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Brad’s Nosy Dad

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I suppose it’s a sign of the times, as well as a testimony to my advancing age, but as the divorced father of a 19 year old boy, I’m constantly amazed at the things these kids send each other through their e-mail. These guys tell girls to send pictures of themselves in various stages of undress, or even stark naked, and these girls actually do it!

The reason I know this is because I monitor my son Brad’s e-mail, as well as everything he does on the computer at home. If he wasn’t getting a free ride living at home with me while plodding through college, it would be a different story, but the way I look at it, it’s my house, I bought the computer and supply the juice and he’s aware that there’s no such thing as privacy on a family computer.

Besides, a guy who’s on the far side of 50 and busts his ass so much that a social life is nearly impossible deserves a little entertainment, and looking at these pictures that girls send him gets my juices flowing. Oh, to be 19 again and in this era.

Anyway, Brad was visiting his mother on one of “her” weekends with him, so on Friday night after a couple of cocktails I got into Brad’s computer in hopes of finding something interesting to look at.

There’s plenty of porn sites that I could look at, but for me I find pictures of “real” girls much more interesting. The sight of some fresh-faced college freshman half naked is a lot more erotic to me than seeing some bored looking actress stripping for the millionth time.

Brad didn’t disappoint, as I ran into some very stimulating conversation he had with a chubby redhead with enormous breasts. Brad would ask her to pose a certain way and the girl did it. Playing with her own tits, sucking on her own nipples – you name it.

Brad would then share these photos with his cyber buddies, and everybody would make their crude comments. I felt a little sorry for the girl, and wondered whether “Karen from the east side” knew that the private images she sent my son were probably all over the school.

When I moved on to another thread, I immediately froze when I saw the image on the screen. I knew this girl from somewhere. As I stared at the picture of the nervous looking girl I tried to think of how I knew her. Then it hit me.

The picture on Gino Parelli’s desk at work. This was the same girl. Gino was my partner in our accounting firm and this girl was his daughter. I had met her at a couple of picnics and things, and as I struggled to remember her first name I felt a wave of guilt. This wasn’t right.

The first picture was just a head shot, so that was no big deal, but I saw that there were several more messages exchanged between Brad and my partner’s daughter. Brad could get in trouble with this, because this girl was very young.

The more I thought about it, it came to me that my partner’s daughter was only a year younger than Brad. Funny how I still think of Brad as a kid even though he’s approaching 20. Maybe it’s because of the way he acts sometimes, but it’s tough to look at him as a man.

Marianna! That was her name, and as I stared at her image I was torn between continuing or just logging out. It wasn’t like Marianna was an attractive girl, I thought to myself. Looked a lot like Gino with the olive skin, big nose and the wavy jet black hair.

That wasn’t nice, I told myself. I was acting like my son, berating the girl because she wasn’t very attractive. Perhaps it was the drinks, but in the end I went to the next message.

Show me your tits. That was what my son asked of Marianna next. She was reluctant to do that, and I applauded her for that, but when Brad became insistent and threatened to end the conversations, Marianna complied.

Brad and his friends had a real hoot over the picture that poor little Marianna sent to my son, and although I cringed at their nasty remarks as the photo had circulated around their group, I was enthralled by her image.

The photo of Marianna was so sweet and innocent looking, especially compared to the crude and graphic ones other girls had sent, and while Marianna was certainly not what a teen guy in the year 2010 found attractive, her look worked for this child of the 70’s, as my cock got hard immediately.

In the picture Marianna was wearing a plain white nightie and had pulled it up to her neck, exposing her breasts. Her titties were small but jutted straight out, with big puffy nipples that dominated the modest cones. What perfect little hand-fulls – or maybe mouthfulls they were, and although Brad and his buddies derided their size, I thought they were perfect.

My son and his cronies saved their most pointed barbs for Marianna’s other noticeable feature, and I was glad for her sake that she had kept her panties on. The very modestly cut undies were unable to contain what had to be a magnificent bush, as the jet black hairs were peeking out of the elastic of the panties leg holes.

In addition, their was a thin but definitely noticeable treasure trail that wound from the top of her panties to the underside of her pert little belly button. What my son and his circle said made her look like an ape-girl along with other derogatory comments, I found exciting.

