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Blackmailing Betty

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I am an eighteen year-old, just. My parents are divorced and I live with my dad. We get along well, going to football games together etc. but every now and then his work will mean he’s away for a few days, which causes him to feel guilty.

“Are you sure you’ll be alright Jack?” he’d said looking very concerned.

“I’ll be fine dad”, I assured him.

“Son, I hate leaving you on your eighteenth birthday, but these meetings in Chicago are crucial”.

“Dad, I understand”, I reassured.

“OK”, he said still looking worried. “Now don’t forget that Betty will be cleaning on Tuesday afternoon, so tidy up in advance, and also she’ll be collecting the sheets for washing on Thursday afternoon, so put the dirty linen basket in the hallway before you go to school”.

“Dad, don’t worry about a thing”, I said “and thanks again for the hundred dollars you gave me last week to buy me something for my birthday”.

Dad smiled, “it’s the least I can do for my boy as I can’t be here”.

I waved Dad off at the door and immediately started thinking about Betty, for whom I had plans. Betty had been our cleaner for about a year. As a seventeen year-old boy, Betty had never stopped being in my fantasies. Betty was a gorgeous thirty year-old woman. She could be described as black, but with her light caramel brown complexion must have had family roots of mixed ethnicities. Her hair was black, luxuriant and shiny. Her eyes were big and brown. Her facial features were delicate apart from her lips which were thick, full and succulent. I had secretly watched her eating a banana once and nearly came in my pants as her lips wrapped around the fruit.

However, the most exciting thing about Betty was her body. She was tall, about five feet nine inches. Although, I couldn’t see her detailed curves under her cleaning smock, I knew she had played basketball for years and beneath her smock there were hints of developed athletic legs and muscular buttocks. However, I also knew that she’d had to give up the game because her breasts had become too large to be comfortable running around a basketball court. I’d covertly watch her as she cleaned. As she dusted vigorously, her large breasts would sway and move under her smock, causing my imagination to go into overdrive.

With her gorgeous face she could have become a model, but her big tits would have made her ungainly for the catwalk. She could easily have become an adult model, but was probably worried about what her Methodist family would have thought. In the end, not having achieved much educationally, using her attractive features, she secured a steady job as a sales assistant at a cosmetics shop. All was well for ten years, but then she got greedy and started regularly stealing some of the products. Eventually she got caught, owned up, lost her job and, because it was her first offence, ended up on probation. Fortunately for her a fifty year-old white male ex-social worker who ran a cleaning agency gave her a job and married her. It seemed strange, as he was a small quiet man and you couldn’t help but wonder how the sex side of the marriage worked. To cover the agency, Dad had to be told of her probation and agree to her working for him. Unknown to Dad, I overheard the agency manager explaining things to Dad and parked that knowledge for future reference.

Now I needed a plan in which to turn my fantasies of Betty into reality. When Dad had given me the one hundred dollar bill the previous Monday, I immediately started planning how I could use it. I considered offering it to Betty as payment for sex. However, I felt that this was bound to fail. Firstly, I knew that in her new-found job-security and cosy marriage she wouldn’t want to rock the boat, and secondly I was pretty sure she didn’t consider herself “That kind of girl”. The thought then of a complaint to Dad, and who knows who else, was too horrible to contemplate. I therefore needed some kind of entrapment and I was hoping that she would find one hundred dollars irresistible.

The Tuesday morning, a week before Dad was due to leave, I placed the bill on the floor slightly behind his desk. Dad wouldn’t be able to see it, but I knew that Betty would be bound to come across it. Setting up my security cameras carefully to cover every angle, I set off to school in a state of excitement.

When I came home after school I rushed to Dad’s study and looked behind the desk. There, still lying face up, was the hundred dollar bill. I picked it up with a huge disappointment. Later, out of curiosity, I studied the tapes of Betty cleaning the study. As I’d expected, she’d moved the chair by the desk out of the way to enable her to clean behind the desk. Surely this would mean she could not miss the money. Then she’d seen it. She stood there paralysed for a minute and looked around biting her lip, but then just put the chair back. She was obviously tempted, but was probably also thinking that one slip-up would next time mean jail for sure and probably divorce from her righteous husband.

Although it was a set-back, I decided that I would have one more try. The following Tuesday I had waved Dad off then put the money back exactly where it had been the previous week. When I came home after school I rushed to Dad’s study and looked behind the desk. The money was gone. This time I raced to my room to study the tapes. Betty had moved the chair as she had done the previous week, but this time, seeing the money still undisturbed, thinking she was safe, she immediately grabbed the bill and stuffed it into her pocket. Yes, I’d got her.

