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Carl was a large young man, heavily built but in the manner of a fit sportsman rather than an overweight desk jockey. He looked slow and his smooth forehead seemed unlikely to ever be wrinkled by deep thoughts. A casual onlooker would assume him to be a dumb jock, unfit for anything other than manual labour when he wasn’t playing sport.

His slowness, physical and mental, was deceptive. When he needed to move fast, he did, with a sudden explosive burst of energy and power. The same could be said of his mental state. His bland know nothing face actually concealed a high intelligence, which he used to great advantage.

Jenny was your arch-typical dumb blonde. Fit and healthy, with that sparkle that drew the eye. She had a gift for making silly comments at just the wrong moment, projecting the image of a young woman too scatter-brained to be taken seriously. As with Carl, this image was false, as people who tried to take advantage of her supposed lack of acuity found too their cost.

For some reason Carl & Jenny were mutually antagonistic. No particular reason was ever given but mutual friends sometimes opined that it was because they were too much alike. Each knew the other was highly intelligent, and it seemed to irritate them both that the other could so easily hide that intelligence.

Apart from taking occasional pot-shots at each other, Carl and Jenny tended to go their own way, never really interacting with each other except when with mutual friends. It was one of these mutual friends that finally set then into conflict with each other.

There was a new girl in the area, Michelle by name. She was pretty and friendly and, it didn’t take the boys to find out, especially friendly after a successful date.

George was a mutual friend to Carl and Jenny, and also a serious competitor to Carl, on the sports-ground and socially. When Michelle arrived on the scene both Carl and George were immediately interested. Boys will be boys and neither was going to back off to allow the other to have a clear run.

After a few weeks of intensive wooing, with neither really getting Michelle to go out with them, the men were discussing her one night, as men do. Both knew the other was chasing her and the upshot of the night was a friendly wager. Fifty bucks to whichever was first to coax her into bed.

Carl was quite happy to take the bet as, unbeknownst to George, he had already lined up a date with Michelle for the following evening, and Michelle’s way of ending a date were well known.

Subsequently finding out about the date, George decided he’d been had, but determined to take steps to correct them matter. All he had to do was scarper Carl’s happy ending to his date. He approached Jenny with a little proposition.

The next evening, Carl was feeling happy with life. His date with Michelle had gone well, she had willingly come home with him and the way she was responding indicated that she would probably be having breakfast with him.

Michelle had lost her top and Carl was making pleased acquaintance with a pair of lovely breasts when the voice sounded.

“Carl, how could you? If you can’t think about me at least consider the baby.”

Astounded, Carl looked up. Standing at the door of his bedroom was Jenny, looking at him with a wounded expression on her face, both hands tenderly held against her lower stomach.

The impact on Michelle was immediate and significant.

“You rotten swine,” she shrieked. “You said you didn’t have a girlfriend. How could you treat her like this?”

While talking, she’d also been acting. Bra rammed into her pocket, blouse hastily buttoned and she was on her way out of the house before she’d even finished speaking.

Carl stared after the fast vanishing Michelle and then turned to look at the laughing Jenny.

“What the fuck?” he asked.

“George asked me to come in and say that,” Jenny said, still laughing. “He said you’d know why and would appreciate the joke.”

Carl nodded. He knew why, all right. That didn’t mean he wouldn’t get pay back on George sometime. Right now, however, his partner in crime was still standing there, instead of taking to her heels the way Michelle had.

Carl moved. Before Jenny fully understood what he was about he was off the bed, picking her up and tossing her onto the bed.

All Jenny knew was that she’d been standing there laughing, then Carl had seemed to just leap towards her and then she was floating through the air to land on Carl’s bed.

“What the hell are you doing,” Jenny squealed, finding herself effortlessly held on the bed.

“I’m doing what you asked,” said Carl, his voice a silken purr. “I’m thinking about the baby, and how I’d better check up and see it’s alright.”

“Don’t be a fool,” snapped Jenny. “You know there’s no baby.”

Her voice suddenly changed tone, going several degrees higher.

“You can’t do that,” she shrieked, as Carl flipped her dress up and removed her panties.

“Of course I can,” said Carl, laughing. “By the time Michelle finishes talking everyone will know we’ve been lovers for ages. Or hadn’t that occurred to you?”

Struggling desperately, Jenny found that Carl handled her as effortlessly as a mother handles a child. Ignoring her efforts, Carl quite calmly and quickly stripped her.

Lying there naked, not trying to hide herself, Jenny glared up at Carl.

“Alright. You’ve had your fun,” she said quietly. “Now back off while I get dressed.”

Carl shook his head, even as he started removing his own clothes.

“I don’t think so,” he replied, just as quietly. “This had been simmering between us for a long time. I think the time has come to see what you’re made of.”

Knowing Carl meant what he said Jenny twisted and tried to scramble off the bed. Carl laughed, catching her and holding her with one hand while he continued to strip.

Furious, Jenny struggled, her fury increasing as she felt Carl easily forcing her legs apart and moving between them. Her hands were captured and held easily in one of Carl’s. She could only watch as his free hand dipped between her legs.

Watch and feel, rather than just watch she found, as Carl started massaging her. Angry though she was, she could feel her body reacting to his deft touches, and cursed him. He was preparing her for his taking, and there was nothing she could do to stop him.

