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Anonymous Gets Hers

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Nadia scowled at the computer screen in front of her.

As a writer at a sight for erotic stories, she was constantly trying to better herself and to make sure that she wrote stories that people enjoyed. Negative feedback didn’t bother her when there was a reason behind it, even if the person didn’t put their name down. What did bother her were anonymous comments that were mean, derogatory and often downright cruel… and several of them were obviously written by the same person.

Who would keep reading her work if they despised it so much? Who could be that petty? – not to mention be lacking that much of a life that they needed to take the time to torment her. It was starting to bring her down, and she definitely didn’t like that. She had her own little voices of judgment inside her 23 year old pretty brunette head, who needed another one?

Comment after comment…

“Your stories are unrealistic and have weak characters.”

“No ones cock is that big.”

“Are you a pervert? Cuz only a pervert would write about this kind of crap.”

“Why do you suck so much?”

“Can’t you write something good?”

“No one else likes this story either, when are you going to realize that you suck?”

“You’re just writing to what you THINK your readers want to hear, write something good about cheating or threesomes, something that could actually happen.”

“I’m going to give you the lowest score possible so that your scores drop and no one will read you anymore.”

“You need a major attitude adjustment.”

That last one really made her green eyes spark with anger, right, she wasn’t the one going around practically stalking some poor author and being cruel, but she was the one who needed an attitude adjustment. Sometimes, people really pissed her off.

Beautiful when she was angry, her cheeks were flushed pink as she bit her lip and furiously typed an email to her computer-inclined friend. There had to be some way to get to the bottom of this… if only she could know WHO then maybe she’d feel better.

* * *

Surprisingly it wasn’t hard at all. BJ came over and messed around with her computer for awhile while the 5’7″ brunette got them something to drink and watched a little bit of TV. After about half an hour he said, “Ok , got it.”

Immediately Nadia jumped up from the couch where she’d been lounging, “Where? Who?”

He was grinning, “You’ll never believe it… it’s ALL one person, a girl, her name is Brooke Nibbler,” Nadia giggled at the awfulness of the name, no wonder the girl was bitter, “… and she only lives about 30 minutes away.” BJ raised his eyebrows at her, “Here’s her information, do with what you will. I’ve gotta go, have fun chickie.” Giving her a quick hug he left her sitting in front of the computer looking at the name and address.

Nadia hadn’t really thought out what she was going to do once she found out who’d been degrading her writing… but now that she was sitting in front of this wealth of information… she couldn’t help wondering…

The stories that Miss. Brooke had been so adamantly against were the ones where a girl got raped, especially when the rapist was a big black guy with a huge cock. She apparently didn’t believe in foot long black monster cocks… Nadia knew better though, because she had actual experience. Maybe Miss. Brooke actually had some fantasies that she felt guilty about for some reason, and maybe that’s why she couldn’t help but reading Nadia’s stories. Those stories happened to be Nadia’s particular favorites, she didn’t know why the non-consent ones turned her on so much, but she wasn’t about to do something as silly as hate herself or stalk someone else for writing those stories.

Inside Nadia’s head the gears were working, her green eyes unfocused as the most awful thought came into her head… it wasn’t the sort of thing that the gentle and friendly girl would have ever thought herself capable of. But then again, she’d never had someone be so mean to her in her life.

Reaching for the phone, she dialed a number and smiled when a deep basso voice said hello.

“Hi Keith, it’s Nadia… I need a favor.”

* * *

Two weeks later Keith was beside her as they watched Brooke leave her house. Keith was looking over his much smaller friend, he’d always like Nadia, in fact for a very long time he’d tried unsuccessfully to woo and seduce her. However, they probably wouldn’t have made a good couple… but he still couldn’t help but be attracted to her. Especially right now, he’d never seen her really angry before and she was very sexy with her pink lips slightly parted, cheeks flushed, brown hair a little tousled, and her 34D breasts heaving underneath her tight shirt as she glared at the other girl. Glancing back, he looked at Brooke again. Greatly reassured that she hadn’t turned out to be a total hag, she had marginally pretty feature, kinda looked like a slightly overweight Reese Witherspoon. Dirty blonde hair that hung in loose waves halfway down her back, he preferred Nadia’s curly shoulder length hair himself, she was curvy but also a little flabby. This was definitely something he would not be doing if it hadn’t been for Nadia. Actually, this wasn’t really something he’d be doing anyway, he still wasn’t sure how she’d managed to talk him into it. Ok, no, might as well be honest, it was because she’d promised him a night with her afterwards, and that was something he couldn’t turn down. Not after lusting after her for so long.

