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Big Mouth

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“Christ, look at the tits on that!” he murmured to himself. They were indeed quite a pair, bulging out against the constraints of a cardigan that did little to hide their voluptuousness. She was obviously walking for fitness as she also wore sunglasses, a peaked cap, track suit pants and runners. She was well over 50 and grey hair tied in a pony tail hung to her shoulders. She was not slender and as she passed, he took in the size of her superstructure and the size of her rear. “Counter balanced,” he thought to himself.

He watched her, noting the sway and rolling of her curvaceous arse as she purposefully strode on. What wouldn’t he give to get his hands on that!

Jason watched her until she turned the corner, and surreptitiously adjusted his burgeoning cock within the confines of his loose trousers. He could feel the pearls of pre-cum leaking into his shorts. He turned back to his companion.

“What did you say?” his girlfriend Connie asked.

“Nothing. Thought I knew her.”

“Bullshit. You’re tit mad, you are. I often think you go with me just to get your hands on these.” She lifted her shoulders and he saw her 40 inchers lift and bulge within the tight confines of her bra. She was a fairly plain girl, bulky with mousy brown hair. Her mouth was thin and her nose was too long for her round face.

She was right. He had seen her tits and appreciated them long before he took in the rest of her. “Hell, you won’t let me get at them anyway,” he sighed. Despite taking her out, treating her to movies and hamburgers, she had only allowed him a chaste peck on the cheek. They were both 18 and he was beginning to think that her religious upbringing had made her a sexless creature. Certainly, her parents were religious nutters and she attended one of those schools maintained by one of the devout offshoots of the mainstream religions. He decided there and then to give up on her.

“I have to be going. Mum wants me to mow the lawn this afternoon,” he said, rising. “I’ll see you around.”

He turned and left, following in the footsteps of the woman he’d seen before. As he turned the corner, there she was, leaning against a light post with her arms crossed over her bosom.

“Young Jason Turner, isn’t it?” she enquired. She looked grim and stern and he wondered how she knew is name.

“Yes, it is,” he said.

“I heard what you said back there, young man. I may be grey but my hearing is terrific. I’m fed up with idiots like you making smart arse comments behind my back. What have you got to say for yourself?”

He felt his face go bright red. “It wasn’t a smart arse comment. Really it wasn’t,” he blurted. He decided honesty was the best policy, even though it might result in thunderous wrath. “I really admired your breasts. They looked so huge and shapely,” he said earnestly.

Her lips tightened but he could not see her eyes through the dark glasses. Clearly she was taken aback by the sincerity of his response. She contemplated the youth in front of her. He was clean limbed, with a quite attractive face and dark hair. He was slightly taller than her with broad shoulders and a tan. He was neatly dressed and she could see that he was not a hooligan.

“I see. Well, it’s not nice to make comments like than about a respectable widow let alone let her hear them.”

“I..I didn’t mean to, he stuttered, “it just slipped out. It got me into trouble with my girlfriend. Or rather, my now ex-girlfriend.”

“She seemed well endowed. Was that her attraction?”

“Yes, but she wouldn’t let me get to first base.”

“You’re a good looking boy. Surely you would have your pick of those nubile young things that get around in the tight jeans and tops?”

“Nuh, they don’t turn me on. Besides, they’re more interested in clothes and looking good than going out with me. They think I’m a bit of a nerd because I don’t mix will the in crowd. I find them all a bit juvenile.”

“I was considering calling your mother,” she said. “I know her from the golf club and play with her often.”

He couldn’t help it. He looked at her chest and swiftly wondered how she managed to swing a golf club without those monumental breasts getting in the way. He looked up and saw the corners of her eyes crinkle and her full lips curve up slightly.

“I know what you are thinking. I cope quite well and won the B grade championship last season.” She thought for a moment. “You really do have a problem, don’t you? I think you had better come in and we will discuss it, that is, unless you have something better to do.”

He nodded dumbly, and followed her as she went up the street and turned into one of the small houses not far from the corner. She opened the door and ushered him in. She stood in such a way that he had to brush past her to get in. His cock pulsed. He wondered what was going to happen but guessed he was going to get a talking to. She led him into a large kitchen centred on a round table and comfortable chairs. She went to the refrigerator and got out juice and a couple of chilled glasses. She motioned to him to sit down and poured the juice, sitting opposite him. She removed her glasses and a pair of twinkling brown eyes surveyed him.

She took a sip and said, “Tell me, how long have you had a fixation for breasts, Jason?” She put the glass down and rested hers on her forearms.

