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Bridget’s Lesbian Seduction Ch. 02

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Tami stirred. The morning glow crawled into the bedroom. Lifting her head, she read the time on the clock radio. She had twenty more minutes to snooze. Rolling over, Tami closed her eyes. She wanted to sleep, but she wouldn’t. She always hated the restless tiredness that came from sleeping in a strange place. She sighed, knowing that she would just lay here for those precious twenty minutes. Rubbing her eyes, she looked at Shelly’s naked back.

Shelly was laying face down. Her covers pulled down to her waist. Tami wished she was more like Shelly. She had the capability to get a good night’s sleep, no matter where she was. Perhaps it was the orgasm I gave her last night, Tami mused.

Tami ran her hand softly on Shelly’s back. She loved the feel of Shelly’s skin. Smooth and warm. She knew every inch of Shelly’s body like her own. Tami smiled at the thought of the hours she spent exploring Shelly’s body. She slid her hand under the covers. Shelly had the perfect ass. Perfect to the touch, perfect to look at. Her fingers softly followed the curves. Tami leaned over and kissed Shelly between her shoulder blades. Shelly didn’t stir. Tami envied her sleeping talent again. It would be foolish for her to try to doze off. She rolled over and slid out of bed. Cool air wrapped around her. Tami shivered nakedly. Rubbing her arms, she walked over to look out the window. The early morning haze failed to mask the heat. Today was going to be a hot one. Perhaps in more ways than one, Tami smirked.

Tami squatted down by her overnight bag. Zipping open the flap, she pulled out the clothes she tucked away for today. Standing up, she grabbed her toiletry bag. Tami slipped quietly out into the hall. Her foot just missed the crumpled panties on the floor. She could see pale sunlight under Bridget’s door. Turning into the bathroom, she set her items on the counter, she quietly closed the door behind her. Sitting down on the toilet, she reached down and felt her thighs. She decided she would take a quick shower.

“Turn it off,” Shelly pulled a pillow over her head. “Come on, turn it off.” Shelly hid under her pillow. The radio played on. Shelly flung the pillow aside. Tami’s side of the bed was empty. Shelly crawled across the bed and hit the snooze alarm. A few minutes later, the radio blared again, jolting Shelly from her second slumber. Propping herself up on her elbows, Shelly blinked, focusing her eyes. She found the off switch on the radio. She wanted to roll over and go right back to sleep, but she had already dallied for five minutes, they wanted to be on the road at 7:00. Groaning, Shelly swung her legs over the side of the bed, hanging her head in her hands, she took a deep breath, forcing the sleep from her.

“Good morning,” Tami walked back into the bedroom. She was already dressed, ready to go. She squatted down to put away her toiletry bag. Shelly groaned and stood up. Tami walked to her side of the bed and began to straighten the covers. Shelly lurched over to her toiletry bag. Tami darted over to Shelly’s side of the bed, and efficiently finished the job.

“Is Bridget up yet?” Shelly asked as she gathered up her items. She ran her fingers through her tussled brown hair.

“Not yet,” Tami set her bag on the bed. Shelly grunted. Grabbing her stuff, she headed for the bathroom.

“Hey, Tami, you dropped these,” Shelly was standing in the door, holding a pair of panties.

“Those aren’t mine,” Tami said. Shelly looked at the panties

“Well, they aren’t mine,” Shelly turned them over in her hand. “I found them out here in the hall.”

“In the hall?” Tami asked. “Where in the hall?” Tami walked to the door. Shelly stepped back and pointed to the floor. Tami stood over the spot. She looked back into their room, then glanced down the hall at Bridget’s door. Tami smiled and took the panties from Shelly. “I know whose panties these are.”

“Whose?” Shelly asked. Tami pulled her next to her.

“Look into our room,” Tami pointed. Shelly looked in. “Notice how you only see the bottom half of the bed.” Tami whispered. Shelly nodded. “What happened there last night?” Shelly’s eyes widened. “Yup,” Tami pulled Shelly into the bedroom. “She was watching us.”

“No way,” Shelly started to giggle. She glanced out into the hallway. “She watched us?”

“I’ll bet she did,” Tami answered. She held up the panties, noticing for the first time that they were moist. “They’re wet!” Tami held up the panties for Shelly to confirm her discovery. Shelly rubbed the crotch of the panties between her fingers. They were moist. “She was in the hall watching us, got all hot and bothered, and got her panties wet.”

“Why did she leave her panties in the hall?” Shelly asked. “Did she want us to find them?”

“I don’t know, but that doesn’t seem like Bridget,” Tami paused. She mulled over the idea of Bridget, in the hall, watching them. “She was wearing a long shirt last night, and probably these panties. So she’s in the hall, watching us. Gets all hot and bothered, and takes off her panties . . .”

“So she can masturbate,” Shelly finished Tami’s thought. The two girls dissolved into stifled giggles. “Oh my God!” Shelly finally stammered. “Bridget was masturbating in the hall.”

“Too bad she just didn’t come in and join us,” Tami said. “But then we would never have gotten any sleep.”

“We need to make sure these are hers,” Shelly nodded. “But we don’t want her to know we know she watched us, right?”