Grabbing the 5’7″ girl as she almost started out of the bushes before Brooke’s car was even out of the drive, the 6’2″ big black guy smiled at her frustrated face. “Wait,” he mouthed, and she calmed down, a little sullenly. Waiting really shouldn’t be that hard now, she’d been waiting for two weeks.

Waiting until she knew Brooke’s schedule, waiting until she’d researched everything she could find about the blonde girl. Brooke had stalked her stories, now it had been Nadia’s turn to stalk Brooke’s actual life. She now knew that her 25 year old anonymous critic worked as a lowly secretary at a big company and was slowly trying to work her way up, every day she left her house at 8am and returned home at 5pm. The silly girl also tended to leave her back door unlocked because she liked to eat outside. Living completely alone, she had a small single family house. Yesterday Nadia had broken into her house, and searched through it. Size 34C boobs, not chubby exactly but with a little bit of extra flab around her middle (apparently she just wasn’t very athletic), she was still pretty. Getting onto her computer she’d not only found the girl’s journal (detailing her last breakup with a guy who thought she was frigid in bed), she also found many pages under “Favorites” that were porn sites. BDSM, interracial, lots of erotic stories.

Some of Nadia’s own stories were stored on the computer’s hard drive. Most telling was the large black vibrator, 8″ long and 2″ around, that she found in the desk that the computer was on. Well, Brooke was going to have the time of her life today…

* * *

When Brooke got home that day, as usual she hung up her coat and went into the kitchen, suddenly a large hand with a funny smelling clothe came from behind her head and covered her mouth. Inhaling to scream, the pretty blonde breathed in a lungful of chlorofome and immediately passed out.

Awaking slowly, groggily, she found that her mouth was dry… and propped open by some kind of rubber material, running her tongue over it she found that it felt like a very small penis. Forcing her eyes open, her vision blurred as she looked up at a very large and very naked black man, who grinned down at her and turned to yell, “Hey Nadia, she’s waking up.”

Slowly, awareness came as she realized that her hands were tied behind her back and that her knees were bent as her ankles had been tied to her thighs. Fear coursed over her as she looked at the big black man, unsure of what was happening… it was happening just like so many of her fantasies and she felt arousal pulsing along with the fear.

Into her vision came a very pretty brunette girl, smiling evilly down at her bound body. Her heart sank at the expression on the girl’s face… for one, her fantasies had definitely never included a female, and the expression on the girl’s face told her that there was no mercy to be found here. Eyes traveling down the girl’s naked body, they bulged when they got to her crotch. Nadia was wearing a 10″ long, 2 and a half inches around big black strap-on dildo. Still, Brooke started to feel faint when she saw the dick that Nadia was fisting, the one that belonged to the huge black man. As she watched, completely shocked and dumbfounded, the brunette pulled a ruler that was sitting on her nighstand and held it up to the big black penis. The tip of his head was actually a few centimeters past the ruler.

Smiling malevolently, Nadia looked down at the bound blonde, “See Brooke? They DO come that big… I guess that maybe you should try to get some experience with guys who have real cocks before you start tearing apart people’s hard work on their stories.”

Brooke felt her heard pounding as she realized that this must be one of the author’s whose stories she just couldn’t help herself from reading… but dammit, if they didn’t write them, if they just didn’t put them out there where she could read then she wouldn’t! And she wouldn’t have to feel so guilty about wanting such perverted things… if she just didn’t have to face them online every day… why couldn’t these people write normal stories anyway? But against her fear and her denial of her desires, her pussy was pulsing wetly, juices already flowing as she realized that this afternoon she was going to be on the most intense sexual ride of her life. Damn but that cock looked too big to be real.

