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Breakfast is Served

Category: Fetish
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Drawing the covers back, hearing the hiss of the material against your spread legs. I see they are pulled back slightly, giving me full and unhindered access to your throbbing cock. My tongue sweeps my lips in anticipation, noting its length and girth. I watch it throb with each beat of your heart and notice the glistening diamond drop of pre-cum at the tip.

I can’t help the purr from rumbling softly in my throat as I crawl cat-like up the bed and settle between your legs. Stormy eyes darken as they meet your deep blue and I see your hungry need to feel your balls empty and fill my aching belly. I know exactly what you want and am eager to satisfy.

My head dips and I breathe in your scent… your masculine and unique scent… causing my mouth to water for that first taste of perfection before me. I lean in and nuzzle your inner thigh, my tongue making little, almost delicate sweeps; causing a shiver to swim my spine as your flavor ignites my tongue. I hear your soft gasp as my tongue makes first contact and your gluts flex causing your hips rise. You ache for my mouth on your cock… and I ache to tease you just a little, work you up even more. It’s simply too delicious of a thought, not to.

My head nuzzles closer to your groin and the delicious prize awaiting me. I press soft wet butterfly kisses over your flesh, my tongue laying soft licks and my teeth raking in light nibbles. Pleasing you, my only focus. I hear your soft groan as my lips, tongue and teeth work languidly… taking the time to savor every last inch at my disposal.

My hands are not still as fingertips and nails dance lightly over your hips and thighs, feeling the muscles beneath the flesh twitch at my touch. I hear your shallow breathing and as my eyes once more meet yours, I see hot lust clouding your vision. Your lips parted and eyes locked on the kneeling kitten before you.

My head moves closer, my nose nudging your heavy balls. I inhale deeply, my eyes flutter closed… lost in your scent. Your groan of frustration and rising hips reminds me of my purpose. My head moves, dipping further down into the bed and I slide my tongue under your balls. The salty taste explodes on the wet muscle and drives my craving higher. I tongue one heavy orb into my warm, wet mouth and suckle gently, listening to your soft gasps and moans. I slip the swollen testicle free and tongue the other into my mouth… again suckling gently and savoring the taste of you. I feel the muscles of your thighs clench against my fingertips as you feel my mouth begin its worship of our magnificent organ.

I release your ball and run my tongue between the two, lapping hungrily and purring the entire time. I love the taste of you and can’t seem to get enough. I feel your balls resting against the sides of my tongue, hugging the slick muscle, as I make languid licks and I hear your soft growl. I feel you shift as you rise onto your forearms and watch intently as I work. I know what you want and a slow ball bath is… not… it.

I move my head, running my tongue upward, your cock rising to add just a hint more pressure as I lavish a long wet lick from the base to the glistening tip. My tongue makes slow calculated circles against the supple flesh and sweeps that delicious diamond into my mouth. Your flavor blooms on my tongue and I am lost in your taste… again. Now it’s my turn to moan… and moan I do. I work my tongue against the weeping hole, coaxing more fluid and lap at it hungrily. I hear your pleasurable sounds encouraging me and I open my mouth and draw just the swollen tip between my lips and suckle. I hear your hiss under my ministrations and feel your body tense and hips rise. You want more and I greedily comply.

I slowly draw your cock deeper into my mouth and feel it slide along my tongue until the tip brushes the back of my throat. Holding it there, my tongue in constant motion, my stretched lips tightening, cheeks sunken against your length, I draw back and apply strong suction until the tip is once again between my hungry lips. My tongue lashes against the soft throbbing flesh, tasting more pre-cum. I slowly drop my head again, my tongue dancing around your stiff manhood, taking every last inch I possibly can until I feel the slick tip tapping against my gullet. Taking a deep breath I force my head down and feel your cock slip into my welcoming throat. I swallow around you, the muscles rippling along your length and sending electric pulses throughout your entire body.

This… this is what you want.

I hear your moans and growls of pleasure and know I am worshipping you and your cock perfectly. I hear the whisper of the sheets as your fingers curl against them, capturing handfuls of the delicate fabric. I feel the muscles of your thighs tremble as I hold my head deep against your groin, my nose against your pelvis and my throat encasing your entire shaft. My need to breathe takes over and I slowly… very slowly… pull my head back until I gasp softly and the rush of cool air around your hot wet cock causing it to pulsate and swell even more.

I feel your right hand move from the bed and take up residence in my hair as you fist the soft dark tresses and hold my head still. I know what’s coming and ready my throat for invasion. I feel your hips rise and thrust your cock deep, well past my gag reflex and into my willing throat. As you buck up, my right hand moves from your thigh and cups your heavy sack, rolling your balls gently in my palm. I know how you liked them squeezed just as you’re about to cum and as you ravage my mouth, I tighten my hand around them.

You thrust, withdraw and thrust again, leaving me gasping for breath with every opportunity and you enjoy hearing your kitten struggle. But I’m not nearly finished with you and using my free hand I slide nimble fingers against my sodden cunt and into the weeping hole, wetting them for the next treat I have for you. Moaning and whimpering as you fuck my mouth with an ever growing need, I bring my slick fingers close and run them behind your heavy balls and further back, seeking that sinful hole. Once there I circle the twitching pucker until I feel it relax and push my sodden digit in slowly, feeling your swollen prostrate and massaging it gently.

The sound that bursts from your throat is like nothing I’ve ever heard before… so raw and hungry. I feel you tip your hips allowing my finger more room as I slide it against your gland and feel your cock swell with each touch. My mouth and throat filled to capacity and you struggle to add more of your pulsating meat. I feel your balls begin to draw up, readying for the expulsion of your seed.

Your thrusts grow more urgent, barreling your cock deep into my willing orifice. You are relentless and intent on feeding me. My tongue lashes and I suck hard as you withdraw, relaxing a bit as you plow forward. You fuck my face and I adore every moment of your claiming. I can feel your ass contracting around my finger, your balls tight in my squeezing hand and your cock as swollen as it will ever be.

I look up past the vast expanse of your heaving chest to see your clenched jaw, blue eyes burning with intensity and your face flushed with unfulfilled need. You are so close… so fucking close. Our eyes meet and in that meeting I feel your cock pulsate, hear your growl, my fingers tighten around your balls squeezing just enough to push your cum free, your sphincter clamping tightly around my finger and your loud bellow as your cock floods my mouth with your seed.

I swallow as fast as I can while you fill my mouth but there is so much that it seeps out around my lips to drip against the sheets. I suck greedily, unwilling to let any more escape. I feel it fill my fiery belly, satisfying that hunger… at least for now. I pull my head back until just the tip is between my lips and suckle gently. I watch as you begin to relax, like the calm after a violent storm, the initial urgency gone. I swallow every last drop I can find and with another squeeze of your balls, the last of your delicious cum oozes onto my tongue. I moan softly and release your cock with a soft pop. I slip my finger from your ass and release your now empty balls. Moving up, pressing soft kisses to your quivering stomach, heaving chest, and strong neck until my cum soaked lips meet yours, coaxing your mouth open and pushing my tongue into the heat, seeking its mate and sharing your release with you.

The kiss is long and heated, our tongues battling for supremacy, swirling against one another and tasting your delectable cum. I moan and whimper as my mouth and body seizes every opportunity to show you just how much your kitten adores you.

Reluctantly breaking the fiery kiss and whispering softly, “Good Morning Daddy.”

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