“Yeah, we shouldn’t embarrass her, yet,” Tami giggled. She stuffed the panties in her pockets. “This is what I’ll do, I’ll be by the bathroom door, so when Bridget comes out of her bedroom, I’ll drop these on the floor, and tell her she dropped her panties. Then we’ll see if she takes them.” Shelly nodded and headed down the bathroom. Tami followed.

The sound of running water woke Bridget up a few minutes before her alarm went off. Stretching in her bed, Bridget like the feel of the soft sheets on her naked body. She ran her hands over her breasts, down her stomach, through her pubic hair, down the to her thighs. Smiling, she reflected on the previous night. Her fingers running between her pussy lips. The alarm sounded, interrupting her reverie, sitting up on the edge of the bed, Bridget stopped the intrusion. She was already wide-awake, even though she didn’t have her usual eight hours of sleep. Her whole body seemed to tingle, as if being lightly pricked by hundreds of pins. This could be an interesting day, Bridget smiled to herself.

It took Bridget about ten minutes to clean up. She usually came out the bathroom wearing her robe, but today found herself wandering into her bedroom naked. Bridget decided to quickly make her bed. She chuckled at herself, the naked housewife. But she liked being nude. It was exhilarating, liberating, and sensual. Bridget ran her hands over her breasts as she walked around to the other side of the bed. She kicked her nightshirt out of the way, and finished the bed. She could hear Tami and Shelly talking outside the door. Walking over to the door, she put both hands up on the door. If they only knew she was a few feet away, completely naked. Bridget chuckled.

Walking over to her dresser, she picked up the clothes she laid out the night before. Her khaki shorts and matching shirt. Bridget set them aside. She zipped open her bag, digging down the side until she found the bikini Ross had given her. She smirked as she put on the bikini. Stepping over to the floor mirror, Bridget’s heart raced in her chest. She turned and examined herself from every conceivable angle. Those workouts really did payoff, Bridget chuckled. She adjusted the crotch, making sure everything was covered. I’m glad I waxed, Bridget giggled. The top of the bottom came up just a half an inch above her pubic hair. Bridget slapped her belly. Turning, she adjusted the bottom to make sure it covered her butt cheeks, as best she could.

Bridget shifted her attention to the bikini top. She poked and prodded her breasts into the top. But no matter what she did, she was going to be showing a lot of cleavage. I feel busty, Bridget laughed again. She felt like a high school girl getting ready for a first date. Finally satisfied her breasts were arranged right, Bridget pulled out a pair of cut-offs from her bag. She was saving these for the lake, like her bikini, but decided to wear them on the way up. She slipped them on over her bikini bottom. The cut-off fit her snugly, she had worn the jeans while she was in college, converted them to cut-offs in her senior year, wore them a few times after college, but could never seem to bring herself to throw them away. They were her sexy cut-offs, the ones she used to wear to get guy’s attention, then her husband’s. She checked the back. Her butt cheeks would just be peeking out of the frayed bottom of the cut-offs.

I’m feeling so sexy, Bridget thought. She slipped a navy tank top over her head. The tank top was a little loose on her. Her belly button peaked out when she moved. She moved around, checking her cleavage. Bridget glanced at the clock. It was 6:30. Time to get going. Taking a final look at herself in the mirror, Bridget smiled, she looked hot. Grabbing up her bag, she headed for the door, stopping to scoop up her nightshirt on the way.

Bridget opened her bedroom door. Tami was leaning against the bathroom doorway. Tami turned towards Bridget. “Good morning,” Bridget smiled. “Did you sleep well?” Tami stepped back, allowing Bridget access to the bathroom. Shelly smiled as she put away the last of her toiletries. Bridget tossed her nightshirt into the hamper.

“Well,” Tami smiled. “I slept OK, once I got to sleep.” She glanced at Shelly, then pointed with her eyes at Bridget tossing her clothes in the hamper. Shelly picked up the signal.

“So how did you sleep?” Shelly asked. Bridget turned towards Shelly, Tami pulled the panties she had stashed in her cut-offs, and dropped them just outside Bridget’s bedroom door. Stepping back, she leaned against the bathroom door again.

“I slept well,” Bridget smiled. She adjusted the bag on her shoulder. “Are you guys almost ready to go?”

“Yeah, I just have to pack this,” Shelly lifted her toiletries bag. “Then I’m ready.”

Tami nodded at Shelly, “Oh Bridget, you dropped something.”

“I did?” Bridget stepped back out in the hall. Looking down, Bridget spotted her panties lying crumpled on the floor. Her face flushing, Bridget scooped up her panties. Shaking her head, she tossed the panties in the hamper with the rest of her clothes. “I swear, I’m always dropping my something.”

“Really,” Shelly laughed. “We’ll have to keep that in mind.” She smirked past Tami. The panties were indeed Bridget’s. The women headed down the hall, Tami and Bridget waited in the hall while Shelly finished her packing, slipped on her sandals, and grabbed her bag. “Let’s go.”

The three women headed downstairs, Bridget leading the way to the side door to the garage. She stopped to slip on a pair of tennis shoes. Opening the door, Bridget reached up and pressed the switch to open the garage door. Even in the garage, the muggy heat wrapped around the women. Bridget locked the door behind them. Tami and Shelly were standing by the passenger side of the pickup.

