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An Offer They Couldn’t Refuse

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Stephen was a struggling businessman who owned a small company in the South. He was doing well enough to support he and his lovely wife, Kathy, but he was still looking for that one break that would grant them true financial independence and the opportunity to retire sooner. That opportunity came in the form of a stranger from the North. That stranger was Michael DiCarlo.

Michael DiCarlo was a tall and athletically built man in his early forties. He had rugged good looks and had the appearance of a man 15 years younger. He had large hairy forearms that had the strength of pile drivers. He had long dark brown hair with distinguishing streaks of gray that reached just below his shoulders. He kept his hair slicked and pulled back into a ponytail while in business attire. He had green eyes and a bright, disarming smile. His looks did not fit his Italian surname. Although he had a very slight Roman nose, he had a light complexion, green eyes, and a bright, disarming smile. His father was a full-blooded Sicilian, but is mother was Irish. There was a hint of a Brooklyn accent as he spoke and he carried himself confidently. He had the gift of gab and seemed to be rather charming and friendly. But there seemed to be a dark side to Michael DiCarlo buried not far from the shiny veneer of his outward persona. Stephen could not place a finger on it, but he knew that he never wanted to be on the bad side of Michael DiCarlo. Stephen listen intently from behind his desk as DiCarlo sat on the other side giving his spiel about the joint business venture he was proposing.

“You see Stephen…May I call you Stephen?” Asked DiCarlo politely.

“Sure. Please do Mr. DiCarlo.” Answered Stephen.

“No-no. Please. Call me Michael.”

“Okay Michael”

“Now as I was saying, I own over 30 businesses similar to yours along the entire eastern seaboard. I get a great deal of financial backing from my associates in New York. These are very powerful and influential people, you understand? They are looking for an opportunity to invest some of their liquid assets into a company like yours. We are primarily based in the New England states, but we are very interested in expanding into the Southern market. I got a place in Miami and it is doing very well. But I have nothing going between DC and Miami. This is the ideal place for me to branch out and I like the operation you’ve got going on here. I like the way you run things.”

“Well, thanks for the compliment, but what exactly his your proposal?”

“I am offering to be a silent partner in your company. I have associates in New York who needs investment opportunities to shelter their money to avoid getting stuck with capital gains tax. You see, I am their moneyman. I am their go between, kind of like a broker. You allow me to invest their money into your business and I can guarantee you financial freedom. I will be a silent partner with your firm and I will control and account for the money coming in. You, of course, will retain controlling interest of your company. If you need some money for the business? You come to me and I forward it to you, no questions asked. Now we are talking a lot of money here, about 30 million for starters.”

“30 million?” Stephen spoke up incredulously.

“Yes. And that is just the beginning. I tell you I represent some high powered people in the New York.”

“Wall Street?”

“Yeah, we got some of them too.”

“But why would they be interested in a small business like mine?”

“Like I said, they need small investment opportunities. And you can draw from the investment account at anytime to cover any potential losses that you may incur.”

“It sounds to good to be true. What’s the catch?” Stephen asks with a hint of skepticism.

“No catch. If your business recoups from any slumps or losses, then you put a percentage of your profits back into the account. If you loose it, then you loose it. But I may not give you so much the next time. The idea is that we want to keep your business afloat, so we can continue to do business with you.”

“I don’t know. It sounds too easy.”

“Because it is easy. It’s a win-win situation here. You have worked hard for 15 years building this business from the ground up. You are about to reap your reward. This is your big break!” DiCarlo picks up a silver-framed photo of Kathy on Stephen’s desk. DiCarlo gazed at the beautiful image admiringly. Kathy certainly was a gorgeous woman.

“Wow. It is all so overwhelming.” Said a contemplating Stephen.

“Well, take some time think and it over.” Said DiCarlo. “Hey, is this your wife?” He then asked.

“Yes. Her name is Kathy. We have been married for 12 years.”

“May I say that she is absolutely stunning.” DiCarlo was studying the picture intently.

“Why thank you. She used to model when she was younger.”

“Wow! I could definitely see that. I don’t mean no disrespect now. It’s just she is a lovely woman and your should consider yourself to be a very lucky man.”

“Oh I do. She is quite a girl.”

“I’ll bet she has been with you every step of the way? Huh?”

“Yeah, pretty near.”

“Then you got to do this for her man. She is definitely worth it. Just think. You can get that dream house in the country she always wanted. Hell, you guys can get a mansion for what houses costs down here. You can buy several mansions for that matter with the financial opportunity facing you here today my friend.”

“I hear you. But I have to do some thinking. I also got to talk it over with Kathy.”

“By all means. Please do. In fact maybe we can discuss it over dinner later tonight. You two got any plans?”