On Thursday afternoon, when Betty came to collect the dirty linen, she was surprised to find me home early from school.

“Hello Jack”, she said with a polite smile, “what brings you home early”.

I tried to look agitated rather than confident and said, “I’m a bit worried Betty, I seem to have lost some money, you wouldn’t have found any when you were cleaning would you?”

Betty seemed taken aback. I held my breath, praying she would not say she’d found it and was going to return it to Dad at her first opportunity. She hesitated for a moment, obviously weighing her options, then looked disdainfully at me and said “I haven’t, and I hope you’re not accusing me of anything are you?”

Game, set and match to me. I went silent for a moment and then said “please follow me”. Puzzled, Betty followed me into the lounge to be confronted with a frame on the television showing her pocketing the hundred dollar bill. She stood horrified.

“I’m so disappointed Betty” I said “I was hoping you’d say you’d found it, then we could have forgotten all about it”.

Betty suddenly looked stubborn. “I’ll give it back to you, but you won’t be able to do anything because I’ll deny lying to you about it” she said triumphantly.

I tried to look sorrowful, “Sorry Betty” I said. “Because of Dad’s need for security in this room, all of our conversation has been recorded on cameras, I’m afraid I have to report this theft to the police”.

Betty gasped. She sat down collapsing in a chair. She stared into space, picturing the certain jail time she would now be serving and the divorce from her husband.

Consoling her, I said slyly “don’t worry it will only be probation for your first offence”, knowing damn well she was facing jail.

“Look”, I said, “perhaps I can think of something”. She looked at me desperately hoping for a way out. I continued, “It’s my eighteenth birthday today. Dad’s away until next Monday and I’m going to be very lonely in the evenings until his return”.

She looked at me, smiled sweetly and quickly said “Well I can come and keep you company, we could play monopoly or something”.

I gazed into her eyes and softly said “I was thinking of something more personally physical”.

She stared at me in puzzlement and then gradually in horror, her big eyes wide with comprehension. She looked like she was starting to suspect that I had contrived the situation, but that didn’t help her in extracting herself from the problem. Before her was a scrawny white boy, just turned eighteen, who seemed to be anticipating some sort of sexual activity with her, a thirty year-old woman. Betty straightened up, looked me straight in the eyes and asked me in a hoarse voice “What precisely had you in mind?”.

I suddenly turned business-like. Standing up I said “The deal is this. You will come here this evening and Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. You will do exactly what I want. The whole idea is to give me complete physical satisfaction. If on any of those evenings I do not consider that you have performed to your utmost, then the deal is off and I will call the cops. If, on the other hand, you satisfy me completely, then the recordings of you taking the money and of you denying it are destroyed. You can even keep the money, and your husband will never know”.

Betty’s eyes glinted. “You’re a bastard”. She was gloomily silent for what seemed like a long time, but then with gritted teeth said “I will come here this evening, but you’d better keep your word, you bastard”. The last two words she virtually spat out.

I did not think of myself as being hard on Betty. It seemed to me that she could physically please me then forget about it. After all, she would be one hundred dollars better off.

By the time the doorbell rang a few hours later, I was very keyed up. I opened the door to a Betty that I had not seen before. She was dressed in a casual blue skirt with a matching blue blouse that was loose about her curvaceous torso. Her makeup looked like it had been carefully applied with her full lips shiny with a red lipstick.

As soon as I had opened the door, she stepped past me into the hall, obviously not wanting to be seen loitering on my doorstep. Without a word, I walked ahead of her past the study door to my bedroom next on the left. I felt her give a sigh of relief as we passed the study with its security cameras. The last thing she needed was anymore recordings being made of her.

Once in my room she looked at me with a deliberately sour expression, awaiting what I was going to say.

“Take off your skirt”, I ordered.

She stood there poised. My room had a queen size bed. On the wall opposite the bed was a full-size mirror. Dad had been generous with the size of my room, but even in that space Betty looked commanding and faintly imperious. But then swallowing hard, she reached round with both hands and, using her long tapering fingers, unhooked her skirt at the side, pulling down the zipper, causing the skirt to slide to the floor. She stepped out of it and out of her shoes in one movement, standing with one athletic long leg in front of the other. Her pink panties were tight around her groin as she sullenly faced me.

I walked slowly around her, admiring her stunning figure. Her long athletic legs reminded me of Serena Williams. Her ass was round like Serena’s but bigger. As I gazed at her thighs my only regret was that she was not wearing stockings and a garter belt, a mistake I resolved to correct on the next evening.

As she kept unerringly staring ahead, I instructed “Take off your blouse”. There was no hesitation now as she slowly methodically undid each button down her front, slipping off her blouse and folding it onto the arm of a chair at the side of the bed.