“Where do you want us to put the bags?” Tami asked.

“Just toss them in the back, I had them leave a spot right behind the cab,” Bridget walked around to the driver’s side. She reached over, setting her bag in the box. Shelly set her bag in, then took Tami’s bag, setting it in as well. “Plus, this way, if we do need something from our bag, we can get to them by reaching through he rear window. It’s better than having them behind the seat.”

“That’s a good idea,” Shelly opened the passenger door. Tami climbed up into the cab, being the smallest, she was the natural choice to sit in the middle. Shelly got in behind her. Bridget settled in the driver’s seat. The pickup started easily. Slowly Bridget pulled the truck out of the garage. She hated backing up using the mirrors. But the cargo in back made it necessary. Once clear, she pressed the garage door button. Pausing in the driveway, Bridget wanted to make sure the garage door closed. Satisfied, Bridget pulled into the street.

After a quick stop at McDonalds’s drive thru, Bridget pulled onto the northbound interstate just before 7:00. With a little speeding, they could make the cabin before 10:00. The traffic was light, at least heading out of the city, most of the traffic was inbound. People coming in to work on the last day of the week. The women talked about work, the latest gossip going around the store, what they thought of the new hires, and bitched about stupid company policies. The day was warm, and the sun burned bright, but with the windows rolled down part of the way, the heat was tolerable. Tami even managed to get chilled by the early morning breeze. It helped that they were driving directly away from the sun, the tarp covering the furniture shaded the cab. But by 9:00, Bridget had turned onto a two-lane highway, the sun was parallel to her, she slipped on her sunglasses. She could feel a fine bead of sweat starting to sheen her body. Bridget rolled down her window all the way to get a better breeze.

“Now it’s starting to get warm,” Tami said. The sunlight was beating down on her from the waist down. She squirmed in her seat. “I’m starting to sweat. That sun is really warm today.”

“Yeah, its starting to get hot over here,” Shelly agreed. “And I’m in the shade.”

“You should be over here,” Bridget answered. “It’s really hot in the sun. I think the back of my shirt is all wet.” She leaned forward. Her tank top clung to her back. She settled back in her seat. Glancing at the clock, she figured they had just under an hour of driving ahead of them. “There is a small park a few miles ahead, it will be the last place to stop to go to the bathroom before the cabin. I don’t know about you guys, but I need to pee.”

“Yeah, I think that would be good idea,” Shelly agreed. “Even though I don’t have to go that bad, I probably should. Plus it would feel good to stretch out a little bit.”

Bridget turned off the highway a few miles later. The park was about a quarter of a mile down the road. The parking lot was empty, as was the park. It was a small community park, located on the edge of a small lake. There were a few picnic tables, with grills welded to steel posts, set into concrete. In the middle of the park was an old swing set. A newer jungle gym a little farther back. Both were encircled by sand. A small building housed the bathrooms. Bridget pulled into the only partially shaded spot. She paused a moment, while Tami and Shelly slid out of the truck. Peeling herself from the cab seat, Bridget hopped out of the truck. Her tank top pressed wetly on her back. She pulled the wet shirt from her skin. Then headed up to the bathroom.

The bathroom only had two stalls, so Bridget had to wait for the girls before she could go. When she came out of her stall, the bathroom was empty. Bridget used the moment of privacy to splash cold water on her face, and rub some over her neck and shoulders. She considered pulling off her top and drying it under the hand dryer. But realized that would take to long. Plus someone might come in, and she would feel too naked. So she decided she would have to live with a wet back.

Stepping out in the bright sun, Bridget squinted. Tami and Shelly were standing by the pickup. They had striped down to their bikini tops. Bridget walked over to the truck, discreetly glancing at their bodies. She knew they would be expecting her to strip off her tank top. Part of her wanted to get rid of the damp shirt. Another part of her would feel self conscious about the tiny bikini top she was wearing. Both of the girl’s tops were just as skimpy as Bridget’s. But after years of wearing a one piece, it would feel strange.

“Hey Bridget, you should get that tank top off and cool off,” Tami smiled. Standing near the truck door, Tami was spraying herself with the mister they had mentioned the night before. A small tubular container that held water, attached was a thin hose with a sprayer nozzle at the end. The tube had a pump that you used to pressurize the contents. The nozzle is used to spray a fine cooling mist. Tami sprayed a fine mist between her breasts “This feels really good.”

“I bet it does,” Bridget noticed Tami’s nipples through her bikini top.

“Come on Bridget,’ Tami shut off the spray. “Strip for us.”

“Strip for you!” Bridget blushed. After an uneventful drive up, the teasing finally started. “Maybe we should wait until we get to the cabin.”

“Come on Bridget, this really cools you off,” Tami held up the nozzle. “I’ll make sure to keep you wet while you drive.”

“I bet you would,” Bridget laughed. She glanced around the park. They were still the only people there. Bridget sighed, then pulled off her tank top. She giggled, holding her tank top up between her breasts.