“No. No plans.” Michael was trying to find a way out, but it didn’t come to him. “Ah, dinner tonight? Well, okay that would be fine.”

“Sorry about being so sudden and abrupt, but I am only in town for tonight. I am staying at the Ritz. I gotta go down to Miami tomorrow.”

“Oh. I see. Okay then, dinner tonight it is.”

“Great! I got a car and I’ll pick you and your lovely wife up tonight around seven.”

“Sounds good, Michael. I hope to have an answer for you by then.”

“Outstanding! And make sure that wife of yours comes tonight. I would love to see her in person. You are such a lucky guy.” Michael playfully punches Stephen on the shoulder and grins brightly with all his cosmetically enhanced teeth. Both men stood up and shook hands. Stephen gave Michael his home address and showed him the way out of the office. Stephen was excited, yet worried at the same time.

Stephen drove home that night rehearsing how he was going to explain all this to Kathy. Kathy was a very conservative person and was not very receptive to nonsense or frivolity. She was very prim and proper. As the daughter of a Baptist minister and a domineering, God fearing, mother, Kelly grew up sheltered and was taught at an early age to always present herself as a lady. She had a wholesome childhood and did not get into trouble like some of her contemporaries in her hometown. Kelly was always a very pretty girl and she blossomed into a beautiful young woman. She became a true Southern belle. Her good looks and talents landed her a career in modeling. She did catalogue spreads for some major clothing stores. She never modeled underwear or lingerie. Her parents would never go for that. She caught grief from them once for modeling a conservative one-piece bathing suit. So underwear and lingerie was never an option for her. Too bad, because she definitely had the body for it. She gave up modeling for college, where she met Stephen. They fell in love and got married.

Kathy was now 38 years old, but she did not age one bit since Stephen met her in college. She still looked like a 23-year old co-ed. Her body was still in fantastic shape. She stood at 5’-6” and weighed 130 pounds. She had a 34C chest with a tiny, 24-inch waist and a nice, 37-inch behind. She still had golden blond hair that fell gracefully about her mid back. She had pretty blue eyes and soft, lily-white skin. She had a sweet Southern drawl that drove men wild. She still was a true Southern belle. Stephen indeed felt lucky to have a prize like her. He loved her dearly and respected her. Because of her no nonsense approach to things, he knew that this business proposal would be a hard sell to his beloved Kathy. This all sounded too good to be true. Stephen knew that there had to be something illicit about it all. But the money was good, very good. And they say, “Every man has his price.” But was Stephen willing to compromise his integrity for financial independence? Would Kathy allow him to compromise his integrity? It would definitely be a hard sell, thought Stephen.

Stephen and Kathy discussed Michael DiCarlo and his very tempting offer. Kathy was very skeptical and called it what it was.

“He want’s you to launder money Stephen! What the hell are you thinking?”

“I know it sounds that way, but they way he explains it, it all seems very legit.”

“Oh Bull! I can’t believe you would even consider this. Have you gone off the deep-end?”

“Kathy, this is the opportunity of a lifetime.”

“Yeah but it is illegal dear! Who is his New York associate, Don Corleone?

“No dear, he did not mention any names. He did say some were Wall Street business types.”

“Oh right. And I’ll bet he tried to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge too.”

“Okay. You are right. This sounds shady as hell. We will just go to dinner with him and hear him out. Then we can politely blow him off and tell him we are not interested.”

“Wait a minute. I’m not going to dinner with y’all. I got to go over to Momma’s tonight and help her bake cookies for the church social tomorrow night.”


“I will not!” Kathy said defiantly. “You know Momma will be mighty upset if I don’t help her. Besides, how did I get involved in this mess anyway?”

“Michael saw your picture on my desk and he said you were very lovely and he wanted to meet you.”

“Well.” Kathy changed gears and blushed. Her furled brow and stern face gave way to a girlish grin. “At least the man has marvelous taste and appreciates beauty when he sees it.” She said.

“He wants you there. I said I would talk things over with you and he invited you to come and hear him out. We are a team dear. We are husband and wife. You are my partner in life and this effects our future. You need to support me on this one Baby.”

“I know. You’re right, but Momma…”

“Fuck your Momma dammit!” Stephen yelled.

“Stephen! You take that back!” Kathy was shocked. Stephen rarely cursed around Kathy.

“You are my wife first! Then you are a daughter. You should support me on the night I am going to make the biggest decision of my life.” Stephen was surprised at himself. He never really acted this way before. But he knew it was time to put his foot down and force his wife to choose between him and her mother. Kathy was taken aback. She was stunned to silence. Stephen never really stood up to her this way before. He was so forceful and it kind of turned her on. She knew he was 100 percent right, but she was proud and did not want to give in and let him know it. He still offended her prim and proper senses and he cursed her beloved mother. But she knew that her obligation to Stephen as his wife came first. She agreed to go, but she remained coldly silent until they were about to leave.