He blushed and grabbed the glass, trying not to look at the magnificent sight presented by that pose. Had she done it deliberately? He looked at her and said, “Gosh, for ever it seems. When I was 12, a lady at the swimming pool lost her top and I saw her er, mammaries. They were huge, easily as big as yours.” He blushed and looked down studying his drink. “I got a big erection, the first I ever had. Somebody had thrown her top out onto the grass, and as she walked past, her er, mammaries swayed and wobbled. I could see her, nipples.” He looked up and blushed again, “I had to turn over on my towel because I had disgraced myself in my trunks.”

“You came, was that it?”

He looked down again, but not before he saw her eyes twinkling. “Yes.”

“Look at me,” she demanded. He looked at her. “You spunked yourself? Came in your pants like a dirty little boy? Tell me,” she demanded, fixing him with her eyes, eyes that seemed to have some brightness about them.

“Yes, I guess so.”

“Then what?”

“Well, I had to see more. It had been so pleasurable, you see.” She nodded. “I started noticing them everywhere and quite often, I could never remember what the women looked like, just the size and shape of…breasts. The bigger the better. I couldn’t get enough,” he said miserably. “I stole dirty magazines from book shops to look at the top heavy models in them. I went to the beach or the pool just to see them. It was my whole life and probably the reason I spent so much time on my own.”

“And of course, you went home and wanked, didn’t you,” she demanded, licking her lips.

“Gee, 7 or 8 times a day. I couldn’t stop.”

She peered at him. “Have you had one today.”

“Nuh,” he said nervously, “I was kinda hoping Connie would come across, so I saved myself.”

She leaned back and straightened her shoulders causing the huge mounds beneath her cardigan to be thrust into prominence. “And what happened when you saw these? The truth now!”

“I almost came in my pants. I did..honest, I did. I think they are the among the best I’ve ever seen.” It had become clear to him that she was extremely interested in his fetish and his reaction to her. He was becoming less nervous by the second, but was wondering where all this was leading. I could not wait to get home and take himself in hand. He eyed her bounty again and said, “I will never forget them, or you for that matter. Are you going to tell my mother?”

She looked at him speculatively, and frowned in concentration as if making up her mind. “No, I probably won’t. However, you will still have to pay for upsetting me like that. Come around here,” she said pushing back on the chair. He got up and walked around to her. She could see a sizeable bulge in his trousers and a wet spot that had not come from spilled fruit juice. “Get over my knees. I’m going to have to smack your arse.”

“Are you serious?!”

“Yes, I certainly am. Put the drink down and undo the top of your trousers. Good. Now get down here.”

He knelt down and gingerly bent over her knees. She leaned forward and he could feel the weight of her breasts on his back. She smacked each of his arse cheeks lightly a couple of times. “This is no good,” she said, “pull those trousers down.”

He reached back and slid his pants down his thighs. His cock slapped up against his taut stomach and then drove painfully against her leg as she pushed his shoulders down. He pulled back. “Keep still,” she said, somewhat breathily as she took in the perfection of his youthful buttocks. She gave a half hearted smack across one cheek and then caressed it and then grasped it. She did the same to the other one and repeated the action several times. He could feel her breasts rising and falling on his back and his cock was starting to leak drops of pre-cum onto the kitchen floor.

“Spread your legs,” she demanded. He widened them as far as he could with the constraint of his trousers around his knees. She reached a hand down between his buttocks and lightly cupped his balls. They were tight and hot. She slid a finger up along his perineum. He shuddered. It was exquisite torture. “Stand up.” He stood up, his raging hardon slapping up against his shirt front. Drips of pre-cum slid down his prepuce and down his solid shaft. The knob was a bright glowing red. She licked her lips, gazing at it intently. “My, my, quite some manhood you have there, young Jason.” She reached out and clasped it gently and slowly stroked her fist up and down it. He shuddered again and swayed putting his hand on her shoulder for balance. “I think we had better do something about that, don’t you,” she murmured. She looked up at him. “Jason, you won’t tell a soul about this, will you?”

“No. God, no.”

She pulled the shaft to horizontal with some difficulty and closed her mouth over the knob. It was a tight fit. She started to suck while gently frigging the hot shaft. He moaned and clutched her shoulder. She rasped her tongue over the underside of his glans and swirled it back over his pee slit. He gasped. “I’m…I’m..oh please I’m going to……” He erupted into her mouth, his cum spurting copiously. She breathed through her nose, swallowing convulsively. Some pearly white juice escaped from her mouth and trickled down her chin onto her milking hand. Finally, the spurts subsided. She swiped her tongue across his pee hole, again and again, causing him to shudder ecstatically. He had never felt such joy. His whole body was on fire.

