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Blind Massage

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I hadn’t expected the job I had started a few months ago to involve quite so much travelling, but it did and I enjoyed it.

With my corporate lawyer husband shuttling almost every other week between London and New York and my two children at university, I had become bored at home. I had worked freelance for some time editing magazine articles and a few books, but that didn’t get me out of the house much so a few months ago I had applied for and gained a job with a publishing house as a Style Coordinator;

style being the way of writing and editing, not clothing and gaining meaning an old friend got me the job!

The company had three offices in the UK and offices in most capitals of mainland Europe and I had to visit each one. Fortunately I was rarely away long. Often I could do what I had to in a few hours, so about half my trips were there and back in the day, some were overnighters with the occasional trip involving two or three days away. I was about to go on one of the latter, three nights in Berlin.

About half the colleagues I had to work with on the trips were male, so the hints and innuendos and even invitations to dinner were quite frequent. I passed on them all. I’m, relatively, happily married and although Richard’s travel was having a detrimental affect on both our marriage generally and our sex life in particular I still loved him, but in a very different way to when I married him some twenty three years ago. I was not prepared to do anything to jeopardise our relationship. I had done that once with a six month long affair, and had vowed that if I did that again it would be for good. My reckoning being was that if I felt so fed up with marriage that I would have an affair then I might as well end it, hence no affairs and thus the passing of the advances of my randy business colleagues and men I ‘bumped into’ on planes and in hotels.

That said I found business travel fairly and really sexy. The whole thing of being away from home on planes and in hotels by myself was a big turn on. Seeing the way that others I met on trips behaved suggested that most of them did too; that made me wonder about my husband a little, but I cast such concerns aside.

At first I put it down to being a forty three year old woman who had never, other than accompanying her husband, been on business trips, so I thought I would probably get used to it. After three months I was still finding it every bit as arousing and stimulating as I had when I started.

I liked the flying, despite the hassle of security and the difficulties of Easyjet’s and Ryanair’s way of treating their customers. I liked staying in hotels, mainly Marriotts, by myself. I enjoyed being alone at dinner and in my room and I realised I enjoyed the attention a woman gets when on business travel. I had no real responsibilities and I sort of became anonymous. It would have been so easy to have responded to the flirting and looks of enquiry at the airports, on the planes and in the hotels. So easy to have smiled back and returned the flirting perhaps by pushing out my full breasts, which became even more like beacons on business trips than they were even on the tennis court and at the gym. It would have been so easy to let the, usually, tight skirt of my dark business suit ride up a little and flash rather more leg to an onlooker than I should. It would have been easy to have done any of those things, but I didn’t.

On the flight to Berlin I had been ‘eyed up’ twice and that made me think of those things. It also made me think how logistically easy it would be to accept an ‘invitation.’ It would be so simple to have a drink, go to their room, fuck and go back to my room. I would never have to see him again, I needn’t even tell him my real name, and I could say anything and be anyone. But I hadn’t and I knew I wouldn’t.

I did though want sex; I needed more stimulation and satisfaction than Richard was providing, but how could I get it without being unfaithful and having an affair? Yes I was masturbating more than I had ever done, even as a teenager. Yes I could read sexy stories on a site I had stumbled upon called Literotica, or I could watch some porn, but most was such crap, even though I did enjoy, an Australian female masturbating site. When I had first started travelling I would watch the ‘adult’ films on the in room movies, but they were generally so male orientated I no longer bothered and used my laptop instead. And yes I could use the range of sex toys I had bought over the net. But none of that was enough to stop me feeling almost continually frustrated. It was a problem that I was thinking about more and more.

One of the stories I had read on Lit was about a businesswoman in the US who regularly used male escorts. Although I doubted that I would have the nerve to go through with it and invite a male hooker to my room, the concept intrigued me. It was the idea of sex without any follow up or repercussions that appealed. I liked the idea of ‘ordering’ a man, perhaps a younger one, over the phone, having him arrive, fuck me then leave without me really having to make any conversation. Most importantly it overcame my objections to having an affair; involvement and deceit on a regular basis. Hence, the concept appealed, but making it a reality was a big doubt.

I arrived in Berlin, went straight to the office and was there until seven or so. I got a cab to my hotel, went to my room and undressed. Recently, I had taken to being naked almost whenever I could. I worked at home, wandered round my house and even sat in my secluded garden undressed. I would like to claim some naturist intent, but I can’t. I purely did it because it made me feel good, and for good read sexy.

I ordered my room service dinner, salad and then a veal escalope with a bottle of white wine. I had checked the fridge and it was working so if I didn’t need to finish the bottle I could save it cold for tomorrow. Whilst not mean I did object to wasting some fifty Euros or so on a bottle of quite average Sauvignon Blanc: how hotels get away with the prices, I have no idea? Still naked I unpacked and hung my clothes up and put my underwear in the drawers provided. I had a long shower, washed my hair and did my toe and finger nails. I was enjoying myself.