Too bad her armpits were shaved, I noted as my eyes went to her upraised arms, although the dense 5 o’clock shadow that covered the deep recesses under her arms also got critiqued by Brad. Also coming in for abuse was the fine downy hair that grew on the girl’s forearms, which looked so soft that I longed to be able to run my fingers up and down her slender limbs.

What would my son have said if he could have seen his mother back when she was Marianna’s age, I wondered, walking around bra-less with her unshaven armpits back in her college days? As I thought back to those happier times, I suddenly realized that my hand was inside the fly of my pajamas, and I had been slowly stroking my swollen member as I stared at Marianna.

I got up and went to the kitchen, disgusted at myself for what I had been doing as well as being disappointed in my son for being so shallow about the other sex. Apparently he found the silicone enhanced and waxed women of the 21st century as appealing as I found them appalling.

I was going to go back to the computer and delete the photo, but decided to make another drink, and by the time I made it back to the computer I had changed my mind. The picture kept haunting me, and when I sat down and looked at it again it was with a sock slipped over my cock.

I came, and came hard, enjoying a powerful orgasm that made me dizzy as I filled the cotton sleeve with what seemed like an absurd amount of semen, and as my cock went limp the shame washed over me much like the orgasm had.

A chime indicating incoming mail roused me from my guilt trip, and when I checked to see what had arrived I saw that it was a message from Marianna to Brad. It was a brief e-mail, asking if he got her picture because she hadn’t heard from him since she sent it, and because she never sent anything like that before she wasn’t sure if she did it right.

“I got it, and you’re beautiful.”

I don’t know what got into me, first typing that and then actually sending it to the poor girl, but once it was on the way, there was no turning back.

“You’re sweet,” came Marianna’s reply a couple of minutes later. “I’m not beautiful though. I know that. Want to IM?”

I scrambled around to find Brad’s password and got connected with Marianna in a matter of minutes.

“Just before you e-mailed me, I was looking at your picture and you made me so hot that I got myself off.”

After I sent these messages, I went back and eliminated the evidence while waiting for Marianna’s reply.

“OMG!” Marianna gushed. “Really? I wish I could have seen that. You said that you were going to send me a picture of your stuff. If you do, maybe I will do that too *blush*”

“I have a better idea,” I responded. “Why don’t you come over and you can look at it in person. I’m all alone in this great big house all weekend.”

As I corresponded with this sweet young thing, I could feel sweat rolling down my spine. Clearly, I was way out of line here, but I was so turned on that I feel powerless to stop.

“Can’t tonight. My parents won’t let me out this late.”

“Too bad.” I replied

“How about tomorrow night?” Marianna replied. “I can tell my folks that I’m going to sleep over at Kim’s house.”

“Great,” I found myself writing back.

“OMG! I can’t believe this is actually happening.”

“That picture. Too bad you kept your panties on. Looks like you’ve got a lot of hair down there.”

Did I really just type that? Too late now.

“UGH!” Marianna replied. “I’ll trim it before tomorrow night.”

“NO!” I practically screamed, both vocally and electronically. “Don’t you dare!”

“You like that?” Marianna asked. “I thought that turned guys off.”

“Not this guy.”

“I mean, like I’m really uh… hairy.”

“I know. I could tell. I want you just the way you are.”

“Um… I gotta tell you something. Promise not to laugh?”


“I’m a virgin.”

A chill went through my body as I read those words, and my hands were trembling when I replied.

“Doesn’t seem possible. Somebody that looks as sweet and hot as you. How old are you?”

“I told you before that I was 18. Besides, I know I’m not hot.”

“Sorry. I forgot. Can’t believe you’ve never done it before. You have done stuff with guys though, right?”

“Well yeah, like you know – stuff, but never that.”

“I’d love to be your first.”

“Me too. When you talked to me on the phone that day I like melted. Um, do you have a big one?”


“Your dick. Do you have a big one? Kim told me that if you do it your first time with a guy that has a big one, it hurts.”

“I would never hurt you.”

“I know, but I’m just curious. Getting excited I guess. Did you really – you know – at my picture?”

“Yes. Does that bother you?”

“No. Kinda makes me feel good in a way. Don’t think anybody ever did that when they thought about me.”

