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Brit & Lori Meet The Landlady Ch. 01

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Brittany and Lori had a relationship many couples would be envious of. They enjoyed each others’ company very much, having known each other since high school. They were close friends, closer than many knew. They were openly bisexual, yet their true sexual energies were devoted only to each other.

They had been having sex with each other for years, since Lori made the first move during a slumber party in their senior year. They were 18 then, and each had licked the others pussy with the fervor and experience of a woman who had been going down on other women for years. Now each being 22 and fresh out of college, the girls were looking to move in together in an apartment outside of Boston.

The major question while searching for an apartment surrounded their sleeping arrangements. Even though they were openly bi, they were apprehensive about letting those outside their social circle, i.e. prospective landlords, know about their relationship.

Then they met Melissa.

Melissa was 34 years old and owned a small apartment complex in Malden, a city about 10 minutes north of Boston. She had been looking to rent out the second floor apartment for a few months; her previous tenants weren’t her type of people and had left the apartment in a rush.

After looking through the local papers for weeks, Brittany had found Melissa’s ad for renters.

“Hey Lori, take a look at this ad.”

Her friend walked over to her sweetheart, put her arm around her shoulders and peered at the ad.

“Small one bedroom apartment overlooking the Boston skyline… utilities included… apartment is on the second floor… full washer/dryer in basement…. has fresh paint and carpeting… call Melissa if interested, 781-555-1234.”

Lori was jumping up and down while reading the ad, her boobs bouncing under her tight tank top. This did not go unnoticed by Brittany. Even though her pussy was beginning to dampen at the sight of her girlfriends’ boobs doing cartwheels, the brunette, Brittany, had to put her hands on the blonde, Lori, to calm her down.

“Settle down sweetie, this could be too good to be true. Let’s call her and see what’s up,” Brit said, picking up the cordless phone and dialing Melissa’s number.

“Hello?” the voice on the other end said after she picked up the phone. She had a sexy voice, Brittany thought.

“Hi, I’m looking for Melissa. I’m calling about the ad in the paper for the apartment.”

“This is Melissa speaking, I have yet to rent out the apartment, if you’d like to come and see it, you can come over any time,” Melissa said to Brittany, noticing that Brittany had a cute voice, as well. “Do you have the address?”

“Yes I do, we’ll be over in a half hour,” said Brittany, who had hung up before grabbing Lori’s hand to run out the door. But the other girl stopped quickly, nearly wrenching the girl’s shoulder out of joint. She pulled Brittany close to her and started to kiss her passionately, slipping her tongue into the brunette’s mouth while running her hands down Brittany’s back.

Brittany let out a slight moan as she tasted the love in Lori’s kiss. Even though she enjoyed kissing her best friend, she still was the one with her head squarely on her shoulders. She regretted leaving a pair of lips that tasted so much like honey, but an appointment awaited.

“Baby, there will be plenty of time for that later. We have to make this appointment! We don’t want to show a landlady that we are irresponsible and never on time! Come on, let’s go!”

Lori pouted slightly, letting her lower lip stick out in the way she usually does in order to get her way. But for the first time, Brittany wasn’t relenting.

“No! We can’t hunnie, we have to get there on time!”

“Well, can I get something to keep me horny?” Lori asked, ever the sly one.

For some reason, Brittany’s resolve weakened, but not by much.

“Well, okay. I guess I can give you something to think of to keep that pussy wet. What would you like?”

Lori didn’t need much time to think about this. “I want you to pull your sweatpants down and show me your ass!” she said, a look of lust in her eyes that Brittany could never deny.

The brunette sighed before turning around. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her sweats and pulled them down, showing a black thong as well as her perfect ass.

Lori could feel her little pussy start to tighten. She was becoming aroused watching her friend put her sexy ass on display. She had dreamed of that ass in different situations and had spanked it in reality. She had reached out to touch it, but Brittany was looking over her shoulder and pulled away before the hand could touch flesh.

“Nooooo! Not now!” the brunette scolded as she pulled the sweats up. “Now lets get in the car and go to Malden.”