I unpacked the laptop, powered it up and logged onto the net. My intent was to have a surf round some sites like lolastube, youporn and ifeelmyself, but just as I started there was a knock at the door. ‘Shit room service is quick, typical Germans’ I thought running into the bathroom, my boobs jiggling like hell as I grabbed the fluffy white bath robe. I tied the belt and opened the door.

A pleasant looking young man said something in German, quickly switching to impeccable English when I said “Hello.” He wheeled the dining trolley in and set that up laying the table and opening the wine which he invited me to taste. As I took a small sip I thought I saw his eyes on the vee of the lapels of the robe. Smiling and telling him it was fine I momentarily thought I would let the gown fall open and see what happened, but I didn’t and instead signed the bill and watched him leave with, I have to admit, a touch of regret.

The meal was fine and as I ate that I flicked around the internet. For no particular reason I googled ‘berlin entertainment’ even though I had no intent of leaving the hotel. I ran through theatres, opera, ballet and got to clubs. Scrolling through I came to sex clubs. It seemed that there were loads of places where one could see live sex and I found one that said ‘lady visitors particularly welcome, I bookmarked that and had a look. It claimed to be ‘couples orientated’ so that cut me out. I drifted around other sites and came to a massage section. Most, of course were for men but I looked further and saw a section titled ‘Massage for ladies.’ That appealed for I do like being massaged and I did have a slight creak in my back from tennis at the weekend. I found a site that claimed

‘Business ladies, this is for you’

I looked closer and read the sub-head:

‘Purely for ladies just by ladies. Let us give you the ultimate massage pleasure.’

Although I had no real experience of bi stuff, other than a couple of petting sessions when I was younger, that intrigued me. I thought about it for a while then accessed the site. It explained that ‘their totally discrete and very comprehensive services’ were designed by ladies especially for busy business ladies. ‘We do not offer any services to men’ was mentioned several times. It didn’t give too much information on the specifics of what they offered other than stating that they had a wide range of services designed to ‘relax, invigorate, stimulate, please and satisfy even the most demanding and discerning of ladies.’ I thought what the hell and tapped the number into my mobile. A female with a Chinese type accent answered. I explained that I had seen their ad and asked for more details. She explained that it was a very discreet service that could be provided at my hotel or at their private, exclusive apartment. She explained that she and her partners were Korean. Although I was nervous I was finding the chat quite exciting. In a roundabout way explained that I wasn’t lesbian and she replied that was irrelevant and that most of their clients were straight, married woman in their thirties and forties; mostly were visiting business executives. I asked about what would happen and she explained that it was a combination of various types of massage and other stimulations and that between them I would enjoy a most pleasurable and satisfying experience. She sounded quite proper, didn’t try to screw any money or a credit card number from me so everything seemed above board; I made an appointment for the next evening. That was confirmed by email almost immediately, together with a list of prices ranging from: ‘Our introductory service,’ which lasts forty minutes for one hundred Euros to Our Lady Executive Programme, which is a two hour service for two hundred and fifty Euros. The mail explained that a basic could be enjoyed and that further services added on as that finished. It was all very efficient and that reassured me.

I had several meetings at the office the next day, which was fortunate for I was hellishly nervous and became aroused every time I thought of the evening. I wasn’t quite sure that I would actually go, but half of me hoped I would have the courage.

After making the appointment I had finished my meal, I had already taken the gown off and was again naked. I tried reconciling what I was planning to do and I managed to do that remarkably easily. It wasn’t like going on a date, or going to a guy’s room for a shag for that would be unfair and against my ‘principles.’ Also, as it was with women it didn’t seem as bad as if it was with a man; ok rather tortuous logic, but it was how I felt. So, remarkably easily I had justified it in my mind; perhaps, I wondered as I saw my naked reflection in the mirror and one of my hands involuntarily cupping a breast, the fact that the wine bottle was empty had something to do with it as well. That may also have had something to do with me falling back on the bed and my hands going between my legs. I unfurled the folds round my clit and rubbed right on it. I couldn’t get a clear vision of what might happen tomorrow in my mind, but that didn’t matter, for my orgasm was already building up.

It was my first visit to the German branch of the company and I was surprised at how formal all the workers were with each other; they even called me Frau Williams. I was also surprised at the lack of fun and laughter, everything was taken very seriously, and at the lack of innuendoes and flirting; that was a pleasant surprise though and I was able to concentrate fully on my job; I began to understand the German efficiency. That meant that I finished up in the office fairly early around six and made my way back to the hotel. It was quite warm so I walked rather than taking a cab. It was very pleasant, although inside I was boiling up. I still wasn’t totally sure I would make it to that apartment and that simply added to my thoughts and arousal.