“You’d be surprised. Matter of fact, I might have to do it again before I go to bed. Can’t fall asleep like this.”

“Is your dick getting hard again?”


“Why won’t you send me a picture of it now?”

“Can’t right now. You’ll see it soon enough.”

“You don’t have to be ashamed if you’ve got a little one. I don’t care about junk like that.”

“No, I’m not small,” I assured Marianna as I looked down at my cock which was erect at pointing up at me through the open fly of my pajamas. “It’s about eight inches or so. Maybe nine.”

“No way.”

“I thought you said you did stuff with guys before, didn’t you?”

“I have.”

“Tell you what. Google the name Ron Jeremy and take a look at his stuff.”

“Gotta lock my bedroom door first.”

My wife used to say that my cock looked a lot like that pudgy porn star back in the day when we used to watch dirty movies in the VCR, and as I waited for Marianna to get back online, I tried to imagine what was going on in her head.

“OMG! Please tell me you’re kidding,” was Marianna’s response.

“Well, I’m not circumcised, but except for that – you aren’t scared, are you?”

“Um, I gotta go.”

“You are scared, aren’t you? Either that or – are you doing something naughty?”


“Will I see you tomorrow night?”


“You know where I live?”

“Of course. Remember I told you how I ride my bike past your house all the time?”

“Oh yeah. Tomorrow night then?”

“Yes. Night.”

I didn’t need to go back to Marianna’s picture, because I had my own image of what was going on in her bedroom. In my mind, Marianna had that nightie hiked up again, only her panties were off now, and she was sitting at the computer.

Marianna was looking at some picture of Ron Jeremy from the Internet, and her fingers were busy inside of her delightfully hairy pussy while she stared at the cock she thought was attached to my 19 year old son. Maybe she was cumming just like I was, I imagined, while I tried to contain the mess to my pajamas as I came.

I erased the evidence of all of my conversations with Marianna, and as I peeled off my gooey clothes and took a shower, I thought about what I had just done.

Marianna was going to come over tomorrow night, and instead of finding my surfer-dude looking son with the long light brown hair waiting for her, she was going to see his 54 year old father, and while my 6’1″ and 190 pound body was in decent enough shape, my bald head would make it clear that I was not Brad even if she didn’t already know what he looked like.

I knew what I was going to do. I was going to play the caring parent to another man’s daughter, explain to Marianna why it wasn’t a good idea to send pictures of yourself like that, and sort of give her the old “scared straight” treatment.

She would probably be upset, but in the end she would be grateful that I was caring enough to try to protect her like that, even though inside I would give anything to spend the night with such a sweet young thing.


I was watching when Marianna came up the driveway, straightening her hair and looking up at the house nervously as she got closer, while I hid behind the blinds. I had left the inside door open, and when I heard the timid tapping on the screen door, I did an imitation of my son’s voice.

“It’s open,” I warbled as I waited out of sight in the kitchen upstairs, around the corner from the landing, as the door creaked as it opened.

“Brad?” I heard her say, her nerves obvious in her voice.

“C’mon up,”

I felt creepy at this point, luring the poor girl here just to show her how dangerous it could be to send stuff on the computer, but I really had no bad intentions at the time.

“Mr. Benson?” Marianna said as she saw me standing by the sink, the shock evident as she stopped abruptly by the kitchen table.

I was surprised that she remembered me, because we had only met a couple of times, and I had hoped she hadn’t, but it was too late now.

“Hello Marianna.”

“Uh… um… I was looking for Brad,” she said.

“I know, honey,” I said.

I briefly explained to Marianna what I had done, and watching the poor girl slowly meltdown before my eyes was as painful for me as it was for her. Marianna had come here expecting to be with this guy that she had a crush on, and instead there I was trying to be a father to somebody else’s kid.

Marianna had gone all out to impress my absent son. Her short black hair looked like she just had it done professionally, and she was wearing a sharp light blue blouse and shorts outfit that she looked nice in. Her bare arms were very slender, as were her legs, so maybe she should have covered them up a little, but all in all she wasn’t nearly as plain as I had remembered her to be.

“I’m sorry,” I said, coming over to put my arm around her to comfort her. “Look, we’ll go to the computer and get rid of the pictures.”

