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Breaking In The Beach House

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After Dana bought the strap on, our sex life really picked up. That first time was something we both enjoyed tremendously, and we’ve continued to enjoy sex with her in the driver’s seat. Recently, we vacationed at a relative’s beach house for a week, and things went to a new level. I’ll tell ya’ all about it.

The beach house is in the Florida panhandle, on the Gulf of Mexico. Although technically the beach itself is public, the area is very secluded, with no nearby public access. A nice place to get away. We planned on relaxing and fucking for a week, with no distractions. My wife brought the strap-on we’d been using, plus a new one that had just arrived in the mail.

We bought the new one, because it looked like it might fit her better, allow her to get a little wilder. The cock itself was a little bigger than our first strap-on, both longer and wider. We hadn’t tried it yet, but were both looking forward to.

We arrived at the beach early in the afternoon, and were in a hurry to get down near the water. About 10 minutes after we arrived, our suitcases were in a bedroom, and we were sipping beers in lawn chairs with our feet in the ocean. The beach was deserted, except for one woman a few doors down, who was also relaxing in the sand. We finished our beers, and I went up to the house to grab a two more.

When I returned, our neighbor was talking to Dana, sitting in the sand next to her. My wife introduced us. “This is Chris. She lives…. In that one,” she said, pointing to a beach house a few doors down.

“Hi!”, Chris said, extending her hand. I took it, checking her out. Nice body, slightly tan, lots of skin hanging out a skimpy string bikini. She squinted up at me, smiling.

The three of us talked while Dana and I sipped our beers. Eventually, we determined that Chris was staying at the beach alone, and we invited her to have dinner with us, T-bone steaks and whatever vegetable Dana thought would be suitable. When our neighbor asked if we were sure there was enough to share, my wife laughed loudly, and replied, “Oh, jeez. Two things my husband there is paranoid about when we come to the beach, running out of steaks and running out of beer. Trust me, we’ve got plenty of both!” This was true. We always get some fresh seafood at least once or twice, but most nights I just grill steaks, and had brought a lot of them. And running out of beer was out of the question. Chris agreed to join us.

I went up to take a shower, and then returned to light the grill. As I was dumping coals into the grill, the ladies returned from the beach, heading into the house. They were talking and giggling, and I distinctly heard the words, “…my nipples…” I strained to hear the rest of that conversation, but that’s all I caught.

Anyway, we ate on the patio, Chris still in her bikini, no complaints from me. After, the ladies stayed inside, and I headed down to clean up and stow the grill for the night. When I was finished with that, I headed back inside, and could hear them talking in the kitchen. I strolled in to join them, and my jaw dropped. Both our strap ons were sitting on the table, and my wife was pointing to our first one and talking. Dana was listening intently. They heard me enter, and both turned towards me.

My wife saw my face turning red, and grinned. “Oh, I was just showing Chris our toys. She’s never seen one.”

“Well, I’ve seen pictures of them, just never in real life,” Chris said.

“Anyway,” my wife continued, “we’ve been using that one for a while, but we’ve never used that one there.” They continued to talk about the strap ons for a while, and Chris finally wanted to see what they looked like on Dana, who agreed to model one. “Which one should I put on?”, she asked, holding one in each hand.

“That one.”, Chris said grinning, pointing to the new one. “The big one.”

Dana went upstairs to change, leaving Chris and I in the kitchen. “That’s really hot.”, Chris said to me. I was still a little embarrassed, but was regaining enough composure to notice Chris’s now rock-hard nipples poking through her top. The evening was cooling off a little, but I didn’t think that was the only factor in the nip-out. Either way, a treat for me.

“We both like it,” I said, “it’s kind of kinky, spices things up.”

“Yeah, I guess it would. My god, those aren’t even mine, and I’m getting turned on. I hope your wife is ready fast!”

She was, and we soon heard her coming down the stairs. “Are you guys ready?”, she called from behind a corner. We were. She came around the corner, and Chris and I both gawked at her. Even though I’d seen her in a strap on before, it never stops hitting all my buttons, and this new one did it even more. It really was much larger than our first one, and the harness was quite sexy and secure looking, showing off my wife’s hips and ass. She had taken her top off, and was naked except for the strap on.

She walked over to me, asked me if I liked it. I grabbed the cock in my hand, pulled her to me, and gave her an intense, sloppy kiss. “You’re gorgeous!”, I said. She pulled away, then struck a few playful poses for Chris.