Naked about to shower I tried to think more about what the Korean girl had said, but she had been fairly hard to understand. I couldn’t really make out what they would do to me and if it really it was a lesbian thing or not. She had said and the site had reinforced that their services were designed for and used mainly by, straight, female executives. In the smaller print they had said that it was for ladies who preferred anonymity and did not want the entanglement of escorts or affairs. Even though nowhere did the site mention it, everything pointed to some form of sexual relief. That excited me, but I was a little worried at the lesbian angle.

I slipped into a pair of jeans and a white cotton shirt. I chose fairly basic, white underwear with a large cupped bra that provided me with great support and created a deep cleavage that was on view through the three open buttons of the blouse. I didn’t wear stockings or popsocks and slipped on a pair, of strappy, high heeled sandals that showed off my scarlet painted toe nails to good effect. Throwing a black hip length wool cardigan over my shoulders I went downstairs and took a cab to the location I had been given. The email had asked me to call five minutes before my arrival, but I had arrived with that time to spare to make sure the place looked ok. It did, in fact it was in a really fashionable area. Plucking up all my courage I called the number and was giving instructions to the actual apartment, which was just a couple of minutes along the road.

The door was opened by a tiny, probably under five feet tall girl, who was certainly oriental. She was attractive with the quite pronounced cheekbones, slightly narrow eyes and black, luxuriant hair that was cut fairly short. It also contrasted well with the brilliant, crisp white outfit she was wearing. It was a little like the tunic worn in Karate only there were no trousers and it was made of much thinner material, probably cotton. The jacket was baggy, had plunging lapels and just a tie at the waist. It reached to about half way between her waist and her knees. She wore nothing on her feet and I found myself wondering what she was wearing under the tunic

“Welcome madam,” she said, adding “I am Leea,” and embarrassing me slightly by putting her hands together as if about to pray and bowing deeply.

“Thank you Leea.”

“You are very welcome, may I call you Caterina?”

“Of course,” I replied thinking that’s the only name I have given you; for discretion I had given no family name.

I followed her along a hallway and into a really nice spacious apartment. It was beautifully furnished in a stylish, minimalist fashion with dark woods, chrome and smoked glass furniture and deep, pile carpets. It was mostly black, deep brown and cream. She ushered me across the lounge and into a smaller room which was set up as a changing room. Again it was impeccably clean and beautifully furnished; the saying a place for everything and everything in place came to mind.

Leea spoke pretty good English and explained that this was the changing and shower room.

“Please Caterina, to undress here and hang clothes here,” she said with her Chinesey accent opening a small, wooden, cream wardrobe. She removed a garment from it. “After shower here,” she went on opening the door to reasonably sized wet room, “You wear this, ok?”

“Yes Leea, thank you” I said taking the silky feeling garment.

“Then you ring a bell, here,” she said pointing to a bell push and leaving the room.

I undressed and hung my clothes up. I looked more closely at what she had given me. It was similar to a hospital gown in that it was mid thigh in length and was open at the back with some Velcro ties one could do up. It was cut fairly at the hem and low, but not alarmingly so at the front and it well covered my breasts. It had very short sleeves and was made from what felt and looked like silk. It was quite attractive, but I had no idea why that particular type of gown was being used. Under the powerful, massive headed shower, I thought that I would find that out very soon.

I was nervous, but so far very impressed. I was also feeling a little aroused and I noted that my nipples had hardened. I guess it was the unknown about what might happen that was the most intriguing aspect I was thinking as I dried myself. I slipped into the robe thing and, with some difficulty, pushed the Velcro together so that the back of the robe was somewhat closed up although, as I looked over my shoulder in a mirror, there was still quite a lot of me on display. Feeling a little surge of excitement at the anticipation of the unknown and at my body being on display, I rang the bell. Leea almost immediately came in.

“Nice?” She asked.

“Very nice thank you,” I replied

“Come we start now, please to follow me.”

She led me out of another door into a larger room, which was nearly dark, for the heavy blinds were down. There was just some low light from a few burning candles, which were also wonderfully aromatic and some tinkly, Chinese sounding music was playing very softly. I could see that there was a couple of low couches, a massage table, two wardrobes and a long sideboard with boxes and bottles on it. Between the two wardrobes there was a low unit with a sink and taps under which there were shelves with piles of towels on them.

“Please Caterine you sit here,” she said indicating a low backed chair and changing my name at the same time. I did as she asked.

She came up behind me and ran her fingers through my ash grey blonde, shoulder length hair. She said nothing but continued fondling my hair. It felt lovely. Gradually she moved from ruffling my hair to gently massaging my scalp. I’d had that done before and loved it. On and on she went alternating between a firm massage and a gentle caress. Her fingers moved in small circles on each area of my scalp and then in longer strokes from my forehead right down to my neck. She then started working on my neck and shoulders. At first she gave me a firmer massage down the sides of my neck and along the tops of my shoulders. I’ve had several massages at spas and hotels when on holiday and I could tell that Leea not only clearly knew what she was doing, but was also good at her job.

“Very tight, Caterina” she said pressing firmly on a spot half way between my neck and shoulder joint.