I took Marianna down the hall to the computer room, ushering her inside and pulling up another chair for her to sit in. Logging on, the sniffles coming from Marianna tore me up, and then when I brought up the correspondence and her face appeared on the screen as big as life, she let out a gasp.

“Omigod,” Marianna said, cringing at the head shot.

“There,” I said, and with a few clicks the photo disappeared.

The problem was that after that disappeared, the revealing photo popped right up, and if that wasn’t bad enough, she could see the comments Brad and her buddies had made.

“No,” Marianna said, and first I think she was going to slap the keyboard or do something to make the picture go away, but then I saw her reading the insults.

“They’re right,” Marianna sobbed. “I am gross.”

“Nonsense,” I said. “You’re a very attractive young lady.

I held Marianna’s hand, her moist little fingers clutching me hard as she cringed while looking at the picture.

“Look at me,” Marianna said.

“I did,” I heard myself saying. “Remember last night?”

Marianna was confused, having forgotten the part about our conversation, and as the girl blushed even more I let my hand caress her forearm gently, the downy hair there feeling a soft as a cloud.

“I forgot that was you,” she said. “Please don’t tell my father.”

“Of course not,” I said. “This will be our little secret. Some of those things I wrote – well, let’s just say that I’m not too proud of myself.”

“I know you were just trying to be nice,” Marianna said, still staring at the image on the screen of herself with her nightie pulled up.

“Oh no, Marianna,” I said quickly – too quickly because what I was saying should have never come out of my mouth. “Everything I said was the truth. Everything I said – and said I did, was true.”

Her face illuminated by the light of the screen, she kept staring at herself, and then I scrolled down to the conversation we had shared. her lips were moving a little bit as she read along, and I found my hand reaching up to gently stroke the faint down that grew around her ear.

“Really?” she said quietly as she got to the part where I had told her what I did while looking at her picture. “You really did that?”

“Yes,” I said, mortified. “But I just what you to know that you shouldn’t send stuff like this to other people, because you don’t know who’s seeing it. Besides, you’re far too pretty to have to resort to things like that.”

Marianna forced a weak smile as I eliminated the picture from my son’s files, and when I turned back to her she was wiping the tears from her cheeks.

“Now you won’t be able to – you know,” Marianna said. “Now that my picture is gone.”

“I sent it to myself,” I confessed. “Hope you don’t mind. It should be kept from goofy kids and enjoyed by someone more mature and that appreciates real beauty.”

“That guy?” Marianna said. “Jeremy?”

“Oh. Ron Jeremy?” I said, cringing myself.

“I saw an old picture of him.”

“Yeah, back in the day he wasn’t too bad looking, but like the rest of us, we don’t improve with age.”

Marianna was biting her lip, looking so sweet that it was all I could do to keep from kissing her, and then all of a sudden it was happening. We were leaning toward each other and then our lips met. It was a sweet and innocent kiss, and her cheeks were cool from the tears.

We leaned back from each other for a second and both gave a nervous laugh before Marianna leaned forward again, her eyes closed and waiting for me to lean forward myself. I did.

“Honey, this is wrong,” I said. “Believe me, if I was your age I’d give anything to be with you. Let me take you home.”

“Please don’t, Mr. Benson,” Marianna said, biting her lower lip and looking at me with eyes that were pleading. “Don’t make me go home. I want to stay. I’ve been waiting my whole life for this night.”

We kissed again, and this time it was a passionate kiss, with me running my fingers through her thick hair. My eyes were open, looking at the girl who was putting her heart and soul into kissing me – me, a horny old pervert who suddenly realized that this was what I wanted to happen all along.

I felt Marianna’s hand on my lap, searching and finding for me, and when her fingers seized the bulge her eyes popped wide open.

“Not here, honey,” I said when I felt Marianna trying to pull down my zipper, and with that I led the girl to my bedroom.


I followed Marianna into my bedroom and closed the door behind us, quietly locking the door in case Brad appeared unexpectedly. Standing behind Marianna, a head taller than the young lady who was staring at the bed in front of her, I was torn between the obvious choices.

“Are you sure?” I asked, standing behind Marianna and putting my hands on her slender shoulders, and while Marianna didn’t say a word, her nod gave me the answer.

