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Bisexual Bonking in the Bushes

Category: Group Sex
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From the moment he woke that morning Jeff had sex on the mind, and one particular kind of sex at that. His big hard dick rose up out of his loins and tented the sheet.

‘You can put that thing away.’ his wife Helen told him. ‘It’s time to get up.’

‘I didn’t want any off you anyway.’ he snapped.

‘Good, because you’re not getting any.’ she shot back.

Jeff and Helen hadn’t had sex for over three weeks and he was getting as horny as hell. But it wasn’t the thought of sex with Helen that had given him such a massive boner that morning. It had been over six months since he had last let a guy play with and suck on his cock, and the memories of that last time were playing round and round in his brain. He needed another dose of hot man sex, he knew that for sure.

As it was Saturday and he didn’t have to go in to work Jeff decided to do something about the hunger that was driving him crazy. About noon he packed his golf bag in the car and told Helen he was off the golf course. She made a fuss, as he expected but he drove off anyway. Instead of heading off to the golf course he drove in the direction of the river. He had seen a message on a toilet wall once that gave the impression that this was the place where men like him, married men with the occasional need of cock, could meet.

Jeff was nervous and apprehensive as he drove off the road and down a dirt track towards the river. There were several smaller tracks leading off this one and he investigated each of them, but there seemed to be nothing going on. And then at last he saw a car parked up by some bushes. It was empty but ahead was a thick clump of trees that might be concealing the occupant or occupants. Perhaps it was a straight couple having a fuck, and although he doubted they would take too kindly to him spying on them, it would be good for a wank.

With his heart pounding in his chest Jeff crept closer to the trees. It was difficult to see anything from the edge so he slipped in amongst them and then he saw some movement. He froze. And then he realized that what he was seeing was exactly what he wanted so desperately to see. It was a hand slowly stroking a very hard cock. Jeff looked the occupant over; the blonde haired man was totally naked and stood about six foot tall. He had a good solid build, smooth chest, and kind looking face. Jeff licked his lips, his mouth felt as dry as the desert. He had to give a signal of intent he knew, so he cupped his hand around his own package. The stranger smiled and beckoned him to come closer.

As soon as Jeff got up closer the stranger unzipped him and hauled out his by now stiff cock. He went down on to his knees and gently licked Jeff’s cock head. Jeff sighed and undid his fly button and lowered his slacks. Oh the feel of the fresh air on his ass, the stranger’s hands on his thighs and warm mouth moving up and down his shaft was out of this world. The blonde head bobbed up and down, greedily devouring his eight inch wanger. The stranger’s hands alternated stroking Jeff’s thigh’s and ass with tugging on his balls and prodding into his butt crack.

‘Eat my ass.’ Jeff pleaded.

The handsome stranger went round the back of Jeff and parted his cheeks. He took a moment to admire Jeff’s beautiful little virgin pucker, all pinky brown and tight and deliciously inviting. He brushed a finger tip over the folds of Jeff’s asshole and Jeff let out a little yelp of pleasure. And when the stranger buried his face full in Jeff’s ass and greedily licked his slit Jeff let out a full throttled growl. It was the first time he had ever experienced such pleasure and he suddenly understood why men might like to get fucked. He hoped that the talented stranger might want to fuck him, but he didn’t want to ask. All he could do was make approving sounds and push his ass back into the horny dude’s face.

Ten minutes later that magic tongue withdrew and Jeff feared the party might be over. But then he felt something slippery being rubbed all over his asshole. It felt so incredibly good, like that little part of his body had a life and brain of its own. And then the finger began to slip inside him, little by little, lubing him up as it went and he shivered in anticipation. The finger withdrew and another dollop of jelly was applied to his already relaxed asshole and the finger pushed in once more, connecting directly with his pleasure receptors. Jeff grabbed his asscheeks and held them apart, bending forward as he did so. He had to let the stranger know he was ready.