Kathy got dressed in a sleek, black, silk dress with a plunging neckline and thin spaghetti straps. The hem of her dress pulled tight around her hips and legs and came to about mid thigh. The dress clung to her shapely body. She wore dark nylons and black high-heeled pumps. She gathered her beautiful, long, blond hair, pulled it back and pinned it up. She left wispy bangs that fell gently onto her forehead. She made her face up with the perfect make-up combination and brought out that professional model look that she had learned to master over a decade ago. She was still gorgeous, and she knew it. She was very pleased with what she saw in the mirror. She always turned heads when she went out and she knew how to work it.

Stephen was no slouch either. He was 41 years old and he looked like a man of 30. He was strapping man of 6 feet in height and weighed a solid 220 pounds. He had a hard, athletic body as he worked out all his life. He had short brown hair and dreamy blue eyes. He had a nicely trim mustache that gave him the look of a cowboy on the range. He could have modeled had he chosen to do so. But young Southern men were more apt to play football than primp and prance around in front of a camera. Stephen excelled in sports and was very competitive. He carried on that competitive nature into his adult life and infused it into his business and recreational endeavors. Stephen looked very dashing in his gray, custom tailored, silk suit.

At precisely 7:00 PM, there was a knock at the front door. A dark suited man with darkened sun glasses was at the door when Stephen opened it. He was Michael DiCarlo’s driver. The man directed Stephen and Kathy to a black stretch Lincoln limousine parked in their driveway. Michael was standing to the rear of the limo talking on a cellular phone. Once Kathy and Stephen arrived, he abruptly concluded his call.

“Just on the horn with New York. Checking on things at the main office you know.” Michael explained. He gazed upon the stunning Kathy that graced his presence. He smiled widely and his eyes beamed with delight as he saw saw her. He took her hand in his and kissed her gently on wrist. He smelled her seductive perfume as he kissed her.

“You must be the lovely Kathy.” Michael cooed over her. “I am Michael, Michael DiCarlo.” He bowed and escorted her to the open rear door of the limo. He helped her inside. He watched her intently as she lifted her leg into the car causing the hem of her dress to hike up high on her thigh. He caught a glimps of the top of her nylon stocking of her lefy leg and a black garter holding it in place. He smiled and shook his head at the incredible fortune he had found in Kathy. Her beauty was captivating. Michael barely acknowledged Stephen, who was becoming a bit annoyed at Michael’s amourous behavior toward his wife. He was probably just trying to be overly-charming, Stephen thought. Perhaps Michael thought that Southern women were still big into the chivalry bit. Whether it was, Kathy was sure lapping it up. She was becoming smitten with Michael’s charm and his overt attempts to be friendly with her.

Stephen climbed into the large car and Michael followed. The driver closed the door behind them and they were off. The limo was extravigantly decorated on the inside. It had a fully stocked bar. It had a television,CD player, phone, computer, the whole delux package. Michael was dressed in a dark blue, designer suit. His hair was not in a ponytail this time. It was washed and blow-dried giving it a full and wavy look. He looked quite handsome and even younger and more hip with his hair down. Kathy was very impressed with Michael’s look. Michael offered the couple some cocktails. Kathy took him up on the offer and had Jack Daniel’s on the rocks. This surprised Stephen. She usually had a glass of Chablis before dinner. Stephen knew how Kathy gets when she has a few drinks in her. She becomes a whole different person. She sheds her conservative skin and becomes very affectionate and touchy. This worried Stephen. Michael gave Kathy a generous glass of Jack. Stephen declined a drink. He wanted to be sharp and sober during this meeting. Michael poured himself a glass a Merlot.

They drove to a classy and expensive French restaurant about half-hour miles outside of town. Michael exited the limo first and assisted Kathy out by extending his hand to her. He watched as she tried to struggle out of the car while trying to remain covered and composed with that snug fitting, short dress. The maneuver was a little tricky to negotiate with a half glass of whisky in her, but she made it out okay giving Michael only a quick and slight peek of her black satin and lace thong she wore beneath her dress. Michael raised his eyebrows with delight. He ignored Stephen as he alighted from the limousine. Michael whisked Kathy into the restaurant. Stephen struggled to keep up. Michael tipped the maitre’d a hundred dollar bill and asked for the best table. Michael helped Kathy in with her chair before taking his seat. He whispered something into her ear and she responded with a giggle. Stephen followed and was now seething with anger and jealously. Kathy loved the attention. She knew it was getting to Stephen and she was playing it up. It was her way of getting even.

