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Broke to Ride Filly, Cheap

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Show horses are sports cars. They’re fast, smooth, sleek, and attract like kind in owners, trainers, and dealers. As the most popular of these steeds hail from the strong sons and daughters of a Central and South-American breed, most of these trainers, owners, and human accomplices are fine, muscular, dark-skinned Latino men who know how to move, in the saddle, on the dance floor, and even in the sheets.

One night, I’d just gotten finished with work. I’d ridden and shown about five horses for my boss, and we were getting ready to close our stalls down, tuck the horses in, and then head back to our hotel. After that, we were to be lookin’ for a good time. I was celebrating my “just now legal” phase with liquor, boys, and the unbridled carefree spirit of a wild filly not yet harnessed and tamed.

Apparently, the two fine-assed trainers across the aisle from us were looking for some trouble too, because they approached us and the four of us started making some small-talk.

Julio was a shorter, compacted fellow with huge, brawny shoulders and arms, a buzz-cut, and a little smooth brown apple bottom under those low-belted, slightly-baggy jeans and an impeccably-clean white wife-beater. Just one gold chain, just one large diamond earring.

Raul was a tall, athletic, much darker-skinned stud who was still in his horse-show attire- crisp black tuxedo pants, a tailored white button-down shirt, and he’d unbuttoned it part of the way down for a good shot of that smooth, hard, milk-chocolate chest.

And then there were we two femmes. Melanie was a tallish bottle blonde with a heart-shaped ass, soft, tanned skin, big round tits pushed up just right, and she wore those form-fitting baby-doll tees that accentuated her figure just right. Always had a fine taste for jewelry, cars, horses, and of course, slave labor.

Speaking of, I was a tallish, lanky sort of teen, just eighteen, in fact, with long, milky-white legs, a tiny waist, and had long, curly red hair all the way down past my ass- when my boss didn’t order that I keep it all wadded up in a clip at the back of my head. She didn’t like people looking at me while I worked her horses… if I got too distracted, she’d come chew my ass out.

But anyway, there we all were in the hall of the barn, and it was Julio who suggested that we hook up and go out later to get a couple drinks, go dancing, stuff like that. We parted ways, and then met at this restaurant downtown- I think it was Chico’s or something, but immediately, the margaritas started flowing, the music was thumping, and before long, we were all out on the floor, us ladies grinding our cute little asses into those eager Colombian studs, their slim brown fingers clutching our hips and pulling us close, their pelvises moving in perfect sync with us. But then, we were all equestrians- of course we knew how to hang on for a ride like that.

We started getting a little tipsy, and soon Melanie’s spaghetti-straps started intermittently slipping down her arm- at first she’d giggle and hitch them up, but then they just kind of hung there. She hadn’t allowed me to wear anything as sexy as her tight top and leather skirt, so I had on a pair of form-fitting black leather pants and some black platform strappy sandals, and a halter-top.

Every time Raul’s fingers brushed my arms, or my shoulders, or my back when we danced, I got goosebumps. He grinned a few times, and remarked that for someone so hot-blooded, I was one chilly chica. I giggled shyly each time and simply explained that I was a one-owner vehicle with low mileage. His english not being so proficient yet, he had to ask Julio. Julio’s eyes widened and he said something back… then they both grinned right at me. Melanie raised a tattooed eybrow… not really happy that she’d been left out of this much of a conversation concerning her “barn help”.

We decided to call it a night by going back to the hotel room these guys shared. We were sitting there sipping cheap wine and watching Showgirls or something on late-night TV when the guys started in phase two of their plan.

Raul and Julio had been flirting with me and Melanie all night long, but now, instead of just sitting propped up on the bed shoulder-to-shoulder, Raul’s arm was around me, and his hand began tracing titillating little circles and patterns on my bare shoulder. I glanced nervously over at Melanie, and saw, to my astonishment, that she was quite farther ahead in the game than I was- there she was in a steamy embrace with Julio, the muted grunts and slurps of their kissing now quite audible over the low-volume of the TV. It was hard to tell where his arms began and hers ended, they were together so tightly.