Keith leaned down to kiss Nadia, rubbing her big perky boobs as she fisted his long cock, they kissed passionately, Nadia was extremely turned on by everything that was happening. What made it even better was the obvious arousal and shame in Brooke’s eyes, along with the fear. Her hunch had been right, the blonde obviously wanted it and couldn’t deal with that, so she tried to make Nadia’s life miserable instead. Well, today she was going to get what she’d been wanting so badly. Pulling away from Kevin’s mouth and arms, a little reluctantly – this was the first time they’d ever kissed and he was very skilled – she got between Brooke’s bound legs. Immediately, the blonde tried to close them but Nadia delivered a harsh slap to the other girl’s breast, turning it red where her hand hit.

“Don’t even think about it slut,” she hissed, “We can do this the nice way or we can do it the hard way but we ARE going to do it.” Quivering slightly, the slight pain her breast in no way negating her arousal, Brooke allowed the girl between her legs to run her hands all over her body without struggling. Nadia started to squeeze Brooke’s C cups, squeeze them as hard as she could so that the blonde’s back arched as her breasts were crushed, and Nadia’s fingers actually made imprints on the soft flesh. When she started to pinch Brooke’s nipples, the blonde couldn’t take it anymore and started trying to struggle again, immediately stopping when her nipples were twisted cruelly in opposite directions. She panted heavily, sharp pain jabbing through her breasts. It hurt so bad… and yet… it was almost a turn on, the pain that this other girl was inflicting on her.

Lowering her head to the blonde’s chest, she started chewing on her nipples, biting into the reddened flesh around the erect buds. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Keith watching her, his big hands playing with his dick. For a moment, she was a little distracted, wondering what that big dick would feel like inside her… well, she’d find out later tonight anyway. Turning back to her task, she nipped her teeth all along the heaving girl’s chest, leaving little bit marks all over the soft flesh. Finally, when Brooke’s chest was pink and red and covered with little hickeys and teethmarks, she pulled back and looked down at the pink pussy of the blonde, studying it for the first time.

Blonde carpet matched the wig, she was a natural at least. Neatly trimmed thankfully, Nadia much preferred her own shaved mound. So much neater and cleaner. However, after all the abuse the blonde’s upper body had just taken, she was soaking wet, juices actually leaking down her pussy into her ass crack and on to the bed. Nadia laughed.

“Look,” she pointed at the pink wet folds, “The bitch who has the nerve to talk about how I’m a pervert is soaking wet after another girl has just abused her tits,” a contemptuous look down at the blonde girl, “What a hypocritical slut.”

Her contempt mounting, Nadia roughly spread the girl’s legs and put the rubber head of the strap-on at the entrance of her sopping pussy. Brooke’s body arched and her abused chest heaved as the rubber cock stretched out her, it was much thicker than any guy she’d ever been with, and without lubrication on it the rubber pulled at her pussy lips. Quickly, roughly, Nadia worked the rubber cock in and out of the girl’s pussy, enjoying the much smaller cock that was on the inside of the strap-on as it moved in her own pussy. But she enjoyed the look on Brooke’s face even more. Fear was gone, completely wiped out by shame and intense desire.

Brooke was humiliated at her body’s response, her pussy was soaking and stretched around the huge monster dildo, and all she could do was wish that the big black guy that was watching was the one in her. Wonder what it would be like to have a real cock that big in her… rubber just wasn’t the same. And she was especially humiliated that her dirty desires had been discovered by one of the very people that she’d been downgrading for them. As Nadia started thrusting hard in and out of the blonde, the red breasts bounced her chest, and she reached down to start pinching and rolling the very red nipples with her fingers. Brooke was moaning behind the gag, and Nadia’s eyes were slitted in triumph… still it wasn’t quite enough.

“Keith,” her voice was demanding, “take the gag off the bitch.”

He raised his eyebrows at Nadia’s order but didn’t argue, and popped the gag out of Brooke’s mouth and slid it off her head. The blonde panted heavily and gasped as Nadia’s hips continued thrusting the huge rubber cock back and forth in her aching pussy.

“Do you like it?” Nadia hissed, “Tell me if you like it.” Fingers pinched red nipples, demanding a reply.

Brooke’s body tensed and arched as she answered, “OH FUCK… OH FUCK… I love it… I LOVE IT… OH GOD…” A few tears ran down her face as her confession echoed in the room and Nadia laughed.

“Say you’re a slut, say you’re a slut hungry for huge black cock and maybe I’ll let Keith fuck you… only if you convince me though.” Nadia’s fingers continued to play with the red nipples, sending pain and pleasure straight to Brooke’s needy pussy.