Michael ogled Kathy all throughout dinner. He fawned all over her as Stephen sulked and boiled with stifled anger. Kathy enjoyed it all. At one point, she excused herself and went to the ladies room. Michael pulled closer to the table and leaned in to Stephen. This was the first bit of attention Michael gave to Stephen. Stephen leaned in knowing that Michael may want to talk turkey and get down to business while Kathy, the distraction, was away.

“Okay Stephen. This is how it’s goes. I am going to modify my proposal that I offered you today.” Michael announces.

“All right. Let’s hear it.” Stephen said impatiently.

“I am going to be your silent partner. My associates are going to invest 15 million into the business during the next 6 months. Another 15 million will come in next year over a period of several months. You keep the business going and do exactly what we tell you, when we tell you.”

“Michael, this sounds like money laundering to me.” Stephen interrupted.

“That’s exactly what it is Stephen. What the hell you think I am? Stupid? I unload this bullshit on you and expect you buy off on it as some group of investors are interested in you piddly little fuckin’ business. I knew you were not going to fall for that. I knew you were not that stupid. Come on give me some credit here.” Stephen sat there with a shocked look on his face. He wanted to speak, but did not know what to say. Michael did all the talking.

“The thing is Stephen, every man has got his price. I happen to know what yours is.”

“How do you know that?” Stephen asked defiantly.

“I know what your price is monetarily. Any respectable businessman would have thrown me out on my ear and called the cops if I made the same proposal I made to you. You didn’t. Plus, you met with me here again tonight, half willing to say yes.” Michael let it sink in with Stephen. Stephen reflected silently. He knew Michael was right.

“I know what your ultimate price is too. I initially thought it would be something you could not afford to part with. But I guess I was wrong.” Said Michael.

“What do you mean?” Stephen asked perplexingly.

“That lovely wife of yours.”


“You heard me! You brought your wife into this deal. You had no problem getting her involved with someone with the likes of me. You let me wine her and dine her. You let me flirt with her and kiss her, and you just sit there and take it. Hell, you would probably sit there and let me fuck her if I wanted to. You are willing to give up you precious wife if I make this business deal with you, wouldn’t ya? ” Stephen shot a cold stare at Michael. Michael just glared intently back at him with his piercing green eyes. Stephen gulped at the pressure and lost the staring contest. He knew Michael had him pegged.

“I tell you what Stephen.” Says Michael after a brief silence. “I am going to take your business and I am going to fuck your wife, and there is not a damn thing you can do to stop it. You know why? I’ll tell you why. It’s because you made a deal with the devil here. You knew who I was and whom I represent. You knew that going into business with me was just the same as hopping into bed with the devil, but you bit the hook. It was too good to be true. I own you now. WE own you now. And you know there is nothing you can do to stop us. I know where you live my friend. Oh, and doesn’t your pretty wife live with you there too, in that nice house on Blue Jay Lane. Sure hate to see something happen to that nice house or the people in it. But you know, calamities sometimes happen.” Michael continued to glare at Stephen whose head was now down staring at the table. He was fucked and he knew it.

“Stephen. In my business there is a saying. Give him an offer you can’t refuse. You can’t refuse this one Stephen. Capeesh!” Stephen nodded sullenly. “Now we do just like a proposed. You run the business and keep it going. You better not burn it down or try anything stupid like that cause that will cause me, “the devil”, to cash in your chips. You tell no one who I am. You never mention my name to a living soul. I will visit from time to time, or I will send someone on my behalf to check up on you. If you even think of going to the cops, we have many friends on all levels of numerous law enforcement agencies that would be glad to let us know that you snitched us out. So think about it. You will hear from me very soon with further instructions. In the meantime, you run things as business as usual. Don’t fuck it up. Or you will pay the ultimate price.”

Stephen’s head sunk into his hands. He was hopelessly trapped. Michael spoke up once more before Kathy returned.

“Oh, by the way, I am going to make a phone call. In my brief absence, you let the wife know about our little date later tonight. I’d figure I would fuck her on your bed.” Michael said with an evil grin.

Stephen tried to regain his composure as Kathy returned. She was very bubbly and happy from the French champagne she was drinking with dinner. There was quite a change of the mood when she came back from what transpired only moments before, when Stephen lost total control of his life – their lives. Michael excused himself to make a private phone call.

“What!” Kathy belted out loudly when Stephen told her what she had to do. I cannot believe you! First you drag me into this illicit deal, then you make me part of it! You are just sick!”