“Here, let my put that in the truck for you,” Shelly reached over and pulled Bridget’s top away from her. Bridget fidgeted. She stole glances, catching both Tami and Shelly checking out her body. “Damn, Bridget, you’ve got a really hot body.”

“Shut up,” Bridget blushed harder. She folded her arms in front of her. “You guys just like teasing me. Especially when I’m nearly naked.”

“We’re all nearly naked,” Tami smiled. “Remember, its an all girls naked weekend.” Bridget laughed and rolled her eyes. “So hold out your arms, so I can get you wet.”

“Oh jeez,” Bridget said. She held her arms out to her side. Tami stepped up, aimed the nozzle at Bridget’s belly, and started spraying. Bridget flinched as the first blast of cool water hit her. Tami giggled as she moved the nozzle across Bridget’s belly, toward her sides. “That does feel good.” Bridget nodded at Shelly.

“Let’s get these wet,” Tami sprayed Bridget’s right breast. Bridget arched her back as the cool water dribbled inside her bikini top. Tami moved the spray between her breasts, bringing it up around Bridget’s neck. Then back down to her left breast. “How’s that?”

“Well, it’s definitely cooling me off,” Bridget said. She could feel her nipples hardening. She kept her arms out. Even though she wanted to cover up. Tami started spraying down her arms. Water started to run down her belly. She felt the top of her bikini bottom starting to get wet. “My cut offs are going to get wet.”

“Here, I’ll get it,” Shelly wiped water from Bridget’s belly with her hand. Bridget tensed when Shelly first touched her. She wanted to jump, but managed to hold herself still. Bridget willed herself to act nonchalant, like it was no big deal. But inside, her heart was pounding. Tami had moved around to spray Bridget’s back. More water ran down from Bridget’s chest. Her bikini top was saturated. Shelly intercepted a stream near Bridget’s belly button. “Wow, Tami really hosed you down,” Shelly smiled at Bridget. “I think she got you wetter than both of us. Water is just running down your belly.”

“I know,” Bridget agreed. Tami was giving her back a good solid misting. Tami brought the nozzle up and drenched Bridget’s shoulders. More water streamed down Bridget’s front, coursing along the lines of her breasts, pausing at the bikini line, before trickling down her belly. “Tami, how wet are you going to get me?” Bridget protested. She could feel water starting to run down her back. “I don’t want to get my shorts wet.”

“OK,” Tami stopped spraying. “I guess I was going a little over board. Don’t worry, we’ll keep your shorts from getting wet, for now at least.” Tami ran her hand across Bridget’s shoulder blades. The water ran down towards Bridget’s butt, Tami intercepted the stream just above the cut offs. Tami ran her hand just above Bridget’s shorts. Flicked water to the ground and then ran her hand back. But this time, she slipped her hand under the waistline of the cut-offs. She allowed her fingers to slide down Bridget’s shorts to her second knuckle. She could feel Bridget’s bikini bottom on her fingertips, and even felt the beginning of Bridget’s ass crack.

Shelly had stopped the fine stream of water on Bridget’s belly. Noticing Tami’s exploring hands, Shelly ran her hand low across Bridget’s belly, then, even lower. Her fingers to brushed the top of Bridget’s cut-offs. Shelly was tempted to ram her hand down Bridget’s shorts. But she didn’t instead she finished her run across her belly. Bridget’s belly was firm, she really did take care of herself, and her body showed it. Another stream trickled down from Bridget’s bikini top. Shelly caught it just before it reached Bridget’s waistline. She ran her hand up. Water was building up in Bridget’s bikini top, then trickling down. She ran her hand just under Bridget’s top. Bridget’s nipples were rock hard. Her wet bikini top didn’t hide anything. It was quite racy for the usual conservative clothes Bridget usually wore. In fact, Bridget’s whole outfit this morning was quite skimpy.

Bridget was frozen. No words came to her. She had no idea how to act. The fact that she was getting virtually felt up by Tami and Shelly had registered with her a few seconds ago, and she had no idea how to act. Tami had almost had her fingers down her butt crack, and Shelly came within inches of her pubic hair. She was standing there, feeling even more naked than she was, while two equally nearly naked women ran their hands over her. Her heart was racing, and she felt warm down below. Now Shelly had her hands just below her breasts. Shelly touched her. Bridget stifled a shudder.

“Oops, sorry,” Shelly said. She had bumped Bridget left breast. She made it look like an accident. Shelly caught Bridget looking at her. She knew Bridget had no idea what to say. In her eyes Shelly saw fear, but inside that fear, she also saw excitement. Shelly brought her hands up, so they would deliberately bump Bridget’s breasts again. Bridget didn’t move. Shelly looked Bridget directly in the eyes, “The water is pooling in your top, do you want me to get it out?”

“Yes,” Bridget whispered. Bridget subtly drew her shoulder blades back, pressing her breasts forward, and tilted her head back. Tami stopped rubbing Bridget’s back. She wanted to see what Shelly was up to. She put her arms around Bridget’s waist. Stepping forward to put her head on Bridget’s shoulders. From her angle, she got a good look at Bridget’s breasts in her tiny bikini top. Shelly stood right in front of Bridget. She started by running her hands up either side of Bridget’s bikini top, to her collarbone, then down, on the inside. Down her chest, between her breasts, in her cleavage, to the bikini top. Finally running her hands along the bottom of her breasts. Bridget closed her eyes. Shelly glanced at Tami. Tami brought her hands together at Bridget’s belly button. Bridget could feel Tami’s breasts pressing into her back.