“Yes Leea, very,” I replied enjoying the deep massage she applied to that spot.

She gave me a deep tissue shoulder massage for some ten minutes or so loosening up the tight spots and making me feel very relaxed. Then she stopped. I turned and saw her walk across the room to the sideboard and then return to stand in front of me.

“You put these on please Caterina,” she said handing me a pair of those tiny earphones that especially kids wear with their iPods.

“OK,” I replied fiddling the tiny loudspeakers into my ears. The same music that was being played through the speakers in the room filled my ears, but through the phones it was louder and much more intense.

“This you wear too please” she said handing me an eye mask.

“Sure,” I replied not having any idea why she would want me to wear that as it was almost dark in any case. I slipped the elastic over my head and put the mask in place. I was now sightless with my hearing other than through the earphones cut off.

Leea started to massage me again. This time though it was softer, more a firm caress than a massage. She glided her fingertips down my neck, along the back of my shoulders and then onto the tops of my arms. Obviously, with the gown still in place her movement was restricted and I could feel her fingers getting entangled with the silky neckline of the robe. She stopped. Then I felt, for I could not see or hear, the Velcro clasp at the top of the robe being pulled open. She started the caressing massage again and this time was able to slide her hands under the top of the robe as she moved along my shoulders. It was lovely and time seemed to fly by.

The rhythmic movement of her hands on my flesh, the music from the earphones, the sweet, musky aroma from the candles and the lack of sight combined to give me a kaleidoscope of sensations and feeling. It was as if I was in a trance, almost hypnotised. I could feel myself nearly dozing off.

I came back to reality a little, though, as I felt her undo the other two Velcro fasteners, open the material of the robe slowly and move the neckline along my shoulders. As the opened sides of the back slid towards each of my shoulder joints, so the front of it also slipped down a little. Leea continued softly massaging my neck and shoulders, but also now slid her fingers down my back pressing either side of my spine. They went down to between my shoulder blades, then further. She pushed me so I sat straight with my back away from the chair and her fingers then slid right down to my waist. They kept going slowly down to my waist then all the way back up my spine and into my hair; it literally did send shivers up and down my spine. They went down again this time all the way to the base of my spine, so that her fingertips slid a tiny way into the crease of my bum pressing firmly on my coccyx . I jerked with surprise.

She returned to my shoulders and neck and gently massaged and caressed me there for some time. Now, though, without the hindrance of the gaping robe she was able to slither her fingers down my neck, along my shoulders and onto the tops of my arms in single sweeps. As she did, she started using her thumbs on the backs of my shoulders and letting her fingers tip over the apex of them so that they glided across my collar bones.

I was now leaning back luxuriating in the delights of the massage come caress that was becoming more and more sensual by the moment. She must have leaned forward a little for her chest pressed against the back of my head. It was an amazing feeling when I felt, what I worked out quickly to be, the softness of one and then both of her small breasts against the back of my head. Was she doing this purposefully or was it an accident, I wondered? I didn’t move and neither did she as she continued slithering her fingers across my chest, but now further underneath my collar bones. I was tingling with a form of sexual expectation I had never experienced before. I couldn’t work out what I was expecting or what I was even hoping for.

My heart started pounding as her fingers stopped running from my neck outwards towards my arms, but instead moved in increasingly large circles on my upper chest. On each downward sweep they went nearer and nearer to where the swell of my breasts started.

I wanted her to stop, I was scared, this was wrong, I’m not a lesbian.

I wanted her to go on, I was becoming aroused, this was so right, I am a sexual creature.

My breasts felt so heavy, alive almost, it felt as though they were throbbing and pounding, certainly every square millimetre of the skin covering them was tingling.

Both sets of fingers went down to almost where my breasts started.

Stop, a part of me was screaming. Go on do more, other parts of me were demanding.

The fingers continued on their circles moving round and upwards away from my breasts. They moved slowly, so slowly to what was the top of their circle just beneath my collar bones and stopped. They pressed me there. And then excruciatingly slowly, but enticingly purposefully they began their downward journey. I think I was sighing, or groaning, but being ‘blind and deaf’ I couldn’t be sure. I know I arched my back as they slithered millimetre by millimetre downwards. As they eased their way towards the places where I couldn’t be sure whether I would welcome or reject them, I think I pushed my breasts, outward. Was that an acceptance on my part of what she seemed to be proposing or was it an invitation? Indeed, could she even see my arched back and thrusted breasts? And then it occurred to me, what had happened to the front of the robe? Was it still covering me, or had it slipped down and bared my boobs? I couldn’t tell, I didn’t know and, so incredibly I suddenly realised, I didn’t care.

I was panting and biting my lips as they touched that place where my boobs flare out from my upper chest, as they stroked and caressed the slightly puffier flesh and as they ran slowly over those more sensitive areas of my body flesh. It felt so good, so stimulating, arousing and tempting. They didn’t stay there long and they repeated the journey that had filled me with such a dichotomy on their last circling on my chest; away, sideward, upwards, pausing then moving down again.