She lifted off him and looked up, licking the last of his sperm from her hands. “Did you enjoy that, young Jason,” she whispered huskily.

“Oh, god yes. That was the most fantastic thing!”

His cock was still ramrod stiff. She studied it. “Ah, the resilience of youth. You’re still hard!”

“I can stay hard for hours,” he said proudly.

“Well, you can’t leave here like that,” she said. “We’ll have to do something about it. Come with me.” She got up, and grabbing his cock, led him through a door into a bedroom. “Get out of your clothes. Now!” He hastily threw off his shirt and reached down to push his pants, shoes and socks off, all the while without taking his eyes off her.

She stood next to the bed, and slowly unbuttoned her overfilled cardigan. She tossed it off and stood there in pretty deep blue bra that clearly failed to cope with the amount of breast flesh it tried to contain. Her cleavage went up almost to her neck. A network of little wrinkles were evident as her breasts were squashed together by the bra. “Would you like to see?”

“Oh yes please.” His eyes felt like as if they were bulging on stalks. He could not take his eyes off her magnificence.

She reached behind her to undo the strap which caused her breasts to look as if they were going to burst out of her bra. She unclasped it and reached up to draw the shoulder straps forward. She watched him staring hotly at her as she teasingly cupped her tits with the bra. Then she dropped the bra. His mouth fell open and he shuddered as two of the most magnificent breasts he had ever seen thrust out towards him. She may have been of advanced years but sported torpedo-like conical wonders. She pointed them at him and shook them gently.

Entranced, he watched them sway around in front of him. She had brownish nipples that sat more on top and were at least the size or raspberries. They were crinkled and sitting in the centre of two inch areola that were also crinkled as if chilled. Her alabaster flesh was striated with bluish veins. He had never seen a lovelier pair. His mouth hung open and his breathing became harsh. His cock pulsed madly. He thought he would blow his second load there and then. She let them go and they settled onto her chest but didn’t sag much. They were truly stupendous. “My late husband, Jim, was not a breast man. He died last year, but had been impotent for years.” She looked at him and added, “Due to my upbringing, I never considered another man. I was faithful to the end. Yours is only the second… er, penis, I’ve ever seen, and it’s much larger than his was. You may find this hard to believe, but I have never taken one in my mouth before. I just couldn’t resist. It is beautiful.” So saying, she reached out and clasped it again. It was huge and hot, throbbing and extremely hard.”

She reached down, not taking her eyes off his cock, and slid her track pants down her legs and stepped out of them. As she bent over, her massive breasts swung ponderously out from her chest and swayed and bounced. She pushed her track shoes off with her feet, and reached for him, her arms outstretched. He moved into her arms, aching to feel her against him. The mass of breast flesh compressed against his athletic build and he could feel the hardness of her nipples gouging into his ribs. He ran his hands down her back feeling the firm, slightly damp flesh until he reached her magnificent arse. He clasped them and pulled her against his raging cockstand. He could feel the wiry hairs of her cunt against his balls. Pre-cum leaked out of his dick and, as he ground himself gently against her, deposited slimy trails over the underside of her slightly protuberant belly. He hugged her fiercely and she looked up at him, her brown eyes twinkling.

“Kiss me,” she demanded.

He had never kissed somebody with passion and the delight as her full, moist lips sucked on his was monumental. She slipped her tongue into his mouth and toyed with his. He closed his eyes in ecstasy, savouring his first lover’s kiss. He moved his hands around to her front and gently grasped her heavy tits, rubbing thumbs over the erected nipples. His balls contracted as his mind went into erotic hyperspace.

She was intoxicated. Her husband had never been one for romance. Hers was almost an arranged marriage to a man with a low libido. She had produced two children that were long gone. Jason tasted wonderful. She ran her hands down is muscled back to his firm, youthful buttocks and squeezed. Her nipples were on fire and her pussy clenched as her clitoris erected. She felt the sudden onslaught of juice she’d long thought dried up. She slowly moved her breasts against his manly chest dragging her nipples around and around his tight abdominal muscles. She could feel his cock, hot and throbbing against her belly button.

