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Jill felt the cool moisture of the mist on the underside of her wrist. She raised it to her nose and took in the pleasing aroma.

“Umm, that’s a good one,” she said in a voice barely audible.

She put the bottle back on the display shelf. After rearranging a few other items, she moved on to the next display. She lifted a large, maroon colored candle and sniffed. Not the “old fashioned Christmas” fragrance she remembered from her childhood, but still nice.

Jill Edwards didn’t use all the products in the Bath and Body Works store she managed. But, she could talk anyone into buying them. She was an attractive, if not necessarily striking, twenty eight year old single and independent woman interested in one day owning her own chain of stores. She couldn’t yet tell you what the stores would sell, but they would be successful.

She was 5’7″, blonde with hazel eyes and a figure that actually looked better out of clothes than in them. That was due primarily, she always told herself, to the nondescript white button down shirt and tan slacks she wore at work. Alone, they might have been OK. But, throw in the required apron and her body became as exciting as a lamppost.

Working in a store frequented predominantly by women, Jill saw her share of good-looking women. More than once she had watched a customer from behind the counter, imagining the lines of the breasts and hips and ass if unconfined by clothing. Never had she seen a more perfect combination of facial and bodily beauty than the young girl that entered the store now.

The bell above the door had barely stopped ringing when Jill got her first good look at the girl. Dressed in tight, faded jeans and an even tighter turtleneck sweater, the girl’s body oozed perfection. From behind a holiday display, Jill watched the girl stop at a table of gift ideas and smell a bar of soap.

As was her custom, Jill would let the customer shop for a few minutes before offering to help. In this instance, it would also allow the manager time to catch her breath again. Jill followed the girl’s long, cheerleader legs from the expensive sneakers to the perfect thighs to the small round ass. Then she admired the skinny waist as it accented the full breasts. Finally, she noticed the girl’s long, wispy blonde hair flowing over her shoulders.

The girl appeared to be perhaps twenty. Jill detected the delicate use of soft makeup, unlike the overabundance evident on most of the teenagers who came in. Bonus points, she thought to herself.

The girl looked up and noticed Jill.

“Hi,” she said, looking at the price of a gift set.

“Hi. Let me know if you need any help,” Jill replied.

“I will.” The girl smiled and walked aimlessly around displays to a wall rack of bath oils. As she reached up to an upper shelf, Jill watched her sweater rise above the top of her hip hugger jeans. Smooth, tanned skin flashed briefly before the sweater slid down again.

“Damn, Jill. She’s a kid,” the manager said to herself. “And certainly not interested in you.”

Two more customers entered the store, taking Jill’s attention away from the girl for a moment. After exchanging greetings with the new customers, Jill worked her way back behind the service counter. The young girl slowly proceeded around the outside walls until she stood next to the register.

“Gift shopping?” Jill mustered the nerve to ask her.

“Yeah. My mother. I hate buying for her,” the girl said with a weak frown.

“We have all new facial and body lotions over there,” Jill pointed to the far wall. “And aromatherapy is big this season. We have a big display by the door.”

“Aromatherapy? Like the scented oils you burn in a candle?” the girl asked.

“We have that,” Jill said. “But, there’s a lot more now. Like bubble bath and spray…”

“Ooooh, bubble bath,” the girl sighed.

“Here. Let me show you,” Jill said, walking around the end of the counter.

The girl followed Jill to the display. The manager pointed out the shelf with the bubble bath bottles and took hold of an aqua colored bottle.

“I swear this stuff works,” Jill said. “I don’t know what the secret ingredient is, but it does calm you down.”

The girl smiled shyly, but didn’t respond at first. She sniffed a couple bottles, then said, “I need this after some of the courses I’m taking this semester. The professors are driving me crazy.”

“Half an hour in a tub with this and you’ll forget about college,” Jill said, trying to keep her mind from drifting to a bubble filled tub with this gorgeous, naked babe in it.

“And I suppose my Mom would enjoy it, having to live with my Dad.”

Jill laughed. She described a few more of the products before seeing a customer ready to check out.

“I’ll let you look,” Jill said before turning toward the register.


While gift-wrapping a purchase for the other customer, Jill saw the girl leave the store and disappear into the mall crowd. If nothing else, the young girl had given Jill something to think about the rest of the day…and night.

On her worse days, Jill drowned in self-pity, not understanding why some beautiful person didn’t come along and save her. It used to be a tall, dark man who was a computer network administrator by day and sexual stud by night. But, lately, the idea of a soft female body next to her was sounding even better.

