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An Opera Star’s Seduction of a Fan

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Acting persons: Cecile Boneuve, 54, opera star; Eva Hordon, 19, student and fan

Eva Hordon was a 19-year-old student. She had been born in Budapest but was now attending an exchange term at the university of Verona. Eva was a very pretty and sexy girl. With a size of 1,70 meters she was of medium height. She had a slim body, but was not bony at all. She was rather sportive and had all the curves necessary to have a very sexy appearance.

Her breasts were a nice C-cup, very firm and had the perfect form of peas with thick nipples at the ends. Her face was pretty with full red lips and beautiful green eyes. Her blonde hair was very slightly curled and almost reached her shoulders. Eva had always been fascinated by operas and so she had taken summer courses at the university too, as during summer there was a big opera festival in the old arena of Verona.

These days “Othello” was on schedule and the role of “Desdemona” was sung by her most favourite opera singer the famous Cecile Boneuve. She had got some tickets for tonight’s show and definitely wanted to try to get an autograph and maybe even a picture of her favourite and adored star.

Cecile Boneuve had been a big star in classical music for well over thirty years now. She was black but had been born in France. She was the cliché-picture of a mature opera-star. She was very big chested with very voluptuous body forms. She had always been a bit chubby, but had gained quite some weight during the last years. She had thick thighs, broad hips a very full, big arse and also a pair of at least D-sized voluptuous breasts. In spite of her big body forms she was still very well trained. The colour of her skin was very dark and so was her long black hair that went down over her shoulders. Her round face was that of a beautiful, mature lady with dark eyes and shining white teeth. The singer was 54 years old.

After the show Eva rushed down to the exit, where the stars had to pass to get to their rooms. Her legs were shaking a bit when she saw the famous singer near the place where she was waiting. The stars stopped to write some time. Finally Cecile Boneuve was really only a foot away from Eva. Her voice was clearly excited when she spoke and her face was blushed to a deep red.

“Oh, Madame Boneuve, it was a really great show. I love your singing. Would you really be so nice to give me an autograph?” she almost whispered and held a DVD of “Aida” to be signed by her adored star. The mature, black singer smiled at her, showing her bright, white teeth.

“Thank you for your compliments. It’s just a pity that I have no pen that will hold on your DVD. If you like you can visit me at my room, backstage.”

Eva almost couldn’t breath. She could not believe it. She just nodded yes and heard the opera star talk to a security guard to let her in.

She felt like in trance when a security guard led her to the backstage area. She was brought to the door of Madame Boneuve´s room, but had to wait outside, as the woman was still under the shower.

Eva was more nervous than she had ever been before in her life. Finally the door opened and she was let in by the lady. She had changed to a beautiful red dress.

“Welcome,” she said, smiling at her. “Just come in and sit down.” She offered her a place at a couch. The 19year old girl was shivering a bit. She did not know what to say and just held her DVD.

Cecile Boneuve sat down just beside her, very close to her. She could smell her exclusive perfume. “So you would love to get an autograph?” the black lady asked. The red dress perfectly displayed the singers impressing décolleté and the red colour was a fine contrast to her black skin. Eve could not do other than stare at the décolleté of her idol just in front of her.

“Oh, yes, Madame Boneuve. Today is maybe the greatest day in my life. I have dreamed of meeting you in person for years. And now I´m even in your private rooms….” The words just came out of her. She was very excited.

“So what’s your name?”

“I´m Eva. Eva Hordon.”

“So you are not Italian?”

“No, I´m from Budapest.”

“Hmm. Budapest, what a nice city. I like it. How old are you?


Eva was extremely excited. Cecil Boneuve, the great opera star, was really asking her questions about herself.

“You should not be so excited, Eva. You are a nice, young lady. Maybe I would like to talk to you for longer, if you have time to stay.”

“Oh, my god, as long as you would ever like. I would do everything…..”

The Hungarian girl still could not take her eyes from the black woman´s décolleté. She had always marvelled the voluptuous curves of her idol, but now being so close it was really impressive.

“Hmm….so you would do everything…let’s see. Maybe I will test you, if you dare?”

“Of course you can. Of course.”

“I will see. Now tell me why are you so fascinated about my person?”

“God, Madame Boneuve. I adore your singing. I love classical music, but you are definitely the best. And it’s not only your great voice; it’s all your appearance. When you enter the stage it’s just yours. You are so dominating. Wow. It’s really impressing. All eyes automatically have to follow your movements.”

“I love to get compliments, Eva. Thanks. You really love my appearance. But ain´t I an rather old lady?”