Brittany was glad Lori was driving, because she didn’t think she would have been able to keep her resolve if it were the other way around. Lori was the hornier and more sexually daring of the pair, and the threat of a traffic ticket for reckless driving couldn’t keep the blonde from making passes at the brunette if Brittany was behind the wheel. Britt’s thoughts drifted while in the car; thinking back to the night before, Lori’s hair in a pony tail as she licked the brunette’s pussy in this very car. Having sex at either of their parents houses could be accomplished if either of the girls were quiet. But neither Brittany or Lori were exactly church mice when it came to sex: each were known to get very vocal during any type of sexual activity.

Brittany let out what she thought was an inaudible sigh as she remembered the previous evening. Lori was concentrating on the road and didn’t seem to hear her.

The two girls arrived at Melissa’s about 20 minutes later. Melissa answered the door and startled the girls: they were stunned to see that their future landlady was not what they expected. She had a very nice body that they presumed was kept in shape with either a long hard workout or a lot of hot sex!

Brittany, as the person who initiated the phone call, extended her hand to Melissa. “Hi Melissa, I’m Brittany Powers, we spoke on the phone a little while ago.”

Melissa shook the brunette’s hand and invited the pair into the first floor apartment.

After closing the door, the older woman walked behind the duo, watching them closely. Melissa had several encounters with members of the same sex and couldn’t help but admit that the two young women in her apartment were absolutely beautiful. She was looking at Lori’s ass, wondering what was underneath the blonde’s jeans.

Lori noticed the roaming eyes of Melissa. She filed that away for later and wanted to make sure she was sure of anything before she told Brittany.

Melissa offered the girls sodas before she invited them to sit down.

It was difficult for Melissa; she could feel her pussy become aroused as she looked at the two women. She had had a great deal of sex recently, and there were never a shortage of beautiful women to have sex with in the Boston area. But here were two sexy women who were looking to live in the apartment above her, both of whom seemed like they oozed sexuality and sensuality.

Brittany and Lori gave the older woman a once over. Melissa was wearing jeans as well as a button down shirt. They had already determined she had a body to die for. Her dirty blonde hair was tied in a pony tail, showing plenty of neck, a weakness of Brittany’s. Her eyes were starting to glaze over as she as looking at her.

“Well, I guess I should show you the apartment, that’s why you’re here,” Melissa said, breaking the beginnings of sexual tension in the room. The woman grabbed the keys to the apartment and led the two younger women up the stairs to the second floor apartment.

Both Brittany and Lori were looking right at Melissa’s ass as they walked up the stairs. The two looked briefly at each other and smiled: they liked what they saw. As they entered the apartment, Lori entered first, followed by her girlfriend. Melissa had the chance to check out the one with the sexy voice.

She was not disappointed. Looking at the sweatpants, she detected a heart-shaped ass that she was sure would feel good in her hands. Breaking eye contact with the young woman’s posterior, she moved ahead and showed the girls the apartment. She didn’t know if the two were taking the apartment together; if so, she was sure it would be interesting living underneath two nymphs such as these. But if it was just Brittany moving in, she wouldn’t have a problem with that. Her future night time fantasies were slowly forming in her head.

After asking them if they liked it, they agreed it was a nice place and decided to take the apartment.

“Now who will be moving in?” Melissa asked.

“Both of us,” Lori and Brittany chorused together.

It was like all of Melissa’s dreams were coming true in the form of the two beauties. She tried to veil her excitement, but wasn’t doing a good job of it.

“Are you girls lesbians or are you bi?” Melissa queried, almost hoping she hadn’t asked that. It was a question which was basically a no no when it came to interviewing possible tenants.

But the answer was not what she expected.

“Yeah, we are bi,” Brittany said. “That isn’t a problem, I hope?”

Melissa was caught in her thoughts, imagining being entwined between these two sexy women when she shook her head. “No, no problem at all. In fact,” Melissa began, a smirk beginning to show upon her face, “I have been with several women in my time.”

The conversation became a little more relaxed after those revelations.

After signing the lease and enjoying some small talk, it was time for the girls to start packing. They left Melissa’s with a pair of keys to the apartment and walked out hand-in-hand. Turning to Melissa, they waved before getting into the car. As the two drove away, Melissa’s knees gave way and she rushed into her apartment, drawing the blinds and running into her bedroom.

