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Camping in the Rain

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The thunder cracked loudly, startling me out of the doze that I was just starting to drift off into, and I realized that I probably wasn’t going to get much sleep tonight. I knew that with all the driving, the setting up my tent, meeting all these new people, and the anticipation of the rest of the weekend, it was going to be tough for me to get any good sleep the way it was.

We’d been planning this gathering for months, a group of us from a chat room that I often hung out in, all of us from the same general area of the states, getting together to camp out for the weekend and get to know one another. I thought everyone was straight but me, but I’d gotten a pleasant surprise. Now, nearing midnight of our first night, there was a huge storm brewing outside, and to top it off, I’d been caught quite off guard by the fact that Calinae was a lesbian, and a totally hot butch at that.

“Cori,” I thought to myself. “Her real name is Cori. Cori, Cori, remember to call her that,” I whispered mentally, and nearly jumped a foot straight up when I heard the voice of the woman I’d just been thinking of, and right outside the doorflap of my tent.

“Hey, Azure… I mean, Anya… are you awake?” she whispered. I sat up and reached over to unzip the flap, the wind buffetting the tent like someone was outside shaking it.

“Yeah, Cori, I’m awake. You can’t sleep with the storm either, huh?” I said, and she laughed, her small flashlight casting a pale glow on her face. It caught a glint in her hair, and I noticed what an attractive shade of blonde it was. Gotta quit thinking like that, I thought quickly, as Cori crouched down further so that she could talk to me.

“No, I really can’t, and the lack of an air mattress isn’t helping. I know that this is kinda forward and all, but I… uhm… well… I don’t suppose that there’s room in your tent for me, is there?” Cori asked, with a sheepish smile and a faint blush I thought I could see even in the darkness of the midnight and the storm. “Mine’s not got an air mattress like yours does, and I’m pretty sure the seams are gonna leak when it starts raining. Would you mind?”

“No. I mean, sure, Calinae…Cori… come on in,” I said, wondering what on Earth would possess me to tell her it would be okay. Well, she’d behave, I was sure of that. I could definitely kick her out if things got out of hand, right?

She crawled in carefully, avoiding stepping on me, trying her best not to disturb me any more than necessary. She moved to the back wall of the tent, and laid down, trying to arrange the sleeping bag that she’d brought in with her so that she wouldn’t get in my way. We both lay down, and stared up at the ceiling of the tent for a few minutes, and then laughed when we both said, “So…” at the same instant.

“Go ahead,” she said, “Ladies first,” and turned on her side to look at me with a smile. I rolled over on my side, as well, and asked her about herself, figuring that if we were gonna share a tent, we might as well get to know a little bit about one another.

We talked easily with one another for a long while, and I was amazed to realize that I didn’t even notice time passing while we were chatting. We talked about ourselves, our jobs, the chat room, and various other things that came to mind. But eventually, it began to rain outside – and rain hard. We realized that any more talk would end up being shouts, because the sound of the rain on the nylon of my tent was nearly deafening, so we finally just gave up and waved a friendly goodnight.

I turned over, away from her, and lay there thinking how nice Cori was, and how I wouldn’t really mind much if she was a little closer to me, but knowing that we’d just met, and it would probably be too much to think about that sort of thing happening. I mean, I’m not the sort to DO that sort of thing. But as if she’d read my mind, I felt the air mattress rock a little, and realized that she was now laying just behind me, close.

“Do you mind?” I heard her say in my ear, and the sound of her voice so close sent a chill through me. The caress of her words across my face, the gentle vibration of the depth of her voice.

“No,” I said, quietly, and tried to relax, while a part of my brain was screaming what are you doing?! As I lay there, listening to the sound of the rain, wondering what would happen, there was a sudden flash and a deafening crack of thunder right on its heels, a close bolt of lightning that made me jump. Suddenly, her arm was across me, around me, and her mouth was near my ear again… “It’s alright, I’ve got you,” she said.