Eyes riveted to where Keith was fisting his huge black cock she moaned, “Yes… YES PLEASE… I need that big black cock… I want a big foot long monster cock inside me… I want it to be real… I’m a dirty slut and I wish that I wasn’t but I am… OH PLEASE… PLEASE LET HIM FUCK ME…”

Nadia laughed and pulled away, motioning to Keith to lie on the bed. Once he was flat on his back, holding his dick so that it pointed straight up in the air, he helped Nadia lift Brooke up and onto his dick. Moaning, the bound girl could do nothing but slide down that huge thick cock, until her legs were finally resting on the bed and her hips were pressed flat against his groin. With her head back she panted for breath, trying to adjust to the huge invader that had split open her pussy. God it felt so fucking amazing… twitching and moving inside of her… it was everything she’d been dreaming about.

A moment later there was a big black rubber dildo in front of her open mouth. “Suck me,” Nadia demanded, “Lick off your slutty juices or I’ll have Keith pull out.” Immediately Brooke opened her mouth, and the cock shoved in, filling her mouth with the musky taste of her own pussy. It made her stomach roil a little, but as the man beneath her started moving his hips, and using his hands on her waist to move her, she didn’t care. The movements below her were building the fire in her juicy pussy, every thrust making her wetter and hotter, she could feel the tip of his dick digging into places that had never been opened up before and it made her moan around the pussy coated dick in her mouth.

Nadia pulled out, leaving the taste of pussy and rubber in Brooke’s mouth, getting behind the girl, she pushed her upper body forward so that her breasts were pressed flat against Keith’s chest and her head was just at the level of his lips. Brooke cried out in pain as the rubber dick began pressing her asshole open, lubricated with her juices and her spit it opened slowly. As she panted and gasped, her pussy clenched and convulsed around Keith’s dick, giving him a little more pleasure out of the situation. He really wasn’t attracted to her at all, but watching Nadia definitely kept him hard and interested in what was happening. And well, right now her pussy was doing incredible things around his cock, massaging its full length with her spasming muscles.

Brooke was not enjoying so much… she’d been right on the brink of an incredible orgasm, which the pain of having her ass stretched out so wide was now slowly acting against. Shuddering on Keith’s chest, she felt the dick start to pull out and then push back in, working its way back and forth in her tight hole as she whimpered and gasped. Her asshole burned as the 10 inches of rubber cock finally worked its entire length in, as she moaned the two cocks started moving in her holes, she felt full of thick meat, her holes clenching as her body tried to adjust. Pounding her hard, Nadia and Keith’s eyes met over the blonde’s shoulder, their gazes locking on each other, and Nadia was surprised to feel jealous of the fact that he was fucking this blonde and not her. But she wasn’t ready to let go yet… she wanted the blonde to feel the ultimate humiliation.

As Brooke started to slowly adjust, the burning fire in her pussy started to build again. In fact, the fullness of her ass was starting to help it, pressing along different nerve endings and stretching out different places. Shuddering and gasping, she began moving back against the cocks pounding in her body as best she could, trying to get them to pump her harder and faster; they slammed into her body over and over again – repetitively in fact. And maybe it was cliche when she read it, but it actually felt so damn good.

Starting to climb higher and higher, her voice was high pitched and heavy with lust, “OH FUCK ME!! FUCK ME HARDER!! FILL ME UP WITH THOSE MONSTER COCKS!! OH FUCK I’M CUMMING!! I’M CUMMING ALL OVER A FOOT-LONG COCK!! OH GOD FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!”

Her body jerked and heaved wildly as she orgasmed, Nadia and Keith continuing to fuck her hard through her entire cum, drawing it out as her pussy and ass were pounded. It wasn’t until her body finally relaxed and she flopped down on Keith’s chest, slightly twitching as her sensitive holes were continually filled and vacated, that they finally slowed their onslaught.

Nadia was horny, and she hadn’t gotten hers. She was also starting to feel extremely jealous of the fact that it was this girl that had Keith’s dick in her… and she would hate to think that the girl had made Keith cum. Unstrapping the dildo, she left it in Brooke’s twitching ass as she lifted the other girl off Keith, him helping as they placed Brooke on her side facing them. He was still hard, and he hadn’t cum.