I knew that this time they would not stop before they reached my boob. The questions consuming my mind and exhilarating my entire body were how far would they go, how far did I want them to go and how far would I let them go? I wasn’t sure, but I got the answers very quickly.

Leea slid her fingers very slowly onto the start of the swell of each boob. She stopped, she pressed and she rubbed me softly. Was she looking for my reaction? Was she checking whether I was up for this or whether I would reject her ‘advance?’ I didn’t know. I knew I could wriggle or slightly turn my body or even say stop. I had those options, they were at my disposal. I could reject her; I could turn down her advance and say no thanks to her invitation. It would be easy to do, logistically that is, but maybe not emotionally or physically. I could do it, but both my mind and my body were now in tune. My entire being was reaching a decision as I felt her fingertips softly touching my breasts three or four centimetres onto their fullness. They were still enquiring, they had not gone the whole hog, they hadn’t taken anything for granted and they were still extending their invitation and requesting permission to proceed. I could move, say something or push her hands off with no loss of face by either party. I could do that; I could stop her going further. On the other hand I could whimper please, I could ask her to go further, I could say ‘please caress my breasts.’ I could in theory, but in practice that was far too forward for me. There was another way, another option, another action I could take. And I chose that. I did nothing. I simply sat there with her fingers making small circles on my breasts about half way towards my nipples. She understood, she got my message, she realised that I would not stop her, but that I could not overtly encourage her. She picked up on the vibes, but then that was her job, her skill and her responsibility.

It was probably the most erotically exciting thing that had ever happened to me.

Her fingers opened up and slid a little more quickly than they had been moving down each orb so that she was cupping them from above. The surge of sensations and the explosion of feelings as she lifted and squeezed each boob and then pinched each nipple were absolutely incredible. I know I grunted and I know that I moaned ‘Yes.’ I also know that my own hands involuntarily reached up and held the backs of her hands. That wasn’t to stop her but to encourage her not, I realised, that she needed much of that.

My head fell back as she kneaded and squeezed, rubbed and caressed my boobs and my nipples. I’m not sure that I actually orgasmed in the way that I normally do and I don’t think she made me cum, but I was in a hell of an aroused state for the several minutes that she continued ‘massaging’ my tits.

I was pleased in some ways, but upset in others when she stopped touching me and I felt her pushing the Velcro together at the back. She pulled the earphones out and removed the eye mask.

“You enjoy Caterina?” she asked in a tone that could have been enquiring whether I had enjoyed a TV programme and not the most arousing breast massage I had ever experienced.

“Yes thanks youum, it was er very nice,” I mumbled.

“You rest now, have tea.” She stood in front of me and indicated towards one of the couches. I walked over to it and sat down. I felt relaxed and hardly thought about the yawning gap at the back of the robe. Leea brought me a cup and saucer.

“Green tea, very good for digestion,” she smiled sitting on the other couch looking across at me.

“You rest for while and then we do other things.”

I sat there as she got up and walked out. I was left alone for five minutes or so as I sipped the delicious tea. The door opened and Leea returned.

“You feel fine Caterina?” She asked reverting to what she had first called me.

She was staring at me quite intently, but not somehow with the look of someone who had just, in a way, seduced me, but then how the hell would they look? She hadn’t shut the door and two other girls suddenly walked.

“This is Fung Soo,” she said indicating to a much younger woman, probably mid twenties I guessed, who was slimmer, but taller than Leea and just as attractive. The other woman, who she introduced as Tao Sec, was stunningly beautiful and looked to me to be more like a Thai than a Korean and could have been any age between eighteen and thirty. She was taller than the others, had longer hair, much fuller lips and seemed, under the same tunic as Leea was wearing, to be rather more voluptuous.

They both did the hands together and bowing thing to me.

“I leave you now and see you later Caterine.”

Fung Soo said. “Please?” As she pointed to the massage table.

I tried making conversation, but they indicated that they spoke little English so I stood up and walked over to the table. They showed that I should lie on my front, which I did. Knowing that the back of the gown gaped and that my bum would be on show made me feel a little embarrassed and I kept my legs tightly closed; we might be all girls together, but I didn’t want them seeing anything other than was unavoidable. They stood either side of the table and, making me feel very relieved that my legs were tightly closed, undid the Velcro ties, pulled the back of the garment apart so completely baring my back and left the robe under me on the table. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Fung Soo, who seemed to be in charge, walk over to the wardrobe and return with a sheet in her hand to stand beside the table again out of my sight. I felt them laying the sheet on me and I was covered from my shoulders to my feet.

Tao Sec came and stood at the head of the table and held the mask in front of me. I guessed that she was asking my permission so I nodded and murmured “Yes.” She fitted it over my eyes and round my head. I was expecting them to give me the earphones, but they didn’t. Instead they started to massage me through the sheet, which I realised was silk. It felt smooth and cool on my back and as I felt the pressure of the four hands moving over me very sensual to my skin.