She quickly took her clothes off and got into bed, her naked body shaking with anticipation. She needed relief from the stimulation the girls gave her. She grabbed a vibrator from the nightstand and turned it on, not bothering to put it on her clit. She shoved it inside her pussy, fucking herself with the toy. She needed to cum hard, as the way the girls had looked at her was exciting.

She thought of the two girls, naked and laying next to her, each with a nipple clamped in their mouths. In her dream they were fingering her pussy with reckless abandon. Her pussy was slick with cum, making it easier for the vibrator to slide in and out. Melissa then thought of the two girls doing naughty things to her body; she pictured Lori between her legs, her blonde hair splayed over her thighs while her tongue was dancing inside her pussy, and she visualized the brunette, the sexy Brittany, riding her new landlady’s tongue, wiggling her hips over the organ. Brittany’s pussy tasted like it was right there, but Melissa knew it was a dream.

That didn’t stop her from sticking her tongue out as if licking the girl. Melissa couldn’t know the dream wasn’t real, it felt like it was. She snapped out of it as her vibrator was drenched and locked deep within her pussy, causing an explosive orgasm that blew her mind. She was sweating, her nipples were extremely stiff, her bed sheets were soaked.

The quicker she got into bed with her new tenants, she thought, the better.


A half hour later, while Melissa’s orgasm was subsiding, Brittany and Lori were just getting back to Lori’s parents house. They were on vacation, so Lori was having Brittany over for the next few days. It didn’t take them long to get into the house before the pair were all over each other.

Brittany entered the house first, and Lori grabbed the brunette’s sweatpants and pulled them down not a step into the living room. Britt tried to take another step, but the sweats were tangling her legs and she fell over. She broke her fall by getting her hands out in front of her, and as she was turning over, she saw that Lori was slipping out of her jeans and yanking her tank top off, revealing a red bra and a matching pair of g-string panties. She had a mischivous smirk on her face.

Brittany was looking at the crotch of Lori’s panties. She could tell her girlfriend was horny; a huge wet spot covered the material.

“So what has gotten you so worked up baby?” Brittany asked, quite sure she knew what the answer was.

“A lot of things sexy. First, looking at your sweet ass before we left. God, I wanted to touch it so bad,” Lori began, and as she was explaining her horniness in great detail, she began to absentmindedly touch herself through her panties and bra. “Then while we were in the car, I heard you sighing. Every sound you make turns me on. My pussy was throbbing, I had to squeeze my thighs together so I couldn’t touch it while I was driving. Then when we got to the new place, when we first walked in, Melissa was checking me out. I thought my pussy was going to explode. Then we were both checking her out and while we were smiling at each other I was picturing us in bed with her. Can you imagine it? You licking her pussy while I’m fucking you with the strap on?”

Lori had her fingers inside her pussy now, and Brittany could tell her fingers were extremely busy. She got herself into a sitting position and pulled Lori by the panties in front of her. She tried to pull the g-string off her, yet it was clinging to her body. It finally came off, pulling it slowly down to look at her girlfriend fingering her own pussy. The sight was very sexy. Lori had two fingers plunging in and out of her dripping wet twat, and her juices were running down her hand.

Brittany pulled Lori’s fingers away and buried her face deep inside her. She was using her tongue to swipe the remains of Lori’s prior mini-orgasms and she was tasting what she considered the sweetest taste in the world. She could eat her pussy for hours and not get enough. Her tongue was weaving its way through the flesh, and Lori’s moans were getting louder.

The blonde’s fingers were laced through Brittany’s hair as her girlfriend munched on her sweet spot, knowing she was close to having an unbelievable orgasm. Brittany was an accomplished pussy eater, having honed her craft over the past few years on Lori as well as several college roommates. Lori approved of the liaisons, because if it helped Brittany become a better pussy licker, she was all for it.

The brunette’s face was covered with slick pussy juice as she continued to lick. She came up for air twice, and now she was nibbling on the blonde’s inner pelvis. Lori was nearly shaking with arousal.