“Oh, No, Madame Boneuve. I even think you are getting better every year and you also look better every year. You are really special and your body is really beautiful. I would definitely consider you as one of the most erotic women I have ever seen.”

Eva blushed as she had said that last sentence. It had just come out of her mouth, but she really meant it.

The 54year old black opera singer gave her a broad smile with her white teeth.

“I really love talking to you more and more, Eva. So you really think I´m still beautiful and even erotic. Thanks. Know I would love to hear why you think that? And I have to kiss you a “thanks” for your fine compliments.”

Cecile Boneuve bowed her body slightly and smiling she gave Eva a full kiss on her lips and another one onto her forehead. The student-girl was stunned, but extremely excited. Her idol of years had really kissed her. She had felt Cecile Boneuve´s wonderful lips on hers. Her heart was beating wild.

What she felt was even more than excitement. She somehow was aroused and she wanted nothing more than to feel her idols lips again on hers.

“You have just realised my greatest dream, Madame Boneuve”, the Hungarian girl whispered.

“Where that kiss came from, there might be more,” the black lady smiled again at her and her hand touched Eva’s hair, gently stroking it. “But now please let me know what makes you think, that I´m still beautiful and erotic. I don’t want to hear to meaningless compliments, tell me what you really think, and maybe I want you to proof it!”

“Oh, Madame Boneuve. I really mean what I just said. It’s your whole appearance. I think the full forms and your height give you a lot of presence and domination in a room and I like that. Your face is really beautiful. Of course you are a mature lady, but perfectly feminine and pretty. You look soft, but still one feels your power looking into your wonderful eyes. Your mouth is big, with your wonderful smile and your white teeth and your full red lips. That’s really erotic. I also like your voluptuous body forms. Of course you are chubby, but it looks so soft, so perfect for cuddling and it makes you feminine. You have those big thighs and big round bottom….and of course your décolleté is just wow….great, the most erotic I know. These big, full breasts of yours are sexy!”

The 19year old blonde student had talked more than she had planned. But she meant all that she had said. The opera star gave her a warm smile and was still caressing her long, blonde hair.

“I loved what I heard, Eva. But you still have to proof and how can you tell about my breasts? You haven’t really seen them, have you? Do you want to see my breasts and then tell me more?”

The girl swallowed, she felt her blood rush through her body. Her mouth went dry. She could only nod.

“O.K. So I will show to you my breasts, but I would not feel very comfortable to be the only topless in this room. So I have to ask you to strip down yourself. I think that’s just fair, to make me feel more comfortable.”

“Of course, Madame Boneuve.” The girl would have done everything to see her idol’s breasts.

“Would you get up and take of your cloth just in front of me?,” the black lady asked her and Eva followed without any hesitation. Her hands were shivering a bit as she took off her T-shirt. Beneath it she only wore a greenish bra, made of a silk-like fabric. She was nervous, but her eyes were fixed to Cecile Boneuve, who encouraging smiled at her. Eva then slowly opened the buttons of her jeans and finally rolled it down her slender legs and stepped out of it. Her panties were of the same material as her bra.

“Now I have to give some of your compliments back,” the black woman said. “You are perfectly beautiful and erotic, Eva. Now, please take off your bra and I will do the same.”

The 19year old and the 54year old now watched each other. The woman pushed down the straps of her red dress, thus revealing a red bra, holding her massive breasts. The girl moved her hands backwards and opened her bra, as Cecile Boneuve did the same. Two bras fell to the floor.

“Hm, you have a pair of really hot tits, Eva. So firm, so young, so perfectly shaped!” the black woman exclaimed.

“Thank you, Madame Boneuve, but your breasts are better, much better. God, they are so full, so big and the black colour of your skin, so exotic looking…that’s pure sex,” the girl whispered.

“So you really like my breasts?”

The 19year old nodded.

“Do my breasts arouse you? Would you masturbate, when you think of my breasts?”

Eva’s face was deep red but she nodded again.

“Then proof it my beautiful fan. Show me how you touch yourself, when you look at my tits?”

Eva hesitated for a brief moment but then one of her hands went to her crotch and slipped into her panties. Cecile watched, while her hands started playing with her huge tits a bit, her thumbs rubbing her nipples, that quickly became stiff and hard. The opera star could hear the young girls excited breath as she touched herself.

“Come to me Eva.” She finally said. The student stepped closer. Her hand was still inside her panties. The black woman took her arm and gently took it out of her panties. She led it to her face and smelled the wonderful scent of the girl’s sexual arousal.