I’d had numerous massages, but never from two women at once. That certainly produced some strong synergy for the sensations were more than twice those received from one pair of hands. It was lovely to feel the pressure on my back and on my legs at the same time. Using the silk instead of powder or oil to reduce the friction they gave me more of a pressing than a rubbing massage to start with. So I would feel one pair of hands pressing into the muscles along my shoulders whilst the other pair did the same on my calf muscles. They did this for some time gradually moving all over my back. I also realised that one had started on my shoulders, right at the top of my body and the other at the bottom, actually on my feet and that they were gradually moving towards my middle. It was really quite a strong massage, but, as promised in their ad, it was invigorating. I almost smiled when I thought about the ad for I had now been relaxed, stimulated and invigorated and I wondered when and what the pleasure and satisfaction would be?

One pair had worked their way down my body and was applying pressure on my waist whilst the other had progressed up my legs and were now pushing hard and then relieving the pressure on the back of my upper thighs. Presumably on a signal between them, both pairs of hands moved towards each other and met on my bum; two hands were on either cheek. They were pressing and letting up the same time for a while, but suddenly they changed. Now they were not pressing with the palms of their hands but instead were squeezing the full cheeks with their fingers. As one squeezed so the other stopped. Both, though were digging their fingernails into me through the silk. Both also manipulated the cheek they were on, pushing it up and down and then pulling it apart from the other. It was an unusual and very different set of feelings, but one that was highly erotically suggestive.

I then heard a whirring sound, a sort of buzzing. Then I felt something on my shoulders and on my feet, not through the silk. I realised that they were both using those electric massage things that physios use to help repair muscle aches and such like. This time, though, although they started at opposite ends of my body, they were soon moving all over it. As the feelings on my body were somewhere between those of a light massage and what was felt from running a vibrator over your skin, it was becoming very sensual indeed. Whilst I knew that they were using the instruments on my bare flesh, I couldn’t tell whether they were putting them under the sheet or whether they had removed it.

They gave me the answer by pulling on my shoulders indicating that I should turn over and as I did my hands found the sheet, telling me it was still there. I didn’t know, however, just how much of my body had been on show to them. As I rolled onto my front, I felt them spread it evenly over me, covering my body from my shoulders to my feet and that relieved me a little although oddly, the thought of them seeing my nakedness wasn’t that worrying.

Although I couldn’t see anything I could feel that the girls were still keeping the sheet in place and sliding the massage tools under it, presumably so I retained my modesty. One worked on my chest and waist, the other on my legs. Both moved around a lot as, of course, did the sheet. It would slip down my chest, ride up my boobs and was pushed up my legs. I was again in the predicament of not knowing just how much of my body was on show. That made me feel a little embarrassed, but also it excited me.

The instruments made my flesh shudder, vibrate and tremor a little and they sent shock waves of sensations out from where they were arousing my skin. That gave me some wonderful sensations, which at first were very relaxing, but gradually they became stimulating. The stimulation mainly came from where the little shock waves seemed to go. They went out from the instruments for a few inches in all directions. So, of course, as they pressed them on my chest the shock waves went to my breasts and as they ran them along my thighs they reached my pussy and clit.

That made me gasp several times. I gasped even more when I felt the massage tool on my legs pushing the sheet upwards and the one on my chest pushing it downwards. I realised that soon I would be at least partially, if not totally uncovered. I didn’t care though, for now I was gaining the pleasure that the ad had promised in addition to the other feelings and emotions. It really was awesome and it became even more so as one of the girls ran the massager along the swell of my breasts sending huge shock waves of sensations through them and into my nipples. As she did that, the other ran her massager right up the inside of my thigh to within a very short distance of my lips.

I was thinking that this was crazy. My entire body was reacting to the intense stimulation of the slow whirring and vibrating of the tools in the girl’s hands. It was so highly erotic and stimulating that I knew that I would not be able to resist climaxing, even if I had wanted to. My head was rolling from side to side, I was trying not to make any noises, but I knew that little grunts and low sighs and moans were slipping from my mouth. I was gripping the massage table tightly on both sides of my body with my fingers and I think I was slightly arching my back.

Thankfully, without stopping the massagers I felt both girls hold my hands and squeeze. I would never have believed just what an erotic gesture that could be, but feeling their hands on mine and having them ‘press the flesh’ sent me even nearer to a climax. I squeezed back and let out a deep sigh as the new sensations washed over me.

It didn’t seem possible from my previous experiences of being worked up and aroused with Leea that things could become even more thrilling and intense. It also didn’t seem possible just how different this arousal was becoming. In pretty much all of my sexual experiences, I became aroused, got taken up to a peak of excitement, had an explosion of erotic emotions and then slowly subsided into a mellow, warm, glow of post orgasmic satisfaction. That had always served me well and had led me to believe that that was how things were, how sex went and how all women, well those lucky enough to orgasm that is, behaved or were treated. What was happening now was so different. It was every bit as intense as my previous peaks had been, but somehow and for some reason I didn’t go over the top, I didn’t explode and I didn’t subside. No as my orgasm hit me, it just stayed with me. Words are obviously totally inadequate to communicate the feelings I had and the way they just went on and and on and on. My earlier climaxes had been like big waves crashing against the rocks; this was more like a Pacific roller that washed along for miles going higher, dipping down a bit, but staying on the crest for what seems like ever.