Tiffany Adams stared at the bubbles on the surface of her Coke, oblivious to the bustle of the crowd in the mall’s food court. “Why is life so awful? Why do guys hate me? Isn’t twenty supposed to be the prime of my life?”

Once again, her mind wandered back to the bath store. “Why did that woman attract me?” She didn’t have answers for any of her self-imposed questions. But the most important one concerned that woman. She was tall. Tiffany liked that. And those hazel eyes were full of life. And that cute butt.

“Tiffany. Jesus,” she nearly said out loud. She took another long drink from the straw in her glass. Two teenage boys passed her table, staring at her until they almost tripped over another table. “In your dreams,” she thought to herself.

Tiffany Adams stared down the long walkway of the mall toward the store where the tall woman with the hazel eyes was probably helping another customer. She looked at her watch. She took a drink.

The bell above the door barely registered in Jill’s mind as she opened another box in the store’s diminutive storeroom. She took out the dozen bottles of body spray and placed them on top of an unopened box. She dismantled the now empty container until it was a small slab of cardboard and laid it in the corner.

Jill peeked out into the store and froze. The young, blonde girl she had tried to forget about for the past hour was standing at the aromatherapy display. Jill quietly stepped behind the counter.

Tiffany looked up to see the woman writing something, then continued her casual shopping.

“Still undecided?”

The young girl was startled to find the woman standing just a few feet away, striding softly towards her.

“Yep,” Tiffany said, realizing she meant that in more ways than one. “I liked your idea of the aroma bath stuff.”

“Aromatherapy.” Jill mentally kicked herself for correcting the girl. “For you or your Mom?”

“Both, I guess.” The girl mindlessly picked up a bottle and sniffed it.

Jill watched her tuck blonde hair behind her ear with a finger. She glanced down at the girl’s sweater. The slightest hint of her nipples extended from the ends of her breasts. Jill took a deep breath.

“Would you like to sample it?” Jill asked.

The girl looked up. “Here?”

Jill giggled nervously. “No. Our tub is broken. But, you can use mine.”

Tiffany stared at the woman, then at the display. She felt her heart pounding. She opened her mouth to respond, but couldn’t.

“Here’s my number. Call me if you want to.” Jill handed the girl a folded piece of paper. Tiffany stared at it for a second before anxiously shoving it into her jeans pocket.

“My name’s Jill. Jill Edwards,” the woman said, extending her hand.

“Hi. I’m Tiffany Adams.”

The tension flowed between them through their hands. Yet, Jill’s fingers felt the softness of the girl’s skin.

“I may take you up on the offer,” Tiffany said.

“I hope you do,” Jill replied. “No obligation.”

The girl laughed. She looked down at the floor, then pulled her hair back again as she looked up at Jill. “I gotta go. Thanks.”

“Bye,” Jill said as the girl turned away. Tiffany walked through the door, bells ringing overhead.

Jill sat on the stool behind the counter, her chin in her hands. “Damn it,” she said to herself. “Damn it. Why do you do such stupid things?” A tear dropped from the corner of her eye, which she quickly wiped away with the back of her hand.

Tiffany sat in her apartment, a cell phone on her lap. She looked at the piece of paper and thought about the woman who gave it to her thirty hours earlier. What did the woman want? Really want?

“Hell. What do I want?” Tiffany muttered with emphasis on the “I”.

She picked up the phone and dialed the number.

Jill’s body jerked at the sound of the portable phone she had carried around the apartment for a day and a half. “Hello.”

The girl swallowed. “Hello. Jill?”

“Yes. Who’s this?”

“Hi, Jill. This is Tiffany. We met in the store yesterday,” Tiffany said with as calm a voice as she could manage.

Rarely had Jill ever wanted to hear words as badly as she had wanted to hear those. “Hi. What a nice surprise.”

“I didn’t know if you’d be working or not,” Tiffany said.

“Actually, this WAS my day off,” Jill said. “What are you up to?”

“Nothing special. I was just, uh…I was thinking about yesterday.” The girl was stammering. She stopped talking to attempt to regain her composure.

“How so? About what?” Jill closed her eyes in a quick, silent prayer the conversation would go the direction she wanted.

“About your offer. If it still stands,” Tiffany added quickly.

“Of course it does,” Jill said with enthusiasm. “You’re welcome to come over any time you want.”