The outsize bra was a technical achievement. Even the shoulder straps were sturdy in order to hold up the thick cotton cups and their contents of weighty flesh. The whole apparatus appeared unwieldy, especially as her waist was slimmer and narrower than I had expected.

When I started taking my clothes off she visibly stiffened. However, as my scrawny white teenage body became apparent she couldn’t help her mouth widening in a vague sneer. That soon changed though as I finished by whipping off my pants with a flourish to reveal my pride and joy. I knew my cock was on the thick side, but with a hardening erection against my slight physique it looked huge.

I heard Betty give a slight intake of breath as I started walking towards her. Betty was marginally taller than me and when I was in front of her, I put my hand behind her head and slowly pulled her mouth towards mine. Although her mouth was firmly shut, knowing I would threaten her if I was denied at the first hurdle, those thick luscious lips slowly opened as my insistent tongue slid between them. Oh fuck, the membrane of her mouth was warm and wet. Grudgingly realising that in our deal she was required to respond, she pressed her tongue against mine and began exploring round my tongue which sent a rushing tingle to my ever-stiffening dick.

As she reluctantly responded to my thrusting tongue, my hands slid behind her and I slowly began to unhook the elastic strap of her brassiere which stretched across the middle of her back. As I undid the last hook, the two ends sprung apart and I slowly slid my hands around to the front, pushing the heavy material away and exposing her heavenly hooters. I moved partly back, marvelling at the plumpers of paradise that were before me.

Fucking hell, Betty’s breasts were huge. A man who was not so tit-obsessed as I was would have described them as of an obscene size, but to me I saw Betty’s voluptuous body with its huge ample succulent melons as being built for maximum cum extraction. Her tits were brown balloons of pleasure with chocolate plum-size areolae and mouth-watering nipples. I began grabbing and mauling her tits and trying to suck as much chewy nipple into my mouth as possible.

My slavering mouth was locked on first one breast then the other. My feverish excitement was not lost on Betty. “You love big black women, don’t you” she hissed.

I groaned an assent, my mouth was full of succulent areolae flesh and nipples that had swollen to luscious buds as I had sucked them. My hands now automatically began sliding down her spine so that my fingers could slip under the elastic of her panties. My hands pushed down and round her full cheeks and I grasped her beautiful butt which was like two big round brown footballs.

Betty stood there immobile being mauled by me like a lunatic. My uncontrollable hands and mouth must have made her start to feel some control of the situation, as she whispered derisively. “You like sucking the tits of your big black mama don’t you Jack”.

I groaned and nodded. Feeling evermore self-assured she suddenly grasped my blood-engorged sausage at its root and slid her hand along its throbbing pulsing length until she reached the underside of my helmet.

“Should your mama carry on Jack?” she whispered artfully.

I groaned an assent as I continued to suckle her hot tit flesh and squeeze her big buttocks. As she said the words, she couldn’t have helped but notice how my hard phallus twitched in her hands. She was realising how her “mama” language was turning me on and it crossed my mind that she probably played similar games with her husband. An electric tingle shot through my glans as she pulled back my foreskin and her strong slender fingers began squeezing the now exposed engorged mushroom head, tracing her fingertips around its corona ridge. I groaned again, my mouth full of succulent tit flesh.

My knees were trembling as her thumb started rubbing my frenulum, the underside of the mushroom head where it meets my foreskin. Then, circling her thumb and forefinger into a ring, she began to slowly rhythmically jack me off, concentrating on the contour of my corona as I continued to suck ferociously on her rubbery nipples.

Building up her rhythm, Betty was obviously hoping for a quick end to her first evening, but she was to be disappointed as I suddenly stepped back, surprising her.

“Right”, I said, “this evening you’re going to give me a tit-fuck and then the best blowjob in history, if you want to stop me going to the cops”.

With that rather sudden end to Betty’s pleasurable jacking, I handed her a bottle of lubricating oil and then I lay back on the bed. To indicate to her what was required, I lay with my legs dangling over the edge of the foot of the bed.

I sensed that Betty was disappointed that she had been prevented from bringing me to a quick climax but, at the same time, relieved that I didn’t mention fucking her. Swallowing hard, she seemed to grudgingly accept what I wanted her to do. She slowly knelt down between my legs at the foot of the bed. Splashing oil over her hands, she grasped my hard love wand and smoothed the oil around the shaft and over the helmet. Then she carefully lifted each of her huge hooters and enclosed my hot throbbing man-meat in her massive rack. With her big tits around my dick, she began to give me my first ever tit-fuck.