Just as I had let go and had stopped trying to hide the effects of what their stimulations were doing to me, so the girls had abandoned the pretext of touching me in intimate places by accident. They were now running each massager slowly up the swells of each of my breasts and were holding them there just beneath my nipples, which were aching so much I felt they might burst. Millimetre by millimetre they edged up those erotic hillsides towards the flame coloured achingly stiffened mountain tops. Rarely, if ever, had I received so much stimulation, excitement and sheer sexual pleasure from having my tits attended to.

“Oh God,” I heard myself groaning as both massagers reached my nipples. “Oh yes,” I sighed squeezing their hands very tightly as the sensations got stronger and stronger as those uniquely sensitive tips of a woman’s tits were gently massaged. They squeezed back with their hands; that was wonderful. They knew what they were doing to me, how they were affecting and what must be happening to my mind and body and they were showing that they were with me every inch of the way.

One of the massagers ran down my body. From the feel of it, it was outside the silk sheet. It reached my knees then starting moving up my legs underneath the sheet. It was obvious, even to my sex deranged mind where it was going and what was going to happen. I steeled myself and prepared my body to receive the stimulation of the whirring, vibrating massager right on my clit and pussy. I had no reservations now, no inhibitions and no restrictions. It had no relevance that it was two women doing these wondrous things to me, no relevance that I was being treated in a bisexual manner, no relevance that my tits certainly and some of the rest of my body were on show to them and no relevance that I was illustrating my advanced sexual arousal to them. I didn’t care; I was interested in just one thing, what they were doing to my body and the satisfaction I wanted from that.

But it stopped. The massager moving up my legs stopped and stayed in one place about half way between my knee and groin. It massaged me there for a while as the other one moved upwards and off my breasts to stimulate my upper chest. I couldn’t work out what was happening just as, obviously I couldn’t see. I was cut off and left to focus on the feelings surging through me and the anticipation of what was to come.

I felt the sheet being lifted and then felt it slide down my body. I guess they dropped it to the ground although having seen how neat and tidy everything was, they may well have folded it and put it away, I didn’t know. What I did know, however, was that I was now naked and that both Fung Soo and Tao Sec would be looking at my nudity. But not just my nudity as it might be in a communal shower, but aroused, excited and hugely sexually stimulated nudity. No one other than my husband, a lover with whom I had an affair and some teenage flings had stared at me or even seen me like this; and certainly not two people who were not only total strangers, but also women. I didn’t feel embarrassed as I imagined I would, I wasn’t worried, disturbed or put out. It was as if I was an actress and was putting on a show.

I have a good body, I know that. I am quite shapely with full, D cup breasts that have little sag, yet. My tummy shows only the most modest swells of carrying two children, my legs are reasonably long and shapely and my bum is pert and rounded. As I lay there with them presumably reviewing that I felt odd. I realised I wanted them to look, I wanted to flaunt my nudity and expose my body to them, I wanted, I suppose their approval or maybe their compliments. But of course none came, well not in words, but I did hear them sigh softly. And then I felt something better than words for both massagers started moving. One moved downwards and again worked my breasts and nipples whilst the other started that journey that now I so much wanted it to complete. It reached my thighs, I groaned and they fell open a little. It stopped for a while clearly teasing me. It moved a few inches so it was within ‘striking distance’ of my lips and clit and then it stopped, tantalisingly close to where I now desperately wanted it to me. I moaned and sighed and my legs involuntarily parted, now no longer worried at what they would think of me. I was now theirs to do with pretty much as they wished; I was certainly putty in their hands.

“Oh God, yes, yes,” I whimpered as the vibrating head of the massager closed that small gap and rubbed me right on my clit. I moaned loudly, my back arched and my body bucked like a young horse being broken in, but then from a woman to woman sex viewpoint, that’s exactly what was happening to me. If the sensations had been strong up to then, now they became super powerful, almost too much to stand. Was it, I wondered, possible to have sexual pleasure to the extent that you can take no more?

I had to hold something, I needed something to grip as the massager sent wave after wave through me from vibrating right on my clit as the other moved from breast to breast and nipple to nipple. I reached out hoping to grab the silky material of Tao Sec’s tunic. I got a big surprise, a pleasant one too for where my hand went to where I thought her tunic would be by her hips, it wasn’t there. My fingers didn’t come into contact with material and, my hand didn’t find the silk. No they found bare skin. I ran it up and down. Up past her hip bone to her waist and down to the tops of the outside of her leg. There was nothing there. Nothing apart from gloriously smooth soft skin. I reached out with the other hand towards Fung Soo, but she was closer to me so my hand didn’t go round the side of her body, but more the front. I was even more amazed to feel my fingers on her stomach, which was also bare.