Shelly cupped Bridget’s breasts in her hands. She gave them a squeeze and started rubbing them. The excess water trapped in the bikini top trickled out, down Shelly’s wrists. Bridget’s head lolled to the left, she sighed, and softly bit her inside lower lip. Shelly stepped in closer, her own breasts almost touching Bridget’s, she continued to massage Bridget’s breasts, pinching Bridget’s hard nipples between her fingers. She started too lean in to kiss Bridget.

Bridget was ready. Weeks of fantasy daydreams were about to come true. She felt Shelly moving in closer, her hands on her breasts, the first person to touch her breasts, other than her husband, in years. She waited for the kiss. But it never came. Shelly stepped back, and Tami released her. Bridget blinked, what happened? She saw Shelly swallow hard, looking at her, then to the right. Bridget followed her look. A group of kids were riding down the hill into the parking lot. Bridget fought the urge to yell at them to go away. She was ready to let herself go, to see what would happen. But it was taken away by a pack of brats on bikes. She felt robbed.

“I guess we should get going,” Shelly said. “We can finish this later.”

“Yeah,” Tami put the misting bottle in the truck. “Your cabin isn’t that far away, right?”

“No not far,” Bridget said. The kids were up on the sidewalk now, coming right towards them. Tami was already crawling up in the pickup cab. Bridget stayed standing by the truck, staring at the kids. Three boys, and two girls, rode right past Bridget’s truck, down the park path to the playground. Bridget looked up the hill and saw a couple of mom’s starting to walk down to the park.

“Come on Bridget,” Shelly said. She was waiting to hop in the truck. Bridget finally shook herself back to reality. Her face burned. Pulling out her keys, Bridget lurched towards the truck, she put out her hand to steady herself. “Are you OK?” Shelly asked. “Do you want me to drive?”

“No,” Bridget regained her balance. Her legs felt like jelly. “It must be the heat.” Bridget explained. She walked around the back of the truck, using the pickup to steady herself. She opened her door and climbed up into the driver’s seat. Tami and Shelly were already in the truck. Bridget put the keys in the ignition, now that she was able to sit down, she felt more normal. But, she could feel the heat within her chest, butterflies in her stomach, and burning between her legs. “OK, we should be at the cabin in about 45 minutes.”

Bridget’s swerved out of the parking space. Over correcting, she angled across the parking lot towards the exit. The two mothers stared at her. It would be her luck if they called the state patrol to report a drunk driver. She paused longer than normal at the park exit, then turned onto the main road. She used the short drive to the highway to regain her composure. She was vaguely aware of Tami and Shelly talking. Since they didn’t address her, she kept silent. Drawing deep breaths, Bridget calmed herself. She massaged her hands on the steering wheel. By the time she reached the highway, she felt safe to drive. Driving towards the greatest risk of her life.

“So, Bridget, are you OK?” Tami put her hand on Bridget’s shoulder. Her soft touch was soothing. Nodding, Bridget smiled slightly. “You looked a little shook up back there. You should know we would never do anything to hurt you.”

“I know,” Bridget answered hoarsely. She laughed and cleared her throat. “I trust you guys.”

“You know you can trust us,” Tami smiled. She gently rubbed Bridget’s shoulder. Bridget glanced at Tami. Her gentle brown eyes studied her. Smiling, Bridget patted Tami’s leg. Bridget swallowed hard, if she wasn’t careful, she would start crying. Why was she so emotional? She cleared her throat again. Tami put her arm around Bridget. Resting her head on Bridget’s shoulder. “You invited us up to your cabin, and we’ll make sure we take care of you.”

“OK,” Bridget fought back tears. She cursed herself for not being in control of her emotions. Tami rubbed her shoulder with her hand. Bridget tilted her head. Her touch was calming. Bridget sighed and concentrated on the road. Despite the heat, Bridget didn’t push away Tami.

“So how much further?” Shelly asked. They had pulled off the highway onto a winding road. A blue lake teased between the trees and cabins on the left side of the road. The sun beat in through the rear of the cab. Bridget could feel her back sweating again. At least when they reached the cabin they would have air conditioning, and a cool lake to swim in.

“Not much farther, that’s Blue Lake over there, our cabin is on Little Turtle Lake,” Bridget followed the winding road. The lake to the left disappeared behind the trees. Blue Lake was the main lake in the area. Most people thought of Blue Lake when coming to this area. The shoreline was infested with cabins, resorts, restaurants, and public beaches. With two more large lakes to the west, many people overlooked a string of lakes just north. Little Turtle Lake was a smaller lake with known for several inlets. Bridget and Ross had their cabin on such an inlet. No neighbors to pry into their affairs. Plenty of woods for the dogs to explore, complete privacy for swimming and fishing. “It’s about ten miles down the road.”