“Please Kathy, listen! I am in too deep on this one. This is not negotiable. He means business. If you do not go through with this, we are dead!” Stephen pleaded with his prudish, yet fiery tempered wife. Kathy sat there in silent contemplation. She shook her head in disbelief.

“How could you?” She cried.

“I am sorry. I am so sorry. But we have no choice.”

“I know.” A defeated Kathy calmly accepted the fate that was chosen for her. “But you will regret this Stephen.”

Michael came back when things quieted down between Kathy and Stephen. He knew Stephen had dropped the bomb and Kathy conceded. Michael suggested that they all leave at once. He paid the bill, which was well over $400 and tipped the waiter with a pair of “C” notes. They trio made their way back to the limo and drove for Kathy and Stephen’s house. The ride back was a silent one. Kathy and Stephen rarely made eye contact with each other or with Michael for that matter. Michael sat across from the couple. He tried to catch glimpses up Kathy’s short dress. See knew what he was trying to do and tried her best to keep her legs together and her dress hem pulled down. Michael caught a great view of her garters and stockings when she crossed and uncrossed her shapely legs. He was looking forward to his private meeting with her back at the house.

When they arrived at the house, Michael, Stephen and Kathy went inside, while the driver remained with the car in the driveway. Michael spoke first to break the uncomfortable silence among them.

“Okay Kathy. Obviously, Stephen filled you in on what is expected of you. Am I right?” Kathy looked down at the floor a nodded quietly. But then she rose up after a brief pause.

“Yeah. He did. And you are a sick, perverted and evil man for doing this!” Kathy spat out with all the venom she could muster.

“That’s okay. You will enjoy it.” Michael smirked. “And just so Stephen doesn’t get any funny ideas, I got a plan in store for him.” Michael pulled out a pair of handcuffs from his coat pocket. He grabbed Stephen by the arm and guided him to an antique barber chair that was embedded into the hardwood floor of the family room. Michael made Stephen sit in the chair and handcuffed Stephen’s left wrist to the arm of the chair. “There. That’ll tie you over for now. You just kick it right there, while me and the missus get down to business.” Michael instructed.

The master bedroom was just off the family room. The door was open to the ample room, which had a king sized bed brass bed with a canopy. Michael smirked and remarked how quaint he thought the bedroom looked. He pulled a reluctant Kathy into the room with him by her wrist. Michael kept the door open so that he was sure that Stephen could watch another man fuck his wife on their marital bed. Michael and Kathy stood face to face just beyond the doorway and at the foot of the bed. Kathy was looking down at the floor, while Michael stared at her lovely face. He tried to kiss her lips, but she retreated back away from him. Michael grabbed her by the arms and forcefully drew her into him. Kathy stood defiantly rigid. She was not going to make this easy for Michael. He was going to have to force her to submit.

“Listen. I know your type.” Michael growled. “You’re just like those stuck up prima donna bitches they got back home on Long Island. I’ll teach you what it’s like to be a real woman. I’ll make you squeal like the cheap sluts do in Bensonhurst and Queens. I’ll treat you like a five dollar Harlem whore.” Michael said with clenched teeth and an angered expression. “Now you just as I say you little bitch!” Kathy quivered and her eyes welled up with tears. She was tough, but Michael was much tougher.

Michael nuzzled his nose into the nape of Kathy’s soft, supple, neck. He kissed her all up and down her neck as she canted her head to the side. She began to melt. Now that was the reaction Michael was looking for. He kissed down her neck to her open chest area. Then he continued down to her cleavage. He held her tighter and wrapped one arm around her ass giving her cheeks a firm squeeze. Kathy jumped and winced at the awkwardness of the situation. Michael pulled down the spaghetti straps of her dress over her shoulders and the garment fell to the floor around her feet. She stepped out of the dress and stood there in her black push up bra, black satin and lace thong, and black garter belt. She looked exquisite to Michael. He tossed off his coat and unbuttoned his shirt. His chest was well developed and he had washboard abs, which Kathy liked very much. She did not want to show any interest in Michael though. She tried to remain stoic and proud.

Michael pulled out a chrome .45 semi-automatic pistol from the rear of his waistband and set it down on the dresser. Kathy had her eyes glued to the gun and for the first time realized how dangerous of a man that was Michael DiCarlo. But curiously, she found herself attracted to the man and his dangerous aura. He was very confident and strong. She liked that in a man. Michael pushed Kathy down to her knees before him and he loosened the front of his pants. He pulled out his huge cock and presented it to her. He let her marvel at it for a while. He was massive. He had at least two inches on her Stephen, and Stephen was big! Her heart skipped a beat as she thought about being invaded by this hulk of Italian sausage. Michael pulled the pins and clip out of Kathy’s hair and allowed her golden locks to fall down around her white rounded shoulders. He grabbed a handful of hair from the back of her head and pulled it backwards. Kathy yelped and instinctively opened her pout little mouth. Michael placed his cock between her luscious ruby red lips and pushed it into her waiting mouth.