Immediately, Nadia began kissing him passionately, her anger and thoughts of revenge on Brooke completely lost as Keith pulled her into a tight, hard embrace. Straddling herself over his body, she grabbed his slick dick in her hand and pressed it up against her own pussy hole. With her eyes on his, she began sliding down the thick, dark pole. Brooke’s eyes were wide as she watched the huge cock disappear into Nadia’s shaved mound, the pink lips spreading wide for the dark meat. Just watching was starting to arouse her again.

“Please,” she panted, started to beg without even knowing what she was begging for, “Please…”

Nadia glanced over at her, impatient and frustrated with the interruption. Grabbing the gag, she popped it back into Brooke’s mouth and put the strap around her head. That done, she turned her attention back to Keith and ignored the blonde as she struggled on the bed, jealous and still aroused, wanting more.

Keith’s large dark hands covered Nadia’s boobs as she began to move herself up and down on his groin, repeatedly impaling her body on his cock. Pinching her pink nipples, he moaned as her tight pussy engulfed him, two years of fantasizing about her making the reality all the more intense. Nadia was wondering why she hadn’t done this before… Keith was sweet, kind, he made her laugh… why had she always thought that they wouldn’t work sexually?? Maybe she’d just been too busy trying to make things work out with other guys to see that her friend had a lot to offer her besides friendship. She’d been writing about huge black cocks for a couple years now, ever since the first time she saw his… maybe she’d really been wanting this all along too.

Moving in sweet rhythm, the two fucked, Nadia riding him hard as her pussy clenched and soaked him in her juices; wrapping his arms around her waist he pulled himself up so that he could hold her close to him as he bucked his hips underneath her. Nadia wrapped her arms around his shoulders and kissed him deeply, their tongues intertwining as their bodies embraced.

They were completely oblivious to the horny, frustrated, watching girl… Brooke was still soaking wet, the incredible orgasm left her wanting more… she would have begged on hands and knees for them to fuck her. And now, having to watch them, without being able to say anything, made it all the worse. Her ass was still filled with the black strap-on, and both her holes burned with desire. She clenched her tender hole around the thick rubber, trying to get some friction or something from it. Instead, all she managed to do was slowly start to move it out of her ass. Realizing what she had done, she tried to stop, but couldn’t help her holes from spasming in jealousy as Keith’s mouth locked down on Nadia’s nipple, making the brunette moan… and all the while watching that huge black dick splitting that tight pink pussy… very quickly the strap on had worked its way of her ass, leaving her empty empty empty.

Nadia moaned as Keith’s dick twitched inside her, she could feel it getting even harder and longer as he tried to fend off his impending orgasm. Rubbing her body against his groin, she hit her clit in just the right spot, and as his thrusting got even more wild she started crying out passionately as her orgasm hit her.


Her whole body shuddered in his arms as he started spurting jet after jet of white cum into her pink, quivering pussy, deep into her body.

“OH FUCK NADIA…” he was groaning as he held her as close to him as possible, his balls emptying into her hole, filling her with his cum.

Both of them came down from their orgasms slowly, kissing and nibbling on each other, thrusting a little and rubbing a little as their pulses slowed. Keith was filled with joy and happiness as Nadia held his face in her hands and kissed him deeply.

“I think I might need to change my mind about something,” she whispered to him.

He smiled at her, “Oh yeah.”

“Oh yeah.” she said, her voice firm, “I would love to go out with you.”

Raising an eyebrow he accused her, “You just want me for my big cock.”

“No!” her voice and tone were earnest as she tried to convince him of her integrity, “It’s just… I was watching you with her, and I was so jealous, and you’ve always been there for me, and we were good friends… I think I’ve been wanting you for awhile and I just didn’t know it.”

Keith smiled as her anxious expression convinced him that she was telling the truth. Really, he’d known that he was the guy she’d been looking for… and now she finally saw it. They kissed again, tongues dancing as Brooke looked on, her heart and pussy aching with envy.

* * *

A year later, as Keith and Nadia left the chapel with their guests cheering and throwing birdseed, they noticed a blonde girl standing just a little ways down the street. A little bit thinner, Brooke’s hair was a little bit lighter… and her face was a lot happier. Holding her hand was a very large, very kind looking black man.

Nadia smiled and waved.

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