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As Good As He Was…Once

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The sweat dripped off the end of my nose as I walked home from classes. Here it was not even summer and the heat was oppressive. We had been running our air conditioning full blast for the last two weeks and there was little relief in sight. My room mates and I knew that we could not be stuck in town for the long weekend with all this heat. Yet where could we go to escape from it and not be in debt afterwards. All of us were on limited funds.

We had just enough money for school, rent, and food if we pooled our money. That’s why we were all living together. It was way cheaper to live in a house paying rent, than to live in separate apartments.

There we were, two over heated females desperate to escape the confines of the city, with limited resources to draw on. It was then that Donna came home and overheard us talking about getting away from the city for the four day weekend.

“If you guys are that interested in getting away, there’s a possibility that my Grandpa will be at his cottage. We could all go there. He is usually there most of the time. There’s lots of room, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind seeing us for a few days.”

Karen and I looked at each other and considered what Donna had just proposed. Other than money for gas, it would only cost us a bit for food. We couldn’t just show up empty handed and stay without supplying our own food. We thought about it for a few minutes and realized that if we took our food we could do it.

With that thought in mind Donna got on the phone asked her Grandpa Dave if the three of us could visit. In no time at all we had the groceries packed, along with our bathing suits and towels. We also took jeans and sweaters for the evenings, just in case it got cool enough to wear them by the lake. Donna said that even though it was hot in the city, it could cool off at night.

Two hours later, we reached the cottage and discovered that Grandpa Dave’s cottage was more like a permanent home. The place was huge. Lots of fans, glass and high ceilings. Best of all it had four bedrooms. There was a large eat in kitchen, and an equally large living room with a big screen TV hooked up to a satellite dish. The master bedroom had it’s own separate bathroom. Each of the bedrooms had a doorway leading to a huge deck overlooking the lake.

Grandpa Dave turned out to be a very tall, slender, handsome gentleman of about 66 years of age. His wife had died in a car crash about ten years before and had never remarried. He had retired to the cottage and spent most of his time alone. Once and a while he had members of the family come to the cottage and spend a few days, but for the most part he lived alone.

I don’t think he was used to having three young females invade his space but he was very gracious and made us all feel welcome. When Donna had introduced us Grandpa Dave had given us all a big hug. We couldn’t be mistaken for sisters because we all had different hair colour, and height. Donna was about 5’5″ tall with rich dark brown hair and blue eyes, and average sized breasts. Karen was the smallest at 5’1″ tall with flaming red hair, green eyes, and a very nice figure topped with small but perky breasts. I on the other hand, Mandy, was the tallest of our group at 5’9″ tall with shoulder length ash blonde hair, deep blue eyes and an athletic figure topped off with 44DD breasts. There was no denying that when we walked into a room we were the centre of attention.

Since Donna was staying with her Grandpa she decided to bring one of her more conservative 2 piece suits to swim in. Karen and I on the other hand had no worries about what Grandpa Dave would say to our parents about our swim wear so we brought our string bikinis. We decided to explore the lake and headed down to the dock for a brief stroll before supper. About an hour later we heard an old cow bell being rung and Donna told us that it was always used to call everyone to meals.

Since we were at the lake we took our cue on supper attire from Donna’s Grandpa who stayed dressed in his swim suit. As we sat eating supper I could not help but notice that Grandpa Dave was certainly checking out Karen and myself. Infact it seemed that his eyes never lifted above our breasts. Grandpa Dave was a senior citizen but was by no means dead when it came to looking at beautiful young ladies. There we were sitting at the supper table with our tits barely covered by our bikini tops. The material was so thin that our nipples could be seen clearly.

Grandpa Dave suggested that we should take the boat out on the lake since we were going to be staying for a few days and do some real sight seeing. So next morning after our boat safety lesson, we headed out on the lake to see the sights. As soon as we were out of sight of the cottage we all whipped off our bikini tops. What a thrill it was to be out on the water with the wind on our nipples and the spray from the boat helping to keep us cool. We got a few stares and whistles from passing boats as we sped by and flashed them. However we soon discovered that our nipples were getting burned very quickly being exposed to the sun and water so we had to cover up. By the time we returned to the cottage we were feeling the effects. Grandpa Dave was waiting for us as we pulled up to the dock and helped us as we tied up the boat. The rest of the day was rather low key as we all just hung around the cottage and relaxed. After supper we watched a movie off the satellite dish and eventually headed to bed around midnight.

