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Bisexual Awakening

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My wife Susie has always been open on the subject of sex. We love to have fun and use it as a game. We have been married for over 10 years and she is delightfully full figured. She has a great shape with nice round ample breasts and rear. She knew my fantasy was to have another women in our bed, but I never dreamed she’d ever make that cum true.

Was I surprised on my 35th birthday when her best friend from college was over for a visit from Japan. During dinner, Susie whispered in my ear that I’d have some real fun tonight, then she and kiko laughed.

Well, I won’t go into all the details for the crowd reading this letter, but lets just say that I had the time of my life and was spent after cumming four times in a few hours and my jaw was sore the next day.

As Kiko left, Susie said, “My birthday is soon.”

She looked at me with a sly look. I knew i’d have to eventually give her an equal gift of another man in our bed. I was kind of uncomfortable, but at the same time curious to see what deep emotions and desires it might bring out of both of us.

You see, I love to read stories of bisexual first timers and gay adventures. I think most men are curious about the things our women do to please us. What does it feel like to have a cock in your mouth or to taste a load of semen? I have often eaten my wife after sex and we both enjoy it. I always feel strange licking up some of my own cum, but, at the same time, I am excited. I have never been close to another male body outside of gym class and then only by accident.

Susie knew I would never find a guy to bring home so she found a man at work. He was new and only 23. I thought he was gay, but he had loads of women around at the xmas party. Before I left for work on this fateful Friday, Susie told me to cum home early so we could start her birthday celebration early. I had forgotten about her earlier remark to Kiko. When I arrived home, there was a strange car in the driveway. I thought she had invited a friend over for some cake. When I came through the door, there sat Jim at out dining room table. He and Susie were drinking and carrying on like they’d been at it for a while. I didn’t think anything of it until I noticed Jim openly rubbing his bulge as I sat down. He was obviously hard and Susie was in a worked up state as well.

Susie looked at me and said, “honey, it’s my birthday and my turn for some fun.”

Now, I remembered. My heart raced and my cock twitched. All I could do was to have a nice big drink and join in the steaminess that filled the room. This night was for Susie. She would have two men to enjoy in any way she wanted. I never dreamed that i would find my own true calling.

As we drank, some clothes began to cum off. It was kind of a dare striptease. Jim was a buff young guy. We are both well built and take care of our bodies. Susie was really in the mood as Jim and I were down to our drawers. She got up from the table and grabbed a handful of Jim’s crotch and squealed. She went up stairs and we followed. By the time we got into the bedroom, she was naked on the bed in an inviting sultry pose.

Susie motioned for us to strip and cum over to the bed. I stood there naked next to Jim with our cocks pointing up as Susie laid down with her face between us. She noticed some precum from Jim’s cock and used her finger to taste it. She began to fist both of us and closed her eyes, breathing deeply. I usually eat my wife’s snatch for some time before we fuck because she is slow to climax. I love the way she tastes and she often sits on my face and rides me to orgasm. I laid down on the bed on my back. She climbed over me with her ass facing my feet. I started licking her clit and getting her nice and wet with my tongue. I had almost forgotten about Jim when suddenly I noticed he was straddling my chest and about to fuck her from the rear. His hard cock was pointing at my baby’s wet cunt and it dawned on me that his cock was also inches from my face.

As I continued to lick Susie, he pushed his way into her pelvis. It was amazing as his shaft slid past her soft folds and inched its way deep inside her. She moaned as he landed to his balls deep final thrust. Not only was he now where no man had been in many years but me, his balls were resting against my chin. He began to fuck her. My mouth, her cunt and his cock were one big fuck machine. Only my cock was waving in the wind all alone, but the combined scene was adding to my hardness and my feeling were about to surface. What I had wanted my whole life and didn’t know was that the object of my desire was right there in front of my mouth waiting for me to serve it.

He fucked her good and hard. Her plump body was slamming his thrusts. I looked back and her breasts were swaying as she rode my mouth and his cock.

All of a sudden, his cock slipped out. Before he could reposition himself, it pushed between my mouth and Susie’s clit. It all happened so fast, I don’t think he even knew he’d missed. I knew. My mind and body were filled with an incredible sensation. His cock had grazed my lips and tongue. My own cock was engorged with new blood. He continued to fuck her.

Again, he slipped out. This time his shaft entered my mouth. Without hesitation, I wrapped my lips around it as if this had been planned all along. I leaned forward and let him fuck my mouth.

Susie said, “what’s going on back there?”

She could feel him still thrusting but not inside her body. She quickly climbed off me and turned around to see what was going on. I almost pulled off of him, thinking she’d be mad, but instead she smiled and began to cradle my head up to his thrusts.

Susie smiled and said, “I always knew it. I knew you were bi. My wonderful little faggot hubby.”

I looked up at Jim. He was oblivious to everything and just enjoying my mouth. I was sucking a cock and enjoying it. My body was exploding with new found feelings and sensations.

Susie said, “get up and suck him proper.”

She stood Jim up and had me kneel on the floor at his feet. She kneeled next to me and said,

She urged me on saying, “Go ahead and suck his cock. I don’t mind. Show me you know how to make a man cum in your mouth like I do to you.”

I took that as and open invitation to explore my dark side. I leaned forward and licked him with all the love and lust I could muster. His cock was warm and glistening and hard. His crown was purple and his balls were full of cream for me to eat. I wanted him to fuck my face like a slave cock whore. I wanted his sperm in my mouth, on my teeth, my face and in my stomach. I looked over at Susie and she was loving this.

She reached for his balls and said, “Are you ready honey?”

All I could do was moan and suck him deep down my throat. I was bobbing up and down and nearly choking with each down stroke. He felt so good and I could feel his heartbeat when I rested at the base. His hair tickled my lips. Suddenly, he grabbed my head and began to fuck my mouth hard. I gagged, surprised at his attack. I let go and let him use my mouth for his cock.

I know those feeling just before you cum. It’s so fucking wonderful. A blast of sperm hit my tonsils. He pulled out a little so just his head was between my lips. His seed filled my mouth. There was so much sweet salty, bleachy sperm that it overflowed my mouth and ran down my chin. Susie used her finger to scoop some and eat it. She just looked at me with envy as I tried to swallow his load. It was thick and slimy. It was my first blowjob. It was my first man. It would not be my last.

I so desperately want to explore my newfound desires and share with my wife all that this new direction has to offer.

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Jim wrote

That is hot, wish my wife would do that to me.