This hot curvaceous black woman in front of me was sliding her massive mounds up and down, surrounding my oily phallus. Holding her breasts at the sides she pointed her torpedo tubes at my face, the dark chocolate plum-size areolae and mouth-watering nipples still swollen from my slavering sucking. Lifting her huge jugs up and down, Betty silkily massaged my hot cock in a nice rhythm.

Knowing that escaping jail depended on her performance, and having noticed that I appeared to get turned on when she engaged in role play, Betty started her teasing again “Ya like ya mama’s big breasts?”. As she said this she gave her big jugs an extra squeeze.

I groaned again, as the head of my cock disappeared in and out of the valley of her beautiful melons. My pulsating penis was being silkily massaged in a very agreeable steady rhythm, which I wanted to go on for ever.

I could see her back view by the reflection in the long mirror on the wall. Her shoulder blades were moving perceptibly as her hands were rising and falling as they grasped her jugs.

Clearly reluctantly remembering my demand for the “best blowjob in history”, suddenly as my cock appeared for the umpteenth time out of the valley of her big breasts, Betty bent her head down and licked the very tip of my penis. She continued repeating the lick each time my cock appeared. I found as she pulled her breasts down, I was thrusting up, trying to push my exposed raw helmet through her lips and into her hot melting mouth, desperate for more oral stimulation.

Pausing, Betty let go of her breasts and grasping my thighs pulled me further down the bed. My bottom was now parked on the edge. My legs were spread, obscenely exposing my genitals and asshole. My erection was pointing towards my head and my balls were hanging in front of Betty like two ripe plums.

Betty was now fully intending to ensure that she would have met my demanding blowjob requirement. Looking me in the eye, she said “OK, now I’ve got you as I want, this mama can really work you”.

With that she poured more lubrication over her hands and slipped them around the shaft of my hard veiny meat. Her warm oily hands coated my engorged phallus with the unctuous fluid, her slender fingers squeezing the engorged helmet.

Betty looked up at me with her big brown eyes and mockingly asked “Do ya like me doing this?”.

She then licked my tender mushroom head and closed her eyes as her thick red warm lips slid over the tip of the inflamed crown, sensually slowly stretching open further and further as her lips pushed down over the contoured ridge of the corona.

I gasped, “Oh fuck, yes mama”.

Her mouth was now filled by the broad mushroom head of my throbbing hard cock, her muscular tongue lathering the hot helmet and rasping the tender underside. She started into a smooth cock-sucking rhythm, her sexy thick lips sliding exquisitely back and forth.

Pausing between sucks Betty whispered “Ya like ya mama doing this don’t ya, ya bad boy”. Her fingers gently grasped my sperm-laden nuts in her right hand, rolling and tweaking them while she torturously sucked my pulsating erection.

I just groaned again. “Oh yeah, that’s it mama”.

As her right hand was squeezing my balls, the slick oiled fingers of her left hand started stroking my sphincter.

Desperate for more I shouted “Yes, Yes, Yes”.

Hearing my pleading, her middle finger began slipping teasingly in and out of my sensitive sphincter. As the fingers of her hands were working my scrotum and asshole, her thick lips were rhythmically strongly sucking my hot purple helmet. After several minutes of this exquisite treatment, she thrust all of her middle finger up into my asshole and pumped her finger in and out, pressing and milking my prostate gland. I felt helpless under her ministrations with the delicious pleasure starting from her finger pinioned in my asshole, continuing through my squeezed balls, up my blood-engorged stick to the meaty purple helmet being hotly sucked in that luscious mouth. I was desperate to orgasm but frantically trying to prolong it.

Then I began to imagine how I was going to fuck her the following evening. The thought of suckling Betty’s plum teats and squeezing and mauling her huge jugs as I fucked her, combined with the exquisite ministrations of her fingers cradling my balls and her naughty finger thrusting in my asshole as she vigorously sucked me, was too much and my orgasm exploded. The feeling started in my anus and rushed through my balls as my prick spasmed within her sucking mouth, the thick rope of creamy cum launching forth.

Tasting my spurts, Betty continued working my asshole with her finger, jiggling my balls and sucking my glans forcefully with her thick lips encouraging my pulsing sizzling ejaculations.

Spurt after fiery spurt streamed forth, and engulfed her mouth. With her finger pinioning me and my cock impaled in her vacuuming mouth, I continued to unload shot after shot of my tingling cum into her hot mouth until I finally lay back spent.

After Betty had cleaned herself up in the bathroom and dressed, she was just about to leave when I said to her “You’ve passed the first evening. Just three more to go before you’re free. Tomorrow, come at the same time but I expect you to be wearing stockings and a garter belt”.

She gave me a questioning slightly sneering glance but then hurriedly left.

