smell the beautiful perfume she was wearing, her lips as soft as silk brushing against my neck. “I have been waiting all week to get another look at that beautiful young cock I saw last weekend,” she whispered. She took me by the hand and led me up the stairs to the guest suite, as she walked in front of me I couldn’t help noticing her white lace thong peeping out from under her short sundress. We walked into the guest room and Carla once again drew me into her arms, her lips meeting mine, her tongue probing deep into my mouth.

I let my hands run down my back and settle on her tight ass. It was one thing, groping girls my age but this was entirely another thing, Carla had the face on an angel and a body to match, she must have sensed my trepidation. “Do whatever comes naturally” she whispered into my ear and gently nibbled my ear. I let my hands dip under her dress and ran them up her smooth skin, gently massaging her cute ass. I could feel her hips respond immediately, the cleft of her pussy fitting snugly against my hard cock. We slowly broke our embrace; Carla stood close to me and started to unbutton my shirt, her fingers running over my chest.

Her fingers deftly unbuckled my belt and my jeans were soon on the floor around my ankles. She knelt down and hooked her hands into my underpants slipping them off, releasing my hard cock; she parted her lips and took the head of my cock into her warm mouth. My hands ran through her blonde hair gently pulling her head towards me. I could feel her tongue swirling around my head, its rough warmth driving me to heights I had never experienced, as much as I tried I couldn’t hold off any longer and came deep into her mouth, she sucked me hard, drinking in every drop. I could barely stand, my legs felt like rubber. Carla stood and kissed me hard on my lips, pushing a mouthful of my cum into my mouth. I had tasted cum before but never from such an erotic source. “I always believe that a man should share,” she breathed into my ear.

I slowly lifted Carla’s dress up exposing her sexy white panties, the same pair from the previous weekend, her nipples pushing hard against her sexy bra. The sight before was my teenage dream come true! I slipped her dress over her head and tossed it quickly to one side, my hands impatiently reaching for the clasp of her bra. My fingers were shaking with anticipation as I tried in vain to release her breasts. “Let me help you” she whispered, as she slipped her bra off and dropped it to the floor. I reached out and cupped her breasts in my hands. I took her hard nipples between my fingers and caressed them gently.

“Rub them a bit harder” she whispered. I slipped my hands down her body and let them settle on her hips. I knelt down in front of her, my face inches from her panty-clad pussy, a wet mark had appeared on the front of her panties. I breathed in the unique musky scent of a woman’s most personal place. I had smelt this aroma second hand from panties but this was different. I laid her down on the bed and gently pulled her panties down her smooth shapely legs. As I gazed down at her pussy, uncertain about my next move she pulled my head down between her legs until my face was pressed into her hot pussy. I had never gone down on a woman before and although I had tasted pussy from the panties I had enjoyed I had never had this pleasure before. I lapped at her pussy, her juices running down my chin. She pulled my face hard against her wet pussy, her hips bucking and grinding against me. I felt her body shaking as she came to her first orgasm. She released my from her hold and guided me up until we were lying face to face. “I just love teaching young virgins,” she said. “Young guys are so receptive and horny at your age.”

“I didn’t know that a woman could taste that good” I said quietly to her. “You mean my pussy?” she asked. “Yes” I answered. “We have plenty of time to explore a whole host of pleasures that our bodies can give,” she said quietly.

I rolled over onto my back, the erotic experience I was living through kept my hard and proudly pointing upwards. Carla knelt between my spread legs. “I just love the staying power of you younger guys,” she said as she gently kissed my wet shiny dome, her hands caressing my balls lovingly.

“I need you in me now!” she said with some urgency. Her hand running up my sides and giving my nipples a gentle squeeze until I felt her wetness brush my cock. Her lips met mine and I could taste my cock on her lips again. Her breasts pushed against my chest as I felt a warm, wet feeling slowly peel the skin of my cock back. It is almost impossible to explain the feeling of a hot, juicy pussy slipping over ones erection for the first time. As I slid deeper into her she started to sigh, her hips started to rotate gently, causing my cock to caress the walls of her pussy. “Fuck me hard” she gasped, “I haven’t had a hard cock for far too long!” She started to buck her hips, thrusting deep in and out of her pussy. A combination of my first time and the experience made me quickly feel my balls contract and I could feel the familiar feeling of my cock twitching as it got ready to squirt its load, only this time into the best receptacle I could imagine. I gasped as I felt my hot load start to deep into her pussy. Carla must have realized that I was about to cum and pushed herself hard against me. My orgasm was so intense that I thought I was about to pass out from the sheer pleasure. As I lay back savoring the moment I felt Carla’s lips gently touch mine, as I parted my lips her tongue slipped through and probed my mouth, a sensual end to my first encounter.