“Ohh, wow!”, Chris said. “That’s amazing! What’s it like?” I caught the twinkle in my wife’s eye as she looked at me, then down at the other strap on still on the kitchen table.

“Well, why don’t you put one on, then you tell me how it feels.” Dana and I both looked at Chris, waiting to see her response. She reached down and picked the harness and cock up from the table, considering it.

“Ok.” She looked at us, grinning and excited. “Should I, you know, take off my….” She looked at Dana, who stepped towards her.

“Here, I’ll show you how.”, my wife offered. “You can either take your panties off, or leave them on. It’s more fun if you take them off, but you don’t have to.” Chris handed Dana the strap on, then after a brief pause quickly shucked her bottoms. I gazed admiringly at her neat furry beaver, which I also noticed was glistening a little towards the bottom. My wife knelt before Chris, and began fastening the harness. “Don’t be shy about taking off your bra, too. I’m sure my husband won’t mind seeing your tits.” Indeed.

Chris reached back and undid her top while my wife continued to fasten the strap on. Quickly I was treated to a view of her wonderful rack, two fairly large, perky breasts, tan except for two small white triangles around her nipples. My wife stepped back, and we both took in the view of Chris, now also naked except for a strap on.

Chris looked down, and took a deep breath. “Oohhh. I think I like this!” She reached down, and took the cock in her hand, squeezed it a few times, then stroked it, like she was masturbating. “Unbelievable! I love it!” She walked over to a full length mirror, and looked at herself sporting a new penis. “So, what do you guys do with these?”

My wife reached into my pants, and soon found and squeezed my own penis, which was quite hard, and leaking pre-cum. She smeared the pre-cum around the head of my dick with her thumb, and said, “I’ll bet I can talk someone into letting me show you.” She looked at me, and smiled.

“Honey, how about getting on your knees? I think Chris wants to watch us.” I gave her another long, sloppy kiss, then slowly sank to my knees, pausing briefly to suck each of my wife’s nipples. I glanced over at Chris, whose eyes were wide, and who still had one hand wrapped tightly around her strap on. Then I took my wife’s strap on in my mouth, and began to blow her. I continued for a few minutes, grabbing the base of the cock with one hand, and grabbing her ass with the other. I stopped, and looked at our neighbor again, who was now sitting on a couch, stroking her fake cock with one hand, and caressing her breasts with her other hand.

“I’m so turned on!”, our neighbor said. “I see why you like this, Dana.” My wife motioned for me to stand up, which I did.

“Would you like him to suck yours? I’m sure he will.” Chris quickly nodded. My wife knelt down in front of me, and pulled my pants off, taking my erection into her mouth and sucking me for a bit. Then she stopped, and said, “Ok honey, go suck hers for a while.” I kissed her again, and headed over to the couch. Chris spread her legs, so I could kneel between them, and I began sucking on her dildo. As I said, that one was our ‘starter’, and was a little smaller. I’d had a little practice with it, and was able to take the whole thing in my mouth with little effort. I intentionally made exaggerated sucking noises as I went about it, causing our neighbor to moan a little, and her hips twitched occasionally.

I slid my hand up along her leg and thigh as I sucked on the dildo, eventually coming to her pussy, which was partially exposed and accessible through the crotchless harness she had on. I massaged her clit a little, then slid a finger into her, in and out, slowly finger-fucking her as I sucked her dildo. My wife was watching intently, of course, and decided to get some finger action herself. I felt a lubed finger pressing against my ass, and after some massaging, she slid her finger into me, slowly working it in and out.

Eventually, Dana pulled her finger out, and I felt the head of her strap on pressing against my ass. She very slowly pushed it into me, allowing me time to adjust to the larger size. By now Chris was moaning as I finger-fucked her, and rubbed her clit with my thumb.

Dana began slowly fucking me, sliding the large dildo in and out. Chris was watching with wide, slightly glazed eyes. I felt my wife reach around, grabbing my cock, firmly squeezing it. “My god, you’re hard as a rock!”

Chris looked down, and saw my erection throbbing in Dana’s hand. “Jeez, he sure is,” she said. She leaned forward, and reached down to feel my cock. My wife obligingly moved her hand away so Chris could grab ahold. My excitement level was off the charts, and I groaned with pleasure as Chris began stroking my cock. Looking over me at my wife, Chris asked, “Umm, you don’t mind if I…?”

“No, go ahead. And I’m sure he doesn’t mind either. Do you, honey?” At this point, even small words were beyond me, so I just groaned my approval.