Later that evening I lay on my bed watching the scene on my computer as recorded by the security cameras in my room. Poor Betty clearly thought the cameras were only installed in Dad’s study. The sight of her sucking me to orgasm nearly caused me to cum again, but I held back wanting to save myself for the next evening. At least I now understood how Betty kept her older husband satisfied, although I doubted he’d be pleased at the sight of her pleasuring me.

The following evening Betty was prompt and dressed in the same outfit. Again she walked quickly passed me and this time marched straight for my bedroom.

She appeared less sullen. She’d obviously found the previous evening that, albeit reluctantly, it had proved possible for her to do what I’d wanted. She’d even felt a degree of control. After all it was only oral sex.

I started with the same routine as the previous evening, with the removal of her skirt and blouse. Betty now was wearing, along with her bra and panties, black sheer nylon stockings, seamed up the back and a white garter belt. The belt straps were attached to the lace stocking tops with garter clips. As I undid the hooks at the back of her brassiere, I was pleased when Betty’s mouth opened accommodatingly and our tongues met, wriggling and intertwining.

Betty clearly felt more comfortable than the previous occasion as she quickly started fondling my love lolly, her hands jacking it with a smooth rhythm.

As her bra fell away, my mouth switched to her massive mammaries, sucking and guzzling on her dark chocolate teats.

As before my hands moved down her back and slipped under the elastic of her panties. My hands pushed down entwining with her garter straps. Betty had her back to the full length mirror and I loved seeing my hands moving in her panties as I grasped and clenched her big butt cheeks.

Suddenly I stepped back and told her to lie on the bed.

Looking very warily, she lay back. I approached the head of the bed and, stretching my leg across her, sat on her chest, pushing my huge erection towards her lips. At this she appeared relieved, believing that the evening would again be about oral sex. I supported myself with my hands behind me grasping her stupendous jugs.

Betty even managed a half smile.”Ya gonna make ya big black mama do naughty things to ya, ain’t ya!”, she said, getting into her role play.

She teasingly opened her mouth a little and I squeezed in the tip of my love lolly, her tightly puckered lips automatically pushing my foreskin back. My hot meaty mushroom head disappeared into her moist succulent mouth. Her tongue licked around my flange and I began fucking her hot melting mouth, her lips now firmly pursed around my hard shaft. Her fingers started tweaking and squeezing my balls. S

She was licking the underside of my helmet, rasping her tongue as I started pumping the inflamed head between her succulent lips. “Oh fucking yes” I groaned and she started sucking strongly on my meaty helmet, gripping my balls tighter.

When I pulled away and spread lubrication thickly over my hard member, Betty look surprised and a bit fearful. Then, when I walked around to the foot of the bed, stretched my hands up and began pulling her panties down, she started breathing quickly. “Aargh, no don’t”, she pleaded.

Unfortunately for Betty, there was no way I was now going to stop myself from fucking this voluptuous object of my lust. With the pants discarded, I pushed her legs open. Her cheeks were now a paler shade than the rest of her lovely brown body. She lay rigid as I teased my well lubricated hard hot meaty helmet at lips of her labia. Finally edging her lips open, she tensed as I determinedly nudged the throbbing purplish mushroom into the mouth of her cunt, pushing my hot stiff meat into her warm sheath.

Despite the lubrication, she was obviously not used to being stretched by a big cock. She was very tight and only a few inches of my pork sword wedged inside her. Rigid, she lay supine.

I decided to take my time and started to explore her hot thighs with my fingers entwining round her stocking tops and garter straps. Her left hand was stretched out protectively over her genitals and, moving it to one side, I noticed her unusually large clitoris protruding out of her labia. I started gently tweaking this flaccid organ and was rewarded when the flesh started to engorge. Moisture was starting to cover my fingertips as I increased my tweaking and stroking. After only a few seconds the clitoris was fully engorged shining with moisture and I could feel my phallus nudging further into a now lubricating cunt.

Betty was mortified. I realised with glee that I would now be able to ride her as hard as I wanted. She was a gorgeous black woman with a curvaceous body and was the thirty-year old mature voluptuous woman I had always wanted to fuck.

Grabbing her garter belt I roughly pulled her towards me. Betty screamed “Aaaargh” as I thrust myself into her now buttery hot cunt all the way up to the hilt. “Say I’m a bad boy mama” I taunted.

In short breaths Betty sobbed “You’re.a.bad.boy”, forgetting to use the “hot mama” language of role play.

I pulled back my meaty shaft. Then, as I drove into her again and again, I grasped her warm thighs with my fingers, my hands tightly entwined in her garter straps and stocking tops. I pulled back with a long stroke so that I was just at her entrance then thrust my hard meaty staff all the way back in her succulent cunt.