Kathy was initially felt revulsion by having this stranger’s cock in her mouth, but she soon overcame the repugnance and began to appreciate the beauty of this stallion’s meaty member. She began to suck it and play with it with her darting tongue. Her mouth was stretched open wide. She could feel the thick veins of his dick with her curling tongue. She tried to deep throat as much as she could, but he was too much for her and she gagged. She regained her composure and began sucking away at him. He grew stiffer and more rigid in her hot, wet mouth. She wondered what was going on in Stephen’s head as she sucked off another man in front of him. She looked over at Stephen handcuffed to the barber chair. His eyes were wide and fixated on her. He appeared to be a trifle shocked, but mesmerized by the spectacle unfolding in front of him. She felt bad for him, but she thought he deserved it.

Michael withdrew his cock from Kathy’s mouth and wiped some drool from the corner of her mouth with his thumb. He stripped off his pants and tossed them onto a sofa chair. He peeled off his black nylon briefs and kicks them to the side. He stood there totally nude before a kneeling Kathy. He was built like a Roman god. He was very well hung too. Kathy stared in awe at his hard, well-defined body. “Maybe this won’t be that bad.” She thought to herself.

Michael pulled Kathy up from the floor by her hair. She cried out in pain, but Michael shut her up with a quick slap to the face. Her face stung and she was shocked. She feared that things might have just turned for the worse. Michael threw Kathy onto the bed and she landed on her backside. He stood there and admired her body. He stroked her skin and cupped her breasts. His fingertips dragged along her abdomen and he brushed them gently on the front of he panties. He began to fondle her pussy over the soft, thin, smooth, satin material that covered her sex. She began getting very wet and a creamy white fluid oozed through the shiny black satin. Her breathing grew more rapid and irregular. She began to raise her hips to meet Michael’s touch.

Michael grabbed the front of Kathy’s push-up bra with two hands and forcefully tore the bra front open. He stripped it from her body and tossed it to the side. He grabbed a hold of the garter belt with both of his powerful fists and ripped the belt apart. Her body lifted off the bed as he yanked the garter belt from her waist. He pulled the sectioned belt down rapidly causing the suspenders to whip down her leg and tear away from her nylon stockings. Kathy gasped each time Michael tore a piece of her underclothing from her body. Michael, with a single massive hand, grabbed the front of Kathy’s thong, dug his fingers in the leg openings and waistband, then with one smooth, quick, snatch, tore the flimsy panties from her body. She let out a little squeal of fright as he did this. She was in awe of his physical strength and quickness.

Now Kathy lay on the bed, almost nude, except for her torn dark nylon stockings and her black pumps. Michael admired Kathy’s silky smooth skin and caressed her all over. He touched and probed her supple breasts. Slowly, he worked his way down to her groin. He caressed the sparse pubic hair that adorned her pubis. It felt so soft and furry to his rough hands. He could feel the heat emitting from her hot box. Then he gently massaged her clit, which really got her reacting in a positive way. She began to moan with pleasure as her clit was being stimulated. Michael then sunk two thick fingers into Kathy’s hot and dripping wet snatch. She reeled upward and sighed deeply as he finger fucked her tight and very wet vagina. He pulled out his soaked digits and tasted her essence like he was sucking his mother’s Marinara sauce off his fingers. She tasted sweet and delectable.

Michael cupped his hands under Kathy’s knees and hoisted her legs up and out, exposing her ripe and willing pussy. She was poised and ready for him. Michael leaned down between her legs and pressed his stiff cock against the mouth of her vagina. His thick head broke the plain between her labia and her lips started to envelop Michael’s bulbous cock head. Michael eased the rest of his swollen and throbbing cock into Kathy’s warm and inviting pussy. He pushed himself all the way into the hilt. Kathy let out a huge sigh as she took him all inside her. Her vaginal walls felt as though they were about to burst like a dam. Michael began grinding his pelvic bone into Kathy’s, at first, up and down, then in a slow circular motion. Kathy started to breathe harder and she twisted and contorted her body about. She could not believe how wonderful it felt. She was truly enjoying herself, but then she felt a sudden pang of guilt. She thought about poor Stephen and what was going through his mind as he witnessed this. She looked over to him and saw that he had a large bulge in the crotch of his pants. He was hard! He was getting off on seeing his beloved and devoted wife being taken against her will. She became miffed at her husband’s reaction. Her guilt began to dissipate. She went back to focusing on the heat and passion of the raw sex, in which she was engaged. She wanted Michael to fuck her brains out! And Michael accommodated her nicely.