“You smell good….and I´m sure you taste even better, my dear.” With these words the mature lady guided her hand to her mouth and licked one wet finger after another. All the time the experienced woman looked into the girl’s eyes. She saw the excitement in her eyes and the now hard nipples just proofed what she saw.

“Take off your panties, for me,” she asked her in a firm tone and the excited Eva followed. Cecile reached out with her hand. Her fingers glided trough the pubic hair of her fan. The 19year old girl sighed with pleasure and spread her legs a bit. She stood very close to the 54year old black lady now. She looked down at the massive black tits with their even darker, hard nipples and the big belly of the opera singer. And she looked at the black hand that know was between her legs, feeling out her soaking wet pussy. Her legs went rubbery. She had to moan.

Cecile Boneuve circled the girl with her other arm and drew her even closer. One hand was now massaging the firm arse cheeks of the girl, while her other hand was exploring her wonderful, wet pussy. Her fingers moved up and down her slit, slightly moved a bit in and out of her and her thumb circled her little clit. She heard the girl moan wildly. The mature woman bowed her body and softly kissed the young, flat belly of the girl. She tasted and smelled wonderful. The girl’s moans became louder and louder, she was close to climax under the experienced hands of the black opera star. Cecile could feel how the girl neared her orgasm and just a second before the 19year old would have exploded she withdrew her hands and left the young Hungarian in a state of total arousal. The naked girl was still moaning loud.

“Do you like that, my dear?” the woman asked.

The girl nodded and she meant it. Never had she been in such a state of sexual arousal before in her life. It was the experienced hands of the woman and maybe even more it was the whole situation. Here she was in her most adored star’s room. A black, mature, big lady sitting in front of her, a woman touching her. She had never really thought of any lesbian adventure – and now she was experiencing her best erotic adventure ever with her female idol, 35 years older than herself.

“I will pleasure you more later, if you like me to do that, sweet little Eva!”, Cecile whispered and the girl nodded again.

“Now you may touch and kiss my tits, you may lick and suck my nipples.”

The aroused girl immediately sunk to her knees, kneeling naked, her nipples standing rock hard, between the spread big thighs of the black lady, who still wore her red dress from her waist down, only her massive breasts exposed. Eva’s breath was heavy and her pussy was soaking wet.

The 19year old girl had never before touched another woman´s breasts. For a moment she just knelt between the mature lady’s spread legs and took in the sight of her wonderful, big, black tits. They hung a bit of course, due to her age and their heavy weight, but still looked full and very erotic. She liked their form of juicy melons and the hard, very dark nipples, in the middle of big, round areolas.

The opera singer looked down at the beautiful, aroused girl between her legs. She could see the sheer lust in the student’s eyes that were fixed at her large breasts.

The Hungarian girl now reached out and her fingers gently touched the mature, black woman´s skin. It was a shy first touch to another woman´s breasts. Both the girl’s hands were at Cecile’s breasts now. Very slowly her hands slid down from the top, all over the massive melons, over her areolas, even touching her long and thick, hard and standing, dark-black nipples, till her hands reached the undersides of her breasts. Cecile Boneuve sighed with excitement as she felt Eva’s hands caress her.

Eva was aroused by touching another woman, as she never would have thought, something could arouse her. She now started to weigh the heavy breasts in her hands, she massaged their undersides and finally let her hands glide upwards again. She circled around her tits in tender movements, closing in to the areolas and nipples. Never had she seen anything that was so erotic to her, than these dark hard nipples. With her fingertips she started teasing the sensitive areolas. Cecile Boneuve moaned with pleasure, to show the inexperienced girl that she was doing perfectly right. Her fingers neared the thick nipples with each circle and finally started playing with them.

The mature ladies moans grew loader and also the 19year old student soon could no longer resist her urges and she pressed her mouth onto the exotic breasts of her adored star. She did not really know, how to please another woman´s breasts with her lips, but followed her sexually enflamed instincts. Eagerly she kissed and licked all over the full flesh of both her tits and soon her lips found one of her nipples.

With both her hands she was still stroking and massaging the breasts, while she was now sucking at one of her nipples. Eva felt an almost unbearable desire and arousal between her legs. Her pussyjuices were flowing freely down her thighs that were pressed together to please herself a bit. She wanted to touch herself but did not dare and so tried to find at least kind of relief through the pressure of her thighs.

“Oh, yes, my little darling, suck my nipples. I love that. Kiss me, suck me and lick me. Oh, oh, yes,” the black woman sighed and moaned her pleasure.

The teenage girl did as she heard her adored star moan. She massaged, kissed, licked and sucked, let her lips glide all over her tits and let her tongue swirl around her areolas and nipples. Her mouth changed from one breast to another.