“NOOOO!” Betty cried.

I settled into a slow steady rhythm of deliciously fucking her, “Thock – Thock – Thock – Thock.” Leaning forward I let go her thighs and grabbed a big breast in each hand, squeezing her big nipples as I continued to thump into her – “Thock – Thock – Thock – Thock”

Betty was sobbing and was beginning to make a noise in time with my thrusts “Ah… Ah… Ah… Ah…”. Her back was arching and her pelvis was lifting up and down, matching my thrusts.

I speeded up “ThockaThockaThockaThockaThocka. As I felt my climax building, I let go one breast and, closing my mouth around it, began voraciously sucking and gobbling the succulent dark chocolate areolae and rubbery nipple. With my freed hand I thrust my fingers into Betty’s open mouth working her wet tongue.

This was too much for Betty who, to her horror, started to orgasm, her cunt muscles rhythmically contracting round my thrusting hot meat. As she involuntarily squeezed her vagina I groaned loudly, my orgasm sending the first rope of hot cum squirting in a fiery jet up my phallus and into her succulent cunt. This was followed by further fiery pulsing squirts of cum from my impaled blood engorged love lolly. I was sucking fiercely on her tender nipple as Betty’s spasming cunt continued to milk me, forcing further draining pulses of cum out of my sore genitals until she’d extracted all of my love juice.

It was a very quiet Betty who left the house that evening, and a very quiet Betty who, the following evening, dressed in the same outfit, again walked quickly passed me and marched into my bedroom.

That evening I went through the same routine with stripping her standing up, but continued removing her panties, so that she was only left with the stockings and garter straps. I was intent that evening on concentrating on enjoying her tits and ass.

Betty stood facing the mirror, while I stood tight behind her. My erection was nudging against her beautiful full ass. My thighs were feeling the prick of the garter clips and the skin of my legs felt the silky nylon of her stockings. Having instructed Betty to put her hands behind her head, my hands were completely free to reach around her and enjoy her marvellous mammaries.

I squeezed Betty’s bazookas aiming them at the mirror, my fingers grasping the tender areolae causing her nipples to harden and stick out. I was squirming against her bottom, rubbing my erection between the valley of her buttocks.

After a while, reminding her to keep her hands behind her head, I told her to spread her legs a little. Slipping my right hand down between her legs, I gently rubbed her clitoris as my other hand was squeezing her left tit. As before, the little organ quickly became moist and enlarged.

After an enjoyable ten minutes of this, I instructed Betty to kneel on the bed. Clearly feeling nervous and wondering what was coming, Betty complied.

Betty was now on all fours, eyes squeezed tightly closed waiting for what I was going to do. She was still naked except for black stockings and a white garter belt. I quickly spread lubrication generously over my rock hard phallus, staring at her quivering flesh, her buttocks encased in the nylon and straps. I love stockings and garter belts and seeing those straps tightly gripping Betty’s big ass made my erection feel as big as a tent pole.

Breathing heavily, I slid my fingers under her garter straps. Betty, knowing full well my horny intentions started trying to pull away. But, holding her in place by her garter straps, gritting my teeth I said, “If you move, it’ll be the cops”.

Holding herself tensely, Betty hissed “you fucking little bastard”, but she stayed where she was.

I now started to enjoy myself. My trembling hands began to roam over her large buttocks and thighs. I slid my hands under her garter belt and the straps bit into the backs of my fingers pushing them into the warm flesh of her big buttocks. I slid my hands down further, slipping my fingertips under the delicious nylon of her stockings tops.

The feel of her flesh and the silky nylon caused my blood filled phallus to feel like it was bursting as I smoothly slipped the purple head in her cunt lips. “Aaaargh” Betty screamed, knowing her own moisture was going to allow me to penetrate with my whole fuck stick.

I eased in fully up to the hilt then, gripping her hips, I pulled out and this time brutally plunged my throbbing hard meaty phallus into the tight warm juicy glove of her cunt. As my stomach slapped into her big ass with a “thock”, Betty’s big butt wobbled and rippled.

I smirked and settled into a slow steady rhythm of deliciously fucking her, “Thock – Thock – Thock – Thock”.

As her buttocks rippled and jiggled, I groaned an admission “Oh God, I love your big ass mama”.

As I watched her big baseballs wobbling to my thrusts, without breaking rhythm, my fingers followed the line of her stocking tops where the nylon was thicker round her thighs, entwining with the garter straps at the front with a couple of fingers hooked under the elastic at the stocking top.

Now I had good leverage to ride mama as hard as I wanted. “Thock – Thock – Thock – Thock”. I pulled her towards me, thrusting deep and hard, ripping my meaty helmet in and out her juicy sheath.

