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Apple Bottom Jeans

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“How the hell did I get so fucking lucky?” Jim lay naked on his bed as he watched his wife walk past him and into the bathroom.

“What drawer is it in?” Cecelia called out from the bathroom. She was looking for the lube and had no idea where it could be.

“Second drawer.”

“Found it.”

Cecelia walked out and couldn’t help but smile. Her husband was grinning like a horny teenager. His cock was hard and he was lying back on the bed stroking it slowly.

“What?” Jim looked up a bit, wondering what was so funny.

“You’d think you had just won the lottery or something. All I said was that you can fuck my ass.”

Jim didn’t reply, but he grabbed his wife around her waist and sat her on his chest. She spread her legs and slowly grinded her pussy against his chest.

“I did win the lottery when I met you. You are amazing, sexy, and sweet. You pushed out four huge babies and still agreed to have sex with me afterwards. You have the cutest butt in the world and I get to fuck it.”

“Oh really? It was those jeans I wore the first time we met wasn’t it?” Cecelia loved thinking back to when they first met and started dating. She whimpered as Jim ran his hands up her thighs and cupped her ass cheeks.

“Fuck yeah. They were so fucking cute. They made this ass look so round I wanted to grab it.”

“You did grab it. You groped me so much that first night. You were seriously drunk. You’re lucky I didn’t slap you.” Cecelia whimpered again. Jim had placed a squirt of lube onto his three fingers and was working them slowly into her ass.

“Oh come on. I was young and horny. It didn’t help that your purple thong was showing.”

“You remember. I’m impressed.” Cecelia loved teasing her husband. He forgot most every day things, but had a memory for the important things.

“God your ass is amazing. You always wore tight jeans on our dates. It drove me wild.” Jim had grabbed the lube and squirted a vast amount on his cock. He rubbed it in and pushed her down a bit, rubbing the tip against her ass.

“I wore jeans so you wouldn’t fuck me in public. You seriously had a hormone issue.” Cecelia once again whimpered and leaned forward to nuzzle his nose. Her ass was slowly being stretched and the calmness of their conversation along with the intensity of what was about to happen was overwhelming.

“Why are you letting me fuck your ass baby? Why now?” Jim was rotating her hips in circles, guiding his cock inside. She had had his fingers inside her ass on many occasions and just recently, they had been playing with a silver dildo.

“I’ve been a bitch lately. Demanding, rude, patronizing. I love you so much and wanted to try something new.”

“Mmm. God, I love you.”

Jim pushed his cock deep into her ass and sat up. He rocked back and forth slowly, running his hands through her hair. Her hands rested on his chest, playing with his chest hair. His body was no longer that of a muscular football player, but she still loved it. She pinched his nipples and continued the rocking motion.

“You have no idea how fucking good this feels. You are so tight.”

“I think we should go on dates more often. The kids are older now. We can leave them alone. I’d love to go to a movie with you.”

“Wearing those apple bottom jeans?”


Jim groaned. Cecelia was slapping her clit lightly. The sound echoed in their room. He had fallen in love with this woman. This adventurous sexy woman had taken his heart. This woman had given him her virginity. This woman was now letting him fuck her ass like a slut.

“Taste yourself. You used to do that all the time. I want to watch.” Jim was trying to stop her from wiggling so fast. He was very close to cumming and wanted to hold back. He watched as his wife slid four fingers into her pussy and then slowly licked each one, sucking on it hard, pretending it was his cock. She loved his look of pure lust. She used to do this before sex all the time. All she had to do was suck her fingers and Jim would be hard and willing to fuck.

“Oh fuck. Can I cum in your ass baby?”

Cecelia nodded. She continued playing with her clit as Jim bounced her hard and fast on his cock. He grunted and moaned, using her ass to get himself off. He bounced hard one last time and screamed out. It was a completely different feeling to cum in her ass. Her walls were just as hot, but so tight. He could feel every drop of cum inside her. Cecelia waited until he was finished cumming and then pulled his hand against her clit. He knew exactly what she wanted and began circling her clit. Years of fucking had taught him exactly what she needed to cum. Cecelia came in a loud scream of pleasure.

“Thank you baby. I love you.” Jim lay back and pulled his wife on top of him. She nuzzled his nose and grinned.

“I love you too.”

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