Obviously, when earlier they had stopped moving the massagers around, they hadn’t only removed the sheet from me, but also their tunics from them. They were naked, I assumed, for I was sure that neither were wearing bras.

I squeezed their hips and legs. That made me realise that I was touching female flesh in an intimate way for the first time in my life. I was surprised that I wasn’t surprised and shocked that I wasn’t shocked. It seemed to natural, so appropriate and so right.

They resumed the massaging of my clit and now my legs fell wide open, I bent my knees and brought my feet towards my bum. That opened my lips and gave them easier access to my most private places. The massager left my breasts, slithered down my body and went between my legs. I was now being hugely stimulated right on my clit and along my lips towards my anus by two massagers; I really did think I might be moving to that state wher I would be unable to take further sexual stimulation.

I was now continually cumming. That long, rolling breaker just kept on rolling and rolling wave after wonderful wave of immense feelings over my entire body. I thought that the intensity of it was so much that I would faint. I may well have done, I don’t know. But I was gasping for breath, my head was rolling from side to side, I was moaning and groaning and I was gripping each of the girl’s. I was moving my hands up and down them alternating between the soft fullness of their bums and the firmer smoothness of their legs.

Tao Sec took hold of my wrist and pulled it towards her. I didn’t know and in my hugely flustered state I couldn’t work out what she was doing, but then Fung Soo did the same. Then amazingly they both placed my hands on their breasts. God what a shock that gave me. But it was a nice shock, I was surprised that I no felt no revulsion, no objection and no guilt as they both let go of my wrists and I kept my hands there, right on their tits. It was a gorgeous feeling. She pushed her breast against me and I squeezed and stroked her. I liked doing that and I heard her give out a deep sigh. It felt so natural, so apt and, I realised, it felt so right.

Fung Soo moved a little and I could no longer reach her breast, but my hand, guided by some other force, my latent lesbianism perhaps, slid behind her and I cupped the taught, yet wonderfully rounded cheek of her bum

With both massagers still working between my legs, one of my hands fondling Tao’s breast, the other squeezing Fung’s bottom and my body continually climaxing I was giving into their lesbian advances and, evidently, my dormant bisexual at least tendencies. Surprisingly, it didn’t worry me. I was thinking that sex is sex, almost irrespective of who induces the feelings. Maybe it was not being able to see anything that was enabling me to do what I would previously have thought I would be unable to do. I didn’t care or think about it; I simply gave into the demands of my mind and body.

Caressing Tao’s breast came so naturally. It was just like caressing my own as I had done so many times. Cupping it, squeezing it, lifting it and pressing it. Running my fingertips across her areola, lightly pulling on her nipples and then hearing her grunt and push her breast towards, pinching it more firmly, just as I like. All that came naturally to me. With my other hand now on Fung’s back I felt her leaning forward, I felt her hands on my breast, I felt her squeezing that and then lifting it. Tao did the same on my other breast. My hands slipped round both bodies and I found myself caressing their buttocks. The massagers were still working between my legs as they caressed my breasts with their other hands. They were both squeezing an orb just beneath my nipples, which made each of them more prominent. They did that so their tongues, simultaneously found them.

I think I did then probably faint. I think the intensity of my pleasure became too great for my mind to cope. My orgasm, which must have been going on for twenty minutes or so, reached a peak of sensations the like of which I had never experienced. Both girls had buried their faces in my breasts and were holding and cuddling me as they witnessed the enormous strength and sheer intensity of the orgasm that they had produced; perhaps they were used to it. I don’t know whether they were or not but they consoled me through the final explosive intensity of my climax until I found myself once more laying on my front with the sheet covering me. I had no idea how I got there. I raised my head as I felt someone removing the eye mask. I looked up expecting to see Fung or Tao, but it was Leena who was there, the other girls were nowhere to be seen.

“You shower again now, Caterina?” She asked leaning over me and pulling the gown together and fixing the Velcro fasteners.

In the shower, at my hotel and later when I had returned home I thought about many aspects of the evening. I worried a little about being sort of unfaithful to my husband, but thought it better than the escort, one night stand or affair options. I pondered over the intensity of the, probably half to one hour long orgasm, marvelling at the memory and the fact that it could happen. I felt a little perturbed at how easily I had adjusted to being aroused and, in effect, being made love to by other women and I was somewhat torn by the ease with which I had caressed them. I felt something of a conflict over that and wondered if it meant that I was bisexual.

I couldn’t answer most of the questions raised by the events of that evening, but I could answer two of them. One answer was that I had enjoyed it. The second was that I would most certainly return to ‘see’ Leea and her girls and experience another blind massage.

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I enjoy reading lesbian massage stories. This is one of the best.