Michael slammed his cock in and out of Kathy’s snatch until she came to screaming climax. He kept going until he busted a nut and shot his steamy hot Italian wad into her flaming hot and gushing pussy. He settled down on her and coasted to a temporary stop only to catch his breath. Once he rested for a minute or two, he pulled his massive dick out of Kathy’s snatch and stood up. He flipped Kathy over onto her tummy like a JohnnyCake on a hot grill. He propped up her ass and entered her from behind. Michael fucked Kathy doggy style at fast and furious pace. He slammed his pelvis deep into her ass cheeks and pummeled her ravaged pussy with his hot and spicy salami dick. Kathy looked over at Stephen to get his reaction, only to see him with the front of his pants open and his free hand stoking his erect penis. Stephen was beating off to the sight of another man fucking his wife! Kathy was down right indignant of how Stephen was reacting. “Well I’ll show him!” She thought to herself. Kathy’s moans and groans gave way to very obvious screams and screeches. She really got into it and let all her inhibitions fly. She didn’t care how loud she got. She was getting very turned on and turned on like she had never been turned on before.

Suddenly, she slammed on the brakes to the action only to erupt with a huge, raging, orgasm. She was uncontrollable as she jerked and thrashed about wildly. The extra exertion and movement only served to intensify the feeling for Michael more and he too spewed another load into Kathy. The two hot, sweaty, conjoined bodies pulled apart again. Michael’s legs were weakening. Kathy trembled all over. Michael braced himself and tried to regain a normal breathing pattern. Surprisingly, Kathy made the next move. She turned over and sat up, then pulled Michael close to her and place him between her legs as she took his softening cock into her mouth again. She worked his cock like a blood sucking vampiress. Soon, Michael’s mighty cock came back to life in her mouth and raised up like hot bread dough in the oven. She loved tasting her sweet juices on his meaty dick. She knew this would get to Stephen, because she rarely sucked his dick anymore. After about ten minutes of mouth fucking, Michael spurted hot white cum all over Kathy’s pretty face. She lapped him up lick a thirsty mongrel in heat. She rubbed his wet cock all over her face, smearing his semen on her warm soft skin. She saw that Stephen was not effected at all. He was still stroking away.

Michael pushed Kathy back onto her back. He lay down next to her. They rested for a few minutes. Kathy took the initiative again and made the next move. She reached over and caressed Michael’s solid pectoral muscles and his rock hard abdomen. Then she grabbed his limp dick and stroked it back to life. It stiffened in her dainty hand. It looked even bigger in her small fist. Once he was fully aroused, Kathy climbed upon Michael and straddled him facing toward Stephen. She sat herself down and eased her sore pussy onto Michael’s pole. She wanted to make sure Stephen saw her expression as she rode Michael. Kathy began bobbing up and down on Michael’s shaft. Her tits bounced as she bobbed in a consistent rhythm. She made every possible erotic fuck face she knew. She wanted Stephen to know that she was really enjoying fucking Michael. She wanted to make Stephen jealous, but it backfired on her. Stephen became more aroused. He had semen stains on the front of his pants. He had already cum a few times himself and he began masturbating again. Kathy rode Michael like a bucking bronco. She furiously rubbed her clit as she slammed down hard onto Michael’s thick, erect, pecker. The soreness to her vagina soon faded as lubrication and friction soothed her and worked her. Her sensitivity was heightened within her love canal and she was quick to cum again. She had to climb off Michael because she could not take anymore. Michael sensed her moment of weakness and acted. He stood up and lifted Kathy off the bed with his powerful arms. He made Kathy wrap her legs around him as he held her up. His hulk-like forearms crushed her thighs. He stabbed his stiff penis into her open and wounded snatch. She yelped in pain as the soreness returned. Her pussy was fucked raw and she had all that she could take. Michael got off on inflicting some pain on Kathy. Kathy was hurting, but it was a hurt that hurt so good. Michael fucked her standing up with her wrapped around him like a pretzel. He was able to squeeze off a small amount of jizz into her ravaged pussy.