I felt Raul’s arms close around my waist then, and he pulled me closer. “Just relax,” he whispered, “Loosen up a little- we can have some fun.”

I was kind of stiff at first, but as I felt his hands start teasing my back, those goosebumps came back. The scent of his cologne, the feeling of his hard chest right up against mine, the fact that we were on a bed together… it finally got the best of me. I leaned into his kiss and closed my eyes. It was sweet and soft for a moment, then slyly, I felt his tongue slide across my lips and gently request entry to my bubble-gum lipglossed mouth. I gasped, but accepted his probing tongue inside and began to play with it a little, sliding my own along it, fighting it playfully back and forth, and it was then I realized that his hand had untied my halter top and it had fallen away to reveal my hard little C-cup tits. To my embarassment, my nipples were so rock-hard, I could probably have cut glass with them. He smiled, trailed kisses from my mouth down my jaw to my neck, and his thumb brushed against a hard, dark pink nipple. I gasped and arched my back- and this seemed to be just what he was looking for. His tongue had been lazily circling the hollow of my collarbone, but it immediately dove in for the kill, straight to my nipple.

“Oooh,” I gasped as I felt his hot tongue circle my areola, his hand tugging my top lower until it sat around my waist, and his other hand reached for my hairclip.

“Baby-girl got looong hair,” he chuckled softly, his breath almost stinging the wet, hard pebble his tongue circled… and finally, his teeth grazed it. I thought I was going to come right out of my skin! I’d never felt anything like that before… hell, you know what teenager sex is- groping and grinding and then it’s done? I’d never had anybody spend any time actually paying attention to my body like it was.. in fact.. a body worth paying attention to!

“OhMYGOD!” I moaned as he divided his tongue and time between my breasts, his hands getting all tangled up in my long red hair- I know it was my own hair, but when his hands roved my back possessively, it felt so sexy and soft brushing my skin like that.

I glanced over at Melanie and Julio, and she was already halfway out of her pants, her shirt long gone, and I could see her bright blonde head bobbing in his lap- he was reclined on the bed moaning. This only fueled my desire to do the same thing to Raul, even though I hadn’t given many blowjobs before.

Raul was deftly unzipping my leather pants, and those brown fingers were sliding them right past my lacy blue bikini panties, my hips, down my long ivory legs, and right off my pink-painted toes and on the floor. There I lay with a strange man in nothing but my panties, and I didn’t even feel weird about it- it was so exciting, so daring, to know I was doing something my parents would absolutely DIE over if they ever found out.

“What are you doing?” Melanie’s voice suddenly cut into my fantasy.

“Uh… what’s it look like?” I replied, not as polite as I should have been.

She wiped her mouth and turned around to look at me sternly. She jabbed a long fingernail at me. “You tear his clothes off and fuck him good- what’s wrong with you? You got fine dick right there ON you, and you’re wasting it! Go on- I want to see you suck him off.. do it..” she commanded. Julio raised up behind her and was circling her breasts with his hands, keeping her nipples hard, and I saw him slip a hand down to her perfectly-shaved tan-lined pussy. This was so… erotic.. to be cliche. I mean- I’d watched and masturbated to porn, but here I was IN a porno, almost. Just no camera. This was one of those crazy situations where I could be young, sexy, and have some wildly hot sex with strange handsome men- and a pretty hot, if bitchy- blonde woman.. and what happened in the Hilton stayed in the Hilton.

You bet your ass I got Raul out of those jeans and whipped that long, thick, mahogany monster out. I stroked it for a moment, just getting used to the feeling of that hard, smooth sword of flesh… and wondering how any of it was going to fit into any hole I had. Finally, I felt his encouraging hands gently in my hair, lowering my face to it.