She gasped when she felt him enter her and tried to draw away. Uselessly, she knew, pinned as she was between the bed and his erection. It was sinking in, slowly and smoothly, and her body was welcoming it.

Jenny could feel Carl well inside her now. He’d fully penetrated her and she could feel him pressing against sensitive nerves all the way from her labia to her womb. She was almost quivering with expectation and fought to hold herself still.

“Relax, Jenny girl,” said Carl. “I’m not going to do anything more just yet. I’ll let you get used to me so you can truly savour the enjoyment when I start to really take you.”

“Arrogant bastard,” thought Jenny. She thought she was already used to him. Even though he’d only just entered it felt as though he’d been there for ages. She just wanted him out.

Holding Jenny pinned beneath him, Carl started caressing her breasts, squeezing and stroking and playing with the nipples. He also started dropping little kisses along Jenny’s jaw and down her throat. After a while he felt subtle movement against his cock, and grinned to himself.

“So much about not doing anything more,” scoffed Jenny, feeling those same subtle movements as Carl’s cock seemed to press more firmly into her, a soft rocking motion starting. “You’re already ramming yourself into me.”

“Sorry, sweetheart,” came the laughing reply, “but that’s not me. I’m lying still. Those sweet little motions you’re feeling are you own hips pressing up to try to get better acquainted.”

Jenny blinked, and then blushed, mortified to realise Carl was correct. She was unconsciously pushing up against him, trying to extract sensations other than that insistent prickle that she could feel inside her, telling her that he was there.

Frantically she stiffened her legs, trying to not move. She was not going to encourage the animal. She swore again as Carl laughed down at her.

“Don’t let the panic get you,” he murmured. “Seeing as you seem to be ready, I’ll take over from here.”

Jenny felt Carl pulling smoothly back out of her, dragging against nerves every inch of the way, and there were too many damn inches to that thing she thought uncharitably. Then he was coming back, moving faster this time, slapping every nerve awake as he came, telling them to send out their little signals of pleasure.

Jenny couldn’t help herself. She gave an involuntary gasp of pleasure, feeling her body rising to meet his thrust. Sighing internally, she yielded to the inevitable, her body moving in accord with Carl’s.

Carl continued to take his enjoyment from Jenny’s responsive body. Long smooth thrusts were met by a frantic uplift of Jenny’s hips, the slapping sounds of their loins and stomachs coming loudly together in the otherwise silent room.

Jenny felt equal parts of frustration, fury and excitement. Fury because Carl was taking her like this, frustration because she couldn’t do anything about it and excitement because if just felt so damned good. Apparently of their own accord, her legs rose to wrap around Carl while her hands dug fiercely into his shoulders.

Carl winced a little, feeling the claws sinking into his back. He might be making Jenny his own, but she was also branding her mark into his flesh. He drove in harder, wanting to hear her scream.

Jenny found herself working against her own best interests. She wanted the climax that Carl was driving her towards, but she didn’t want to give Carl the satisfaction of giving her one. She twisted under him as he drove hard into her, knowing she couldn’t hold it off for much longer.

Carl could sense Jenny’s near capitulation. She was gasping louder every time he pounded home and he knew she was coming to the end of her race. He smiled to himself when he heard her groan and then squeal, her legs lifting up and away as she strained her body up hard to meet him, shuddering as she came.

Jenny could feel little tremors still running through her body as she came down from her high. Something wasn’t quite right. A little message was beating at the back of her mind, trying to bring something to her attention.

She could feel Carl still moving gently inside her, and for some reason his hand was on her leg, lifting it. Without dislodging himself, Jenny found that Carl had turned her over onto her stomach and was now lifting her bottom into the air. She shifted her knees to support herself, feeling him slowly increasing his movements.

The itching notion of something wrong suddenly clarified as Jenny felt him hit her hard, his cock driving home hungrily while his hands closed firmly over her breasts.

“He didn’t have his climax,” she realised, “and now he’s looking for it.”

Jenny found her excitements levels starting to rise. The lull produced by her climax has seemed to assuage them, but the hard driving need of Carl hammering his cock home was waking them, rousing her feelings and sending them soaring rapidly back to the heights she had just left.

Helpless to resist, Jenny found herself squealing with excitement as Carl plundered her, feeling another climax rushing to meet her.

This time Carl was prepared to relax and let his seed flow. Jenny’s squeals told him it was time and he gave a last quick thrust, while a savage gush of hot wetness exploded into Jenny. She screamed, her climax coming too hard and too fast to resist, and then she was shuddering beneath Carl, accepting what he had to offer.

When Jenny surfaced Carl was lying next to her, cuddling her, one hand idly playing with her breast.

“I hope you’re ashamed of yourself,” a voice whispered in her ear.

“Me? What did I do?” Jenny protested, indignant. Damnit, he’d grabbed her and ravished her.

“You pinched the pleasure that was supposed to be Michele’s,” pointed out Carl. “Are you going to spend the night and have her breakfast as well?”

“Spend the night?” fumed Jenny. He had to be kidding. All she wanted to do was get dressed and get out of here. She lay there, quietly sulking, while she gathered her strength. As soon as she felt a bit stronger she was going to be so out of here.

She was still muttering under her breath when she fell asleep.

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