I gave up trying to pretend that nothing was going on, and leaned back a little, into her, and as I did, it became quite clear that she was feeling more than a little friendly… besides the feel of her rock-hard nipples, she was packing, to my surprise, and pressing against the back of my legs where I rested against her. As I leaned back more, she pulled away a bit, and whispered an apology.

“I’m sorry, it’s just that you’re so close to me, and I find you extremely attractive,” she began, “so please don’t be upset. I’m sorry,” she started again, and I turned slightly, to find her face close to mine, her eyes downcast, nearly closed. I watched her lips, so gentle as they began to form another apology, and stopped it the best way I knew how – by kissing her.

There was a moment’s hesitation as she was shocked by what I’d done, then a sharp intake of breath as she accepted my kiss, returning it now with feeling. Soon I found myself still kissing her, now rolling more onto my back so that she was above me, her lips on mine, her arm now caressing my side and coming up to tangle loosely in my hair.

“Oh, wow,” she said, when we finally broke apart, and I smiled.

“Yeah,” I said, and then she was kissing me again, but I knew this time it wasn’t going to be a simple kiss… this time it was going to be something more. She slowly moved her mouth away from mine, to kiss along my jawline, and down along my neck, making me shiver as she did. Her lips found my ear, and she gently took my earlobe between her teeth, nibbling, pulling, licking there until I was breathing in gasps.

I pushed my sleeping bag away with my feet, inviting her to join me underneath it, and she crawled up until her knees were on either side of my legs, her hands next to my head, her blonde hair hanging down to lightly brush my face. She looked into my eyes, and she smiled, then brought her lips down to mine once again. I reached up to take her head in my hands, and she brought her own hands up now, to catch mine, then brought both of my arms up over my head, pinning my wrists with one of her larger, stronger hands.

“Allow me, Lady Azure,” she said, and used her other hand to slide my t-shirt up until my stomach was exposed to the lightly cool night air. I could feel my nipples harden in the chill, and could feel my back arch as her mouth came down to plant small kisses here and there on my exposed skin. Her hand wandered up inside my shirt, along my side and up over my breast, the palm of her hand just grazing my sensitive flesh, and I sucked in a quick breath as she touched me.

Her lips soon followed the trail of her hand, and I let my head fall back and my eyes close as her lips and tongue found first one tit, and then the other, her teeth grazing me lightly, her tongue dancing maddening little flickers of fire across my chest and belly. Her free hand wandered down to my leg, starting at my knee, then coming up to caress my thigh, my hip, then sliding under to cup my ass and gently squeeze there as her mouth came up to meet mine once again.

I sat up long enough to pull off my shirt, and she did the same, and as her tits came into view, I began to kiss her as she’d done me, first on her neck, then down to her chest, her stomach, while she towered above me, her hands full of my hair and her eyes closed.

I brought my face up again, and she leaned down to kiss me, and gently laid me back down. Her hand wandered down again, but this time came up the inside of my leg, until she was cupping the crotch of my shorts, which I knew had to be soaked from my arousal. She pressed her hand tightly there, and I found myself moving against her as she did so, her fingers moving to delve deeper. Soon she slid her hand around the leg of my shorts, and her fingers found the edge of my panties, tracing along them, making me twitch. She smiled, then slowly reached down to help me remove my shorts.

I slid them off and lay back again, wondering what she would do now, and she surprised me by moving down the the far reaches of the tent, down near my feet. Ever so slowly, she began to kiss, lick, and nibble her way from my ankles to my knees, going from one leg to the other, spreading me open as she went. When her mouth reached my inner thighs, I was open to her, but she had yet to touch or even look up at my pussy, as if it weren’t even there. I was going crazy wanting her to touch me, to taste me, to do anything to relieve the tension, and I wasn’t long in waiting. Before I knew it, she gently slipped an arm beneath each of my legs, bringing my knees up and spreading them open, and lowered her face down, kissing the crease where my leg and body joined, then sliding over until her tongue finally came out and brushed across my clit. I let out an involuntary moan, then clapped a hand over my mouth, hoping that no one else heard me.