The feel of that warm, spongy cock knob rubbing up and down his crack and prodding into the back of his balls drove Jeff crazy. He reached back and grabbed hold of that sexy cock and aimed it at his ass. The stranger gave one savage thrust and was soon buried deep in Jeff’s ass, all the way to his fine blonde pubic hair. Jeff stifled a scream, tears came to his eyes and his body went rigid. His virgin ass had just swallowed nine inches of prime man meat and it was protesting something fierce! Fortunately the stranger sensed this and he held still for a couple of minutes, stroking Jeff’s back until he relaxed. The searing pain had eased and now he felt the most wonderful sensation of having a cock in his ass and being dominated by another man in a way that was really incredibly exciting to him.

The stranger started to slowly stroke his spear through Jeff’s slippery ring. His ass relaxed completely and he was abandoned to pleasure. The feel of that warm, hard tool slicing into his guts was all that mattered in the world. At least it was until he heard a scream.

‘What the fuck are you doing!’ a voice screeched.

Jeff knew that voice. He looked up to see Helen peering at him. Her face was beet red, and she looked extremely ugly, she was so angry.

‘What…what are you doing here?’ Jeff asked.

‘Golfing my ass.’ Helen replied. ‘I knew you were up to something so I followed you. ‘

The stranger didn’t miss a beat; he carried on stroking Jeff’s ass and smiled at Helen.

‘Come join us.’ he said.

Helen stepped closer. She looked as if she was about to lash out. But then the blonde man withdrew from Jeff’s ass and Helen saw the size and beauty of his cock. Wow! She was completely blown away. Jeff was big enough but this guy was so hot, and seeing the way he had dominated her man, taking him up the ass had turned her on despite herself. She reached out and wrapped a hand around the cock that had so recently been up her husband’s chute.

Jeff was shocked, but he wasn’t going to let a chance like this go to waste. He started removing Helen’s clothes while she concentrated on playing with the blonde’s big dick. Then the pair kissed and stroked each other for ten minutes while Jeff watched. It was turning him on like crazy to see another man having sex with his wife and knowing that that man wanted him too. When Helen was judged ready by the stranger he bent her over a fallen log and entered her. She moaned her approval as his cocked probed her slippery warmth. His hands roamed up and down her belly and tits, one moment gentle, the next crushing her tits like she was being punished for something. Helen was beside herself with lust and confusion. How could she, a respectable woman of a certain age, be getting fucked in a bush by a stranger, with her husband watching, and getting fucked by her husband’s male lover at that. It was all too fucking crazy.

Jeff knelt behind the stranger and admired his creamy, shapely ass. It was firm and so unlike Helen’s cellulite dimpled ass that he found himself wondering how he could have resisted something this hot for so long. He cupped the neat little butt cheeks in his hands, then parted them. The guy’s asshole was a deep brown colour and the folds seemed to be coated in some sort of lubricant. Jeff pressed a finger against the centre of the pleasure pit and it slipped in easily. It was indeed ready for the ride. He saw a tube of lubricant lying on the guys jeans and applied a dollop to his reddened cock head. It seemed so incredibly sensitive and he almost lost it as he smeared the jelly all around the cap.

It was time to take aim. Jeff pressed his arrowhead shaped dick head against the stranger’s asshole and started to slide in. He couldn’t believe how easily he went in or how incredibly good it felt. He had tried asking Helen for anal sex before but she wanted none of that, thank you very much. The blonde dude moaned softly as Jeff filled his chute. It heightened the sensation of his cock stroking about inside the dude’s wife’s hot pussy. He milked Jeff’s cock with his strong ass muscles as he sought to intensify his building orgasm.

The trio were lost in their mating, joined but each in their own world. Helen was free to concentrate only on her own pleasure and her fingers flicked her into multiple orgasms while that big fat cock filled her up so completely. The blonde stranger rocked between man and wife, pleasured in cock and ass and when his orgasm came it was so intense he sounded like a stuck pig. As the blonde’s assring clamped down on Jeff it triggered his own release and his heavy nuts gave up their big load. He grunted and collapsed onto the strangers back, licking the sweat off his shoulder as he did so.

The three of them disentangled and the stranger gathered up his clothes and slipped away. He knew that Jeff and Helen had a lot of talking to do. But that would have to wait as they were both still so turned on they had another fuck in the bush before going home.

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