I let my hands slide down from her shoulders slowly, shivering along with the young girl when my fingers began feathering their way through the downy hairs on her horearms. The hair was as soft as a cloud, billowing under my touch, and as my hands passed, goose bumps appeared on the skin below and the fine black hairs stood up at attention.

“You’re so lovely,” I said, nuzzling into her neck as my hands went back up her arms as if to warm her, and Marianna’s breath caught in her throat as I kissed her smooth olive skin.

My hands were shaking a little as I reached down and took the bottom of her blouse, lifting it up slowly as Marianna lifted her arms to allow it to come off. Her bra looked to be one of those styles that enhance the breasts, raising and thrusting forward the flesh, and as I looked down over her shoulders I saw the very modest cleavage created by the harness.

Marianna had the faintest down running along her spine to where the bra clasps were. A couple of hooks came free and then the bra was coming off of her shoulders. Her tits were magnificent and needed no such enhancement. The small cones jutted out proudly from her waif-like torso, and the over-sized areolas were like strawberries on their ends.

Soft and spongy those areolas were as well, and when my fingers massaged them the young girl groaned, leaning back into me and raising her arms, reaching back to grab my head and run her fingers through my thinning scalp.

Maybe she felt my cock, fully aroused and straining to rip through my trousers, as I pressed it against her back. Marianna was writhing against me as I caressed her budding breasts while nibbling on her neck.

I let my thumbs slide over briefly to her underarms, which were hidden from my sight, and while I was a bit let down to find her armpits were shaved, I permitted myself to allow my thumbs to gently stroke the moist and deep hollows, savoring the faint stubble and inhaling the intoxicating scent that was created by the friction.

Now my hands were going to undo her shorts, but now I wanted to see what I was unveiling so I turned Marianna around, enjoying the innocent way her hands came up to try and hide her breasts. Pulling her trembling fingers from the magnificent cones, I smiled and bent down and kissed her breasts.

I could almost take her entire breast bud in my mouth, and the flesh tasted sweet as I suckled on each of them gently before going to my knees. Before me, Marianna’s belly button was staring at me, a cute little indentation visible just above the shorts, and below that I could see a couple of fine black hairs that promised much more when the shorts came down.

The button was stubborn, or I was awkward, but eventually I got it loose. The shorts came down, exposing the pale blue panties, but I didn’t care about the rather modestly cut panties but what was underneath them. My eyes took in the treasure trail, faint at first but thickening a bit before disappearing under the satin.

Behind the satin I could see the thick bush, the outline of the wide dense triangle visible against the fabric. Her pubic hair was as black as black could be, peeking out from the leg openings of the undies that were overwhelmed by Marianna’s breathtaking delta. I pulled the shorts down her skinny legs, breathing in deep to smell what I hadn’t smelled in years; the scent of a woman in heat.

Her panties were wet. Whatever I had been doing or whatever she had built up inside of her was raging, and when I peeled off the soggy undies, the pungent scent of her pussy washed over me. Her bush, now fully exposed, was an untrimmed forest, the rich black curls a wild triangle that brought back memories of a day when women were women and not Barbie dolls.

I moved my face into her delta, the hair springy and moist against my face, and Marianna moaned and clutched my head close to her pussy as I licked at the dripping opening, my hands grabbing her tiny butt cheeks and kneading them tightly.

We weren’t going to make it into bed. Marianna was pulling at my scalp, her legs bowed and shaking as her reaction to my tonguing her pussy for that brief time brought her to orgasm. I think my hands on her ass were about the only thing keeping her up as she cried out loud enough to get the neighbor’s dog going.

My face was soaking wet when I pulled it out from between her legs, looking up to see the flushed face of the teenager looking down at me dazed and winded.

Marianna helped me to my feet, and when I stood up she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me, her lips full and warm and her tongue demanding my own. I held the fragile flower in my arms softly, letting my hands run down her back, her skin soft with an exotic feel to it, like that of a kiwi or a peach.

“Let me,” was all she said as Marianna leaned back and unbuttoned my shirts, her tiny fingers making quick work of the row, and then the shirt was coming off of my shoulders.