The excited 19year old was almost obsessed with that caressing of Cecile Boneuve´s wonderful, big, dark breasts. She loved everything about those breasts, the colour and taste of her skin, the soft flesh, the full forms, their slightly hanging, the feeling of the hard, dark-black nipples, her big, round areolas and how they felt under her tongue, the big weight in her hands, when she massaged them. Eva would have spent hours and hours her hands and lips at those wonderful curves.

After a while the young girl had brought the 54year old experienced woman to a state of lust, that she could not stand it any longer.

“Lick me, little darling. Lick my pussy. I need to have your tongue and lips eat my pussy, my sweetheart,” the aroused woman gasped and in an eager rush lifted her back to get her panties down.

Eva was eager too. She could smell the woman´s aroused pussy. An hour before she would never have thought of really licking a pussy and now she wanted nothing more than to get a taste of that woman´s sex-juices. She helped her out of her panties and dove under her red dress without any hesitation. It was hot and damp and it smelled of sex. The young girl did not have a lot of time to get used to that so new situation to her. She felt the black opera singer’s hands at her head and press her to her pussy.

For the first time Eva’s lips touched a woman´s pussy. It was soaking wet. She could not really see a lot, as it was almost dark beneath her dress, but she felt her pubic hair, that was moist too. And she felt her wet cunt directly with her lips and her big thighs that also were moist with her juices pressed at both sides of her face. Eva was crazy with excitement. Her mouth now really touched the most intimate part of her idol.

The girl’s lips placed a first kissed onto the mature woman´s soaking cunt…and dozens of eager kisses followed all up and down her slit and all over her pubes. The Hungarian student feasted. She again didn´t really know how to please a woman´s pussy with her mouth but her lust and eagerness made up for everything. She wanted to take in every wonderful drop of the black ladies love-juices. She licked up and down, tried to enter her pussy as deep as her tongue could reach, circled her hard clit that she soon had felt. She kissed and she sucked….

Cecile Boneuve´s moans were almost cries now. She gasped aloud and her hands firmly pressed the naked, teenage students head under her dress, between her legs at her pussy. She felt her orgasm rise inside her, whole, big body shivered, she had her eyes closed and finally with a loud cry of pleasure she came down with a huge orgasm. She pressed even harder at the girl’s head and her hips pressed forward, pressing her pussy into the girl’s mouth.

Eva licked and sucked and licked and licked all of the flowing juices she could get. She thought she almost came herself to an orgasm, just by licking that woman and feeling her cum into her mouth.

Eva still kissed and licked, when Cecile finally had calmed down.

“Come to me, Baby. Come to Me.”, she heard the opera singers wonderful voice and her hands led her up and onto her broad lap.

Naked the young girl, sat on the mature ladies, dark, thick thighs and the woman´s black arms were wrapped around her white skin, cuddling her into the soft big body of Cecile Boneuve. Eva was still extremely aroused and she knew that Madame Boneuve could feel her pussy cream at her thighs. And Eva was happy as never before.

Cecile kissed the 19year old student. Her tongue opened her mouth and for a long time they passionately french-kissed each other, their breasts pressed against each other.

When the mature opera star finally broke the kiss, she whispered into the girl’s ear, her hand playing with her firm, young breasts:

“That was wonderful, Eva, but I want you more, longer and deeper. I want to please you. I want to taste every inch of your beautiful, young body. I want to feel you fully upon myself, naked flesh onto naked flesh. I want to feast at your wonderful pussy. I want to make you made with lust and sexual passion. I want to feel your mouth again at my breasts, I want your tongue again at my pussy, I want your fingers inside of my cunt and I want your mouth to please my ass and I want to make you cum, as you never have cum before. Come with me, Eva; come to my hotel room, into my bed. Will you come with me?”

The girl’s answer was a deep kiss, while she was rubbing her nipples again. Eva never wanted to leave that body again.

I hope, my dear readers, that you could enjoy that story. If I could even arouse you, I have reached a goal. If I could make you masturbate and cum, I have reached my highest goal. I would love to read your feedback (which is always very important for us writers), get your comments and get your Votings. I would love to get some inspiration out of your feedback and comments. So thanks in advance.

….and all you people out there and especially you dearest girls and ladies love your wet panties, love your teasing hand between your legs and live your erotic fantasies. Life has to be joyful in all aspects…and sexlife definitely is an important aspect. Be open-minded and enjoy…

Kisses, your Pussylove69…and don’t forget to give feedback, comments and votings.

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