The moment my lips touched that thick plum head, he sighed and leaned back. It was all the encouragement I needed. I slowly fed myself that big, hard cock, bobbing up and down occasionally to get it slick with my spit, and I even tasted the length of it, running my tongue all the way up from his sack up to the sensitive spot just under his head. He groaned, and I felt his fist clench a wad of my long red hair up as he tensed. Soon, my face was sliding up and down that big slick pole of his with a little help from one of his hands in my hair, the other around mine, which was around the base of it holding it upright- as though it needed that.

“Yeah, girl! That’s it, you suck him off like that!” Melanie’s voice made me start, and, not leaving Raul’s cock, I wiggled my ass around so that I could stare at her in disbelief from beneath the ginger fringe of my bangs. Julio’s head was buried in her crotch, and I could hear greedy slurping sounds as he nuzzled and rutted around her sex with his tongue. His glance caught me, and I hastily went back to my job, but in a moment, I felt bridle-toughened brown hands seize the waistband of my panties. With a muted squeak of surprise, I raised up off that Raul’s cock and tried to spin around, but Raul’s hands held me fast, gently urging me to come back to my salacious savoring of his slobbery shaft.

“Re-laaaax,” Melanie droned now facing us, her legs spread so that we could see her flushed, moist pussy- and I didn’t know she had a tattoo… “Don’t tell me you’ve never been eaten before,” she laughed meanly, running a finger over her slit, as though to keep herself aroused enough.

With another small yelp, I felt Julio’s hands slide my panties right down my legs and off into the floor. Nervously, my quivering hands began to stroke and caress Raoul’s erection, and I never thought it possible to clench my thighs together so tightly. It didn’t do any good, because in a matter of seconds, Julio’s hands spread out and caressed my tight little ass-cheeks, hardened from hours in the saddle, and then he slid his fingers in between my legs to try to prise my thighs apart.

“This filly- she gonna be tough to break!” Julio laughed as he began to kiss my thighs, caressing them with just his fingertips until my legs began to quiver and goosebumps broke out all over my body. By then, my mouth was back on Raul’s cock, and the low moan in my throat vibrated along his length so that he bucked suddenly, forcing his big slab right into my tonsils. I almost gagged, but took it in the next time like a pro, until I could feel him in my throat.

“Relax, chica,” he whispered, gently smoothing my hair as his other hand bobbed me up and down, my tongue flicking zigzags all along that huge rod. Julio was nibbling and licking along my thighs, and to my surprise, he wrested them open much more easily with my guard down than he could have previously. Oh, make no mistake- with his brawny torso, he could easily have ripped me open and taken what he wanted… but oh, god- the spell he was weaving with those fingertips- I knew mane-combing would come in handy for those boys- when his tongue found my little warm slit, I gasped and groaned, and to my utmost shame, I ground my hips right back against his tongue while I almost swallowed Raul’s dick whole!

“Yeah, that’s hot,” Melanie’s voice encouraged again, only this time, something was different about it… it was husky, thick, low. The rich quality of it was appealing, and when I looked at her questioningly, she’d reclined back to rub herself with one hand, the other slowly circling her breasts. Was she getting off to watching me? Somehow *that* was the encouragement I needed. I arched my back so that my pussy jutted out at the right angle for Julio’s tongue to slather it, then flick it teasingly before stiffening to plunge inside. My moans and slurps were more audible, and I’d begun to suck just as fast as Raul was now pumping into my skull. I was so aroused- this was way different than sixty-nine. I felt my clit throb and my pussy clench and suddenly, Melanie stood and approached us.

“Gimme your cock,” she said to Julio as she slithered onto the bed with all of us. When Julio twisted so that his semi-erect penis was fully available to Melanie, she didn’t take it right away. She ran a hand down my spine and gave my ass a smack as though I were a horse she’d try out. “Cute little thing- I want you to try that when you’re done sucking Raul,” she breathed in my ear.

… What?!