Marianna was biting her lips as she let her fingers rake through the mat of silver and grey hair on my chest, and how I now wished I went to the gym more often. I was a little soft these days, but Marianna didn’t seem to mind, leaning forward and biting my nipples playfully while undoing my belt.

The shy and timid girl that had come into my bedroom was gone for the most part, replaced by a woman who knelt before me and took my trousers down. I heard a sharp intake of breath as her hand ran over the bulge in my boxers, and then the snap came undone and they fell to the floor.

I looked down at Marianna’s wide-eyed expression as my cock slowly rose after being exposed, bouncing like it was jacked up until it was pointing straight at her. She looked at it oddly for a moment, mystified at seeing an uncircumcised penis, but not for long.

Marianna’s hand came up and grabbed my erection, fists pumping the fully engorged shaft, and she giggled a bit when she saw the foreskin slide up and down the head of my cock, but then she proved what she had said on-line last night. She had messed around with guys.

Marianna’s mouth was magical. Her lips slid up and down my cock while her hands did their thing, pumping the shaft and kneading my balls while I looked down in amazement and the studious way the teenager devoured my cock. Soon her mouth was taking in well over half of my 8″, and the way she was getting maniacal about it, she was determined to take it all soon but I was losing control. Reaching down, I pulled Marianna up to her feet.

“Make love to me,” Marianna said, and we moved back to the bed.


I was planning on going down on Marianna again, in part because I wanted to taste some more of that sweet pussy and play with her lush forest, and also because I had been on the verge of cumming and wanted time to settle down, but she wanted none of that, as her hands indicated.

Despite the dense bush that guarded her sex, there was no problem finding the opening, which was dripping wet. I didn’t know what to expect, having never been with a virgin before, but I was about to find out. Guiding the head of my cock between the wet lips, I pushed forward.

For a second, I thought I must be at the wrong opening. Tight? I felt like I was trying to push into the eye of a needle. Marianna was crying, her precious features twisted into a grotesque caricature as I leaned into her as gently as I could.

I felt guilty, but less than I would have if Marianna’s hands weren’t on my ass, pulling me forward. Finally, I felt myself gradually moving inside of her vise-like opening, and after a bit more work we managed to get me half in. Maybe Marianna relaxed about then, because she became less tight, and soon Marianna was smiling, imploring me to go faster – harder.

I complied. It wasn’t artistic, it was wet and sloppy, and I made sure not to look down for fear of what was the cause of that, but it was great. We were like animals being unleashed after years of waiting, and when Marianna came she got the dog barking again, but I was doing busy cumming myself to notice that much.

“Thank you, Mr. Benson,” Marianna said as I suspended myself over her while my cock began to slowly slither out of her.

“Thank you?” I asked. “And Mr. Benson no less?”

“I’m sorry,” Marianna said, giggling as she blushed. “It’s all new to me. I feel funny calling you James, or is it Jim?”

“Jim is fine,” I replied, happy that she knew my name.

I glanced down, relieved to see that the moisture was just our natural juices. I guess that these days, hymens get lost in doctor’s offices, gymnastics or in Marianna’s case as she told me later, her plastic “boyfriend”.

I collapsed on the bed beside my young lover, and after a while Marianna got up and went to the bathroom. Her waiflike body was so adorable, and I felt the pangs of guilt once again. Her first time should have been with somebody she loved, not some lovelorn middle aged guy trying to reclaim his youth.

That feeling went away, coming to grips that Marianna was tired of dealing with what she considered the burden of being a virgin and an ugly duckling, and was going to do it anyway, with my son no less. This was better, at least that was the way I felt. I tried to make it as good as it good be for her, something I can’t see Brad doing.

Besides, she was no ugly duckling. This little woman drove me wild, and if guys couldn’t see how incredible looking she was in her own special way, they were the ones with the problem.


I didn’t know what the rest of the night was going to bring. I thought maybe a pizza or something, but Marianna had other plans.

“That was the best yet!” Marianna squealed after she had coaxed a third orgasm out of me around midnight, riding me like I was a pony until I erupted once again inside of her. “I could do this all night.”

“If I was 18 I’d be able to, believe me,” I said. “I’m dead.”