Chris grinned, and began stroking me a little more vigorously. “Well,” she said, “then I think I should do this right.” I thought she was doing a fine job as it was, but then she slid down off the couch, and took my cock in her mouth. Dana, still pounding away from behind apparently approved, because she reached forward and grabbed Chris’s hair in her hand, guiding her head back and forth on my cock, like I sometimes do to Dana when she blows me.

My eyes were rolling back, it felt so good. Dana was still pumping at my ass, at a fairly rapid rate now, and Chris was gobbling my cock like a pro. Chris reached up and grabbed the base of my cock, squeezing and pulling while she sucked furiously away, and that sent me right over the top. I came hard, so hard I briefly worried about my jizz knocking some of Chris’s teeth loose. Much to my pleasure, Chris kept right on sucking, swallowing my cum, and continuing to suck, like she was hoping more would come out.

After it was apparent my load was completely spent, Chris pulled back and said, “Wow! He sure shoots a big load, huh?”

A few minutes later, while I was still recovering from the experience, I realized I was about to get another treat, watching my wife have sex with another woman. Chris commented on how my wife had worked up a bit of a sweat. “It’s a lot harder than it looks,” she said. My wife had taken off her strap on, and walked up to Chris, who was still wearing hers. She grabbed Chris’s strap on, and said, “Wanna see what it’s like?” They both glanced at me, and my eyes must have been as big as bowling balls.

“Oh, I think your husband would like that a lot.” I nodded with enthusiasm. Chris began caressing my wife’s breasts, and Dana gently grabbed one of Chris’s, while still stroking the strap on with her other hand. Yes, indeed, I was in for a good show.

Chris moved a hand behind my wife’s neck, pulling her in. My wife was a little nervous, having never been with a woman, but as their lips touched she began passionately kissing Chris. They kissed a while where they stood, then my wife sank to the floor, pulling Chris down with her. She spread her legs, and Chris moved her head between them, kissing my wife’s beaver. At first it was just light kissing, but then she took a deep breath and dove in, sucking and licking. My wife was softly moaning, obviously enjoying it.

Chris’s head came up, and she said, “OK, you ready?” My wife nodded, and Chris moved up, guiding her strap on towards my wife’s pussy. Dana was obviously slippery wet, and the cock slid right in. Instead of immediately pumping away, Chris buried the shaft all the way, then stopped to spend a minute sucking my wife’s nipples. Then her hips began moving. It was a little jerky and awkward at first, but Chris soon got the hang of it.

What a sight! Two hot women, on the floor in front of me, fucking. The motion was causing their tits to rhythmically sway, just inches apart. Occasionally Chris would pause and french kiss my wife, then resume pumping her puss. Finally, I heard Dana say, “A little harder,” and I knew she was cumming. Chris furiously pumped, and my wife moaned and spasmed, thrusting her hips up into Chris as the orgasm hit her.

Chris got up, and took off the strap on. “My god! That is hard work!” She flopped down on the floor next to Dana.

“Thanks. That was great.” Dana rolled over, and kissed Chris again. Her hand moved to Chris’s bush, fingers probing. Chris spread her legs a little. My wife began moving down. She kissed Chris’s neck for a while. Then her breasts. Then her tummy. She spent a while kissing Chris’s tummy, and then moved between her legs, planting a long kiss on Chris’s beaver. My erection had returned with a vengeances.

While my wife worked Chris’s clit with her tongue, I moved behind her ass, which she had thoughtfully left up in the air. I slowly slid my cock into her from behind, which caused her to moan a little, and suck a little on Chris’s pussy. Chris evidently liked this, because she grabbed my wife’s head with both hands, pushing her head into her beaver. My wife continued lapping away at Chris, and the faster I fucked her, the faster she lapped away.

It took a while for me to get to orgasm, and when I did I began to really fuck Dana hard. Both women were moaning with pleasure now, and I happily shot my second load of the night deep into my wife. She was cumming too, and I could feel her muscles contract on my cock. And to make things perfect, Chris was cumming also, and was bucking her hips a little.

What a night! We laid on the floor a while, enjoying the moment. Dana asked Chris to spend the night, and Chris agreed. She got up, and said she had to go lock up her beach house, but said she would be right back. “You’re coming back, right?”, my wife asked.

“Oh, don’t worry, I’ll be right back,” Chris said. She then giggled and strolled out the patio door into the night, leaving her bikini on our kitchen floor. What a night.

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