Gently, she walked back until the back of her knees fetched up against the bed. She kept hold of his nates and sat on the edge of the bed. He moved between her legs and his rigid cock nudged against her huge breasts. “Put it in here,” she said, pulling them apart slightly. His cock, lubricated with his copious pre-cum slipped deeply into her cleavage and she wrapped her tits around him, her nipples rubbing on his taut stomach. He started punching up and down, clutching her shoulders for dear life as his knees started to buckle. He spurted uncontrollably into her warm breast flesh. Three, four, five, six mighty gushes. His head spun with erotic sensation.

She pushed him back and gathered finger fulls of his creamy essence and licked them. “Oh, you do tasted good – so clean and fresh. I’m sure you have more,” she said eyeing his still rigid cock. She leaned forward and swiped her tongue across his pee slit causing him to shudder convulsively. She stood up and kissed him sweetly and he could tasted himself on her lips. She leaned back and looked at him. “Can we fuck now, please. We’ve got rid of the excess.” She fell back onto the bed still holding onto him. He fell on her warm soft body and his still rigid cock pressed into her belly.

He leaned up and looked at her. “I want to taste you. Please, may I?”

She nodded and let her head fall back onto the bed. He slid back onto the floor and pushed her meaty thighs up and apart, almost drooling in his anticipation of seeing his first real cunt. It was a beauty. Beneath a tangle of blondish, curly hair, her perfectly symmetrical pussy was plump, the inner lips pushing out from between almost hairless labia majoria. The inner lips were bedewed and glistening and surmounted by a surprisingly large clitoris poking well out from a hood that was drawn right back. He leaned forward and licked a drop that had welled from the bottom of her slit. He then slowly licked upward, not quite reaching the top, before he went back and did it again, and again. She moaned and he looked up across her bulging belly and saw her clutching her enormous boobs. He kept licking the same way, just like an ice cream, as he had read in a short story in one of his magazines. He knew that once he fastened onto her clit, she would go off like a volcano. His cock was leaking all over the floor and he knew he couldn’t wait much longer to shove it into the madly leaking cunt under his tongue.

Reaching up past her hands holding the bottom of her breasts he pinched her nipples as he suddenly sucked on her clit, rasping his tongue back and forth. She went ballistic, arching up off the bed, almost unseating his lewdly sucking mouth. She moaned loudly and he felt a flush of liquid spurt from her spasming pussy. He let go the clit and looked to see dribbles of whitish fluid escaped from the bottom of her cunt. He rapidly licked it up and was rewarded with another spurt. God, she was amazing. She kept coming as he kept licking, continuously moaning.

He leapt to his feet, his urgent need pulsing in front of him. He pushed against her but couldn’t find the entrance. She let go one quivering breast and reached for him and guided him to heaven. She surged up at him and suddenly he was sheathed half way into her tight, hot cunt. He withdrew and pushed again, getting further. In and out he went until his nuts came in contact with the cheeks of her bum. It was bliss. He could feel the end of her each time he pushed. The walls of her slimy cunt gripped him perfectly as he commenced rapidly fucking her. Her arms went round his arse pulling him to her as her legs widened more. Seeing her treasures swaying and bobbling on her chest was the most erotic thing he had ever seen. He captured them and pulled at her nipples.

He couldn’t last. He came, spurting convulsively into the very depths of her, groaning out loud. He felt a rush of fluid on his balls and knew she had cum as well. She fell back in a faint and he collapsed onto her massive breasts, still buried, still hard and still spurting. He looked at her in alarm. Her eyelashes were fluttering and tears were seeping from the sides of her eyes.

He grabbed both shoulders and shook her gently. “Are you alright?”

Her eyes opened and had a glazed look. They focussed on him and she said, “That was wonderful…so wonderful. The greatest experience of my life.” She reached up and pulled his face down and gave him a tender kiss.

“You’re still hard, you naughty boy. Can I have another poke? Can I get on top?” So saying, she gave a lurch and unseated him from her steamy cunt. “Get up here on the bed.” He slithered onto his back in the middle, resting his head on her pillows. She got up and straddled him, her huge breasts swaying and wobbling. She clasped his prick, pulled it upright and started to lower herself onto him. “God, you’re big. I love it.” She eased herself down and as she did her breasts swung forward and hit him in the face. He grabbed them and started sucking each nipple in turn, occasionally nipping the ripe raspberries. She started moving slowly up and down, making sure that her clit ground against his slimy pubes, feeling him massively filling her like no other.

She straightened up, pulling her nipple from his eager mouth. “I suppose now you’re no longer a virgin, you’ll be looking young Connie up,” she said, glaring down at him.

“Connie? Connie who?” he said, grinning up at her. She smiled and gave him back her nipple, and started moving her cunt up and down, feeling another mighty orgasm beginning to build.

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