Bridget turned off onto a small country road. Thick forest flanked the road, interrupted occasionally by a turn off. Shelly peered down each turn off as they passed. Each went deep into the woods, with no cabin visible. Bridget slowed and turned left into one such turn off. About a half-mile down the road, Tami and Shelly spotted a brown cabin. The cabin was in a patch of grass surrounded by woods. A single car garage was at the end of the back lot. The yard sloped down to a small beach on a blue lake. A t-shaped dock ran into the lake, a little farther out a square swimming dock was anchored in the inlet. Bridget pulled the truck up on the asphalt next to a side door on the cabin. She angled the back of the truck towards the door. “Well, we’re here,” Bridget turned off the pickup.

The women piled out of the pickup. Bridget stretched, relieved to finally get to the privacy of the cabin. She sorted her keys as she walked up to the cabin. Tami and Shelly pulled out their bags from the back of the pickup truck. Bridget opened the door, stuffy heat from inside the cabin wrapped around her as she stepped in. Tami and Shelly followed her in. Bridget kicked off her sandals by the door. Tami and Shelly followed suit. The dining area was in front of them, with the living room beyond, the kitchen off to the right. Bridget moved through the dining room and across the living room. She stopped at the wall, and turned on the central air conditioning.

“If you guys want to help out, we usually leave all the windows open just a crack during the summer. So we need to shut them so the central air can cool the place down,” Bridget crossed the living room and turned the patio door blinds to allow sunlight into the cabin. “Plus, I can show you your bedroom. Now that the boys are older, they took the bedroom downstairs. So this is now the spare bedroom.” Tami and Shelly followed Bridget to a small hall. Off to the right was the first bedroom, Bridget was talking about. Tami and Shelly set their bags on the bed as Bridget shut the window.

“We grabbed your bag too, where do you want it,” Tami asked. Bridget motioned for them to follow her. She walked out into the hall.

“The bathroom is right here,” Bridget stopped to close the window. “There are plenty of towels and washcloths in the linen closet, just take what you need. My bedroom is right down the hall.” Tami stepped in to examine the bathroom. Shelly headed down to Bridget’s bedroom and set her bag on the bed. Bridget followed her in. Together they closed the windows. Bridget put her foot over a grate to check for cool air. Bridget lead them back to the living room. She opened a door that Tami and Shelly assumed was a closet. “Follow me, the basement is down here.”

Bridget led the way down. Tami followed, with Shelly bringing up the rear. The basement opened up to a spacious family room. Done in rustic wood grains, with a bar running by the stairs to the far wall. The main bar area was tucked in under the stairs. Shelly noticed it was a wet bar, with a bar sink at the near end. A black refrigerator stood in the corner. Just beyond the high back bar stools was a pool table. A small dining table was pushed up against the wall. There were a variety of board games and puzzles in a bookcase on the wall. An electronic dartboard was on the far wall. A comfortable looking sofa centered the room, flanked by nightstands topped with small reading lamps. A sturdy coffee table that beckoned as a footrest was in front of the sofa. Another set of large patio doors was to the left of the sofa. A rock fireplace centered the far wall. On the left was a stereo system, the right house a television system. Bridget padded across the soft pile carpet. There were three doors off the family room.

“This is the furnace room, nothing to see in there,” Bridget passed the first door. “Here is the bathroom, we usually use the shower in here after we come in from swimming. Or you can use the outdoor shower on the patio. This last room is the boy’s room. Messy as usual. We usually only open the windows upstairs, so we don’t have to check any down here.”

“Hey Bridget, is this a folding bed?” Tami patted the sofa.

“Why, yes it is, would you guys rather sleep down here?” Bridget asked. She hadn’t considered using the sofa bed. Although Ross and her used to sleep down here before they had the boys. Light a fire on a cold autumn night, make love, and cuddle in the sofa. Bridget wondered if Tami and Shelly would do the same, perhaps, invite her. “That would be no problem.”

“We should probably get that furniture in before it gets too hot,” Tami said. “Then we can kick back and enjoy the weekend.”

“Plus, we’ll work up a sweat, then we can go skinny dipping,” Shelly laughed.

“Oh God,” Bridget laughed. She turned and headed up the stairs. Swallowing hard, she stopped to survey the main floor, planning on how to get the furniture in. Tami and Shelly came up. “I think we should bring the furniture in through the patio door. That way we can place it right in the living room, and it should only take about ten minutes. Then we can let the cabin cool down.”

Tami and Shelly nodded their agreement. Bridget opened the blinds and patio door. She left the door wide open as she walked out on the deck. Pulling her keys out of her pocket she walked down the couple of steps to the sidewalk. The pickup was parked by the side door. Bridget hopped in and backed the pickup over the yard to the bottom of the deck. Tami and Shelly helped guide her in.

“OK,” Bridget hopped out of the truck. “Let’s get it done. I’ll untie the rope, if you guys get on either side, I can feed it to you and you can thread it through the cargo ties.” Bridget lowered the tailgate and climbed up into the truck bed. She untied the ropes holding down the tarp. Tami and Shelly stood on either side of the truck. Bridget handed the rope to Tami first. The girls undid the ropes from the truck bed while Bridget pulled the tarp of the furniture, folding it as she went. She tucked the folded tarp by the wheel well as Tami handed her the rope. Bridget grabbed one of the end tables. “Let’s get the easy stuff in first, then we’ll carry in the sofa.”