But I didn’t have time to think about anything else. “I’m coming!” Raul groaned, and I felt a hot gush in the back of my throat. I swallowed, but it kept coming until it dribbled out of my mouth and down my chin, soaking his balls. His cock twitched as he bucked into my face, and I tried to lap it all up, but I was coming, too- Julio had inserted two fingers into my slippery little cunt and pressed upward- the stars I saw were from his hitting my G-spot, and I suddenly didn’t care if I was dripping in come at both ends- mine on one, Raul’s on the other. I was moaning as loudly as Raul was, and driven farther by the sight of Melanie licking up and down Julio’s cock while stroking herself.

“I-I’m sorry I didn’t get it all,” I stammered, wiping my chin, but Melanie stopped me with a flattened hand, raising up off of Julio’s meat suddenly.

“Shh-” she silenced me with a simple command, but she went farther than that. Abruptly, she grabbed me by the hair of the head, and pulled me into an eye-widening kiss, her tongue darting possessively into my surprised, slack-jawed, slimed mouth with an authority only she could command. She kissed me ferociously for a second, and then her tongue lapped at my chin, then Raul’s semi-soft and his balls, cleaning us all up neatly, before sucking Julio off all the way.

“Now. About that pussy,” she said, pushing Julio out of the way, and shoving me now onto my back. With a low moan I thought odd, as she hadn’t even touched me yet, I looked confusedly up. Julio had entered her from behind, and his dark hands were silhouettes gripping Melanie’s curvy pale ass as he stroked in and out of her slowly, deliberately saving himself for a hard, fast ride later.

“Oh, god,” she groaned, pushing herself back into him before diving right into my pussy with her tongue, her fingernails splitting my smooth lips so that she could greedily nibble my clit, then lash my whole gash with her tongue as though punishing it. “That’s sweet…” she sighed, and buried her face in it, sucking and licking and making a meal of my re-awakening center.

“Raul, come take this pussy, put your big cock in it shred that bitch to pieces,” Melanie directed as my seemingly assigned lover willingly acquiesced, his cock stiffening as he moved his bulk over me to take me.

“It’s ok,” he whispered in my ear as his long brown fingers ghosted over my tender nipple, grazed down my side, and teased the smooth inner skin of my thigh before reaching for his prick to guide it between my legs and into my too-small tunnel. “It won’t hurt. I make you feel real good, chica,” he gently lipped my neck before taking a fold of skin into his teeth and sucking until I moaned. At that exact instant, I felt the smooth, huge tip of his cock push against my folds, parting them until just the head was inside… and seemed as though it could go no farther.

“It’s too big,” I whispered, struggling to sit up, but I couldn’t. He had me pinned. I began to panic, but Melanie was obviously enjoing the fucking she was getting… what was wrong with me?

“Shh, shh.. here, let me help,” Raul offered quietly and I felt his thumb ease down over my clit until it stiffened, emerging from it’s hood to arch to him. A squeak caught in my throat as he rubbed it in a circle, and then his forefingers delved deeper into my petals of flesh and began jacking it off like a little dick.

“God! Oh, god!” I made little mewling sounds of hungry lust and then, before I knew it, his prick was sliding deeper and deeper into my tight, damp, velvet grip, stretching it farther than I’d ever thought possible. When he eased it in all the way, so that his balls rested against my ass, he withdrew it slowly, repeating this several times, all the while still making a quivering, feverish slave of my tortured little clit with his thumb and fingers. The feeling of raw invasion, of Raul’s completely unprotected staff invading my most intimate embrace I thought would frighten me, but the delicious thrill of doing something so savagely wrong made my toes curl, and I began to rock back against him, finding a slow rhythm I could move with. It was like dancing, or riding a well-gaited horse… yet nothing like anything.

I loved to feel the strength of Raul’s body lift and lower, to pump slowly and deliberately, patiently out of my gash, that I begged him to go faster, harder. Soon, he was thrusting into me, riding me so hard that with each pulsing stroke, he was driving me farther and farther up the bed, making my little titties bounce with each thrust. “Yeah, fuck my pussy good, tear that shit up,” I snarled at him through gritted teeth, enjoying the way the flare of his head, the veins and ridges of his shaft abraded perfectly the contours of my dripping silk insides. Before long, my own come was gushing out, just like it’s mouth was full, and spilling down my ass onto the bed in a pool beneath me. With each stroke, Raul’s balls slapped wetly against my asshole, sending a thrill of sensation up my spine.