“I think the rain has ya covered, beautiful,” Cori said, and before I could reply, her mouth was at work again, and I was lost. Her tongue and lips tasted and teased me, bringing the wetness there up to smear it across my clit, and I found my hips moving, trying to get more of her, trying to spread my legs wider and wider, wanting her. She brought her mouth tight down against my pussy, sucking me, licking me, and soon I knew that I was going to come. I continued to move against her face, grabbing for my pillow with one hand and resting the other in her hair, trying with all I had not to ball my fist up in either one.

“Yes,” I whispered, hoping that she could hear me over the rain, “like that. There, Cori… there, yes,” I said, and she seemed to hear me, focusing on the spot that was perfect, until my hips were moving more and more, and my eyes closed in ecstacy as my orgasm overwhelmed me. I could feel my wetness and the heat of her breath as she moved with me, waiting until I brought my legs together some, signalling her to please slow down, let me catch my breath, wanting her to come up where I could see her, wanting to have my chance to taste her.

She kneeled beside me, hesitant to take down her shorts, but I reached out and began to slide them down her legs, freeing her ‘cock’ to the air. I looked up at her, not sure whether she would like for me to take it in my hand, take it in my mouth, or what, but she leaned toward me and removed all doubt as she took my head in her hands and I heard her whisper, “Suck me.” I let my tongue come out and slide along the length of it, and she moaned, her eyes half-closed, then she leaned over slightly sideways in the narrow confines of the tent, and her fingers slid solidly into my pussy as I performed a symbolic blow job on her. My own hand went up to lightly pinch her nipple, and I heard her whisper, “Harder,” and I obliged, twisting the flesh beneath my fingers until she was panting and moaning in words that weren’t even words.

We went on this way for awhile, until I could feel myself shuddering against her probing fingers, my cunt grinding down on her wrist and my mouth no longer able to do anything but cry out for her to not stop, please, don’t stop. Eventually, she lay me back again, and moved between my legs, gently guiding her dick inside me, slowly, teasing and moving until she was deep inside me, then she stopped. She leaned down to kiss me, and as she did, she began to move, sliding out nearly all the way, then slipping back in. I brought my legs up around her, my hands on her head, then down on her back, as I moved against her, wanting more and more of her inside me.

Suddenly, she lay down, somewhat on top of me, and reached down to cup my ass with her hands, then before I knew what was happening, she was rolling over, and I found myself on top of her, astride her, with her deeply inside me.

“You take control,” she said, and smiled. “Show me how you like it.”

I leaned down to place my hands on either side of her head, kissing her, then began to move my hips, bringing them up, then back down, riding her gently at first, then more forcefully as we both began to get more and more excited. Her hands found my waist, and soon she was helping me, moving me as she wanted, as I wanted, my movements grinding the base of her strap-on cock against her clit, making her just as hot as I was. I knew I was getting close to another orgasm, and I leaned back, nearly upright, and her hands found my breasts, her fingers gently pinching my nipples, the pleasure radiating straight down between my legs where her body met mine. Before long, I closed my eyes, allowing the feelings to take over, and my orgasm hit, my pussy clenching down as I continued to ride her, sliding up and down. Just as my trembling began to stop and I began to open my eyes, her hands tightened on my waist, and with a few short strokes, her hips came up hard against me, and she gasped, and I knew she was coming, too. I reached back behind me, slipping two fingers past the harness and into her cunt as she did, and an involuntary cry came from her lips, drowned out by another clap of thunder that happened at that exact instant.

As her tremors subsided, I slowed my movements, until I was sitting astride her, and waited until her eyes opened and she smiled. I lay down on her chest, a final kiss to her nipples drawing a moan from her, then I slid off to the side until I was laying next to her, her arm around me.

“Wow,” was all she could say, her breath still coming in gasps.

“Yeah,” I said, with a smile. It was going to be a VERY good weekend, indeed.

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