Part 2

Carla and I lay on the bed and just gently rubbed each other’s bodies. A fine layer of sweat coated us both. I finally knew the meaning of the phrase “post coital bliss”! “Lets go down to the pool,” she said as she slowly got up off the bed. I lay back and marveled at her beautiful body. I could see the ropes of cum dripping from her swollen pussy. From my position on the bed I saw her sit down on the toilet. I stood up and walked through to the bathroom. I had always wanted to watch a woman pee. I looked down and saw her golden urine start to seep out of her pussy, her lips fanning it into the bowl. She gently wiped herself and stood up. “Get your trunks on and lets head downstairs to the pool,” she said. I rummaged around in my bag until I found my Speedo. I slipped it on and went in search of Carla. As I walked out the room Carla was walking down the passage wearing a white and blue check bikini, the contrast with her smooth skin made her look even more beautiful. We walked hand in hand down to the pool.

Carla did not even hesitate and simply dived gracefully in. As her head broke the surface I dived in after her. Their pool had a beautiful view over the sea and as I admired the view she walked over to the bar and poured us an icy glass of champagne. “Enjoy this” she said, “let the bubbles caress your mouth.” I sipped the champagne, not my first time but this time it was much, much better.

As we floated in the warm water we heard the sound of a car pulling up into the driveway. “Who’s that?” she said, “I’m not expecting anyone?” As she got out of the pool she slipped a robe on and headed into the house. I heard excited voices in the house and she soon walked out onto the patio with her arms around a beautiful, very pregnant woman. “Meet my baby sister” she said “what a surprise!”

“Hello there” her sister said, “I’m Kiki, pleased to meet you.” I looked up from my vantage point in the pool and looked up at a very sexy, heavily pregnant women. Kiki was dressed in black loose fitting pants with an oversize white shirt that covered her swollen stomach.

“Hello” I answered, reaching up to shake her hand, instead she leant down and kissed me on the cheek, her feminine perfume tingling in my nose. “Go upstairs and put on a suit and join us, the waters great!”

“I think I might just do that,” answered Kiki.

A few minutes later Kiki walked back down on to the patio wearing a light robe. She walked over to the bar and poured herself a Coke Light before joining us at the pool. “I hope you don’t mind but my breasts have grown so much my top won’t fit me.” Kiki said as she slipped the robe over her shoulders. My eyes were out on stalks as I saw her full, large breasts came into view, she had hard small nipples, her white bikini bottoms were stretched tightly over her pussy, with the lips clearly visible. The sight of all this with her full belly was strangely erotic and I felt myself get hard at the sight. I kept close to the wall so that my now hard cock didn’t slip out of the top of my Speedo. “I may as well join you,” said Carla as she peeled the top of her bikini off and tossed it onto the lounger, her breasts hard from the cool water. Kiki dipped into the water and swam across to where Carla and I were standing at the edge of the pool.

“Carla tells me you are staying here to, um “look after” her while Mario is away?” she said. “Yes” I stammered, I just arrived today, not knowing what else to say. “You might just have both of us to look after” she said, “I’m here for the week.” I didn’t know what to say and looked over to Carla for some support, she just winked and nodded. I felt a set of hands start to caress my shoulders and turned to see Kiki smiling broadly, her long fingers rubbing over my smooth skin. “Carla and I are very open about most things” she said, “I hope that I’m not too late to join the fun!” I felt Carla’s hands slip around my chest and then start a path down to my Speedo; her fingers gently lifted the elastic and slipped down to cup my hard cock. “It seems he is ready for us,” said Carla, “Well I’m certainly ready for him!” said Kiki as she slipped her hand around her firm stomach and slipped her hands into her bikini bottom. I saw her hands start to stroke up and down her swollen slit.

She slipped her hands out of her bikini and bent over to slip them down her shapely legs. As she threw her bikini bottom over to the side of the pool I could feel Carla slip my Speedo down my legs and out onto the side. I turned around and took Carla into my arms, out mouths met and our tongues were soon exploring. I saw Kiki move around behind Carla and slip her Bikini off. This allowed my hard cock to nestle gently between her pussy lips. As she thrust against me my cock slipped through her pussy until it lay between her ass cheeks. I felt Kiki’s fingers start to rub my head.

“Put your cock in me” she whispered. I pulled my cock back and guided into her waiting hole. The contrast between the cold water and her hot sheath was awesome. As I gently stroked my cock in and out of her pussy she wrapped her legs around my hips and kissed me deeply. I saw Kiki slowly slip her finger into Carla’s splayed arse. This drove Carla wild and I had a tough job holding on to her, as Kiki and I started to match each other’s strokes Carla started to cry loudly until her body started to shudder to orgasm. Her body was glued to mine as I thrust myself to my third orgasm of the day. I certainly hoped that it would not be the last!

“Lets go upstairs where we can be a little more comfortable.” Said Carla. We all walked to the edge and up the stairs out of the pool, my hands were in front of my hard bulge, and I was starting to feel very self-conscious about my aroused profile. My mind racing, this was a development I had not even contemplated!