I had been in bed for about two hours and was unable to sleep so I decided to head out on the deck for a look at the moon and the lake at night. I had been standing there for about twenty minutes or so when I turned to go back inside and realized that Grandpa Dave had been sitting on the deck the whole time watching me as I looked out on the lake. I quickly covered myself with my hands and rushed back inside. I had been out on the deck topless. I thought at that time of night everyone would be asleep and I woldn’t be seen.

“I’m sorry I startled you. I didn’t mean to embarrass you,” he said softly.

“You should have warned me that you were out there. I meant no disrespect to you by going out there half naked. The night was so warm and I figured everyone would be asleep,” I answered back.

“Trust me when I say that I fully understand why you went out without your clothes. I often sit out there at night totally naked when I am alone. There’s something very peaceful about sitting outside at night with no clothes on. Even during the day I go without clothes whenever I can,” he whispered.

By this time I had put on a T-shirt and stepped back out on the deck to talk. Grandpa Dave said we should speak softly because voices carry very easily at night in the quiet. He went on to explain that he couldn’t help himself when he looked at me standing naked by the railing. It had been a long time since he had seen such a large pair of lovely naked breasts and was just lost in their beauty.

“Donna’s Grandma was killed about ten years ago and I’ve never really gotten over her death. I still miss her deeply. Her breasts were about the same size as yours and she stood just about as tall. So you see, I had a vision of what it used to be like having her here with me. Her hair was very much shorter than yours but the same colour. She knew I was partial to busty blondes and kept her hair ash blonde for me. She used to wear nothing at all when we were alone on the deck at night. We’d sit and hold hands as we watched the moon on the water. Sometimes we’d even make love outside. There was no one around for miles so when we made noise as we made love, we only disturbed the fish.”

I walked over and put my arms around him and gave him a hug. I told him that I understood and hoped I hadn’t caused too many painful memories. As he looked into my eyes I could see tears starting to run down his cheeks. He held me and he wept softly. He said that it was one thing to lose a mate through sickness, but something totally different when your mate is suddenly killed in a car crash. You never get to say your goodbyes to them. One moment they are alive with you, and the next they are being buried. All the things you would like to say are never said. In all the years since his wife’s death, Grandpa had never been with another woman. He’d been out on dates but never connected with any of them. He wanted to take many of them to bed but they never matched up to his wife. He really missed being able to feel his wife’s breasts as they sat and snuggled at night. He missed her blonde hair. Most of all he said he missed making love to her. When he got lonely and frustrated he masturbated to relieve himself. It never solved his lonliness.

As he stood there weeping quietly on my shoulder I took his hands and placed them on my breasts. I felt his hands tremble as he held my massive breasts and he began to caress and feel them with his fingers. He took my nipples between his fingers and began to rotate them as he squeezed and pulled on them. I reached down and lifted my shirt over my head and guided his lips to my breasts. He sucked and licked them gently as he continued to massage my 44DD’s. A moan escaped his lips and I felt his knees begin to weaken. I helped him into his bedroom and led him over to the bed. I laid him down and pulled off his swim suit. I quickly got rid of my PJ shorts and climbed onto the bed beside him. He wrapped himself around me and clung to me like it was his last night on earth. He let his hands wander over my body. His touches were very gentle and not rushed. I felt his lips on mine. He kissed me and I felt him slide his tongue into my mouth. I sucked on his tongue and returned the kiss evenly. His lips travelled all over my body leaving hot trails of saliva as they worked their way from location to location. He nibbled my ear lobes and kissed my throat. He worked his way down my arms and back up again and onto my shoulders and neck. He spent many minutes working on my huge breasts. Finally he sucked on one of my nipples as he played with the other between his fingers. He changed nipples and repeated the process. He then worked his way down across my flat belly to the tops of my legs where he paused briefly to breathe the scent from my pubic hair. He worked his way down each of my legs trailing hot wet kisses and licks as he went. He turned me over and proceeded to kiss me all over my back.