“OK, we’ll just set it inside against the back wall,” Shelly took the first end table from Bridget. Tami stepped up, taking the second table. While the girls were bringing those tables in, slide the two chairs to the end of the truck bed. The girls returned for the chairs.

“These are light,” Shelly lifted her chair off. “Did you really need help with these, or did you lure us here for something else.” She winked at Tami as she carried her chair off.

“Do you think I would do that,” Bridget teased back. “Plus, the sofa is to heavy for me to handle alone.” Bridget tugged the sofa into position. She had a moment to reflect while the girls were in the cabin. They were finally at the cabin. Since the furniture was pretty light and easy to handle, Bridget wasn’t sweating. Even so a dip in the cool lake was going to feel good. A cool naked swim, Bridget smirked.

“OK, lets get this in, so we can relax,” Shelly and Tami started pulling the sofa off the truck. Bridget guided the back to the edge of the truck. The girls set the front of the sofa on the deck. “I’ll help Bridget, if you just want to guide it up on the deck,” Shelly told Tami. Tami nodded. Bridget hopped down on one side of the sofa, with Shelly on the other side, the lifted the sofa up and slid it onto the deck. Tami took one end, Bridget the other, and Shelly grabbed the middle. The sofa carried easier than Bridget anticipated. They easily brought it into the living room, setting in centered in front of the entertainment center.

Bridget shut the patio door, now the cabin could cool down. Tami and Shelly pulled the chairs up on either side of the sofa, then put the end tables between them. Bridget smiled, “You guys are good. Do you want a drink?”

“We’re good at a lot of things,” Shelly laughed. “You’ll find that out, soon.”

“I’m sure,” Bridget walked over to the door leading downstairs. “We have all the beer downstairs, are you guys coming?”

“Hopefully,” Tami giggled. Bridget blushed and led the way downstairs. She headed over the bar refrigerator while the two girls lingered by the pool table. Bridget popped the tops off the beer bottles before handing one to each girl. Bridget leaned on a barstool and took a drink.

Tami watched in amusement as Bridget guzzled down over half of her beer. She was a little nervous, but after the little incident in the park, she seemed more relaxed. Tami found herself eyeing Bridget’s body. She was still amazed at how well she held her age. Tami took another sip of her beer. “So, are we going to get naked or what?”

“Yeah,” Shelly agreed. She winked at Tami. “Let’s get naked.”

“You guys,” Bridget blushed. “We need to finish our beers before we can go skinny dipping.” She took another drink from her bottle.

“Well, Bridget, your beer is empty, so you can go ahead and get naked,” Tami leaned back on the pool table. Shelly laughed and took a sip from her beer. “Come on Bridget. We’re waiting.”

“What, I’m just supposed to strip in front of you while you guys stand there and watch?” Bridget took a sip from her beer. As soon as she swallowed she cursed herself. Her beer was now completely empty. Now Tami and Shelly would really be on her case. She fiddled with the bottle, then set it on the bar. She turned back to face Tami and Shelly. She wished she still had the bottle, even if just to hold it in front of her as a shield. She felt as if she was naked already.

“Well, yeah, you’re right,” Shelly giggled. “We shouldn’t just stand here and watch, we should be comfortable. Let’s go sit on the sofa.” Shelly nudged Tami. Tami stepped forward and took Bridget’s hand. Bridget let herself get lead into the family room. Tami was surprised Bridget followed so easily. She led her the area between the sofa and the fireplace. Tami and Shelly settled in the sofa, leaving Bridget standing in front of them.

“OK, much better,” Tami giggled. She stared at Bridget. “Now strip. Or do you want us to strip you?”

“I can do it. But I think I need more beer,” Bridget crossed her arms over her belly. Despite being nervous, she was incredibly excited. Tami leaned forward, offering her beer. Bridget took the beer, poured it down her throat and handed the empty bottle back to Tami. “Thanks, that helped.”

“Do you want the rest of mine too,” Shelly held out her beer. Bridget shook her head. She didn’t want too get drunk, just take the edge of a little. She swallowed hard, positioned herself in front of the two girls. Bridget sighed, reached up behind her and undid her bikini top. She let the top fall to the floor, but cupped her breasts with her hands. Shelly and Tami smiled.

“Be nice to me,” Bridget pleaded. Tami and Shelly nodded they would. Bridget dropped her hands to her sides.

“Nice tits Bridget,” Tami leaned forward for a closer look.

“Oh God, I feel so cheap, I can’t believe that I’m doing this,” Bridget moaned. She unbuttoned the top of her cut-offs. Unzipping, she pulled the cut-offs down to her knees, letting them drop the rest of the way to her ankles. She kicked them off to the side. “But, it is kind of exciting too.”

“Exciting? How?” Shelly finished her beer.

“Just, being forced to strip. Having you guys watching me,” Bridget slowly pulled down the sides of her bikini bottom. “No one looks at me like that. Not even my husband, anymore.” Bridget paused, then pulled her bottom off. She kicked them over by her cut-offs. Standing straight up, she watched Tami and Shelly look her over. She was so wet. “Now that you have seen me naked, are you guys ready to go skinny dipping?”