“Mama, I love fucking you between your big wobbling buttocks” I gasped. “Thock – Thock – Thock – Thock”.

Betty was moaning loudly as I mercilessly pumped her. Gleefully, I moved my right hand from her thigh and grasped a fistful of her luscious black hair, pulling her hair back forcefully. She screamed.

Trying to relieve the pressure, she pushed up and back with her arms, raising her big tits off the bed, creating a valley with her back, accentuating her big baseball buttocks even more. I now had even better leverage to ride her hard.

Desperate to end the hair tugging and violent fucking, Betty started contracting her cunt muscles with my thrusts, squeezing my hard thrusting love lolly, trying to force a finish by bringing me to a climax. This was heaven. Shouting “Ohhh mama” my left hand gripped her nylon clad thigh and my right pulled her hair tighter as I speeded up.”ThockaThockaThocka”.

Her butt cheeks were wobbling violently with my thrusts.

I felt my climax building,”ThockaThockaThocka”.

Throwing myself forward, I reached under her with both hands and grabbed her luscious melons as I pumped her, rolling and tweaking the nipples painfully.

Betty, desperate for me to finish, continued squeezing her cunt muscles as cum rushed through my spasming meaty pole into her sucking cunt. As I continued to fuck her luscious plump body, squeezing her succulent jugs, Betty kept contracting her cunt muscles sucking and milking me as I was ejaculating. Her cunt continued vacuuming, extracting spurt after spurt of tingling cum until I was fully drained.

Exhausted, Betty collapsed on the bed with me on top of her. We ley there panting for a couple of minutes.

Eventually, I rolled off her and sat on the edge of the bed, looked down at her and said “Betty, you could have been more accommodating as I was fucking you”.

This wasn’t really true as she could hardly do much, with me grasping her hair, but I wanted her to feel under pressure the following evening.

I continued “Tomorrow, you need to improve. I will expect you to do all the work, taking the initiative and fucking me to ecstasy. As this evening was not as good as it could have been, tomorrow evening better be perfect. Or you know the consequences.”

The following evening a very different Betty appeared at my door. She had clearly spent a lot of time on her makeup. Her brown eyes looked even bigger under thick lashes and, with new lipstick, her mouth looked even fuller and redder than usual. Her hair was pinned up at the back with a beaded clasp. Instead of the blouse and skirt, Betty was wearing a tight body-hugging red evening dress, which appeared to untie down the front. She was again wearing black stockings, but this time with her feet in high heels, which pushed up and accentuated her big contoured buttocks. I could tell that she had no underwear on under her dress as I could see the garter straps, no panty line and no sign of a brassiere.

This time she walked slowly past me, provocatively swaying her butt as, drooling, I followed her into the bedroom. Betty would have been relieved that she would be in control this evening, with no hair pulling, and had obviously decided that, as there was only one evening left, she should give it her best shot.

Telling me to stand still, Betty undid my shirt, her hands sliding over my thin chest and down to the button on my trousers. Pulling down the zip, she slipped her right hand down outside my underpants and lightly but firmly cupped my genitals, whispering “untie my dress”.

As my trembling fingers struggled with the lace tie of her dress, she let my trousers fall to the floor, continuing to squeeze my growing genitals which were fighting the constraints of my underpants.

When the dress finally came off she looked even more of a sexual fantasy than previously. Her hair being pinned back exposed her long graceful neck, leading the eye down her torso to her two huge melons. She moved forward and passionately kissed me, her tongue darting in my mouth and exploring its moist sensitive zones. My hands naturally seized and squeezed her big soft melons.

Pushing me back on the bed, she walked round the left side. Bending over me, her breasts naturally fell before my face and she put her right hand behind my head to pull my mouth towards her luscious dark chocolate teats. I started sucking and guzzling happily, my left hand automatically slipping behind her left buttock under her garter straps and fondling her ass.

Her left hand moved down and with a teasing slowness she eased her fingers under the elastic at the top of my underpants and gripped the hard root of my fuck stick. I was nearly crying out with anticipation as she eventually fully freed my penis from its constraints, causing it to spring proudly erect.

Still holding my cock by its trunk, she gripped it and pulled down, dragging the tight foreskin over the glans until it was snug under the flange of my helmet. I nearly bit her tit flesh in my ecstasy.

Releasing me for a moment, she stepped back and poured lubricating oil over my hard cock. My veiny meaty phallus felt so hot I half-expected steam to rise from it. Now I was nicely oiled, Betty returned to her left-handed cock jacking and her breasts to my mouth. Then reaching with her right hand, she gripped my left hand and pulled it to between her legs which were slightly opened.