“Do you want me to fuck your ass?” he asked suddenly, slowing down.

“Do it! He’ll go slow-” Melanie suddenly said from underneath Julio. “Julio- pin her down- stuff your cock in her mouth to shut her up!” she dictated, and obediently, Julio dismounted catching my arms and shoulders before I could even think about moving. Melanie rolled a pillow up to tilt my head backward, and pinched my nose- Julio’s cock wasn’t nearly so big as Raul’s, but it still filled my mouth… and tasted of Melanie’s sweet, sticky sex. Experimentally, I lapped up some of the pearls that still clung to Julio’s shaft, enjoying the taste, and an idea came to me- I made guttral sounds of emphatic urgence, and Julio withdrew himself.

“You ok?” he asked, worried. Everyone stopped.

“Let me eat your pussy,” I begged Melanie breathlessly. “I love how you taste… he can fuck my ass while I eat your pussy.”

With a nod, Melanie’s thighs were soon on either side of my head, and for a moment, I just spread wide her smooth folds and peered curiously at her sex. I’d never seen someone else’s vulva so closely before. It smelled musky and sweet, and the lips were flushed hot and red, swollen with her arousal and the beating Julio’s cock had given them, plunging in and out of her chasm. I closed my eyes and slid my tongue from her asshole all the way up to her clit in one long, slow taste as Raul’s saliva met and slid down my ass crack. With his finger, he circled my puckered little hole, then gently inserted one finger. My ass fluttered against the new feeling of something entering it, but I didn’t stop my exploration of the female anatomy, one taste at a time. When Raul had two fingers in, my muscles had relaxed, and I felt my ass soften and gape. Then, I felt his smooth, wet cock nudge against it, press harder, and I groaned into Melanie’s quivering snatch as Raul drove his nail right into my ass, taking my anal virginity. Nothing had ever felt so good. The feeling of his dick getting buried deeper and deeper into my ass, an act so profane they even wrote about it in the bible and outlawed it in several states, made my whole body tense and spasm, and I had to come up for air. I could only whimper against Melanie’s dripping cunt, so she ground her pussy down onto my face, muting my cries in her tasty sex.

Raul thrust his hips into mine, then withdrew, shallowly fucking his stick in and out of my hole and then, when he felt me relax fully, he drew back and slammed his meat all the way up my ass until his balls jarred my clit to life. “GOD!” I shrieked, coming out from under Melanie, up off the bed, my ass clenching around his cock and spasming in one gushing orgasm, “FUCK me! Fuck my ass!” I cried, and lifted my legs up so that I could hold the backs of my knees myself as Raul began to plummet down, deep into my guts, savagely rip himself from me, crash into my ass again, and repeat over and over until we were rocking and bucking and thrashing wildly, Melanie and Julio forgotten, until we reached climax together, my ass milking his creamy stream of cum right out of him with such a force I could feel it slosh my insides, coating them down. When he collapsed on me, he softened, withdrawing from my gaping hole, and his silky white seed spilled from my slowly re-grouping ass. Beside me, Melanie and Julio lay, equally tousled and spent.

We spent the rest of the night fucking each other in different positions, my experimentally licking and sucking each of them, and the night ended with a crash and a bang for me, as I sat astride Raul, his cock buried deep in my pussy, as Julio slid his rod into my bored-out, puffy asshole, and together they punched and jabbed and poked, their cocks fighting through my body, until both of them came and Melanie cleaned us all off while I finger and tongue-fucked her.

The next day, we all four got lower places in our classes than expected. That’s ok, the night before and morning of, we had all fucked like champions, each getting our own sweet rewards!

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