“Who said anything about skinny-dipping,” Tami stood up. She took Bridget’s trembling hand. Pulling her towards her, their mouths almost meeting. Bridget’s short breaths on her lips, Tami whispered. “We just wanted to get you naked.”

Bridget burned. She leaned forward, letting her lips brush against Tami’s. Tami pulled away, teasing. She put her hands on Bridget’s waist. She could feel her trembling. She was ready. Leaning in, Tami kissed Bridget. Bridget opened her mouth, meeting Tami’s tongue with her own. Tami cupped Bridget’s breast, pinching her hard nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Bridget kissed Tami harder.

Shelly finished her beer, watching Tami and Bridget kiss. She was a little surprised by how easily Bridget stripped for them. She expected Bridget to hesitate when the flirting moved to the sexual. Despite being nervous, she had let the event happen. Was letting it happen. Shelly stood up unnoticed. Coming up behind Bridget, Shelly put her hands on her shoulders and kissed her neck. Bridget quivered at Shelly’s touch, but continued kissing Tami. Shelly reached around to massage Bridget’s breasts.

Bridget moaned softly. She knew she was wet with desire. She pulled Tami tight and kissed her deeply. Tami met her every kiss with equal passion. There tongues wrestling wetly between them. Tami managed to pull away from Bridget with difficulty. Bridget leaned forward for another kiss. Tami cupped her hand over Bridget’s mouth, and pushed her back. Bridget sucked on Tami’s fingers. Tami lowered her head, bring her mouth to Bridget’s breasts. Bridget grabbed Tami’s head, pulling her to her breasts. Arching her back Bridget turns over her shoulder to kiss Shelly.

Tami swirled her tongue around Bridget’s rock hard nipple. She felt Bridget pressing her breast into her mouth. Opening her mouth wide, she swallowed as much of Bridget’s breast as she can. Hearing Bridget soft moans of pleasure, Tami turns her attention to the other breast. Bridget was breathing heavily, causing her breast to rise and fall. Tami left them wet with her saliva. Dropping to her knees, she kissed her way down Bridget’s belly.

Bridget stopped kissing Shelly. She was pushing Tami’s head down. Eager for her to kiss her where she burned. But Tami teased her, kissing and licking her belly button. Bridget widened her stance in anticipation. Behind her, she could feel Shelly kissing her was down her back. She lifted one leg, putting her foot on the coffee table. Tami was kissing her pubic hair, Shelly was moving over the curve of her buttocks. Bridget lifted her leg high, waiting for the first touch.

Tami paused a moment. She glanced up. Bridget was watching, waiting for her to touch her. She could see the muscles in her belly quivering. Bridget stroked Tami’s short hair. Trying to gently guide her between her legs. Tami smirked, then leaned in.

Bridget’s body spasmed when Tami gave her pussy a long slow lick. Bridget bit the inside of her leap to keep from screaming. She was swollen and sensitive. She needed a release. Now. Shelly’s tongue licked her pussy from behind. Tami and Shelly took turns. Licking Bridget from the back and front. It was more than she could stand. Clenching her fists in Tami’s hair, Bridget arched back as her body exploded. Groaning loudly, Bridget gyrated her hips, trying to force them on hungry tongues. Tami and Shelly’s hands dug into her hips. Bridget whimpered, riding another wave. Staggering a little, Bridget released her hold on Tami’s hair. Her legs gave out. She started to fall.

Shelly grabbed Bridget around her waist. Tami leapt to her feet. Grabbing Bridget by the waist and shoulders, Tami and Shelly guided her to the carpet in front of the fireplace. Bridget collapsed on her back, panting. Covering her face with her hands, Bridget sobbed. Tami and Shelly propped themselves up on their elbows on either side of Bridget. Each put their arm on her, to comfort her.

“Oh God,” Bridget sobbed. “I’m so sorry.”

“Sorry for what?” Tami asked. She patted Bridget chest. “You have nothing to be sorry for.”

“I feel like such a fool,” Bridget’s cried. Despite a moment of such intense pleasure, she felt so despondent. Her emotions just bubbled over.

“Didn’t you like that?” Shelly ran her fingers around Bridget’s breast.

“Oh God, it was incredible,” Bridget rolled her eyes. “I haven’t had many orgasms like that.”

“Then what’s wrong?” Tami asked. “Don’t you want to be with us?”

“No, God no,” Bridget wiped a tear from her eye. “It’s all I’ve been thinking about since you guys agreed to come her with me. It’s just, I was so scared.”

“Scared of what?” Shelly took Bridget’s hand, and kissed it gently.

“Scared of everything,” Bridget regained some of her composure. “Scared of what might happen. Scared of what might not happen. Scared if you guys felt the same way. Even if you were even interested in me.’

“There is no reason to be scared,” Tami soothed Bridget. “We are going to take care of you. We love you Bridget, and we are going to make sure that everything you wanted this weekend comes true. We are here for you.”

Tami leaned in and softly kissed Bridget.

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