My fingers immediately found her clitoris, which started to engorge and moisten as soon as I began to stroke and pinch it. After a few minutes of this mutual masturbation, she stopped her silkily jacking rhythm and, squeezing my helmet, she whispered “Do ya want this big black mama to get on top and ride ya?”

I could only groan an assent.

Getting on the bed, Betty straddled me, slowly impaling her cunt on my pulsing rigid pole. Once my shaft was fully embedded, she sat up straight, reaching her hands up and clasping them behind her head. Then, arching her back, she lewdly thrust out her huge delicious jugs and, moving her hips in a circular motion, ground her genitals into my pubes with a slow constant rhythm. She rotated her hips, my pulsating penis sliding backwards and forwards in her moist vaginal sheath.

As she fucked me, my hands were groping her warm thighs with my fingers entwined in her garter straps and stocking tops, encouraging her pumping with my hands pulling and pushing her. As this beautiful big black woman was rhythmically squeezing my engorged hard meat, I sat up a bit straighter and moved my hands around grasping her big round buttocks, squeezing and pulling them as they moved around.

As she was grinding, impaled on my lubricated hard meaty shaft, I was sucking and guzzling her succulent brown melons, gently chewing her chocolate nipples. I found her weight exciting as her hot brown voluptuous flesh rocked and swayed on top of me. With her hands still clasped behind her head, Betty pushed her inflated bags even further out. They swung and hung heavily as I suckled, gratefully guzzling first one succulent brown melon then the other.

Then Betty started rocking her hips backwards and forwards steadily riding me. As I suckled on her teats, my engorged throbbing meat slid in and out, encased tightly in her juicy sheath. “Thock – Thock – Thock – Thock”. I gave a sob as Betty slowly built up her rhythm.

“Ya like ya mama on top fucking ya” she whispered, her pendulous jugs lifting up and down with her riding motion.

“Yes mama” I moaned. Betty began pumping her hips harder and my fingers could feel the contractions in the muscles of her beautiful big buttocks. “Thock – Thock – Thock – Thock”.

Suddenly she pushed my head back from her teats and seized both my hands pulling them to her breasts. She slipped her left hand round behind and grasped my balls, squeezing and tweaking them. The fingers of her right hand she thrust into my mouth and started working my tongue. In this position Betty rode me hard, her voluptuous flesh wobbling and jiggling.

I grasped Betty’s gorgeous brown tit flesh, areolae and nipples hard in both hands and bit and sucked on her strong fingers as her hips rhythmically pumped me “ThockaThockaThocka”.

My squeezed and tortured balls heightened the delicious pleasure of my imminent climax. I groaned loudly as my balls tightened and spasmed sending a hot scalding spout of cum gushing searingly up my sensitive penis into this hot black mama.

Betty squeezed her cunt muscles as cum rushed through my spasming meaty pole into her sucking cunt. Betty continued to ride me hard, squeezing my balls and working my tongue with her fingers.

I couldn’t hold back my fiery ejaculations as she rode me, contracting her cunt muscles and milking my tender glans.

I lay there squeezing Betty’s huge melons being milked in her vacuuming cunt as she rode me harder and harder, forcing me to continue to unload shot after shot of my tingling cum into her hot cunt, spurting and spurting and spurting until I was spent.

Betty dressed quietly after we were finished. Smiling, I said “Thanks Betty”, as she quickly left.

Betty thought it was the end, but had no idea that I had so many hours of high-quality films of our sex sessions that I could have started up my own website.

I knew I had to leave Betty alone for a while, as I feared that if I confronted her with the films, she would just fall apart. My plan was to wait for six months’ time, when my cousin Timmy would be visiting for his eighteenth birthday and I knew that Dad would be away again.

Timmy spent all his time looking at porn of black women with big tits and big butts. A bit more blackmailing of Betty for the enjoyment of Timmy, and of course myself, would work out nicely. I also knew that Timmy had a liking for anal sex porn, so I was working out some double penetration fun with Betty fucking me on top and Timmy fucking her asshole from behind. Having his hands on her butt cheeks as he pounded her would have him cumming in no time.

As I planned Timmy’s visit, I was watching the film of Betty riding my fuck stick. Betty was just bringing me to orgasm and I could see my whole body spasming as my hot spurting ejaculations must have been spraying up inside Betty’s cunt. However, watching the film, I now realized that Betty was also in full orgasm, unable to stop her squeals of pleasure which, in my ecstasy, I hadn’t heard. Her mouth was pulled back in a mad grimace as she was violently fucking my hard man-meat.

Wow, next time was going to be even better than I’d thought.

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