Michael threw Kathy back onto the bed. She was exhausted. She lay there on her back trying to catch her breath. Michael moved in for the kill. He forced her thighs apart and lowered his head down to her moist crotch. Her smell was musky and sweaty from hours of hot nasty sex. He shoved his tongue deep into her pussy, which made Kathy twitch and squeal. Then he emerged to lick her swollen clit. He ate her out and gave her love nub a sound tongue-lashing. Kathy squirmed and reeled, but she was in sheer heaven. While she lay on her back getting oral pleasure from Michael, she spied the .45 on the dresser. It was an ominous instrument to her. Kathy would not allow guns in the house. She was deathly afraid of them. But she entertained a very nasty thought, one of her nastiest ever. She wondered what it would be like to have that big loaded gun shoved into her sore, aching, throbbing snatch. It looked so big and thick and phallic-like. What a frightening thrill it would be to have a loaded gun up inside her. Any mistake or wrong move could cause the deadly thing to go off and penetrate her most sensitive and intimate of areas, impregnating her with a hot, lead, sperm-like, bullet. But she quickly shook her head and dashed the thought from her mind. What had she become as a result of all this? The prim and proper Southern lady, Miss Kathy, has become quite the kink monster. What would the town think? What would Momma and Daddy think of their pure, sweet, and innocent little girl?

Kathy came to a shuddering climax once again after Michael spent at least twenty minutes going down on her. His jaw and tongue muscles were sore from all the oral work. Kathy’s pussy and clitoris were goners. She was done for. She rolled onto her stomach and buried her head in a pillow. The bed was a mess. The sheets were in complete shambles. The whole room smelled of sex. Michael took a smoke break and sat back in a sofa chair in the bedroom. He smoked in the nude and sat reflectively, contemplating his next move. Kathy lay sprawled on the bed. Guilt was creeping back. She felt remorseful for what she had done.

Michael sat staring at Kathy’s gorgeous ass. He was pretty much spent, but he wanted that ass. He took one last drag of his cigarette and blew out a prolonged puff of smoke. He flicked the lit cigarette at Kathy’s bare butt. She flinched as the hot embers contacted the soft sensitive skin of her ass cheek.

“What the hell is wrong with you, you fucking jerk!” Kathy shouted angrily at Michael. But before she could spit out her next syllable, the quick and agile Michael was already upon her. He leaped on top of her and violently shoved his cock into her tiny asshole. He fucked her ass deep and hard as she screamed into her pillow.

“I’ll teach you, you fuckin’ little bitch to disrespect me like that!” Michael hotly hissed into Kathy’s ear as he fucked her ass. “You don’t raise your voice and curse at me!”

Kathy was really afraid now. She had angered a dangerous man. She lit his fuse and now was suffering his explosive wrath. Her ass was getting furiously fucked. She was scared and it hurt her, but she found herself uncontrollably turned on. She found that she liked being totally dominated. She liked being coerced and roughed up a little. She liked loosing all control. She also found out that she loved getting her ass fucked and fucked hard. She never let Stephen do that to her. It was not something a lady did. Stephen watched with a worried expression during this episode that was unfolding before him. He did not want to see Kathy hurt. He saw Michael’s anger and was becoming quite frightened too. Michael pumped Kathy’s tight little ass and mustered up enough of his seed to cum one last time into her anal cavity. He settled down and rested upon Kathy’s backside. The two bodies melted into a wet, warm, heap of flesh. After a few minutes of quiet and motionless respite, Stephen saw Michael rise up and whisper into Kathy’s ear. When he was done, she nodded in acknowledgement. Michael pulled himself out of her and eased himself off of her. He cleaned himself up in the master bathroom and got dressed. Kathy lay still on the bed as Michael dressed. She was exhausted and wondered what was going to happen next. She had all but, forgot about Stephen sitting handcuffed to a barber chair with cum stains on his pants and his dick in his hand.

When Michael finished dressing, he went over to Kathy and lifted her off the bed by her upper right arm. He pulled her into the family room and plopped her down in front of Stephen. Michael placed Kathy’s head into Stephen’s lap. His pants were open and his cock sticking out.

“Here.” Michael said to Kathy. “You take care of your husband now.” Stephen and Kathy looked up at Michael as if they were unsure what he wanted them to do.

“Go on!” Michael commanded. “Suck his fucking dick! Sit on his cock! Do something! I mean the poor guy sits here all night and watches some other guy fuck the living shit out of his wife and he don’t get a chance to play. C’mon lady! He’s handcuffed. He’s vulnerable for Crissakes. Take advantage of it! Have some fun you kids.” Michael’s demeanor turned jovial. Kathy and Stephen looked at each other with confused expressions.

“Kathy, go ahead and take care of business.” Michael said as he made his way for the front door. “You know were the key will be Honey. Thanks doll. Gotta do it again real soon. Oh, and Stephen, I will be in touch with you.” Michael opened the door and said, “You folks have a good night. It was a pleasure doing business with you.” Michael closed the door behind him. He placed the handcuff key under the doormat, right where he told Kathy it would be. Now it was Kathy’s turn to have some fun of her own. And payback is a bitch!

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