I tried to act annoyed but she saw right through me of course. We took a shower together, and after I changed the sheets, which were drenched with our sweat as well as a heaping helping of Marianna – who turned out to be quite a “wet” cummer – we cuddled and went to sleep.


It was around 4 in the morning when I woke up and felt warmth and wetness on my dick. Marianna, of course, who said she woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep.

“Seemed a shame to let it go to waste,” Marianna opined, wiggling my very limp dick around. “Do you mind?”

“As long as you don’t take it personally when nothing happens,” I said.

“This is so neat,” Marianna said, playfully nipping at my foreskin. “All boys should have this.”

“They do.”

“Oh yeah. That’s right,” Marianna giggled, looking at me with those big doe eyes twinkling. “Does this hurt? Me nibbling like this?”

“No, as long as you don’t do what you did to me before,” I said.

“I said I was sorry,” Marianna pouted comically.

Marianna had sunk her teeth into my collarbone while in the midst of what at that time was her best orgasm ever, and in doing so had drawn blood as well as raising what would be a nasty looking bruise in the morning.

“I know,” I answered, and in fact I would enjoy looking at it until it went away, reminding me of this incredible night.

“Now where was I?” Marianna said just before wrapping her lips around my cock.

Funny how a guy a half century old can enjoy the greatest oral sex ever from an 18 year old virgin, but it was so. Marianna was not only an incredible cock-sucker but was actually able to deep-throat me, an experience that I had never enjoyed before.

Apparently, while guys never were willing to go out on dates on be seen with around others, they were willing to hang out with her and “mess around”. The messing around involved Marianna using her hands and mouth. Only about a half dozen guys, she said, but the experiences certainly honed her skills.

I actually started to feel my cock begin to show a little interest, so I got Marianna to move around. Climbing on top of me, she straddled my head, allowing me to bury my face in her lush jungle. Her pussy was so sweet, and the feel of her thick pubic hair on my cheeks was so erotic, that I could have lapped at her until my tongue fell off.

Eventually, Marianna had what she called a mini, misting my face with her delicious nectar, and just before I was going to have Marianna give up, because I could only manage semi-hardness, I felt a familiar tingle and came myself, spitting a little cum into her waiting mouth.

“Yummy!” Marianna said after she climbed off of me and showed me the dollop of semen on her tongue.

“Now swallow and go to sleep,” I said sweetly.

“Will there be more for breakfast?” she asked with a wicked grin.


There was more for breakfast, to my surprise, and even more surprisingly there was more of me and Marianna Parelli. She made many more stops over the next few months, always e-mailing me to see how I was and if Brad was home or not. When I would say that I was alone and would suggest she was welcome to come over, she always did.

There was no future in it, and I made sure that Marianna realized that. She seemed to, even though she said that she would love to find somebody as nice as me her own age. I assured her that she would, especially staring in the fall when she went to college.

Sure enough, one evening she e-mailed me and asked if she could stop by. There was something strange about the way the message was worded that led me to believe that something was up, and when she arrived I could see on her face that she had something to say.

“You’re going to break up with me, aren’t you?” I said with a grin.

“I’m sorry,” Marianna said, her eyes getting moist even though we had always kidded about us not really “going steady”.

“Hey. I’m happy for you,” I said, and actually felt moved when she hugged and kissed me when her tears started to come. “Honestly.”

“I know,” Marianna sniffed, smiling a little.

“Somebody at school?” I asked and Marianna nodded.

“Not just somebody that wants to mess around with you?” I asked pointedly and she nodded. “Somebody that likes you for you? Just the way you are?”

Marianna nodded and burst into tears again, jumping back into my arms. Must be a woman thing, I suppose, but then again I was a bit misty myself at seeing her so happy.

“I hope everything works out for you and the lucky guy,” I said, and it was honest.

There was no future in us. Being around her father everyday at work was very awkward, even though he had no clue as to what was going on. Besides, Marianna deserved better than an old broken down guy like me.

“I will never forget you,” she said just before leaving. “You made me believe in me.”

“That was easy,” I assured her. “And you know I’ll never forget you.”

I still have that photo archived away, and I suspect I’ll look at it from time to time as long as I live. The picture of that shy girl with her nightie raised. The girl who thought she was an ugly ducking but found out that there was somebody out there who thought differently.

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