He spent a long time tracing his tongue up and down my spine and he paused to nip at the fine mat of peach fuzz at the base of my spine.He finally turned me over and kissed me full on the lips as he placed his fingers over the fuzz of my pussy. Slowly he let his fingers trace the outline of my lips as he ran his finger up and down the gash that separated them. He finally inserted his middle finger into my hole and began to caress my insides as he slowly pushed into me. I wanted him to never stop.

I was dripping wet and wanted more. I begged him to let me cum but he had other ideas. He bowed his head to my pussy and began lapping at my clitoris as he probed my inner most areas. He lapped and caressed and sucked and I loved every moment of it. I had never had a lover be so patient and unhurried with his lovemaking. I’d only had sex with three other guys before now and all they wanted to do was put it in me and pump until they came. This was an entirely new and wonderful experience. I was so ready to cum that I was begging him to make me explode. He looked at me and smiled and whispered that I’d cum when I was ready. He wasn’t holding me back. In fact he wanted to feel my orgasm as he sucked on my clitoris. With that he returned his mouth to the task and within moments I exploded like I have never exploded in my life. I thought my head would fly off and my eyes felt like they were turned backwards in my head. As the stars and lights flashed in my head he kept his tongue on me and his fingers worked their magic. I kept cumming and cumming and cumming, until I finally couldn’t take it anymore without going crazy. I pulled his face to me and kissed him deeply as I tasted my own juices on his lips and tongue. I pulled his fingers out of me and placed his hand on my breast where he held my nipple in a vise like grip.

“Thank you, I needed that,” he said. “I’ve missed oral sex so much that I never thought I’d be able to do so again after my wife died. You have no idea how great it feels to bring a lovely sexy woman to orgasm like that. I’ve missed the taste of a pussy on my lips for so long. You taste wonderful.”

I laid there not believing what I was hearing. How could he be so caring? Why didn’t he want to get laid like my other lovers? Couldn’t he get it up? I reached down and grabbed his cock and felt it nicely aroused, but certainly not hard and throbbing like most guys. It was certainly big enough at half mast. It had to be a good seven inches even though it wasn’t fully engorged.

“At my age it takes a while to get the equipment started but if you’ll be patient I’ll give you what you want. That is if you still want me.”

“Want you? I’d be crazy to give you up now. I want you more than ever. I want you inside me. I want to feel your hard cock sliding in and out of my pussy. I want to feel you cum inside of me. I want to make you cum. Please slide inside me. I’m so wet it’s running down the crack of my ass.”

“As you can feel I’m not quite ready but if you’ll patient and get me hard then I’ll make love to you like you deserve to be loved.”

I eased him back down on the bed and knelt between his legs. I put his cock into my mouth. He tasted wonderful. His cock had a nice large purple head that felt like silk when I caressed it. I cupped his large heavy balls in my hands. I put my lips over the tip and sucked him back into my throat. As I worked on his cock head I wrapped my hand around the shaft and began pumping him. I heard him start to moan and groan as I played with the slit. I licked the underside and paused at the base to tongue that special spot between his balls and the shaft. I increased my suction and took him completely into my mouth down to the base as his pubic hair brushed my nose. I felt him start to swell and get harder. I stroked him until he was fully engorged and as hard as any twenty year old cock I’d ever had. He grabbed me and flipped me onto my back and climbed between my legs. I guided his cock into my pussy and felt him slowly work his way deep inside me. He didn’t rush into me like the other guys did. He took his time and made me feel all 9 inches of him.

Once inside he grabbed my legs and put them up over his head as he proceeded to work himself even deeper into me. I felt him hit my cervix and I exploded. He slowly worked himself into and out of me. There seemed to be no hurry to his lovemaking. He pumped into me and kept a steady pace for the next ten to fifteen minutes. During that time I floated from one orgasm to the next. I’d never had more than 2 orgasms together in my life. this was really wonderful. He let my legs down and he put a pillow behind my head and asked me to watch him pump in and out of my pussy. Just watching that huge cock of his piston itself in me made me explode again. It was wonderful just watching it disappear and then slide out again. We fucked for about an hour and Dave was still not ready to cum. I began to wonder if he could make it. I knew it took him longer to get it up but when he did, could he cum? He said he had masturbated over the years so I assumed that he could still ejaculate.