“Well, what day is good for you?” Tiffany asked.

“Any night this week…after eight,” Jill said. Her sweaty palm nearly dropped the phone as she switched it nervously from one ear to the other.

“How about tomorrow? Nine o’clock.”

“That would be great. Let me give you directions,” Jill said. The information was exchanged and the conversation ended as quickly as it began. Two women, in separate apartments on opposite ends of town, leaned back in their chairs and took deep breaths.

The next night, Tiffany Adams stood in front of her dresser mirror. She stared at the open collar of her sleeveless shirt, shrugged, and unbuttoned one more button. The tops of her breasts were now plainly visible. She turned and ran her hands across the skintight material of the jeans covering her ass. The girl smiled.

Jill Edwards thought back to her high school prom as she blow-dried her hair. The hours she had spent getting dressed and made up. The obnoxious nerd who got so drunk he couldn’t drive her back home. Now she looked down at her sweater and the short skirt she hadn’t had the nerve, or need, to wear in years. She smiled.

The doorbell rang at 9:05 p.m. “On time, even. I’m impressed,” Jill said to herself. She looked through the side window of the door and opened it.

“Hi.” Tiffany had a broad, alluring smile.

“Hi. Come on in.”

Tiffany took off her light coat and handed it to Jill. “I’m really glad you could come over,” Jill said, hanging the coat in the closet.

“Thanks for inviting me,” Tiffany said. “This is a nice apartment.”

“Oh, thanks. It’s not really much. I don’t spent a whole lot of time here, unfortunately,” Jill said. She was standing in front of the girl, getting a good look at her outfit for the first time. Jill stole a rapid glance at the cleavage evident inside Tiffany’s shirt. A chill went up the woman’s spine.

“You seem to enjoy your work, though.”

Jill’s eyes shot back up. “Oh, I do.”

They walked farther into the living room and Tiffany sat at the end of the couch. Jill sat in a recliner near the couch and they talked about work, school, cheerleading, families and hobbies.

“What would you like to drink? I’ve got pop, beer, wine…,” Jill offered.

“Wine would be good,” said Tiffany.

Jill returned a minute later with two glasses of wine and the half empty bottle.

“I love your outfit,” Tiffany said. “It looks SO comfortable.”

“Thanks.” Jill felt herself blush. “You, of course, would look marvelous in ANYTHING.”

“Hardly. I don’t have money for clothes,” the girl scowled.

“Sounds like you qualify for the special discount at my store,” Jill said with a smile.

More chatting was followed by more wine. Eventually, Jill worked up the courage to say, “So, I promised you a free aromatherapy bubble bath trial. You still interested?”

Tiffany didn’t falter. “Sure.”

“Do you want to take it home with you, or try it here?” Jill had convinced herself she’d give the girl one last chance to turn back. This was it.

“I’ll try it here,” Tiffany said softly. “You’re the expert.”

Again, Jill felt a flush envelope her face. At the same time, her pulse raced frenetically.

Jill stood. “Bring your wine.”

She reached out for the girl’s empty hand and led her down a short hallway. They turned into the undersized, but bright, master bathroom. As Tiffany looked around, Jill took the girl’s glass and added it to hers on the ledge of the glistening white tub. Then she picked up two small bottles of fluorescent liquid.

“Let’s see,” she said, holding the bottle up to her face. “We have ‘apple blossom’ and ‘aloe mist’.”

“Oh. How about aloe mist,” Tiffany said with a grin.

Jill closed the drain, turned on the water and poured in an ample amount of the greenish bubble bath. Instantly, a layer of small white foam began to form on the surface of the water. Tiffany found herself admiring the soft looking thighs extending below Jill’s short skirt as she leaned over the tub. Jill stood again, looking at the girl about to be engulfed by the soft bubbles.

“Would you like to be alone?” Jill asked in a gentle voice. Then she held her breath.

Tiffany paused, looking at the tub. Her eyes rose to meet the other woman’s. “No.” She felt the dryness in her throat. “I’d like to share it.”

Jill stepped forward. She reached for the open neck of the girl’s shirt and placed her fingers on the skin beneath Tiffany’s neck. She lowered her hands opened one button. Tiffany’s breasts and bra were now plainly visible. Lightly, she stroked the tops of the breasts.

Jill unbuttoned the shirt and pulled it out of Tiffany’s jeans. The girl watched her with wide, anxious eyes. Jill stared down at the bare skin and spread the shirt open. Almost without realizing it, the shirt was falling off Tiffany’s shoulders and down her arms. It dropped to the floor without a sound.