The ladies just walked across the patio and made their way into the house. As I walked up the stairs behind them my eye looked longingly over their hot bodies. “I’ll be right with you,” said Kiki as she walked into her room. Carla and I walked straight into the main bedroom. Carla turned and drew me towards her, her lips meeting mine, as her tongue slipped deep into my mouth, she slipped her hands onto my Speedo and started to pull it down over my hard cock. “Hey, wait for me said Kiki, “I brought you a little gift that Carla said you would like.” I ended my hot kiss and turned to see that Kiki had a sexy little turquoise g-string in her hands, her now naked body with her pregnant bulge a truly erotic sight.

“Carla told me you love sexy panties and I thought that you might just like a fresh pair.” I took them from her and could not help myself; I felt the wetness in front of them and then brought them to my nose. I cannot describe the sexy aroma that I smelt that day, her panties were even more fragrant that those of her elder sister. A great blend of pussy juice with a very fine hint of urine. “Well” she said, “does it get your stamp of approval?”

“Yes” I said, “they smell like honey!”

“Well then, get here and taste the source, my husband seems to think I’m sick, not pregnant, no-one has been down on me for months!” Kiki lay back on the bed and spread her legs giving me my first view of her hot pussy. Unlike Carla she had a short, light, downy hair growing over her mound, the edges trimmed neatly. I could see that her lips were swollen and her arousal was obvious from the juices that were oozing out between her lips. I knelt between her legs and breathed in the source of the wonderful aroma I had just experienced. I let my tongue slip into the small indentation at the top of her lips and let the back of my tongue run down her crack. I could feel her very hard clit peeping out from between her lips.

“Yes” she moaned “eat my pussy like you have been eating my sisters!” I felt warm air over my cock and looked down to see that Carla and slipped down under my raised cock and was getting ready to slip my hard cock between her lips. This got me going and my mouth immediately took Kiki’s hard clit and started to gently suck on it, I could feel her start to gyrate her hips, pushing her hot pussy against my mouth, while at the same time my cock was getting sucked by Carla. Carla was caressing my cheeks and I could feel her fingers start to slide down until they rested gently on my bud. Her finger slowly started to slip into my arse. The feeling was not new, my best friend and I had been experimenting with each other for years and we had just recently taken the big step of anal sex.

The feeling of Carla’s hot mouth on my cock and her finger up my arse was driving me wild and I started to eat Kiki’s pussy with wild abandon. Kiki was starting to become very vocal and her wild cries of “eat my pussy” were making it very difficult to stop cumming. As I tried to hold back I felt Kiki’s start to clench her thighs until her pussy was driving hard against my face. “Yes” she cried “I’m cumming!” As I felt her juices start to flood from her pussy I could take no more and started to thrust my cock deep into Carla’s hot mouth, while her finger probed deep inside me. My balls started to burn as I felt my seed start to flood into her waiting mouth. Carla sucked every last drop from me as I started a clean up on Kiki. Kiki wiggled herself up the bed as I rolled away from Carla and lay their totally spent. “Come her big sister” Kiki said, “your pussy needs some attention.

I lay in awe as I saw Carla straddle Kiki’s face while Kiki stated to lap away at her very swollen, bald pussy. Kiki slipped her fingers deep into Carla’s hot pussy as her lips sucked her clit. Carla had her head thrown back in ecstasy while her fingers rubbed her hard nipples. Her cries were a great turn on for me. My exhausted cock was slowly starting to find some life. I looked down and saw that Kiki’s discarded panties were lying next to the bed. I reached down and picked up the damp scrap of satin and lace and brought it to my nose. The scent of her pussy had me quickly hard and I started to slowly rub my cock while my other hand cupped my hard balls. I looked down and saw Kiki’s beautiful swollen pussy, her folds glistening with her pussy juice. I couldn’t resist, after having eaten her pussy I just had to fuck this beautiful woman. I gently raised her hips and slowly let my cock slid into her. The warmth of her pussy seemed to envelope my head, the second time in one day!

Carla was now on her hands and knees and grinding her pussy into Kiki’s face, her cries becoming louder and more frantic. I started to piston my cock in and out of her pussy, my hands under her cheeks. I could feel my balls slapping against her tight arse. I could hear that Carla was close now and with one final cry her body started to shudder to orgasm. Carla lifted her pussy slowly from Kiki’s mouth and rolled over on to the side of the bed. “Fuck Me,” cried Kiki as she started to thrust back. The feeling of her hot pussy enveloping my cock was too much and I soon started to squirt my hot cum deep into her pussy.

I could feel her hard, pregnant tummy pressing firmly against me. My cock started to soften quickly until it slowly slip out of her pussy, my white cum oozing out and down between her lips. I rolled over and lay on the other side, I felt as if I had spent the last 2 days in the gym, my whole body was coated with a fine layer of sweat. I opened my eyes as the bed moved, I saw Carla crawl down the bed and slowly start to clean my cum from her sisters red and swollen pussy. I was so tired and drifted off into a deep contented sleep.

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