We switched positions so that I was on top and watched his face as I rode him. He looked to be in pure ecstasy. He reached up and massaged my breasts and grabbed my nipples as I impaled myself on his pole. I leaned forward so he could take my nipples in his mouth and suck on them. Within a few minutes after switching positions I was having another series of orgasms. I kept floating from one orgasm to another. This was unbelievable. Dave’s staying power was awesome. We’d been fucking for almost an hour and a half and he’d still not cum. Rather than a fast orgasm with a wait of fifteen minutes before another erection like most guys, Dave just stayed hard and kept on fucking. I was loving it. Here was a guy who could pleasure me for a couple of hours on end without a losing it.

Dave got back on top of me. He asked me to close my legs with him still inside. He then straddled my legs and laid on top of me. This pushed his penis up to the top of my vagina so that the head rubbed on the top inside as he moved into and out of me. He used short strokes and then a few long strokes and it felt even better than I could have imagined. His cock started to quiver and get really hot. He felt like he was on fire. His strokes became faster and faster and I heard his breath become laboured. I knew he was close to an orgasm. I closed my legs just a bit tighter and put more pressure on his penis. Dave adjusted his angle to put more pressure on the head of his cock as it rubbed on the top of my vagina. Suddenly he pushed himself as deep as he could into me and started to shake and buck. I felt a scalding hot jet of cum explode from him.

He kept pumping and shaking as he hugged me tight and whispered in my ear over and over his undying thanks for letting him cum like that again. Through his tears he said he felt like he would never have had an orgasm like that ever again before he died. He had missed sex so much after his wife got killed and had given up hope of ever finding someone special enough to want him.

“You know, I’m not as good as I once was…but I’m as good as I was… once!”

He wept silently as he laid his head on my breasts and kissed my nipples. He told me how wonderful it felt when he slid inside me that first time. He was so tired of masturbating while watching the porno flicks on TV. To have found someone so young and beautiful with large breasts like his wife, seemed too good to be true. Even if it was for only one night, he was still very grateful for the chance to make love and please someone once again.

“Dave, you aren’t going to have me for just one night. I’m yours for as long as you want me,” I whispered to him.

“You can’t be serious. What would a beautiful young lady like you want with an old fart like me. Tonight was special but I certainly can’t see you wanting to spend more time with me. You’ve got your life ahead of you and it certainly shouldn’t be spent with a someone my age,” he retorted.

“That’s where you’re wrong,” I said as I reached down and began to fondle his now limp penis.

“You’ve shown me things that I have never gotten from a lover before tonight. You’ve given me tenderness and made me feel important. You made love to me first and took care of my needs before thinking of your own. It’s been 10 years since you’ve made love to a woman but you still took your time. You just didn’t want a fast fuck so you could cum.”

“My late wife taught me very early in our marriage that if I took care of her needs first, then mine would be met ten fold. Rather than cum in the first few minutes of sex, I learned to draw out the experience and savor every moment. When I did, she returned my love in more ways than I could ever hope to explain. When she was happy, then she made me happy over and over again. A man who knows how to please his wife first, never has to worry about getting enough sex. In fact he may get far more than he ever thought he would.”

We spent the rest of the weekend together making love. Yes it took time to get him erect. Occasionally we would have to stop and wait for his erection to harden. I put him in my mouth and sucked on him and then rubbed his cock between my huge breasts to get him hard again. Donna and Karen never knew about our time together after everyone was asleep. He was only good for one orgasm per night, but what a time we had making love before he made it. He catered to my every need. He made me cum before he exploded. His passion was to see and feel me have my orgasms. When he finally had his own, he knew I was satisfied. My pleasure came before his. His joy was my pleasure. He said that making love isn’t about cumming. Fucking is about cumming. Making love is all about giving your partner as much pleasure as humanly possible before your own.

Finally we said goodbye late Monday night and headed back home. I never told Donna about her Grandpa and me. Karen doesn’t know I’m still sleeping with Grandpa Dave either. Both think I’ve got a new young lover who keeps me happy and satisfied. If they only knew. Most Fridays I cut classes early so I can drive to the cottage to be with Dave for three days. Dave comes home for as many weekends as possible. When we are together Dave always thanks me for letting him make love to me. I always thank him for giving me the best gift of love anyone could ever receive.

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