As if being awakened suddenly from a dream, Jill looked over at the tub. The bubbles were approaching the top, so she moved to the faucet and turned off the rushing water.

When she turned back to face Tiffany, the girl was dropping her bra on top of her discarded shirt. Jill stood frozen. The splendor of Tiffany’s full, upturned breasts and bright pink nipples far exceeded the mental images she had conjured up the previous couple of nights.

The girl kicked off her sneakers and opened the zipper on her jeans. She pushed them down and let the pants fall to the floor, exposing a pair of skimpy, high-rise panties. Tiffany watched the woman’s eyes peruse her body before getting totally naked.

A narrow, well-trimmed patch of dark blonde hair covered the top of her pussy. Her thighs were creamy and smooth, her hips round, her waist slender.

“Wow,” was all Jill could think of saying. “You have a beautiful body. I’m…uh, SO jealous.”

Tiffany laughed an embarrassed laugh. “Thank you,” she said softly.

She walked over to Jill. “I thought you were going to join me?”

Jill opened her mouth to answer. Before she could, Tiffany placed her hands on the back of the woman’s thighs, under her short skirt. In an instant, the hands were at the base of her ass and the two females stood inches apart.

Tiffany ran her fingers just inside the bottom of Jill’s panties, then pulled her hands out and grabbed the bottom of the woman’s sweater. She lifted it over Jill’s head and added it to the pile of clothes on the floor.

Tiffany’s eyes were fixed on Jill’s breasts as she reached behind the woman and unhooked her bra. She put her hands on Jill’s shoulders and pushed the straps down her arms. The woman closed her eyes as the girl’s fingers slid down. Jill’s entire body tingled at the delicate touch.

Tiffany simply let the bra fall away. She licked her lips, wanting desperately to taste the other woman’s erect nipples. Instead, she felt for the zipper on the side of Jill’s skirt. She fumbled at first, but grasped the small fastener and pulled it down. With one quick movement, the skirt was at Jill’s feet.

Jill stepped out of the skirt and kicked it aside. She watched the young girl reach uncertainly for the top of her panties. Clutching the waistband at each hip, Tiffany removed the panties.

Jill’s breath came fast and irregular. Her nipples ached and her cunt was soaked in anticipation.

Tiffany stood in front of Jill, placed her hands on the older woman’s waist and cautiously kissed her lips. Jill responded by wrapping her arms around the girl and opening her mouth. Their tongues darted wildly at first, before settling into a long, passionate kiss.

The girl moaned when Jill placed both hands on her ass and pulled her closer. Their hips grinded together, urgently searching for contact with another body to ease the growing desire.

“I think we need a hot bubble bath,” Jill said into Tiffany’s ear.

“I think we do,” Tiffany replied, barely able to get the words out.

She released her grip on Jill and turned towards the tub. She tentatively put in one leg, then the other. Tiffany watched as the girl’s gorgeous body sank under the mound of bubbles until only her head and flowing blonde hair was visible.

Carefully, Jill got in the opposite end of the tub. Their legs touched, fought for space, and finally settled with Jill’s underneath Tiffany’s. The girl leaned back against the rounded end of the tub and sighed.

“Oh, this feels great,” she said. Her eyes were closed.

Jill slid forward and put her hands on the outside of Tiffany’s thighs. She stroked the soft, smooth skin from knee to hip. Tiffany, in turn, rubbed Jill’s ankles and shins, which were tight against her ribs.

A moment later, Jill was on her knees between Tiffany’s legs. The girl opened her eyes and looked at Jill with infatuation. The woman leaned forward and put both hands on Tiffany’s bubble-covered breasts. At first she cupped them in her palms. Then she found the nipples and squeezed them soothingly.

Again, the girl’s eyes were closed. Jill leaned farther forward and kissed her. Tiffany responded with a flick of her tongue over Jill’s lips. She moaned as Jill continued manipulating her nipples.

“God, you make me feel so good,” Tiffany whimpered.

“You’re so beautiful. I WANT to make you feel good,” Jill said.

They were silent as Jill kneaded the girl’s breasts. Slowly, her right hand moved over Tiffany’s stomach, around the navel and down. She felt the fine hair just before coming to Tiffany’s clit.

A rush of air from the girl’s open mouth hit Jill’s cheek as her finger crossed over Tiffany’s clit and followed the folds of skin even lower. Under the warm water and scented bubbles, Jill’s hand found Tiffany’s opening.