Brittany made her tongue stiff before plunging it deeply into her girlfriend’s pussy, using it like a cock and fucking her with it. After a number of deep attacks, she got the tongue as deep as it could go before wiggling it around, tickling all of Lori’s tender areas.

That did it. Lori gushed cum all over Brittany’s face, which made the brunette lick harder, wanting to clean her friend up before she let her pass out. This was a very strenuous outing, coupled with Lori’s prior arousal and Brittany’s ability with her tongue. Lori’s second orgasm of the night was right behind the first, with Brittany flicking the blonde’s swollen and obviously sensitive clit to trigger the second flow.

Lori pushed the brunette slowly away before her legs gave way, landing in a sitting position with her soggy pussy resting on top of Brittany’s thong. She then collapsed on top of Britt, her sweaty hair flowing all over, even coming within range of Brittany’s nose. The smell, a musky scent, was arousing Brittany even more.

Brittany ran her hands all along Lori’s back, paying special attention to the blonde’s ass. She loved Lori’s ass, it was just there, as she said. She loved to run her hands over it, to cup the cheeks in her palms, to squeeze them when she was holding her. This was exactly what she was doing right now, seizing the opportunity with Lori pretty much exhausted on top of her. Sweat was pouring from Lori’s face; she had already received an overwhelming workout. But their night of sex was just beginning.

After a five minute break, Brittany took the offensive and rolled Lori onto her back. Brittany stood up as best as she could: she then took off her sneakers, sweatpants and her thong as well as t-shirt that covered her beautiful breasts. Not caring that her girlfriend was nearly out cold, she squatted her body over Lori’s face and encouraged her to taste her pussy. “Encouraged” is putting it lightly: ordered is more like it. While Lori was the more sexually daring of the couple, Brittany was obviously the more dominating of the pair. She nearly pulled Lori up by the neck to feast on her pussy, which was soaked.

It took a few seconds for Lori to register what was going on. She came to and saw her favorite pussy in front of her. Licking her lips, she started to lick at the sensitive folds of her friends’ twat. Enjoying the stimulation that was happening in her special place, Brittany began to rubs her tits, pulling on her nipples. Her nipples were becoming erect from the actions, and she was attempting to pull her tits to her mouth so she could lick them.

She soon was rubbing her hands up and down her body as she was moving her midsection around and around. In minutes she had Lori’s bra off and she was taking the fresh opportunity to pull slightly on the blondes’ pink nipples. That sent bolts of electricity throughout Lori, making the blonde cum for the third time.

She pulled her mouth off Brittany’s pussy to announce her orgasm, but as she began to say “I’m cumming!” the brunette quickly thrust her body on top of the blonde’s mouth and began to ride her face hard. Lori had to wrap her arms around Brittany’s thighs in order to keep her tongue from becoming dislodged. Brittany was bucking faster and faster on Lori’s mouth, the cum was streaming out of her pussy, but she was holding back on the ultimate orgasm.

Lori couldn’t take it anymore. Hoping she could stem Brittany’s sex drive, she slid a finger into the brunette’s tight pussy and began to fuck her with it. She could feel how tight Britt’s pussy was, as her muscles gripped the intruder, not wanting to let it go. With the finger inside her, she twisted her hand so her thumb could rub her clit. It didn’t take long for Brittany to cum, but when she did have her release, the brunette wailed at such a high pitch it seemed as if she would crack the sound barrier. Brittany came a lot, bathing Lori’s face in tangy cream.

As the orgasm subsided, Brittany unstraddled Lori’s head. She looked down at her sweet girlfriend and saw the mess she made. She brought her own face close to the blonde’s and began to lick her own cum from her friend’s face. It tasted gooey yet yummy, and she didn’t stop until it was all removed from Lori’s pretty face.

“We’re not going to get any packing done tonight, are we?” Brittany asked the blonde, and Lori couldn’t say anything for a few minutes.

“I know what the first thing we are unpacking is, though,” Lori finally was able to sputter out. When Brittany gave her a quizzical look, Lori answered her own question.

“That 13-inch strap on. You are in sooooooo much trouble for making me cum so much!” Lori said, and the pair just laughed and made out before retiring for the night.

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