One finger inched its way into the hole as Jill watched the girl’s face. Their eyes met. Whatever indecision either woman may have had earlier was now gone.

Jill felt Tiffany spread her legs as far as the tub would let her. This excited Jill even more, knowing the girl was submitting to her. She began a steady, rhythmic motion with her finger.

With her free hand, Jill once again found Tiffany’s nipple. The combination of sensations resounded through the girl’s body.

“Oh, God. Jill.” Under the thick layer of bubbles, Tiffany began fucking the woman’s finger.

“That’s it. Relax,” Jill said in a soothing voice. She kissed Tiffany’s neck. “Let it happen.”

The sexy, soft voice in her ear brought Tiffany closer to the end she now knew was inevitable. The woman in front of her was going to make her cum in this tub.

Sexual tension built up inside the girl until her body shook. She pushed her hips harder against Jill’s hand. The girl’s small ass bounced off the floor of the tub.

She moaned louder. “Oohhh, yes. Yes. Right there.”

Jill moved her hand around Tiffany’s pussy, changing the position and angle of her finger. She tried to rub her palm across the engorged clit whenever possible. Whatever she was doing, it was working.

“Oh, God. God. I’m cumming…”

Tiffany arched her back. Jill squeezed her nipple tighter and plunged a finger in deeper. The girl began a series of shrill cries that contained no clear words, but the meaning was definite. Jill pumped her finger inside Tiffany’s hole like a piston and moved her other hand onto the girl’s clit.

This brought another series of softer wails.

“Oh, yes. Harder. Harder,” she begged.

Jill obliged.

Finally, the orgasms faded into occasional jerks under the water. Jill removed her finger and gently slid the hand over Tiffany’s body until it stopped on top of one of the large breasts. Jill squeezed, taking as much of it into her palm as she could.

“That was incredible. I’ve never…That’s the best ever,” Tiffany stammered.

Jill leaned down and kissed the beautiful, young girl. It was a long, loving kiss. When she opened her eyes, Jill saw a single tear flow down Tiffany’s cheek.

“Shit. Was it THAT bad,” Jill said.

Tiffany lifted a hand out of the water and lightly punched Jill in the arm. She tried to smile, but now both eyes were shedding tears.

“I’m sorry. I’ve never felt so loved. So…satisfied,” Tiffany managed to say, looking at the woman kneeling in front of her.

“So you like the bubble bath?” Jill asked.

“I’ll take two.”


Jill fell on top of the girl and they kissed again. This time Tiffany rolled onto her side and the two stretched out in the tub, almost completely covered in bubbles. As if she had been doing it her whole life, Tiffany’s hand slid between Jill’s thighs. They continued kissing while the girl found the large clit. After the second stroke, Jill was pushing her hips into Tiffany’s hand.

This time it was Jill’s turn to moan and lay her head on Tiffany’s shoulder. She reached around and felt for the young girl’s ass. The flesh was warm in the bath water.

Tiffany picked up the pace of her rubbing. She applied more pressure the louder Jill sighed.

“Yes. That’s it,” Jill urged. “Yes.”

Moving virtually unnoticed by her partner, Tiffany slid down the tub until her head was opposite Jill’s pussy. Jill rolled onto her back. Tiffany placed her hands under the older woman’s ass and lifted until the dripping pussy was out of the water.

Immediately, the girl placed her mouth over Jill’s clit and began sucking, licking, and biting. Groans of ecstasy came from deep inside Jill. The girl’s tongue was lapping at her clit, sending tremors through her body. It had been too long and this stunning college cheerleader was driving her mad with lust.

Jill started cumming much more quickly than Tiffany had anticipated.

“C’mon, Jill” Tiffany said. “C’mon.”

The orgasm, or rather orgasms, building up in Jill since she first saw Tiffany walk into the store all came crashing out of her in a two minute span. Tiffany continued to attack the woman’s pussy with her mouth until she sensed Jill trying to pull away from her. Soon, Jill felt the last contraction travel from the pit of her stomach through her cunt.

Jill lay exhausted in the tub. The girl’s hand massaged the area between Jill’s legs, causing ripples to continue through her body for another minute or two.

“Well,” Tiffany said. “What other fine products do you sell?”

“Did I mention the aromatherapy candles?”

“Ooohh. Sounds interesting.”

They kissed. “I have one in the bedroom.”


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